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Describe the PS4 in 2 words
PlayStation 4
StonecoldRPS16512/19 3:38PM
Nintendo just spit in the face of all Wii U owners
Wii U
TJ_UNLIMITED12812/19 3:38PM
Is Melee kind of overrated?
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Blayshy9412/19 3:29PM
If you have Gaming PC but wanted a console as well which would you choose?
AshWilliams785112/19 3:34PM
Primal Groudon Nicknames?
Pokemon Omega Ruby
emeraldraggon532512/19 2:34PM
Why all the pointless content?
Dragon Age: Inquisition
MilkyTrousers6212/19 3:32PM
Xur finally did me good this time...
Red Eye Zieg3012/19 3:28PM
Close-Up of Cidrina
Final Fantasy XV
uutrexx6012/19 3:23PM
Are you a male or female KH fan? Do you play on harder or easier difficulties?
Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX
Eiffel657112/19 3:13PM
Save or Die: The Shadow Isles.
League of Legends
IfGodCouldDie9012/19 3:30PM
Do you think MS could win buy default?Sony as a whole is in real deep trouble.
Xbox One
tomcatobitrice14112/19 3:35PM
Your top 3 games on the system?
Nintendo 3DS
cayrelou6112/19 3:34PM
Can you even bring yourself to play games without trophies anymore?
PlayStation 3
My_Unit10612/19 2:48PM
Your reaction: Sony announces they are working on a new handheld.
PlayStation Vita
Zareth3812/19 3:38PM
Units who need to be nerfed
Brave Frontier
PhantomSapphire3012/19 2:29PM
You make me SICK
Injustice: Gods Among Us
p00nm4ster1712/19 3:31PM
Tonight! You must rub the belly of... (Seconds game)
Hyrule Warriors
ViewtifulGene3912/19 3:27PM
so I bought 4 helmet engrams from Xur
Maximus_Girthus1312/19 2:28PM
SSJ4 vegata is a gamestop pre order bonus
Dragon Ball: Xenoverse
Dack_Lancer3912/19 3:37PM
Cringest thing ever watched
Battle Chess
yen_fay3112/19 2:48PM

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