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Poll: Most cringeworthy excuses not to game on PC
farigonti821/29 7:13PM
Nearly 4 years later, do you think the 3DS' library is better than the DS'?
Nintendo 3DS
Megamushroom6661041/29 7:08PM
The Wii U Is Nintendo's Slowest Selling Console Ever
Wii U
Lefty128k491/29 7:14PM
So what's your reason for choosing Omega Ruby over Sapphire?
Pokemon Omega Ruby
levyjl1988351/29 6:44PM
Weekly Update 1/29: Losing Heavy Ammo on death bug is being addressed
ninebreaker47411/29 7:09PM
...Why do I like Brawl more?
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
quittaboi78411/29 6:34PM
What's the funniest game you've ever played?
PlayStation 4
TheSmartBlonde2351/29 6:59PM
Mortal Kombat X
HughMyronGainz511/29 7:06PM
I don't understand why Sony can't make a better pokemon game?
PlayStation Vita
potatochobit491/29 6:43PM
Why are you guys so opposed to a female MC in this game?
Persona 5
OrangeCrush980471/29 7:09PM
When was the moment you began to lose faith in the fanbase?
Final Fantasy XV
FireMage77771741/29 7:10PM
The object to your left is now a Champion of the League of Legends
League of Legends
MehicTUH_92341/29 7:11PM
Just look at how entitled we've become...
Dragon Ball: Xenoverse
Terra-enforcer891/29 6:57PM
YR: Localization gets canceled.
Tales of Zestiria
Soul59221/29 7:12PM
FANDRAL now available on PVP
Avengers Alliance
pitshave181/29 7:10PM
graphics suck.
Dying Light
BeautyAndABeat381/29 6:45PM
Why are there so many bad players and why is it okay?
Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn
AshAcrimonious711/29 6:57PM
What kind of gamer are you?
Xbox One
Strav23701/29 6:55PM
who phoned it in harder?
Kpt_Kapowski161/29 6:30PM
Reason for Insect Glaive/Charge Blade popularity?
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Eradan123161/29 7:00PM

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