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March 9, 2003
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Table Of Contents


(1)- Game Info
(2)- Character Bios
(3)- Stage/Map Info
(4)- Weapon/Attack Guide
(5)- Item Guide
(6)- Mini-Games Info
(7)- Unlockables & Gameshark Codes
(8)- Token List
(9)- Legal Stuff


(1) Game Info

Pretty straight and forward.
                                 Game Play
The Fur Fighters are an elite fighting force of stuffed animals on a mission to rescue 
their families from the evil General Viggo. The Fur Fighters must battle their way through 
Viggo's legions of Stupid Bears and solve diabolical puzzles to save their babies, rescue 
their mutated kin in six outrageous boss levels and snatch the planet from Viggo's clutches.

Platform: Dreamcast
Players: 1-4
N.A. Release Date: 7/14/2000
Genre: Action/First-Person-Shooter
Developer: Bizarre Creations 


-A new genre of gameplay, cute action platformer with serious weapons. No Butt-Stomp attack 
here, real bullets make the fluff fly! 

-Use all six of the Fur Fighters independently to defeat Viggo and his evil forces. 

-Over 40 levels from New Quack City to Space Station Meer. 

-Four player Fluffmatch delivers intense head-to-head action. 

-Liberal use of cinematic cut scenes tell an epic tale in a humorous manner. 

-Over 20 weapons at the disposal of our fluffy heroes. 



The Fur Fighters are each very unique. What makes them different is their special abilities. 
Each Fur Fighter can use his/her ability during the game to gain an advantage over their 
opponent. It adds a really neat and fun twist to the game. 

Name: Ruffus

Species: Dog 
Age: 12 Years 
Height: 5'6" (1.7 Metres) 
Blood Group: 'A' 
Special Skill: Burrowing (through soft ground) 

The oldest of the Furballs, this tough hound has dependability stamped all over him. 
Raised in the brutal inner city kennels of Glasgow, he joined the army to escape the slums 
as much as fight. He was a natural soldier, and has won many medals, but shunned all 
offers of promotion. He leads the Furballs as the most experienced fighter, steeling 
himself for one last battle to help save his family.


Name: Tweak

Species: Dragon 
Age: 0.002 years 
Height: 7'2" (2.2 Metres) 
Blood Group: 'A' 
Special Skill: Gliding (Long distances) 
Tweak is less than a day old. The last of his mother's eggs to hatch, 
he only spent a few precious minutes with her and his siblings before General Viggo 
stole them away. Although he is the largest and slowest of his brothers and sisters, 
he knows he must fight to get them back. Clumsy and nervous, he finds his new world 
scary and fascinating, but is helped by his instinctive knowledge of firearms, 
and the other Furballs looking out for him.


Name: Juliette

Species: Cat 
Age: 5 Years 
Height: 5'2" (1.6 Metres) 
Blood Group: 'AB' 
Special Skill: Climbing 
Beautiful and athletic, Juliette is also a supreme warrior. She can be temperamental 
stubborn and selfish, with an annoying tendency not to listen to others. 
When she becomes frustrated, she is often tempted to go it alone, but with persuasion, 
she decided to stick with the team. 


Name: Rico

Species: Rockhopper Penguin 
Age: 5 Years 
Height: 5'9" (1.8 Metres) 
Blood Group: 'O' 
Special Skill: Swimming 

Raised among the huge penguin communities of southern Argentina, this idealistic bird 
always craved more than his mundane life of fishing and dodging orcas. He set forth in 
search of his dream, and stumbled upon the Furballs, who have helped him to hone his 
talents. Rico is somewhat overconfident, and prone to daydreaming. He isn't quite the 
hero he thinks he is, but is quick to show that in the water, therešs no-one more skilled. 


Name: Chang

Species: Firefox (Red panda) 
Age: 7 Years 
Height: 4'3" (1.3 Metres) 
Blood Group: 'B' 
Special Skill: Contortionist (squeezes through holes) 

Chang was born into a rich family in rural China, and raised in the bright lights 
of the countries' southern boom cities. When the wars started, he horrified his kin 
by choosing to become a common foot soldier. His encyclopaedic knowledge of science 
and strategy, combined with his natural agility and cunning, make him one of the Fur 
Fighters' best warriors. 


Name: Bungalow

Species: Kangaroo 
Age: 7 Years 
Height: 6'6" (2.0 Metres) 
Blood Group: 'A' 
Special Skill: Long jump 

Bungalow is a fully-grown male Kangaroo, who is best friend Roofus the hound. 
This massive antipodean, although well-endowed with strength, does not match this in 
the brains department. He is happiest when taking orders from others - usually Roofus 
or his domineering wife! 



Here's a little background info on some of the levels you'll encounter in both Single and 
Multi player.

Name: New Quack City

A sprawling metropolis where General Viggo is organizing the theft of the Roquefort Diamonds, 
the largest pair of diamond earrings on the planet. With these he can ensure that Viggo 
Industries have enough money to complete his plan for world domination. The Fur Fighters 
must stop him, and rescue all the babies hidden within such locals as the World Quack Center, 
the world's tallest twin tower blocks, Lower East Quack, a downtown area, and finally in the 
Quackenheim Museum, home of the Roquefort diamonds. 


Name: Beaver Power

Viggo Industries needs an obscene amount of power to run, so the General decides to 
purchase the local Dam from the beavers. The Fur Fighter babies are put to work around 
the site, and it's up to the Fur Fighters to rescue them from Viggo's grasp. Your quest 
takes you through Compound Factions, a storage area, through God Machine Valley, where huge 
machines are at work, and to the Beaver Dam itself. 


Name: Space

General Viggo, distraught after another defeat from the Fur Fighters has a cunning plan 
to defeat Roofus once and for all: He will purchase the space program from Cape Canardo, 
go into space, and drop an anvil on Roofus' head. As usual, the plan fails as the anvil 
misses, but a trail of babies are left behind that need rescuing from the clutches of 
Viggo's troops. However, some babies were left on the Russian Space Station Meer, 
so your mission involves assembling a shuttle, making your way to the launch site, 
and then rescuing all from the space station, before returning to the planet with a bang. 


Name: Dinos

A lost world of Dinosaurs is discovered, and they have evolved into a technologically 
advanced species. The General must learn more about this new technology so he can incorporate 
it into his evil plan for world domination. A new world awaits the Fur Fighters, where the 
scale of things is so large, that all three areas are set in one house, upstairs, downstairs 
and the basement. 


Name: Angkhor

General Viggo is desperate, his army is virtually depleted, so yet another cunning plan 
is devised. He will use the impending eclipse to open a portal to where the bad bears go, 
and summon an army of the undead. To do this he must sacrifice a young pup, therefore the 
Fur Fighters must go after it. This theme takes you through the Jungle of Despair, 
the Temple of Gloom and finally to the bad place itself where each character must face 
their own personal hell.


Name: Viggo A Go Go

The Fur Fighter Families have been rescued, but Viggo is not finished yet and launches 
one final assault. The Fur Fighters must battle against Viggo's Navy and Air Force before 
the final confrontation on Viggo's secret island base. Here Viggo's finest henchmen will 
attempt to stop you reaching the General before the final showdown. 



Some pretty neat toys are found in this game. Some with the brutality of Unreal Tournament 
games, others more realistic. For some reason, the weapons remind me of those found in the 
Southpark FPS on the N64. Each Fur Fighter also has a melee attack (ala Halo), which does 
not use ammo up. It is only used in close range.

Melee Attack Guide

Character/Melee Attack

Roofus: Headbutt
Juliette: Scratch
Bungalow: Punch
Rico: Peck
Chang: Tail Attack
Tweek: Breathes Fire


Weapon Info

The Pistol

The Pistol is your starting weapon. It's pretty weak, manages to take out weaker enemies, 
but don't try to do too much with it. It also has a low rate of fire.

The Sub Machine Gun

Being a machine gun, it's rapid fire! More powerful than the pistol, a skilled player 
can hold their ground with it. Leaves more to be desired...

The Heavy Machine Gun

HERE WE GO! This baby is a monster! It packs a higher rate of fire than the 
Sub Machine Gun, and it's a powerful gun too. You'll have no problem fluffing your enemies
with this baby. But it does have a downside. Because it shoots so fast, 
you often waste a lot of ammo. Having a clip size of only 300 doesn't help either.


Yup, there's a shotgun too. It's great for up close combat, packs a whallop. 
Don't try using it as a sniper rifle though, this baby can't do much from a distance.


Basically a better shotgun. Hold more shells (100), and has a higher rate of fire.

Bomb Launcher

Fancy wording for a grenade launcher. Shoots at an ark. Great for taking out clusters of
enemies. Lots of splash damage though. You better watch yourself when firing.

Cluster Bomb Launcher

Shoots 3 bombs at once. Improvement over the bomb launcher, more splash damage though.
Holds up to 50 bombs.

Rocket Launcher

Shoots an explosive rocket. Takes out foes with no trouble at all. Very powerful.

Homing Launcher

Makes the rocket launcher useless. It locks onto enemies and blows em' up. Great weapon,
my personal favourite. Holds 20 rockets.

Plasma Gun

Basically a machine gun, with plasma balls instead of bullets. Very effective.

Plasma Beam

This baby locks onto a target, and shoots a plasma beam right at them! Very strong, but
runs out of juice quickly.

Neutron Gun

Holy cow! This is a colossal gun. Massive explosions, instant killing! High splash damage,
but only 5 shots. Good weapon.

Ice Ray

You guessed it. This thing freezes your opponents. Pretty neat. Once they're frozen, you 
can melee or shoot them and they will die. Good combo weapon.

Flame Gun

Great weapon. It shoots balls of fire, that on contact fry your opponent. I like watching
animals turn into ashes. ^_^ Hold 50 flame balls.



A few neat items to aid you on your quest.

Bug Shield

3 little bugs fly around you, and absorb all damage until they each die. This item can
get annoying, as it makes your enemy quite hard to kill.

Meercat Aid

Neat! 4 Meercats, armed with machine guns, fire at whatever you are firing at. This 
makes killing a breeze! Has a time limit.

Bear Mask

Hm...this put's a bear mask on your character. You can now sneak through bear infested 
areas unnoticed. Has a time limit to it though, and don't shoot a bear while wearing it.



Whenever you beat a boss, you unlock a mini-game. Here's a guide, courtesy GAMEWINNERS.
The second part is what you get for beating each mini-game.

Boss                 Mini-Game 
Claude               Balloon Lift 
Esmerelda            Bear Attack 
Gwynth               Block Puzzle 
Juanita              Snake Classic 
Viggo                Bomber Bear 
Winnie and Mai       Super Snake  


Mini-Game             Goal                      Bonus 

Balloon Lift         10,000 points              Small character 
Bear Attack          10,000 points              Alternate voices 
Block Puzzle         Less than 60 seconds       Rotational camera
Bomber Bear          30,000 points              Big head mode 
Snake Classic        5,000 points               Rocket camera 
Super Snake          10,000 points              Fish-eye lens 




Thin mode:
Complete the Maze in Temple of Gloom to get very thin characters.

High scores:
Collect all 100 tokens in any level. Re-enter the level and collect the large stopwatch, 
then race to the finish. If you are quick enough, you will be allowed to make an entry on 
the high score screen.

Fight as Walter:
Successfully complete the Bear Attack mini-game to unlock Walter.

Hidden artwork:
Place the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive to find graphics of the game's 
stages and characters in the "omake" directory that can be used as desktop wallpaper. 

Ammo Boost 
To get an Ammo Boost (New weapons you get will be fully stocked with Ammo), 
Revisit the boss, Claude. 

Auto Aim 
To Unlock Auto-Aim, re-visit the boss, Gwyneth. 

Dead and Alive 
On the subway to New Quack City touch the end of the open 
door it will close and it will say ''You Fluffed It.'' Don't touch anything. 
You will then arrive in New Quack City with 
0 health and you can't change characters.

Health to 100% 
To get health to 100%, revisit the boss, Juanita. 

To get invincibility, revisit the boss, Viggo.  


Gameshark Codes

One Cheat Unlocks All  D3D843E40001FFFF
Inf. Rocket Ammo - Dino Upstairs  8E1BA7050000270F
Inf. Freeze Ammo - Dino Upstairs  A5037B940000270F
Inf. Plasma Ammo - Dino Upstairs  DB10A9DA0000270F
Inf. Neutron Ammo - Dino Upstairs  DB28A9DA0000270F
Inf. Pistol Ammo - Rumpus Room  D698B6440000270F
Inf. Shotgun Ammo - Rumpus Room  1E5C230A0000270F
Inf. Bomb Ammo - Rumpus Room  1E64230A0000270F
Inf. Rocket Ammo - Rumpus Room  46A22A520000270F
Inf. Freeze Ammo - Rumpus Room  6A8B5EDA0000270F
Inf. Plasma Ammo - Rumpus Room  96B03F6C0000270F
Inf. Neutron Ammo - Rumpus Room  7085E6990000270F
Inf. Pistol Ammo - Dinotoplis  411A3DB00000270F
Inf. Shotgun Ammo - Dinotoplis  76DDF17B0000270F
Inf. Bomb Ammo - Dinotoplis  76E5F17B0000270F
Inf. Rocket Ammo - Dinotoplis  AF3B73E80000270F
Inf. Freeze Ammo - Dinotoplis  CE8BC5810000270F
Inf. Plasma Ammo - Dinotoplis  FFF1B4FF0000270F
Inf. Neutron Ammo - Dinotoplis  FF09B4FF0000270F
Inf. Pistol Ammo - Dino Downstairs  61AB5CAB0000270F
Inf. Shotgun Ammo - Dino Downstairs  9D903D1D0000270F
Inf. Bomb Ammo - Dino Downstairs  9DA83D1D0000270F
Inf. Rocket Ammo - Dino Downstairs  C213D0120000270F
Inf. Freeze Ammo - Dino Downstairs  E3972F7E0000270F
Inf. Plasma Ammo - Dino Downstairs  233F54AF0000270F
Inf. Neutron Ammo - Dino Downstairs  1684217B0000270F
Inf. Pistol Ammo - Dino Upstairs  13B43C940000270F
Inf. Shotgun Ammo - Dino Upstairs  4B7235CC0000270F
Inf. Bomb Ammo - Dino Upstairs  53C75D520000270F
Inf. Pistol Ammo - SS Meer  D938B17F0000270F
Inf. Shotgun Ammo - SS Meer  11FC24310000270F
Inf. Bomb Ammo - SS Meer  110424310000270F
Inf. Rocket Ammo - SS Meer  49C22D690000270F
Inf. Freeze Ammo - SS Meer  65EB59E10000270F
Inf. Plasma Ammo - SS Meer  99D038570000270F
Inf. Neutron Ammo - SS Meer  99E838570000270F
Inf. Pistol Ammo - Saving Claude  90582CE80000270F
Inf. Shotgun Ammo - Saving Claude  CFE3C1E70000270F
Inf. Bomb Ammo - Saving Claude  CFDBC1E70000270F
Inf. Rocket Ammo - Saving Claude  FEA1B0990000270F
Inf. Freeze Ammo - Saving Claude  2EF7455A0000270F
Inf. Plasma Ammo - Saving Claude  58BF51480000270F
Inf. Neutron Ammo - Saving Claude  6C3B4D5E0000270F
Inf. Freeze Ammo - VAB Building  37E11AF00000270F
Inf. Plasma Ammo - VAB Building  6AC355F60000270F
Inf. Neutron Ammo - VAB Building  7145EDB50000270F
Inf. Pistol Ammo - VLF Facility  A9036F970000270F
Inf. Shotgun Ammo - VLF Facility  D710BDD90000270F
Inf. Bomb Ammo - VLF Facility  D728BDD90000270F
Inf. Rocket Ammo - VAB Building  1E2C28260000270F
Inf. Rocket Ammo - VLF Facility  1FEC28970000270F
Inf. Freeze Ammo - VLF Facility  36211A410000270F
Inf. Plasma Ammo - VLF Facility  6B0355470000270F
Inf. Neutron Ammo - VLF Facility  6BFB55470000270F
Inf. Pistol Ammo - Saving Juanita  DC18A49E0000270F
Inf. Shotgun Ammo - Saving Juanita  14DC31D00000270F
Inf. Bomb Ammo - Saving Juanita  14E431D00000270F
Inf. Rocket Ammo - Saving Juanita  4C2238880000270F
Inf. Freeze Ammo - Saving Juanita  600B4C000000270F
Inf. Plasma Ammo - Saving Juanita  9C302DB60000270F
Inf. Neutron Ammo - Saving Juanita  9CC82DB60000270F
Inf. Pistol Ammo - Cape Canardo  C96BC7000000270F
Inf. Shotgun Ammo - Cape Canardo  F811B67E0000270F
Inf. Bomb Ammo - Cape Canardo  F829B67E0000270F
Inf. Rocket Ammo - Cape Canardo  37F904BF0000270F
Inf. Freeze Ammo - Cape Canardo  5E3757AF0000270F
Inf. Plasma Ammo - Cape Canardo  83EBADF80000270F
Inf. Neutron Ammo - Cape Canardo  96882A0F0000270F
Inf. Pistol Ammo - VAB Building  A8C36F260000270F
Inf. Shotgun Ammo - VAB Building  D6D0BD680000270F
Inf. Bomb Ammo - VAB Building  D6E8BD680000270F
Inf. Pistol Ammo - Beaver Dam  4F3A351E0000270F
Inf. Shotgun Ammo - Beaver Dam  78FDF9D50000270F
Inf. Bomb Ammo - Beaver Dam  7805F9D50000270F
Inf. Rocket Ammo - Beaver Dam  A1DB7B460000270F
Inf. Freeze Ammo - Beaver Dam  C06BCD2F0000270F
Inf. Plasma Ammo - Beaver Dam  F111BC510000270F
Inf. Neutron Ammo - Beaver Dam  F129BC510000270F
Inf. Neutron Ammo - Beaver Power  E5073C510000270F
Inf. Pistol Ammo - Compound Factions  D4D8A9980000270F
Inf. Shotgun Ammo - Compound Factions  1C1C3CD60000270F
Inf. Bomb Ammo - Compound Factions  1C243CD60000270F
Inf. Rocket Ammo - Compound Factions  44E2358E0000270F
Inf. Freeze Ammo - Compound Factions  68CB41060000270F
Inf. Plasma Ammo - Compound Factions  94F020B00000270F
Inf. Neutron Ammo - Compound Factions  AA937BD60000270F
Inf. Pistol Ammo - God Machine Valley  7035E4FC0000270F
Inf. Shotgun Ammo - God Machine Valley  A9EB666F0000270F
Inf. Plasma Ammo - Beaver Power  E53F3C510000270F
Inf. Bomb Ammo - God Machine Valley  B9060D730000270F
Inf. Rocket Ammo - God Machine Valley  E9AF2F6A0000270F
Inf. Freeze Ammo - God Machine Valley  1F54216F0000270F
Inf. Plasma Ammo - God Machine Valley  479228370000270F
Inf. Neutron Ammo - God Machine Valley  47AA28370000270F
Inf. Pistol Ammo - Saving Gwynth  9CF825670000270F
Inf. Shotgun Ammo - Saving Gwynth  C343C8680000270F
Inf. Bomb Ammo - Saving Gwynth  DC88AC4F0000270F
Inf. Rocket Ammo - Saving Gwynth  144C39010000270F
Inf. Freeze Ammo - Saving Gwynth  3D810BD70000270F
Inf. Plasma Ammo - Saving Gwynth  60A344D10000270F
Inf. Neutron Ammo - Saving Gwynth  609B44D10000270F
Inf. Pistol Ammo - Beaver Power  25F747800000270F
Inf. Shotgun Ammo - Beaver Power  53BF53920000270F
Inf. Bomb Ammo - Beaver Power  673B4F840000270F
Inf. Rocket Ammo - Beaver Power  9B002E320000270F
Inf. Freeze Ammo - Beaver Power  B5961E480000270F
Infinite Shotgun Ammo - Quackenheim Museum  39C90C250000270F
Infinite Bomb Ammo - Quackenheim Museum  39F10C250000270F
Infinite Rocket Ammo - Quackenheim Museum  64D343230000270F
Infinite Freeze Ammo - Quackenheim Museum  8DE3A5620000270F
Infinite Plasma Ammo - Quackenheim Museum  B67E12EF0000270F
Infinite Neutron Ammo - Quackenheim Museum  C73BCF9A0000270F
Infinite Pistol Ammo - Quackenheim Museum  F619BEE40000270F
Infinite Neutron Ammo - New Quack City  B4A61A6A0000270F
Infinite Pistol Ammo - World Quack Center  DC58A9EF0000270F
Infinite Shotgun Ammo - World Quack Center  149C3CA10000270F
Infinite Bomb Ammo - World Quack Center  14A43CA10000270F
Infinite Rocket Ammo - World Quack Center  4C6235F90000270F
Infinite Freeze Ammo - World Quack Center  604B41710000270F
Infinite Plasma Ammo - World Quack Center  9C7020C70000270F
Infinite Neutron Ammo - World Quack Center  A2137BA10000270F
Infinite Pistol Ammo - Lower East Quack  2BD749B80000270F
Infinite Shotgun Ammo - Lower East Quack  5D9F5DAA0000270F
Infinite Plasma Ammo - New Quack City  B49E1A6A0000270F
Inf. Bomb Ammo - Lower East Quack  5DA75DAA0000270F
Infinite Rocket Ammo - Lower East Quack  807BA7FD0000270F
Infinite Freeze Ammo - Lower East Quack  AB637B6C0000270F
Infinite Plasma Ammo - Lower East Quack  D570A9220000270F
Infinite Neutron Ammo - Lower East Quack  EB2732690000270F
Infinite Pistol Ammo - Village  F4F9B82E0000270F
Infinite Shotgun Ammo - Village  3B290AEF0000270F
Infinite Bomb Ammo - Village  3BD10AEF0000270F
Infinite Rocket Ammo - Village  66F345E90000270F
Infinite Freeze Ammo - Village  8FC3A3A80000270F
Infinite Plasma Ammo - Village   B45E14250000270F
Infinite Neutron Ammo - Village  B46614250000270F
Infinite Pistol Ammo - New Quack City  E45738730000270F
Infinite Shotgun Ammo - New Quack City  24FF43A20000270F
Infinite Bomb Ammo - New Quack City  3B1104A00000270F
Infinite Rocket Ammo - New Quack City  66334BA60000270F
Infinite Freeze Ammo - New Quack City  8F03ADE70000270F


Just a simple breakdown of how many tokens can be found in each area. (Courtesy GLu)
Check out GLu's FAQ on tokens at www.gamefaqs.com!

  Location               Listed / Possible
  Fur Fighter Village        50 /  50
  Undermill                 100 / 100
  New Quack City Hub         10 /  10
  New Quack City Levels     300 / 300
  Beaver Power Hub           10 /  10
  Beaver Power Levels       300 / 300
  Cape Canardo Hub           10 /  10
  Cape Canardo Levels       300 / 300
  Dinotopolis Hub            10 /  10
  Dinotopolis Levels        300 / 300
  City of Fear Hub           10 /  10
  City of Fear Levels       300 / 300
  Viggo A Gogo Hub           10 /  10
  Viggo A Gogo Levels       300 / 300

  Total                    2010 / 2010




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