FAQ/Walkthrough by speedstar01

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*Fur Fighters* (What, no ASCII?)
Written by Speedstar

Status: Everything's finished except Section 6. Anything past Dinotopolis still 
needs writing.


1. Weapons
2. The Heroes
3. The Enemies
4. Other Characters of Importance
5. Items You'll Find
6. The Game (finally...) 
7. Minigames 
8. Credits/Acknowledgements 

Boy, what to talk about... It's an introduction, right? I've gotta have 
something to talk about. Oh wait, right. The game. Fur Fighters is what I 
consider one of those "underrated" games. It's a truly awesome game that sadly 
didn't seem to get too much attention (not to my knowledge anyway). 
Nevertheless, for those who do own this rare piece of excellence from Bizarre 
Creations, I wrote this guide. And I've beaten the game twice, so I have a 
pretty good grasp on the directions I'm giving when I do level walkthroughs. 
But in any case (and I don't mean for this to be an advertisement or anything), 
if you have a Dreamcast and don't have this game, look around. Used game 
stores, eBay, whatever. You can probably pick up a copy of this for around $10 
or less (at least, that's what I got mine for). It's easily the best Dreamcast 
game I own (yes, even better than Sonic Adventure), and had it been the only 
game released, I STILL would have bought a Dreamcast just to be able to play 
it. Get it. Now. Right then, introduction over. On to the actual guide, huh?

Section 1 – Weapons
Note: The locations given for each weapon are the earliest locations in the 
game, to the extent of my knowledge, where you can find them. If nothing is 
listed, either I don't know, or you start with it. (And if I'm wrong about 
something, please feel free to e-mail me about it, and I'll fix it. See Section 
8 for contact details.)

Short Range/Melee Attack

	Basically, the attack you use when you’re completely out of ammo. It’s 
not very powerful, and I’d only use it to solve puzzles or in scenarios when 
shooting isn’t advisable.


	The standard weapon of the game, and the one you start out with. It has a 
low rate of fire and isn’t real powerful, but can be useful at long range. It 
holds up to a max of 300 bullets.

Submachine Gun

	The Submachine Gun is an upgrade of the pistol. It has a slightly higher 
rate of fire, and is a bit more powerful. It holds up to a max of 300 bullets. 
It can be found in The World Quack Centre.

Heavy Machine Gun

	The Heavy Machine Gun is an upgrade of the Submachine Gun. It has an 
insanely high rate of fire, and is pretty dang powerful to boot, making it a 
good, all-around weapon. It holds up to a max of 300 bullets, and can be 
obtained in Compound Factions.


	The Shotgun is a powerful weapon up close, usually killing in one shot 
when close enough (with some exceptions), but suffers greatly at long range 
(translation: don't even try it). It has an even lower firing rate than that of 
the Pistol, making it a bit unreliable in scenarios when you’re in a room 
crowded with enemies. It holds up to a max of 100 shells, and can be found in 
the Undermill.

Automatic Shotgun

	One of my personal favorites, this baby makes the Shotgun look like a 
slow, outdated piece of garbage. Seriously, you'll never want to use it again. 
It’s basically the same as the Shotgun, except with a seriously jacked-up 
firing rate. It holds up to a max of 100 shells, and can be found in Cape 

Bomb Launcher

	The Bomb Launcher fires bombs (duh) straight ahead, which roll around a 
bit and explode. However, if the bombs come in contact with an enemy (or you, 
for that matter), they’ll explode instantly, almost surely resulting in an 
instant kill, or taking a good chunk of your health if it hits you. It holds up 
to a max of 50 grenades (huh? I thought they were bombs!), and can be found in 
Lower East Quack.

Cluster Bomber (or, the really dangerous explosive thingy)

	Caution: Do not use in a tightly spaced area. This thing, while nearly 
identical to the Bomb Launcher, instead launches three bombs at once in a 
spreading pattern, causing mass chaos and havoc. It’s great for taking out big 
groups of enemies, but as stated above, watch out for enclosed areas, because 
these things will ricochet off walls and go in God-knows-what direction. It 
holds up to 50 grenades, and can be found in God Machine Valley.

Rocket Launcher

	Another one of my personal favorites, this thing provides some great 
comic relief, as there’s almost nothing funnier than seeing bears blasted high 
into the air with a well-aimed rocket. A little caution is advised though, as 
due to its highly destructive nature, if you stand a little too close to the 
blast, you’ll end up taking damage as well. It holds up to 20 rockets, and can 
be picked up in Lower East Quack.


	Don’t be fooled by the name – this is NOT a reliable homing rocket 
launcher. In fact, it seems to tend not to home in on enemies 75% of the time. 
To get it to do that, you seem to have to be aiming right at the enemy in 
question anyway, and when it doesn’t home, it just hugs the ground, making this 
weapon basically useless. Take my advice and stick with the Rocket Launcher. It 
holds up to a max of 20 rockets, and can be acquired in Beaver Dam.

Plasma Blaster

	This is a great weapon for all-around use, as it’s VERY powerful, and 
doesn’t use up ammo too fast. Just a few hits from this, and enemies simply 
disintegrate. I’d even go as far as to say it rivals the Heavy Machine Gun. It 
holds up to a max of 350 “energy,” and can be found in Beaver Power.

Plasma Beamer

	This thing is insane. Put simply, it fires a constant blue beam of plasma 
energy which locks onto any nearby enemy until they die. It’s actually a little 
less powerful than the Plasma Blaster (I think, anyway), and uses up ammo so 
quickly, you’ll be left standing there scratching your head, wondering where 
all the energy went. I personally wouldn’t use this weapon except for special 
scenarios. It holds up to 350 “energy,” and can be found in the VAB Building.

Neutron Gun

	Wait, did I say the Plasma Beamer was insane? Guess I spoke too soon. 
THIS thing is insane. Anything (barring bosses) hit by this is instantly 
killed, and the best part of it is, there’s no way to hit yourself with it! I 
feel almost dirty. A great weapon for killing roomfuls enemies, but ammo is 
limited and VERY hard to find. Only use in emergencies. It holds up to 5 
“SMART,” and can be found in Cape Canardo.

Flame Gun

	The last of my personal favorites, this thing is also very funny, 
reducing enemies to piles of ash when hit with it. This, like the Rocket and 
Bomb Launchers, almost always results in an instant kill. It can hold up to 40 
“thermal,” and can be found in the VAB Building.

Freeze Gun

	Interestingly, this is actually listed in the game as the upgrade of the 
Flame Gun. I always thought the Flame Gun was better, but heck, that’s just my 
opinion. This doesn’t actually kill anyone (not that I know of anyway), but 
rather freezes them, making them vulnerable to attack. Any enemy attacked while 
frozen is instantly killed, regardless of the chosen weapon. That’s right! Go 
nuts with your melee attacks! Anyway, the one thing you should watch out for 
with this weapon is that Polar Bears (those are the white ones, in case you 
didn’t know) can’t be frozen. So don’t try it. It holds up to 40 “thermal,” and 
can be picked up in the VAB Building.

Section 2 – The Heroes
Roofus (Dog)

	Roofus is the leader of the Fur Fighters, and my personal favorite 
character (don’t ask me why). He comes from Scotland, and served in the army 
there when he was younger. His special skill is digging; whenever you see a 
mound of dirt, stand over it and press the jump button to have Roofus burrow 
down through it to a new area.

Chang (Firefox)

	Chang is a technological genius, and seems to be the only one who 
actually knows how to fix the telepoint machine (you’ll find out). His origins 
lie in Hong Kong, where he, like Roofus, also served in the army. His special 
skill is his height (snicker); he can get into tight areas that the other Fur 
Fighters can’t.

Tweek (Dragon)

	Tweek’s less than a day old, but is already seemingly an expert with 
firearms (if only all babies were like this…). Being so young, he also doesn’t 
seem to be able to say anything but his own name, although everyone seemingly 
understands him just fine (I know I sure don’t). Tweek comes from Wales (don’t 
ask). His special ability is gliding; press and hold the jump button while in 
mid-jump, and he’ll glide slowly downward. This is useful for reaching faraway 
ledges or jumping off of particularly high cliffs.

Rico (Rockhopper Penguin)

	Rico’s kind of that dreaming, head-in-the-clouds sort of guy. He likes to 
think of himself as a big hero, but isn’t really all that he imagines himself 
to be. Rico’s from Argentina (as evidenced by much of his music), where he 
lived a pretty normal penguin-type life. His special skill is swimming; when 
floating, press the jump button to dive down. 

Juliette (Cat)

	Juliette is one of those stubborn, headstrong people who don’t like to 
follow the rules. You know someone like this, everyone does. Anyway, she 
somewhat reluctantly agrees to help at the start of the game. She originates 
from France, as shown by much of her dialogue and music. Her special skill is 
climbing on walls (reminiscent of Knuckles the Echidna); whenever you see 
little scratch marks on a surface, jump at them, and Juliette will stick to 
them like glue (well, hopefully…).

Bungalow (Kangaroo)

	Bungalow is really strong, but leaves something to be desired in the 
mental region. He is Roofus’ best friend, and doesn’t object to following 
orders. He comes from Australia (who’d of thunk?). His special ability is 
jumping; his leaps and bounds far surpass the height of the other Fur 
Fighters', giving him access to areas otherwise unreachable.

Section 3 – The Enemies
General Viggo

	The big baddie, the head cheese, the criminal mastermind—whatever. This 
cat (yes, he’s a cat) means business, snatching all of the Fur Fighters’ 
children right off the bat, leaving our furry heroes with nothing to do except, 
duh, organize an attack. Driven by a deep-rooted hatred for the Fur Fighters 
(especially Roofus, it would seem) ever since he was stopped by them long ago, 
he’s back with vengeance this time around, bringing the power of Viggo 
Industries with him. He also has an army of less-than-competent yet 
appropriately named “Stupid Bears” with him, leaving the Fur Fighters with work 
cut out for them. Also, he's got a little pet human named “Fifi” which is 
always in his lap, giving Viggo a more-than-obvious resemblance to a certain 
James Bond villain…

Stupid Bears (Black)

	These guys are mostly found in New Quack City, and are easily disposed 
of. They carry around Pistols, and don’t seem to be too good at using them 

Stupid Bears (Brown)

	These ones are found all over the place. They’re armed with Shotguns, and 
can be a real pain-in-the-butt if they aren’t killed quickly, as Shotgun damage 
adds up fast. Like the black Stupid Bears, they’re easily taken care of.

Polar Bears

	These guys are a little tougher than the other bears, as they can take 
significantly more damage (rocket shots don’t even kill them in one hit!), and 
are unaffected by the Freeze Gun. They’re armed with Submachine Guns, and are 
pretty adept with them, so watch out.

Alligators/Rats (in Dinotopolis)

	These don’t have weapons of any kind, and would much rather hurt you with 
their vicious close-range attacks. They’re also the hardest to kill; they can 
take an incredible amount of damage (Shotgun seems most effective, though).


	These annoying little nuisances run around with Pistols, shooting at you 
from all angles. When there’s more than one, they’ll double-team you, shooting 
from opposite sides, making them especially tricky.

31st Century Fox

	While also a joke on the movie company, this guy is incredibly annoying, 
being no more than a freaking huge version of the Foxes. It takes an insane 
amount of damage to kill him, usually leaving your ammunition packets 
significantly lighter. As far as I know, he only shows up twice, and is equally 
resistant both times.


	One of the biggest annoyances in the game, the Peacocks are heavily 
armed, decked out with Rocket Launchers. They’ll shoot at a moment’s notice 
too, so approach cautiously. Also the guy Viggo takes his frustrations out upon 


	The Armadillos can’t be damaged while curled up, and they only open up 
when they’re shooting. So what do you do? Easy! Let ‘em open up and shoot like 
mad! They’re armed with Heavy Machine Guns (gasp!) so it’s advisable to 
dispatch them as quickly as possible.


	Usually, you won’t see them until they’re right in front of you, or 
you’ve been hit by them. Like the Alligators, the Lizards don’t have weapons, 
but rather settle for melee attacks. They’re hard to follow, as they disappear 
rather quickly, but you can still shoot them even if you can’t see them.


	Little blue-and-red things that can swim and walk on land. In the water, 
they’ll attack with pincers, on land, with Shotguns.


	These huge, hulking plants are there to ruin your day, snapping down at 
anything that approaches them. As far as I know, they can’t be killed (I’ve 
never managed to, anyway), so the best thing to do is simply run past them.

Section 4 – Other Characters of Importance
General Bristol

	Bristol’s your main advisor throughout the game, always ready to lend a 
helping hand when you’re stuck, or to inform you at crucial points. He’s the 
ghost of a walrus; apparently he was killed in battle or something, and there 
are many jokes about this throughout the game.

Sergeant Sternhauser

	He may come off as an egotistical snob, but he can be useful if you 
complete his training exercises. Basically, throughout the game, he’ll 
challenge you to some memory games where you have to press certain button 
combinations. If you succeed in this a few times, he’ll reward you with health, 
weapons, and other things.


	Roofus’ wife. From what I could make out of her limited dialogue, she’s 
also Scottish. You fight her in Anatat Tatanatat.


	Chang’s wife. Unless I’m mistaken, she doesn’t talk in the whole game. 
You fight her in Anatat Tatanatat.


	Tweek’s mother. She doesn’t talk a whole lot either. You fight her in New 
Quack City.


	Rico’s wife (oddly enough, almost looks exactly like him). You fight her 
in Beaver Power (and Rico gets a slapping…he-he!).


	Juliette’s husband. Claude, aside from being a boss, also makes an 
appearance in the Quackenheim Museum. Apparently, he and Juliette argue a lot 
as well…hmm… You fight him in Cape Canardo.


	Esmerelda’s a grouch. Either that, or she can’t put up with Bungalow’s 
dim-wittedness. You fight her in Dinotopolis. 

Section 5 – Items You'll Find
Meercat Multiple

	A useful knickknack, the Meercat Multiple makes four meercats appear by 
you, all of which will fire Submachine Guns at your target whenever you fire a 
weapon. They last for a limited time.

Bug Shield

	This thing is incredibly useful. When picked up, three bugs hover side-
by-side around you, protecting you until all three are “used up”. As far as I 
can tell, there’s no time limit, so when you see it, pick it up.

Bear Disguise

	In lamest terms, it’s a cardboard box with a bear head drawn on it. Bears 
can’t seem to distinguish it from the real thing though, so they won’t shoot 
you while you’re wearing it. However, if you start shooting, they will shoot at 
you. It lasts for a limited time.

Section 6 – The Game (finally…)
Fur Fighter Village

	The story begins through a rather lengthy, yet entertaining cut scene. 
Our heroes have settled down to a quiet, peaceful life along the beach to relax 
and raise their children. An awful lot of children at that… (ahem) Anyway, as 
the scene unfolds, Roofus awakens in his house to find three babies at his 
feet. They drag him outside, where he’s knocked fully awake by the sight of 
Viggo’s helicopters heading straight for them. He runs inside to grab his 
pistol, but is knocked out instantly by Viggo’s sleeping gas, as is everyone 
else. Viggo, gentleman that he is, takes the time to explain his plan to 
Roofus’ limp form, mentioning the detail of capturing all their babies as 
hostages, and then flies off in high spirits. 
	Soon afterward, the Fur Fighters awaken, and Roofus relays the details to 
all of them via a note Viggo left behind. A plan is formed, and the game 

The Undermill
Difficulty: Snore…

	Depending on who you selected at the beginning of the game, that'll be 
the character you start The Undermill (and the game) with. This is supposedly 
the Fur Fighters’ training bunker, and serves as (duh) the obligatory training 

	After proceeding down a couple corridors, you’ll get to a room with six 
telepoints in it, one for each character. Ignore this and walk to the next 
room, where Bristol will explain about rescuing babies and switching 
characters. Apparently, he was able to save six babies, one to each 
parent/brother. Anyway, after doing that, Bristol and Sternhauser will explain 
the health system, commenting on how 8 out of 10 platoons prefer "Pet Yums". 
Hmm... After that, Bristol will give you a Subway Ticket, which gets you into 
New Quack City. You can just leave, or you can continue on and collect some 
tokens (and a Shotgun). I won’t go through all that, as it’s all pretty self-

New Quack City

	The story develops further, with Viggo talking about his latest plans, 
including a heist at the Quackenheim Museum. He’s then (very rudely) 
interrupted by his right-hand Peacock, who yells something about approaching 
Fur Fighters. Viggo dispatches the Peacock by dropping him down a trap door 
(don’t worry, he comes back), and mutters something about having a “penchant 
for the smell of burning fur”. The scene cuts to the outside, where we see a 
dark, ominous figure, flying through the sky…

	This is where the real fun starts. Set in the middle of a New York-
resembling city on a snowy night, it’s a good place to get a feel for the game 
in, with enemies and whatnot walking around. Bristol will fill you in on the 
place, also telling you the order in which to do the levels. You don’t have to 
do them in that order, but that’s also their order of difficulty, so I’d listen 
to him. So, without further ado, it’s time for…

The World Quack Centre
Difficulty: Easy

	First off, I'm not British. That's just how the game spells it. But now 
I'm getting off-topic...
	This level is pretty straightforward. Start by going straight, collecting 
tokens and some ammo. Take the right fork, and you’ll end up in some restaurant 
that plays some notoriously annoying oriental music. Switch to Rico, and 
navigate your way through the aquarium, following the arrows. You’ll eventually 
come out next to a Rico baby.
	You should now be in a room with a row of long, flat tables. Find the 
nearby Chang telepoint and rescue his baby.
	Go back to where you started, this time taking the left fork. Navigate 
your way down the hall, shooting anything that gets in your way. You’ll see 
some doors to your left. Switch to Roofus and go outside. Burrow through the 
series of dirt mounds and collect the baby.
	Continuing on down the hallway, you’ll find a bird who won’t let you into 
the elevator while he’s on his shift. Head back down the stairs and outside 
into a maze of bushes. Find the lift under the clock and go up on it. When it 
reaches the top, jump onto the clock hand near you. The bird will mutter 
something about the time and leave.
	OPTIONAL: Instead of immediately taking the lift, go straight through the 
door. Sternhauser will challenge you, and if you win, you’ll get some health, 
along with the Submachine Gun.

	Take the lift upward, and take care of all the bears in the room when you 
get to the top. Head to the left, and you’ll come out in a room full of 
exercise machines. Change to Juliette and rescue the baby that’s on the 
conveyor belt. Take the other door in the room, and find the baby in the 
	Head back to the area by the lift, and go straight. That bird from the 
elevator apparently has a security camera, and won’t let you pass. Push the 
small building model in front of the camera, and he won’t see you. Dispatch all 
the bears, and continue to the swimming pool. 
	Find the plugs and stick them in the bottom of the swimming pool (you’ll 
have to do this sequentially), and the room will flood, letting you get into a 
small duct near the ceiling. Proceed through it, and you’ll wind up inside an 
elevator shaft (how convenient…). Push the weight off the edge, and you’ll see 
a cut scene where an elevator is shot upward, and a bear flies through the roof 
(laughs). Jump down onto the nearby elevator, and go through the opening. 
You’ll find yourself (once again) in the elevator landing. Change to Bungalow 
and go up through the elevator you just opened up. Collect his baby in the room 
you find, and go back down.
	Back at the landing, go up through the last elevator. Change to Roofus, 
and Bristol will comment about a puppy on the other building. Find the controls 
for the anti-sway counterweight, and press the buttons, alternating between 
each one. Eventually, you’ll see a cut scene, and the puppy will now be on your 
	Change to Bungalow, and head up top. A baby Kangaroo is trying to land 
the helicopter, but can’t see the landing lights. Very carefully navigate 
around the edges of the building and turn the lights on (there’s four). Dispose 
of the bear in the copter, and collect the baby. Push the box out of the 
helicopter and press the button. A giant gorilla will inflate (huh?), causing a 
circling plane to crash, which knocks over a crane. Carefully, walk across the 
crane to the other building, get the last Bungalow baby, and leave.

That wasn’t so hard, huh? Well, now on to…

Lower East Quack
Difficulty: Fairly Easy

	You start on a subway platform…but the subway is pulling out! Bristol 
will tell you that there’s a puppy on the train, but you can catch it at the 
next stop (which is conveniently located at the end of the level). Whatever you 
do, DON’T touch the tracks.
	Descend to ground level and take care of all the bears. Climb up a fire 
escape, change to Chang, and navigate around the edge. Once inside, open the 
doors ONE AT A TIME and shoot anything that comes out. Once all the bears are 
dead, a baby will come out of the last door.
	Go back down (still as Chang), and you’ll find a nearby turnoff. A tank 
will chase you around. Get it to fire at the target fences, and eventually 
you’ll come to another baby.
	Backtrack to where you first climbed the fire escape, and take the only 
path you haven’t already taken. Press a button on the side of a building, and a 
staircase will drop down. Follow it up and proceed to find a baby dragon 
(there’s a Tweek telepoint at the top).
	Go back down and continue on. You’ll see a ladder off to the side; jump 
to grab it. There’s a puppy at the top. Get back down, and continue down the 

	OPTIONAL: On the sidewalk, there’s a post with a button on it. Press it, 
and a lift will come up. Kill the bear, and take the lift down. Navigate your 
way through the underground tunnels, and while down there, you can grab a Bomb 

	Outside the gun shop, there’s a puppy.

	OPTIONAL: If you go inside the gun shop, you’ll apparently be dubbed the 
“millionth” visitor, and will be allowed a certain amount of time (I forget how 
long) to grab all the stuff you can. There’s some good stuff you can grab, like 
Rocket Launchers.

	Keep following the road, and you’ll see a bridge that’s raised. All 
you’ve got to do is lower it…but the controls are on the other side! Switch to 
Tweek, drop down a ways, and collect a dragon. Climb back up and glide over, 
killing the Peacock along the way. Go inside and hit the button, which lowers 
the bridge. Now, glide back over and climb back up. A taxi driver will offer 
you a ride, but you have to pay him. Backtrack a little ways to find a kid 
who’ll offer to shoot hoops with you. If you make enough, he’ll give you a 
dime. Use it to pay the taxi driver to get over the bridge.
	Proceed a little ways, taking care of enemies, and drop down into the 
sewer (it should be pretty noticeable). Switch to Rico, and find the button 
that raises the water level. Now, swim over to a ladder you couldn’t reach 
before, and climb up. A baby penguin is at the top. 
	Proceed until you come to the bottom of a suspension bridge. Change to 
Bungalow, and continue to the top. You’ll see a semi-truck drive by. When it 
comes by, jump on top of it. You’ll come to a ledge with a baby kangaroo.
	Keep going (still as Bungalow), and you’ll see a dog on an ice ledge. 
Jump up, and look upward and slightly to the right. You’ll see a target water 
tower. Shoot it and it freezes over behind you. Change to Roofus and come back. 
Now you can get the puppy.
	You’re close to the end now. Get into the train platform and go upward. 
You’ll see a train coming in, and a puppy steps out. 
	Go back a little ways to find Rico. Switch to him and go back into the 
platform, only this time, go downward. You’ll find a baby penguin down there. 
Go back up, and exit the level.

Nice, you’re almost there!

The Quackenheim Museum
Difficulty: Moderate

	General Viggo talked earlier about setting up a heist here, and sure 
enough, the place is loaded with bears. Go into the main room and take them all 
	Proceed to a room with a temple in it, and change to Bungalow. Find the 
small room with the moving blades and get through that to the baby kangaroo.
	Go back into the main room and go up the ramp. Find the room with the 
odd-looking dresser drawers in it, and look for a sign on the ceiling. Shoot 
down one of the ropes on the sign, and the drawers will tip over, the final one 
smashing a glass case. Go back down and pick up the ticket stub.
	Go into the coat room, and change to Roofus. Give the stub to the 
machine, and a coat will come out with a puppy in it.
	Head back to the ramp, but before you can get there, you’ll get attacked 
by some modern art. Dodge its shots and hit it in the eye with the Rocket 
Launcher until it’s dead. Now, go back up to the drawer room and go where it 
says “Cat Art: a Retrospective”. On the wooden, moving exhibit, climb up part 
of the way with Bungalow, change to Juliette, and climb the rest of the way, up 
to a kitten.
	Backtrack a little and find the theater. Turn the screen on and Claude 
will tell you about his favorite things. Press the buttons in the right order, 
and he’ll tell you the combination to the vault. (Don’t worry, that part comes 
later.) Anyway, get back out onto the ramp and proceed up to the top level. 
Jump on top of the glass cabinet with Bungalow to find a baby.

	OPTIONAL: In the same room, still with Bungalow, jump up on the stones 
and knock the bowling ball over. It will roll down the ramp and into the 
bowling pins on the bottom floor, smashing a glass case and allowing you to get 
the Rocket Launcher and tokens inside.

	Proceed down the hallway on the top floor, killing the enemies. Change to 
Tweek if you want to. Proceed into a room with two meteorites in it, and that 
bird from the World Quack Centre won’t let you pass, saying he’s got a key. 
He’ll drop it though, and it’ll get stuck to one of the meteorites (they’re 
magnetic). Dejected, he’ll walk away muttering to himself. Push the rear 
meteorite next to the front one and the key will fall off. Use it to unlock the 
	In the room, change to Chang and push the crystals into the laser. The 
diamonds will lower themselves into the floor though, but you can still get the 
baby firefox. 
	Change back to Tweek and backtrack all the way back to the dresser room. 
Go down that same hallway again, into the Cat Art room. Get to the floor, and 
go down the passageway under the ramp. Kill all the enemies, picking up the Bug 
Shield, and proceed to the next room. Climb onto one of the metal shelves, and 
glide over to the corner to get a baby dragon.
	Continue to the next room, and that blasted bird shows up again, this 
time moaning about the boiler. Fix the boiler for him, and a door will open up. 
Get the baby dragon in there.
	Proceed down the corridors, changing to Roofus via a telepoint on one of 
the metal ledges. Find a puppy on one of the ledges as well.
	Open the vault door with that code Claude gave you (if ya still remember 
it!), and go in as Tweek (you may have to backtrack a little to find his 
telepoint. It's on one of the metal ledges, right after the boiler room). Glide 
to the diamonds, collect the baby, and leave.

Right, now on to the boss!

Saving Gwynth
Difficulty: Easy

	Change to Tweek (if you aren’t already him) and glide down off of the 
helicopter. Bristol shows up (great timing there) and informs Tweek of Viggo’s 
genetic mutation, which he’s apparently used on Tweek’s mother. Bristol 
continues, saying that the only way to save Gwynth is to defeat her (that was 
	The fight starts off rather easily, and, um…stays rather easy. The fight 
is basically divided into four parts. Gwynth walks around spitting fire, 
occasionally taking off and flying for a bit. When she’s walking, hit her with 
everything you’ve got (I recommend the Submachine Gun). After a while, she’ll 
get pissed off and spit a huge fireball, completely eradicating the platform 
you’re on. (Don’t worry, Tweek jumps to safety automatically.)
	You’ll end up on a ledge on the side of another building. Walk around and 
collect the items, then take the lift up to the top. Repeat the process, and 
that building’s history. Then, repeat two more times, and Gwynth’s out of 

	Bristol congratulates you and all that good stuff, and then hands you an 
Entry Permit into Beaver Power, commenting on how he’s dead and all. Head home.

Beaver Power

	New Quack City is safe now, but not everything is going so well 
everywhere else. A very disgruntled beaver reads the latest headline, which 
announces Viggo Industries’ takeover of Beaver Power. He confers with the head 
beaver, and then Viggo himself arrives. Head Beaver isn't in the most cheerful 
mood in the world though, and basically tells Viggo to clear out. Viggo isn’t 
too keen to the remarks, and tells the lead beaver – rather roughly – that he 
and his bears are there to stay. He goes on, mentioning a “mutual friend” of 
theirs. The scene cuts to underwater, where a shadowy figure looms in the deep… 
(Sounds kind of like the first level, huh?)

	Okay, so you’ve beaten the first level, and now you’re all like “nothing 
can stop me and my mad gaming skillz!”. Wrong. The game gets progressively 
harder, and Beaver Power is no exception. Bristol again shows up, and suggests 
the level order. Again, follow his advice. There are lots of new weapons in 
this area, namely the Plasma Blaster which you can win from Sternhauser, who’s 
around somewhere. So, let’s get cracking, huh?

Compound Factions
Difficulty: Moderate

	Go straight to start off, taking care of the enemies in the clearing. Off 
to the right, there’s a path, leading to a kitten, complete with a 
conveniently-placed Juliette telepoint. Go back to the clearing, and grab the 
crank-handle off the back of the earth mover.
	Continue straight, and there’ll be a cut scene showing a puppy in a 
shack. Change to Roofus (he should be nearby) and make your way across the gray 
containers. Put the crank-handle into the back of the stationary earth mover, 
and it’ll move, allowing you to get the puppy in the shack from the cut scene. 
	Burrow under the gate and change to Juliette. Climb up and over the gate 
to get the kitten.
	Now, proceed, following the beaten path. Watch out for the numerous 
Peacocks on the way. You’ll come to a cliff. Change to Chang and slide down, 
and you’ll get attacked by bears coming out of porta-potties (again, don’t 
ask…), complete with flushing noises. Take care of them, and head down and 
	Right by the entrance to the exploding building, there’s a small crevice 
to fit through. Go through it to find a baby firefox. 
	Now, enter the explosives building. For this, I switch to the melee 
attack to make SURE I don’t fire, because one shot, and you’re blown to kingdom 
come. Just ignore the Alligators; you can easily outrun them. In one corner of 
the building is a Bungalow telepoint; find it and switch to him. Make your way 
over to the other corner (the one with the blinding white light), and go 
outside to find a kangaroo in a cage. Shoot the lock to set him free. Go back 
into the warehouse, making your way back along the tops of boxes. On one, 
you’ll find a set square. Make sure to pick it up before leaving.
	Back in the clearing, head up to a small shack. The beaver inside says he 
won’t give out anymore Safety Certificates (or something like that) until he 
has his set square back. Give it to him, and he’ll give you a certificate, 
which allows you to get into the second part of the level. Find the beaver at a 
gate and give it to him, and he’ll open the gate. Inside, change to Roofus 
(he’s in that area with the brown, murky water). Backtrack to the clearing.
	Find a steep, uphill path and follow it. You’ll come to a clearing with 
construction tools. Use the wrecking ball to break open the cement cylinder to 
retrieve the puppy inside. On the way back there's an alternate path you can 
take. Shoot a rock in the wall to get a Heavy Machine Gun.
	Find the gate again and go back through. This time go straight, and 
you’ll see a bulldozer ahead. You need to move it, so get inside one of the 
wheels and run forward. Once it gets as far is it’ll go, climb on top and get 
on the scaffolding to pick up a puppy.
	Backtrack to the clearing and switch to Juliette. Now, go back to the 
bulldozer area and climb up the hill to the left of it, and follow the path to 
the kitten.
	Backtrack to the bulldozer and retrace your steps a little, following the 
only path you haven’t gone on yet (it leads slightly left, I think). Get into 
the shed and change to Bungalow to get over the boxes. A steamroller will come 
at you, so climb on the boxes and jump over it. It’ll go out into the water. 
Use it to make your way down the stream, and backtrack along the ledge to the 
	Hop down into the water, taking care not to hurt yourself. Swim out, and 
exit the level.

God Machine Valley
Difficulty: Slightly Hard

	Walk down the ledges at the beginning and dispatch anything in your way. 
Bristol will quickly fill you in. Make your way around the circular area, 
taking care not to get hit by the rotating saw. Go into the cave and change to 
Bungalow (if you aren’t him already). Go the rest of the way, and jump over the 
high ledges by the scaffolding.
	Still as Bungalow, jump onto the earth mover in the clearing. It will 
lift you up to a kangaroo.
	Go into the explosives area, and a puppy will set off the dynamite. Get 
out in one piece, and change to Roofus if you aren't him already (he should be 
nearby, by a shack) and go back in for the puppy.
	Change back to Bungalow (he's by the earthmover) and hop up onto the 
ledge where the shack is. Look behind it; there’s a baby kangaroo. Go inside, 
and a beaver will challenge you to an arm wrestle. If you win, he’ll give you a 
Union Pass, which lets you screw around with the God Machines. Anyway, winning 
shouldn’t be too hard.
	Backtrack to the first God Machine (the rotating saw thing) and press the 
button up on the scaffolding to make it stop. Wait for it to slow down, and 
climb up on it. Proceed over the conveyor belts to a kangaroo at the end.
	Backtrack (again) to the shack where you got the Union Pass, this time 
going straight. Ride the three earth movers up to the top ledge, and jump over 
to the other side. Pass the kitten up to find a Juliette telepoint further 
down. (It’s kind of tucked in a corner.)
	Proceed further to a site where Hippy Beavers are protesting the 
destruction of a “sacred monument”. Yeah, right. Shoot the boulder to make it 
roll down and destroy the monument, which brings the machinery in. Still as 
Juliette, jump up and ride the pipes to reach a rock ledge and a kitten. 
	Backtrack a little (still, as Juliette) to the drill God Machine. Use it 
to drill a hole in the opposite wall, which reveals a Chang telepoint and the 
entrance to Dinotopolis (more on that later). Climb up the drill bit to the 
kitten on one of the ledges.
	Change to Chang and backtrack (again!!) to the Hippy Beavers place. Take 
a right at the junction though, and you’ll end up by this laser-machine thingy. 
Make your way through the lasers to the firefox at the end.
	Backtrack some more to the Roofus telepoint, and switch to him. Now, 
follow the path you were just on as Chang, and you’ll reach a place with two 
yellow cranes. Press the buttons on both cranes, and they’ll move. Use the 
conveyor belts to reach a puppy. Now, get back down and press the buttons again 
to make the cranes move back to their original places (you'll find out why in a 
	Jump over to the yellow cranes. Make your way over to the green God 
Machine (the God of Processing) and jump in through a chute. You'll land in a 
Chang telepoint (which saves your progress). Basically, the interior is like an 
obstacle course. Make your way through and you'll come to an open room with a 
pool of water and some gears in the middle. Ride the gear upwards and shoot the 
grate in the wall to the right. Go through there to reach the other side. Jump 
down into the water and get out the other side, and go up the ramp. When you 
come to the junction, take the right fork.

	OPTIONAL: Instead, take the left fork first. You'll come up to a catwalk 
with multiple tunnels leading off from it. You don't have to go in any of 
these, but they get you health, tokens, and some weapons, namely the Cluster 

	Yes, I know, you're thinking "What the heck!? It's a dead end!". Well, 
look closely, and you'll see a Chang-sized crevice to your left. Go through 
there and you'll come out on a balcony overlooking the exit. Step up to the 
control panel and the beaver will explain how to work the crane. Grab the pipe 
segment nearest you and bring it up. Now you can go down through it to the 
other side of the river, get the last baby, and leave.

Beaver Dam 
Difficulty: Slightly Hard

	Right at the start, switch to Juliette if needed, and climb up the wall 
near the waterfall. Cross over to the other side and drop down, killing the 
bears on the way. Take the lift upward to find a helicopter with a caged 
kangaroo. Go around to the front and shoot at the cockpit, breaking the 
windshield. Shoot the button and a front door will open. You can’t get the baby 
yet though, as you need Bungalow.
	Take the side door down to a water-filled room. Follow the walkway around 
to a kitten.
	Go back and climb up the stairs to find a cement mixer. You need water, 
sand, and cement. The cement pump is right there; hit the button to activate 
it. Climb the small wall over to the right to find the sand pump. Stabilize the 
machine by hitting the buttons on either side of it and turn the pump on. 
Switch to Rico, and backtrack to the water room.
	Dive in and activate the water pump. Then, before going back, swim 
through the pipe, watching out for Lobsters (you can also pick up a Seeker-
Launcher in here). You’ll come to a room with a crate in it. Drain the water 
and move the crate under the hole. Refill the room and use the crate to reach 
the upper ledge, and pick up a baby penguin.
	Backtrack to the cement mixer and activate it, now that all three 
ingredients are present. The machine will fill the gap between a kitten and a 
Bungalow telepoint. Switch to Juliette and grab the kitten, and then switch to 
	Backtrack to the helicopter and grab the kangaroo, and then proceed 
through the other doorway, killing the enemies.
	You’ll come to the turbine room (the one with lots of ramps in the 
center). Go to the right and switch to Juliette, then go back directly to the 
left and pick up a kitten. Go up the ramps and free the beavers, and they'll 
activate the turbine.
	Go into the electrical room (the one with the water on the floor) and 
switch to Tweek. Fight the transforming robot (rocket shots to the eye work 
well), and collect the baby dragon.
	Proceed through the level as normal. Look around a bit as well; you can 
pick up a Cluster Bomber in one of the corridors. You'll eventually come to a 
room with a boat floating in a pool of water. You need to get the turbine 
working so you can use the lift. Get over to the other side of the tank and 
lower the water level by pressing the button. Now, climb the scaffolding and 
use the crane to grab the propeller off the ship and lower it into the pit in 
the middle of the room. Now, the elevator should work. Make sure you're Tweek 
before going up, kill any remaining enemies, grab the baby, and exit.

Saving Juanita
Difficulty: Moderate

	Okay, this can get harder than it needs to be if you don’t know what 
you’re doing. The game gives you plenty of refills on Bomb Launcher ammo, and 
that’s the weapon I suggest you use.
	Change to Rico if you haven’t already, and proceed through the water 
areas, collecting a few tokens and stuff. You’ll come to a circular arena 
surrounded by water, and Juanita will hop up onto the ledge you’re on. Rico 
will comment on how she looks different (he’s observant, huh?), and the battle 
	As stated before, this fight can get harder than needed if you don’t know 
what to do. There’s PLENTY of health around (which regenerates), so health 
really shouldn’t be too much of a problem. One thing to remember is NEVER stop 
moving. When the water rises, stick close to the ledge, as you’re more 
vulnerable out in the open. When it goes down, run around the ledge until 
Juanita stops flinging fish (??) at you.
	When Juanita swims into the middle of the arena, hit her with the Bomb 
Launcher. Repeat this cycle a few times, and Juanita will eventually hop up on 
the platform and start walking around. Chase after her and hit her with 
everything you’ve got, and she’s down. Afterward, Rico comments on how he 
“liked her better with a bigger bottom,” and gets a slapping. And rightfully 

	Bristol will congratulate you (again), and Rico will remark how he didn’t 
like fighting his wife (I probably wouldn’t have liked fighting her either). 
Then, Bristol will present you with the Doctorate in Astrophysics, which for 
some reason gets you into Cape Canardo. He also comments on how the secrets of 
the cosmos have been revealed to him since he’s dead, and goes on a bit more 
about that. Pick up anything else you may want, and head home.

Cape Canardo

	There is no opening cut scene for this place, so don’t freak out or 
anything. Basically, Viggo’s reaching into outer space, starting with Cape 
Canardo, and guess who’s got to stop him?

	And so begins my favorite series of levels (don’t ask why). There are 
lots of new weapons to be found in the hub, like the Automatic Shotgun (yay!) 
and the Neutron Gun. Just look around. As far as I know, Bristol isn’t around 
anywhere, which is pretty much the case for the rest of the game, so I’ll write 
the guide in the order that I did the levels (which I also think is the order 
of difficulty).

The VAB Building
Difficulty: Moderately Hard

	Like Saving Juanita, this level is really, really hard if you’re lost and 
everything. Well, that’s why I’m here! Start by following the corridor, and 
turn left at the fork. Take the elevator up, and this duck will tell you about 
a baby in a shuttle. Guide the shuttle down and brake steadily. Put out the 
landing gear, and if you did it right, you should be able to touch down. Now, 
brake HARD until it comes to a stop. Take the elevator back down.
	Take the other fork this time and take care of the Foxes that will 
circle-strafe around you. Go left (toward the big white tanks) and climb up. 
Change to Tweek at the top and glide over to the shuttle to get the baby dragon 
	Drop to the ground and take the door directly ahead of you. Bristol will 
inform you that you need to prep the shuttle for launch by loading the 
exploration pod, prepping the satellite, finding the fuel pods, attaching the 
rocket booster, and loading mission instructions on computer disk. Sounds like 
a lot, huh? Again, seems overwhelming, really isn't.
	In the main room, where you are, there are two corridors leading out, 
besides the one you came in. Take the tall, wide one (the other one's shorter 
and a little narrower). Kill the enemies and take the first left turnoff. 
Switch to Chang and get the firefox on the yellow walkway. In the adjacent 
room, where this gray pod-thingy is, if you go in the pod from the top, you can 
get a Freeze Gun.
	Go back out into the hall, and switch to Bungalow. Take the double doors, 
and you'll end up in a hallway where there are fans blowing. Make your way down 
the hallway, watching out for the fans. Get the kangaroo at the other side. 
Find your way back to the main room.
	Go up the ramp and turn right, ignoring the button (you can't press it 
yet). You'll see a corridor ahead; take it to the room with the satellite in 
it. There’s a turnoff to the left. Take it, and a duck will tell you about how 
the buggy needs to be loaded, but it’s dirty. 	Unfortunately, the 
decontamination chamber isn’t working, so you need to do it yourself. Drive the 
buggy out through the vent and into the swamp, being careful not to flip it 
over. Drive through the vent at the other end, and you’ll come out in a 
basketball court. Go into the shower room and push the soap bar into the water. 
Then drive into the water, and the buggy will be all clean. Now, all you’ve got 
to do is make it back without falling into the swamp water, ‘cause if you do, 
it’s back to the cleaners with it. Get the buggy into the room at the top of 
the ramp, and press the button to load it.
	Back in the satellite room, change to Juliette and climb all the way up 
the yellow tower. At the top there’s a button. Press it, and you’ll see a small 
cut scene. Jump over to the nearby ledge on the wall, and press the other 
button over there to see another cut scene. Change to Tweek and glide down, and 
press the button at the bottom of the room. Now, the satellite is prepped.
	Backtrack to the main room (where the shuttle is) and take the low-
ceiling hallway.
	You'll come out in the room with the fuel pods (the little white things); 
the pods are laying in this twin-holding thingy, though one’s facing the wrong 
way. Press the button on the control panel and a crane will grab the one that's 
facing the right way. Shoot the target on the other one and press the button 
inside. It will fly around and right itself, and conveniently land in the 
	Again, backtrack to the main room.
	Climb up the ramp to the side of the shuttle, and now you can press that 
button I mentioned earlier. A cut scene will show the shuttle attaching itself 
to the rocket booster. 
	Backtrack to the fuel pod room. Take the really small, narrow corridor 
(just ignore the other one; if you do the level correctly you shouldn't need to 
take that corridor at all) to the room that the shuttle is now in. Press the 
button against the wall, and the shuttle will move onto the launch pad. Go back 
and climb up the ladder, jump onto the red tower, kill the Peacock at the 
corridor entrance, and jump over. Continue down the hall.
	You’ve got to get into the authorized area, but that idiot bird from New 
Quack City is back, and he won’t let you go through unless you’re delivering 
food or something. The toaster’s broken, so you’ve got to find another way to 
heat it. Go into the adjacent room and wipe out the enemies.
	OPTIONAL: Find Sternhauser at the opposite end of the room. If you 
complete his challenge, he’ll give you weapons and health, namely the Flame 

	Continue into the laser room, where you can pick up a Plasma Beamer. 
Redirect the laser beam by tilting the metal boxes. Work it along, and get it 
to shine on the toaster. Toast will pop out. Put it on the cart and wheel it by 
the guard bird, and he’ll let you pass.
	Change to Juliette and make your way past the jet engines that are firing 
at intervals. Climb the wall and repeat, and get to a kitten.
	Go back and take the other fork, and you’ll come to a room with the 
supercomputer in it. Take the ramp upward and go out through the door. Follow 
the corridor out, and you should end up right next to the shuttle (if the 
shuttle’s not there, then there’s something you missed, and you have to go back 
and press all the needed buttons). Climb the ramp up and enter the shuttle. 
Grab the unformatted floppy and go back down to the computer. Take the left 
fork when you enter the room and change to Chang. Put the disk in the computer, 
and it’ll blow a fuse. Now, get inside it from the entrance at the top and push 
the other fuse into the old one’s place. The computer will give you a formatted 
floppy. Change to Roofus and put the disk in the shuttle. Congratulations! The 
shuttle is now prepped for launch.
	Still in the shuttle room, go back down the yellow ramp and jump onto the 
red launch pad. Jump down onto one of the wheels, and jump down from there. 
This way, you won’t get hurt going down. Take care of the rest of the enemies, 
and retrieve the puppy from the front cabin of the launch pad (the door 
wouldn’t open until the shuttle was prepped). Open the doors and exit.

The VLF Facility
Difficulty: Moderately Hard

	This level is actually a little more straightforward than the VAB 
Building, but there are more babies, so it’s equally hard. Go down into the 
pipe area and switch to Chang, if needed. Enter the pipe maze, and be very 
careful not to get caught in any of the gases, as that means instant death. 
Find a place for Chang to squeeze through, and find a baby firefox.
	Go back to the junction and take a right. You’ll end up in a clearing 
with three satellite dishes. Switch to Bungalow and turn all three on, so they 
rotate. Use them to make your way to the ledge on the building, and get a 
	Again, return to the junction, this time taking the last way. Switch to 
Roofus outside the door and go in. There’s a puppy in a class case, but you 
can’t get to him yet. Use the lasers to shoot the door (the thing with the 
target). A new way opens up, and you can rescue him now.
	Go through the swamp to the building at the other end. Go upstairs, and a 
duck will tell you how Viggo’s bears are looking for the launch window, but you 
can still get it if you beat them to the launch pad. The thing is, they’ve got 
the easier route, so you’ve got to be fast. Beat them, and the exit opens up 
(and the location of the last baby is revealed).
	Go back down the stairs, this time going all the way down. Switch to 
Roofus if you aren’t him already and go through the door. You’ll come to a two-
way junction. Take the far left fork.
	You’ll end up in a room with a puppy in it. He won’t let you rescue him 
though, unless you complete a ridiculously hard challenge. To rescue him, you 
have to press all ten switches in the room IN THE RIGHT ORDER within 120 
seconds. I seriously doubt you’ll get it on the first try, or even the second 
for that matter. As far as I know, the order changes every time, so I can’t 
help you with that.
	After rescuing the puppy, take the other door out of the room. You'll see 
a bus parked nearby. Go in it, and the driver will tell you about how the three 
ducks in bus won't get on a space shuttle until they have their lucky charms. 
Apparently, one wants a rubber band, one wants a rabbit's foot, and one wants a 
four-leaf clover. Backtrack to the junction.
	Take the other corridor and you'll end up in a room with this scientist 
guy who brags about a new form of energy. Shoot the striped spot on the back of 
the flying contraption and it'll explode. Pick up the rubber band that falls 
	Continue through the door opposite the one you came in through and you'll 
come out in a room with a Bungalow telepoint, four yellow towers, and some 
enemies. Kill the enemies and use the towers to get to the raised ledge at the 
other end of the room. I'd change to Roofus first though, as there is a puppy 
on the ledge.
	Follow the corridor and switch to Chang when you see his telepoint. Make 
your way through the area where the rocket engines are each firing off, and 
switch to Juliette. Climb up and rescue the kitten. 
	Now, you've got to escape the area or get fried when the shuttle 
launches. Make it through, and a duck at the end will give you a rabbit's foot.
	Now, backtrack all the way out into the swamp. Find a pathway with water 
and use the logs to get across. At the shore on the other side, switch to Rico 
and and get into the red dome area. Get across the platforms and grab the four-
leaf clover. 
	Go back a little and dive in. Swim up the shuttle jet, and shoot out the 
windshield. Hop up on top and grab the penguin.
	Backtrack to the bus and give the ducks their lucky charms. The bus will 
move, and you can get into a new area. Switch to Bungalow back in the yellow 
tower room, and jump from the bus onto the sign, and then the roof of the bus 
stop to get a kangaroo.
	Proceed, and switch to Chang. Take the right turnoff, and this duck will 
tell you that to get the firefox on the platform, you have to fill the air pump 
or something like that. Get the baby, and go back to the junction. 
	Change to Roofus and take the lift up. Pick up the last puppy, and leave.

Space Station Meer
Difficulty: Hard

	This is where it gets hard. While it may have the least babies of any 
level in Cape Canardo, Space Station Meer is easily the most complex (Read: 
lots of wandering around). A word of caution first: this level has a few bugs 
in it that you should watch out for. Mainly: Never, NEVER return to the hub via 
pause menu. The only way you should be exiting this level is by way of the 
actual exit. See, in this level there are a few things you have to collect, but 
if you return to the hub, it'll forget you collected them, but WON'T put them 
back in their original place, thus making it impossible to finish the level and 
get all the babies.
	Well, now that I'm done lecturing, on to the actual guide. Go straight 
and you'll get to this weird, white rotating room. There are three doors: one 
forward and to the left, one directly to the right, and one forward and to the 
right. Discounting the one you just came through, there's only one you can 
take. The one directly to the right is depressurized, and the one forward-right 
has no power. So, by process of elimination, take the forward-left one.
	You'll come to a room with a (apparently communist) meercat who wants his 
gyroscopic plans so he can balance the station (he also says lots of funny 
anti-capitalism things when you shoot him). Giving him the plans is the only 
was you're going to get that kangaroo, so that's objective no. 1. Continue 
forward, taking care to eliminate all the bears. Change to Roofus when you see 
his telepoint and talk to the meercat by the hatch. He'll moan about how 
nothing ever happens on meteor watch, and leaves. Before you can follow his 
lazy butt out the door and blow his head off an alarm sounds, so get your hide 
over to the hatch and start shooting meteors!
	This really isn't that hard, as long as you concentrate most of your fire 
on the blue asteriods that split when shot (they'll cause more trouble if you 
leave them alone). Get rid of all the troublesome space matter (I love sounding 
technical…) and you're free to continue.
	Continue ahead to the next room. Here you can turn off for some tokens; 
it doesn't matter. Keep going until you get to a hydroponic dome. And I say "a" 
because there's more than one, but I'm getting to that. Over to the right is a 
small green thing that a sign identifies as a "Giant Space Gherkin", which I'm 
assuming is some sort of cucumber. It then warns not to get it in direct 
sunlight, but of course we geniuses know that's exactly what we need to do for 
one reason or another, otherwise they wouldn't warn against it. And once you've 
crammed that way-too-long sentence down, proceed along the bridge to the next 
dome, where it's raining. You'll notice Tweek and Bungalow telepoints: DON'T 
change to either of them. This is important if you don't want to to a lot of 
backtracking. For now, stay as Roofus. Proceed to the snow dome and drop down. 
Look around by the trees to find an oxygen bottle.
	Proceed to the next room and press the switch, which opens the first 
dome. Sunlight floods in, and like the sign said, our gherkin grows to giant-
size. You know what to do now; this is why you (should have) stayed as Roofus. 
Backtrack to the first dome to get the puppy.
	Now that that's done, go back the way you came, this time changing to 
Bungalow in the rainy dome. Proceed, and eventually you'll come to a room with 
a bunch of rectangular towers. Jump up on the shorter tower to find your second 
oxygen bottle.
	Continue onward and you'll come to a fork; take the left path. Step up to 
the telescope controls and focus on the target in the lower-left (this is the 
VAB Building, actually. Just thought that was interesting). The computer will 
print out a copy of the gyroscopic plans you see on the desktop. 
	Backtrack, this time taking the other fork. You'll find yourself in a 
Star Wars-esque reactor room, complete with bottomless pit. I'm not really sure 
if there's a sequence to this or not, but just keep pressing buttons around the 
reactor until it says it's "just right". Now, fall down into the aformentioned 
bottomless pit to find the third oxygen bottle.
	Proceed, and you'll find yourself in yet another room with those 
rectangular towers. Press the lever you see on one of them, and a robot-thingy 
comes out to remedy the apparent problem. Jump on top of it, then jump up on 
the nearby tower. Make your way across the room to find the last oxygen bottle.
	Continue to the next room to be confronted by Some Sort of Mutant-Alien 
Type Thing. A fight seems evident, but this annoying lawyer-fox-guy comes in 
and stops you, saying the monster violates his copyrights or something. The 
monster will walk away, dejected. However, you protest, and apparently our 
friend thinks combat is necessary. So get ready to fight…31st Century Fox!
	He's not too hard, but he does have a pretty good firing rate. Your best 
bet is either the plasma beamer or auto-shotgun; I usually use the latter, but 
it's really a matter of taste. Blast the crap out of him 'til he's dead, and 
	You'll find yourself back in the rotating room. Take the door up to the 
right and put the oxygen bottles into the space by the door. The room is now 
pressurized, and therefore accessible. Go through to find a kangaroo in a room 
off to the side.
	Go back to the rotating room and take the door that you first took, so 
long ago. Give the meerkat his plans (hopefully you're still Bungalow) and 
he'll let you into the room. Take care of the bears and get the kangaroo. Find 
Roofus and switch to him, and once again backtrack to the rotating room. Again, 
go through the now-pressurized doorway.
	You'll be informed that there's a shuttle in the docking bay. Step 
through the doorway (and make DEAD SURE that you're Roofus) and a cut scene 
will show you flying the shuttle away from the space station (and good riddance 
	Last challenge: You're faced with landing the shuttle, very much like you 
did in the VAB Building. Only this time there are more obstacles, so be 
careful. Land the shuttle, and when you step out, a puppy will be waiting. Pick 
him up and leave.

Saving Claude
Difficulty: Moderately Easy

	If you ask me, I'd say Claude is actually a little easier than Juanita. 
Anyway, the weapon of choice here is the Plasma Beamer; I suggest you use it.

	Juliette is apparently pissed off, and starts complaining full-force. 
Claude doesn't respond (physics at work here...), but Juliette thinks 
differently. What we have here is a failure to communicate. Anyway, she 
comments on how she always ends up doing the talking in their arguments 
(apparently, she's been keeping track), and the battle begins.

	If you haven't picked up the Plasma Beamer by now (and if you haven't, 
shame on you), then never fear, you can pick one up at the beginning of the 
fight. When Claude comes near you, beam the crap out of him, and he flies away. 
Get off the platform fast, or you'll be experiencing free-fall. Climb up to the 
next level.
	Now, it gets more complicated. Claude flies around in circles overhead 
over the platform. Get under him, watching out for his electric charges, and 
beam him, and he'll come down. (If you beam him from off to the side, he 
apparently won't come down, so get under him.) When he comes down, let him have 
it. Do this a while, and Claude flies away again. Again, ascend to the next 
	Repeat the process as many times as necessary, and that's it. You're 

	Juliette goes and rubs it in Claude's face afterward, asking if he'll 
talk now. Claude agrees, and comments on how tacky the spacesuit is. Big 
freaking deal...

	Back down on good old terra firma, Bristol congratulates Juliette on a 
fight well fought. Juliette comments on how she was afraid she might have 
fallen down, and Bristol reassures her, saying that she didn't, and that's what 
counts. He then presents her with the Bullwhip (which isn't immediately used, 
by the way), which is one of the two things used to get into Anatat Tatanatat. 
Head home.

Beaver Power (again)

	Huh? What, here again? Well, before you go on accusing me of being under 
the influence of illegal drugs, let me just go on the record and say I'm not. 
Remember that hole you dug in God Machine Valley with the drill? Well, that's 
your ticket into the next level! Let's proceed, shall we?

God Machine Valley

	Find the drilling area with the God Drill. Go down the tunnel you dug 
when you were here earlier, and switch to Chang at the bottom. That gets you 


	This level, unlike the notorious Cape Canardo, does have an opening 
scene. Our friend Viggo is apparently involved in some underground drug deal, 
and - oh wait, that's not it. He's evidently trying to sell off some really 
screwed-up sounding weaponry to a few special customers of his, claiming 
they'll go to "the highest bidder." Anyway, Peacock is looking through a 
periscope, and only has time to exclaim "General! Fur Fight--" before Viggo, 
for no reason at all, blasts the crap out of him with his pistol. When will he 
ever learn... Viggo goes on to moan to himself about Roofus and his gang, 
finally saying, "you won't let me down, will you...?" It's unclear at first 
what he's talking to, but you'll find out in due time.

	Oddly enough, this level is actually a little easier than Cape Canardo, 
making it the exception to the "progressively harder" rule I mentioned earlier. 
Again, Bristol's not around to direct you, so you'll just have to wing it. All 
of the level entrances are located in a room tucked in a corner, and there are 
quite a bit of weapons and ammo (by now though, you should have all the 
weapons, so don't worry about anything like that). When you're good and ready, 
start with...

Dinos Downstairs
Difficulty: Slightly Hard

	Okay then! At the start, there's a crack that Chang can fit through. His 
telepoint's nearby as well. Anyway, you can't get the baby yet, as it's 
surrounded by flames. Go back out and go down the steps. Open the cabinet 
against the wall and switch to Bungalow. Hit the hexagonal switch on the 
outside of the cabinet at the top of the steps, and switch back to Chang. Go 
inside and you can get the baby now.
	Go into the next room and change to Juliette. Climb up the bookshelf and 
proceed over to the floating...chair...thingy...whatever. Climb up to the top. 
From there, you can get the kitten.
	Climb back up all the way to the chair, and this time hop over to the 
piano. Change to Tweek, and glide all the way back to the 
floating...table...thingy...geez. Anyway, glide back to the table, making sure 
you land on top of the potted plant. There, you can pick up the baby dragon.
	When you proceed into the next room, you'll see a small cut scene showing 
you a kangaroo inside the TV. You can't get to him while the TV is on though, 
so go around to the potted plant near the TV and change to Roofus. Dig through, 
and change to Tweek when you come out. Glide over to the remote and turn off 
the TV. Glide to the TV and change to Bungalow. Now you can get the baby.
	Proceed up the flight of stairs in the next room. Open the fridge by 
stepping on the foot pedal. Find the button that controls the temperature, and 
press it. This melts the ice, freeing a baby penguin (you'll have to come back 
for it).
	Shoot the glass of water on the counter, which rehydrates the dried 
chicken. Now you can get up to the counter. Climb up, and change to Rico (he's 
by the sink). Go back down and retrieve the penguin.
	Change back to Bungalow and open the dishwasher by shooting the button up 
by the top of it. Get inside and jump down, being careful to avoid the plates 
(we don't want unnecessary damage here). Get out quickly, as Lobsters will 
ambush you. Take care of them, and get onto the plates that rise up and down on 
the mechanical arms. Dodge the little blue things that the machine spews at 
you, and eventually the plates will rise up further. Retrieve the kangaroo at 
the top. Change to Juliette and climb out.
	Get back up on the counter again, and make your way across. Jump down 
into the stove burners, being careful of the fire. Change to Roofus and make 
your way through. Pick up the puppy at the end, and leave.

Dinos Upstairs
Difficulty: Slightly Hard

	Another fairly straightforward, yet somewhat challenging level (even if 
it's pitifully short). Proceed through the room at the beginning to the shower 
room (?). Switch to Juliette and get into the shower stall, being careful not 
to touch the water. Either take your chances and jump for the baby, or do it 
the easy way and shoot upward at the valve to drain the water. Me, I'd to it 
the second way. But hey, you're the one playing, right?
	Still as Juliette, climb up the towel on the side of the tub. Keep 
climbing up, and find Tweek's telepoint. Switch to him and get inside the 
dinosaur's head. Shoot his brain, and he'll react or something. Glide out his 
nose (eww...) to the baby dragon.
	Proceed, and you'll come to an open room with...a vacuum cleaner!? 
Apparently, it's Mr. Dustee, the Happiest Vacuum Cleaner in the World. 
(Really.) Just circle-strafe and shoot his eyes. Bam, that was easy.
	Nearby, there's a fish tank with a miniature model of the Drill God, from 
God Machine Valley. It needs a battery, so proceed into the adjacent bedroom. 
Find the toy tank and get inside it, and drive it up onto the bed. Shoot the 
box to reveal a battery. Get out of the tank and retrieve it. Now, go back to 
the drill model and put the battery back in. The drill will make a hole in the 
side of the tank. Change to Rico to retrieve the penguin inside.
	Backtrack to the bedroom you were just in, and change to Roofus. Find a 
flower pot with an earth mound, and dig through. Pick up the puppy.
	Still in the bedroom, find the crack in the bookcase. Switch to Tweek, 
and turn off the record player, which will then start playing this horribly 
annoying music, which wakes the babies up. Use them to get across the gap to 
the baby dragon, and leave.

The Rumpus Room
Difficulty: Hard

	This is easily the hardest level of the three, and probably the longest. 
Okay! In the room with the pool table, change to Juliette and, like in Dinos 
Downstairs, climb up the bookshelf, and get the kitten at the top.
	Find Tweek, and glide onto the pool table. Knock all the billiard balls 
into the pockets, and they'll smash the glass on the front. Go down a pocket 
yourself to find a baby dragon, and the way unblocked.
	Proceed into a HUGE room, and take out all the bears. Be careful, as 
there's a lot.

	OPTIONAL: Find Sternhauser, and complete his training. It's not really 
worth it though...

	In the next room, which is also pretty sizeable, switch to Bungalow and 
get inside the Jukebox. Make your way upward to the kangaroo at the top.
	Still as Bungalow, hop up the books onto the model train set on the 
table. There's a kangaroo on this little isolated piece of land in the center. 
Ride one of the trains over to get to him.
	Still on the table, jump over to the pinball machine. Go through the 
series of tunnels, and switch to Roofus. Now, watch out for the pinballs, 
because you die if they hit you. Open Viggo's mouth by pressing a button, and 
pick up the puppy inside.
	Get down off the table, and find Chang. In the far corner of the room (on 
the other side of the bar), there's a crack in the wall. Go inside, and these 
mice will tell you about how rats have invaded their home. Clear all the rats 
out (there are lots), and the mice will give you a baby firefox.
	Switch back to Tweek and head into the garage.
	Activate the flying machine-thingies, and use them to get up to the roof. 
Glide over to the car, and then to a nearby metal beam to get to the baby 
	Switch to Bungalow and ride up the pedals on the exercise bike to a 
	Go into the next room. Kill the enemies on the stairs, and go over by the 
washing machines. Hop up with Bungalow, and get up on the wooden shelf. Use 
Roofus to burrow through the series of mounds to a Juliette telepoint. With 
her, shoot the buttons on the washing machines, and they'll move across the 
room. Ride them across to a kitten.
	Change back to Roofus (still in the same room) and take the burrows again 
until you end up in a room where there are bras (snicker) moving back and forth 
across the ceiling. Ride them across to the puppy. Now, you can leave.
Saving Esmerelda
Difficulty: Easy

	Huh? Easy? Did I hear you right? Yes, you heard me right. This is quite 
possibly one of the easiest boss fights you'll ever have in this game. Easy or 
not, it needs a guide, so here we go!
	You need Bungalow to hop up the tall steps, so change to him. Esmerelda 
will shout some insults before the fight (how encouraging...) and the battle 
	This is really, really easy. When Esmerelda shoots at you with her 
machine gun, just hide behind the ball. You can't be hit. When she stops, come 
out and look for a stopper (a little plug thingy) on the float she's on. Shoot 
it, and the float deflates. Do this a few times, and she moves to a new float. 
Repeat as necessary, and she's gone. E-Z.

	Bristol will congratulate you on a job will done, and Bungalow, confused 
as always, will mutter something incoherent about it all. Bristol will then 
present you with the Fedora, which is the other item needed to get into Anatat 
Tatanatat. Head home.

The rest of the game guide isn't quite finished, partially due to me needing to 
play through the levels again to get a better idea of what to do. So sit tight, 
the rest is coming soon!

Section 7 - Mini Games
	The mini games are fun to play if you want to get away from the actual 
game for a while, or for a fun distraction. If you can score high enough or 
complete them in the least amount of time, you'll score a cheat.

Location: Rico's House

	This is the classic snake game, where you maneuver around collecting 
apples (or green tokens, as they're described in the game) without hitting the 
walls or yourself. You can use the D-Pad or the A, B, X, and Y buttons. Either 
one's fine, but I prefer the D-Pad. The cheat you get is "Rocket Cam".

Slide Puzzle
Location: Tweek's House

	This one's pretty self-explanatory. You have a scrambled up picture of 
one of the Fur Fighters, and need to unscramble it. The cheat you get is 
"Rotate Cam".

Super Snake
Location: Roofus' House

	This is exactly like Snake, but with walls in the middle. Also, there's 
multiple levels, with the wall pattern changing every so often. For some 
reason, they also give you multiple lives, so if you die, you get to keep your 
score until you run out of lives. The cheat you get is "Fisheye View".

Bombing Game
Location: Chang's House

	In this game, the object is to help the plane land by bombing the 
buildings. Red destroys 3 squares, blue destroys 2, and green only takes out 1. 
The cheat you get is "Big Head Mode".

Balloon Game
Location: Juliette's House

	In this game, you guide the balloon to the babies. However, you need to 
watch out for the sides, or you'll crash. The cheat you get makes the Fur 
Fighters smaller (I forget what it's called...)

Bear Game
Location: Bungalow's House

	Here, you move around, trying to get bears to crash into each other. Or, 
you can use a smart bomb on adjacent bears, but you only get two per level. 
When you're surrounded, you can also teleport to a random square. The cheat you 
get is "Walter".

Section 8 - Credits/Acknowledgements
Thanks to: SEGA and Bizarre Creations - For the Dreamcast, and this jewel of a 

Copyright 2005 to Speedstar
If you want to use it, all you have to do is ask! But, you can't modify it, and 
you must give me due credit. Give credit where credit is due, right?

If you wish to contact me for permission, questions, comments (I like to hear 
feedback!), mistakes in the guide you've noticed, or otherwise you can e-mail 
me at speedstar01@gmail.com

Well, that's it! Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed the game as much as 
I did.