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Jimmy Kimmel receives an "avalanche" of gamer backlash
PlayStation 4
Rjmhart829/1 5:53PM
Worst, most annoying moments in incredible games?
Wii U
coder21211769/1 5:58PM
What's the deal with Call of Duty-style health regeneration?
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
skermac519/1 5:57PM
How big is your steam wishlist?
locky723339/1 5:53PM
Hello Wright!
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Pyro4MH1389/1 5:58PM
9/1 PBE Update (featuring Championship Kalista)
League of Legends
LChaos2539/1 5:41PM
Do you think sacrificing split screen to get Halo 5 to 60fps was a good move?
Xbox One
MilitantHobo279/1 5:51PM
The patch did nothing to revitalize this game
Mortal Kombat X
LYRICA349/1 5:53PM
Does Daisy suffer from bandwagon hate?
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
memoryman3589/1 5:48PM
Now I see why people hate Metacritic.
Mad Max
VioletZer0419/1 5:55PM
Interesting Article on Potential Map Size
Final Fantasy XV
rapius002379/1 4:47PM
do you consider B+ players to be good players?
SkyLey189/1 5:50PM
Will you switch to the standard size New 3DS?
Nintendo 3DS
JommyJims579/1 5:44PM
Fates Birthday Game!
Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest
Phosphorylation199/1 5:43PM
I just packed up my PS4 and shipped it off
Dark Souls III
nowhere2hide319/1 5:47PM
Is Gallahorn any good?
djrybak259/1 4:36PM
After hyping this for so long the localization is actually making me wanna skip
Xenoblade Chronicles X
M1Astray789/1 5:40PM
Team Ninja reveal the votes so far!
Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune
BionicLotus739/1 5:47PM
Your top 10 desired relics (banners before the Terra event)
Final Fantasy Record Keeper
kaonohiokala219/1 5:44PM
Your favorite tales heroine character.
Tales of Zestiria
ManjiMidou389/1 4:38PM

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