New Game Questions Guide by DLe

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New Game Questions Guide for
FRAME GRIDE - Sega Dreamcast
Version 1.0
By David Le (

        This FAQ is for those people who wonder what the 6 questions are for in 
the beginning of the game.  These questions allow you to pick which armor and
weapons you would like to start out the game with in the Middle-Armored 
Cavalier.  Hopefully by using this guide, you will be able to choose the 
configuration you favor for your Cavalier.

        I want to thank David McDonald for his great list of translated
Armor/Weapons/Liberate Stones.  It really helped me out in creating this FAQ.  
Please use the other FAQS in conjunction with this one to help you with your 

1st Question - Head
1. Sword Collar
2. Bolt Helm
3. Knight Masquerade

2nd Question - Torso
1. Fin Armor
2. Gran Guard
3. Petal Plate

3rd Question - Arms
1. Minenwerfer
2. Eon Arms
3. Wing Couter

4th Question - Legs
1. Sword Shins
2. Far Cross
3. Pryck Spurs

5th Question - Sword and Shield
1. Ansveller and Metal Blood
2. Rune Mace and Flame Reef
3. Varmonch and Lutheran Shield

6th Question - Gun and Cannon
1. Skirvorna and Flame Bird
2. Soul Strike and Gungnir Charge
3. Destruct Stare and Elemental Song