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If metroid is the 5th biggest franchise, why only one rep?
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Metal_Gear_Link10411/28 5:02PM
Name your signature pokemon!
Pokemon Omega Ruby
zillas015411/28 5:04PM
Blizzard removes all Race/Class restrictions. What do you play as?
World of Warcraft
VioletZer04311/28 4:59PM
Not as good as DS and Skyrim
Dragon Age: Inquisition
ShimmerMan5111/28 5:10PM
Real talk, can someone explain to me why sales are so important to us, the gamer
Xbox One
TinyTankX7111/28 5:00PM
Nintendo's censorship is insane
Nintendo 3DS
ORANGE6669511/28 5:07PM
Friend got mad at me for saying I wanted a wii u over a ps4...
PlayStation 4
AnthonyBrock25411/28 5:10PM
no DA inquisition, no RPG at all, what is wrong with you Nintendo???
Wii U
mewmew426411/28 4:48PM
Best Black Friday deal out there? What did u get?
psnDemon_SouL1911/28 4:59PM
Games with TERRIBLE AWFUL gameplay, but everything else was awesome!
PlayStation Vita
acrox1212611/28 5:14PM
Summoner name for Master Yi main?
League of Legends
zhe_king_of_ape3011/28 5:10PM
Personally, i hope xur never sells the gjallahorn
unrivaled202211/28 4:35PM
New Hunter Card: Steamwheedle Sniper
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
_Andoran_6511/28 4:21PM
If your PvP equipment is
Evandor0014011/28 3:27PM
Getting a ps4 today. Already have Destiny for the Xbox One..worth switching?
Ritalinfiend1411/28 3:19PM
No way!!!!
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
KevinXY1611/28 4:59PM
Holy freaking **** this new map is hard.
Hyrule Warriors
GodOfDerp6211/28 4:32PM
How do you feel about 7*?
Brave Frontier
BlueWolf-BD1711/28 4:24PM
would you play a final fantasy that took place in the united states?
Final Fantasy XV
humptyrump1911/28 3:21PM
Did anyone else just decide to kill the F.O.E. guarding the stairs in YiW Ch.3?
Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth
megaman_xz1411/28 4:19PM

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