Companies by Alpha

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Developed and Published Games

Amiga Track Suit Manager 90 1988 Europe
Amiga Tennis Cup 1989 North America
Amiga Xenophobe 1989 North America
Amiga Crossbow: The Legend of William Tell 1990 North America
PC Eco Phantoms 1990 Europe
Amiga Future Classics Collection 1990 Europe
Amiga Eco Phantoms 1990 Europe
Amiga Xiphos 1990 North America
Amiga Treasure Trap 1990 Europe
PC Dark Spyre 1990 North America
Amiga Subbuteo: The Computer Game 1990 Europe
Amiga Black Gold (1990) 1990 North America
Amiga Berlin 1948 1990 North America
Atari ST Prophecy 1: The Viking Child 1990 Europe
Amstrad CPC Subbuteo 1990 Europe
PC Xiphos 1990 North America
Commodore 64 Subbuteo 1990 Europe
Amiga Under Pressure 1991 North America
Amiga Track Suit Manager 2 (1991) 1991 Europe
Amiga Germ Crazy 1991 North America
Atari ST Germ Crazy 1991 North America
Amiga Amiga Star Collection 1991 Europe
Amiga Brigade Commander 1991 Europe
Commodore 64 The Ball Game 1991 North America
Amiga Magic Garden 1991 Europe
Amiga DarkSpyre 1991 Europe
Amiga Cardiaxx 1991 Europe
Amiga Ball Game 1991 Europe
Amiga Abandoned Places: A Time For Heroes 1992 Europe