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Your Vex Mythoclast to Hard Raid Ratio.
MDCasino3510/23 4:39AM
Describe Ridley using a word starting with P
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
sosleepy173110/23 4:30AM
What was so bad about XII
Final Fantasy XV
BehemothBlade2910/23 4:40AM
PLAY WITH STD: Name a PS3 game you think NOONE else here owns.
PlayStation 3
HaloODSTD14810/23 4:41AM
The Xbox 1 has more and better games than the ps4.
Xbox One
Pokerkid7774210/23 4:39AM
Fav game of all-time?
Nintendo 3DS
brown_stuff5510/23 4:32AM
SS4 Vegeta DLC...
Dragon Ball: Xenoverse
NeoMSonic3610/23 4:37AM
why is there like no exclusives coming to ps4 this holiday?
PlayStation 4
PinkPikachu3610/23 4:41AM
Has anyone else gone full blown casual by playing a lot of games on easy mode?
Jedi4544310/23 4:28AM
C/D: You didn't know Brendan/Orlando was actually wearing a hat.
Pokemon Omega Ruby
Valtero2410/23 4:23AM
YR: Riot announces they'll be selling League over to JagEx
League of Legends
dib1533810/23 4:01AM
Which low-tier characters will you use despite them being "bad"?
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS
AcidRainLee5010/23 4:12AM
Fourth DLC?
Dark Souls II
fraki10231610/23 4:19AM
What's your favorite thing about Destiny?
Beefstak1510/23 4:25AM
Who will you represent? (full list of city-states)
Freedom Wars
Zimon4410/23 3:27AM
Media Create Week 42 - Monsters Smashing on Ghosts on a Chaos Ring
PlayStation Vita
Yoko26610/23 4:27AM
Price check on Gilgamesh
Destiny of Spirits
jac3r910/23 4:39AM
Pack it up Sakura fans the war is over.
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution
assassingriskel5010/23 4:33AM
When does Combat start to be more fun?
World of Warcraft
Glockass11310/23 4:10AM
Ascendant material is the new Blue!
unjustchimp1210/23 4:15AM

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