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Game Boy Advance Advance Guardian Heroes Sound Effect
Game Boy Advance Astro Boy: Omega Factor Sound Efects
Super Nintendo Disney's Goof Troop Game Design
Genesis Dynamite Headdy Sound Effects
PlayStation 2 Gradius V Sound Effects
Saturn Guardian Heroes Sound
Genesis Gunstar Heroes Sound Design
Arcade Games Ikaruga Sound Effects / GM Data Edit
GameCube Ikaruga Sound Effect/GM Data Edit
PC Ikaruga Sound Effects / GM Data Edit / Sound (PC)
Nintendo 64 Mischief Makers Sound Effects
Saturn Shining Force III Sound Effects
Saturn Shining the Holy Ark Sound Effects
Saturn Shining Wisdom Sound Effects
Wii Sin and Punishment: Star Successor Sound Effects
Nintendo 64 Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Earth Sound Effects
PlayStation 2 Stretch Panic Sound
GameCube Wario World Sound Effects