FAQ/Walkthrough by zarathustra47

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version 1.0  
by Michael Spencer (michael.spencer@balliol.ox.ac.uk)  
last updated 19 April 2004  
- - -  
What is this Walkthrough?  
This guide is intended as a supplement to the other guides for this  
game. It will not contain basic information about how to play and what  
the aim of the game is; all of this is very well covered in the other  
guides. Nor will it explain how to do all the fancy moves and tricks;  
this is one area of the game in which my knowledge is negligible. What  
this guide will primarily cover are the details of which passengers  
to pick up at each point; I hope to provide much greater coverage and  
accuracy than any guide so far. MKim's guide is good in this area, but  
has the disadvantage of relying too much on the appearance of the  
passengers to distinguish them; the colours and positions stand out a  
lot more and make it easier to choose your passenger very quickly.  
Any corrections or additions will of course be extremely welcome.  
- - -  
The primary way to tell passengers apart on the game is by means of  
their colour; this means the colour both of the dollar signs above  
their heads and of the hexadecagons they stand in. There are five  
possible colours: red, orange, yellow, light green, and dark green.  
In order to use this guide successfully, it will be essential that  
you learn to tell the colours apart; red/orange and yellow/light green  
are especially likely to cause problems for some people. The colour  
does not precisely correlate with the distance of the journey or the  
time given, but in general passengers nearer the green end will travel  
further and give you more time.  
When picking up passengers, it is often only necessary that your car  
touch the hexadecagon very slightly; even a slight touch and then  
stopping completely outside it can often be enough. It follows that  
you must be especially careful when two hexadecagons are very close  
or overlap, as it is very easy to finish partly in both - and you will  
not always get the passenger you want even if you are more in his/her  
hexadecagon than the other's.  
Individual passengers cannot be picked up twice in the same game. If  
a passenger sometimes changes colour, this does not mean that a  
different passenger appears in the same place; if you get a passenger  
when he is one colour, he will never reappear as another colour.  
- - -  
The object of the game is to earn as much money as you can. The way  
to achieve this is to go all the way round the city a number of times  
and then finish on the east (police station) side of the freeway. If  
done successfully, this will nearly exhaust all the passengers on the  
west side, which means that any backwards journeys you take on the  
west side are likely to reduce the number of times you can go round.  
You will then gain some extra money for the extra ground your  
backwards journey makes you cover, but this cannot compensate for the  
passengers you will have to leave untaken.  
It follows that, except in unusual circumstances, colour-changing  
passengers on the west side should be taken ONLY when they reach their  
greenest colour. Otherwise, you will end up breaking your journey a  
lot more, and in-between zones such as the KFC/Tower Records/Church  
area will run out of passengers too soon.  
One general rule is worth mentioning. When picking up passengers  
behind your car (provided that you expect it to be a forward journey)  
never turn round; always reverse into the passenger. Admittedly,  
steering accurately while reversing is not easy, and to begin with  
you may often pick up the wrong passenger this way; but in the long  
run it is definitely indispensible to master this skill.  
- - -  
You start some distance behind the University. Ahead of you are three  
orange passengers, who all want to go to Cable Car Stop Top. You  
can take one of these; however, once you reach the stage where you  
can go round ten or more times, you will want to begin by reversing  
for a light green passenger. (This is because it's quite easy to  
reverse into the three oranges from the University; reversing all the  
way to the light greens wastes a lot more time.)  
A common beginner's mistake is to go past the three oranges to the  
yellows and greens that follow them, on the grounds that these  
passengers give you more money. This reasoning works if you are losing  
time with each journey, and therefore expect to be making about the  
same number of journeys however you play the game. However, once you  
are good enough to gain time on each journey, it is more accurately  
the distance travelled that is approximately constant; and you get  
more money for two short journeys than for one over the same distance.  
In any case, these passengers are very good ones to pick up from the  
University, and need to be saved for later use.  
From the Cable Car Stop Top, go for any of the orange and yellow  
passengers on the road ahead; the oranges will go to Cable Car Stop  
Bottom, the yellows to either Sea Side Market or West Side Beach.  
Again, beginners often try to take the light green passengers dotted  
around the stop; but these are so awkwardly placed that you will  
always lose a lot of time this wawy.  
At Cable Car Stop Bottom, there is often a yellow passenger just  
ahead, going to either Pizza Hut or Cafeteria. The same destinations  
are visited by the yellow across the road, who is, however, much more  
awkward to pick up. You can also reverse to the yellow on the corner,  
or to the light green who sometimes appears on the hill; he will go  
to the FILA shop. Finally, there is a light green at the bottom of  
the hill just before you reach Sea Side Market.  
At Sea Side Market, there are two passengers just round the corner  
who can both be either red (Yacht Harbour) or yellow (FILA or Popcorn  
Mania). Following our rule, take these only when they are yellow. If  
neither is yellow, there are more passengers further round the corner,  
and sometimes a yellow across the road behind the beach stop.  
From West Side Beach, it can be a good idea to reverse into the yellow  
passenger just behind you if he's there. There are also two passengers  
around the corner who can be red (Cafeteria) or light green (Tower  
Records). Again, take these only when they are light green. If you go  
into the sea, there are four hidden customers, who can take you as far  
as KFC; however, these are not worth taking, as you lose so much time.  
At the Yacht Harbour, there is sometimes a light green passenger  
waiting in the drop zone, who goes to Tower Records; if he's not there  
then go ahead to the grass area and pick up any of the passengers  
there. You will go to Square Park, FILA, Popcorn Mania, or the Original  
Levi's Store.  
- - -  
You don't have any choice from the Cafeteria; take the passenger on the  
next corner to the Orginial Levi's Store. If you've already taken him,  
go on to Pizza Hut. Just ahead of Pizza Hut on the left is a passenger  
who can either be red (Square Park), orange (Levi's again) or yellow  
(KFC or Tower Records). Entering the park from Pizza Hut, you will  
immediately reach a yellow priest (there are seven priests in the game,  
and they all go to the Church); if you turn left or right there will  
sometimes be another priest there. There is also an orange passenger  
sneakily hidden around the corner from Pizza Hut; turn right before you  
enter the park and stay close to the road. Finally, if you turn right  
into the park, there is an orange passenger to Tower Records waiting  
just over the first hill.  
From Square Park, look for an orange passenger over a hill just ahead  
and to the right; he goes to Tower Records. If he's not there, you can  
go on towards the car park; however, as the passengers there are good  
ones to get from FILA and Popcorn Mania, it might be worthwhile taking  
a passenger from the edges of the park; the orange to Tower Records  
is over a hill about ninety degrees to your right, and the same turn  
to the left might find another orange or even a green (to Heliport).  
From FILA and Popcorn Mania, you will usually want to go towards the  
car park. There are three available passengers: an orange to Tower  
Records or KFC on the left, a yellow priest to the Church on the right;  
and a hidden passenger at the back of the car park itself. To get her,  
drive up the ramp (brake at the top so you don't fly into the wall!)  
and go along the last row of cars, slowing down at the end so that when  
you jump onto the roof where the passenger is waiting you don't fly  
past her and off the roof - it's rather narrow. She will go all the way  
to the Police Station! Because crossing the freeway is so important,  
it's best to leave the certain journeys (which include this woman)  
until you've taken as many uncertain ones as you can. If both the  
orange passenger and the priest have gone, you may want to turn back  
into the park to find a passenger. If you do, remember that the red on  
the edge next to Popcorn Mania is bad; he goes back to Pizza Hut.  
- - -  
From the Original Levi's Store onwards, you really have to worry about  
passengers wanting to travel backwards. The first one, immediately  
ahead of you, goes to KFC when he's red but back to Square Park when  
he's orange. Ahead at the top of the hill is a passenger who can be  
green (Baseball Stadium - good) or yellow (Cafeteria - bad). The other  
yellow passenger, below the steps to the left, is good (Heliport), as  
is the priest in the far right corner and the green who sometimes  
appears right at the back beyond the tree. Because the KFC/Church area  
is so easy to exhaust of passengers, it is really important to get  
these greens when they appear.  
At Tower Records, again, it's worth looking around for a green or light  
green, who will definitely be to the Baseball Stadium. One sometimes  
appears behind you or just across the road; don't take either of these  
if they're not green. Instead, take the priest just ahead or the  
one on the road to the left; they both go to the Church.  
The road splits into three here. The left route is the quickest, but  
if you've got the priest on the right route, you should just carry on  
on that route. The middle route, which is the hardest to find, hidden  
behind KFC, is a good shortcut when travelling back to KFC (although  
you REALLY don't ever want to do that), but don't bother taking it  
when travelling forwards. There are two passengers hidden on this road;  
the nearest one, who is orange, is usually back to Popcorn Mania, while  
the other, yellow, is pretty reliably forward to the RB Station. There  
is one more option from KFC: go round the corner past where the priest  
is and pick up a light green to the Baseball Stadium if he's there, or  
go on to the grass area and pick up another light green just on the  
right if he isn't.  
Once you reach the Church, things really start to get tricky. Reliable  
passengers are: (1) red just behind you, to Heliport; (2) light green  
behind and across the road, to Baseball Stadium; (3) orange ahead and  
to the right, to RB Station; (4) yellow ahead and across the road OR  
ahead and to the right and across the road, both to Baseball Stadium;  
(5) if you're getting desperate, find an orange somewhere up the hill,  
to Baseball Stadium. (The light greens on the hill are always back to  
FILA. Only take these if you've run out of passengers across the  
freeway from RB Station and Baseball Stadium and want to take the  
secret passenger on the roof.) However, because these reliable  
passengers are like gold dust, you want to take an unreliable one and  
get lucky whenever possible, and this means the two reds just ahead.  
I used to use the mnemonic ORLY, as in the Paris airport, meaning that  
when ahead of both reds there's an Orange you take the Right one, but  
the Left one when ahead there's a Yellow; but I don't think this always  
works. When there's only one red, he's always good if it's your first  
time round, but not always later on. The orange beyond the two reds is  
always bad.  
To beat the Church, the best method is to stop near the end of the drop  
zone (so that you can see the orange/yellow passenger) and turn a bit  
to the right, halfway between where the two yellows are, so that you  
can see everything easily and are well placed to take any passenger.  
Finally, if ahead and to the right you see both the orange and the  
yellow, take the orange: the yellow is there more often and so is best  
left for future use.  
- - -  
At the Heliport, RB Station and Baseball Stadium, the most important  
thing of all is to take journeys across the freeway when they appear,  
and not to remove passengers that might want to go across the freeway  
later. The first of these is a dark green from the Heliport: ahead and  
on the right just before the road goes off to the RB Station. This  
passenger can also be light green (back to FILA) or orange (ahead to  
Baseball Stadium, but still best avoided). The passenger opposite can  
be red (RB Station) or orange (back to KFC). The rest of the passengers  
are a nightmare, as they are all always orange, but can be forwards or  
backwards. There's a lot of luck in this bit.  
When both the front two passengers are bad, the orange behind them  
nearest to the Heliport is usually good; however, it takes real skill  
to drive in such a way that you have time to see the colours of the  
front two before going past the back one. I don't really have any tips  
for this, except that it can be done with practice. The orange straight  
across the road from the Heliport is also often forwards. Because going  
back at this point is so costly, it is definitely worth going past all  
the passengers to catch the red who's waiting round the corner, going  
to Baseball Stadium; if you get really desperate you can even drive an  
empty cab from Heliport to RB Station, as they are quite close.  
A red sometimes waits in the drop zone at the RB Station; he's going  
to Baseball Stadium. All the other reds here also go to Baseball  
Stadium, but on no account get them; they can all be green later on.  
Apart from these, the only colour that can ever be good here is dark  
green (think about it; no-one wants to be dropped in the middle of the  
freeway!) but not all the dark greens are good. Those around the edges  
are: they always go to the downtown destinations (that is, Clock Towers  
Theatre, Sky Bank, the CT Hospital, and Boarders' Paradise). In the  
middle of the grass are three passengers in a triangle, but only two  
of them will appear at once. Here's how it works:  
(direction of Baseball Stadium)  
(b) (c)  
(RB Station)  
If (a) and (b) are both dark green, take (b) to the Police Station  
If (a) and (c) are both dark green, take (a) to the CT Hospital  
If (b) is light green and (c) is dark green, take (c) to Sky Bank  
After you take one of these passengers, the configurations with that  
passenger can still appear, but that passenger won't be there. For  
example, following the first rule you might take (b). Now, suppose that  
the next time round (a) appears alone (and is dark green). Since this  
is the same configuration as before but without (b), (a) is bad. But  
if instead (c) appeared alone, he would be good, following the third  
rule. This principle is important to remember, as it applies to every  
destination from this point onwards.  
It follows that you want to take these three passengers whenever one of  
them is going forwards, as that gives them more time to change round,  
and you can eventually get all three of them to cross the freeway.  
The Baseball Stadium is the first destination where a passenger waiting  
in the drop zone can be bad. She will go to the Police Station if she's  
light green, but back to the Heliport if she's yellow. If she's yellow,  
be careful when stopping so that you don't pick her up by mistake. The  
other customers are simple enough: a dark green behind you will always  
be good (Sky Bank, CT Hospital or Boaders' Paradise); a light green  
ahead of you will always be good (Police Station, and the last one  
before the freeway sometimes Clock Towers Theatre); and other colours  
will always be bad. There are three dark green passengers, who appear  
sporadically; always take one when there's one there, as you may  
otherwise not get to take them at all.  
When crossing the freeway, travelling against the oncoming traffic will  
net you a better combo if you can hold it, which is difficult but well  
worth doing. However, be sure to transfer to the right lane BEFORE you  
go under the final bridge, as you are otherwise very likely to find  
yourself being cut off by a lorry.  
- - -  
The first thing to know about the downtown area is that the arrow does  
NOT reliably indicate the shortest route; far from it. It takes extreme  
cases, but there are even times when the "You're going the wrong way!"  
message will come up when you are in fact taking the quickest route.  
In general, you only want to go inside the central intersection when  
travelling from Clock Towers Theatre to Boarders' Paradise or vice  
versa, or from Sky Bank to the CT Hospital or vice versa. It is much  
quicker to travel around the edges of this area; but the arrow will  
almost always point you into the centre.  
To reach Sky Bank from the Police Station, turn immediately left and  
then second right; to reach CT Hospital turn immediately right and  
then second left. You can get to Clock Towers Theatre either way (left  
then right or right then left); the quickest route to Boarders'  
Paradise is past Clock Towers Theatre and then straight across the  
intersection. Exactly the opposite applies for all four destinations  
when approaching them from the other direction (Osmous Hotel etc.).  
Because you have just crossed the freeway, the only colour that can  
possibly be backwards is dark green. The main routes are (1) left at  
the Police Station, on to Sky Bank and immediately left, left towards  
the Mall; (2) the exact reverse. On either route, any orange, yellow  
or light green will definitely be forwards. The light greens are  
especially valuable, as they go all the way to the Bus Terminal or the  
Lookout Tower. On route (1), the first passenger on the right side of  
the road changes from light green (Bus Terminal) to yellow (Osmous  
Hotel) to orange (Mall W-gate); the last passenger before the turn-off  
to the Mall goes to the Lookout Tower if she's light green, but back  
to the RB Station if she's dark green. Exactly the same applies to the  
passengers in the corresponding places on route (2).  
On the roads leading into the centre, a dark green will always be back  
to the RB Station or Baseball Stadium. In the central intersection  
itself, there are two intersecting roads with four passengers on each,  
two either side of the statue. The four passengers furthest from the  
statue are always bad; the other four might be bad, but might take you  
forward to the Lookout Tower. There is also a secret passenger on the  
roof; you can reach him most easily when you have to go to Clock Towers  
Theatre. From the Police Station go left then right, not the reverse,  
so that you finish pointing in the right direction; then go up the ramp  
at full speed and jump onto the opposite roof. This passenger will go  
all the way to the Fire Station.  
If you are stopping at Clock Towers Theatre, first look ahead to see  
whether the two passengers immediately ahead are both green. If they  
are, then there's a good chance the second one will go to the Lookout  
Tower; if not, you may as well hit the ramp. When stopping at Sky Bank  
or CT Hospital, remember to stop right on the edges to avoid the reds  
waiting in the drop zone, as the passengers in the intersection will  
change while you take them. From either, the lady in white with the hat  
will sometimes go the Lookout Tower: from the Bank if she and the first  
passenger are both green, and from the Hospital if the first passenger  
is red and the next two are both green. Boarders' Paradise is the  
trickiest, as you have to turn round twice to pick up the passenger and  
move on to the Lookout Tower; don't be tempted to go the long way round  
past the Bank or Hospital. But it's the easiest of all four to get a  
passenger going to the Lookout Tower: whether the first passenger is  
red or green, the second green passenger should be good (but won't be  
if there's an orange en route or if the last passenger, the one nearest  
Clock Towers Theatre, is also red).  
- - -  
When going to the Mall, remember that the quickest way is around the  
outside of the intersection from either Bank or Hospital. (From Clock  
Towers Theatre, just drive on to Boarders' Paradise, then left or right  
to rejoin the main route.) There are two gates, N and W; I've been told  
these stand for Narrow and Wide, although North and West would not only  
make more sense but would fit perfectly with the rest of the geography.  
It's important to remember which is which: W-gate is the one nearest to  
Boarders' Paradise; N-gate is the one nearest to Osmous Hotel. To reach  
it, go round the curve and then right; on no account short-cut through  
the Mall, as this is actually a longer route.  
From the W-gate, you have two choices. Probably better is to go up the  
stairs and then take either the yellow on the corner to the Lookout  
Tower, or the light green just around the corner to the left, who goes  
to the Fire Station. If one of these has already gone, the other might  
not be there, so you might want to go into the Mall. There's a light  
green passenger to the Lookout Tower who sometimes appears; you can  
also get a red to Crown Arena (in which case the quickest route is to  
turn round and go up the stairs, then left).  
From the N-gate, don't go on to the Osmous Hotel, as that is one of the  
most frequently visited destinations, and you don't want to run it out  
of forward-going passengers. If you turn ninety degrees left, the two  
passengers close to the walls are likely to be bad, but the orange in  
between them often goes to the Bus Terminal. However, if you can see a  
yellow beyond him, get the yellow instead; he'll go to the Lookout  
Tower, and the orange will go back to Boarders' Paradise. Again, you  
can also go into the mall; if you see an orange, take him to the Bus  
Terminal. The woman goes to the Fire Station if she's light green, to  
either the Lookout Tower or the Police Station if she's yellow. Not  
only is the Police Station journey backwards, but you get very little  
time, so avoid this at all costs! However, I think that she only goes  
to the Police Station when the man is orange.  
The Crown Arena/Osmous Hotel area is very confusing, so it would  
probably help if I made a little map:  
A          B  
 |  / |   |  
 | C  |   |  
 |/   |   |  
 |    |   |  
 |    |   |  
E          F  
A = road leading off to Bus Terminal  
B = Osmous Hotel  
C = secret passenger (see text below)  
D = Mall N-gate  
E = Crown Arena  
F = road from Boarders' Paradise  
If you are coming from F and already have a passenger wanting to go to  
the Bus Terminal or Lookout Tower, the routes via B and E are equally  
quick, but don't go into the centre (as the arrow will tell you to do);  
it's the same distance, but you will lose time by having to turn more  
corners. The secret passenger at C is easily reached from either the  
Crown Arena or Osmous Hotel, but should be saved until you really need  
him (as is the rule with all certain passengers; and there are precious  
few this late in the game). He will go to the Tennis Court.  
There are four passengers on the roads meeting at the centre; they are  
all good, either yellow to the Lookout Tower or light green to the  
Fire Station. From the Crown Arena, you can also take either passenger  
on the E to A road: the second is always good (Bus Terminal) if he's  
orange, whereas the first may be Bus Terminal or back to Boarder's  
Paradise. He's most likely to be good if you've already taken the  
second passenger when he was good. From the Osmous Hotel, the orange  
immediately on the right is always Bus Terminal; the yellow beyond him  
(the old woman) is usually Lookout Tower, but this is only reliable if  
the orange is there, so if you see both you should take her. Moving on,  
the two yellows just before you reach A will both sometimes go to the  
Fire Station and sometimes back to the Police Station; if they're both  
there, take the first one, on the left side of the road. If you've  
already taken this one, the other one is usually reliable.  
- - -  
To reach the Bus Terminal from the Osmous Hotel, you have to choose  
between three parallel roads. The one on the left has less traffic, but  
it is going against you; the one on the right has heavy traffic; and  
the central underpass has the disadvantage of lots of turns. The amount  
of traffic varies; if the right-hand road has heavier traffic than  
normal it will be quicker to take the underpass, but it's impossible  
to judge this before actually going on the road, so there's a lot of  
luck here too.  
At the Bus Terminal, the crowd of yellows and oranges ahead are all  
bad; the reds will always go to the Lookout Tower. Up to three reds  
may eventually appear here, but they are hard to get, as the passengers  
are very tightly packed. The three passengers behind the drop zone are  
also pretty reliable, but you do have to reverse into them. Take very  
special care not to get the wrong one! They vary like this:  
(direction of Lookout Tower)  
(a) (b)  
(direction of Osmous Hotel)  
If (a) is yellow, take (b); if (b) is yellow, take (c); if (c) is  
yellow, take (a). The principle I mentioned in connection with the  
greens at the RB station is crucial here: so for example, if you've  
already taken (b) when (a) was yellow, then if (c) is yellow, take (a)  
as before; if (a) is still yellow, it means they haven't changed, so  
both of them will be bad; and if they're both orange, it means we have  
the configuration where (b) is yellow but you don't see that because  
(b) is no longer there, so you should take (c).  
The three passengers round the back of the fountain are very risky,  
but all of them can go to the Tennis Court. The one on the near side of  
the fountain will always go to the Tennis Court when he's yellow; the  
first one on the far side might go to the Tennis Court when he's light  
green; and the remaining one should usually only be taken when you've  
already got the other two.  
I've always said that the Lookout Tower is called that because you  
really have to look out! Firstly, cut on the inside of the ramp to stop  
right on the edge of the drop zone: this is the only certain way to  
avoid the red waiting in the middle, who will always go back to the  
Bus Terminal. If you hit the ramp, you will have to be very lucky to  
avoid him. Now, if there are two yellows immediately ahead of you, take  
the second one. If there's a red and then a yellow, and the one on the  
other side of the road is also yellow, then take the red. If there's  
only the red ahead of you, and a red on the other side of the road,  
then take the one across the road. If you see any other combination -  
for example one yellow on each side of the road, or a red and then a  
yellow ahead of you and a red across the road - then none of them are  
good. Reds here will always go to the Fire Station if they're good and  
to the Bus Terminal if they're bad; good yellows will go to the Tennis  
Court. Light greens in this area are never good.  
If there's a yellow immediately behind the drop zone, he will always  
go to the Tennis Court. So will a yellow behind you and on the other  
side of the road (although reversing to pick them up is quite tricky).  
The yellow that sometimes appears directly across from the Lookout  
Tower is usually good, as is the red at the back of the Tower. The  
other red, at the very front of the drop zone, is unpredictable.  
- - -  
The light green passenger in the Fire Station drop zone always goes to  
the University. Of the two light greens across the road, the second one  
(the man with flowers) usually goes to the University when both of them  
are light green, but he's very awkward to pick up. This is perhaps the  
only time when you should break my rule and turn round to pick someone  
up. Of the three passengers behind the drop zone, the one nearest on  
the right will go to the University when she's light green; so will the  
one right at the back. He will also go to the Tennis Court when he's  
orange, but this is a really bad idea, as it means you can't get round  
as many times.  
Going straight up the slope from the Fire Station, the first two  
passengers you come to can both go to the University when they're light  
green; in fact, the one on the left always does. The one on the right  
always does when the one on the left is also light green; never when  
he's dark green; and sometimes when he's red, in which case you might  
want to carry on up the slope and look for a yellow passenger, who will  
also go to the University. If instead you go left or right after the  
Fire Station and up the side slopes, the light green passengers will  
definitely go to the University, and the dark greens may go to Cable  
Car Stop Top, Freshtree Street, or Sail Street. I don't yet know any  
way of determining when the dark greens here will be good.  
The Tennis Court is, fortunately, extremely simple. The only possible  
good colour is orange to the University; of the five passengers that  
are sometimes orange, three are always good and two always bad. The  
good ones are ahead and on the right; immediately behind the drop zone;  
and right at the back on the other side of the road. (When going for  
this last one, be careful not to get confused and take the one ahead  
of him, who is always bad!) If you can't get a good passenger here,  
your best bet is to turn round and go either left or right to pick up  
someone from the side streets, for which see above. Alternatively,  
take one of the bad oranges back to the Fire Station, which is much  
easier to find a good passenger from. Never take a yellow passenger  
back to the Lookout Tower, as the Fire Station and Tennis Court are the  
only destinations from which you can get all the way round, and there  
are a limited number of times you can reach them.  
- - -  
At the University, the yellows and light greens immediately ahead will  
go to the Sea Side Market or West Side Beach; you can also reverse into  
the oranges behind you, who might go to Cable Car Stop Top or to Sail  
Street or Freshtree Street. These two streets are reached by turning  
left for Freshtree Street, right for Sail Street, when you reach the  
first intersection after Cable Car Stop Top. From either one, you  
should go down the street and take a dark green customer, who will go  
to FILA, Popcorn Mania, Tower Records or KFC. There are two greens in  
each street. The reds just before the drop zones will get you from one  
of these streets to the other if you've taken both greens in one of the  
streets; they should be saved for this purpose. There are also two  
green customers down the main road if you should want them; get these  
after dropping someone up at Cable Car Stop Top.  
Once you've reached the University (or possibly Cable Car Stop Top,  
Sail Street or Freshtree Street), you've gone all the way round: the  
University drop zone is just ahead of where you start the game. The  
number of times you can go all the way round is limited, mostly by the  
number of available journeys across the freeway. As far as I know,  
there are nine from the Baseball Stadium, six from the RB Station, one  
from the Heliport and one on the roof beyond the car park: seventeen  
altogether. Getting round sixteen times, however, requires taking at  
least one correct dark green on the side slopes beyond the Fire  
Station, so it can't yet be done entirely on the information in this  
guide. However, I hope to provide all the missing information in a  
future version. Please write to me if you know anything that I don't!  
- - -  
(1) What is the city featured in the game?  
It's entirely made up. I've heard a rumour that it's meant to be  
San Francisco, but as far as I know this is untrue.  
(2) What do all the initials stand for?  
Here are my guesses. CT Hospital is probably Crazy Taxi; SCGP (the  
University) might be Sega Computer Game Platforms; I've heard that RB,  
as in the RB Station, is Radio Broadcast, but the building does look  
suspiciously like a train station.  
(3) What about the pig?  
If you're coming from the Heliport, and instead of driving down to the  
RB Station you take a sharp left and jump into the car park, you'll see  
a pig on your way down. This is, by the way, usually the quickest way  
to reach the Baseball Stadium in any case.  
(4) What sort of church has seven priests and no congregation (because  
no-one other than the priests ever wants to go there)?  
Maybe the priests preach to any other. Any more silly questions?  
(5) Yes. Why does the pregnant woman sometimes want to go to  
Boarders' Paradise?  
Not being a woman, I wouldn't know.  
(6) Why does the arrow sometimes turn yellow and then green again as  
you approach the Police Station?  
Because the freeway goes in a sort of spiral, so you come close to it  
and then get further away again before arriving. The bridge you go  
under just before reaching the Police Station is actually the very same  
bit of freeway you've just been travelling down; you can see this  
briefly from some positions on the freeway. (Don't be fooled by the  
expanses of blue you sometimes see; this isn't sea, but is where the  
computer hasn't been able to fill in all the graphics.) And no, there's  
no short-cut or jump from the bridge down to the Police Station.  
(7) I see buses everywhere except around the Bus Terminal....  
No, you see them at the Bus Terminal too. And you sometimes see a  
helicopter flying over the Heliport.