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Developed and Published Games

PC Midnight Racing 02/06/00 Europe
PC Speed Thief 03/21/01 Europe
PC Hot Wired 06/21/01 North America
PC Micro Scooter Challenge 07/14/01 North America
PC Missing on Lost Island 2002 Europe
PC SK - Supercross Kings 2002 North America
PC Paintball Heroes February 2003 North America
PC Autobahn Total 01/01/04 North America
PC Polskie Derby 02/14/04 Europe
PC Tortuga Bay 2004 Europe
PC Car Jacker 02/23/06 Europe
PC Sky Aces: Heroes of the Great War February 2006 Europe
PC Wizard Chess February 2006 Europe
PC Conflicts 20:21 March 2006 Europe
PC Mars To Earth March 2006 Europe
PC CarJacker: Hotwired and Gone March 2006 Europe
PC Trailer Park Trash 04/11/06 Europe
PC Ice Cream Tycoon Deluxe 03/30/07 North America
PC Turkey Hunt 3D December 2008 North America
PC Car Jacker 2 01/31/09 Europe
PC Chess vs. the Axis of Evil April 2009 North America
PC Crazy MiniGolf TBA Europe
PC Train Empire TBA North America