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100111110's Dead or Alive 2 Secrets and other neat stuff (ver. 1.7)

Created: 04.Oct.2000
Last edited: 23.Nov.2000

What's new: 
Added Rewind feature in Bugs? section 


* Forward *

This is written for the DREAMCAST JAPANESE LIMITED EDITION version (initial 
release date September 26, 2000). I have no idea if these codes will work 
on any other version of DOA2. 

This file is written in TEXT format and is best viewed using either Notepad, 
Word, Internet Explorer or Netscape. Don't use Wordpad because some of the 
spacing will get messed up.

The most current version of this document can always be found at:

If you find anything that isn't here, or have a easier method of obtaining 
any of the following secrets, please contact me at
Also, if you have the Regular Edition and discover that these codes work, 
please tell me (I think that the Regular Edition began sales on 07.Oct.2000).

I've noticed many people putting copyrights on their FAQs, which I find 
rather silly because I'm sure that none of them have registered their 
documents and paid for an actual copyright. Just saying that something has 
copyrights is not enough to provide legal protection against copyright 
infringement. So instead, I'm just asking you to be decent enough and not 
reuse this document without permission or at least crediting me for writing it. 


1.   Create a UPS file!
2.   Obtaining the hidden characters.
3.   CG Gallery.
4.   Unlocking the costumes.
5.   Description of the costumes.
6.   Tag Teams/Throws.
7.   Taunts.
8.   Stages.
9.   Background Stories.
10.  Clean Pause.
11.  Bugs?
12.  Credits.

* 1. Create a UPS file!   *

Before anything else, you should create a UPS file. The UPS (User Profile 
System) essentially collects statistics on character usage, wins/losses 
and the results from the different modes. It's still a bit early to tell, 
but I'm guessing that having high scores on your UPS will probably come in 
handy, so create one right away.

In case you're having problems with all the Japanese in the UPS menu, here's 
a simple way to create a file: 

1. Select UPS from the main screen.
2. Choose a memory card.
3. Choose "New File".
4. On the next screen, you'll see "Ring Name Entry" at the top along with 
several boxes. The screen is arranged like this:

Screen 1:

                              Ring Name Entry

                       |                           |

           English/Japanese         Japanese characters
           <--      -->
           Quit without saving

                   A: Select      B: Cancel        Y: Toggle language

After entering a name for your UPS file, choose Finish. The next screen will 
have your file name and 2 options:

Screen 2:

                       |        (file name)        |


Choose Accept.

Screen 3:

The final screen will be entirely in Japanese. Press START to accept and 
B to quit.

After pressing START, you'll have a new UPS file. If you want to check the 
stats on your UPS file, choose "View" in the UPS menu.

Note: I've noticed that you can't copy of UPS file from to VMS to another. 

* 2. Obtaining the hidden characters    *

Currently, there are 2 hidden characters that can be released: Bayman and Tengu.

To release Bayman, finish Story Mode with all 12 of the original characters 
(any difficulty level).

Tengu's release is time-based. Most people have reported getting Tengu after 
6 hours of play, but there have been a few reports of getting him after 4 hours.

Neither Bayman or Tengu are selectable in Story Mode.

* 3. CG Gallery    *

At first, it was rumored that the CG Gallery is released after an hour of 
play, but it was soon found that this criteria wasn't enough. Next it was 
suggested that in addition to 1 hour's play, all the C3 costumes had to be 
released. This too was found to be inaccurate. Finally, a Japanese magazine 
reported that CG Gallery is released after 200 points are collected. Here's 
a breakdown of how to gain points:

Team Battle:     40 points
Tag Battle:      30 points 
Survival:        30 points
Time Attack:     30 points
VS Mode:         20 points 
Story Mode:      10 points 
All other modes:  0 points

Just keep completing any of the above modes until you've collected enough 
points and the CG Gallery will become visible (it appears next to Options 
in the main selection screen).

* 4. Unlocking the costumes *

Each character starts with 2 costumes (C1 & C2). With the exception of Bayman 
and Tengu, finishing Story Mode with a character (any difficulty setting) 
gives you C3 (Tengu only has 2 costumes and Bayman's C3 is rewarded if you 
finish Time Attack Mode with him). For some characters, finishing Story Mode 
again and again will reward more costumes, but eventually, you'll reach a 
deadlock. So the easiest way to unlock all the costumes is:

   1. Go to Versus Mode, choose P1 VS P2, and choose the same character for 
      each player. 
   2. Make sure P1 is the one with UPS active.
   3. Let P1 beat P2.
   4. For every 5 wins, the character will be given a new costume. 

For some characters, the last costume takes 10 or more wins. The number of 
Match Counts doesn't matter, so choose 1 Match Count in Options to speed up 
this process.

For Kasumi's C7, you need to play as her 40 times or more (to check, go to 
Options -> Records).

As of today, the final costume count for each player is:

Kasumi:     7
Ayane:      7
Lei-Fang:   6
Tina:       6
Helena:     6
Gen-Fu:     6
Jann-Lee:   5
Ein:        5
Zack:       5
Hayabusa:   5
Leon:       4
Bass:       4 
Bayman:     3
Tengu:      2

The upcoming PS2 DOA2 Hardcore is rumored to have even more costumes, so 
hopefully, so will DC. Please tell me if you find any more costumes.

* 5. Description of the costumes *

C1: Her original outfit from DOA. Blue with white trim and white stockings. 
    She has a ponytail *.
C2: Also from DOA, it's similar to C1 but sleeveless and white with red trim. 
    Pink stockings. Her hair is braided.
C3: A fuchsia ninja outfit (as seen on Kasumi-Alpha in the Introduction).
C4: A black version of C3.
C5: Traditional Japanese highschool "Sailor Moon" outfit. Navy blue with white trim.
C6: Same as above, but Kasumi is wearing a gray coat so only her skirt is visible. 
    White scarf around her neck.
C7: The traditional Japanese Goddess costume. White with gold trim. Looks similar 
    to Mai Shiranui's (KOF series) dress. 

* Pressing Y when selecting C1 gives Kasumi her braided hairdo from C2/C5/C6.

C1: Dark purple strapless dress with a red bow in the back. Purple coverings on 
    her arms.
C2: Orange outfit with a big purple bow on the back. Big, sash-like purple sleeves. 
C3: Purple Ninja outfit, similar to Kasumi's C3 and C4.
C4: School outfit. Light blue shirt with a slightly darker vest. Plaid skirt.
C5: C4 with a dark blue coat and a yellow scarf.
C6: Purple sleeveless dress with black leather trim. Black stockings and black 
    thigh-boots. Tattoo on her exposed back.
    I've been told that this costume comes from Tecmo's (Kagero) Deception Series 
    for Playstation.
C7: Brown leather teddy with the front cut out. 2 cape-like tails hanging from 
    her waist. Purple stockings and black ankle boots.

C1: Traditional red Chinese dress.
C2: White. Similar to C1.
C3: Black tank top. Green/orange jacket. Green/purple pants. 
C4: Black leather sleeveless top and shorts from DOA.
C5: Blue Chinese village girl top/pants.
C6: Black leather-fetish dress. 

C1: Silver vest, unbuttoned silver hotpants, black bra top. Silver tassels attached
    to her forearms.
C2: Black jacket with red trim (a bit like the X-men uniform from the movie), 
    orange zipper top, jeans. 
C3: Black pussycat costume from DOA.
C4: The one people refer to as "the rape outfit." Gray tattered clothing, white 
    stockings, leopard skin panties, red high-heels. There've been a lot of 
    controversy over this outfit. In addition to being the "rape outfit", it's also 
    been called the "shipwreck outfit" and the "female wrestler's outfit". 
    Personally, I think it has more to do with Tina's career as and actress. It's 
    probably an outfit from one of her action movies *. 
C5: Blue wrestling outfit (sports bra and bike shorts), similar to the one in DOA. 
C6: Red leather teddy with black straps. Feathered armband around her right arm and 
    left ankle (probably a link to Bass's C4)

* According to the Japanese Tecmo webpage, Tina's C4 is referred to as "Shadowman's 
  Girlfriend." This is a link to Zack's C5 (added 12.Nov.2000).

C1: Her normal red coat with white leotards.
C2: Bluish white coat (similar to C1), white stockings.
C3: Blue Spanish bull-fighter uniform
C4: C2 in black.
C5: Yellow shirt, unbuttoned to her sternum. Tight purple jeans. Boots.
C6: Black leather body suit with red trim. No sleeves.

C1: Black Chinese tunic with red trim. Black and white striped legs and arms.
C2: Blue and black Chinese kung-fu outfit with black accessories. Black hat with 
C3: Green outfit. Typical prison-wear in China.
C4: C1 but in white with red trim.
C5: White Chinese kung-fu long tunic.
C6: Black version of C5.

C1: Black kung-fu outfit with gold trim. Dragon on the back.
C2: Similar to C1, but with a white top and black pants, blue trim. Dragon on 
    the back.
C3: He looks a bit like Eiji from Battle Arena Toshinden. Black undershirt, 
    red/white jacket, black/white shorts and a black head band.
C4: Topless with blue kung-fu pants.
C5: "Reservoir Dogs" look. Black suit, black tie, white shirt (probably what he 
    wears as a body guard).

Ein (Hayate)
C1: Black leather jacket, leather pants, boots. Bronze and black Lizard-skin T-shirt.
C2: White T-shirt. Jeans and a denim jacket with the sleeves cut off. 
C3: Topless. Red pants. Broken chains on each wrist (after escaping from Project 
C4: White shirt, unbuttoned to sternum. Black leather pants. Necklace and wristbands.
C5: White karate-gi with black belt. Wrapped wrists.

C1: White shorts with a white sports bra-like top. Green hair and green goatee.
C2: Green vest with black leather straps. Green and black pants. His green and yellow 
    Mohawk makes him look like a rooster on acid.
C3: Metallic wet-suit with a Teletubbie antennae (when you use Taunt, the light at the 
    tip of the antennae turns red)
C4: Bald with a green goatee. Yellow life-jacket like vest. Denim shorts with leather, 
    bikini briefs on top. 
C5: This has been called the "Shadowman" look (from the Acclaim game). Bald, wire-frame 
    glasses, red vein-like tattoos along his spine and arms. Mask-like crest on his 
    chest. When you use "Taunt", his eyes and the crest on his chest glow fiery blue.

C1: A black ninja outfit with white trim. 
C2: Same as C1 but white with black trim.
C3: Traditional ninja suit, no sleeves. Dark gray.
C4: Traditional black ninja suit with sleeves.
C5: Arab bandit look. Brown with a long, yellow vest. Long face cover.

C1: Turban. Unbuttoned desert camouflage shirt with beige pants.
C2: White turban with white Aladdin uniform.
C3: Black top with long red jacket. White pants.
C4: Shades. Black undershirt. Red pants.

C1: Cowboy/outback uniform.
C2: Black leather biker look.
C3: Wrestler's body suit. Black.
C4: Red tattoo on right eye (in the shape of a wing?). Black uniform with feathers 
    around the shoulders. A Championship belt.

C1: Green T-shirt, orange vest, gray camouflage pants, red beret.
C2: Brown T-shirt, brown camouflage pants, green beret.
C3: Black T-shirt, blue vest, green camouflage pants, blue beret.

C1: Brown skin. Bearded. Feathered wings. Long nose.
C2: Green skin. No beard. Feathered wings. Spikes all over his torso. Long nose.

A side note: Tecmo was a bit lazy with the costumes. Sure, some characters had 5+ 
costumes, but most of them were repeats! 3 out of 6 of Helena's are nearly the same 
except for the colors! And all 3 of Bayman's are almost all the same! As a result, 
Tina is the character with the most costumes, since her 6 costumes are distinct from 
each other. What happened to all the great costumes from DOA (French maid, bunny 
rabbit, skin diver, denim overalls with nothing on underneath...) ?

Here's quick recap of the repeats:
Helena: C1= C2 = C4
Kasumi: C1 = C2, C3 = C4 (I'm letting C5 and C6 pass, even though they share the 
                          same theme. Same goes for Ayane's C4 and C5)
Gen-fu: C1 = C4, C5 = C6
Hayabusa: C1 = C2, C3 = C4 (wow, C4 has no sleeves...)
Bayman: C1 = C2 = C3 (wow, C2 has no vest)
Jann: C1 = C2 (Hell, C4 is just C1 minus the top)
Lei-Fang: C1 = C2

So of the 71 costumes, 12 are repeats. Statistically, that's not bad, but I still 
would have preferred all unique costumes.

* 6. Tag Teams/Throw *

f = forward  df = down forward   d = down   db = down back
b = back     ub = up back        u = up     uf = up forward

P = Punch
K = Kick
F = Free 

There are 2 universal movements for tag throws:

f, f + P+K+F  (referred to from now on as Tag A)
b    + P+K+F  (referred to from now on as Tag B)

Some characters have a 3rd tag throw:

d, df, f + P+K+F (referred to from now on as Tag C)

As you know, each player has an Ideal Tag Partner. This partner is automatically 
highlighted when you choose your first character (it's usually the character in the 
box above/below). The benefit of the Ideal Partner is that you get to perform special 
tag throws. In addition, the Opening poses and the Winning poses are usually special. 
The exception is Tengu. Tengu's default partner is Ein, but choosing Ein or any other 
character as Tengu's partner results in the same tag throws and Opening/Winning poses.

Below is a brief explanation of the types of tag partners.

(Character's Name)
Ideal Tag Partner: Self explanatory.
Opening/Winning Pose Partner: A partner with whom there's a special Opening and/or 
                              Winning animation. 
Tag Throw Partner: A partner with whom the character has a special tag throw.

Note 1: In some cases, the order of the team members makes a difference in the 
        Opening/Winning pose. For example, Helena and Gen-fu have 2 opening poses,
        depending on who is the starting character. And Leon and Zack have different 
        Winning poses, depending on who won the round. So when trying out different 
        partners, be sure to try out different starting/ending orders. 

Note 2: Some tag throws have slightly different animations when performed near a 
        wall. Ex: Leon's Tag C with Bass, Jann Lee's Tag B with Lei Fang.

Ideal Tag Partner: Hayabusa
Opening/Winning Pose Partner: Hayabusa
Tag Throw Partner: Hayabusa (Tag A), Ayane (Tag A), Ein (Tag A), Helena (Tag A)

Ideal Tag Partner: Ein
Opening/Winning Pose Partner: Ein
Tag Throw Partner: Ein (Tag A), Kasumi (Tag A), Jann Lee (Tag A), Hayabusa (Tag A)

Ideal Tag Partner: Jann Lee
Opening/Winning Pose Partner: Jann Lee, Helena, Tina, 
Tag Throw Partner: Jann Lee (Tag A, C), Tina (Tag A), Helena (Tag A)

Ideal Tag Partner: Bass
Opening/Winning Pose Partner: Bass, Lei Fang, Zack
Tag Throw Partner: Bass (Tag A, C, Tag A while facing her opponent's back), 
                   Hayabusa (Tag A), Kasumi (Tag A), Bayman (Tag A), 
                   Zack (Tag A), Leon (Tag A).

Ideal Tag Partner: Gen Fu
Opening/Winning Pose Partner: Gen Fu, Kasumi, Lei Fang
Tag Throw Partner: Gen Fu (Tag A), Lei Fang (Tag A), Kasumi (Tag A), 
                   Hayabusa (Tag A)

Ideal Tag Partner: Helena
Opening/Winning Pose Partner: Helena
Tag Throw Partner: Helena (Tag A), Lei Fang (Tag A), Kasumi (Tag A), Zack (Tag A),
                   Leon (Tag A), Bayman (Tag A), Hayabusa (Tag A)

Ideal Tag Partner: Lei Fang
Opening/Winning Pose Partner: Lei Fang, Ein
Tag Throw Partner: Lei Fang (Tag A), Ein (Tag A, C), Gen Fu (Tag A), 
                   Bayman (Tag A), Leon (Tag A), Hayabusa (Tag A)

Ideal Tag Partner: Ayane
Opening/Winning Pose Partner: Ayane, Jann Lee, Hayabusa
Tag Throw Partner: Ayane (Tag A), Jann Lee (Tag A), Hayabusa (Tag A), 
                   Kasumi (Tag A), Bass (Tag A)

Ideal Tag Partner: Leon
Opening/Winning Pose Partner: Leon, Bayman, Tina
Tag Throw Partner: Leon (Tag A), Bayman (Tag A), Tina (Tag A), Lei Fang (Tag A),
                   Bass (Tag A)

Ideal Tag Partner: Kasumi
Opening/Winning Pose Partner: Kasumi, Ein
Tag Throw Partner: Kasumi (Tag A), Gen Fu (Tag A), Ein (Tag A), Ayane (Tag A), 
                   Bayman (Tag A), Leon (Tag A), Bass (Tag A)

Ideal Tag Partner: Zack
Opening/Winning Pose Partner: Zack, Bass
Tag Throw Partner: Zack (Tag A), Bass (Tag A, C), Bayman (Tag A), Tina (Tag A),
                   Gene (Tag A).

Ideal Tag Partner: Tina
Opening/Winning Pose Partner: Tina, Leon, Bayman
Tag Throw Partner: Tina (Tag A, C), Leon (Tag A), Bayman (Tag A), 
                   Zack (Tag A, C), Ayane (Tag A).
Ideal Tag Partner: Leon
Opening/Winning Pose Partner: Zack, Bass
Tag Throw Partner: Zack (Tag A), Gen Fu (Tag A), Tina (Tag A), Leon (Tag A), 
                   Bass (Tag A, C)

Ideal Tag Partner: None.
Opening/Winning Pose Partner: None.
Tag Throw Partner: None.

* 7. Taunts *

Every character has at least 1 taunt. There are 2 universal movements for taunting:

f, b, f + P+K+F  (referred to from now on as Taunt A)
b, f, b + P+K+F  (referred to from now on as Taunt B)

In most cases, Taunt A and B are the same. Some characters have a third taunt movement:

d, d + P+K+F (referred to from now on as Taunt C)

Here's a list of taunts for each character.
Taunt A: She spins in a circle with leaves trailing her.
Taunt B: Same as A.

Taunt A: Steps back, gestures with her arms.
Taunt B: Same as A.
Taunt C: The "You suck" taunt: hands on hips, turns her head away. 

Lei-Fang (She's got 4 different ones!!!!)
Taunt A: Jumps up (a'la Chun Li). "Yosh!"
Taunt B: Kung Fu pose.
Taunt C: Puts her hands to the side of her face and curtsies.
Taunt D: (b, b, P+K+F)  Hops and flaps her arms.

Taunt A: She gestures with her hands and says "Come on"
Taunt B: Same as A.
Taunt C: Punches the sky (if her opponent is airborne, she can hit them with the punch)

Taunt A: Kung Fu pose. Ends in her crouched position.
Taunt B: Same as A.

Taunt A: He sits down in the lotus position and slaps his knee.
Taunt B: Same as A.
Taunt C: Same as A.

Taunt A: He bends his knees, leans back, and howls.
Taunt B: Same as A.

Taunt A: He makes a "come here" wave with his arm.
Taunt B: Same as A.
Taunt C: He makes a "go away" sweep with his arm.

Taunt A: He waves his arms and says "Easy"
Taunt B: Same as A.
Taunt C: He puts his hands to his forehead, and then swings them down to his sides.
Note: If you do these taunts in his C3 and C5 costumes, parts of the costumes begin 
      to glow (see: 5. Description of the costumes)

Taunt A: Steps back and makes a ninja pose.
Taunt B: Same as A.
Taunt C: "Go-men!" Kneels and bows.

Taunt A: Thumbs down gesture.
Taunt B: Same as A.

Taunt A: He stomps his foot, makes weird noises and acts like a baboon.
Taunt B: Same as A.
Taunt C: Same as A, but says something different.
Note: When he plays against Tina, he rants something different.

Taunt A: Moves his thumb across his neck, in a "you're dead" gesture.
Taunt B: Same as A.
Taunt C: Says "Bingo". One arms is raised in front, the other is pulled back in 
         a "YES!" movement.

Taunt A: Crosses arms.
Taunt B: Same as A.
Taunt C: Crouches down and gestures with arms.

* 8. Stages *

Stage Name (# levels in the stage)

The White Storm (2) (since when did it snow on Easter Island?)
The Death Valley (2)
The Danger Zone (1)
The Great Opera (infinite)
The Demon's Church (2)
The Burai Zenin (2)
The Aerial Garden (infinite)
The Miyama (1)
The Spiral (infinite)
The Dragon Hills (4) (The last one is inside the temple)
The Biolab (1)
The L's Castle (2)

Press R-trigger when selecting The Aerial Garden to get the night-time version 
(complete with fireflies).

On the White Storm level, there are spots of fragile snow that cave in if enough 
heavy blows/throws are done. These spots are near to the edges. To find one, play 
Versus mode with Tengu VS Tengu. Let P1 Tengu hit P2 Tengu with P+K. This knocks 
P2 Tengu to the right. Move P2 Tengu to the edge of the cliff, and move P1 Tengu 
over to him until they're close. Hit P1 Tengu with P+K and then run towards him. 
The snow covered floor should start to cave in, and you'll both fall to the ice 
cavern below.

A second feature of the White Storm level is that if you play Story Mode using 
Ayane, you'll face Kasumi on this level. There are actually 2 different endings 
that you can get. In the normal ending, Ayane simply looks at the fallen Kasumi 
and snorts "You runaway shinobi." However, if you win and have at least a 10 foot 
distance from Kasumi, you'll see the cut scene from the introduction, where Ayane 
shoots an energy blast at Kasumi. This happens regardless of whether you're on 
the upper snow level or in the ice cavern below. The easiest way to do this is to 
defeat Kasumi using d, df, f + F+K. Ayane will do a spin kick which knocks Kasumi 
far away. For added distance, quickly press back on the control stick after the 
hit connects and Ayane will take a few steps back. 

* 9. Background Stories *

In this section, I hope to answer some questions involving the story line of the 
DOA universe. Tecmo has been rather cryptic with some of the background stories so 
this section may seem a bit incomplete. Most of the following stories were 
obtained from 3 main sources: the instruction manual that came with the game, the 
doaonline website (see Credits for the URL), and English/Japanese translations by 
Ms. Kakashi, a fellow game player. 

1. Who is Ein/Hayate? 

Ein is the lost brother of Kasumi. His actual name is Hayate and his story is 
very jumbled. In Kasumi's background story in the original DOA, Hayate was 
supposed to lead his clan, the Mugen Tenshin Ryuh Ninja, but was crippled by 
some assailant. Kasumi was slated to replace Hayate but instead, she ran away 
from the clan to avenge her brother. Apparently, this was her reason for 
entering the DOA tournament, which seems to indicate that Raidou (the final 
boss) was the one responsible for injuring Hayate. 

By DOA2, Hayate had suddenly vanished and Kasumi was determined to find him. 
When she found him, he went by the name Ein and had somehow fully recovered from 
his injuries. His recovery seems to have something to do with Project Epsilon.

Hayate was possibly forced to participate in Project Epsilon, which apparently 
involved brain washing/mind control. My guess is that Project Epsilon was some 
sort of Manchurian Candidate-type experiment involving martial artists. He was 
found near death in the forests of Germany. Since "Ein" is German for "One", 
"Ein" was probably Hayate's code name. Perhaps he was their primary experiment/
test subject. Hayate most likely escaped from the Project because his C3 
costume has broken chains on his wrists. These are very likely the bonds that 
held him captive at Project Epsilon. 

The only unanswered question is why Hayate has memories of Tengu. If you play as 
Ein in Story Mode, you'll see that he has flashbacks of Tengu while inside "The 
Demon's Church" stage. Did they meet before he was captured? 

2. Why does Ayane hate Kasumi? 

Ayane is Kasumi's half sister (they share the same mother). Kasumi and Hayate's 
parents are Shinden and Ayame. Ayane's parents are Raidou and Ayame (Raidou is
Kasumi's and Hayate's uncle). I'm not clear on whether Raidou and Ayame had an 
affair or if Raidou forced himself on her. 

For all her life, Ayane has been overshadowed by her older sister and this has 
caused much resentment. I think that Ayane hates Kasumi for always being more 
accepted than her and always being the "heroine". There's also the insecurity 
issue, since Ayane is an illegitimate child. 

3. Why are Helena and Gen-fu Ideal Tag partners? What's the relationship 
   between them?

Not much, other than their styles of fighting. Chinese martial arts can be 
divided into Northern and Southern styles, and both Gen and Helena use similar 
styles of Southern arts. 

Gen Fu uses Xin Yi Liu He Quan, which translates directly as "Heart Will Six 
Together Fist." If I remember correctly, Akira in the Virtua Fighter series 
also uses this style of fighting. It differs from many Chinese martial arts in 
that it's a very direct, hard hitting form and uses very little feints and 
posing, as opposed to styles such as "Drunken Fist" or "Five Form Fist" 
(animal fist). 

Helena uses Pi Qua Quan ("Chop Hang Fist"), a Shaolin discipline. As its name 
indicates, this is a "hard" style involving chops and thrusts.  

Many people have said that Lei Fang would have made a good partner for Gen Fu. 
In my opinion, I prefer Gen Fu partnering up with Helena. Besides the fact that 
Lei Fang already has a partner, her style (Tai Chi) is very thematically 
different from Gen-fu's. Xin Yi Liu He Quan puts more emphasis on the "hard" 
movements whereas Tai Chi is a "soft" art. There's a Chinese expression which 
captures the essence of Tai Chi: "Use 8 taels to move 1000 catties" (taels and 
catties are units of measure; I think 8 taels = 0.304 kg and 1000 catties = 
608 kg). The expression loses a lot in the translation but the main idea is 
that Tai Chi allows you to exert maximum force using minimum strength. The goal 
is to use your opponent's strength, weight and momentum against them. So Tai Chi 
is more of a defensive style. Xin Yi Liu He Quan and Pi Qua Quan however, are 
more offensive in nature, making them a better pair. However, Team Ninja must 
have considered the relation between all 3 styles since Gen-Fu, Helena and Lei 
Fang all share special Tag Throws. 

Have any other questions? E-mail them to me at

* 10. Clean Pause *

Usually, when you press Start during a game, it pauses and a Selection Menu 
is displayed. To remove this Menu, press X+Y. This will give you a clean Pause 

* 11. Bugs? *

I've noticed a slight bug that sometimes occurs during the Replay after a game. 
After winning a round, press and hold the R trigger (the C button on the arcade
stick) before the replay starts. Once the replay starts, you can either continue 
to hold on to the R trigger/C button or release it and press it repeatedly and 
stange effects will occasionally happen. The 2 most common effects that I've seen 

     1. Portions of the Replay are played backwards.
     2. The characters freeze but the camera rotates around them. 

As I said, this only happens OCCASIONALLY, and there doesn't seem to be a logic 
behind it. I've tried repeating this bug using the same characters on the same 
stages and each time, the results vary. 

Update: There's a Rewind feature that you can do during Replay. After winning a 
round, just before Replay starts, press and hold Free + Kick. During the Replay, 
press and hold Punch to rewind. Releasing Punch will stop the rewinding. 

* 12. Credits *

I don't want to sound arrogant, but the secrets in this FAQ were all found by me 
after hours of play (actually, it's more pathetic than arrogant). However, I would 
like to commend WindMaster X for his excellent DOA website at

as well as Gamefaqs:

for providing such a great forum for players to comment and share ideas on games.  
Chances are you probably got this FAQ from either of these sites. 

Updates: Thanks to...

GFBRIZ for correcting me on the number of levels in The Burai Zenin stage. 
Kakashi for a load of Tag Throws, background stories and info on Tina's C4.
deffty for the Tina/Bass Tag Throw A (opponent's back).
ruyeyama for the Ayane Story Mode cut scene tip.
Raymond Kwong for the Kagero lead on Ayane's C6.