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From BEST to WORST, rate fallout 4, witcher 3, bloodborne and mgs5
PlayStation 4
GamingGod19011/25 10:19PM
Are you buying Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII?
Nintendo 3DS
Shad0wg00n5211/25 10:18PM
NEWS: Play-Asia takes stance against SJWs. What Nintendo could have done.
Wii U
Jx10107711/25 10:26PM
Why are you still using the ps3?
PlayStation 3
Axeel11711/25 9:54PM
Why is F4 so much more dull than F3 and NV?
Fallout 4
Sairos2811/25 9:57PM
You have a knife. You're in a room with Falco, Sonic and Link
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
NishikiMcCloud6211/25 10:16PM
What did you name your team?
Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
Awesomepupstar3511/25 10:05PM
Now that we know how many PS4s have been sold, how about Xbox One?
Xbox One
pobbes2811/25 10:22PM
Out of the entire souls series, what boss gave you the most trouble?
Namresaw332011/25 8:58PM
So glad I beat my addiction to this game
The_Conjuring2311/25 10:16PM
Remember when Taric Top was pick/ban status
League of Legends
Arken1012011/25 10:23PM
What are your top 3 most played games on Steam? How long have you played them?
LouisvilleXV3011/25 10:21PM
Units in the series you think are underrated or overrated in terms of gameplay?
Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest
Mavitar2411/25 10:26PM
Is fighter squadron unbalanced?
Star Wars Battlefront
yuribritto1711/25 10:14PM
Equality between the sexes
Xenoblade Chronicles X
GamerFan2101711/25 9:02PM
Sold out in under 2 minutes
MARVEL Future Fight
thesparkone1311/25 8:39PM
PSA: MHX will be leaked in a few hours
Monster Hunter X
Blackfyre2511/25 8:10PM
just got nuked out by complete accident in FFA.
Call of Duty: Black Ops III
zxrax_alt_12111/25 10:02PM
They removed the Khrome video on YouTube :(
Mortal Kombat X
FutureChampion2311/25 10:26PM
the i ladder with your bad sets thread
Pokemon Omega Ruby
DRulerLightning32011/25 9:59PM

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