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A unique driving game that will keep you at the edge of your seats.ATadeo10/10
Not exactly being a London Cabbie but never-the-less...Auto21127/10
Go Taxi Go!BradRock9/10
One of the few Dreamcast titles thats worth paying $50 for!BRalston10/10
Woo-Hoo!! Fun games are back!bruplex9/10
Crazy Taxi is a smash hit for DreamcastCCWeb9/10
Watch out for that...OHH...other car!Crazy Bone X10/10
The craziest car game ever!DKlug10/10
Who knew being a cabbie was so much fun?Doodleheimer10/10
Crazy indeed!DrDoak20018/10
The most addictive game I've played in a long timeFZadeh9/10
I can't stop playing this "crazy" game!gamingfoo9/10
Ohhh is this game Crazy or what??JckHamr1239/10
Very fun, very crazy!K0LDSTeeL8/10
I challenge you to NOT like this gameKCKain9/10
I never thought I would ever be this addicted to a game.KindredWarr10/10
A true experience to say the least...Koo Kat8/10
It's been a year, and I still enjoy it!miffo9/10
What's crazy is paying $49.99 for this game.Mr. Self Destruct5/10
The definition of FUNNemesis10/10
Fun game but the fun is over way too quicklyNinjak5/10
Another sega instant classic!Nukem10/10
Fighting more than just the time limit...PickHut6/10
It's all I want!PUhler8/10
The only downfall to this game is...hmm...roadkill10/10
Crazy Taxi is all about having fun fun fun, and if you're not into having fun the don't buy it, but the rest of you fun loving guys read on...Skillmaster29/10
Let's go make some crazy moneystonedwal9/10
"Shut Up and Move Your Butt!"Truck_1_0_1_9/10
Crazy fun or crazy flop? Find out inside!tuvok478/10
Solid arcade portwolverinefan8/10

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