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Developed and Published Games

DS Crazy Chicken: Pirates 10/06/06 North America
DS Robot Rescue 11/16/09 North America
DS Ball Fighter 12/07/09 North America
Wii Hubert the Teddy Bear: Winter Games 02/08/10 North America
DS 101 MiniGolf World 03/15/10 North America
DS 1001 Crystal Mazes Collection 05/03/10 North America
DS Super Swap! 06/21/10 North America
DS 101 Shark Pets 07/05/10 North America
Wii Heavy Fire: Special Operations 07/26/10 North America
Wii Mini Golf Resort 09/01/10 North America
DS Adventure in Vegas: Slot Machine 11/08/10 North America
DS Mini Golf Resort 01/07/11 Europe
DS 101 Dolphin Pets 01/31/11 North America
DS Arctic Escape 02/21/11 North America
Wii Heavy Fire: Black Arms 03/07/11 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Arctic Escape 03/30/11 North America
DS Crazy Hamster 08/11/11 North America
DS Crystal Caverns of Amon-Ra 09/29/11 North America
Macintosh Dynasty of Egypt 10/26/11 North America
PlayStation 3 Heavy Fire: Afghanistan 11/18/11 North America
DS Chronicles of Vampires: Origins 12/22/11 North America
DS 101 Pinball World 01/12/12 North America
DS Cat Frenzy 05/03/12 North America
3DS Bird Mania 3D 05/03/12 North America
DS Chronicles of Vampires: The Awakening 05/17/12 North America
DS Escape the Virus: Swarm Survival 06/28/12 North America
DS Crazy Hamster 07/04/12 Japan
DS Candle Route 07/12/12 North America
DS Doodle Fit 08/01/12 Japan
3DS Crazy Chicken: Pirates 3D 08/16/12 North America
DS Escape the Virus: Shoot'em Up! 08/16/12 North America
DS Crazy Chicken: Pirates 08/16/12 North America
DS I Must Run! 08/29/12 Japan
3DS Outdoors Unleashed: Africa 3D 08/30/12 North America
3DS Heavy Fire: Special Operations 3D 09/13/12 North America
DS Atta! Spot the Difference 10/03/12 Japan
DS Robot Rescue 2 10/11/12 North America
DS Furry Legends 10/31/12 Japan
DS Wizard Defenders 12/13/12 North America
3DS peakvox: Ryryrythym 12/19/12 North America
DS Bunbun Squares 01/09/13 Japan
3DS 101 DinoPets 3D 01/10/13 North America
3DS SpeedX 3D 01/23/13 Japan
Xbox 360 Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear 01/24/13 North America
PC Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear 01/29/13 North America
PlayStation 3 Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear 01/29/13 North America
3DS Crazy Kangaroo 02/13/13 Japan
DS Las Vegas no Bouken: Slot Machine 03/06/13 Japan
3DS Kyouryuu Pet 3D 03/13/13 Japan
DS Clash of Elementalists 04/11/13 North America
3DS PIX3D 04/17/13 Japan
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Bird Mania 04/24/13 North America
3DS Groove Heaven 05/23/13 North America
3DS Super Little Lis 3D 06/26/13 Japan
3DS Monster Shooter 07/03/13 Japan
3DS Robot Rescue 3D 07/18/13 North America
3DS Heavy Fire: Black Arms 3D 08/15/13 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Crazy Chicken: Pirates (Christmas Edition) 09/26/13 North America
3DS 101 Penguin Pets 3D 10/17/13 North America
DS Crazy Chicken: Director's Cut 10/24/13 North America
3DS Crazy Chicken: Director's Cut 3D 11/07/13 North America
PlayStation 3 Robot Rescue Revolution 12/04/13 Japan
3DS Banana Bliss: Jungle Puzzles 12/19/13 North America
3DS SpeedX 3D: Hyper Edition 12/25/13 Japan
3DS Bird Mania Christmas 3D 12/26/13 North America
3DS Boulder Dash-XL 3D 01/08/14 Japan
3DS Castle Clout 3D 01/30/14 North America
PC Rambo: The Video Game 02/21/14 North America
Xbox 360 Rambo: The Video Game 02/21/14 Europe
PlayStation 3 Rambo: The Video Game 02/21/14 North America
3DS Cube Tactics 03/13/14 North America
3DS 9-in-1: Arcade Collection 03/26/14 Japan
3DS Skater Cat 03/27/14 North America
DS Amon-Ra no Crystal Doukutsu 04/02/14 Japan
PC Paranormal State: Poison Spring 04/09/14 North America
3DS Governor of Poker 04/10/14 North America
3DS Penguin Pet 3D 04/23/14 Japan
PlayStation Vita Draw Slasher 04/24/14 Japan
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Paranormal State: Poison Spring - A Hidden Object Adventure 04/24/14 North America
DS Sea Battle 04/24/14 North America
Macintosh Paranormal State: Poison Spring 05/09/14 North America
Linux Paranormal State: Poison Spring 05/19/14 North America
3DS City Mysteries 07/03/14 North America
PC Robot Rescue Revolution 07/11/14 North America
3DS Pick-A-Jewel 07/16/14 Japan
3DS 101 Pony Pets 3D 07/24/14 North America
3DS Steel Empire 07/31/14 North America
3DS Castle Clout 3D: Koujou Sensen Castle Clout 08/06/14 Japan
3DS Hidden Haunts: Gothic Masquerade 08/14/14 North America
3DS Chicchana Game Vol. 1: Knight to Dragon no Hima Tsubushi 09/10/14 Japan
3DS Hideaways: Foggy Valley 09/12/14 North America
3DS Turtle Tale: Kameshima Dakkai 09/17/14 Japan
3DS Secret Empires of the Ancient World 09/18/14 North America
3DS Koakuma Cocoto no Uchuujin Kuzushi 10/22/14 Japan
3DS Secret Journeys: Cities of the World 10/23/14 North America
3DS Chat-A-Lot 11/20/14 North America
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Crazy Chicken Director's Cut - Moorhuhn series 12/11/14 North America
3DS Colorful Relax: Shikisai Awase 01/07/15 Japan
3DS Hanekaerino 01/14/15 Japan
3DS Drop Zone: Under Fire 01/29/15 North America
3DS Excave 02/19/15 North America
3DS League of Heroes 02/25/15 Japan
3DS Iron Combat: War in the Air 03/19/15 North America
3DS Pony Pet 3D 04/22/15 Japan
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Zombie Defense: Modern RTS & TD Hybrid 06/11/15 North America
Wii U Zombie Defense 08/05/15 North America
3DS Bloo Kid 2 10/21/15 Japan
PC Riddles of Egypt 12/11/15 Europe
3DS Ocean Runner 12/16/15 North America
3DS Drop Zone: Under Fire 12/22/15 Japan
Wii U Cube Life: Island Survival 02/03/16 Japan
Wii U Bird Mania Party 02/17/16 North America
3DS Doll Fashion Atelier 04/07/16 North America
PlayStation 3 Rambo: The Video Game 04/08/16 Japan
DS Battle Rage: Reflex Canceled North America
PlayStation Vita Robot Rescue Revolution TBA Japan