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GameInformer is such a joke
Wii U
StevenDrkPrince1198/1 9:16PM
Just finished The Order: 1886. What was all the hate for?
PlayStation 4
Buddha11871968/1 9:09PM
Are amiibos a waste of money?
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
AbysmalTrinity648/1 9:14PM
What country do you think the next Pokemon will be based on?
Nintendo 3DS
RaccoonCity498/1 9:08PM
What are you playing on September 15th?
Xbox One
LazyKorean518/1 8:55PM
R9 290x $35 @
Snickleseed308/1 9:10PM
Have you bought a Chroma?
League of Legends
RushMkIII408/1 7:56PM
Anyone else hate Moray Towers?
Nes_Mettaur248/1 9:03PM
and the vita finally gets a legend of zelda game....kinda!
PlayStation Vita
Hyjaxxnine378/1 9:03PM
Why is FeMC so hated nowadays?
Persona 5
OrangeCrush980748/1 8:50PM
I have literally not heard a single good thing about this game.
GreenKnight127188/1 8:58PM
REAL TALK: Stryker>Erron Black
Mortal Kombat X
LightningaIe388/1 9:06PM
Final Fantasy XII Remaster confirmed at Distant Worlds
Final Fantasy XV
Thamauturge178/1 8:48PM
POLL: The Greatest Metal Gear Game of All Time
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Reginleif20288/1 9:12PM
Anything you regret doing during your time playing Brave frontier?
Brave Frontier
TheLoneProdigy198/1 9:14PM
Would you date Lisia?
Pokemon Omega Ruby
SoulEater69758/1 7:37PM
Bottom of the Barrel! Day 4: Thieves
Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest
heavylobsterguy238/1 8:34PM
why haven't you upgraded
Xbox 360
Splatulated1148/1 9:11PM
Let TN know that we want DOAX3, too!
Dead or Alive 5: Last Round
GlLGAMESH858/1 9:10PM
All these Mage Cards!
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
gwaposidemz148/1 8:09PM

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