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"It's the Game of the Year--Guaranteed," Konami Says About MGS5
PlayStation 4
Maverick_Reznor1938/29 11:52AM
How do you guys feel about the Framerate Police?
Q_Sensei1318/29 11:59AM
It's been near a year since its release. Do you have a main?
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
palkia19428/29 11:44AM
If you're not GHOSTING, it's not stealth.
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
kentuckybob498/29 11:23AM
Microsoft is losing money on the Xbox One
Xbox One
pritt08768/29 11:58AM
What is the Vita's Flagship Series.
PlayStation Vita
-Hyperdimension508/29 11:57AM
will lgtb be represented in kp2?
Mortal Kombat X
serpentaurus508/29 11:55AM
Riot Lyte on "GGEZ"
League of Legends
scaler241168/29 11:55AM
The next 3 Months the 3DS has something for EVERYBODY!
Nintendo 3DS
NeoMonk448/29 11:50AM
Are the Autobots actually winning matches?
Steven-Chase328/29 11:46AM
Games you enjoyed that were considered bad or mediocre
PlayStation 3
Rawe898/29 12:01PM
DuskRaiders (We're unstoppable!)
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
SyntheticNP978/29 11:55AM
Match Discussion Thread: Zerdan Shaqueery edition
1110951048/29 11:57AM
If we didn't have S/L - how screwed would we be?
Final Fantasy Record Keeper
geno21238/29 11:44AM
What would they have to show you for you to regain faith in the game?
Final Fantasy XV
Ponymoney458/29 11:20AM
So disappointing
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3
Adoom92218/29 11:42AM
Well, TTK seems to kill Warlocks -_-
DEMONPANDA212468/29 11:35AM
Hyrule Warriors is so much fun
Wii U
The_Ninjadillo378/29 11:14AM
are you going to buy this game if got it memorized guy is back?
Kingdom Hearts III
lolamericans168/29 11:58AM
Why is Karin so popular...
Street Fighter V
IngSlayer278/29 11:18AM

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