Companies by Alpha

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Developed and Published Games

Wii America's Next Top Model 06/01/10 North America
Wii The Ultimate Battle of the Sexes 12/17/10 North America
PlayStation 3 Dance! It's Your Stage 09/30/11 Europe
3DS Paws & Claws: Pampered Pets Resort 3D 11/30/11 North America
3DS Cats & Dogs: Pets at Play 03/29/12 Europe
3DS Games Festival 1 07/12/13 Europe
3DS Games Festival 2 09/27/13 Europe
3DS Animal Hospital 09/27/13 Europe
3DS I Love My Horse 10/10/14 North America
3DS I Love My Little Girl 11/06/14 North America
3DS I Love My Little Boy 11/06/14 North America
3DS Asterix: The Mansions of the Gods 11/20/14 North America
3DS I Love My Dogs 07/16/15 North America
3DS I Love My Cats 07/23/15 North America