Man's destiny lies in the balance. The Earth is dying. Mass migration to the NEW WORLD must be accomplished if humanity is to survive at all. But between this new world and the ravaged EARTH lie the RING WORLDS OF TRITON - a hostile race with the technology of a million civilizations. THEY will destroy any intelligent life who approach them as THEY jealously guard their piece of the universe. No one has dared intrude on their solitude. But now HE must dare. GOLDRUNNER - HE will do battle with the final enemy. HE must destroy. HE must pave the way through the RINGS for the EARTH'S FLEET. HE is tougher than steel. HE is harder than iron. HE is the GOLDRUNNER. THEY are merciless. THEY are omnipotent. But THEY MUST be vanquished. Only one is worthy of the title GOLDRUNNER. Only one can lead man into a GOLDEN age. Only one can win this final battle. IS THAT ONE YOU?

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