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What was your very FIRST game system + game and how old were you?
PlayStation 3
Spade21X738/1 9:42PM
When you think of Steel types, what's the first Pokemon you think of?
Pokemon X
srzg1658/1 9:43PM
What was the last 10/10 game you played?
Wii U
SKStylez678/1 9:42PM
Ask me anything about Smash, as long as it doesn't make sense.
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
SalsaSavant1178/1 9:44PM
What is the best RPG (IYO) on the 360??
Xbox 360
Jack Torrance598/1 9:27PM
Are you tired of Stealth in games yet?
PlayStation 4
XNo_FearX438/1 9:39PM
First handheld game you ever completed?
Nintendo 3DS
Sega9599908/1 9:23PM
Games about making money?
Kaushad248/1 9:39PM
How do you beat Nasus?
League of Legends
Mistare288/1 9:40PM
Canceling White PS4 Destiny bundle, buying an Xbox One instead
Xbox One
Draconian-White458/1 9:39PM
Do you think Americans would enjoy Visual novels?
PlayStation Vita
Terrorknight32438/1 9:22PM
Can we just admit that dark souls 1 had a much higher skill ceiling?
Dark Souls II
FireTempest64388/1 9:33PM
Your favorite character from the last Anime you watched is added to CPII.
BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma
Myoro588/1 8:42PM
Rockstar, for the love of god, REMOVE ROOFTOP RUMBLE!!!
Grand Theft Auto Online
Mcnugget2256168/1 9:41PM
Are the battle maidens good?
Brave Frontier
SaffronGhost178/1 9:41PM
14 year old Lesbian?
The Last of Us Remastered
MrMojoRisin357238/1 9:28PM
The PVP Exchange
Dark Souls II
viperlordxx578/1 9:38PM
Is there any reason not to import at this point?
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
Super Slash178/1 7:42PM
FNC #148: Battleship!
Mario Kart 8
Heroic_Teddy1208/1 9:40PM
longest fight you ever did on a tales game?
Tales of Xillia 2
WhiteWolf98128/1 9:13PM

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