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Tabata confirms you can't switch characters
Final Fantasy XV
Iightningz17110/2 7:52AM
Nerf xur
Latiosispro7010/2 8:12AM
How are you spending the next 24 hours before Smash comes out?
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS
PielordX11810/2 8:13AM
Promote 5 SSB4 Assist Trophies or Pokemon to Playable
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Lizuka80025510/2 8:06AM
notice ever since ff10 hd came out, nobodys dissing on ff13 as harshly
PlayStation 3
Retroxgamer06010/2 8:10AM
Any game that is NOT on PS4 turned out to be a bomb; Bayo 2, Titanfall....
PlayStation 4
BPSatsuki5010/2 8:12AM
Still think Smash 3DS will canabalize Wii U sales?
Wii U
Wii_Truth3210/2 8:01AM
Good news. D4 is NEVER coming to PS4.
Xbox One
That_Damn_Kid12110/2 8:08AM
So I'm never buying an AMD GPU again.
Sedated5210/2 8:03AM
How to be brokenly powerful before your first Great Soul in ten easy steps.
Dark Souls II
Done25V24110/2 8:09AM
Unova or Sinnoh
Pokemon X
NinjaSeviper4510/2 8:02AM
Does this system have any games with cute anime girls?
PlayStation Vita
spincyclematt4010/2 8:10AM
LOL might get surpassed some day... just played a few other MOBAs.
League of Legends
supershadonic2110/2 7:58AM
Poor Capcom,you've been mistreated : (
Nintendo 3DS
mattfrank5610/2 7:55AM
Update is Live, last team standing update incoming.
Grand Theft Auto Online
fuzzdaman7710/2 7:29AM
What phone are you playing on?
Brave Frontier
SwiftToadz1710/2 8:12AM
Quan Chi revealed for MKX
Mortal Kombat X
HughMyronGainz2110/2 8:09AM
1.17 Update/Patch Notes
Grand Theft Auto Online
digUbetterdead3310/2 8:13AM
Wait so... (Raid Gear)
Gotenks12151910/2 7:38AM
Let's hope there is a Hyrule Warriors 2
Hyrule Warriors
shamfuru1410/2 7:25AM

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