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" Dead or Alive 2 ZACK MOVE LIST v1.1                 "
Author: TripleRaid
Easy to read format :)

M O V E  L I S T

U             UP
D             DOWN
L             LEFT
R             RIGHT
UL            UP LEFT
UR            UP RIGHT
DL            DOWN LEFT
DR            DOWN RIGHT
FREE          Arcade Stick: "Z Button" Dreamcast: "R Trigger"

           Age ::  25 
        Height ::  5' 11" 
        Weight ::  172 lbs. 
  Measurements ::  B42" W33" H37" 
    Blood Type ::  O 
   Nationality ::  American 
Fighting Style ::  Self-Taught
                   Muay Thai 
 Favorite Food ::  Ice Cream 
    Profession ::  DJ 
         Hobby ::  Shooting Pool  

First Appearance :: Dead or Alive Arcade

His muscular strength and rare kick boxing style 
grabs the attention of all that witness his fighting. 
He is a self-taught genius of Thai boxing. He re-entered 
the "Dead or Alive World Combat Championship" to feed 
his hunger for public attention and to win the prize 
money. Because of his frank and funky personality, his 
popularity is growing.

Hell Needle        U,Punch
Tee Sork Bon       DL,Punch
Rising Heel Kick   U,Kick
Double Impact      D,DR,R,Punch,Punch
Spinning Hell Kick D,DR,R,Punch,Kick
Double Sork        R,Punch,Punch
Inferno Rush       R,Punch,Kick,Kick,Kick,Kick
Tee Sork Laan      R,R,Punch
Half Spin Sork Rab L,Kick,Punch
Half spin heel kick L,Kick,Kick
Gatling Knee       R,Knee,Knee
Heat Sunrise       UL,Kick
Tumbling Heel      L,L,Kick,Kick
Sway Blow          UL,Punch
Boost Rush         Punch,Kick,Kick,Kick,Kick
Medius Rush        Punch,Punch,Punch,Kick
Mad Beast          Punch,Punch,Kick,Kick,Kick,Kick
Mad Hound          Punch,Punch,D,Kick,Kick,Kick
Kick               Kick
Vulcan Knee Kick   Punch,Punch,R,Kick
Genocide Ruch      Punch,Punch,R,Punch,Kick
Devil's Rush       Punch,Punch,R,Punch,Punch
Kake Spinning Middle Punch,Punch,L,Kick
Heaven Smash       DR,Punch,Punch,Punch
Slam Knuckle       L,Punch
Mephist Rush       Kick,Kick,Kick,Kick
Demon Rush         DR,Kick,Kick,Kick,Kick
Belial Rush        D,Kick,Kick,Kick,Kick
Tricky Beast       D,Kick,Punch,Kick,Kick,Kick,Kick
Tricky Hound       D,Kick,Punch,D,Kick,Kick,Kick
Zack Tornado       D,Free + Kick Simultaneously        
Spinning Middle Kick Free + Kick Simultaneously
Twister Upper      DR,Punch + Kick Simultaneously
Cow Roy            R,R,Kick
Flying Knee Kick   R,Punch + Kick Simultaneously
Devil's Elbow      DR,DR,Punch,R,Punch
Vertical Axe       Punch + Kick Simultaneously
Air Walk           R,R,Punch + Kick Simultaneously
Overhead Kick      DR,DR,Kick,Kick
Turn Bazooka       R + Punch Simultaneously
Spring Heel        Free + Kick Simultaneously,Kick
(when getting up)
Turn Sork Rab      L,Punch
(showing behind opponent)
Turining Spinning Heel Kick  L,Kick
(showing behind opponent)

Wild Throw          Free + Punch Simultaneously
Stunner             L,Free + Punch Simultaneously
Gokko Tee Cow       L + Free + Punch Simultaneously
Nightmare Stand     L + Free + Punch Simultaneously
(by the wall)
Hard Rush           DR,DR,Free + Punch Simultaneously
Splash Dunk         D,DR,R,Free + Punch Simultaneously
Fly Boarding        D,DR,R,Free + Punch Simultaneously
(by the wall)
Neck Hunting        Free + Punch Simultaneously
(From behind opponent)
Violence Beat       L,Free + Punch Simultaneously
(From behind opponent)
Beast Fang          D,Free + Punch Simultaneously
(low throw)
Heart Breaker       DL,Free + Punch Simultaneously
(low throw)
Reverse Beast Fang  D,Free + Punch Simultaneously
(low throw from behind opponent)

Stepping Wave       U,Punch + Kick Simultaneously,
                    R + Punch + Kick Simultaneously
Wild Heel           D,Kick

Wave                L,R,L,Free + Punch + Kick Simultaneously
Why's That!?        D,D,Free + Punch + Kick Simultaneously
Fake Roll           D,DR,R,Free

Mad Shaking         R,R,Free + Punch + Kick Simultaneously
(with Leon)
Funky Elbow         R,R,Free + Punch + Kick Simultaneously
(with any other character)*
*-your partner makes the attack


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I really suggest that if you are a real DOA2 freak and
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And thaks to GURT for pointing this out to me.

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