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Dead or Alive 2 - BASICS GUIDE - For Arcade
FAQ by Jim3 []

I. Introduction
    - Intro to DoA 2
    - Revision History
II. Start-Up
    - Single Player Modes
    - Two Player Modes
    - 1 Player to 2 Player - Comparison
III. Controls
    - Game Controls
    - Advanced Controls
IV. Basics
V. Character Bios
    - Kasumi
    - Tina
    - Lei Fang
    - Jann Lee
    - Ryu
    - Zack 
    - Gen Fu
    - Bass
    - Ayane
    - Helen
    - Leon
    - Ein
VI. Thank You's
VII. Legal Stuff


This game is simply amazing in every way. From the super realistic 
graphics to the great control this game has it all. All of this with 
great gameplay and hot babes, what more can a guy ask for? Well mabey 
more girls but I think they have enough.

Anyway this game is only in the arcade right now but it shouldn't be 
for much longer with the US release date set for late February, early 
March. Well here is a guide for the moves. I'll do as much as possible 
now and then finish off with the US release on the Dreamcast and write 
a new one.

[Note:] Really quickly if you have any questions, comments, or you have 
some suggestions or more information go ahead and send it in. I say 
this because it is an arcade game and it's harder to make sure what 
your doing is exactly right, you know?

Well here is what the games systems are, but they seem to be encoded in 
some secret Tecmo language!? Well mabey not but the words are to big 
for me.

Poly Count: 3,000,000pps 
Frame Rate: 30/60fps 
Lighting: 2 Infinite Lights, 2 Point Lights 
Screen Effect: Motion Blur, Cross Dissolve 
Voice: 22/44.1KHz APDCM 
Seamless Loader/Player 

Realtime Inverse Kinematics Class 
C2 Interpolation 
Stage Undulation Secondary Motion: Multi Jointed Accessory, Meshed 
Morphings: Facial Animation, Hand Animation

ANY-way lets get a move on now...

[Version 1.0] January 9, 2000
This is the first version of my DoA 2 FAQ, which will be frequently 
updated by me, Jimbo. I will at one point stop until the release of the 
Dreamcast version, which I will re-write this FAQ for that format. This 
time I've only done a few sections including the Start-Up, Controls and 
most of the Basics, which will be finished next update.

[Version 1.1] January 10, 2000
Here's the second update of this FAQ. I've added a lot about 2 pages of 
info for the sections that I've already started. I fixed up some stuff 
in the spacing a junk. Anyway there is a bit more basics and a lot more 
of the start up and stuff. Read it through and I'll start up a new 
section probably tomorrow or the next day.

[Version 1.2] January 16, 2000
It took a while this time but I've had a lot to do lately. Anyway I've 
fixed up a lot of the old sections mainly the basics and controls and 
fixed the counters section a lot thanks to some help. I also added 
thank you's and a huge character bio section, although I couldn't do 
the new characters at the moment.


Once you go to the machine and pop in your money you just have to the 
start button, which should be to the inside of the control setups. Once 
you do you'll get a screen like this.
 ______________   ______________   ______________   ______________
|              | |              | |              | |              |
|    Single    | | Time  Attack | |   Survival   | |  Tag Battle  |
|______________| |______________| |______________| |______________|

Well once you see that, you can just highlight the one you want to do 
and start up. Of course some of this may not be here, I've heard that 
the Tag mode must be activated and I'll try to get that info for all of 
you with a new machine sitting in front of you.

Anyway here's a rundown of what you'll get depending on what you 

This is kind of different for a fighting game. It's of course a 
good way to get people to play with all characters. Anyway this 
is where you pick 1 character only and fight in an Arcade style. 
1-on-1, one after another, while getting a story on the way up!

Time Attack:
This is where you play up until you finish the game. You should 
try to get the fastest time as possible. You should play the game 
throughout the same order as the Single match only it's not a 
story mode and just straight fighting until you get to the end. 
Once you do finish the game you enter your name into the game 
unless you don't get a good enough time.

This is pretty self-explanatory I would hope, right? Well this is 
where you make your way through battle after battle fighting over 
and over again. You only get one life bar but after you defeat 
your enemy you can get some health items. I didn't get to far but 
once you lose you put in your name and it goes into the scores.

Tag Battle:
This where most of the fun fights happen in DoA 2. You pick two 
characters for your team and you fight. There's no story or 
anything but you and you tag partner battle it out, Marvel Vs. 
Capcom and Tekken Tag style, this is Sweet!!

Some modes aren't for 2 player and depending on when the second player 
starts different choices will be available. There are only 2 modes 
though that are possible in a two-player match.

The two are just a single match out of three and the second being a tag 
match which is only one round in the small stage. If both people put 
their money in at the same time and hit start either of the two people 
can choose the type of match it is.

If the second player puts his money in after a match has already 
started the challenger gets a choice on THIER half of the screen

A new challenger has entered, choose a battle type
 _______________   _______________
|               | |               |
| Single Battle | |  Tag  Battle  |
|_______________| |_______________|

After the challenger chooses which one he/she would like the other 
person gets a choice.

Do you accept the challengers choice?
After that you can either go with it or choose the other fighting type 
instead. Once both players are ready you will go to the character 
selection screen, with all 12 characters. You pick your character/s and 
then you start out the match. Once it's over the person who lost 
leaves, [or puts in more money] and the winner goes on.

Depending on if you're the challenger or not you can choose. If you 
aren't the challenger you go back to the same spot in the same 
selection as you were before you were challenged.

If you are the challenger you go to the start of the Tag, or Single 
depending on what type of 2-player match was just chosen. If it was 
single you do a single if it was a tag you do the tag. You don't get to 
re-choose your characters either.

Here are the a rundown of the 2-player modes and there differences.

In a 2-player single match you get a first to three bout, ala 
Virtua Fighter. Through the match you have up to 5 rounds. 
Throughout each round you may knock your opponent [or be knocked] 
to a new part of the stage. Once the round is over you will start 
in the same spot and not go back to the start.

Tag Battle:
In a tag battle match it plays out exactly like the single player 
mode. Each person picks 2 characters and they fight in the 
enclosed fighting arena. Once one person loses both characters 
life bars his/her turns over and they have to put in more money.

That's the only play modes for 2-players, which are fine but the tag 
battle is probably the more interesting out of the two IMO.

Well those are all the modes in the game for the Arcade. Now I better 
put in a quick chart to state the differences between them and then out 
a more explanatory of each one underneath.

Item       | Single | Time Attack | Survival | Tag Battle |
Plots?     | Yes    | No          | No       | No    
1 Player   | Yes    | Yes         | Yes      | Yes
2 Player   | Yes    | No          | No       | Yes
1 Fighter  | Yes    | Yes         | Yes      | No
2 Fighters | No     | No          | No       | Yes
Ending     | Yes    | Yes         | No       | Yes
Name Entry | Yes    | Yes         | Yes      | Yes

Well, I could put some more but I don't know any for now. If I get some 
more I'll ad them later in another update. I don't think I need to say 


The controls for DoA2 are simple at first glance but have a good set of 
depth in them if you learn them through-and-through. Here is a quick 
show of the setup of the arcade.
/  \ <-- Joystick                 
\__/   ___     ___     ___     ______
 ||   /   \   /   \   /   \   |______| <-- Start Button
 ||  |     | |     | |     |      
 ||   \___/   \___/   \___/
        |       |       |
 Free -/      Punch      \- Kick

Well that's it, just add another one to the other side of the machine 
and you got a DoA2 setup. The layout may differ slightly but should be 
similar in all different setups. Anyway now here is a quick rundown of 
what the controls are. This is pretty pointless but I better do it for 
newbies and stuff!? These are found right underneath in the basics 
section. This will be where the Dreamcast controls will be when I can 
find them out. I will speculate that these will be the controls.

Movement 			= Analog and/or Digital Pad
Free	 			= X Button
Punch 			= Y button and A Button
Kick 				= B Button
Punch + Kick + Free 	= R Button
???? 				= L Button

These are only speculation though by me, but they will probably be very 
close, because that's the arcade controls on the controller and the 
same as the Playstation controls.

Well these are the more advanced features of the controls, which aren't 
moves though. All of these are very helpful and are easy to learn so 
you should learn them in a second or two. Anyway here they are for you 
to learn...

To block an attack just pull the joystick away from your opponent 
and then just get hit. If it's a low attack you have to hold down 
and back to block it. This does take a bit of strategy but not 
much, just watch your opponents attack then you'll figure it out.

To do a simple jump just press the joystick upwards. This will 
cause you to jump. Once you're in the air you can do air attacks 
which will be different than normal.

This is like the Vs. series and the newer Tekken Tag games. 
During a tag match you can change from one of your characters to 
another. Anyway to do this all you have to do is press all three 
buttons at the same time. It's better if you do it as your 
opponent is being juggled or on the ground.

Sidestep, which is the easiest way to evade a move that you 
aren't sure of to block is simple. All you have to do is press 
either down, down, free for a sidestep toward the screen or press 
up, free for one away from the screen.

This isn't just normal moving of course. This is basically where 
you can walk around anyway in the stage limitations. All you have 
to do is double tap the joystick in any direction then hold it 
and press the 'free' button. This will then let you move anywhere 
you want to.


Well the joystick is the way you move around and do your moves. 
To do the moves you can just press an attack button or hold a 
direction and an attack button which will do a move in that 
direction. (ala Soul Calibur) This is the best way of doing moves 
and you can do more than one in a row and produce a combo. Combos 
can be simple button combinations or in-depth movements and 
presses. For the character combos see there separate section.

This button is a still a bit of a mystery to me. I get what it's 
trying to do but it isn't done very smoothly. It is more of 
movement/counter button because it does both of those functions 
in one. To do a counter this time you have to block the move and 
then hit the counter button and the direction of the move being 
done to you. For example if Kasumi were to do a plain punch to 
you, you would have to hold back to block release and press 
counter. If she were to hold the joystick down and press kick you 
would in turn have to hold down and back to block it then release 
go back to the down position and press the counter. 

This button is also a movement button. The movements are more or 
less a 3-D movement such as Soul Calibur. If you press any 
direction twice holding it on the second then holding the free 
button you will do a walk. Once you start moving you can move in 
any direction as long as your holding the free button down. This 
is a good way to evade an attack if you cannot block/counter it. 
It is also good for setting up a new move for you.

This is the most basic attack in the game with a normal press. 
The punch can be manipulated quite easily by pressing the 
Joystick into a certain direction. Each direction will in turn 
produce a certain punch in a certain direction. If you use the 
simple combo system to your advantage you can manipulate the 
system and create your own combos at will. This is easiest by 
pressing the punch in a certain direction and then doing the 
opposite direction, which usually will cause a 2 hit at least.

This is the other attack button, which is also easily manipulated 
but slower and less combo friendly. It's easier to use a kick as 
an ending to a combo or a good hit to knock your opponent away 
from you. This is also good with certain characters to poke with 
such as Tina because of her HUGE distance. This is a more 
powerful move than a punch but harder to combo with because of 
it's slow nature.

This is IMO the best combo system only second to Soul Calibur. 
Yes I am a bit biased toward the DC but who cares? Anyway it's a 
great combination movement way of doing it. It isn't just set 
buttons that have to be taped in with timing (ala Tekken) but 
more of a free combo system. This is very goo because even 
beginners can 'create' a few good-looking combos without to much 
trying. Combos in this game are basically set up so that you can 
press the button to a beat and move the joystick to manipulate 
that combo's direction. It is very simple yet deep and addictive. 
I had fun just messing around with the combos.

Anyway to do simple combos mess around with the normal attacks 
and different movement. Once you can do a good combo try getting 
some air under your opponent. Once you do you can produce some 
major Air's in this game not to mention tag combos like in Tekken 

Tag Throws:
There are more than one way to enter the ring in a tag match. You 
can do normal entrances and risk being hit on entrance or you 
could do a sweet looking, damaging, and simple tag throw. To do 
one all you have to do is get close to your opponent so you can 
grab them. Once you're close press back on the joystick plus all 
three buttons [free, punch, kick] and you will try to grab.

If you do grab you will get a cool throw depending on your two 
characters. The main one is where you throw your opponent into 
the air and you other character comes crashing in throwing 
him/her to the ground. Other characters have special ones like 
Bass and Tina.

Tag Moves:
Not only are there tag throws but there are tag moves which are 
even cooler! These moves are different depending on your 
characters also. To do a tag move you only have to press forward 
and all three buttons [free, punch, kick] and you will do it. 
These moves range from arm vaults to neck-breakers and are very 
cool to watch in motion.

Tag Combos:
This is another cool system that is still pretty new to the 3-D 
fighting arena. It was started in Tekken Tag to the best of my 
knowledge? Anyway this is where you start with one character and 
do a combo. This combo will have to knock your opponent into the 
air and keep them there for a few seconds. Once you do you tag 
your opponent and keep doing the combo with him/her. I've done 
them and I've seen some that keep going for close to 5 character 

Well these are hard sometimes depending on which characters you 
have chosen. I find it's easier with fast characters (Kasumi, 
Ayane) to do these but they can be done with any characters.

Free Movement:
This is a feature ripped right out of the magnificent Namco 
fighter Soul Calibur. It is where you move around in circles or 
any direction making it a free moving game. This is a simple 
procedure of pressing either up or down twice and holding it on 
the second time. Once held press the free button and hold that. 
Once held you can move the joystick freely and your character 
will walk in that direction. 

While moving around your moves are also different to than your 
normal moves.

Each character has there own special throws, which are different 
for each character. This move though is the same for each 
character. To do a plain arm throw you just get close to your 
opponent and press the free and punch button at the same time. 
Once you grab the opponent you get the throw unless they do a 
throw block.

All characters though have other throws for you to do. This is 
just a basic throw for each character.

Knock Downs:
A knock down or a hard hit is a very useful move in this game. 
Each character has there own and they're all different to do but 
they can all do the same. They are done when your opponent is 
close to a wall, which his back it facing. Once it his you do a 
hard-hitting move. Once done the character will hit into the wall 
behind him with a big cool looking flash and do more damage than 

This is a very in-depth thing, which I wasn't so aware of. Anyway 
I got a bit of help and here's what I know. Counters in DoA 2 are 
based on a sort of pinpoint hold system. This hold system is 
where you have to pick the areas the move is going to go. Once 
you know or think you do you can try one of the following for the 
different types or attacks...

To counter a high-based kick or punch you have to press: Forward, 
Up/Back, Free

To counter a mid-based punch only you have to press: Forward, 
Back, Free

To do a pinpoint hold on a mid-based kick move you have to press: 
Back, Forward, Free

Finally for the low-based attack you have to press: Forward, 
Down/Back, Free

These hold/counters are the same for every character in the game, 
although the animations will be different to their different 
style of fighting. Also some characters can use their parries 
from the first DoA, which I'll add in at a later time. 

If you aren't very good at telling which move your opponent is 
going to do (it's harder against a CPU player because they have a 
good variety) you can counter the last move of a combo. This is 
exactly the same but you might have to start a bit earlier but 
not to early as to get hit from the move before it.

I'd like to give a shout-out to, YC Tan, thanks for the help in 
the counters and a bit of the free movement stuff.

Well that's all I got for now so I'll move on again. If I figure out 
something else or remember I'll add it in. If you have something that 
should be added in to this section gives me a ring at 
and I'll chuck it in there.


> Birthdate -	February 23rd
> Height  		5 foot 5 inches
> Weight  		105 pounds
> Measurements  	B=35" / W=20" / H=35"
> Nationality - 	Japanese
> Style  		Mugen Tenjin
> Profession -	Ninja Assassin
> Favorite Food  Strawberry Mille-Feuilles
> Hobby -		Fortune Telling

> Story -	DoA 1: 
Kasumi's brother, Hayate, was next in line to success as 
the 18th master of the Mugen Tenjin Academy... until one 
fateful day when an assassin attacked and crippled him. Her 
father Shinden was left bitter and refuses to mention the 
details surrounding the attack. Kasumi wants revenge; and 
she's determined to succeed as the 18th master of the 

> Birthdate -	December 6th
> Height -		6 foot 1 inch
> Weight -		172 pounds (yeah right?)
> Measurements -	B=35" / W=22" / H=35"
> Nationality -	American [USA]
> Style -		Wrestling
> Profession -	Pro-Wrestler
> Favorite Food - Seafood
> Hobby -		Outdoor Sports, Laser Tag

>Story	DoA 1:
Tina has been a pro wrestler since high school, and has 
worked her way up to become one of the most feared lethal 
competitors in Dead or Alive. (Tina's father, trainer, and 
chief support, Bass Armstrong, also joins the tournament 
this time). Tina almost 'threw in the gloves' last year 
until her father stepped in again and convinced her to take 
on the world. Bass things Tina is in it for the glory of 
winning the DoA tournament, but her real aim is to be 
discovered in Hollywood.

> Birthdate -	April 23rd
> Height -		5 foot 6 inches
> Weight -		110 pounds
> Measurements -	B=34" / W=22" / H=33"
> Nationality -	Chinese
> Style -		Tai Chi
> Profession -	Student
> Favorite Food -	Almond Jelly
> Hobby -		Karaoke

> Story -	DoA 1: 
Lei Fang is an impulsive, yet determined prodigy of 
Taikyoku Ken. Don't let her sweet smile fool you... she 
make look like and angel, but she's got a devilish 
determination to prove herself. You'd better keep your eyes 
on her at all times.

Her confidence has been shaken just once, several years 
ago. Lei was challenged by a gang of street fighters. She 
was prepared to take them on single-handedly, but a boy 
named Gi, wearing a dragon emblem, suddenly jumped out to 
her rescue. If there's one thing Lei hates, it's someone 
assuming that she can't handle things on here own. The 
incident left her determined to find and defeat Gi... and 
anyone standing in her way.

> Birthdate  	November 27th
> Height  		5 foot 9 inches
> Weight  		165 pounds
> Measurements  	B=39" / W=32" / H=36"
> Nationality - 	Chinese
> Style  		Jeet Kune Do
> Profession - 	Bodyguard
> Favorite Food  Hamburger, Grapefruit
> Hobby  		Watching action movies

> Story -	DoA 1: 
Jann Lee's parents escaped China's Maoist regime when a boy 
child was born, then left him an orphan, alone to fend for 
himself. He threw himself into the study of J-K-D soon 
after. At first he fought to replace what he had lost when 
his parents dies, eventually Jann fought just for the sake 
of fighting.

Jann Lee, one of the youngest Dead or Alive fighters is a 
well-established master of J-K-D. He uses this art almost 
daily in his work as a professional body guard., where he 
protects highly secretive, controversial political figures. 
Jann may look like an unwary target, but every ounce of 
Jann Lee is lethal... especially if you try to mess with 
him on a bad day.

> Birthdate -	June 15th
> Height -		5 foot 10 inches
> Weight -		154 pounds
> Measurements -	W=42" / B=33" / W=36"
> Nationality -	Japanese
> Style -		Hayabusa Ninjitsu
> Profession -	Antique Shop Owner
> Favorite Food - Sushi
> Hobby -		Mountain climbing, fishing

> Story -	DoA 1:
A dark figure approaches and hands Ryu a piece of paper 
stained with something red. Then, without a word, the 
figure slips away. Welcome to Dead Or Alive  from Fame 

Ryu bears a name "Hayabusa" an honor bestowed upon only the 
most distinguishes of Ninja's coming from the Hayabusa 
School. His life had been continuous fight until he met his 
love, Aileen, and found satisfaction in peace. But his 
thirst for challenge returned when he learned that his best 
friend's sister, Kasumi, had disappeared.

The invitation in his hand beckoned and wrinkled like an 
old lover. Another seduction from the dark. Once again, Ryu 
became a shadow of darkness.

> Birthdate -	April 3rd
> Height -		5 foot 11 inches
> Weight -		171 pounds
> Measurements -	B=42" / W=33" / H=38"
> Nationality -	American [USA] 
> Style -		Thai-Style Boxing
> Profession -	DJ
> Favorite Food  Ice Cream
> Hobby -		Pool

> Story -	DoA 1:
REPORTER: We are here with Mr. Zack, who is about to 
participate in the DoA championships. Mr. Zack...
ZACK: Where's the camera? Are you sure you've got my best 
REPORTER: Mr. Zack, uh, that's a little to close to the 
camera. Great. So I understand that you studied the 
ancient martial art Muetai...
ZACK: Hey man, sorry-you know what I mean? Gotta Go. Thanks 
for your support. It's gonna be a cool night. The 
prize is mine.
		REPORTER: Sir, I...
		ZACK: Sorry, man. Be cool. This tournament rocks!

> Birthdate -	January 5th
> Height -		5 foot 7 inches
> Weight -		171 pounds
> Measurements -	B=38" / W=40" / H=39"
> Nationality -	Chinese
> Style -		Shini-Rokugo-Ken
> Profession -	Used Bookstore Owner
> Favorite Food -	Mabo Tofu
> Hobby -		Chinese Painting

> Story -	DoA 1:
Gen Fu left his native china in 1976. He barley made his 
escape before his cohorts were caught and imprisoned under 
the misnomer "going of Four".

No one knows the real reason Gen Fu recently came out of 
retirement. No one would guess the dream that haunts Gen Fu 
nightly. Only his closest enemies suspect that something 
profound must have caused the old man to come out of his 

> Birthdate - 	January 5 th
> Height -		6 foot 6 inches
> Weight -		345 pounds
> Measurements -	B=57" / W=54" / H=54"
> Nationality -	American [USA]
> Style -		Pro Wrestler
> Profession -	Pro Wrestler
> Favorite Food - ????
> Hobby -		????

> Story -	DoA 1: 
Bass, the father of Tina, is known to dote on her and has 
trained her through her life to fight.

> Birthdate -	????
> Height -		5 foot 6 inches
> Weight -		114 pounds
> Measurements -	B=37" / W=21" / H = 31"
> Nationality -	Japanese
> Style -		Ninjitsu
> Profession -	Ninja
> Favorite Food - ????
> Hobby -		????

> Story -	DoA 1:
		No story 'cause she was a secret character meant for DoA 2.

> Birthdate -	????
> Height -		????
> Weight -		????
> Measurements -	????
> Nationality -	French
> Style -		Aikido
> Profession -	Opera Singer
> Favorite Food - ????
> Hobby -		????

> Story -	DoA 1:
		Wasn't in DoA

> Birthdate -	????
> Height -		????
> Weight -		????
> Measurements -	????
> Nationality -	Russian [I think?]
> Style -		Sambo [?]
> Profession -	????
> Favorite Food -	 ????
> Hobby -		????

> Story -	DoA 1:
		Wasn't in DoA

> Birthdate -	????
> Height -		????
> Weight -		????
> Measurements -	????
> Nationality -	German
> Style -		Kung-Fu
> Profession -	????
> Favorite Food - ????
> Hobby -		????

> Story -	DoA 1:
		Wasn't in DoA

[COMING SOON  Stages, and DoA 2 stories, if I can get them? Plus I'll 
try and get the bios for the new characters]


This is where I'll thank anyone and everyone who's helped me out in 
this FAQ.

Tecmo [Good job making this great looking and playing fighting game]
Sega [For making the Naomi board, the heart and soul of the game]
YC Tan [Thanks for the counters and the movement stuff, it helped]


This FAQ is mine and mine only. It has been written for free access 
from and cannot be used on any other site without my 
permission. E-mail me and ask me for usage of this FAQ at,

This FAQ is Copyright Jim3, 2000