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How do you feel about PS4 being officially No.1 this gen?
PlayStation 4
Second_Hokage1025/3 6:12AM
Willing to share my WBID info
Mortal Kombat X
INeedVodka115775/3 6:15AM
What do phrase do you hate that gamers say?
Wii U
Mandrew2572755/3 6:06AM
It's actually a fact that 30 FPS is more cinematic than 60 FPS.
AftComet785/3 6:07AM
The official Smash Bros. gay gamer club topic. v3.
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
SnipestSniper285/3 6:14AM
RARE reportedly to announce new game at E3! GET THE E3 HYPE TRAIN ROLLING
Xbox One
zerooo0495/3 6:08AM
E3 2015 Vita Predictions?
PlayStation Vita
YosukeZero185/3 6:07AM
Hey girl, are you a Gypceros?
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
super_taco_ftw685/3 5:50AM
Say Something Positive
Final Fantasy XV
ScreamingMime1525/3 5:35AM
why is this game so BLUE
SoundNetwork365/3 6:14AM
What role do you "Main"?
League of Legends
Binba442155/3 5:53AM
New semi super super doll found
Xenoblade Chronicles X
AncientRune175/3 5:59AM
Final Fantasy Tactics Advence/A2 vs. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
Nintendo 3DS
Spade21X135/3 6:05AM
Why do you like your favorite Pokemon?
Pokemon Omega Ruby
Etria105/3 6:04AM
I thought Mytho....
nickeldreadful85/3 6:08AM
Safari is over. How did you do? (brag/rant)
Pokemon Shuffle
Alloran001355/3 5:25AM
Rent & Be Rented Redux #82
Dragon's Dogma
Karathrax1495/3 6:06AM
Did you buy a 2 TB HDD for the update?
Xbox 360
StationNation155/3 6:04AM
Rate the Mario Kart games day 8: Mario Kart 8
Mario Kart 8
Micpaws75/3 5:49AM
Batgirl prequel DLC confirmed
Batman: Arkham Knight
FlyingGrayson89335/3 5:42AM

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