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Developed and Published Games

iOS (iPhone/iPad) Math Puppy - Bingo Challenge Educational Game for Kids HD 07/24/11 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Cuties HD 10/21/11 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Old Macdonald Had a Farm Full Version - All In One activity center and full interactive sing along book for children : HD ! 01/12/12 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Music Sparkles - HD Full Version 01/24/12 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Math Puppy Full Version - Bingo Challenge Educational Game for Kids HD 03/23/12 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Kids song collection - interactive , playful nursery rhymes for children HD 06/28/12 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Phone for Kids Full Version - All in one activity center for children HD 09/04/12 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Christmas Song Collection - interactive , playful Christmas songs for children HD 11/15/12 North America