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Name a game where halfway through you said "meh" and put the game down
PlayStation 4
knightimex18010/5 8:42AM
To those of you at least 25 years of age.....
Wii U
ZebuFrenzy12410/5 8:42AM
Should you be able to kill the child soldiers?
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
DeathFan3576710/5 8:34AM
What Fire Emblem characters would you have picked to be in SSB4?
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Wario22555110/5 8:39AM
What do you hate about pc gaming the most
Axeel3810/5 8:37AM
Anyone else always stop to help a fellow guardian fighting a taken champion?
k1lo193110/5 7:42AM
Perma banned for raging at an afk/intent feeder
League of Legends
Kadabra02529110/5 8:37AM
Ace attorney is not a very good court room sumilator
Nintendo 3DS
Raven2364110/5 8:39AM
What's a funner game: Bayonetta 2 or Witcher 3?
Xbox One
An_Ethiopian2310/5 8:23AM
what makes hyperdimension neptunia so damm good to people?
PlayStation Vita
gamerofthenight6710/5 8:33AM
*The Official Fire Emblem RP Topic* Part XX
Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest
Latino_King47510/5 8:26AM
Your top 3 characters you see yourself using based on...
Street Fighter V
Yuji Kaido1610/5 7:29AM
Can't play the game I bought.
ThyAssWhupn2910/5 8:13AM
End of September Character Usage Stats
Mortal Kombat X
LYRICA2110/5 8:20AM
Which upcoming JRPG are you most interested in?
Final Fantasy XV
DigitalV220310/5 8:26AM
Is gaming for poor people?
PlayStation 3
pikey871510/5 8:39AM
Ultimate Guardian General Information + Elite Boss Tips
Final Fantasy Record Keeper
Pokefan36215010/5 8:35AM
Anyone here nominating an SMT game for the 'contest'?
Persona 5
MechanicalWall1510/5 8:42AM
what is the hardest monster in the game?
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Greenfox1111210/5 7:53AM
Dark souls sets the bar very high, and we as fans should as well.
Dark Souls III
hemp1210/5 7:10AM

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