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Do you guys think Gaming has gone downhill?
MasterFeeler775/24 2:51AM
Think of a character who is NOT currently playable before entering.
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Magmortar75635/24 2:40AM
Why do console gamers look down on mobile gaming?
PlayStation 4
SaQu1B705/24 2:46AM
I wish the combat was a compelling game by itself, using Bloodborne as example
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Falsadoom465/24 2:47AM
Splatoon laying on your bed wearing lingerie.
Wii U
Dark_SilverX325/24 1:17AM
Should I skip 3 Ultimate in favor of this?
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
nobodys_savior235/24 1:52AM
Proof that the real umk3 reptile would have worked
Mortal Kombat X
jpraelster635/24 2:15AM
Faction Shaders...
SleepingKoala215/24 2:41AM
Just discovered anything higher than lvl 28 PoE has no matchmaking??
flySaber345/24 2:28AM
What was the 1st badly written ff?
Final Fantasy XV
InfinityOver01485/24 2:50AM
How good are you at naming characters?
Persona 5
Crok425215/24 2:51AM
How to respond to Jinx nerfs?
League of Legends
Starks125/24 2:43AM
Weekend Meowth Results and Setups
Pokemon Shuffle
LordeRandyMarsh435/24 12:29AM
The best series by Telltale?
Xbox One
Grenadus115/24 2:47AM
Please stop hating on Neptunia
PlayStation Vita
number71865/24 1:08AM
I think FF14 is primed to take over the MMO market....
Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn
x_Paradise285/24 2:17AM
Skies of Arcadia would make an awesome New 3DS game.
Nintendo 3DS
TheEpyon195/24 2:25AM
Hubert vs. Alvin
Tales of Zestiria
Bart_xenogears445/24 2:47AM
what is everyones deal with "casuals"?
Cruller_rodman595/24 2:49AM
Gardevoir has 50% chance of being male.
Pokemon Omega Ruby
El_Ramon3055/24 1:05AM

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