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What anime series deserves a PS4 game?
PlayStation 4
MisterOrange20011/28 8:44AM
Do you consider yourself to be a member of the pc master race? why?
Sooonic7411/28 8:43AM
SJWs are ruining gaming
PlayStation Vita
PrOdIgYY-Life14111/28 8:44AM
why are people so mad the we enjoy the game?
Star Wars Battlefront
troyboy813711/28 8:24AM
JRPGs length: Getting extremely longer.... Why? Good or Bad?
Xenoblade Chronicles X
Jx10102411/28 8:42AM
Wait, there are people here NOT using Nuclear Physicist Power Armor builds?
Fallout 4
bretonftw2111/28 7:19AM
What is the connection between Cloud Strife and Goku?
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
IngSlayer2211/28 8:44AM
Xbox One controller is probably the best ever
Xbox One
ChaseFAQs4511/28 8:44AM
In hindsight, not having a built in 500gb hard drive for Wii U a huge mistake
Wii U
awesomenintendo4211/28 8:25AM
If I dont play any raids, whats the highest light level I can reach?
angermngment1011911/28 8:25AM
Why are you still using the xbox 360?
Xbox 360
Axeel3011/28 8:40AM
Why is this game listed as an RPG?
Fallout 4
Hecubusx222111/28 8:37AM
The lore of the Moonlight Sword in this one is interesting.
Tmk4411/28 8:41AM
Is Saturday Daily + the worst enemy mix farming day?
Final Fantasy Record Keeper
Kat11841711/28 8:10AM
When did they dumb down the lore
League of Legends
_Xymemaru_V1211/28 8:41AM
Proof Monster Climbing was a mechanic
Final Fantasy XV
novumzero1711/28 8:33AM
How do you think they'll handle the Game Corner in Pokmon Red and Blue VC?
Nintendo 3DS
Technickal11311/28 7:35AM
Gargwa Clan #8 - "Those like you ..."
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
TarElessar14311/28 8:40AM
Morgan > Kanna
Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest
SazukeEX1211/28 8:39AM
Is Solid Snake a bad guy?
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
PIG_B0SS6711/28 8:44AM

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