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This gen may make me quit gaming.............
PlayStation 4
The_Big_Deek1565/27 7:37PM
Sony: Vita is a 'Legacy Platform" now
PlayStation Vita
abdou985/27 7:40PM
Let's list things literally worse than Ganondorf
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Mikokiri515/27 7:01PM
Thoughts on the new board layout?
wizardmon785/27 7:39PM
Worst 3D Zelda?
The Legend of Zelda Wii U
coder21211055/27 7:33PM
STOP buying into Splatoon marketing tricks
Wii U
Terzian3132205/27 7:34PM
So I cant have sex with Ciri because why exactly?
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Krauser42o965/27 7:34PM
DPS queues are insane - how do so many people opt to play DPS
Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn
White Wolf Kiba375/27 7:39PM
Own both systems - Xbox beats PS4
Xbox One
beumont_suite325/27 7:34PM
Gonna have klassic mileena soon
Mortal Kombat X
jpraelster315/27 7:41PM
Battle Chess
AnnaKat405/27 7:35PM
And the winner is...Witcher 3
darealest47335/27 7:41PM
PBE 5/27: TT changes galore
League of Legends
Metal Gear Raxis305/27 7:36PM
They should get rid of radar in pvp and give us uav and other kill steaks
skermac245/27 7:25PM
This game will be as great as the new layout we have
Fire Emblem If: Black Kingdom
llee1000245/27 6:58PM
Ace Attorney Trilogy or dual destinies...???
Nintendo 3DS
Nend0215/27 6:42PM
I just got gifts!
Avengers Alliance
PeterG1985275/27 6:53PM
UPDATE. Check the App Store
Mortal Kombat X
frostbiter01245/27 7:29PM
Think of a Tekken character you love and a type of kissing...
Tekken 7
Nick_Kazama275/27 7:39PM
News flash: Splatoon's reviews scores do matter
T_Info445/27 7:14PM

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