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SAD FACT: PC Gamers are the cheapest gamers of all.
Dr_keith864/25 9:44PM
This generation is awful I'm quitting it
PlayStation 4
GM_634/25 9:39PM
Sakurai has made me hate Fire Emblem
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
precita604/25 9:47PM
Name one good thing about Dragonball Evolution
Dragon Ball: Xenoverse
Akagami_Shanks324/25 9:14PM
Bang one
Mortal Kombat X
What is your most played game in the last five years?
Xbox One
RebmevonFirst1764/25 9:45PM
Boogie says another gaming crash on the horizon? Do you agree?
Wii U
jstewart01924/25 9:46PM
Ace Attorney - is it custom in Japan for a grown man to date a 14 year old girl?
Nintendo 3DS
MilkinNipple384/25 9:46PM
Just beat Demon's Souls, completely overrated. Bloodborne is 100% better
wheepitup2864/25 9:48PM
If you use The Last Word.
Dinah713354/25 8:50PM
To all you regulars here...
boundedcrib944/25 9:42PM
Xenoblade X Livestream (spoilers)
Xenoblade Chronicles X
B1500352504/25 9:35PM
Penis Topic
Battle Chess
messhia_dark384/25 9:10PM
So i told my friend that I was looking forward FF15
Final Fantasy XV
MrDinky234/25 9:35PM
Which tales of game have you played the most?
Tales of Zestiria
Bart_xenogears174/25 9:36PM
Monster in the Leche Event
Final Fantasy Record Keeper
azortex244/25 8:51PM
How do people make good GS sets...
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Cookie Bag234/25 9:43PM
If the vita turned into a human who would it be
PlayStation Vita
-Hyperdimension154/25 8:33PM
Who is your Favourite Streamer?
League of Legends
PARKSLang154/25 9:36PM
Oracle Fans, Unite!
The Legend of Zelda Wii U
Goombacrusher3404/25 9:48PM

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