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Arcade Games

BlazBlue: Calamity TriggerUnlock V-13 (Nu-13)12/03/13
Bubble BobbleUnlock The Endings10/04/10
Bubble MemoriesUnlock The Endings10/19/10
Bubble SymphonyUnlock The Endings10/25/10
Bubble SymphonyUnlock The Last World10/22/10
Chaos BreakerReach The True Final Boss11/12/13
Dragon SaberOmake Ending07/28/10
Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opa-Opa (2008)Unlock The Endings01/23/14
Final FightSpecial credits01/02/04
In the HuntUnlock The Endings01/19/16
Killer Instinct 2Unlock The Endings07/21/11
Mario Kart Arcade GPSpecial Credits05/14/15
Mario Kart Arcade GPUnlock Modes05/14/15
Raiden Fighters 2Unlock All The Ships12/04/13
Raiden Fighters 2Unlock The Real Last Boss (Japanese Version)12/06/13
Rainbow IslandsPowerup Codes08/16/10
Rainbow IslandsSecret Hints08/16/10
Rainbow IslandsUnlock The Bonus Door10/11/10
Rainbow IslandsUnlock The Endings10/12/10
Rainbow IslandsUnlock The Real Last Levels10/11/10
Red EarthJump to Staff Roll06/25/07
Red EarthNo Level Gaining06/25/07
Red EarthPower Fight Mode06/25/07
Red EarthUltimate Battle Mode06/25/07
Rod-LandChange Stories04/14/10
Rod-LandUnlock The Endings04/14/10
Shadow LandUnlock The Endings07/15/11
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade EditionSecret Last Bosses12/09/13
The King of Fighters XIIIAchieve the Good Endings10/29/13
The Return of IshtarLast Level Password03/15/10
TwinBee Yahho! Fushigi no Kuni de Daiabare!!Full Practice Stage07/26/11
Vampire Hunter 2Unlock The True Last Boss07/26/11
Vampire Savior 2: The Lord of VampireUnlock The True Last Boss and Special Ending07/26/11
Vampire Savior: The Lord of VampireUnlock The True Last Boss and Special Ending07/22/11

Atari 2600

Secret QuestLast Stage Password04/28/08


Flashback: The Quest for IdentityEasy Passwords03/24/14
Flashback: The Quest for IdentityHard Passwords03/24/14
Flashback: The Quest for IdentityNormal Passwords07/29/05
The Apprentice (1994)Special Game Over Screens09/18/13


Batman: The Brave and the Bold - The VideogameOfficial unlock codes for nifty extras10/11/10

Famicom Disk System

Ai Senshi NicolLevel Select11/10/09
Ai Senshi NicolPause without menu11/10/09
Akuu Senki RaijinInfinite Energy11/11/09
Akuu Senki RaijinStage Select11/11/09
All 1Sound test09/24/09
All 1Unlock Game Ending09/24/09
Aspic: Mahebiou no NoroiControl the enemies11/10/09
Aspic: Mahebiou no NoroiLeave a Dungeon11/10/09
Aspic: Mahebiou no NoroiSee the Ending11/10/09
BackgammonGame Select12/07/09
Bubble BobbleSound Test12/07/09
Clocks - Famimaga Disk Vol. 4Difficulty Setting11/19/09
Clocks - Famimaga Disk Vol. 4Stage Select (1 Player B Mode)11/19/09
Clu Clu Land9 Lives11/19/09
Dead ZoneWarp To The 1st Floor12/02/09
Deep Dungeon: Yuushi no MonshouContinue11/24/09
Druid: Kyoufu no TobiraUnlock The Endings06/11/10
ElectricianReal Ending05/10/10
Famicom Grand Prix F1 RaceCar Select12/07/09
Fire RockInvincibility11/11/09
Green Beret10 Lives11/19/09
Green BeretLevel Select11/19/09
Gun.SmokeSecret Message11/16/09
Gyruss30 Lives11/23/09
Halley WarsRapid Fire12/07/09
Kamen Rider BlackWatch The Ending11/13/09
Kick Challenger: Air FootFully Powered Up10/23/09
Kick Challenger: Air FootStage Select10/23/09
Kick Challenger: Air FootWarp to the boss10/23/09
Knight Lore: Majou no Ookami OtokoStage Skip12/03/09
Koneko Monogatari99 Lives11/23/09
Koneko MonogatariContinue11/23/09
Koneko MonogatariSave & Load11/23/09
Marchen VeilInvincibility12/14/09
Matou no HoukaiCheat Mode12/11/09
Michael English DaiboukenInvincibility12/11/09
Moero TwinBee: Cinnamon Hakushi o Sukue!Steal Lives12/14/09
Monitor Puzzle Kineko: Kinetic ConnectionEnglish Menu11/16/09
Monitor Puzzle Kineko: Kinetic Connection Vol. IIEnglish Menu11/16/09
Moon Ball MagicControl The Ball06/21/10
Nakayama Miho no Tokimeki High SchoolSee the Staff List12/03/09
Namida no Soukoban SpecialQuick Save12/03/09
Namida no Soukoban SpecialReplay12/03/09
Pro Golfer SaruBend The Ball12/07/09
Puyo PuyoSound Test12/07/09
Radical Bomber!! Jirai-KunControl The Opponents11/23/09
Radical Bomber!! Jirai-KunSee the Staff List11/23/09
Radical Bomber!! Jirai-KunSee Where The Mine Is11/23/09
Radical Bomber!! Jirai-KunSound Test11/23/09
Radical Bomber!! Jirai-KunWatch Mode11/23/09
Super Lode RunnerStage Select11/23/09
The GooniesContinue11/17/09
Tobidase DaisakusenHard Mode12/02/09
Topple ZipInfinite Energy12/02/09
Transformers: The HeadmastersMaxed Out12/03/09
TwinBee5 Lives (2 Player Mode)11/30/09
TwinBeeAlternative 3-Way Shot11/30/09
TwinBeeExtra Lives11/30/09
Ultraman Club: Chikyuu Dakkan SakusenSound Test11/11/09
Ultraman: Kaijuu Teikoku no GyakushuuInvincible11/10/09
Yume Koujou: Doki Doki PanicSuicide12/14/09

Game Boy

All-Star Baseball 99Last Game of The Playoffs01/15/04
Amazing PenguinLevel Passwords (JP Version)11/06/06
Atomic PunkSee The Ending (Japanese Version)10/07/10
Avenging SpiritSee The Ending (Japanese Version)10/07/10
BattleshipLevel Passwords (JP Version)11/06/06
Bonk's RevengeStage Password02/16/03
Bubble BobbleUnlock The Endings10/06/10
Bubble Bobble Part 2Good Ending10/04/10
Bubble Bobble Part 2Have All The Keys10/07/10
Bubble Bobble Part 2Passwords07/22/03
Burai Fighter DeluxeStart With 99 Lives (Japanese Version)10/07/10
Crayon Shin-Chan 4: Ora no Itazura Dai HenshinStage 1 (Extra) Password11/16/09
Crayon Shin-Chan 4: Ora no Itazura Dai HenshinStage 1 (Turbo) Password11/16/09
Crayon Shin-Chan 4: Ora no Itazura Dai HenshinStage 2 (Extra) Password11/16/09
Crayon Shin-Chan 4: Ora no Itazura Dai HenshinStage 2 (Turbo) Password11/16/09
Crayon Shin-Chan 4: Ora no Itazura Dai HenshinStage 2 Password11/16/09
Crayon Shin-Chan 4: Ora no Itazura Dai HenshinStage 3 (Extra) Password11/16/09
Crayon Shin-Chan 4: Ora no Itazura Dai HenshinStage 3 (Turbo) Password11/16/09
Crayon Shin-Chan 4: Ora no Itazura Dai HenshinStage 3 Password11/16/09
Crayon Shin-Chan 4: Ora no Itazura Dai HenshinStage 4 (Extra) Password11/16/09
Crayon Shin-Chan 4: Ora no Itazura Dai HenshinStage 4 (Turbo) Password11/16/09
Crayon Shin-Chan 4: Ora no Itazura Dai HenshinStage 4 Password11/16/09
CyraidMisc. Passwords03/22/11
Daffy DuckIn game codes10/10/02
Daffy DuckSpecial Mode07/05/12
Extra BasesGame Passwords (Japanese Version)11/16/09
Extra BasesGame Passwords (USA Version)11/16/09
Fish DudeLevel Passwords (Japanese Version)11/16/09
Franky, Joe & Dirk: On The TilesLevel Passwords05/17/11
Ganbare Goemon: Sarawareta Ebisumaru!Extended Ending05/12/11
Ganbare Goemon: Sarawareta Ebisumaru!Level Passwords05/12/11
Ganbare Goemon: Sarawareta Ebisumaru!Sound Test05/12/11
Koi Wa KakehikiSpecial Stage03/22/11
LoopZGame Type C level passwords02/17/10
Lunar LanderMission Passwords05/09/11
Mercenary ForceUnlock The Endings05/24/11
Mickey Mouse: Magic Wands!Level Passwords (Japanese Version)11/16/09
Milon's Secret CastlePassword with All Items07/15/00
Namco Gallery Vol. 2Another Druaga (Tower of Druaga)10/07/10
Namco Gallery Vol. 2Max Rank Password10/07/10
Nectaris GBLegend Map Passwords10/20/08
Nectaris GBStory Map Passwords10/20/08
Ninja Boy 2Last Password05/25/11
Out of GasLevel Passwords12/18/06
Painter MomopieSee The Ending10/07/10
Parasol Stars: Rainbow Islands IIUnlock The Real Last Level10/11/10
Penta DragonStart With Lots of Items10/07/10
Picross 210th Puzzle05/20/11
Picross 2Secret borders10/15/08
Pingu: Sekai de Ichiban Genki na PenguinSound Test10/07/10
Pipe DreamHidden Game (Japanese Version)10/07/10
Pocket Puyo Puyo TsuuExtra Options10/07/10
Populous GaidenLast Level Password01/22/13
Power MissionSound Test (Japanese Version)10/07/10
Puyo PuyoSee The Ending10/07/10
PuzznicLevel Passwords05/24/11
Pyramids of RaLast Stage Password08/06/12
Ranma 1/2: Kakugeki Mondou!!Strong Password08/09/10
Ranma 1/2: Netsuretsu KakutouhenMisc. Passwords08/09/10
Ray-ThunderLevel Passwords05/16/11
Robin Hood: Prince of ThievesEnding Password09/12/13
Snoopy no Hajimete no OtsukaiLast Stage Password03/22/11
Solomon's ClubSolomon's club level password07/16/00
Space InvadersSecret borders10/15/08
Stop That Roach!Level Passwords10/15/07
Sumo FighterLast Stage Passwords05/10/11
Super BikkuriManLevel Passwords11/16/09
Super Black BassSound test10/06/08
Super Black Bass Pocket 2Sound test10/06/08
Super Chinese Fighter GB5 Ability Slots08/14/12
Taiyou no Tenshi Marlow: O Hanabatake wa Dai-PanicLast Stage Password01/05/12
Taiyou no Tenshi Marlow: O Hanabatake wa Dai-PanicSee The Ending03/17/14
Taiyou no Tenshi Marlow: O Hanabatake wa Dai-PanicSound Test01/04/12
Taiyou no Tenshi Marlow: O Hanabatake wa Dai-PanicSpecial Passwords03/17/14
Taz-ManiaLast Level Password07/15/00
Tetris 2Secret borders10/15/08
Tetris AttackSecret borders10/15/08
Tetris BlastLevel 2 Password02/15/02
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (1992)Secret sound option.12/31/02
The King of Fighters: Heat of BattleUnlock The Endings05/24/11
The Tower of DruagaLast Floor Password (Another Druaga Mode)05/09/11
The Tower of DruagaUnlock The Endings05/31/11
Wizardry GaidenInitialize Data04/15/15
Wizardry Gaiden 2Sound Test And Monster Viewer04/15/15
Wizardry Gaiden 3Sound Test And Monster Viewer04/15/15
World Heroes 2 JetUnlock The Endings05/27/11

Game Boy Advance

An American Tail: Fievel's Gold RushAll level passwords11/25/02
Army Men AdvanceStage Select06/11/01
Asterix & Obelix: Paf! Par Toutatis!Asterix & Obelix passwords02/25/02
Barbie Software - Horse Adventures: Blue Ribbon RaceComplete Password08/30/04
Castlevania: Harmony of DissonancePlay as Maxim06/07/02
Earthworm Jim 2Passwords11/25/02
Extreme GhostbustersLast Stage password04/02/02
Frogger Advance: The Great QuestLevel passwords08/30/04
Frogger Advance: The Great QuestPasswords11/25/02
Gremlins: Stripe vs GizmoGizmo Adventure Passwords11/25/02
GT Advance Championship RacingPasswords04/29/02
Iridion 3DGallery mode password06/11/01
Lara Croft - Tomb Raider: The ProphecyLevel Passwords11/25/02
Metroid: Zero MissionOriginal Metroid Passwords02/09/04
Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted MansionPasswords11/25/02
Pocky & Rocky with BeckyFinal Stage Passwords11/19/02
Power Rangers: Time ForceLevel Passwords01/10/02
R-Type III: The Third LightningLevel passwords03/21/04
Rugrats: Castle CapersPasswords09/28/01
Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters UnleashedAlternative ending password06/08/04
Serious SamLevel passwords05/26/04
Spider-Man: Mysterio's MenacePasswords09/21/01
Stuart Little 2Level Passwords03/07/03
The MummyLevel passwords08/30/04
The Wild Thornberrys MoviePasswords11/25/02
Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Bad DreamPasswords11/25/02
Urban Yeti!Level Passwords11/25/02
Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3Get 6 NEW Secret Levels09/21/02

Game Boy Color

007: The World is not EnoughStage Passwords05/17/02
Action Man: Search for Base XLevel Passwords02/15/01
Asterix & ObelixLevel Passwords06/01/11
Asterix: Auf Der Suche Nach IdefixLevel Passwords06/16/02
Batman Beyond: Return of the JokerLevel Passwords08/04/02
Batman: Chaos in GothamLevel Passwords08/04/02
Dexter's Laboratory: Robot RampagePlay as the Super Robot04/22/01
Disney's 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the RescueLevel Passwords05/18/02
Dracula: Crazy VampireLast stage passwords03/06/03
Earthworm Jim: Menace 2 the GalaxyHappiness Level Password (Game Boy Color)08/13/12
Ganbare Goemon: Hoshizorashi Dynamites Arawaru!!Secret Stage06/06/11
Ghosts 'n GoblinsLast Level password on the Second Quest07/15/00
Lodoss Tou Senki: Eiyuu KishidenLevel Passwords10/24/08
Lucky Luke: Desperado TrainLevel Passwords11/09/11
NASCAR RacersLevel Passwords07/22/02
Rainbow IslandsUnlock The Endings10/14/10
Rainbow IslandsUnlock The Real Last Levels10/14/10
RobocopLast Stage Password04/02/02
RobocopLevel Passwords (Easy)08/17/09
RobocopLevel Passwords (Hard)08/17/09
RobocopMisc. Passwords08/17/09
Star Wars Episode I: Obi-Wan's AdventuresLevel Passwords10/05/01
SWiVLevel Passwords06/02/11
Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Saves the DayLast Stage Password09/04/01
TNN Outdoors Fishing ChampSound test10/06/08
WizardryMusic Test04/15/15
Wizardry II: Llygamyn no IsanMusic Test04/15/15
Wizardry III: Diamond no KishiMusic Test04/15/15
WWF BetrayalPasswords08/14/01


Capcom vs. SNK 2 EOBoss Battle Mode05/11/15
James Bond 007: Agent Under FireSecret Ending04/23/15
Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel StrikeCheat Passwords11/02/03
Wario WorldUnlock The Endings06/19/15
Wave Race: Blue StormInsulting Announcer09/03/10


Alien SyndromeConfiguration menu04/11/07
Bubble BobbleUnlock The Endings10/07/10
Head BusterLevel Passwords03/19/14
Predator 2Level passwords07/02/07
Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's TrapStart As The Human Form11/16/09


Aa HarimanadaLast Fight Password11/16/09
Aa HarimanadaSpecial Scene Password11/16/09
Aa HarimanadaVisual Menu Password11/16/09
Aa HarimanadaYokozuna Playing Cards Minigame Password11/16/09
Castlevania: BloodlinesExpert Mode01/06/09
Earthworm JimLast Stage Password12/14/01
GranadaEasy Mode (Japanese Version)08/09/12
GranadaTrip and Fall08/09/12
Jantei MonogatariMax Experience Password11/16/09
Marvel LandJapanese version Level Passwords (Hard Mode)08/24/09
Marvel LandJapanese version Level Passwords (Normal Mode)08/24/09
Marvel LandLevel Passwords (Digest Mode)08/24/09
Marvel LandUSA & Euro version Level Passwords (HardMode)08/24/09
Marvel LandUSA & Euro version Level Passwords (Normal Mode)08/24/09
Ninja Burai DensetsuSkip Levels11/24/15
Panorama CottonSomething is Wrong Mode06/28/12
Pepenga PengoStory Mode Passwords11/16/09
Task Force Harrier EXLevel Skip06/25/04
The ImmortalAlternative Ending04/26/10
The ImmortalHidden Scene (Japanese version)11/28/09
The ImmortalLevel Passwords07/02/01
WeaponLordZarak's 3rd ending12/18/06


Brutal Sports FootballLast Game03/03/08
Fever Pitch SoccerLevel passwords03/03/08

Jaguar CD

Primal RageSee the credits03/26/08


RoadBlastersStage Select05/12/02


Asphalt 3: Street RulesUnlock Everything02/28/08


A-1 Spirit: The Way To Formula-1Last Race Password01/20/10
AlesteSecret Stage12/29/09
AlesteSound Test12/29/09
Aleste IIHidden Story Scene12/29/09
Aleste IISecret Text Screen12/29/09
Aleste IISound Test and Game Mode Select12/29/09
Aleste IISpeed Modifier12/29/09
Alpha RoidPowered Up01/04/10
AndorogynusMusic Test12/29/09
Angelus: Akuma no FukuinMusic Test12/29/09
Animal Land: Murder CaseChapter Passwords02/02/10
ArcusMusic Test12/29/09
Arcush: Kagerou no Jidai o Koe teMusic Mode01/13/10
Arkanoid240 Lives12/29/09
Arkanoid IIStage Skip12/29/09
AshGuine Story III: Fukushuu no HonooMax Power12/29/09
Back to the FutureLevel Select01/19/10
Bomberman SpecialLevel Passwords01/04/10
BoomerangSkip Stages01/06/10
Break InLevel Passwords01/04/10
Bubble BobbleCheat Codes (Hard Mode)01/04/10
Bubble BobbleCheat Codes (Normal Mode)01/04/10
Bubble BobbleHard Mode (Super Bubble Bobble Mode)01/04/10
Bull to Mighty Kiki IppatsuWarp01/04/10
Burai: Hachigyoku no Yuushi DensetsuOpening Menu01/19/10
Burai: Hachigyoku no Yuushi DensetsuSecret Message01/19/10
Burai: Hachigyoku no Yuushi DensetsuSnake Game01/19/10
Burai: Hachigyoku no Yuushi DensetsuSound Test01/19/10
Burai: Hachigyoku no Yuushi DensetsuTyping Game01/19/10
BurgerTimeJump Levels01/15/10
Castle ExcellentSpeed Up01/05/10
Choro QLevel Select01/15/10
Cloud MasterCheats12/29/09
CrimsonSound Test01/14/10
Crimson IISound Test01/14/10
Cross BlaimLevel Passwords01/04/10
Cross BlaimLots of Cash01/04/10
CrusaderStage Select01/06/10
Daiva Story 4 - Asura's BloodfeudCheats12/29/09
Daiva Story 4 - Asura's BloodfeudFleets Passwords01/04/10
Daiva Story 4 - Asura's BloodfeudSuper Laydock Demo (MSX Version)12/29/09
Daiva Story 5 - The Cup of SomaConquer Planets Easily12/29/09
Daiva Story 5 - The Cup of SomaFleets Passwords01/05/10
Darwin 4078Infinite Lives12/29/09
Digital Devil Monogatari: Megami TenseiWalk Through Walls01/06/10
Disc Station Special Aki-GouMusic Test (Aleste Gaiden)01/04/10
Dragon KnightSee The Ending01/15/10
Dragon Quest IIModify Party Names12/29/09
Dragon Slayer IV - DraSle FamilyMusic Test (MSX2 Version)01/06/10
Dragon Slayer: The Legend of HeroesEasy Game01/05/10
Eggerland MysteryLevel Passwords01/04/10
Eggerland MysterySpecial Password01/04/10
Eggerland Mystery 2Level Passwords01/04/10
Emerald DragonSee The Ending12/29/09
Exoide-Z Area 5Invincibility01/13/10
F-1 Spirit: The Way To Formula-1All Races Open12/29/09
F-1 Spirit: The Way To Formula-1Cheat Passwords12/29/09
Family BoxingReplenish Health Faster12/29/09
Family BoxingStarting Password01/06/10
Family BoxingSuper Powerful12/29/09
FeedbackAlternative Title Screen12/29/09
FeedbackSound Test12/29/09
FeedbackVersion Info01/19/10
Final Zone WolfContinue01/11/10
Fire BallParameter Modification Mode01/11/10
Fire Hawk: Thexder The Second ContactBoss Music01/19/10
FlappyLevel Passwords01/11/10
Fray: In Magical AdventureDebug Menu01/19/10
Fray: In Magical AdventureHidden Art Scenes (MSX2 Version)01/04/10
Fray: In Magical AdventureHidden Levels01/05/10
Gall Force: Defence of ChaosLives & Pilots12/29/09
Ganbare Goemon! Karakuri DouchuuCheat Mode12/29/09
Ganbare Goemon! Karakuri DouchuuCheat Passwords12/29/09
Ganbare Goemon! Karakuri DouchuuIngame Cheat Codes12/29/09
Ganbare Goemon! Karakuri DouchuuInput & Get The Password12/29/09
Ganbare Goemon! Karakuri DouchuuProvince Passwords03/04/10
Girly BlockStarting Passwords01/04/10
Gokudou JintoriHidden Game01/14/10
GolvelliusFinal password10/16/06
GoodyInfinite Lives01/04/10
Gradius 2Keep Weapons09/01/09
Gradius 2Power Up Passwords08/31/09
GuardicPractice and Sound Mode01/04/10
GulkaveSound Test01/04/10
HerzogMisc. Cheats01/07/10
Hi no ToriBoss Passwords01/08/10
Hi no ToriCheat Mode12/29/09
Hi no ToriCheat Passwords12/29/09
Hi no ToriLevel Passwords12/29/09
Hi no ToriSecret Message12/29/09
Higemaru Makaijima: Nanatsu no Shima DaiboukenLevel passwords02/23/10
Higemaru Makaijima: Nanatsu no Shima DaiboukenStarting Password02/23/10
HydefosIngame Cheats01/19/10
HydefosSound Test01/04/10
HydlideMisc. Passwords (MSX1 Version)01/07/10
Hydlide 3: The Space MemoriesLaser Sword01/21/10
Hydlide 3: The Space MemoriesMusic Test01/28/10
Ice WorldStage Select Password01/07/10
Iligks Episode One: TheseusLevel Codes01/13/10
Illegas Episode IVLevel Select01/13/10
Illusion CityDebug Menu12/29/09
Jagur: Golden TriangleSound Test01/11/10
Jagur: Golden TriangleStarting Password01/11/10
Kenja no IshiLevel Passwords01/07/10
Kenja no IshiStats Doubled01/07/10
Kenpelen ChessSound Test01/14/10
KiKi KaiKaiPowered Up And 10 Lives01/14/10
King & BalloonSound Test01/14/10
King Kong 2: Yomigaeru DensetsuHigh Levels12/29/09
King Kong 2: Yomigaeru DensetsuSave The Game12/29/09
King's Valley II: The Seal of El GizaLast stage10/16/06
King's Valley II: The Seal of El GizaLevel Passwords With 47 Lives12/29/09
King's Valley II: The Seal of El GizaPasswords10/17/06
Knightmare 3: ShalomBath Scene12/29/09
Knightmare 3: ShalomEverything collected, including the diamond.05/01/08
Konami Game Collection 1King's Valley Level Passwords01/04/10
Koneko no Daibouken: Chibi-chan ga ikuInvincibility01/13/10
Kudokikata OshiemasuInfinite Hints12/29/09
Laplace no MaGraphics And Sound Test01/19/10
Lenam: Sword of LegendSound Test01/11/10
Lunar BallIngame Cheats01/19/10
Lupin the 3rd: Cagliostro no ShiroLevel Passwords01/04/10
MacrossLast 8 Levels01/11/10
MacrossStage Select12/29/09
Magical Kid WizCheat Codes01/04/10
Magical Kid WizFully Equipped01/19/10
Maraya no HihouLevel Passwords01/07/10
Metal GearCigarettes For Time01/04/10
Metal GearPass Electric Fields01/04/10
MiraiLast Level01/30/14
MiraiStart Maxed Out01/04/10
Mitsume ga TooruLevel Select01/19/10
Mugen Senshi Valis: The Fantasm SoldierSpecial Password01/08/10
Mugen Senshi Valis: The Fantasm SoldierStage passwords11/13/06
NemesisIndividual Powerup Passwords08/31/09
NemesisMisc. Passwords08/31/09
NemesisPlay as TwinBee09/01/09
NemesisPower Up Passwords08/31/09
Nemesis 3Misc. Passwords08/31/09
Ninja PrincessStage And Lives Select01/07/10
Ninja-Kun: Ashura no ShouIngame Cheats01/15/10
Ninja-Kun: Majou no BoukenInvincibility01/15/10
Pac-ManiaSpeed Modifier01/11/10
Pachipro Densetsu99,999 Balls01/19/10
ParodiusPower Up Passwords08/31/09
PayloadLots of Points12/29/09
Penguin AdventureContinue Without Items12/29/09
Penguin AdventureGood Ending01/04/10
Penguin AdventureSecret Bag #1 Blue Boots01/04/10
Penguin AdventureSecret Bag #2 Priest Robe01/04/10
Penguin AdventureSecret Bag #3 Red Shoes01/04/10
Penguin AdventureSecret Bag #4 Crossed Tiara01/04/10
Penguin AdventureSecret Bag #5 Armor01/04/10
Penguin AdventureWarp Zones01/04/10
Penguin Wars 2Battle Cheats01/19/10
PlayballPlay Voices12/29/09
Police StoryIngame Cheats01/07/10
Pro Yakyuu Family Stadium: Home Run ContestContinue01/19/10
Pro Yakyuu Family Stadium: Pennant RaceSound Test01/19/10
Project A2 Shijousaidai no KessenIngame Cheats01/19/10
Psycho WorldCheats12/29/09
Psycho WorldMusic Cheats12/29/09
Puyo PuyoMisc. Cheats01/19/10
Ranma 1/2: Hiryu DensetsuExtra Hidden Scenes01/19/10
Ranma 1/2: Hiryu DensetsuSee The Ending01/19/10
Ranma 1/2: Hiryu DensetsuSound Test01/19/10
Red ZoneLevel Select01/19/10
ReplicartIngame Options01/12/10
Rise OutIngame Cheats01/11/10
Rise OutLevel Passwords01/11/10
Romancia: Dragon Slayer Jr.Continue01/19/10
Romancia: Dragon Slayer Jr.Play As The Princess02/02/10
Romancia: Dragon Slayer Jr.Speed Modifier01/19/10
Rona Jinbashin no ShinpanSound Test01/19/10
Rune Master IIHidden Shooter Game (Rune Master 2)01/04/10
Rune Master IISound Test (Rune Master 2)01/04/10
Rune Master III: Sangoku EiketsudenSound Test01/04/10
Sa-Zi-RiSound Test01/08/10
SalamanderPlay Dual Mode At Any Time12/29/09
SalamanderUnlock The Real Final Level08/31/09
Scion80 Lives01/08/10
SD SnatcherMax Cash12/29/09
Solitaire RoyaleStart With 10 New Deck Designs01/12/10
Starship RendezvousAll Powers01/12/10
Starship RendezvousBonus Girl01/12/10
Starship RendezvousSound Test01/08/10
StepperCommand Mode01/13/10
Super Laydock: Mission StrikerAll Weapons Password12/29/09
Super PierrotInvincibility01/14/10
Super Rambo SpecialField Passwords01/07/10
Super Rambo SpecialSecret Messages Passwords01/27/10
Super RunnerCheats12/29/09
Super RunnerStage Passwords12/29/09
Takahashi Meijin no Bouken JimaLevel Skip01/08/10
Tensai Rabian: DaisafunsenSecond Quest01/11/10
TestamentWarp To Level 201/08/10
Tetris (BPS)Sound Test01/13/10
The Adventure of Randar IIIPortraits03/15/10
The Adventure of Randar IIISound Test03/15/10
The Demon CrystalLevel Passwords01/15/10
The Games Collection 2Passwords (Running Dragon)01/13/10
The GooniesLevel Passwords12/29/09
The Maze of GaliousBoss Passwords01/04/10
The Maze of GaliousContinue12/29/09
The Maze of GaliousFind The Dagger01/04/10
The Maze of GaliousIn Front of World 10 Door01/04/10
The Maze of GaliousKill All Bats01/04/10
The Maze of GaliousQuick World Access01/04/10
The Maze of GaliousSpecial Passwords12/29/09
The Maze of GaliousWorld 1010/19/06
The ProtectorLevel Skip01/04/10
The Return of IshtarLast Level Password03/15/10
The Tower of CabinDebug Menu01/05/10
ThexderRefill Energy01/15/10
Topple ZipContinue (MSX2 Version)01/13/10
Triton99 Magic Balls01/15/10
TZR Grand Prix RiderPasswords01/11/10
Undead LineScores List01/08/10
UsasLevel Passwords12/29/09
UsasLock On Cheats12/29/09
Valis IIHidden Scenes01/11/10
Valis IISound Test01/07/10
WarroidConfiguration and Stage Select01/05/10
WarroidSpherical Bodies01/13/10
Wingman 2Bonus Battle01/13/10
Xak II: Rising of the RedmoonDebug Menu01/05/10
Xak II: Rising of the RedmoonHidden Scenes01/11/10
Xak Precious Package: The Tower of GazzelCabin Times Magazine01/05/10
Xak Precious Package: The Tower of GazzelDebug Menu01/05/10
Xak: The Art of Visual StageDebug Menu12/29/09
Xak: The Art of Visual StageHidden Scenes11/29/10
Xanadu: Dragon Slayer IIRegain Energy (Cartridge Version)12/29/09
Xanadu: Dragon Slayer IISecret Shop01/21/10
Xevious: Fardraut SagaContinue And Sound Test01/07/10
XZRSound Test02/17/10
XZR IISound Test01/08/10
Yami no Ryu ou Hades no MonshouInvincibility01/13/10
Yie Ar Kung Fu 294 Lives12/29/09
Yie Ar Kung Fu 2Energy Refill01/04/10
Youma KourinSound Test01/19/10
Ys II: Ancient Ys Vanished - The Final ChapterGraphic Menu12/29/09
Ys II: Ancient Ys Vanished - The Final ChapterHidden Message12/29/09
Ys II: Ancient Ys Vanished - The Final ChapterSound Test12/29/09
Ys III: Wanderers from YsEnding Extras08/03/10
Ys: Ancient Ys VanishedDisk Tool12/29/09
Ys: Ancient Ys VanishedSkip The Intro12/29/09
Zanac AIContinue01/14/10
Zanac AI 2nd Version94 Lives01/05/10
Zanac ExAlternative Game Over Song01/04/10
Zanac ExColor Adjustment01/04/10
Zanac ExRefill And Lives01/04/10
Zanac ExScreen Adjustment01/04/10
Zanac ExSound Test01/04/10
Zanac ExWarp01/04/10
Zanac ExWeapon Codes01/04/10


GradiusSound Test01/20/10
XZR II KanketsuhenSound Test & Minigame02/17/10
XZR: Hakai no GuuzouSound Test02/17/10
Ys: Ancient Ys VanishedSound Test08/03/10

Neo-Geo CD

Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa's RevengeEnable Blood02/11/08
Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa's RevengePlay with Zankuro02/11/08


Stakes Winner 2Unlock the endings09/06/11
The King of Fighters '96Special Custom Team Endings04/27/02
The King of Fighters '97Special Team Endings (Japanese Version)07/08/16

NeoGeo Pocket Color

Densetsu no Ogre Battle Gaiden: Zenobia no OujiFree Battle Mode01/17/12
Densetsu no Ogre Battle Gaiden: Zenobia no OujiUnlock The Endings01/20/12


'89 Dennou Kyuusei UranaiSee the Staff List12/04/09
8 EyesSound Test (Japanese version)11/11/09
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: DragonStrikeSound test09/25/09
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: DragonStrikeTurn the game Japanese09/25/09
Adventures of Lolo 2Configure controls09/25/09
After BurnerContinue (Japanese Version)09/25/09
After BurnerSound Test (Japanese version)09/25/09
Aigiina no Yogen: Balubalouk no Densetsu YoriInvincibility11/23/09
Aigiina no Yogen: Balubalouk no Densetsu YoriPasswords11/23/09
Air FortressSecond Quest (Japanese Version)10/12/09
Airwolf (Japan)Invincibility09/25/09
Airwolf (Japan)Must Test09/25/09
Airwolf (Japan)Stage Select09/25/09
Akuma-kun: Makai no WanaFinal Stage Password11/10/09
Alpha MissionContinue09/25/09
America Oudan Ultra Quiz: Shijou Saidai no TatakaiLast Boss Password11/10/09
America Oudan Ultra Quiz: Shijou Saidai no TatakaiQuiz Password11/10/09
American DreamEarn Money Faster11/10/09
American DreamStart with 245 Billion Dollars11/10/09
Arkanoid IIContinue09/25/09
Arkanoid IILevel Skip11/10/09
AsterixCheat Menu09/25/09
Atlantis no NazoAlternate Final Zone10/20/09
Atlantis no NazoInvincibility11/11/09
Atlantis no NazoLevel Select11/10/09
Attack Animal GakuenLevel Select11/10/09
Attack of the Killer TomatoesSecret Message09/25/09
B-WingsStage & weapons Select09/25/09
Bad Dudes63 Lives (Japanese Version)12/02/09
Bad DudesMore Powerful12/02/09
Bad DudesMore Powerful (Japanese Version)12/02/09
Bad DudesSound Test12/02/09
Bad DudesSound Test (Japanese version)12/02/09
Bad DudesTons of lives09/28/09
Bakushou! Star Monomane ShitenouSee The Results12/04/09
BananaAutomatically Complete A Level12/07/09
Banana PrinceDebug Menu09/25/09
Banana PrinceSecret Ability12/07/09
Bases LoadedLast Game Passwords (Japanese Version)12/14/09
Bases Loaded 4Sound Test (Japanese version)12/14/09
Bats & Terry99 Hearts09/28/09
Bats & Terry99 Lives09/28/09
Bats & TerryAdditional 30 seconds09/28/09
Bats & TerryExtra Energy09/28/09
Bats & TerryExtra Weapon09/28/09
Bats & TerryStage Select12/07/09
Battle BaseballReach The Final Team12/07/09
Battle BaseballUse The Same Team12/07/09
Battle CitySecret Message09/28/09
Battle Stadium: Senbatsu Pro YakyuuDebug Menu09/28/09
BattleshipSecret passwords09/28/09
Battletoads & Double DragonSuper Warp Zone & 5 lives09/28/09
Best Keiba Derby StallionSound Test12/08/09
Best of the Best: Championship KarateEasy Victory09/28/09
Best of the Best: Championship KarateSecret Message09/28/09
Best Play Pro YakyuuDebug Menu09/28/09
Best Play Pro Yakyuu '90Debug Menu09/28/09
Best Play Pro Yakyuu IIDebug Menu09/28/09
Best Play Pro Yakyuu SpecialDebug Menu09/28/09
Binary LandContinue12/04/09
Binary LandLove Story mode09/28/09
BombermanSpecial Password12/09/09
Bomberman IILevel Passwords (Japanese Version)11/13/09
Bomberman IISecret Passwords (Japanese version)09/28/09
Bubble BobbleUnlock The Endings10/04/10
Burai FighterUltimate Diffuculty Stage Passwords12/08/02
Captain EdAutomatically Reach The Boss11/17/09
Captain EdBoss Rush Mode11/17/09
Captain EdInvincibility11/17/09
Captain EdRapid Hammer11/17/09
Captain SkyhawkAll Weapons, 9 lives09/28/09
Casino KidContinue12/07/09
Casino KidDebug Menu Password09/25/09
Casino KidSecret Passwords09/25/09
Castle of DragonDebug Menu09/28/09
CastlevaniaPlay Without Music11/11/09
Chase H.Q.Level Select10/06/09
Choujin Sentai JetmanRestart11/30/09
Chuka TaisenOption Mode11/30/09
Chuugoku Janshi Story: TonpuuContinue12/03/09
Chuugoku Janshi Story: TonpuuSelect Any Mahjong Title11/11/09
Chuugoku Janshi Story: TonpuuSound Test11/11/09
Chuugoku Janshi Story: TonpuuStage Select12/03/09
Chuugoku SenseijutsuFill The Names List11/30/09
Chuugoku SenseijutsuSound Test09/28/09
City Adventure Touch: Mystery of TriangleSound Test09/28/09
Clash at DemonheadSecret Password (Japanese Version)09/28/09
Clash at DemonheadSecret Password (USA Version)09/28/09
CommandoSlow Motion09/28/09
Conquest of the Crystal PalaceIncrease Credits (Japanese Version)12/11/09
ContraStage Select (Japanese version only)01/06/09
Cosmic EpsilonContinue08/12/09
Cosmic EpsilonInvincibility09/28/09
Cosmic EpsilonSecret Message09/28/09
Cosmic Wars2nd & 3rd Quests11/23/09
Cosmic WarsIncrease Units11/23/09
Cosmic WarsInfinite Warps11/23/09
Cosmic WarsMax Money11/23/09
Cosmic WarsSee The Ending11/20/09
Crash 'n the Boys: Ice ChallengeEvent Passwords11/10/09
CrystalisPause the game09/28/09
Dai Meiro: Meikyu no TatsujinEnding Password09/28/09
Daikaijyu DeburasuMap Select (1 Player)09/28/09
Daikaijyu DeburasuMap Select (Vs Mode)09/28/09
Daikaijyu DeburasuSound Test09/28/09
Daiku no Gen-San 2: Akage no Dan no GyakushuuBGM Test09/28/09
Daiku no Gen-San 2: Akage no Dan no GyakushuuLevel Select09/28/09
Daiku no Gen-San 2: Akage no Dan no GyakushuuSound Effects Test09/28/09
DaisenryakuSound Test11/28/09
Daiva Story 6: Imperial of Nirsartia10 Occupied Planets12/02/09
Daiva Story 6: Imperial of Nirsartia9 Occupied Planets12/02/09
DarkmanLevel Select09/28/09
Deadly TowersColor and Monitor Adjustment12/11/09
Deep Dungeon III: Yuushi e no TabiMax Experience11/24/09
Deep Dungeon III: Yuushi e no TabiTurn off the Music11/24/09
Deep Dungeon IV: Kuro no YoujutsushiGain 24 Level Ups.11/24/09
Demon SwordLast Stage Password (Japanese version)06/25/08
Derby Stallion ZengokubanMusic and Graphics Test11/28/09
Derby Stallion ZengokubanRevive Breeding Mare11/28/09
Derby Stallion ZengokubanSee The Ending11/28/09
DezaemonSound & Graphics Test12/02/09
Die HardHidden Continues11/26/12
Die HardImage Test11/26/12
Die HardSpeedup The time11/26/12
Dig Dug II: Trouble In ParadiseInfinite Lives12/02/09
Digital Devil Monogatari: Megami TenseiSecond Quest12/02/09
Digital Devil Monogatari: Megami Tensei IISound Test11/09/10
Digital Devil Monogatari: Megami Tensei IIUnlock The True Last Boss and Endings11/09/10
Dirty HarryPasswords12/08/02
Disney's DuckTalesRefill Your Energy07/02/12
Disney's The Little MermaidInvincible10/05/09
Don Doko Don12 Credits12/03/09
Donald LandLevel Select09/28/09
Double Moon DensetsuPlay As A Girl11/30/09
Dough Boy32 Lives11/28/09
Downtown Nekketsu Koushinkyoku: Soreyuke DaiundoukaiMaximize Points11/28/09
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeLevel Skip12/08/09
Dragon Ball 3: GokuudenFight Arale06/15/10
Dragon Ball 3: GokuudenLast Fight Password06/14/10
Dragon Ball Z Gaiden: Saiya-jin Zetsumetsu KeikakuSecret Last Boss07/10/09
Dragon Ball Z II: Gekigami Freeza!!Play As Passwords12/03/09
Dragon Ball Z II: Gekigami Freeza!!Strongest Tournament Password12/03/09
Dragon Ball Z III: Ressen Jinzou NingenSet Battle Mode12/03/09
Dragon Ball Z: Kyoushuu! SaiyajinStrongest Tournament Password12/03/09
Dragon Ball: Daimaou FukkatsuIn Front of The Last Castle06/14/10
Dragon Buster II: Yami no FuuinLevel Passwords07/15/09
Dragon FighterLevel Select09/28/09
Dragon FighterRefill Energy12/03/09
Dragon PowerLevel Skip (European Version Only)07/20/09
Dragon PowerRefill Energy (European Version Only)07/20/09
Dragon Scroll: Yomigaerishi MaryuuLast Stage Password12/02/09
Dragon Scroll: Yomigaerishi MaryuuSecret Screen Password12/02/09
Dragon Spirit: The New LegendLift Iris' Skirt During The Ending (Japanese Version)12/02/09
Dragon WarriorFinal Password (Japanese Version Only)11/13/09
Dragon Warrior IIModify Party Names (Japanese Version)12/02/09
Dragon Warrior IVView Poker Results12/02/09
DropzoneSecret Passcodes09/28/09
Druaga no TouLevel Select and Item Modifier10/07/09
Dungeon Magic: Sword of the Elements2nd Level09/28/09
Dungeon Magic: Sword of the ElementsEnding09/28/09
Dungeon Magic: Sword of the ElementsExtra Gold09/28/09
Dungeon Magic: Sword of the ElementsHidden Map09/28/09
Dusty Diamond's All-Star SoftballWatch The Entire Field11/28/09
Eggerland: Meikyuu no FukkatsuFinal Battle Password04/26/10
EgyptAlternative Credits11/11/09
EgyptLevel Select09/28/09
Exciting BoxingUnknown Fighter Password11/11/09
F-1 SensationCheat Mode09/28/09
F-117A Stealth FighterAll Medals and Levels Open04/22/10
F-117A Stealth FighterSecret Codes09/28/09
F-15 Strike EagleAll Missions04/26/10
F1 CircusEnding09/28/09
F1 CircusReset Battery RAM09/28/09
Famicom Shogi: Ryuu-Ou-SenReverse The Order12/07/09
Famicom Top ManagementSound Test12/02/09
Family CircuitEasy Win12/07/09
Family Mahjong II: Shanghai he no Michi1.6 Million Points Password11/13/09
Fantasy ZoneSound test09/28/09
Fantasy Zone (Tengen)Invincibility09/28/09
Fantasy Zone (Tengen)Level Skip09/28/09
Fantasy Zone II: Opa-Opa no NamidaContinue12/07/09
Faria: A World of Mystery & Danger!Ending09/28/09
Faria: A World of Mystery & Danger!Invincibility and Infinite Gold (Japanese version)09/28/09
Fighting RoadMusic and Sprite Test Mode12/07/09
Final Fantasy IIISecret Message12/07/09
Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryu to Hikari no TsurugiSound test09/28/09
Fist of the North StarContinue (Japanese Version)12/08/09
Fist of the North StarStart On Stage 4 (Japanese Version)12/08/09
Freedom ForceHidden Ending Message09/25/09
Freedom ForceMultiple endings07/21/09
Freedom ForceSound test09/25/09
Fuzzical FighterChange Colors12/07/09
Fuzzical FighterDebug Menu09/28/09
G.I. Joe: A Real American HeroEnding09/28/09
G.I. Joe: A Real American HeroMaximum Level09/28/09
G.I. Joe: A Real American HeroSound test09/28/09
GalaxianMusic Player09/28/09
Gambler Jiko ChuushinhaPlay Against People From Another Planet11/23/09
Gambler Jiko Chuushinha 2Multiple Harutans11/23/09
Ganbare Goemon 2Microphone Secrets11/17/09
Ganbare Goemon Gaiden: Kieta Ougon KiseruBikini Yae11/16/09
Ganbare Goemon Gaiden: Kieta Ougon KiseruEasily Defeat All Bosses06/30/10
Ganbare Goemon! Karakuri DouchuuCRC Test03/23/10
Ganbare Goemon! Karakuri DouchuuSpecial Continue07/22/09
Ganbare Pennant Race!Pick The Strongest Players11/16/09
Ganso Saiyuuki: Super Monkey DaiboukenLevel Select09/28/09
Gegege no Kitarou 2: Youkai Gundan no ChousenReady For The Last Castle + Max Exp + All Items11/20/09
Genpei ToumadenFlashing Attacks11/20/09
Getsu Fuuma DenLast Battle password06/09/08
Getsu Fuuma DenSee The Ending11/20/09
Getsu Fuuma DenSkip The Intro11/20/09
Ghoul SchoolDebug Menu09/28/09
Ginga no SanninFinal Password11/13/09
Goal! TwoSound test09/28/09
Gozonji: Yaji Kita Chin DouchuuSound Test Password11/23/09
Grand MasterGood Ending11/02/09
Great Battle Cyber9 Lives09/28/09
Great Battle CyberEnding09/28/09
Gremlins 2: The New BatchSound Test (Japanese version)11/19/09
Guerrilla WarHidden Minigame (Japanese version)06/27/12
Gun NacExtra Ending Screens (USA version)09/28/09
Gun NacMoney to Bomb Converter11/16/09
Gun NacQuick Configuration Mode09/28/09
Gun NacScore Store Freebies11/16/09
Gun.SmokeChange controls09/28/09
Hammerin' HarryInvincibility11/28/09
Hanjuku HeroSound Test12/07/09
Hayauchi Super IgoEasy Win12/07/09
Higemaru Makaijima: Nanatsu no Shima DaiboukenContinue12/11/09
Higemaru Makaijima: Nanatsu no Shima DaiboukenInvincibility06/03/08
Higemaru Makaijima: Nanatsu no Shima DaiboukenLevel passwords06/03/08
Hiryu no Ken II: Dragon no TsubasaLevel Passwords (Easy Mode)07/21/10
Hiryu no Ken II: Dragon no TsubasaLevel Passwords (Hard Mode)07/21/10
Hiryu no Ken II: Dragon no TsubasaLevel Passwords (RPG Mode)07/21/10
Hiryu no Ken II: Dragon no TsubasaMisc. Passwords07/21/10
Hiryu no Ken III: 5 Nin no Ryuu SenshiCritical Hit12/07/09
Hiryu no Ken III: 5 Nin no Ryuu SenshiMisc. Passwords12/07/09
Hiryu no Ken III: 5 Nin no Ryuu SenshiPlay With Different Characters12/07/09
Hiryu no Ken III: 5 Nin no Ryuu SenshiSkip Cutscenes12/07/09
Hiryu no Ken Special: Fighting WarsFight Kim Won-Gu06/28/10
Hissatsu Doujou YaburiSound Test12/07/09
Hissatsu Shigoto NinSee The Ending12/07/09
Hit the IceSound test09/28/09
Hokkaidou Rensa Satsujin: Ohotsuku ni KiyuContinue12/09/09
Hokkaidou Rensa Satsujin: Ohotsuku ni KiyuEnd The Card Game12/09/09
Hokkaidou Rensa Satsujin: Ohotsuku ni KiyuMegumi Naked12/09/09
Hokuto no KenReverse 2 Player Controls12/08/09
Home Run Night '90: The Pennant LeagueSee The Whole Stadium12/08/09
Home Run Night '90: The Pennant LeagueSound test09/28/09
Honoo no Doukyuuji: Dodge DanpeiCutscene Mode09/28/09
HookAll Levels Open & Credits09/28/09
Hottaman no Chitei TankenCommand Menu12/09/09
Hudson HawkInfinite Lives09/28/09
Hydlide 3: Yami Kara no HoumonshaSound test09/28/09
Hyokkori Hyoutanjima: Nazo no KaizokusenArea Skip12/07/09
Hyokkori Hyoutanjima: Nazo no KaizokusenSound Test12/07/09
Idol HakkendenAct Passwords03/26/07
Ikinari MusicianColor Chooser11/10/09
Ikinari MusicianHidden Song11/10/09
InfiltratorLevel Passwords09/28/09
Insector XLevel Select & No Hit Mode09/28/09
Insector XSecret Message09/28/09
International CricketHidden 9th Team09/28/09
International CricketScrewed Delivery09/28/09
International CricketSecret message09/28/09
International CricketSound test09/28/09
IronSword: Wizards & Warriors II255 continues09/28/09
IronSword: Wizards & Warriors IIBonus Chance Cheat09/28/09
Isaki Shuugorou no Keiba Hisshou GakuSound Test11/10/09
Isolated WarriorSecond Quest Passwords08/17/09
Itadaki Street: Watashi no Oten ni YottetteHarder game11/10/09
Itadaki Street: Watashi no Oten ni YottetteSound test09/28/09
Itadaki Street: Watashi no Oten ni YottetteTurbo file operations09/28/09
Jajamaru Gekimaden: Maboroshi no KinmajouInfinite Items11/23/09
Jajamaru Gekimaden: Maboroshi no KinmajouLast Boss Password11/23/09
Jajamaru Gekimaden: Maboroshi no KinmajouRefill Codes11/24/09
Jajamaru Ninpou ChouExtra Chapter11/23/09
JESUS: Kyoufu no Bio MonsterEnding Password11/23/09
Jikuu Yuten: Debias99 Tech06/14/10
Jikuu Yuten: DebiasLast Boss Password06/14/10
Jikuu Yuten: DebiasText Speed11/23/09
Joe & MacInfinite Lives (European version)09/28/09
Joe & MacInfinite Lives (USA version)09/28/09
Joe & MacLevel Skip (USA version)09/28/09
JuuoukiHard Game11/23/09
JuuoukiSound Test11/23/09
JuuoukiStage Select11/23/09
Kabuki Quantum FighterLevel Select10/05/09
Kaettekita! Gunjin Shogi: Nanya Sore!?See the Staff List11/11/09
Kaettekita! Gunjin Shogi: Nanya Sore!?Sound Test11/11/09
Kagerou DensetsuDon't Encounter Enemies11/11/09
Kagerou DensetsuEscape From Battle11/12/09
Kagerou DensetsuFight The Bosses11/12/09
Kagerou DensetsuRevive a Character11/12/09
Kagerou DensetsuTrigger Fights11/11/09
Kagerou DensetsuWalk Anywhere11/11/09
Kaiketsu Yancha Maru 3: Taiketsu! ZouringenStage Select11/11/09
KarnovContinue (Japanese Version)10/05/09
Kawa no Nushi TsuriEnding Password11/16/09
Kawa no Nushi TsuriStartup Passwords11/16/09
Keroppi to Keroriinu no Splash Bomb!Level 2 Password (1 Player)11/13/09
Keroppi to Keroriinu no Splash Bomb!Level 2 Password (2 Players)11/13/09
Keroppi to Keroriinu no Splash Bomb!Level 3 Password (1 Player)11/13/09
Keroppi to Keroriinu no Splash Bomb!Level 3 Password (2 Players)11/13/09
Keroppi to Keroriinu no Splash Bomb!Level 4 Password (1 Player)11/13/09
Keroppi to Keroriinu no Splash Bomb!Level 4 Password (2 Players)11/13/09
KickMasterDebug Password09/25/09
KickMasterPlayer Level09/25/09
Kid Kool and the Quest for the Seven Wonder HerbsUnlock multiple endings08/04/09
Kid Niki: Radical NinjaSecret Stage (Japanese version)10/05/09
Kidou Senshi Z-Gundam: Hot ScrambleDebug Menu11/16/09
Kidou Senshi Z-Gundam: Hot ScrambleSlow Motion11/16/09
King Kong 2: Ikari no Megaton PunchContinue11/17/09
King Kong 2: Ikari no Megaton PunchEnding extras06/10/08
King Kong 2: Ikari no Megaton PunchLevel Select10/05/09
KlashBallMusic Test10/05/09
KlashBallSound Tester10/05/09
Knight RiderLevel Passwords08/10/09
Knight RiderSkip to the Boss Battle10/05/09
Kurogane Hiroshi no Yosou Daisuki! Kachiuma DensetsuSee The Credits11/12/09
Kyatto Ninden TeyandeeHard Mode11/17/09
Kyatto Ninden TeyandeeSound test09/28/09
Kyonshies 2100,000 Gold10/05/09
Kyonshies 2Change Time of The Day11/23/09
Kyonshies 2Cheat Mode11/23/09
Kyonshies 2Warp To The Start11/23/09
Kyuukyoku Harikiri KoushienSecret Options Screen & See Credits10/05/09
Kyuukyoku Harikiri Stadium III80,000 Edit Points11/17/09
Kyuukyoku Harikiri Stadium IIIField Fight10/05/09
Kyuukyoku Harikiri Stadium IIISee The Credits11/17/09
Laser Invasion9 Lives09/28/09
Laser InvasionSecret Password (Japanese Version)09/28/09
LaylaAll levels open06/26/08
LaylaAll levels open using both girls06/26/08
Legacy of the WizardMax Items & Reviving12/02/09
Life Force255 lives11/23/09
Little League Baseball: Championship SeriesSecret Team (Japanese Version)04/01/16
Little Ninja BrothersEnding Password (Japanese Version)11/23/09
Little Ninja BrothersPasswords07/15/02
Little Ninja BrothersSound Test Password (Japanese Version)11/23/09
Little Ninja BrothersStart Maximized (Japanese Version)11/23/09
Little SamsonMusic Room (Japanese version)10/05/09
Lost Word of Jenny: Ushinawareta MessageAll Keys10/05/09
Low G Man: The Low Gravity ManMid Level Passwords (First Quest)07/16/09
Low G Man: The Low Gravity ManPower-up Bonus Rooms Passwords07/16/09
Lupin Sansei: Pandora no IsanLevel Select10/05/09
M.U.S.C.L.E.: Tag Team MatchRound Select10/05/09
Magic DartsProgram Version10/05/09
Magic DartsSecret Message10/05/09
Magical * Taruruuto-kun: Fantastic World!!Skimpy Bikini12/11/09
MagicianSpell passwords04/14/04
Mahjong G-Men: Nichibutsu Mahjong III2 Players Mode12/03/09
Mahjong TaisenEXP. Cheats12/11/09
Mahjong TaisenSkip The Intro12/11/09
Mahjong TaisenSound Test12/11/09
Majaventure: Mahjong SenkiLevel, Boss and Sound select10/05/09
Majaventure: Mahjong SenkiPass Over Gates or Enemies12/11/09
Majaventure: Mahjong SenkiWatch The Opponent's Titles12/11/09
Majou Densetsu II: Daimashikyou GaliousInvincibility11/28/09
Maniac Mansion (Japan)Multiple Secret Messages12/11/09
Maniac Mansion (Japan)Secret Passwords (Japanese version)10/26/09
Maniac Mansion (Japan)See The Credits (Japanese version)10/26/09
Maniac Mansion (Japan)Sound Test (Japanese version)10/26/09
Mappy Kids20 Lives12/11/09
Mappy-LandStage Select (Japanese version)10/05/09
Matsumoto Toru no Kabushiki HisshougakuPassword Screen12/11/09
Matsumoto Toru no Kabushiki HisshougakuPicture Test12/11/09
Matsumoto Toru no Kabushiki Hisshougaku IIPassword Menu12/11/09
Meimon! Tako NishiouendanCredits10/05/09
Meimon! Tako NishiouendanInvincibility10/05/09
Meimon! Tako NishiouendanSound test10/05/09
Meitantei Holmes: Kiri no London Satsujin JikenView Scenes11/17/09
Meitantei Holmes: M-Kara no ChousenjouEnding Password11/11/09
Meitantei Holmes: M-Kara no ChousenjouGo Anywhere Password11/11/09
Meitantei Holmes: M-Kara no ChousenjouScene Select Password11/11/09
Meitantei Holmes: M-Kara no ChousenjouSound Test Password11/11/09
Metal Slader GloryFrame By Frame12/14/09
Metal StormExpert Passwords (Japanese Version)10/09/09
Metal StormStarting Passwords (Japanese Version)11/23/09
Mezase Pachi Pro: PachiokunFever Time12/14/09
Mezase Pachi Pro: PachiokunSecret Message12/14/09
Minelvaton Saga: Ragon no FukkatsuFast Movement and Disable Random Encounters10/05/09
Mitsume ga TooruDebug Menu10/05/09
Moai-KunStage Select12/14/09
Momotarou Densetsu: Peach Boy LegendPicture & Sound Tests12/14/09
Momotarou DentetsuStrongest Password12/14/09
Monster in My PocketSound Test10/05/09
Moon CrystalLevel Select10/05/09
Morita ShogiEasy Win12/14/09
Musashi no BoukenMaximum level10/05/09
Musashi no BoukenSound Test10/05/09
Musashi no Ken: Tadaima Shugyou ChuuSlow The Dog10/05/09
Namco ClassicLast Tournament Game12/03/09
Namcot Mahjong III: Mahjong TengokuReset The Countdown12/03/09
Nankoku Shirei!! Spy vs. SpyCredits10/05/09
Nankoku Shirei!! Spy vs. SpyFreeze The Computer12/03/09
Nankoku Shirei!! Spy vs. SpySound Test10/05/09
Navy BlueSound Test10/05/09
Nekketsu! Street Basket: Ganbare Dunk HeroesLast Game Password10/28/10
NES Open Tournament GolfSee The Credits12/11/09
Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of ChaosSound Tests10/06/09
Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom99 Continues10/06/09
Nishimura Kyoutarou Mystery: Super Express Satsujin JikenSound Mode11/23/09
Nobunaga's Ambition IISound Test and Samurai Slideshow12/04/09
Over HorizonLevel Skip10/06/09
Pachiokun 299, 999 Balls12/04/09
Pachiokun 3Easy Win12/04/09
Pachiokun 3See The Ending12/04/09
Pachiokun 4Easy Win12/04/09
Panic RestaurantExtra Life10/06/09
Parallel WorldSee the ending10/06/09
Parallel WorldSound Test10/06/09
Parasol Stars: Rainbow Islands IIUnlock The Real Last Level10/04/10
Paris-Dakar Rally Special!Easy Win12/07/09
Paris-Dakar Rally Special!Last Stage Password12/07/09
PlatoonSecret Words10/06/09
Power Blade 2Passwords04/27/03
Power Blade 2Sound test09/28/09
Power BlazerSound Test10/06/09
Power BlazerStart with a powered up boomerang10/06/09
PredatorSkip Stages (Big Mode)12/07/09
PredatorSkip Stages (Small Mode)12/07/09
Pro Sport HockeyFinal Game Password04/21/10
Pro Sport HockeySound Test (Japanese version)10/06/09
Puyo PuyoStone Background Graphics12/07/09
PuzslotChange the slot patterns09/21/09
PuzslotLevel Select09/21/09
Quarter Back Scramble: American Football GameSound Test10/06/09
R.B.I. BaseballSee The Credits (Japanese Version)12/08/09
R.B.I. Baseball 2Play Namco vs Namco12/08/09
R.B.I. Baseball 2See The Credits (Japanese Version)12/08/09
R.B.I. Baseball 3Credits (Japanese version)10/06/09
Racer Mini Yonku: Japan CupSelect course10/06/09
Racer Mini Yonku: Japan CupSelect course plus10/06/09
Rainbow IslandsMaximum Power (Japanese version)10/06/09
Rainbow Islands: Bubble Bobble 2Unlock The Secret Rooms10/15/10
Rampart (Japan)Easy Mode Passwords06/04/10
Rampart (Japan)Normal Mode Passwords06/04/10
Rampart (Japan)Normal Mode Passwords06/04/10
Ripple IslandBest Ending Password11/13/09
Ripple IslandLevel Passwords11/13/09
River City RansomKunio and Riki's Hidden Portraits (USA Version)04/15/11
Rolling Thunder5 Continues10/06/09
RomanciaSecret Ending Image01/06/10
RomanciaSound Test01/06/10
S.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack Team10 Lives (Japanese version only)09/25/09
S.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack Team12 Lives (European version only)09/25/09
S.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack Team12 Lives (USA version only)09/25/09
S.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack TeamStage Select (European version only)09/25/09
S.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack TeamStage Select (Japanese version only)09/25/09
S.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack TeamStage Select (USA version only)09/25/09
Saint Seiya: Ougon Densetsu999 EX (Japanese Version)11/28/09
Saint Seiya: Ougon DensetsuStart Fully Powered Up11/11/09
Saint Seiya: Ougon Densetsu Kanketsu HenEnding Password11/11/09
Saint Seiya: Ougon Densetsu Kanketsu HenLast Stage Password05/03/10
Saiyuuki WorldFully Powered Up & Level Skip10/06/09
Sansara NagaSound Test11/23/09
SD Hero Soukessen: Taose! Aku no GundanDifficulty Settings11/11/09
ShanghaiSecret Message11/23/09
Shin 4-Jin Uchi Mahjong: Yakuman TengokuSelect Different Characters12/14/09
Shin Moero!! Pro YakyuuLots of Wins11/23/09
Shingen the Ruler100 Gold Mines (Japanese Version)11/30/09
Shingen the RulerClimate Disasters Don't Affect You11/30/09
Shingen the RulerMax Everything11/30/09
Shingen the RulerSound Test11/28/09
Shoukoushi CedieSound Test11/23/09
Side Pocket256 Balls10/06/09
Silver SurferLevel Passwords10/12/09
Sky DestroyerBonus Dirigible10/06/09
Sky DestroyerBonus Yacht10/06/09
Sky DestroyerInvincibility10/06/09
Sky DestroyerSecret Message10/06/09
Sky KidRecover11/24/09
Soccer League - Winner's CupLast Game11/11/09
Space HarrierCodes12/29/00
Space HunterLast Level Password11/24/09
Space HunterMax Power10/06/09
Spelunker II: Yuushahe no ChousenContinue (Start of World)07/16/09
Splatterhouse: Wanpaku GraffitiCredits10/06/09
Splatterhouse: Wanpaku GraffitiPasswords01/19/03
Splatterhouse: Wanpaku GraffitiTest Mode10/06/09
Square no Tom SawyerSecret Programmer's Message11/24/09
Star ForceInvincibility (Japanese version)10/06/09
Star LusterColor Selection10/06/09
Star SoldierChange Graphics (Japanese version)10/06/09
Star SoldierInvincibility10/06/09
Star Wars (1987)Stage Select11/24/09
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackSound Test10/06/09
StingerSteal Lives (Japanese Version)12/14/09
Super C30 Lives (Japanese version)10/06/09
Super CStage Select (Japanese version only)01/06/09
Super Chinese 3Final Password07/20/10
Super Dyna'mix BadmintonSee The Ending11/23/09
Super Mario Bros. 2Suicide11/23/09
Super PinballControl The Ball11/23/09
Super Spy Hunter20 Lives12/07/09
Super TurricanInvincibility10/06/09
Super Xevious: GAMP no Nazo2nd Loop06/28/10
Super Xevious: GAMP no NazoSecret Password Menu09/25/09
Sword MasterStart On The Last Level (Japanese Version)11/28/09
Tag Team WrestlingInvincibility11/30/09
Tag Team WrestlingRound Select11/30/09
Taito Grand Prix: Eikou e no LicenseStrongest Password11/28/09
Takeda ShingenPlay As Other Countries11/28/09
Takeshi no ChousenjouClear the screen of enemies08/05/09
Takeshi no ChousenjouMicrophone substitute08/05/09
Takeshi no ChousenjouPacific Island Password11/28/09
Takeshi no ChousenjouRevive yourself08/05/09
Takeshi no ChousenjouSecret Japanese Soldier Password11/28/09
Takeshi no ChousenjouTreasure Room Password11/28/09
Takeshi no ChousenjouWarp to the last room without playing the game08/05/09
Tashiro Masashi no Princess ga IppaiLast Stage Password11/30/09
Tecmo World Cup SoccerFinal Game password08/10/09
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game10 Lives (Japanese version)10/06/09
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade GameStage Select & 10 Lives (Japanese version)10/06/09
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade GameStage Select (Japanese version)10/06/09
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan ProjectMore Continues (Japanese version)10/06/09
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan ProjectSecret Screen (Japanese version)10/06/09
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan ProjectStage Select (Japanese version)10/06/09
Tenchi o Kurau II: Shokatsu Koumei DenChapter Select12/02/09
Tenchi o Kurau II: Shokatsu Koumei DenRecover A Dropped Item12/02/09
Tenka no Goikenban: Mito KoumonStart In Morioka12/14/09
Tenkaichi Bushi: Keru NaguuruLow HP For Enemies/2nd Player11/20/09
Tenkaichi Bushi: Keru NaguuruSee The Credits11/20/09
Tenkaichi Bushi: Keru NaguuruSee The World Map11/20/09
Tenkaichi Bushi: Keru NaguuruStrongest Password11/20/09
Tetra Star: The FighterCheat Menu10/06/09
Tetris (BPS)Time To Think12/02/09
Tetris 2 + BomBlissChange Music04/20/10
Tetris 2 + BomBlissMemory Clear & Line Blocks12/02/09
The Adventures of Bayou BillyAlternative Ending #2 (Japanese version Only)11/09/09
The Adventures of Bayou BillyAlternative Ending #3 (Japanese version Only)11/10/09
The Adventures of Bayou BillyAlternative Ending (Japanese version Only)09/24/09
The Adventures of Bayou BillyUnlock Quiz Mode (Japanese version only)09/24/09
The Bard's TaleSound Test (Japanese version)12/04/09
The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & HoppyDebug Menu (Japanese version)09/28/09
The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & HoppySuper Debug Menu (Japanese version)09/28/09
The GooniesContinue11/17/09
The Goonies IIStartup Glitch (Japanese Version)11/17/09
The ImmortalAlternative Ending04/26/10
The ImmortalPasswords02/02/02
The Incredible Crash DummiesLevel Select09/28/09
The Krion ConquestExtra Costume (Japanese version)10/05/09
The Krion ConquestInvincibility (Japanese version)10/05/09
The Krion ConquestLevel Select (Japanese version)10/05/09
The Krion ConquestPlay as the Male Character (Japanese version)10/05/09
The Last NinjaLevel & Screen Select10/05/09
The Legend of Kage10 lives10/05/09
The Legend of Prince ValiantInvincibility and Level Skip10/05/09
The Mafat ConspiracyDebug Menu (Japanese Version)09/28/09
The Magic CandleSound Test and Debug Options10/05/09
The Money GameStart With 3 Million Yen11/23/09
The Mutant Virus: Crisis in a Computer WorldAnother Quest10/05/09
The Trolls in CrazylandLevel Passwords12/29/02
The UntouchablesLevel Skip10/07/09
ThexderCredits Screen10/06/09
ThexderExtra Energy And Harder Game12/02/09
ThexderInfinite Energy12/02/09
Tiny Toon AdventuresStage Select10/06/09
Tiny Toon AdventuresStage Select & Invincibility (Japanese version)10/06/09
TitanSound Test10/06/09
Tokoro-san no Mamoru mo Semeru moInfinite Energy12/02/09
Tokoro-san no Mamoru mo Semeru moLevel Select10/06/09
Tombs & TreasureDebug Menu11/28/09
Tombs & TreasureSound Test10/06/09
Top StrikerPlay With A Strong Team12/02/09
Touhou Kenbun RokuBlack & White Mode12/02/09
Toukon ClubTraining Mode Password12/02/09
Tsuppari OozumouPlay As Professional Sumo Wrestler Nine Mountains12/03/09
TwinBee5 Lives (2 Player Mode)11/30/09
TwinBeeAlternative 3-Way Shot11/30/09
TwinBeeExtra Lives11/30/09
U-four-ia: The SagaStart Strong12/08/09
Uchuu Keibitai SDFOption Menu10/07/09
Ultraman Club: Kaijuu Dai Kessen!!Stage Select11/11/09
Ultraman Club: Supokon Fight!Data Check Mode12/02/09
Urban ChampionTurn off the music11/10/09
Utsurun Desu.: Kawauso Hawaii e IkuStage Select11/10/09
Valkyrie no Bouken: Toki no Kagi DensetsuLast Password06/25/08
Vegas Connection: Casino Kara Ai o KometeModify Message Speed10/07/09
Vegas Connection: Casino Kara Ai o KometeSound Test10/07/09
Vegas DreamCheat Mode10/07/09
Vegas DreamCheat Mode (Japanese version)10/07/09
Venus SenkiLast mission06/09/08
Volguard IIInvincibility10/07/09
Wacky RacesOnly boss levels09/28/09
Wagyan LandEnding10/07/09
Wagyan LandHard Game10/07/09
Wai Wai WorldFinal Stage Password With All Items11/13/09
Wall Street KidSee The Ending (JP Version)10/29/10
Whomp 'EmSkip to the Boss10/06/09
Wily and Light no Rock Board: That's ParadiseSee the credits10/16/09
Woody PokoBikini Girl11/10/09
Woody PokoStart With Tons of Cash11/10/09
World BoxingCheat Menu10/07/09
Wrath of the Black MantaBoss Rush (Japanese Version)12/03/09
Wrath of the Black MantaInvincibility (Japanese version)10/05/09
Wrath of the Black MantaStage Select (Japanese Version)12/03/09
Wurm: Journey to the Center of the EarthSound Test09/28/09
Wurm: Journey to the Center of the EarthStage select and Invincibility09/28/09
XeviousDebug Menu (Japanese version)11/28/09
Yamamura Misa Suspense: Kyouto Hana no Misshitsu Satsujin JikenEasy Puzzle Solving11/17/09
Youkai DouchuukiTest Mode10/07/09
Youkai DouchuukiUnlock The Endings06/02/10
Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Bakutou Ankoku Bujutsu KaiData Check Mode12/02/09
ZanacAlternative Sound Test Code10/07/09
ZanacDebug Mode10/07/09
ZanacDifferent Game Over Music10/07/09
Zoids: MokushirokuSecret Map #1610/07/09
Zombie HunterSecond Quest11/28/09
Zombie HunterTimers10/07/09
Zombie NationInvincible09/25/09
Zombie NationRound Select09/25/09
Zunou Senkan GalgInvincibility10/07/09

Nintendo 64

Aidyn Chronicles: The First MageExtended Ending05/19/14
ClayFighter: The Sculptor's CutDebug Menu03/27/15
Command & ConquerWin or lose current mission instantly08/23/01
Dark RiftFight The Last Boss02/24/15
F-1 World Grand Prix IIUnlockables03/30/15
International Superstar Soccer '98Special Game03/17/15
International Superstar Soccer 64Special Game03/03/15
Mace: The Dark AgePlay as Ned05/27/14
Mortal Kombat 4Unlock Goro06/11/14
Mortal Kombat 4Unlock Noob Saibot06/11/14
MRC: Multi-Racing ChampionshipUnlockables03/03/15
Nagano Winter Olympics '98Unlock The Endings08/12/02
Penny RacersSecret Unlockables04/13/10
Transformers: Beast Wars TransmetalsFight Megatron X04/09/15
WinBack: Covert OperationsUnlock The Endings06/18/14
Yoshi's StoryUnlock The Endings04/03/14

Nintendo 64DD

F-Zero X: Expansion KitSpecial Ending02/14/11


PowerSlaveUnlock The Endings03/14/16


007: The World is not EnoughUnlock Secret Win Game Movie09/24/15
007: Tomorrow Never DiesSee The Ending10/15/15
Battle Arena ToshindenReach the Real Last Boss and Ending09/14/15
CriticomLevel 3 Passwords09/03/15
DescentFinal Level Passwords09/18/15
DisruptorLevel Passwords (Hard)01/08/16
Fighting Force 2Better Credits10/15/15
Gokujou Parodius Da! Deluxe PackIngame Codes (Gokujou Parodius)03/25/10
Gokujou Parodius Da! Deluxe PackIngame Codes (Parodius Da!)03/25/10
Gokujou Parodius Da! Deluxe PackMenu Codes (Parodius Da!)03/25/10
Gokujou Parodius Da! Deluxe PackTitle Screen Codes (Gokujou Parodius)03/25/10
Guilty GearUnlock Everything (Japanese Version)09/04/15
Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius: Forever with MeCredit Bonuses11/04/11
Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius: Forever with MeIngame Codes03/25/10
Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius: Forever with MeIngame Codes03/25/10
Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius: Forever with MeMenu Codes03/25/10
Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius: Forever with MeOption Cheats03/25/10
Mortal Kombat 3Misc. Codes11/20/00
Mortal Kombat 4Play As Noob Saibot10/19/15
Nectaris: Military MadnessLevel Passwords - Main Campaign01/06/01
Nectaris: Military MadnessLevel Passwords - Original Campaign01/26/04
PhilosomaEnding Bonus (Japanese Version)09/25/15
PhilosomaEnding Epilogues09/25/15
PowerSlaveUnlock The Endings03/14/16
R4: Ridge Racer Type 4Unlock The Trophies10/16/01
RayCrisis: Series TerminationFight The Real Last Boss10/05/15
Silhouette MirageExtra Options09/10/15
Silhouette MirageUnlock Super Core Fighter II09/10/15
Silhouette MirageUnlock the secret Reaper boss fight09/10/15
Sorcerer's MazeUnlock Extra Stages and Ending (Prism Land Story only)02/27/16
Street Fighter II MovieUnlock Battle Mode11/16/09
Street Fighter II MovieUnlock The Endings11/09/15
Street Fighter: The MovieExtra Ending Images08/17/15
Street Fighter: The MovieFight Akuma08/17/15
T.R.A.G.Unlock The Endings08/24/15
Vandal HeartsAlternative Ending08/24/15
Xevious 3D/G+Cheat Codes09/20/00


Metal Gear Solid: Peace WalkerUnlock The True Last Battle (Zeke Battle) and Ending04/15/14


Battle Arena Toshinden RemixFight the Secret Bosses03/18/16
Battle Arena Toshinden URAFight the Secret Bosses04/11/16
DUnlock The Endings03/29/16
Daytona USASee the credits01/15/16
Guardian ForceReach the Real Last Boss and Ending02/16/16
Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius: Forever with MeMenu Codes03/25/10
Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius: Forever with MeOption Cheats03/25/10
Last BronxFight Your Doppelganger02/02/16
Magic Knight RayearthUnlock Music Test and Outtakes02/08/16
Manx TT Super BikeMusic Select03/21/16
Manx TT Super BikeSuper Bikes03/21/16
NiGHTS Into Dreams...Unlockables01/01/02
Panzer Dragoon II ZweiDragon Evolution Conditions02/01/16
PowerSlaveMap Screen Codes (USA Version)06/16/03
PowerSlaveTeam Dolls Unlockable03/14/16
PowerSlaveUnlock The Endings03/14/16
Princess CrownUnlock More Stories02/26/16
Street Fighter II MovieUnlock Battle Mode11/16/09
The House of the DeadUnlock The Endings04/06/16
Tryrush DeppyUnlock The Endings02/18/16
Tryrush DeppyUnlock Time Attack02/18/16

Sega CD

Ranma 1/2: Byakuran AikaProgress Passwords11/16/09
The Amazing Spider-Man vs. the KingpinUnlimited Web11/12/10
The Amazing Spider-Man vs. the KingpinUnlock The Endings11/15/10
Time GalVisual Scene Passwords (Japanese Version)11/16/09

Sega Master System

Bubble BobbleMisc. Cheats10/07/10
Bubble BobbleUnlock The Endings10/07/10
Power StrikeSound Test01/07/10
Rainbow IslandsUnlock The Real Last Level10/19/10

Sharp X68000

Arcus II: Silent SymphonyHidden Art scenes and Music08/07/12
Arkanoid: Revenge of DohSound Test08/07/12
BosconianHidden Message08/08/12
BosconianStage Skip08/08/12
CALScene Viewer08/07/12
Chuka TaisenDebug Mode08/06/12
Death BradeConfiguration Codes08/07/12
Death BringerSound Test08/07/12
Downtown Nekketsu MonogatariDebug Mode08/06/12
Emerald DragonSound Test08/07/12
Flappy 2 - The Resurrection Of Blue StarSound Test08/08/12
Flappy 2 - The Resurrection Of Blue StarSuicide Codes08/08/12
Gemini WingInfinite Continues08/07/12
Genocide 2: Master of the Dark CommunionHidden Options08/07/12
Geograph SealDebug Mode08/07/12
Gradius II: Gofer no YabouConfiguration Menu01/19/10
Gradius II: Gofer no YabouTest Menu01/19/10
GranadaLevel Skip08/07/12
Kyuukyoku TigerKeyboard Codes08/07/12
LagoonMusic Test08/08/12
Lightning Bacchus: The Knight of IronMusic Test08/08/12
Mad Stalker: Full Metal ForthIn Game Codes08/08/12
Marchen MazeHidden Option Mode08/07/12
Mugen Senshi Valis IIMusic Test08/08/12
NaiousInfinite Lives08/07/12
NaiousLevel Select08/07/12
Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball-BuHidden Option Mode08/07/12
PhalanxSkirt's Off08/08/12
PhalanxStart-Up Codes08/08/12
PopulousStage Passwords08/08/12
Populous II: Trials of the Olympian GodsStage Passwords08/08/12
R-TypeLevel Select08/07/12
Schwarzschild: Kyouran no GingaSee The Credits08/07/12
Super XeviousXevious Type08/07/12
The Fairyland StorySee The Credits08/08/12
The New Zealand StoryDebug Mode08/07/12
ZavasSound Test08/07/12

Super Nintendo

Accele BridMisc. Cheats09/10/12
Accele BridSound Test09/10/12
Accele BridStage Select09/10/12
Aero FightersSuper Hard Mode07/03/12
Art of FightingIngame Codes04/04/11
Ashita no JoeGet The Real Ending03/21/11
Brawl BrothersPlay The Japanese Version04/01/11
BS Special Tee ShotUnlock Gold Class & Wind Option07/08/16
Bubsy in: Claws Encounters of the Furred KindDebug Mode, Stage Select, Sound Test and Sprite Viewer Mode10/13/11
Capcom's MVP FootballLast Game MVP mode01/16/07
Capcom's MVP FootballLast Game Tournament mode01/16/07
Capcom's Soccer ShootoutEnding Password10/14/11
Capcom's Soccer ShootoutLast Game Password10/14/11
Caravan Shooting CollectionInvincibility (Star Force)04/04/11
Contra III: The Alien WarsSound Test (Japanese version only)01/06/09
Contra III: The Alien WarsStage Select (Japanese version only)01/06/09
Cotton 100%: Marchen AdventureMax Experience09/18/12
Cotton 100%: Marchen AdventureStage Select09/18/12
Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double TroubleSecret Honks03/16/16
Doomsday WarriorCharacter's password at the last boss01/17/07
DoReMi Fantasy: Milon no DokiDoki DaiboukenLevel Passwords11/29/06
Dungeon MasterBad Ending02/15/13
Emerald DragonEnding Omake03/17/11
Final Fight 3Debug Menu (European Version)08/16/12
Ganbare Goemon 2: Kiteretsu Shougun MagginesuAccess The Hidden Forest And Amusement Park Stage03/26/10
Ganbare Goemon 2: Kiteretsu Shougun MagginesuAccess The Hidden Hell Stage03/26/10
Ganbare Goemon 3Become a Vase03/26/10
Ganbare Goemon 3Hidden Pipe Move03/29/10
Ganbare Goemon 3Unlock An Extra Last Boss And Alternative Ending03/26/10
Genghis Khan II: Clan of the Gray WolfUnlock the World Conquest Scenario03/30/11
Genocide 2Option Codes04/04/11
Gokujou Parodius8th Difficulty03/25/10
Gokujou ParodiusExtra Continue04/04/11
Gokujou ParodiusSound Test03/25/10
Gokujou ParodiusStage Select03/25/10
Hat Trick Hero 2Last Game Password03/25/13
Honoo no Doukyuuji: Dodge DanpeiChapter Passwords11/16/09
International Superstar SoccerLast Game Passwords03/11/13
International Superstar SoccerSpecial Game03/11/13
Jikkyou Oshaberi ParodiusCredit Bonuses04/05/10
Jikkyou Oshaberi ParodiusIngame Codes04/04/11
Jikkyou Oshaberi ParodiusOption Cheats03/25/10
Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the TropicsLevel Passwords09/03/00
John Madden Football '93Game Passwords07/08/02
Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman Zero99 Continues03/07/11
Kishin Douji Zenki: Denei RaibuChapter Passwords11/16/09
Mario's Time MachineEnding Access11/03/08
Mary Shelley's FrankensteinLevel Passwords12/11/06
Mary Shelley's FrankensteinLevel Skip12/11/06
Mary Shelley's FrankensteinWatch the credits12/11/06
MechWarriorInfinite Ammo03/04/13
Ogre Battle: The March of the Black QueenUnlock The Endings01/20/12
OutlanderLast password12/11/06
Parodius Da!Option Cheats03/25/10
Pop'n TwinBee: Rainbow Bell AdventuresCheat Codes02/21/02
Pop'n TwinBee: Rainbow Bell AdventuresGame Endings (Japanese Version)03/23/10
Pop'n TwinBee: Rainbow Bell AdventuresMove Anywhere On The Stage03/22/10
Popeye: Ijiwaru Majo Sea Hag no MakiLevel Passwords03/07/11
Populous II: Trials of the Olympian GodsHeaven Password08/02/12
Populous II: Trials of the Olympian GodsLast Stage Password08/02/12
Prince of PersiaLevel Passwords08/23/01
Ranma 1/2: Akanekodan Teki HihouHidden Options08/09/10
Ranma 1/2: Hard BattleVisual Test Menu08/09/10
Redline F-1 RacerLast Race12/20/06
Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of FireEasy Win03/29/11
SD Hiryu no Ken3rd Speed07/21/10
SD Hiryu no KenEasy Story Mode07/21/10
SD Hiryu no KenPlayer Modifier07/21/10
SD Hiryu no KenSound Test & Sprite Viewer07/21/10
Skuljagger's RevengeAt the passcode screen enter the following words.01/04/07
SOSCharacters Follow You Automatically01/11/12
SOSSee The Results01/09/12
SOSSkip the Intro01/10/12
SOSSound Test01/09/12
SOSUnlock The Endings01/19/12
Soukou Kihei Votoms: The Battling RoadLevel Passwords02/21/13
Soukou Kihei Votoms: The Battling RoadMisc. Passwords02/25/13
Soukou Kihei Votoms: The Battling RoadRobot Slideshow02/25/13
Space MegaforceExtra ending scenes03/20/08
SparksterEnd Passwords09/03/00
Spriggan PoweredUltimate Options02/28/11
Street CombatSee The Ending08/09/10
Super Batter UpLast Game Password03/08/13
Super Batter UpLast Game Password (Japanese Version)03/08/13
Super Battletank 2Level Passwords12/13/06
Super Chase H.Q.Bonus Mission03/15/11
Super Chinese World 2Debug Menus07/21/10
Super Chinese World 2Last Galaxy Password07/21/10
Super Chinese World 2Sound Test07/21/10
Super Chinese World 2Starting Passwords07/21/10
Super Chinese World 3Debug Menus07/21/10
Super Chinese World 3Sound Test07/21/10
Super Chinese World 3Starting Passwords07/21/10
Super Family TennisNamco Theater Mode (Story Mode)11/16/09
Super Family TennisNamco Theater Mode Passwords11/16/09
Super Family TennisTournament Mode Passwords11/16/09
Super Goal! 2Last Game Password03/19/13
Super Tetris 2 + BomblissChange Music04/20/10
Super Tetris 2 + BomblissExtra Levels04/20/10
Super Tetris 2 + BomblissMemory Clear and Line Blocks04/20/10
Super Tetris 2 + BomblissNeatly Stacked04/20/10
Super Tetris 2 + BomblissRanking Check04/20/10
Super Tetris 2 + BomblissSee The Full Background04/20/10
Super Valis IVLevel Select, Stage Skip, Sound Test03/05/12
Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling TogetherCheck Your Reputation06/13/14
Tecmo Super Bowl III: Final EditionSpecial Ending03/04/13
The FiremenTitle Screen Codes08/01/12
The Ren & Stimpy Show: Fire DogsLast Stage password06/29/04
Tiny Toon Adventures: Wacky Sports ChallengePassword Codes08/31/01
TKO Super Championship BoxingPassword07/15/00
U.N. SquadronEnding Extras08/16/10
VortexLevel Passwords09/03/00
War 2410Passwords01/26/02
WCW Super Brawl WrestlingFinal Match12/04/06
WeaponLordZarak's 3rd ending12/18/06

Turbo CD

1552 Tenka DairanSound Test08/06/10
1552 Tenka DairanUnlock All History Lectures08/06/10
4 in 1 Super CDHidden Bomberman Game08/16/10
Advanced V.G.Always Fight Yuka08/13/10
Advanced V.G.Ending Omake08/13/10
Ai Cho AnikiInfinite Revival08/19/10
Ai Cho AnikiUnlock The Endings04/30/12
Alnam no Kiba: Juuzoku Juuni Shinto DensetsuNo Random Encounters08/13/10
Alzadick: Summer Carnival `92Misc. Cheats08/06/10
Asuka 120% Maxima: Burning Fest. MaximaHidden Scene08/02/10
Asuka 120% Maxima: Burning Fest. MaximaVs. Cheats08/06/10
Aurora Quest: Otaku no Seiza in Another WorldChapter Select08/19/10
Aurora Quest: Otaku no Seiza in Another WorldFree Hotel Everywhere08/02/10
Aurora Quest: Otaku no Seiza in Another WorldNo Enemies08/19/10
BastedVisual and Battle Menu08/09/10
Bikkuriman DaijikaiSee The Staff List08/19/10
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor MoonSkip Text And Dialogue08/30/10
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon CollectionVisual and Sound Menu08/19/10
Black Hole AssaultVisual Test09/01/10
Bonanza Bros.Infinite Continues09/01/10
Burai: Hachigyoku no Yuushi DensetsuAutomatic Battles08/02/10
CAL III: KanketsuhenDebug Menu08/20/10
CAL III: KanketsuhenSystem Card Message08/20/10
Card AngelsLast Stage Password08/06/12
Cobra Kuroryuuou no DensetsuDebug Menu08/09/10
Cobra Kuroryuuou no DensetsuMission Select08/23/10
Color WarsAlways Win08/20/10
Color WarsStage Select08/20/10
Cosmic Fantasy 2Debug Menu07/28/10
Cosmic Fantasy 2Debug Menu (Japanese Version)07/28/10
Cosmic Fantasy 3: Bouken Shounen ReiDebug Menu08/02/10
Cosmic Fantasy 3: Bouken Shounen ReiHidden Hentai Screens08/02/10
Cosmic Fantasy 4: Ginga Shounen Densetsu (Gekitouhen)Debug Menu08/02/10
Cosmic Fantasy 4: Ginga Shounen Densetsu (Gekitouhen)Hidden Minigame08/02/10
Cosmic Fantasy 4: Ginga Shounen Densetsu (Gekitouhen)RPG Mode08/02/10
Cosmic Fantasy 4: Ginga Shounen Densetsu (Gekitouhen)Voice Test08/02/10
Cosmic Fantasy 4: Ginga Shounen Densetsu (Totsunyuuhen)Debug Menu08/02/10
Cosmic Fantasy 4: Ginga Shounen Densetsu (Totsunyuuhen)Hidden Minigame08/02/10
Cosmic Fantasy 4: Ginga Shounen Densetsu (Totsunyuuhen)Misc. Passwords08/02/10
Cosmic Fantasy 4: Ginga Shounen Densetsu (Totsunyuuhen)Underwear Scene08/02/10
Cosmic Fantasy: Bouken Shounen YuuEnding Omake08/16/10
Cosmic Fantasy: Bouken Shounen YuuTomomi Nishimura's Shop08/13/10
Cyber City Oedo 808Ending Extras08/23/10
Cyber City Oedo 808Mission Select07/29/10
De-JaScenario Selection08/16/10
De-JaSee The Credits08/16/10
Dekoboko Densetsu: Hashiru WagamanmaDebug Menu08/16/10
Denno Tenshi: Digital AngelPlay The Slots08/24/10
Digital Comic - Patlabor: Chapter of GriffonChange The Screen Color08/09/10
Digital Comic - Patlabor: Chapter of GriffonPick The Same Character08/09/10
Doraemon: Nobita no Dorabian NightStage Select08/02/10
Double Dragon II: The RevengeSprite Test08/02/10
Double Dragon II: The RevengeVisual Test Menu07/29/10
Download 2Crazy Mode08/03/10
Downtown Nekketsu Koushinkyoku: Soreyuke DaiundoukaiMaximize Points08/23/10
Dragon HalfSee The Endings08/25/10
Dragon HalfSound Test08/25/10
Dragon Slayer: The Legend of HeroesEnding Omake (Japanese Version)08/02/10
Dungeon Explorer IILast Boss Password03/05/12
Efera & Jiliora: The Emblem From DarknessVisual Test Menu08/02/10
Eikan wa Kimi ni: Koukou Yakyuu Zenkoku TaikaiGirl Poster08/19/10
Eiyuu San Goku ShiInfinite Instructions08/19/10
Eiyuu San Goku ShiSecond Volume08/19/10
Emerald DragonSystem Card Message09/07/10
Exile: Wicked PhenomenonEnding Omake (Japanese Version)07/30/10
Exile: Wicked PhenomenonVisual Test Menu (Japanese Version)07/29/10
F1 Circus Special: Pole To WinChange The Road Temperature08/06/10
F1 Circus Special: Pole To WinChange The Weather08/06/10
F1 Circus Special: Pole To WinDemo Course Menu08/05/10
F1 Circus Special: Pole To WinPlay With Different Type Cars08/13/10
F1 Circus Special: Pole To WinSkip The Prologue08/13/10
F1 Team Simulation: Project FSkip Races08/13/10
Farjius no Jakoutei: Neo Metal FantasyVisual Test08/16/10
Fiend HunterStage Select08/16/10
Fighting StreetEnemies Don't Attack07/28/10
Fighting StreetHidden Ending08/05/10
Fighting StreetPlay With Ken in 1 Player Mode08/05/10
Flash HidersWatch Mode09/01/10
Formation Soccer '95: Della Serie AChange The Announcer's Language08/31/10
Formation Soccer '95: Della Serie AHidden Teams08/31/10
Formation Soccer '95: Della Serie ASee The Ending08/31/10
Formation Soccer '95: Della Serie AUse The Same Team08/31/10
Fushigi no Umi Nadia: The Secret of Blue WaterAct Select08/09/10
Galaxy Keiji GayvanSprite Viewer08/20/10
Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna 2: Eien no PrincessBattle Cheats08/16/10
Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna 2: Eien no PrincessDebug Menu08/16/10
Go! Go! Birdie ChanceUse Kanjis08/23/10
GodzillaInfinite Specials Bar08/06/10
GodzillaLots of Godzillas08/06/10
Golden AxeDebug Menu08/13/10
Golden AxeVisual Menu08/20/10
GS MikamiDecide The Outcome of Battles08/09/10
GS MikamiEnding Omake Mode08/18/10
GS MikamiLevel Select08/09/10
GS MikamiSee The Ending08/09/10
High GrenadierSee The Ending08/30/10
Human Sports FestivalChange Computer Level (Tennis Game)08/30/10
Human Sports FestivalGolf Auto Play08/30/10
Human Sports FestivalHard Golf Mode08/30/10
Human Sports FestivalHidden Golf Player08/30/10
Human Sports FestivalMisc. Passwords (Soccer Game)08/30/10
Human Sports FestivalSee The Tennis Ending08/30/10
Human Sports FestivalTraining Mode (Tennis Game)08/30/10
Iga Ninden GaouStart With All Weapons08/06/10
Image Fight IIInvincibility08/02/10
Image Fight IIOmake Mode08/09/10
It Came From The DesertPractice Mode08/16/10
J.B. Harold Murder ClubMusic Test07/30/10
Jantei Monogatari 2: Uchuu Tantei Deiban (Kanketsuhen)See The Opponent's Titles08/23/10
Jantei Monogatari 2: Uchuu Tantei Deiban (Shutsudouhen)See The Opponent's Titles08/23/10
Jantei Monogatari 3: Saver AngelAutomatically Win or Lose07/29/10
Jantei Monogatari 3: Saver AngelSee The Opponent's Titles08/23/10
Jantei Monogatari 3: Saver AngelStage Select07/29/10
Kagami no Kuni no LegendDebug Menu08/16/10
Kagami no Kuni no LegendFortune Telling Game08/20/10
Kaizou Chounin Shubibinman 3: Ikai no PrincessDebug Menu08/02/10
Kakutou Haou Densetsu AlgunosChoose Battle Arena08/20/10
Kiaidan 00Refill Energy08/02/10
KO Seiki Beast Sanjuushi: Gaia Fukkatsu KanketsuhenDebug Menu08/16/10
Kuusou Kagaku Sekai Gulliver BoyDevelopment Room and Visual Mode08/18/10
Langrisser: Hikari no MatsueiAll items08/16/10
Langrisser: Hikari no MatsueiDebug Menu08/16/10
Langrisser: Hikari no MatsueiExtra Save Options08/16/10
Langrisser: Hikari no MatsueiFull Shop08/16/10
Langrisser: Hikari no MatsueiScenario Selection08/16/10
Langrisser: Hikari no MatsueiVisual Test Menu08/16/10
Last Alert1 of Each Weapon07/30/10
Last ArmageddonMusic Codes08/02/10
Last ArmageddonWalk Faster08/02/10
Legend of Xanadu: Kaze no Densetsu XanaduDebug Mode08/02/10
Legend of Xanadu: Kaze no Densetsu Xanadu IIDebug Mode08/16/10
LegionTitle Screen Codes08/03/10
Linda CubeSystem Card Message09/07/10
LougaEnding Omake08/17/10
LougaScenario Selection08/17/10
Louga IIHard Mode08/17/10
Louga IIHidden Animation08/17/10
Macross 2036Invincibility08/09/10
Macross 2036Visual Mode08/09/10
Macross: Eien no Love SongInfinite Moves08/23/10
Macross: Eien no Love SongSkip Stages08/23/10
Mad Stalker: Full Metal ForceControl The Enemy09/07/10
Mad Stalker: Full Metal ForceExtra Characters09/07/10
Mad Stalker: Full Metal ForceHidden Screens09/07/10
Mad Stalker: Full Metal ForceIngame Codes09/07/10
Mad Stalker: Full Metal ForceStage Select08/16/10
Mahjong Sword: Princess Quest GaidenKaraoke Box09/03/10
Mahjong Sword: Princess Quest GaidenModify The Mahjong Titles09/03/10
Mahjong Vanilla SyndromeEasy Mode08/09/10
Mahjong Vanilla SyndromeHidden Girl Scenes07/30/10
Mamono Hunter Youko: Makai Kara no TenkouseiYouko's Room and Sound Test09/07/10
Mamono Hunter Youko: Tooki YobigoeEnding Omake09/07/10
Mamono Hunter Youko: Tooki YobigoePause Visual Scenes09/07/10
Master of MonstersMake The Enemy Surrender08/02/10
Mateki Densetsu AstraliusNo Enemies08/02/10
Meikyuu no ElfeeneDebug Menu08/16/10
Metal Angel 2Ending Omake Fight08/16/10
Metal Angel 2Event Viewer08/16/10
Mirai Shounen ConanDifficulty Select09/07/10
Mirai Shounen ConanOption Mode09/07/10
Mirai Shounen ConanPlay As Grandpa or Jimsy09/07/10
Mirai Shounen ConanVisual Menu09/07/10
Mitsubachi GakuenDebug Menu08/02/10
Moto Roader MCBattle Mode08/02/10
Mugen Senshi ValisDebug Menu07/28/10
Naritore The Sugoroku '92See The Ending08/09/10
Nekketsu Koukou Dodge Ball-Bu: CD Soccer-henMatch Passwords08/09/10
Neo NectarisPlay As The Computer08/30/10
Neo NectarisStage Skip08/30/10
Neo NectarisWatch Mode08/30/10
No Ri KoDebug Menu08/06/10
No Ri KoSound and Visual Test08/06/10
No Ri KoTest Pattern Screen08/09/10
Pachiokun 3: Pachi-Slot & PachinkoStage Select08/02/10
Pachiokun: Maboroshi no Densetsu99,999 Balls08/09/10
Pachiokun: Maboroshi no DensetsuChecking Out The Counter Girl08/09/10
Pachiokun: Maboroshi no DensetsuMove Anywhere on the Map08/09/10
Pachiokun: Maboroshi no DensetsuPachinko Parlor Select08/09/10
Pachiokun: Warau UchuuStage Select08/09/10
Pop'n MagicInfinite Magic09/01/10
Pop'n MagicStage Select09/01/10
Prince of PersiaEasy Exit09/01/10
Princess Maker 1System Card Message08/16/10
Princess MinervaCheat Mode08/18/10
Princess MinervaEnding Omake08/16/10
Princess MinervaVisual Test Menu08/06/10
Private eye dolDebug Mode08/16/10
Private eye dolOmake Mode09/01/10
Private eye dolScenario Selection09/01/10
Psychic Detective Series Vol. 3: AyaDebug Menu and Sound Test07/29/10
Psychic Detective Series Vol. 4: OrgelSound Test07/29/10
Psychic StormDebug Menu08/10/10
Psychic StormIngame Codes08/10/10
Psychic StormInvincibility08/10/10
Puyo Puyo CDDemo Message08/16/10
Puyo Puyo CD TsuuAll The Characters08/06/10
Puyo Puyo CD TsuuExtra Animation Mode08/31/10
Quiz Marugoto The WorldSuper Hard Mode08/02/10
Quiz Marugoto The World IIAnswer Correctly08/13/10
Quiz no HoshiDebug Menu08/13/10
Quiz no HoshiInfinite Continues08/16/10
Rainbow IslandsPowerup Codes08/16/10
Rainbow IslandsSecret Hints08/16/10
Ranma 1/2Chapter Passwords08/09/10
Ranma 1/2Debug Menu08/09/10
Ranma 1/2Ending Omake08/09/10
Ranma 1/2: Datou, Ganso Musabetsu Kakutou-ryuu!Chapter Passwords11/16/09
Ranma 1/2: Datou, Ganso Musabetsu Kakutou-ryuu!Special Passwords11/16/09
RayXanbeR IIISpecial Cheats09/07/10
Rom Rom StadiumHidden Stadiums09/07/10
Rom Rom StadiumSee The Player Data09/07/10
Ruin: Kami no IsanDebug Menu08/16/10
Ryuuko no KenCheat Mode08/13/10
Ryuuko no KenDaikon Cut Minigame08/13/10
Seirei Senshi SprigganLevel Skip07/28/10
Seirei Senshi SprigganSplit Screen Mode07/28/10
Seisenshi Denshou: Jantaku no KishiDecide The Outcome of Battles08/23/10
Seisenshi Denshou: Jantaku no KishiDifficulty Select08/23/10
Sexy Idol Mahjong Fashion MonogatoriMisc. Codes09/07/10
Shadow of the BeastInvincibility10/18/04
Shadow of the BeastMove anywhere10/18/04
Shanghai III: Dragon's EyeEnable Help In Tournament Mode08/23/10
Shapeshifter: Makai EiyuudenInfinite Lives and Max Gems08/03/10
Shin Megami TenseiBuy Hidden Items08/23/10
Shin Megami TenseiFree Money08/23/10
Slime WorldIngame Codes08/10/10
Slot GamblerNude Photographs08/23/10
Snatcher CD-ROManticSound Test08/06/10
Sol BiancaDebug Menu08/10/10
Sol: MoonargeVisual Test Menu08/11/10
Sotsugyou Shashin MikiDebug Menu08/23/10
Spriggan Mark 2: Re-Terraform ProjectControl Allies08/02/10
Spriggan Mark 2: Re-Terraform ProjectReset The Game08/02/10
Steam-Heart'sStrong Weapons08/06/10
Summer Carnival '93: Nexzr SpecialExtra Options08/02/10
Super Air ZonkDebug Menu (Japanese Version)08/02/10
Super AlbatrossDifferent Avatar08/23/10
Super AlbatrossHave Yuko As Your Caddy08/23/10
Super DaisenryakuSee The Ending08/10/10
Super DaisenryakuUnit Viewer08/10/10
Super RaidenIncrease Continues08/10/10
Super Real Mahjong P IV CustomSee The Credits08/16/10
Super Real Mahjong P IV CustomVisual Test08/16/10
Super Real Mahjong P V CustomBlack and White Background08/23/10
Super Real Mahjong P V CustomContinue Where You Left Off08/23/10
Super Real Mahjong P V CustomControl The Title Pieces08/23/10
Super Real Mahjong P V CustomVisual Test08/23/10
Super SchwarzschildSee The Staff List07/28/10
Super Schwarzschild 2Bonus Scenarios07/29/10
Super Schwarzschild 2Omake Scenes07/29/10
SylphiaSystem Card Message08/16/10
Tadaima Yuusha BoshuuchuuHidden Visuals07/29/10
TaiheikiMisc. Cheats08/09/10
TaiheikiSee The Staff List07/30/10
TaiheikiSound Test07/30/10
Tecmo World Cup Super SoccerSound Test07/30/10
Tenchi Muyou! RyououkiDebug Menu08/16/10
Tengai Makyou II: Manji MaruSystem Card Message08/17/10
Tengai Makyou: Fuun Kabuki DenDebug Mode08/18/10
Tengai Makyou: ZiriaAutomatic Battles07/29/10
Tengai Makyou: ZiriaEnding Omake08/16/10
Tengai Makyou: ZiriaHidden Movie08/16/10
Tenshi no UtaDebug Menu07/29/10
Tenshi no UtaEnding Omake07/29/10
Tenshi no UtaStart With 99 Levels07/29/10
Tenshi no Uta II: Datenshi no SentakuStart With 16 Million Exp Points07/29/10
Tenshi no Uta II: Datenshi no SentakuVisual Test Menu07/29/10
The Pro YakyuuSee The Credits08/23/10
The Pro Yakyuu SuperSound Test and Ending07/29/10
The Pro Yakyuu Super '94Hidden Stadiums08/23/10
The Pro Yakyuu Super '94Hidden Teams08/23/10
The Pro Yakyuu Super '94Sound Test and Ending07/29/10
Tokimeki MemorialPower Up08/23/10
Tokimeki MemorialSystem Card Message08/23/10
Tokimeki MemorialTwinbee and Force Gear Minigames08/23/10
Top o Nerae ! Gun Buster Vol.1Extra Bonus Content08/24/10
Top o Nerae ! Gun Buster Vol.1Omake Mode08/23/10
Top o Nerae ! Gun Buster Vol.2Hidden Visuals09/07/10
Travel EpuleEnding Omake08/18/10
Uchuu Senkan YamatoTitle Screen Codes08/09/10
Ultrabox 2-gouHidden Minigames08/02/10
Urusei Yatsura: Stay With YouDebug Menu07/28/10
Urusei Yatsura: Stay With YouEnding Omake08/02/10
Urusei Yatsura: Stay With YouSkip Puzzle Games07/28/10
Valis IIVisual Test Menu07/28/10
Valis IIISD Valis Recap (Japanese Version)08/18/10
Valis IIIVisual Menu (Japanese Version)08/02/10
Valis IVDebug Menu08/02/10
Valis IVHard Mode08/09/10
Valis IVHidden Act X08/09/10
Valis IVIncrease Weapon Level08/09/10
Valis IVStage Select08/09/10
Valis Visual ShuuHidden SD Scene08/02/10
VasteelLast Stage Password10/25/10
Vasteel 2Debug Menu03/18/09
Virgin DreamDebug Menu08/06/10
Wizardry I + IIEnemy Viewer08/19/10
Wizardry I + IILevel 1000 Ninja08/19/10
Wizardry III + IVEnemy Viewer08/19/10
Wizardry V: Heart of the Maelstrom58 Attribute Points08/10/10
Wonder Boy III: Monster LairContinue09/13/04
Wonder Boy III: Monster LairHard Mode08/23/10
Wonder Boy III: Monster LairSound test.09/13/04
Wonder Boy III: Monster LairUnlimited Continues09/13/04
Wrestling Universe: Fire Pro Joshi - Doumu Chou TaisenMisc. Cheats08/30/10
Yami no Ketsuzoku: Harakanaru KiokuTitle Screen Codes08/16/10
Ys Book I & IIDebug Menu (Japanese Version)08/03/10
Ys Book I & IIMisc. Passwords10/02/03
Ys Book I & IISlow Motion (Japanese Version)08/03/10
Ys Book I & IISound Test and Item Viewer (Japanese Version)08/03/10
Ys III: Wanderers From YsMisc. Passwords10/02/03
Ys III: Wanderers From YsSound Test and Item Viewer (Japanese Version)08/02/10
Zan: Youen no JidaiRemove Powerful Feudal Lords07/29/10
Zero 4 Champ IISee The Ending08/06/10
Zero 4 Champ IISound Test07/30/10
Zero 4 Champ IIStart With $1 Million08/06/10


1943 KaiIngame Codes08/02/10
Alien CrushSee The Ending09/13/10
Atomic Robo-Kid SpecialSee The Ending08/02/10
Bari Bari DensetsuLast Circuit Password08/09/10
Benkei GaidenMisc. Passwords08/30/10
Bloody WolfInfinite Continues (Japanese Version)08/09/10
BombermanStage and Item Select07/29/10
Bomberman '93Debug Menu (Japanese Version)08/02/10
Bomberman '93Hidden Screen (Japanese Version)09/03/10
Bomberman '93Level Passwords (Japanese Version)08/02/10
Bonk 3: Bonk's Big AdventureInvincibility08/30/10
Bullfight Ring no HashaLast Fight Password09/01/10
Chase H.Q.Unlock Stage 607/28/10
ColumnsVs Mode08/20/10
CoryoonCheat Codes02/09/03
CratermazeFun Password08/23/10
Cross Wiber: Cyber Combat PoliceReach the Mirrored Ninja Boss03/23/07
Cyber CrossContinue Twice08/23/10
Cyber-CorePassword Cheats07/27/02
Daichikun Crisis: Do NaturalLast Stage Password08/23/10
Dead MoonInvincibility08/09/10
Devil's CrushGet The Passwords07/29/10
Digital ChampCheat Codes04/07/02
Digital ChampHard Mode08/23/10
Don Doko DonReverse Rounds08/24/10
Doraemon: Nobita no Dorabian NightStage Select08/02/10
Double DungeonsIn Front of The Last Boss Door02/22/07
Dragon's CurseLast Quest03/13/07
Dungeon ExplorerHoming Attacks08/02/10
F-1 DreamF3000 Time Trial Password08/13/10
F-1 DreamLast Race Password08/13/10
F-1 PilotTest Run Mode08/13/10
F1 CircusAll Teams Available08/13/10
F1 CircusChange The Weather08/05/10
F1 CircusCourse Select08/05/10
F1 CircusSee The Ending08/13/10
F1 CircusSound Test08/05/10
F1 CircusStart With Different Type Cars08/05/10
F1 Circus '91All Teams Available08/02/10
F1 Circus '91Change The Weather08/05/10
F1 Circus '91Demo Course Menu08/13/10
F1 Circus '91Hidden Teams08/05/10
F1 Circus '91See The Ending08/13/10
F1 Circus '91Sound Test08/05/10
F1 Circus '92Change The Weather08/13/10
F1 Circus '92Demo Course Menu08/13/10
F1 Circus '92Play With Big Cars08/13/10
F1 Circus '92Sound Test08/06/10
F1 Triple BattleAuto Mode08/13/10
F1 Triple BattleLast Race Password09/28/10
F1 Triple BattleSee The Ending08/13/10
F1 Triple BattleSound Test08/13/10
FalconMission Passwords02/26/07
Fantasy ZoneInvincibility (Japanese Version)07/30/10
Final SoldierArcade Screen Mode08/30/10
Final SoldierReset Scores08/30/10
Final SoldierSound Test07/30/10
Fire ProWrestling 2nd BoutChoose The Same Wrestler08/02/10
Fire ProWrestling 2nd BoutExtra Continues08/02/10
Fire ProWrestling 2nd BoutFight Hidden Wrestlers (Super Tournament Mode)08/02/10
Fire ProWrestling 2nd BoutHidden Wrestlers (Elimination Match Mode)08/02/10
Fire ProWrestling 2nd BoutHidden Wrestlers (Excite Series Mode)08/02/10
Fire ProWrestling 2nd BoutIngame Codes08/02/10
Fire ProWrestling 2nd BoutPro Mode08/02/10
Fire ProWrestling 2nd BoutSee The Ending08/02/10
Fire ProWrestling 2nd BoutSound Test08/02/10
Fire ProWrestling 2nd BoutWatch Mode08/02/10
Fire ProWrestling 3: Legend BoutHidden Wrestlers (Edit Mode)08/31/10
Fire ProWrestling 3: Legend BoutMisc. Passwords08/31/10
Fire ProWrestling: Combination TagHard Mode08/31/10
Fire ProWrestling: Combination TagSound Test08/31/10
Fire ProWrestling: Combination TagWatch Mode08/31/10
Formation Soccer on J.LeagueMisc. Codes08/31/10
Formation Soccer: Human Cup '90Sound Test Password08/16/10
Fushigi no Yume no AliceCheat Codes04/07/02
Fushigi no Yume no AliceHidden Scene08/31/10
Fushigi no Yume no AliceStage Select08/31/10
Galaga '90Hard Mode08/13/10
Ganbare! Golf BoysSee The Ending08/02/10
Ganbare! Golf BoysSound Test08/02/10
Ganbare! Golf BoysZero Wind08/13/10
Gomola SpeedDebug Menu08/02/10
Gomola SpeedLast Levels Passwords08/02/10
Gomola SpeedLevel Passwords08/02/10
Gomola SpeedTitle Screen Codes08/02/10
Hana Taaka Daka!?Level Passwords (Easy Mode)07/30/10
Hana Taaka Daka!?Level Passwords (Hard Mode)07/30/10
Hana Taaka Daka!?Level Passwords (Normal Mode)07/30/10
Honey in the SkyMisc. Passwords08/09/10
Honey in the SkyPassword Screen08/09/10
Honey in the SkyStage Select and Full Equipment08/09/10
Honey in the SkyStart With $300,00008/09/10
Honoo no Doukyuuji: Dodge DanpeiLast Team Password08/16/10
Honoo no Doukyuuji: Dodge DanpeiStart Maxed Out Password08/16/10
Jinmu DenshouLevel Warping07/18/06
Kaizou Chounin ShubibinmanIngame Cheats07/28/10
Kaizou Chounin ShubibinmanUse The Same Character08/10/10
Kattobi! Takuhai-KunMax Time08/20/10
KickballHidden Character08/20/10
KickballHidden Character08/20/10
KickballPick The Same Character08/20/10
KickballStadium Select08/20/10
King of CasinoEnding03/12/07
Kore ga Pro Yakyuu '89Hidden Monsters Team08/13/10
Kore ga Pro Yakyuu '89Misc. Codes08/13/10
Kore ga Pro Yakyuu '89Special Dragons Team08/13/10
Kore ga Pro Yakyuu '89Who Goes First08/13/10
Kore ga Pro Yakyuu '90Hidden Monsters Team08/13/10
Kore ga Pro Yakyuu '90Misc. Codes08/13/10
Kore ga Pro Yakyuu '90Who Goes First08/13/10
Kyuukyoku TigerHoming Weapon08/16/10
Kyuukyoku TigerSee The Staff List08/10/10
Legendary Axe IITitle Screen Codes08/02/10
Madouou GranzortCheats06/15/03
Mahjong Gakuen Toumasou Shirou ToujouIncrease Continues08/16/10
Mahjong Gakuen Toumasou Shirou ToujouMisc. Cheats08/16/10
Mahjong Gakuen Toumasou Shirou ToujouMisc. Passwords08/16/10
Mahjong Gakuen Toumasou Shirou ToujouStage Select08/16/10
Mahjong Gakuen Toumasou Shirou ToujouVisual Test08/16/10
Mahjong Gakuen Toumasou Shirou Toujou MildIncrease Continues08/16/10
Mahjong Gakuen Toumasou Shirou Toujou MildMisc. Passwords08/16/10
Mahjong Gakuen Toumasou Shirou Toujou MildStage Select08/16/10
Mahjong Gakuen Toumasou Shirou Toujou MildStory Enemy Viewer08/16/10
Mahjong Goku SpecialCheat Mode09/03/10
Mahjong Haouden: Kaiser's QuestSound Test09/03/10
Maniac Pro WrestlingVarious Passwords08/20/10
Marchen MazeSound Test07/28/10
Marchen MazeStart With 10 Lives07/28/10
Momotarou Densetsu Gaiden 1: Dai 1 ShuuExtra Options09/07/10
Momotarou Densetsu Gaiden 1: Dai 1 ShuuMusic And Visual Test Password09/07/10
Momotarou Densetsu IIExtra Mode09/07/10
Momotarou Densetsu IIMusic And Visual Test09/07/10
Momotarou Densetsu TurboSound Test08/02/10
Momotarou Densetsu TurboVisual Test08/16/10
Momotarou KatsugekiEnding Passwords07/28/10
Momotarou KatsugekiMisc. Passwords07/28/10
Momotarou KatsugekiStart Fully Powered Up Password (Easy Mode)07/28/10
Momotarou KatsugekiStart Fully Powered Up Password (Gerogero Mode)07/28/10
Momotarou KatsugekiStart Fully Powered Up Password (Hard Mode)07/28/10
Momotarou KatsugekiStart Fully Powered Up Password (Normal Mode)07/28/10
Monster Pro WrestlingAll The Characters08/20/10
Moto RoaderTrack Select (Japanese Version)08/02/10
Moto Roader IISound Test08/20/10
Moto Roader IIStart With $50,00008/02/10
Naxat OpenGirl Play08/09/10
Naxat StadiumFight Hidden Teams08/09/10
Naxat StadiumSpecial Passwords08/09/10
Necros no YousaiAll The Dialogue08/09/10
Necros no YousaiSound and Animation Test08/09/10
Nekketsu Koukou Dodge Ball-Bu: PC Bangai-henChoose Loops08/09/10
Nekketsu Koukou Dodge Ball-Bu: PC Bangai-henTitle Screen Codes08/09/10
Nekketsu Koukou Dodge Ball-Bu: PC Soccer-henMatch Passwords11/13/09
Nekketsu Koukou Dodge Ball-Bu: PC Soccer-henSound Test08/09/10
Neutopia IIAlternate Main Character Sprite08/02/10
Neutopia IIAlternate Main Character Sprite (Japanese Version)08/02/10
Neutopia IIEverything Collected.02/23/07
Neutopia IISound Test (Japanese Version)08/05/10
Neutopia IISprite Viewer (Japanese Version)08/06/10
NHK Taiga Drama: TaiheikiTitle Screen Codes08/13/10
Ninja Gaiden99 Art Strength08/09/10
P-478 Continues08/30/10
Pac-LandGame Options, Sound Test and Stage Select07/30/10
Pac-LandHidden Scene (Japanese Version)07/30/10
Pac-LandInvincibility and Pro Levels07/30/10
Parasol Stars: The Story of Bubble Bobble IIIUnlock The Real Last Level10/04/10
Power DriftHidden Track08/09/10
Power DriftTitle Screen Codes08/09/10
Power ElevenLast Game Password07/30/10
Power ElevenStage Select08/09/10
Power League '93Play As The Same Team08/30/10
Power League 4Hidden Stadium08/30/10
Power League 4Hidden Teams08/02/10
Power League 4Play As The Same Team08/30/10
Power League 4Skip To The Japan Series08/30/10
Power League 5Hidden Stadium08/30/10
Power League 5Hidden Teams08/30/10
Power League 5Play As The Same Team08/30/10
Power League IIHidden Teams08/30/10
Power League IILast Game Password08/30/10
Power League IIWho Goes First08/30/10
Power League IIIHidden Teams08/30/10
Power League IIISkip To The Japan Series08/30/10
Power League IIIWho Goes First08/30/10
Pro Yakyuu World StadiumHidden Screen08/19/10
Pro Yakyuu World StadiumHidden Teams (2 Player Mode)09/01/10
Pro Yakyuu World StadiumHidden Teams (Watch Mode)09/01/10
Pro Yakyuu World StadiumNamco Team Game Passwords09/01/10
Pro Yakyuu World Stadium '91Debug Menu08/02/10
PsychosisLevel Select07/30/10
PsychosisTurtle Shield07/30/10
PuzznicAll Normal and Expert Levels Available08/09/10
PuzznicChange Block Patterns08/09/10
Racing SpiritsExtra Endurance Times09/07/10
Racing SpiritsMute The Music09/07/10
RaidenPower Continue08/16/10
RaidenPower Continue (Japanese Version)08/16/10
RyuukyuuExtra 256 Points09/07/10
RyuukyuuMore Time09/07/10
RyuukyuuRetry Stages09/07/10
S.C.I.: Special Criminal InvestigationHidden Morse Code Message08/19/10
Sadakichi Seven: Hideyoshi no OugonLast Chapter Password08/09/10
Saint DragonInvincibility08/10/10
SekigaharaDebug Menu08/10/10
Sengoku MahjongSelect The Same Character08/05/10
Shadow LandUnlock The Endings02/27/12
ShockmanSound Test08/11/10
Silent DebuggersLevel Select and Invincibility (Japanese Version)07/28/10
Sindibad: Chitei no DaimakyuuItem Multiplier08/23/10
SinistronOption Menu (Japanese Version)08/09/10
SonSon IIMisc. Codes08/04/02
Space Invaders: Fukkatsu no HiBlack & White Mode08/02/10
Space Invaders: Fukkatsu no HiRapid Fire08/02/10
Spiral WaveCodes12/06/05
Super Metal CrusherLast battle02/26/07
Super Momotarou DentetsuSee The Credits08/23/10
Super Momotarou DentetsuSound Test07/29/10
Super Momotarou DentetsuText Test Menu08/23/10
Super Momotarou DentetsuVisual Test Menu07/29/10
Super Momotarou Dentetsu IISee The Ending08/23/10
Super Momotarou Dentetsu IISound Test07/29/10
Super Momotarou Dentetsu IIVisual Test Menu07/29/10
Super VolleyballSee The Staff List (Japanese Version)08/23/10
Susano O DensetsuRemove Battle Messages08/23/10
Susano O DensetsuStrongest Password08/09/10
Takeda ShingenContinue08/23/10
Takeda ShingenIngame Cheats08/09/10
Terra Cresta IIIncrease F Power08/09/10
The Ninja WarriorsSound Test07/28/10
The Ninja WarriorsStage Select07/28/10
The Tower of DruagaLevel passwords03/29/07
Thunder BladeColor Test Mode08/16/10
Time Cruise90,000,000 points03/26/07
Tricky KickSpecial Passwords (Japanese Version)08/02/10
Tsuppari Oozumou: Heisei HanMax Stats08/23/10
Tsuppari Oozumou: Heisei HanPlay as Yokozuna08/23/10
Tsuppari Oozumou: Heisei HanPractice Mode08/09/10
TV Sports BasketballLast Game Password09/13/10
TV Sports FootballLast Game Password08/02/10
Valkyrie no DensetsuStart Fully Powered Up Password07/28/10
W Ring: The Double RingsMisc. Cheats08/09/10
W Ring: The Double RingsMusic Test Codes08/09/10
W Ring: The Double RingsSee The Staff List08/09/10
W Ring: The Double RingsWeapon Codes08/09/10
Wallaby!! Usagi no Kuni no Kangaroo RaceEnter The Password Screen09/07/10
Wonder-MomoPinup Screens09/07/10
Wonder-MomoSee The Ending09/07/10
World CircuitSound Test09/07/10
World Class BaseballHidden Team08/30/10
World Class BaseballWho Goes First08/30/10
World Court TennisSound Test (Japanese Version)09/01/10
World Court TennisStart With Everything (Quest Mode)09/01/10
World Sports CompetitionHidden Event08/09/10
World Sports CompetitionLast Day04/04/07
YouYou JinseiSee The Staff List09/07/10
YouYou JinseiSee The Whole Map09/07/10
YouYou JinseiUgly Characters09/07/10
Zero 4 ChampSecret Cars08/10/10
Zero 4 ChampSee The Ending08/10/10
Zero 4 ChampSound Test08/10/10
Zero 4 ChampStart With 10 Million Yen07/29/10
Zero 4 ChampStart With The Ability To Use Nitros08/10/10
Zero 4 ChampStart With The Nissan Skyline GTR08/10/10