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How do you guys feel about American Express being in Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy XV
CaspuR1037/29 9:18AM
The object or creature to your immediate left is now a pokemon. What is it?
Pokemon GO
Muffinz0rz317/29 9:17AM
The object or creature to your immediate left is now a pokemon. What is it?
Pokemon Sun
cliffgirl1237/29 9:02AM
People saying to forego Focus on Bow are triggering me
Monster Hunter Generations
XxMahnaMahnaxX447/29 9:19AM
What character do you have the best win percentage with?
jammitin257/29 9:12AM
What exactly is so interesting about Sakura?
Street Fighter V
LYRICA287/29 8:58AM
What is generally your reaction when you get parried?
Dark Souls III
Vita_Aeterna527/29 8:45AM
Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest
Breasts_Sage377/29 9:19AM
Ezreal's Q should critically strike
League of Legends
HipsterSora187/29 9:00AM
This better run at 60 Fps if they want huge sells
No Man's Sky
Mike_24_7617/29 8:51AM
Your reaction: Smash 5 only has 25 characters
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Q_Sensei397/29 9:11AM
WOW! More cool weapons and stuff that I will never get!
Call of Duty: Black Ops III
jasonkingmark557/29 8:59AM
What do you want the next raid to be about?
Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn
Brady672_AT_fan167/29 9:05AM
What's your most disappointing car in the car?
Grand Theft Auto Online
justinlynch3227/29 9:19AM
Xur July/29/2016
lunafan187/29 8:15AM
[JP] FFXIV Minfilia & Alphinaud Event
Final Fantasy Record Keeper
SolitaireD1277/29 8:35AM
SS3 Gotenks has been announced.......
Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle
Serp_BAE167/29 8:43AM
Do you personally side with kojima or konami in their "fiasco?"
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
KazGT6137/29 9:01AM
Settlers are dying in my weight room.
Fallout 4
ilordi117/29 9:13AM
Treasure Planet world found within DDD's code
Kingdom Hearts III
HipsterSora227/29 8:54AM

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