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Deus Ex Machina
FAQ/Walkthrough (Final Version)



v0.1 (8-14-01): Yes, it's finally up.  Along with complete 
gameplay mechanics, complete stages, and one storyline 
walkthrough up, I have a few more sections to go and *that's 
it*.... that, and the number of typos I have to go find and 

v0.2 (8-18-01):  I have all of the characters up for 
display, and some of the enemies done.  On the next update, 
all of the enemies will be listed along with some game 

v0.3 (8-23-01):  All of the enemies are completed, and I 
have 3 new storyline walkthroughs up.  Oh yeah, I've changed 
my e-mail, so contact me by using the e-mail address above 
from now on. 

v0.4  (8-27-01):  I've added the last 3 storyline 
walkthroughs, so that pretty much concludes everything this 
game has to offer.  That, and I've added the Miscellaneous 
Stuff and Credits and Acknowledgements sections.  The next 
update will be the last one, since I have to take care of 
typos and stuff like that.

Final  (8-31-01):  This is the last update, and hopefully, 
I've killed that typo demon in the process...

Final 2 (1-10-02): ...Okay, okay.  THIS is the last update. 
I received numerous tips (namely from Dark Kyosuke) and a 
few e-mails from people correcting me on some stuff, and 
there's more to this game than what meets the eye.  
So, yeah.  This will be the last update.  I promise. 


I) Introduction and Prologue

II) Gameplay Mechanics
  1) Basic Actions
      a. Attacking
      b. Movement/Other
  2)  Lock-On Mode
  3)  Brainjacking and PSI Points
      a.  What are Brainjacks?
      b.  PSI Points and Brainjack Rank
  4)  Items

III) Characters
  1)  Introduction to the Character Section
      a.  Humans/Neutrals
        i. Kei Sagami
       ii. Gou Inaba
      iii. Samuel Smith
       iv. Bianca
        v. Kou Yamashiro
       vi. 'Awakened' Kei Sagami
      b.  Blademasters
       i. Blademaster Fei Shan Lee
      ii. Blademaster Devon
     iii. Blademaster Alys
      iv. Blademaster Tyrus
       v. Blademaster Kitty
      c.  Hakke
       i. Hakke Andrey
      ii. Hakke Shaja
     iii. Hakke Margaret
      iv. Hakke Dal
       v. Hakke Don Regalia
      vi. Hakke Ray
     vii. Hakke Yusuf
    viii. Hakke Brown
      d.  Non Playable Characters
        i. Chief Hiro Sagami
       ii. Fei Chao Lee
      iii. Anne Miller
       iv. Peter Jones
        v. Dr. David Guinness
       vi. Sectory-General Leung
      vii. Geist
      e.  Common Enemies
        i. Sangokai Swordsman
       ii. Sangokai Cannon
      iii. Sangokai Blader
       iv. Sangokai Staff
        v. Sangokai Dragon
       vi. Sangokai Titan
      vii. Dancing Lizard
     viii. Panzer Soldier
       ix. Panzer Valkyrie
        x. Barghest
       xi. Henchman
      xii. Blasphemer
     xiii. Plagued Butcher
      xiv. Plagued Maiden  
       xv. Mutant Rat
      xvi. Salamander
     xvii. Masked Cloaker
    xviii. Iron Giant
      xix. Blademaster Soldiers
       xx. Prisoner
      xxi. Statue
     xxii. Kamikaze 

IV)  Stage Walkthrough
  1)  Introduction to the Stage Walkthrough
       a.  Kanazawa, Japan
       b.  The Seaplane Rhinocdon
       c.  Hong Kong, China
       d.  Shaja's Palace, India
       e.  Moscow, Russia
       f.  London, Great Britain
       g.  Amsterdam, Netherlands
       h.  Vienna, Austria
       i.  Lyon, France
       j.  Sicily, Italy
       k.  Jeanne D'Arc Palace, Rome
       l.  Istanbul, Turkey
       m.  Athens, Greece
       n.  Transylvania, Romania
       o.  Lisbon, Portugal
       p.  Amazon, Brazil
       q.  Arabian Maze, Oil Palace
       r.  Washington D.C., U.S.A.
       s.  Forbidden City, China
       t.  Kunlun, China
V)   Story Walkthrough
 1)  Introduction to the Story Walkthrough Section
     a.  Path of Law
     b.  Sacrifice
     c.  Path of Chaos
     d.  Neutrality
     e.  The Fate of Kei 
     f.  A Questionable Future
 2)  Character Availability Lists
     a.  Path of Law
     b.  Sacrifice
     c.  Path of Chaos
     d.  Neutrality
     e.  The Fate of Kei
     f.  A Questionable Future  

VI)  Miscellaneous Stuff
  1)  The Maken X/Megami Tensei formula
  2)  Other Stuff/Stupid Crap

VII)  Credits and Acknowledgements

VIII) Copyright Info


(This is take straight from the instruction booklet, BTW. 
Heh... I'd just thought I'd throw it in.)

A mirror image of yourself... In a proven spiritual world...
Five minutes into the future...
The limit of foreseeing the future, the destruction of the 
real world...

An artificial God sweeps down upon this land.
This is a machine with the power to create a supreme ruler.
He carves out his own destiny.
The guardian of spirit, the last hope, a sword of 

He will bring order to the world.
He will destroy all evil.
He will protect the one whom he loves.
He will found an eternal Utopia.

But there is only one future.
Should he sacrifice everything to save a single girl?
Or should he abandon her for the sake of righteousness?
Should he defeat the people's enemy in order to save the 
Or, as a ruler, should he reign over it...
Through all the struggles, he will find the true nature of 
Creation and destruction, life and death, joy and sorrow...
What is it all for?  Who is it for?
The answer lies in his future...

MAKEN ~Deus Ex Machina~


The world was tumbling into chaos.
Five minutes into the future, China and the USA had reached 
a standoff in their battle for supremacy.
The curtain will fall on a round of confidential Sino-
American talks in only five minutes.  Their discord is 
The European is about to be engulfed by the shadow of 
misfortune, and is losing its strength like a dying old man.
People will be embraced by a sense of uneasiness that they 
have never felt before.

At the Kanazawa Research Institute funded by an overseas 
Chinese merchant, epoch-making research was being carried 
out on a treatment for mental illness that involved PSI 

The existence of the human spirit which has been 
scientifically proven...

The first medical instrument in the world that can extract 
PSI and modify it.  The development of artificial life is 
based on Plan X.

Maken is about to awaken.
What kind of PSI will it have?


Analog Thumbpad- This is used to move around the chosen 
character/cursor.  When in battle, press down and hold 
during battle to block attacks.

D-Pad- Just moves a cursor.

A Button- Jump, Confirm selection.

B Button- Cancel selection.

X Button- Attack.

Y Button- Activate Lock-On mode.

L-Trigger- Hold down whilst moving the Analog Thumbpad to 
look around your surroundings.

R-Trigger- Hold down while moving the Analog Thumbpad to 
strafe left or right.

Note: The Lock-On mode button can be triggered with the R 
button at the Options mode.  With this change, you can 
toggle the Lock-On mode just by holding down the R-Trigger, 
and you will simply get out of the Lock-On mode by releasing 
the R-Trigger; whereas the Y-Button will stay on Lock-On 
mode until you decide to turn it off by pressing the Y-
Button again.

Also, should you ever decide to go back to the Title Screen 
during gameplay, just simultaneously press and hold the A, 
B, X, Y and Start buttons.

((((Basic Actions))))


Attack- Press the X-Button to perform a stationary attack.

Auto-Combo Attack- Press up then X-Button repeatedly to make 
an attack combo.  May vary with some characters.

EX Special Attack- Press and hold down the X-Button until 
the EX Gauge (The meter right under your life bar) is full 
and flashing, then release to perform a special attack.  
This, of course, varies with some characters.

Deflect- By pressing the X-Button at the right time, you can 
deflect projectiles thrown at you by enemies, therefore 
sending the enemy's thrown projectile back at him/her/it.  
Of course, some projectiles cannot be deflected, and you'd 
have to have DAMNED good timing to deflect some boss 
projectiles.  You'd be better off dodging boss 


Jump- Press the A-Button to jump.  Of course, you can move 
the Analog Thumbpad to jump in the direction you'd like to 
jump in.

Backstepping- Press and hold the Analog Thumbpad down then 
press the A-Button to perform a back step.  Quite useful in 
all cases, you'll need it.

Guard- Press and hold the Analog Thumbpad down when your 
opponent is attacking you to guard.  Also note that some 
attacks cannot be guarded against. (EX: Projectiles.  This 
is where deflecting comes in...)  You can also counter 
strike against attacks by pressing up on the Analog Thumbpad 
and hitting the X-Button... as soon as your enemy is done 
attacking you, of course.

Switches/Panels- Simply walk up to the switch/panel and hit 
the X-Button to activate it.

((((Lock-On mode))))

This, is simply, the save-your-ass grace of the game.  If 
you don't use this feature frequently enough, you will find 
the later levels in the game damned near IMPOSSIBLE.  This 
section will tell you how to use it with precision.

First, the Lock-On system allows you to focus on 1 opponent.  
While you think this is out of place, just try to hit 1 
opponent when there's about 3 enemies ganging up on you... 
the Lock-On system allows you to focus on 1 enemy, and while 
you're at it, Lock-On to other enemies as well.  The Lock-On 
cursor will be displayed when an enemy approaches you.  When 
you see the cursor, press the Y-Button, (or the R-Trigger, 
depending on how you changed it at the Options screen)  and 
a visual indicator will appear on your enemy.  If you ever 
want to disengage from a Lock-On, just press the Y-Button 
again.  (You'll need to do this in some fights, in order to 
dodge certain attacks.)  There is also a red gauge in the 
center of the indicator, as this represents the enemy's 
life.  Yet another helpful addition to why you should Lock-
On MOST of the time.

Also, you can rotate around your Locked-On enemy by simply 
pressing the Analog Thumbpad left or right while facing 

And, finally the number 1 reason to why you should lock on 
is called LEAPING ATTACKS.  This ever-so valuable technique 
allows you to jump over your enemy and land, facing 
his/her/it's back.  While you're facing the back side of the 
enemy, get a couple of CRITICAL strikes in (attacks that do 
more damage than the usual attack)  This, of course, will do 
the enemy in quickly. (Sans a couple of bosses, who seem to 
be somewhat too fast for leaping attacks... like Margaret.)  
Anyway, to do this, simply press and hold up on the Analog 
Thumbpad and press the jump button, and be sure to attack 
quickly!  If your opponent is big enough, (and considering 
if you're good enough) you can probably get a shot while 
you're in the air.

((((BrainJacking and PSI Points))))

[--What are BrainJacks?--]

Maken can acquire a new body by brainjacking certain 
characters.  Brainjack someone, and not only will you find 
out that you have new attacks, weapons, and stats, you will 
find out that Brainjacking certain characters will be vital 
to the story.  In order to BrainJack, you will have a 
BrainJack rank equivalent to the person you'd like to 
BrainJack.  (EX: If you want to BrainJack Gou Inaba, a 
character in the game, you'd need a BrainJack rank of 1.  
Simple enough?)

To BrainJack someone, Lock-On to a BrainJack potential 
character to display the option "BrainJack this character?", 
then select "Yes" to BrainJack the character or "No" if you 
don't want to. 

[PSI Points and BrainJack Rank]

In order to increase your BrainJack rank, you must collect 
PSI Points, which can be acquired by defeating enemies and 
collecting PSI Orbs (A item that has Yin-Yang type of design 
in the orb.  Increase your BrainJack Rank more than a PSI 
point would, of course.  These can be found laying around in 
levels, not by defeating enemies.)  Your BrainJack Rank will 
increase when the BrainJack bar is full (in the upper right 
hand corner), in which you will move on the next level. (EX: 
BrainJack Rank 1 to BrainJack Rank 2.) 


Life Capsule (Small)- Recovers a small amount of life.  
Looks like a small orange bubble with gray tips on each end, 
with a cross in the middle.

Life Capsule (Large)- Recovers a large amount of life.  
Looks like a medium-sized green bubble with gray tips on 
each end, and also has a cross in the middle.

LIfe Capsule (Total)- Recovers the maximum amount of life, 
regardless of character.  Looks like a large, long 
clear/rainbow bubble, with gray tips on each end, with a 
cross in the middle.  

(Important Note: If the character you're using has a large 
amount of Life-Stat, the Small and Large Life Capsules 
probably won't do TOO much, especially the small.  On the 
other hand, if the character has a small amount of Life-
Stat, they will recover the life bar quite nicely.   Varies 
for each character, of course.  On another note, it's not 
too different from the HP System found in RPG's.)

Power Up- Increased attack power for a certain amount of 
time.  It looks like a orange, large 'X' with rings floating 
around it. I'll refer to them as "=X='s" in the stage 

PSI (Small)- Increases PSI points by a little.  Can be 
obtained by defeating enemies, and looks like a small 
pinkish-bluish orb with a small ring floating around it.

PSI (Large)- Increase PSI points by a nice meter.  Can be 
obtained by searching through levels, lying around.  They 
look like pinkish-bluish orbs also, except that they're 
noticeably larger and they have a Yin-Yang type of symbol in 
the middle.

(Important Note:  Depending on the enemies, (as well as your 
BrainJack Rank) the way the BrainJack Meter will increase 
will depend on: Which enemy you defeat, and: how many levels 
your BrainJack Rank is.  For example, let's say that you're 
a level 2 and you defeat a enemy in... let's say, oh, 
Amsterdam.  When you defeat the enemy, the PSI you collect 
from it will increase your BrainJack Meter in a HUGE way.  
Actually, it's not too similar from the Experience System in 
RPG's.  If you know that, then you know what I'm saying...)


((((Introduction to the Characters Section))))

The section that focuses on all of your favorite characters.  

Anyway, each character will be divided among their alignment 
(Humans/Neutrals, Hakkes, and Blademasters.  Hell, I'll even 
do the NPC's.) and Brainjack rank. (From the least to the 
highest, of course.)  Along with that will be their fighting 
stats, a little background info, along with strategies on 
fighting AND using them.   Let's start.




Brainjack Rank- 1

EX Special:  Machina Quark-  Creates a shockwave from quake 
vibrations to attack enemies.

Life- (1)
Power- (1)
Speed- (4)


When using- Don't over abuse her Machina Quark, as since she 
ends up taking more damage from enemies than dealing it, and 
you can't afford that.  Concentrate on using counterattacks, 
one-hit counterattacks, and leaping attacks, and you'll do 

When fighting against: N/A

Info/Comments-  The girl with bluish/black hair, red 
uniform, and upbeat attitude, who just so happens to be 
Chief Sagami's daughter as well as a student of Jyusei High 
School.  Being the only child of a couple whose mother died 
when she was young, she gets involved in the drama 
concerning Maken and the rest of the world.  She's next up 
in line to use Maken after Fei Chao Lee gets slain by Hakke 
Andrey in the intro cinema.  She'll accompany you all the 
way to the end, and provided you treat her with respect, you 
and her can become good friends.  Wields Maken in a broad-
sword type of style.



Brainjack Rank- 1

EX Special: N/A

Life- (3)
Power- (1)
Speed (2)

Jump- Low

When using- Take advantage of his stationary attack.  He 
thrusts at the enemy with the electric rod, stunning them 
for a short period of time.  If your timing is right, you 
can keep doing that until the enemy croaks.  You'll 
constantly be on the defensive with this character, since he 
really isn't strong, and you'll most likely have a very 
difficult time when standing off against multiple enemies.  

When fighting- N/A

Info/Comments- The pilot of the Rhinocdon who gets held 
captive when the Sangokai take over the plane.  When you 
Brainjack him, he takes you to Hong Kong.  Wears a 'taxi' 
color schemed pilot uniform. (yellow, black, white)    Uses 
an electric rod as a weapon.



Brainjack Rank- 1

EX Special: N/A

Life- (1)
Power- (7)
Speed- (1)

Jump- Low

When using- It would be best to stay away from this guy.  
Sure, he has exceptional power, but his Life and Speed just 
don't cut it, making him an obvious target.  On top of that, 
when you DO get him, making it out of the level he's in 
would make for an arduous task.  If you do want to use him 
though, stay defensive and counterattack.  That's all I can 
pretty much say for this guy.

When fighting against- N/A

Info/Comments- Was once Hakke Don Regalia's right hand man, 
until his wife betrayed him and was confined to the Tower of 
Despair in London, Great Britain.  (I wonder for what, 
though?  Stealing from Don Regalia?)  A fat guy with a 
mohawk, in tattered clothes, with gold rings and a gold 
necklace.  Uses a spiked ball and chain as a weapon.



Brainjack Rank- 1

EX Special:  N/A

Life- (6)
Power- (4)
Speed- (4)

Jump- Low

When using- She has pretty good stats.  Her only problem is 
that she lacks an auto-combo, but the powerful dagger thrust 
she delivers instead is alright, and the recovery time isn't 
great, but acceptable.  BTW, like her father Hakke Dal, SHE
not a bad choice after all.  She's also a good choice in 
taking out Hakke Dal...

When fighting against- N/A

Info/Comments-  Hakke Dal's daughter, who ended up in the 
Psychiatric Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey for some reason.  
When you Brainjack her, she gives you the location to Hakke 
Dal's hideout.  (Is this the reason why she's holed up in 
there?)  Wears a green dress with matching head cloth, whose 
skin has been affected by the Urad Virus.  Uses a dagger as 
a weapon.



Brainjack Rank- 1

EX Special:  N/A

Life- (8)
Power- (7)
Speed- (7)

Jump- Low

When using- This guy has damned good stats, as you can see.  
His auto-combo is kind of slow but powerful, and his 
stationary attack does o.k. damage.  You can go pretty 
offensive with this guy, but be careful not to overdo it, 
though.  He's only useable on the "SACRIFICE" part of the 
story, at the VERY last part.

When fighting against-  Basically, he sucks as a boss 
character.  He'll MISS you most of the time, and his attacks 
are so predictable it's not even funny.  Oh yeah, did I 
mention that his stats are entirely different when you're 
fighting him as a boss character?  Let me tell you now that 
they're low.  Waaaay low.  Most likely the easiest boss in 
the game.  Just counterattack all of his attacks, then let 
loose on him.

Info/Comments- Kei's best friend and love interest, who 
comes from a wealthy family. He was raised by his 
grandfather, which is probably where he learned his katana 
wielding skills. As the game progresses, you can see that 
he's a rash, inexperienced kid who has a tendency to jump 
into things without realizing the situation, but that's all 
because he cares for Kei and is willing to help her out.  
One of the best fighters in the game, after getting his 
armor and new weapon from Dr. Guinness.  He wields a katana-
type of weapon with Maken inside of it, who lies in a 
'reversed-program' state. (Meaning that Kou can't get 
Brainjacked by Maken.)  That is, until he reaches...



Brainjack Rank- N/A

EX Special:  Machina Quark- It's the same Machina Quark as 
mentioned above.

Life- (10)
Power- (10)
Speed- (10)

When using- She's obviously the best character in the game.  
Just look at her stats... anyway, she can only be used in 
the last battle with Geist, in that case you should check 
out the section below concerning the last battle with Geist.

When fighting against- N/A

Info/Comments- It's the same Kei Sagami we all know and 
love, but she's awakened from her vegetable-like state, 
thanks to the Reverse Brainjack that Dr. Guinness helped 
figure out and that Kou executed.  She's a LOT more powerful 
now, as you can see. 



The Blademasters are an organization of people who sacrifice 
their personal lives to maintain world order.  They have a 
special gene called the D Gene, and were chosen to work in 
secrecy throughout history to keep the human race from 
destroying itself.



Brainjack Rank- 2

EX Special: Dancing Fan-  Uses fan slashes to blast wind at 

Life- (3)
Power- (3)
Speed- (5)

Jump- Low

When using-  Her Dancing Fan EX Special is a little hard to 
use, since goes in a zig-zag motion.  But that aside, she's 
great as a beginner character.  Use her auto-combo often, 
and move around a lot to confuse the enemy.

When fighting against-  Actually, she's the only Blademaster 
that you don't fight against.

Info/Comments-  Fei Chao's sister, who *probably* just 
turned into a Blademaster.  She's in Hong Kong awaiting the 
arrival of Maken, as well as keeping Hakke Shaja in check.  
Brash and conceited, she has a looong way to go as a 
Blademaster.  Uses a fan as a weapon.



Brainjack Rank- 4

EX Special:  Ice Blade-  Creates columns of ice to freeze an 
enemy.  Frozen enemies can be defeated with a single hit.

Life- (4)
Power- (5)
Speed- (6)

Jump- Low

When using- Even though his speed is pretty exceptional, he 
can still get killed easy if you want to be reckless.  His 6 
hit auto-combo is useful.  Use hit-and-run tactics and use 
his Ice Blade EX Special often to quickly dispatch of 
enemies, which would be one of the best EX Specials in the 
game if it didn't last for 3 seconds...

When fighting against-  When the fight starts, he'll come 
rushing at you.  When he does his Ice Blade EX Special, 
he'll rush at you again right after the Ice Blade EX 
Special.  Sidestep his Ice Blade EX Special, then him.  You 
should end up on the side or behind him, then slash away.  
The key here is to keep moving.

Info/Comments-  A Blademaster stationed in Amsterdam, who 
keeps Hakke Margaret in check.  The surprising thing is that 
he and Hakke Margaret were at one time lovers, so it's 
possible that he was once a part of her plans.  I'm not sure 
how they were separated, but it appears that he became 
bitter over that, and now he hates the entire world.  Uses a 
katana and the element of ice as his weapons.  And like
the other Blademasters, he appears to have an injury...
a spinal one.



Brainjack Rank- 4

EX Special:  Chaos Tornado- Focuses energy into a tornado.

Life-  (5)
Power- (5)
Speed- (4)

Jump- High

When using-  Alys is not only the only projectile fighter in 
the game, but the only Blademaster (On the majority of 
routes in the game.  Kitty is the other.) that has a high 
jump rating, too.  Her projectile is okay in certain 
situations to keep dangerous enemies at bay, but if she 
misses there will be a slight lag time for her projectile 
weapon to return, and she may be attacked.  Her Chaos 
Tornado takes little time to charge up, and it covers a 
large area, and it's very useful in narrow hallways.  Her 
only problem though is that she's very AVERAGE in terms of 
stats.  She's not great, but she ain't bad either.  Keep 
good aim so you won't miss any enemies often, and know when 
to switch between offense and defense.

When fighting against-  Don't get too close to her, 
especially when she's summoning her Chaos Tornado.  She's a 
little unpredictable, as she'll dance around, then do a 
triple slash, or a Chaos Tornado.  Anyway, keep moving, and 
when she decides to charge at you, sidestep and let her have 

Info/Comments-  She's stationed in Athens to keep Hakke Dal 
in check.  Apparently, she's a mother of a couple of 
children (I don't know if she's referring to the human race, 
or children if her own) and in order to protect them, she 
went off the fight the Hakke.  The only downside is that 
she's never going to see them again... in any case, if you 
look at one of her hands you can see that there's a 
mechanical hand there, with a long, thin, spiked blade 
situated right in the middle, and the hand can even leave 
her body and attack enemies from afar.  Uses a mechanical 
hand and the element of wind as her weapons.



Brainjack Rank- 5

EX Special:  Thunder Quake-  Uses lightning strike to stun 

Life:  (6)
Power: (6)
Speed:  (4)

Jump- Low

When using-  If you ask me, Blademaster Tyrus is *the* man 
of Maken X.  If you get him early on in the game, you'll 
probably be using him to finish up the remaining levels of 
Europe, and most likely some levels after that stage in the 
game.  His Thunder Quake can hit ANYBODY that's in his view 
from any terrain level, and if doesn't kill them they're in 
for a world of hurt.  Although he lacks an auto-combo, he 
delivers a powerful thrust that does mucho damage.  His only 
drawback is that his attacks and his speed are slow, so 
practice one-hit/counterattacks.

When fighting against-  If you decide to rush in, be 
prepared for a world of hurt.  Be patient and wait for an 
opening in his attacks.  The best way to defeat him is wait 
until he's done with his kicking sequence, jump over him, 
then strike him in the back.  Do it QUICK though, because 
he'll either do a spear thrust with no recovery time, or 
he'll jump back and do his Thunder Quake EX Special, and he 
will NOT cease on that attack until you even get near him.  
On top of that, the lightning in the EX Special is difficult 
to dodge, so try to stay close to him and don't let him get 
any space between you 2.  One of the most difficult battles 
in the game, IMO.

Info/Comments-  Tyrus is stationed in Lyon to keep Hakke Don 
Regalia in check.  He's using his life as a writer as a 
facade to hide his true identity, and also has the ability 
to break through electronic locks.  If you look closely at 
one of his feet, you can see that he doesn't have a left 
foot, so he's just as messed up as the other Blademasters.
{shrugs}  His spear-type weapon also looks like a 
walking crutch, too.  Uses a spear and the element of 
lighting as his weapons.  



Brainjack Rank- 6

EX Special:  Fire Swirl-  Launches flaming, spinning tops to 
track enemies.

Life- (7)
Power- (6)
Speed- (7)

Jump- High

When using- The best Blademaster in the game.  Her 6 hit 
auto combo works wonders, and you can maneuver and attack at 
the same time with it.  Her Fire Swirl EX Special homes in 
on enemies, and it doesn't take long to charge up.  You can 
use her very offensively, and she can pretty much wipe out 
legions of enemies late in the game, especially in Kunlun.  
What else can I say?  She owns us all.

When fighting against-  When you fight her in Lisbon, get to 
the ledge she's on and dodge the Fire Swirls she throws at 
you.  Stay defensive and block all of the hits she tries to 
toss at you, then strike back.  She'll roll around and do 
cartwheels and such nonsense, but don't let that intimidate 
you.  Catch up to her and stay defensive whilst attacking.  
She's actually pretty easy... namely with Tyrus.  She does 
the same thing in Brazil, too.

Info/Comments-  Her background info is pretty much unknown, 
so I can't really say anything about this.  With that aside, 
think of her as a mission briefer.  When you see her for the 
first time, she tells you about the entire situation, and 
what you must do to alleviate it.  You meet up with her in 
various places, and she's usually commanding (Or should I 
say, using?  She has a tendency to do this to other people.  
You'll see what I mean later in the game.) you and telling 
you to go places.  She's most likely the commander of the 
Blademasters... probably.  Anyway, she uses a whip-blade and 
the element of fire as her weapons.  BTW, notice how she
always has her eyes covered...




Hakke is the general name for the leaders of the Sangokai.  
Hakke have deformed PSI, which has also had a physical 
influence on their appearance.



Brainjack Rank- 1

EX Special:  Flying Blades-  Shoots spinning blades from a 
deformed tounge.

Life- (2)
Power- (2)
Speed- (7)

Jump- High

When using-  Surprisingly, Hakke Andrey has one of the 
highest speed ratings in the game for such a low rank... 
anyway, keep using hit-and-run tactics, then try to circle 
around the enemy to confuse it to get some more hits in.  
All thanks to his speed.  Just try to stay defensive, since 
he can't take many hits.

When fighting against-  When he taunts you, smack him.  This 
is his biggest weakness.  He'll jump around a lot, and when 
he stops, he'll probably use his Flying Blades EX Special at 
you.  Dodge those, then wait until he taunts at you again, 
then smack him... again.  Don't stay to close to him for 
long, because he might do a spinning attack, or jump back 
with a Flying Blade headed in your direction.  He's not too 
hard, overall.

Info/Comments-  Nothing is known about this guy, except that 
he invades the Kanazawa Research Institute with some 
Sangokai members and kills Fei Chao Lee, starting the story.  
A minor Hakke.  That, and his EX Special owns.  Shooting 
blades out of a tounge?  Heh.  Uses a huge scalpel as a 



Brainjack Rank- 3

EX Special:  Ring Storm- Forms Chakra Rings and attacks a 
wide area.

Life- (3)
Power- (4)
Speed- (1)

Jump- Low

When using- Keep in mind that Hakke Shaja has the speed of a 
brick.  This means that you really can't go all out, and 
you'll have to play the defensive game.  With that aside, he 
has one of the best auto-combos in the game (It sort of 
creates a 'shield' around him.) and a decent EX Special that 
spreads over a wide area.  He's good up until you get 
Blademaster Devon.

When fighting against-  Don't bother trying to walk up to 
him and just slash him, since he'll either use his EX 
Special on you or perform a spinning attack.  The key here 
is to wait for him to attack... occasionally, he'll charge 
at you once he throws a certain amount of rings at you.  Try 
to make sure that you're behind a pillar, and once he's 
charges at you, sidestep out of the way and he'll run into 
the pillar, stunned.  This is where you get as many hits in 
as you can before he recovers and moves back into the center 
of the ring.  Repeat the process until he's dead.

Info/Comments-  Shaja is a famous T.V. star in India who 
uses brainwaves to steal peoples souls.  He even has a huge 
temple dedicated to his name... where his deceased wife 
currently rests.  He had a son, but it's unclear to if he 
passed away, or just went somewhere and never came back.  
{shrugs}  I'm not sure what his weapons are called.  Anyone 
willing to give me a hand here?



Brainjack Rank- 5

EX Special:  Energy Ball Fire-  Fires energy balls from an 
arm mounted cannon.  As the energy balls bounce, their 
destructive power increases.

Life-  (5)
Power- (4)
Speed- (10)

Jump- Low

When using- ...whoo.  She's a pretty versatile character, 
and she's also the only character who has three 3 different 
weapons to her name. On top of that, she's one of the few 
characters who has a speed rating of 10 throughout the game.  
With that aside though, her auto-combo comes out kind of 
slow and have somewhat of a lag to it.  And her stationary 2 
part kick attack, as well.  But don't let that get you down, 
though.  You can play pretty offensive with this character, 
and you can quickly confuse the enemies.

When fighting against-  Well, her first 'form' takes place 
with her getting inside of a huge, mechanical Black Horse.  
When the fight starts, sidestep either left or right to 
avoid the huge beam that's headed right towards you.  Now, 
the main idea is to get behind the horse and attack it.  
This is pretty easy, since the horse isn't all that mobile, 
and you can easily out-maneuver the horse by taking 
advantage of the terrain.  After you hit it, it WILL turn 
around, so escape and get behind a structure to avoid 
getting hit.  Repeat the process until you fight Marge 

When the fight with Marge starts, she'll most likely start 
shooting at you with her EX Special.  Dodge her attacks, get 
close to her, then use Devon's 6-hit auto-combo to do some 
damage to her, then jump back/retreat IMMEDIATELY.  Because 
after you hit her, she'll go into a kicking sequence then 
use her EX Special while retreating (ouch) so do that.  
After that, she'll run off, so catch up to her and repeat 
the process.  

Info/Comments-  Hakke Margaret is the head of the European 
Union, as well as Blademaster Devon's ex-girlfriend.  She 
believes that all of the 'inferior' races and peoples should 
be wiped out, and that the European Union should reign on 
the Earth.  Umm... yeah.  On another note, while Devon is 
depressed as hell, it appears as if Marge could care less.  
Hmm.  She controls most of northern Europe.  Uses a energy 
blade, an arm-mounted cannon, and her feet as weapons.



Brainjack Rank- 5

EX Special:  Urad Virus-  Sprays stone death virus to turn 
targets into stone.

Life- (7)
Power- (5)
Speed- (4)

Jump- Low

When using-  Alright.  So I was wrong about his EX Special.
It's not just a huge green gas that floats towards the 
enemy, it's a green gas that turns the enemy into stone and
you can get as many critical hits as you like.  Sweet.
It just has a little start-up lag to it, but that's nothing.
Not only that, his auto-combo is fast too, and HE'S

When fighting against- Basically, he cloaks to his heart's 
content.  But so what?  Destroy all 4 of the clocks in his
room (the ones located on that huge block of stone in the
middle of the stage) and he'll be visible for the rest of 
the stage.  Then you can go offensive as all hell on this 
guy.  Just dodge that Urad Virus attack, though.  And 
deflect his attacks.  

Info/Comments- The creator of the Urad Virus that's 
conquering Europe.  He had a daughter, Bianca, but for 
unknown reasons he threw her in the Psychiatric Hospital in 
Istanbul...  anyway, he controls most of eastern Europe.  
Uses a huge needle and the Urad Virus as weapons.  



Brainjack Rank- 6

EX Special:  Sable Puppet-  Throws explosive filled puppets.

Life- (6)
Power- (7)
Speed- (1)

Jump- Low

When using- His life is decent.  Okay.  His power is very 
nice.  Okay.  His speed... is horrible.  Not so good.  
Because of his speed, this makes him one of the worst 
characters in the game, because you're going to have to go -
super- defensive, and it's going to be hard to get a hit in 
because many of the game's later enemies are too mobile.
On top of that, his Sable Puppet EX Special is nothing like 
the version while you're fighting him.  AND his auto-combos 
and stationary attacks come out slow.  AND he's big, making 
him an obvious target... {sigh}  At least his suit kicks 

When fighting against-  Why couldn't his 'useable' version 
be more like this?  Anyway, the key here is to get close to 
him, and keep moving around him to avoid getting hit.  When 
he does his spinning attack, guard.  Stay defensive.  When 
he charges, sidestep IMMEDIATELY.  It's predictable though, 
because he'll take a couple of steps before doing so.  If 
you get knocked out of the ring, concentrate on the Sable 
Puppets he throws down to your level, then wait until the 
level lowers to get back inside the ring again.

Info/Comments-  Hakke Don Regalia is the one behind all of 
the famine, pestilence and drug trafficking that's currently 
going on throughout Europe.  He owns a huge wine cellar that 
serves as his secret hideout in Sicily, and he even has ties 
to Hakke Ray.  Apparently he knew Samuel Smith at one point 
in time, as well.  Controls most of southern Europe. Uses an 
axe, his fist, and his Sable Puppets as his weapons.



Brainjack Rank- 7

EX Special:  Jeanne Garde-  Uses wings to defend against 
enemy attacks.

Life- (5)
Power- (6)
Speed- (4)

Jump- High

When using- His Jeanne Garde EX Special is one of the best 
in the game, and you can continue to use it to quickly 
breeze past difficult levels, like the Amazon... but that's 
it.  That's his only saving grace.  He's a little slow, and 
his auto-combos and stationary attacks come out kind of 
slow.  Overall, he's basically average, and you'll have to 
play him defensively.

When fighting against-  Since you're using Hakke Don Regalia 
in this battle, it's automatically going to be a pain in the 
ass.  After you destroy the 2 Blasphemers in the area, 
you'll fight Ray himself.  Keep up with him, block his 
scythe slashes, and attack during intervals.  Keep 
sidestepping to avoid his flying scythe rush.  After a while 
he'll go back up to a ledge and summon 2 more Blasphemers, 
and the Statues up above will shoot fireballs at you.  Kill 
those 2, then Hakke Ray will fly back down to attack you.  
Repeat the process until he croaks.

Info/Comments-  Hakke Ray is the one who perverses religion 
in Europe, leading people to an unpredictable doom, all 
while putting faith in him.  He looks up to the historical 
figure Jeanne 'D Arc, (Joan of Arc) and resides in a palace 
in her name.  He uses a scythe as his weapon.



Brainjack Rank- 7

EX Special:  Saraph Bomber-  Launches flame from stomach 

Life- (8)
Power- (8)
Speed- (2)

Jump- Low

When using- This guy is another one of those 'huge, strong 
guy' types, but he has the Life and Power to back it up.  
His auto-combo has decent speed, and his Saraph Bomber does 
pretty good damage.  Play him a little offensively.

When fighting against- Use Hakke Dal to fight this guy, 
because he's protected against his Saraph Bomber attacks!  
While he's literally firing at you with the Saraph Bomber, 
you can just walk up to him and smack him.  That aside, keep 
up with him, block his scythe slashes and retaliate 
accordingly, since his attacks have some recovery time to 
them.  When he goes in the center and unleashes his stomach 
parasites, don't try to run away from them, time it right 
and JUMP OVER THEM to avoid damage.  When you notice that 
the parasites begin to slow down, they'll be going in the 
opposite direction, so turn around and jump that way too.  
As the fight progresses and as he loses more life, the 
stomach parasites will go faster and faster, so basically 
you'll be playing a game of jump rope... when he's finished 
with his little parasite attack, he'll go back to hitting 
you with his scythe and firing those useless Saraph Bombers 
at you.  This will be the time to knock him out.

Info/Comments-  Hakke Yusuf is the one in control of the 
worlds oil stock, and noticeably there's been a huge 
shortage in the world.  He owns a large oil palace in the 
Arabian Desert.  Most likely, he works right under Geist... 
what I'd like to know, though, is how in the hell did he get 
those stomach parasites...? Anyway, he uses a short scythe 
and his stomach parasites as weapons.


|[HAKKE BROWN]|      

Brainjack Rank- 8

EX Special:  Billy Impact- Punches target with spinning 
drill blades.

Life- (9)
Power- (8)
Speed- (10)

Jump- High

When using- Obviously, not only is Brown the best Hakke, but 
the best playable character in the game on most routes. His 
attacks literally have no recovery time, and his Billy 
Impact does mucho damage.  Hakke Brown is a close range 
fighter, so you can definitely afford to go offensive with 

When fighting against- Well, his first form is nothing more 
than the 'enhanced' version of the Iron Giant enemies that 
populate the Washington D.C.  On second thought, ignore that 
enhanced part.  He plays exactly like them.  After you 
dispatch him, you'll see his next form...

For his second form, don't bother trying to get close to 
him, because you won't hit him.  Instead, stand next to the 
electrical wires that entrap you in the ring.  When he 
charges at you, sidestep and he'll run into them.  This 
won't damage him, but it's your time to get as many hits in 
as possible.  Repeat the process until he's dead.

Info/Comments-  Hakke Brown somehow 'became' the new 
president of the U.S., because he's a fake.  I'm not sure if 
he's the real president who went mad and got a makeover, or 
if the real president got kidnapped and was replaced with a 
clone.  Anyway, the 'new' president seems to be a lot more 
like a cyborg, with the ability to replace body parts with 
another.   Anyway, he's secretly working with Geist 
(Who's using the body of 
Sectory-General Leung, who happens to have a big role in 
China's politics and government.) to pretend that they're 
acting in such negative attitudes and to generate friction 
between the 2 countries, but the goal is to start a war 
between the U.S. and China in order to bring down the 
world's population, which is in the plan of starting a new 
utopia for the world.  Hakke Brown uses his fists as his 



(For some of these, I'm taking the descriptions straight 
from the instruction booklet.  If there's anything I have to 
add, it'll be in parentheses.  Although I'll have to make 
some info/comments for some characters in my own words, 


Kay's father and the chief scientist at the Kanazawa 
Research Institute.  He is a world authority on PSI 



An exchange student from Hong Kong and Kay's tutor.  In 
fact, he is also a blademaster who is entrusted to awaken 
Maken.  (He ends up being killed by Hakke Andrey in the 
intro scene, though.)



A researcher at the Kanazawa Research Institute, responsible 
for Plan X PSI genetic algorithms.  She's just like a big 
sister to Kay.



A researcher at the Kanazawa Research Institute, responsible 
for Plan X artificial brain total system control.  A rude 
and self-centered man.  He and Anne go back a long way.



A man who worked with Chief Hiro Sagami on Plan X, and was 
against it the entire time.  I'm guessing that he eventually 
he got disgusted with their plans, and left the project 
altogether and went to live in Brazil as a hermit.



When fighting against- ....Whoo.  This guy makes Geist look 
like a choir boy.  Anyway, he likes to teleport all over the 
place and be a hard target to hit.  Keep up with him, and 
one thing you'll have to rely on are the enemy indicators 
that appear on the sides of the screen.  He likes to 
teleport behind you and beat the living hell out of you, so 
again, rely on the enemy indicator.  On top of that, you can 
barely put a dent in this guy, so it's going to be one long 
drawn out fight...

He has about 4 attacks.  One attack is when he delivers a 
powerful chop to you, but it's blockable.  After you block 
it, put in as many hits as you can, because it has little 
recovery time.  

Another attack is 2 quick palm strikes, again with little 
recovery time, but they're blockable.  Again, once he 
strikes twice, get in as many hits as you can.  

Another attack is when he stands in one of the corners of 
the arena, and shoots a couple of very quick fireballs at 
you, then teleport away somewhere.

Finally, his last attack is when he punches the ground 
twice, delivering 2 giant shockwaves across the ground.  
Time it right so that jump them without getting hurt, of 

After one type of attack, he'll usually teleport somewhere 
and do another.  Again, keep up with him.  If you can beat 
this guy without losing too much life, then you've truly 
owned every enemy in this game. 

Info/Comments-  The leader of a Chinese merchant group.  He 
is also the head of the Blademasters, a secret organization 
that is seeking to maintain world order.  He is the founder 
of the Kanazawa Research Institute.  He is also the man who 
requested Hiro Sagami, the world authority on PSI 
engineering, to develop Maken. (Uses his fists as his 



When fighting against-  This guy looks intimidating... but 
that's it.  He's really a pushover.

He has about a couple of attacks.

One attack involves him growing Geist into a huge sword, 
then bringing it down on you.  Not only is this blockable, 
but very predictable and can easily be sidestepped.  Not 
only that, it has huge recovery time and you can inflict a 
nice amount of damage.

Another attack is when he thrusts Geist into the ground, and 
tons of spikes in a wave formation rush up from the ground, 
homing towards you.  It'll stop if you get hit, but when you 
do, Sectory-General Leung will still have his sword in the 
ground, and you can still get a couple of hits in.  You can 
even out-run all of the spikes with some of the faster 
characters like Awakened Kei and Hakke Brown.  After out-run 
all of them, he'll stop and continue to fight.

Finally, the last attack is when he slams Geist into the 
ground and sends about 3 shockwaves across the ground.  
These can easily be jumped over with correct timing.

Basically, he can be defeated with patience and memorization 
of his attacks.

Info/Comments- Not a lot is known about him, actually.  He 
played role in China's politics, and somehow got Brainjacked 
by Geist.  From then on, he's been Geist's host.  That's 
just about all I know on this guy.  Uses Geist as his 



When fighting against- Don't let him intimidate you, first 
of all.  He can be defeated in a matter of minutes.

When the fight starts, you'll see a couple of green orbs in 
the sky.  When they start to fire at you, reflect the 
fireballs back at them and you'll knock them out the sky.  

After that, Geist himself will come down and attack you.  
Now, he has about 2 attacks.

One attack is when he rolls up into a ball and rushes 
towards you.  If you're locked on to him, just take the 
lock-on off and run around.  Easy to avoid.

Another attack is when he sends about 7-8 fireballs at you.  
You can easily avoid this by sidestepping or maneuvering 
between fireballs.

After any one of those attacks, he'll raise his head up and 
reveal his weak spot, which is a huge flashing orb that 
generates electricity, and it's so big that you can't miss 
it.  Attack it quickly, because after a while he'll deliver 
a powerful slash that takes off a nice piece of your life.  
Basically, just repeat the process and that's it.  He's 

Info/Comments-  The head of the Hakke, who goes around 
calling shots and what not.  He used to be the head of the 
Blademasters, up until his beliefs began to differ from the 
Blademasters, and eventually separated from then and formed 
the Sangokai organization.  Wants to get rid of this old 
world and start anew, and uses Sectory-General Leung as his 
host.  That's basically Geist summed up in a nutshell. 



Basically, this list is to help determine who would be the 
best person to pick when going up against a particular 
Blademaster/Hakke.  Anyway, here's the list:

*=Required Fight:  A fight that requires you to progress 
through the story with a particular person.

+=Predetermined Fight:  A fight that can't escape, and is 
required to go through the story.

(+) Kei vs. Hakke Andrey
    Fei Shan Lee vs. Hakke Shaja
    Fei Shan Lee vs. Blademaster Devon
(*) Blademaster Devon vs. Hakke Margaret
    Blademaster Devon vs. Blademaster Tyrus
(*) Blademaster Tyrus vs. Hakke Don Regalia
    Blademaster Tyrus vs. Blademaster Alys
    Blademaster Tyrus vs. Hakke Dal
    Blademaster Tyrus vs. Blademaster Kitty
    Blademaster Kitty vs. Fu Shou Lee 
    Hakke Dal vs. Hake Yusuf
    Hakke Yusuf vs. Hakke Brown
    Hakke Brown vs. Geist
    Awakened Kei vs. Geist

Well, I hope that helps.




A Hong Kong based crime syndicate.  Originally, these people 
were Blademasters, but these members felt their purpose was 
useless, and form a new faction.  After the restoration of 
Hong Kong to China, they increased in power until they had a 
worldwide network.  It has been suggested that they are 
behind the disasters that are occurring throughout the 


When fighting against- You'll be seeing these guys a lot, 
since they're the common enemies of the game.  These guys 
are easily defeatable, since you can pull a one-hit 
counterattack after they try to slash at you.  Sometimes, 
they like to pull a roundhouse kick that leaves you open, 
then slash at you.  Besides that, though, they're not too 


Kanazawa Research Institute, Japan
The Seaplane Rhinocdon
Hong Kong, China
Moscow, Russia
Shaja's Palace, India
Lyon, France


When fighting against-  Another common enemy.  Basically 
they're guys who have cannons, and they shoot at you.  
(Wow.)  When you get close to them, they swing at you with 
them.  This attack is entirely predictable, and you can get 
hits in while they're doing this.  You can just jump over 
them and off them, though.  BTW, their fireballs are 


Kanazawa Research Institute, Japan
The Seaplane Rhinocdon
Hong Kong, China


When fighting against- If you chase them they'll keep 
running away from you, so the key is to stand still and wait 
for them to attack you, then sidestep and attack them.  
Repeat process until dead.


Kanazawa Research Institute, Japan
Hong Kong, China


When fighting against-  These are the female members of the 
Sangokai organization.  Also, they seem pretty rare, since 
you only fight them in 2 levels.  They're quick, and they 
like to constantly hit and run, but their staff thrusts can 
be blocked.  You can pull one-hit counterattacks as well.  
Also, they like to swing around on their staff while kicking 
you, but that's blockable too.  They're only threatening in 
groups, like in Lisbon.


The Seaplane Rhinocdon
Lisbon, Spain


When fighting against-  The most lethal of the Sangokai 
Warriors.  But that's overestimating them, I guess.  They 
have an attack where they roll up into a huge wheel and rush 
right towards you, but that's easily avoidable.  When you 
sidestep, you can hit them from behind, gaining a nice 
amount of criticals.  They shoot some pretty fast fireballs 
(But they are deflectable, though.) and they have an attack 
where if you get too close they perform a 5 part slash 
attack. Just wait for them to do that wheel attack, then 


Moscow, Russia
Lisbon, Spain
The Forbidden City, China


When fighting against-  The huge, strong type of enemy 
hailing from the Sangokai organization.  Needless to say, 
these guys are annoying as hell, ESPECIALLY when they're 
paired up with any other enemies.  Usually, they throw bombs 
when they're far away, and those have a wide range, so try 
to dodge those if you're fighting enemies at the same time.  
At close range, they're just as deadly.  They usually swipe 
their shields at you, but they have an UNBLOCKABLE attack 
where they clench their fists and punch you, sending you 
back a little.  Their biggest weakness, however, is that all 
of their attacks are predictable and their speed is SLOW, 
making them an obvious target.  Use that to your advantage 
to defeat them. (EX:  Jumping over them constantly while 
getting critical hits.)


Moscow, Russia
Lyon, France
Lisbon, Spain
Amazon, Brazil
The Forbidden City, China


When fighting against-  These enemies are very tricky, since 
they like to jump all over the place and that  they're a 
little unpredictable, but dodging them isn't too hard.  For 
example, when they rush towards you, block their head butt 
attack then jump back immediately, because it'll attack with 
an unblockable tail lash.  And another attack is when they 
stand on their hind legs and use their claws on you, but 
that's blockable.  Again, the key here is to figure out what 
attack their going to use on you, then react accordingly.  
They're a little threatening alone, but dangerous when 
paired with almost anyone.


The Forbidden City, China


((((Northern Europe/Hakke Margaret's scenario))))


When fighting against-  These guys are waaaay too offensive.  
You'll have to find an opening in their attacks.  Usually, 
they like to jump around while swinging their blades at you, 
but they attack in intervals though.  After they pause for a 
little while, strike them.  After you do though, they 
usually do it again, and again... so repeat the process 
until dead.  Another attack is when they spin at you like a 
top, but this is the attack that leaves them wide open after 
you block it, because you can get a lot of hits in 
afterwards.  Finally, they shoot their chainguns at you, but 
that can be dodged, and is useless against people like Hakke 
Dal.  They only populate northern Europe.


London, Great Britain
Amsterdam, Netherlands


When fighting against-  They have long reach, so don't 
underestimate them.  But their attacks have long recovery 
time though, so you can easily get some strikes in before 
they recover.  Just use the block-strike technique.


Amsterdam, Netherlands
Vienna, Austria


When fighting against-  They're basically huge red dogs with 
bombs strapped to them.  The problem though is that they can 
create a problem for slower characters who don't have auto-
combos, and they can easily bring down a characters life if 
they're in packs.  The good news, though, is that you can 
kill them in one hit.


London, Great Britain
Amsterdam, Netherlands



When fighting against- Mafia-esque gangsters in pinstripe 
suits, along with moth wings and tommy guns.  Hmm.  Anyway, 
they're one of the more harder to hit enemies in the game 
since they keep flying around, but they can be taken down by 
bodies that have long weapons. (Like Tyrus or Alys.)  They 
have an 2 unblockable attacks where one is that they throw 
pollen from their wings, (But it has start up lag to it.) 
and the other is when they shoot their tommy guns at you.  
One thing they like to do though is throw pollen at you, fly 
up to you, kick you, then fly away.  Very annoying, 
especially in groups.  The best thing to do is to dodge 
their pollen, wait for it to fly up to you, block it's kick, 
then strike back at it.  Just simple counter attack stuff.


Lyon, France
Sicily, Italy



When fighting against-  Human bodies on wooden puppets, with 
huge scythes.  Not only that, but their bodies can spin like 
helicopters.  Anyway, their not too much of a threat when 
they're walking around (Just use the block/attack strategy.)  
but when they start to fly in the air helicopter-style, they 
have enormous reach and they can basically hit you anywhere, 
so stay on the defensive when they do that.  Fighting more 
than one is a pain, especially with Don Regalia, so stay 
defensive when fighting these things, and don't let your 
back be turned to them.


Jeanne D' Arc Palace, Rome



When fighting against- Huge masked giants with gigantic 
butcher knives, included with a small man on their back with 
a blow gun, and they're both affected by the Gray Plague.  
Wow.  In any case, don't let them intimidate you.  They're 
not even threatening up-close, just block their hits and 
retaliate.  (There's one attack they have that's a little 
tricky, though.  When they do a horizontal slash, and if 
their back is turned to you, they're preparing to do another 
horizontal slash so stay on the defense until that little 
attack is over.)  The only time they're remotely threatening 
is when you're meeting them far away, since the blowgun can 
shoot some pretty fast darts.  Either that, or if they're 
teamed up with Plagued Maidens...


Istanbul, Turkey
Athens, Greece
Transylvania, Romania


When fighting against-  When you approach them, they look 
like a statue with a woman's face, in leather clothing.  
Turn your back to them, however, and they'll open the 
'statue' which is in actuality a coffin with their bandaged 
body in there with spikes protruding outward, and they're 
running right towards you.  The frustrating thing is that 
they sometimes occupy very narrow hallways, making it a 
little difficult to sidestep.  But anyway, that's the key 
word here.  Sidestep.  These demons aren't too intelligent 
as they'll run right towards you, but when you sidestep and 
turn to them they'll still be running in the same direction, 
allowing you to attack them from behind.  They're not a real 
threat, unless they're teamed up with Plagued Butchers... in 
that case they'll stir up a little trouble.


Istanbul, Turkey
Athens, Greece
Transylvania, Romania


When fighting against-  Small rodents who like to walk up to 
you then protrude small blades from their bodies.  The 
frustrating thing is that they usually travel in packs, and 
you have to lock on to them to even hit them.  Even worser, 
though, is that they don't even give up any PSI.. bah.  
Luckily, they don't do too much damage.


London, Great Britain
Istanbul, Turkey
Athens, Greece



When fighting against-  Most likely one of the most 
difficult enemies to deal with in the game.  The fire 
breathing attack that they have has little start up lag time 
to it, AND it has a long reach.  Not to mention that they'll 
do it over and over again, so by the time you actually get 
into hitting range you've probably lost half of your life 
already.  The key here is to wait until their back is turned 
to you while they're patrolling (Or if you got caught, get 
in front asap.) then hit them, then don't let up until their 


Oil Palace, Arabian Desert



When fighting against-  The last thing you'd want to do is 
try to go super offensive on them, since they have a lot of 
tricks up their sleeve.  Of course, they like to cloak and 
hit you from out of nowhere, making things pretty difficult.  
Another attack they have is when you approach them they'll 
jump right over your head while hitting you from above, 
which WILL catch you off guard.  And last but not least, a 
long range attack that's predictable thanks to the start-up 
animation.  The key here is to wait until they appear (You 
can see their outline.) then attack them.  Don't let up, 


Amazon, Brazil



When fighting against-  Well, the only time they're 
vulnerable is when they reveal the missile launcher that's 
behind their mid-section, so attack that.  Speaking of 
missile launchers, when they start theirs, just get out of 
the way and wait until their done shooting them all off, 
because you're not going to dodge it and you'll take too 
much damage.  That aside though, their punching attacks 
might get you by surprise, especially if you approach them 
from behind.  


Washington D.C., U.S.A.



When fighting against-  Well, obviously, these are the 
toughest enemies in the game, hands down.  Hell, they're 
tougher than some of the bosses... their attacks have NO lag 
time to them, they're fast AND powerful, and fighting them 
in packs will be a pain in the ass.  If you're fighting more 
than one, there's a good chance you'll be killed if you 
don't kill at least one of them in time.  Anyway, the best 
thing I can say is to stay super offensive and block the 
obvious attacks, because you have got to kill one of them 
quickly to deal with the ones that are approaching your 
direction.  Basically... good luck.


Kunlun, China


When fighting against-  Spider-like machines with humans 
gagged and bound on top of them.  ...yeah.  Anyway, you'll 
fight these guys in the Trialrooms, and like the Blademaster 
Soldiers these guys also have no lag time to their attacks.  
(Although there's one obvious attack where they jump up in 
the air and shoot at you like an arrow, and it's blockable.)  
The time to hit them is when their moving around for a short 
period of time, or after they're done with their drilling 
attack.  Also, these guys always travel in packs, so you're 
more than likely to get confused while fighting them.


Kunlun, China



When fighting against- Well, you can't kill them or reflect 
their fireballs, so just dodge the shots they spit at you.


Jeanne D' Arc Palace, Rome
Athens, Greece


When fighting against- Annoying little bastards that'll come 
up in the places where you least suspect them, and crash 
right into you, doing a nice amount of damage.  You can 
knock 'em out of the air, but it takes some good timing to 
do so.  Just dodge them if you can...


Moscow, Russia
Lisbon, Spain


((((Introduction the Stage Section))))

Heh, you're probably all saying this right now:  "Why in the 
hell did he create a stage section?  The stages_aren't_that 
hard to get out of!"  

Well, mainly because I thought that if I were to create a 
full fledged FAQ/Walkthrough through this game, I might as 
well cover_every_section that this game has to offer.  

Keep in mind, though, I'm not going to list out 
every_single_detail.  Just enough information to get you 
through them.  

And one last thing.  Although it's recommended that you play 
through the stages in order that I commence them to be, you 
don't HAVE to do so... although you will be missing out on a 
lot of stuff, like Hakke Ray.  Besides, depending on the 
choices you make through the game, the stage order will be 
different anyway.  Go check out the Story Walkthrough 
section for more info on that.

Anyway, that's enough.  On to the stages!


[--Stage 1: Kanazawa Research Institute, Japan.--]

Comments- The first level in the game.  The length of the 
level is about a good intermediate stretch...  anyway, 
you'll be using Kei Sagami for this level.  Of course, it's 
the easiest level.



You'll go down a hallway with doors closing everywhere 
around you.  At the end, on your left, there will be a door 
open.  Enter it.

-> Go up the stairs, then enter the door.  Go through the 
hall, then enter the door there.

You'll come across your first enemy, a Sangokai Swordsman.  
Kill him, then proceed down the hall, then kill another 
Sangokai Swordsman.

->  At the end of the hall, there's a Life Capsule (Small).  
Go to the hall next to it, and proceed to kill the 2 
Sangokai Swordsmen.

->  Enter door at the end of the hall, then go up the 

->  Follow the path, and prepare to fight a Sangokai Cannon.  
You can trigger the elevator from the bottom, so don't 
bother.  Prepare to fight another Sangokai Cannon on the 
stairs, and there's a Life Capsule (Small) at the end of the 
path if you need it.

->  Kill the Sangokai Cannon, then hit the switch on the top 
floor to bring up the elevator.

->  Follow the path, jump some ledges, and theres a Life 
Capsule (Medium) if you need it at the end of the hall.

->  Enter the big door on the right of the Life Capsule 
(Medium), then follow the path.


->  As soon as you enter, you'll fight 2 Sangokai Swordsmen 
and one Sangokai Cannon.  There's 2 Life Capsule (Small) in 
the room, too.  After that, exit out the only door that's 


->  Follow path, and prepare to fight a Sangokai Swordsman.

->  Take any one of the stairs up, and get ready to fight 3 
Sangokai Cannons.  (Take the left flight of stairs, it makes 
it easier...)  There's a =X= off the left ledge.  Jump down 
and take it if you want it.

->  Follow the path, and fight another Sangokai Swordsman.

->  There's a big PSI at the end of the hall.  Follow the 
path, enter the elevator room, fight 2 Sangokai Bladers, 
then enter the center elevator.  As you exit the elevator, 
there's a Health Capsule (Total) and one Sangokai Swordsman.

->  Follow the path, and prepare to fight 5 Sangokai 


->  You'll fight Hakke Andrey here.  After you defeat him, 
the level will end.


[--Stage 2: The Seaplane Rhinocdon.--]  *Gou Inaba*

Comments-  Not to difficult, in fact, it's pretty short.  
Anyway, you'll be using Hakke Andrey for this level.      


-> You'll fight a Sangokai Swordsman and a Sangokai Cannon.  
Look for an X in the room with the Sangokai Cannon you 
fought.  After that, you fight another Sangokai Swordsman.  
Follow the path.

-> Fight 2 Sangokai Cannons & a  Sangokai Swordsman.

-> Follow the path, fight another Sangokai Swordsman.

-> Follow the path again, and fight 2 Sangokai Swordsmen.

-From room entrance, go to the right side of the room to 
continue through the stage.

-Fight a Sangokai Cannon, then go to the elevator.

-After the elevator, look for the Health Capsule (Total) on 
the immediate right after exiting the elevator.  Follow the 


-Fight 2 Sangokai Swordsmen and a Sangokai Cannon.  Follow 
the path, then turn on the cargo switch to make the large 
cargo boxes move.  Jump on the first box that comes towards 
you, then prepare to fight another Sangokai Swordsman.  Jump 
on the second one, also.  Be sure to get the Large PSI and a 
Health Capsule (Total) before passing through the big red 
door saying 'Exit'.

-Follow the path, then prepare to fight a Sangokai Staff and 
Sangokai Swordsmen.  Take note of the 2 Health Capsules (1 
Small, 1 Large) littering the stage.  


-After that, you have a choice to either BrainJack Gou 
Inaba, or just keep Hakke Andrey and exit the stage.    

:::*NOTE*::: If you had Brainjacked Gou Inaba, you'll go to 
Hong Kong.  If you kept Hakke Andrey though, you'll end up 
in India. 


[--Stage 3-Hong Kong, China.--] *Blademaster Fei Shan Lee*

Comments-  You know, depending on what you did back in the 
Rhinocdon, you'll either be using Gou Inaba or Hakke Andrey 
for this level.  Anyway, make a switch with Fei Shan Lee 
once you find her, then use her to finish the level.  It's 
pretty long, BTW.



-> As soon as the stage starts, you'll have to fight a 
Sangokai Blader.  Kill him, then jump on the crates near the 
fence to get to the other side of the street.


-> After you've jumped the fence, you'll have to fight 2 
Sangokai Bladers.  Kill them, then go inside an alleyway 
located between 2 large buildings.

->  After you enter the alleyway, you can either jump on the 
crates and onto each tin roof to enter the next section, or 
you can go left, kill the Sangokai Cannon, and take the 
Health Capsule (Large) that he was guarding to the right of 
him.  Either way, you still have to jump on the crates and 
onto the tin roofs to continue through the level, so just do 


-> After that little ordeal, you'll come across a platform 
with a stone door.  Enter it, follow the hallway path, and 
prepare to fight 3 Sangokai Swordsmen and a Sangokai Cannon.  
Enter the door the Sangokai Cannon was guarding, then turn 
on the switch inside the room, then fight 1 more Sangokai 

->  Enter the door that was on the right of the switch.  
You'll see 2 Sangokai Swordsmen come out of a red elevator.  
Kill them, then go inside the elevator.  THere's a Health 
Capsule (Large) in this room too, above some benches.

->  After you exit the elevator, you'll have to fight a 
Sangokai Cannon.  Kill him, then turn on the switch on the 
pillar he was guarding.  There's a large PSI in this rom, 
too.  When you're ready to leave, exit out of the room by 
entering the stone door.

->  As soon as you enter the door, you'll have to kill a 
Sangokai Swordsman.  Follow the path up the stairs, then 
you'll notice an explosion on the right side of the wall.  
Enter the hole that the explosion cause, then prepare to 
fight 2 Sangokai Swordsmen and a Sangokai Cannon.  Turn on 
the switch that the Sangokai Cannon was guarding, then enter 
the stone door to the left of the switch.

->  As soon as you enter the door, you'll notice a Sangokai 
Swordsman to the left of you.  Kill him, then collect the 
Health Capsule (Total) if you need it.  Once you do that, go 
to the other end of the hall and down the stairs.

->  After the stairs, you'll enter a large courtyard/market 
type of area.  In here, you'll have to kill 4 Sangokai 
Swordsmen and 2 Sangokai Cannons in pitch black darkness.  
Don't worry though, they lights on their helmets and the 
bullets that the Sangokai Cannons shoot at you are 
completely visible.  (There's also a Large PSI behind the 
first Sangokai Cannon you come across, so take it if you 
want.)  After you kill everyone, turn on the switch located 
at the northern section of the room, and once you do that 
you can either go tot the hallway on the right side of the 
room, go up the stairs and talk to Blademaster Fei Shan Lee.  
Or, you can either jump the crates located on the right side 
of the room, and enter the hallway above.  

(:::*NOTE::: If you had visited Fei Shan Lee's room, you'll 
have to fight 2 more Sangokai Swordsmen in the courtyard 
before continuing.)

Anyway, jump the crates and enter the hallway.

->  Follow the path and jump out of the window.  Before you 
do jump out, though, there's a Health Capsule (Large).  Take 
it if you need it, THEN jump out of the window.


-> When you land on the highway, you'll have to fight 3 
Sangokai Swordsmen.  There's 2 Health Capsules (Small) 
behind you, so collect them, if you need it.  Once you kill 
the 3 Sangokai Swordsmen, you'll have to kill 3 Sangokai 
Cannons, and after them, 3 Sangokai Bladers.  After they're 
all taken out, exit the level through the passage that the 3 
Sangokai Cannons were guarding.


[--Stage 3: Shaja's Palace, India.--] *Hakke Shaja*  

Comments- Again, depending on what you did back in the 
Rhinocdon, you'll either have Hakke Andrey here, or you'll 
have Fei Shan Lee.  This is the first stage with puzzles, I 
think.  Anyway, the level isn't too long, especially if you 
don't have Fei Shan Lee here.



->  When the stage starts, you'll see a Armored Crab fall 
onto the pressure plate.  2 Sangokai Swordsmen will them 
come out of the door.  Kill them, then enter it.

->  Follow the path until you reach a area with  2 Armored 
Crabs and 2 pressure plates.  Don't jump down just yet 
however, there's a Large PSI to the left of you.  After 
that, THEN jump down and lead the 2 Armored Crabs onto the 2 
pressure plates.  After that, fight the 2 Sangokai Swordsmen 
that came out of the locked door, then enter it.  Follow the 
path, and fight another Sangokai Swordsman.

->  You'll come to a area with 3 pressure plates with 6 
holes in the ceiling.  (There's a Large PSI in one of them, 
it's clearly visible.)  3 Armored Crabs will fall from the 
ceiling, and you'll notice that there's some stairs.  Lead 
the Armored Crabs up the stairs, and into the hole where 
there's a pressure plate.  (You can check by looking down 
into one of the holes.)  After you get all 3 to fall, enter 
the previously locked door and you'll come across 2 Sangokai 
Swordsmen.  Once you kill them, you'll notice 2 passageways.


->  Going right takes you to a Hakke Panel, which leads to 
Hakke Shaja's domain.  Going left takes you to the exit that 
leaves the level.  In order to go to the Pool of Reflection 
to fight Shaja, you'll need Blademaster Fei Shan Lee to 
access the Hakke Panel and open up the locked door.

->  Now, assuming that you have Fei Shan Lee, enter the 
previously locked door and go up the stairs.  Take the 
Health Capsule (Large) there, and go into the large stone 
door to fight Shaja.


->  Fight Shaja with Fei Shan Lee, then BrainJack him.

->  Go to the exit described earlier, then leave.   


[--Stage 4:  Moscow, Russia.--] 

Comment- This is the last time I'll be saying this:  
Depending on what you did back at the Seaplane, you'll 
either have Fei Shan Lee or Hakke Andrey here.  When you 
meet up with Kitty, her reaction towards you may be 
different, depending on what body you're currently using.... 
anyway, the level is somewhat long, and will probably be 
your first difficult level.



->  When the stage starts, there will be a sequence of a 
pickup truck that go through some gates then stop.  This is 
where the stage starts for you.

->  In total, 8 Sangokai Swordsmen will jump out of the 
stationary truck.  After disposing of them, jump onto the 
truck and onto the platform where the Sangokai Dragon is 
standing.  As soon as you reach the platform and try to 
attack the Sangokai Dragon (There's a Health Capsule (Small) 
here, BTW) he'll escape from you.  Go on the platform that 
he's currently on, then kill him.

->  From the platform you killed the Sangokai Dragon on, 
you'll notice that there's a path along the fence.  When you 
see a pillar and a opening next to it, stop.  Because 4 
Kamikazes will fly on that path.  Once all 4 have crashed, 
continue through the path.

->  You'll come across a area with multiple blocks.  You'll 
also see a Sangokai Dragon land on top of one.  To your 
immediate right (from the starting area in this area) you'll 
come across a Health Capsule (Large) behind a block.  Take 
it if you need it.  If you do, go back and fight the 
Sangokai Dragon, but you'll have to fight 2 Sangokai 
Swordsmen.  Once you're done, jump on the blocks and try to 
reach him.  He'll escape to the ground.  Do the same and 
kill him.  (If you try to get that Health Capsule (Large) 
described earlier, there will be some Kamikazes who'll try 
to attack you once you do!)

->  Once you kill that Sangokai Dragon, jump back on the 
blocks and go northeast.  You should come across a area with 
a Large PSI right below you.  The platform you're standing 
on is a cage with a =X= and a Health Capsule (Large).  Take 
the Health Capsule (Large) if you want, but don't take that 
=X= just yet.  Anyway, fall down to that area with the Large 
PSI, but prepare to fight 2 Kamikazes.  Try to leave the 
area quick enough to avoid anymore encounters with them...

->  Once you're out, prepare to fight 3 Sangokai Swordsmen.  
There's 2 Health Capsules (Small) on a small diesel truck, 
so take them if you need it.  Next to the small truck is a 
diesel.  On the right side of that diesel is a switch.  Turn 
it on.


->  After turning it on, you'll fight a Sangokai Swordsman 
and a Sangokai Dragon.  After you kill them, go to the left 
side of the diesel and fight another Sangokai Dragon.

-> Remember that =X= I told you about earlier?  Get it, 
because now would be a good time.  Once you do, go into the 
diesel and follow the path.


->  Here, you'll fight a Sangokai Titan.  Get some hits in 
on him while the =X= is still in effect.  After he's dead, 
prepare to fight 2 Sangokai Swordsmen.


->  That's it.  Just exit the stage.


[--Stage 5:  London, Great Britain.--]  *Samuel Smith*

Current Body- At this time, you'll probably be using Hakke 
Shaja, since he'll make it a lot easier for you.  You'll 
need to get Blademaster Tyrus to get through certain parts 
of this level later on.  It's a little tedious, as well.



->  Go straight.  Prepare to fight 3 Barghests.  Now keep 
going straight until you reach a wall.  To your left is the 
Misty Garden.  To your right is the Underground Waterway.  
Go to the Misty Garden first.


->  Once in the Misty Garden, you'll see a destroyed 
stairway right in front of you.  Go right (You'll eventually 
encounter a Barghest, kill it.) to a stepping stone.  (Next 
to that stepping stone is a iron-bar door, but don't worry 
about that right now...)  Get on the stepping stone by 
turning right at the corner.  Jump up, then jump on the next 
stepping stone.  (You'll fight 2 Barghests here, kill them.)  
You'll see the switch, activate it.  Collect the Health 
Capsule (Total) and the Large PSI on the left and right of 
the descending slopes of the switch.  (You'll have to fight 
Barghests on both sides though, after getting the item...)


->  Backtrack to the door leading to the Underground 
Waterway.  There's a Health Capsule (Large) to your 
immediate right once you enter the door.  Now, go down 
stairs and kill the Panzer Soldier.  Enter the door he came 
out of, and prepare to fight 2 Barghests.  If you go to the 
end of the hall and turn left, there's a Health Capsule 
(Total).  Now enter the door next to it (The door the 
Barghests came out of.)  Enter the hall, and fight another 
Barghest.  Now, there's 2 doors:  The stone door the 
Barghest was guarding, and the entrance to your right.  If 
you don't have Blademaster Tyrus, forget about going through 
that door for now.  In the meantime, go to the open door 
entrance to your right.

->  Follow the path and prepare to fight a Barghest.  Enter 
the small passageway, and follow the path.  Prepare to fight 
another Barghest with a Health Capsule (Small) next to his 
cage.  Continue through the path, and there'll be a cage 
like the first one, but with 2 Barghests coming out from 
both sides.  


->  Kill them, continue through the path, and go down to the 
end of the hall, and you'll have fight a Panzer Soldier and 
2 Barghest.  After killing them go through the path and 
you'll see the exit.


->  After you enter the stone door, you'll see Mutant Rats 
on platforms that you have to jump on.  Get past them, enter 
the stone door at the end of the hall and go up the stairs.

|[MISTY GARDEN-Pt. 2]|                

->  You'll see that you're in the room that had a iron bar 
door in front of it mentioned earlier.  Anyway, enter the 
narrow hall, and go to the stairs on the immediate left 
after exiting the hall.  There's a =X= at the top, take it 
if you want.  Stay on the top level, and make your way to a 
descending flight of stairs.  You'll see a Panzer Soldier 
come out of a stone door. Kill him and enter it.


->  Go up the stairs, open up the electronic lock and 
Brainjack Samuel Smith to get the info leading to Hakke Don 
Regalia.  Once you're done, backtrack and exit the level as 
shown above.


[--Stage 6:  Amsterdam, Netherlands.--]  *Bladmaster Devon*

Current Body- Use Hakke Shaja.  Once you reach Blademaster 
Devon, get him, and have him finish the level.  This is most 
likely the level that'll get you killed if you're not 
careful.  A very long level, IMO.  



->  When the stage starts, you'll have to fight a Barghest, 
and escape a Panzer Soldier trying to gun you down from 
above.  After killing the Barghest, go into the abandoned 
house on your right.  Go up the stairs and turn on the 
switch.  When you go back downstairs, you'll have to fight a 
Panzer Soldier.  When you kill him and attempt to go back 
outside, you'll have to fight 2 more Panzer Soldiers.  Once 
you're done killing them, go right.  (BTW, it'll be easier 
to trying to lure them into the abandoned house one-by-one.  
It'll be a lot easier, especially for someone like Shaja.)

->  Keep going right until you reach an iron bar gate with a 
Large PSI behind it, and there'll be an abandoned apartment 
with a hole next to the entrance.  (Barghests occasionally 
come out of this hole, BTW.)  Go up the apartment, and 
prepare to fight a Panzer Valkyrie and 2 Barghests.  Once 
done with them, jump out the window at the other end of the 
apartment, and get the =X= to the immediate left of you.  Go 
to your right and up the stairs to fight a Panzer Soldier, 
then go down the stairs and jump on the platforms on the 
other side.  On the last platform you'll see a big grayish-
blue building.  Jump on the platform leading to that, and 
enter the window.

->  Once inside, you'll see a Health Capsule (Large) and a 
switch.  Get the Health Capsule (Large), turn on the switch, 
and enter the door next to it.


->  Go down the alley and make a right turn.  Prepare to 
fight 2 Panzer Soldiers.  After killing them, go to the area 
they were in and you'll see a huge hole in the ground with a 
Large PSI next to it.  Take the Large PSI, and go 

->  Follow the path and prepare to fight 2 Barghests.  
Continue through the path, where you'll eventually fight 2 
Barghests and a Panzer Valkyrie.  You'll be trapped until 
you defeat them, and you'll see a Health Capsule (Total) 
too, so take it if you need it.  (Most likely, you will be 
needing it...)  After killing them, follow the path to the 


->  As soon as you enter them, you'll see a switch.  Turn it 
on, and then turn it on again.  The sewer on the right 
should look the same as when you came in.  Now, enter the 
set of doors in front of you.

->  You'll see that the sewers is empty here.  Go down to 
them and fight the 2 dogs down there.  There's a Health 
Capsule (Total) behind the flight of stairs on the other 
end, so take it if you need it.  Go up the stairs, and into 
the set of doors.

->  You'll see a Large PSI, and a Panzer Soldier come out of 
a passage at the other end.  Take the Large PSI, kill the 
soldier, and enter the hall that's next to him.  Go left, 
enter the door, go to your immediate right after exiting and 
kill the Panzer Soldier.  Follow the path, until you see a 
Health Capsule (Total) to the right of you on a left turn, 
then you'll see a blue light in the hallway.  That's the 
passageway to Club Aeolus,  Enter the door, then talk to 


->  Here, you'll either fight or recruit Devon.  Say NO then 
YES to fight him, and say yes once to recruit him.  When 
you're done either way, BrainJack him.

->  Once you're done with that little scenario, exit Club 
Aeolus and go left.  Follow the path, go through a set of 
door, then go up the stairs to your right.  You'll see a 
Panzer Soldier once at the top.  Go outside, kill the Panzer 
Soldier, then go right to the exit.  It's guarded by a 
Panzer Valkyrie, though. 


->  Just kill it and leave....


[--Stage 7:  Vienna, Austria.--]  *Hakke Margaret*

Comments- You're going to need Blademaster Devon to even get 
to the second part of the level here.  Besides, this level 
is pretty short.



->  You start off at Main Street.  This'll serve as both 
your start AND exit, so if you enter the stage with anyone 
else besides Blademaster Devon, this is the purpose it 
serves.  Anyway, just go up the stairs in front of you until 
you reach 3 Panzer Valkyries.

->  After you dispose of them, you should see a huge 
building in front of you.  From the area you're currently 
at, take the stairs up to that building and enter a door to 
the right of you once you go up the stairs and you'll see a 
Hakke Panel.


-> For starters, you're going to need Blademaster Devon for 
this.  If you don't have him, exit the level and go get him.  
Activate the Hakke Panel, and go into the door that opens.  
Follow the path that's presented to you, and eventually 
you'll reach a Theater-like area.


->  Once in the entrance-way to the Theater, go up the 
stairs to the first door you see.  Before you go into it 
however, there's a Health Capsule (Total) and a Large PSI to 
the right and left of you.  Collect these items if you need 
to, then go through the door.  Go through one more door, 
then you've officially entered the Theater, where you fight 
Hakke Margaret.

->  Defeat Hakke Margaret with Blademaster Devon.  Once you 
kill her, Brain Jack her and exit the level with the 
passageway provided in the Theater.


[--Stage 7:  Lyon, France.--]  *Blademaster Tyrus*

Current Body- It'd be a good idea to use Hakke Margaret for 
this level until you reach Tyrus.  Then let him finish the 



->  You'll start the stage on top of a descending flight of 
stairs.  Go down, watch the sequence, and kill the 4 Winged 
Henchmen that attack you.

->  After that, go down the railroad tracks, and go left to 
a small door that leads down to a warehouse, where 
Blademaster Tyrus resides.


->  Here, you'll either fight or recruit Blademaster Tyrus, 
depending on how you answer him.  Say YES once to recruit 
him, or NO then YES to fight against him.  When you're done 
either way, BrainJack him and backtrack to the railroad 

->Then once you're there, go to into a small opening in the 
wall that leads to the cavern, which is on the other end of 
the railroad tracks to your left also.


->  After following the path for awhile,  you'll see that 
the path goes left, but there's a Health Capsule (Large) to 
your right.  Take it, then continue to follow the path.  

->  Eventually you'll end up on a mine cart, with 3 Large 
PSI's above you.  Right before you pass under the second 
one, a Sangokai Swordsman will attack you.  Kill it, try to 
collect all of the Large PSI's, then wait for the ride to 
end.  When the cart stops, a Winged Henchman will approach 
you.  Kill it, then enter the passageway to the right of the 
now-stationary cart.

->  Follow the path until you reach another cart.  This 
time, there will be a Sangokai Titan throwing grenades from 
behind, and a Sangokai Swordsman will jump on your cart and 
attack you shortly after.  Kill it, and until the cart 
stops, try to dodge the Sangokai Titan's grenades...

->   When the cart stops, get off and kill the Sangokai 
Titan and the Winged Henchman that's just arrived.  Once 
that's done, go into a door on the highest platform.  Make 
your way there...

->  As soon as you enter a Winged Henchman will attack you.  
Kill it, go into a passageway to your left (Where the Winged 
Henchman flew from.) to get a Health Capsule (Total), then 
continue to follow the path.

->  Eventually, you'll end up in a large room where you'll 
see 2 Sangokai Swordsmen come down an elevator, and a 
Sangokai Titan will appear from behind you shortly after.  
Kill them all, then go into the elevator the Sangokai 
Swordsmen came out of.

->  Once the elevator stops, follow the path until you reach 
a room where 4 mine carts and 2 Winged Henchman will appear 
out of the tunnels below in the area below you.  Get the =X= 
on the strip you're currently on, then wait for the 2 Winged 
Henchman to come to you, then kill them.  After that, jump 
from mine cart to mine cart to get to the other side of the 
room (There's a Health Capsule (Large) here, too.)  and 
activate the switch there, where the door next to it will 
open and reveal a Sangokai Titan.  Kill it, then go inside.

->  Follow the path, and eventually you'll reach a room 
where you're trapped with 2 Winged Henchmen.  After killing 
them, a elevator will drop down, along with a Sangokai 
Titan.  Kill it, then enter the elevator.

->  After the elevator stops, follow the path until you 
reach a mining area with a switch and a cart next to it.  
There's a Winged Henchman here too, kill it.  After that, 
turn on the switch to make the cart move, then get on the 
bridge in front of you.  Once the cart passes through, jump 
on it and get to the area where the Sangokai Titan is.  Kill 
it, then go into the passageway it was guarding.


->  Follow the path until you reach the area you saw in the 
sequence at the beginning of the level.  Go up the stairs, 
and you'll see 3 Sangokai Swordsmen behind a Iron Bar Gate 
and a switch next to it.  Turn on the switch, kill the 3 
Sangokai Swordsmen, then go up the ascending stairs next to 
the flight you just came from.


->  And that's it.  Exit the level.


[--Stage 8:  Sicily, Italy.--]  *Hakke Don Regalia*

Comments- You'd better use Blademaster Tyrus to get through 
the stage.  He's a great contender for this level.



->  As soon as you start, you'll come across a Hakke Panel.  


->  Use Blademaster Tyrus to open it, then enter the door.  
You'll meet up with Hakke Don Regalia for the first time, 
and you'll share some dialogue.  After you talk to him, 
he'll toss 3 Super Puppets at you.  After you kill them, 
take the elevator up, and prepare to fight a Winged Henchman 
once you follow the path.

->  At the end of the path, you'll come across a door which 
leads to the wine cellar.


->  As soon as you enter, you'll fight a Winged Henchman.  
Kill him, then go to the barrel at the end of the hall, then 
go through it.

->  You'll see some crates on the other end once you go 
through the barrel.  Before you do, you'll see a Winged 
Henchman.  Kill him, jump on the crates, on top of the 
barrels and across the plank leading to the other set of 
barrels.  Then you'll see 2 Winged Henchmen come out of the 
door above you.  Kill them, then go up a ledge that you're 
currently on leads to.

->  Once on the ledge, follow the path of the door the 2 
Winged Henchmen came out of earlier.  Go through the door.  
Once through, follow the path to fight Regalia in the 


->  Defeat Hakke Don Regalia with Blademaster Tyrus.  Once 
he's disposed of, BrainJack him and go to the exit that's 
presented to you.


[--Stage 9:  Jeanne D'Arc Palace, Rome--]  *Hakke Ray*

Comments- You'll need Hakke Don Regalia to even get to the 
second part of the level.  But you don't need him to fight
Hakke Ray.  Look down for more info.




->  As soon as you start the level, there's an =X= to the 
immediate right of you.  Collect it, and enter the door in 
front of you down the hallway.

->  Enter the door, and enter the hall.


->  In here, you'll fight 3 Blasphemers.  Kill them, and 
you'll see 2 doors in the hall open.  One of them has a 
Large PSI in a hall which leads to a Hakke Panel, and the 
other is obviously an exit.  So, it means this:  If you 
don't have Hakke Don Regalia, you might as well just leave.
Now for those of you who DO have him, go to the Hakke Panel.


->  Use Don Regalia to open up the door locked by the panel.  
The door leads to a secret room.


->  There's a Health Capsule (Total) here.  Take it if you 
need it, and go through the door in front of you.


-> This is the place where you'll fight 2 Blasphemers.  Now 
once you're done with them, you'll finally talk to Hakke 

NOTE:  I received word from Dark Kyosuke that you DON'T
HAVE TO fight Ray with Hakke Don Regalia!  This makes
it easier, since Don Regalia sucks rocks.  

"Do note that you DO NOT have to fight Rei with Regalia!
Unlock the Hakke panel, and exit the stage another way.

This works in almost every stage, and gets you a 
different speech from the boss."

Thanks to Dark Kyosuke for pointing this out!


[--Stage 10:  Istanbul, Turkey.--]

Comments:  Use Blademaster Tyrus for this one.  He'll 
dispatch the enemies here a lot quicker.



->  As soon as you start you'll find yourself in a hallway.  
Exit out a prepare to fight 3 Mutant Rats.  You're currently 
in the Lobby, BTW.

->  After killing them, you'll notice a room on your left.  
On your way there, you'll fight 2 more Mutant Rats.  Once 
inside the room, turn on the switch and fight 4 more Mutant 

->  Once done with that, go into the door across the room 
that was activated with the switch.  On your way there, 
you'll fight 2 more Mutant Rats.  Now , enter that door.

->  Once inside, you'll enter a hall, with a path that goes 
straight, and stairs that go down.   After walking a few 
steps, a Plagued Butcher will bust out of the right side of 
the wall.  Kill it, then go downstairs to your left.


->  You'll enter the incinerator.  Follow the path while 
avoiding the Mutant Rats, and enter the door on the other 
side of the room.

->  Once you enter the door on the other side, follow the 
path and you'll be in a blue hall with 2 Plagued Butchers.  
Kill them and enter the door they came out of.


->  Once that's done, you'll come across an elevator.  Turn 
it on and be prepared to fight a Plagued Butcher that'll 
bust out of a wall in the hall you're currently in.  There's 
a Health Capsule (Large) in the wall hole, too.

->  Re-enter the blue hall, and fight another Plagued 
Butcher.  Backtrack to where you met the first Plagued 
Butcher, (straight hallway.) then take that path.  On that 
path, you'll fight another Plagued Butcher.  Enter the door 
at the end of the path.


->  Another incinerator.  Enter the door on the right side 
of the room.  Follow the path until you enter a purple 
hallway.  Fight 2 Plagued Maidens, and enter the door that 
the first Plagued Maiden that was staring you in the face 

->  You'll see the elevator shaft you saw earlier, and 
there's 2 Plagued Maidens to your left along with a Large 
PSI.  Kill the 2 Plagued Maidens, then take the elevator by 
jumping on top of it.

->  Get off of the elevator, enter the door.

->  Follow the path until you see a crossroad.  There's a 
Plagued Maiden to your left, and one to your right 
accompanied with a =X=.  Kill both, take the =X=, and go up 
the stairs where the left Plagued Maiden was.

->  Follow path until you see a Plagued Butcher.  Kill it, 
then go down the hall he was guarding.  Enter the door at 
the end of the hall.

->  There's a Plagued Maiden to your right after entering 
the door, and a Plagued Butcher in the hall behind you. (The 
one you just came out of.)  If you want to kill both for 
PSI, feel free to, but once that's done head back to the 
area where the Plagued Maiden was, then go left to the 

->  Kill the 2 Plagued Butchers there, and then enter the 
door on the other side of the area.  There's a Health 
Capsule (Large) on the highest platform where the second 
Plagued Butcher is.  


->  After entering the door, follow the path and you'll come 
across doors on your left, and an elevator to your right.  

->  On the blue door to the left at the very end of the hall 
is Bianca.  You'll need to talk to Blademaster Alys first in 
order to have that door open, and you need Bianca to get to 
Transylvania, but don't worry about it right now.  

currently at this part in the stage, BrainJack Bianca and go 
to Transylvania. 

->  Once done with that, go to the elevator on the other 
side of the hall.  Exit the elevator, follow the path.


->  Just exit the level.  That's it.


[--Stage 11:  Athens, Greece.--]  *Blademaster Alys*

Comments:  This is a tricky level, and you could get lost 
easily if you don't have a keen eye for things.  Anyway, use 
Blademaster Tyrus to get to Blademaster Alys, then continue 
to use Blademaster Tyrus to finish up the stage.



->  When the level starts, enter the door in front t of you 
and follow the path down the stairs until you come to a 
large elevator.  Jump down to it.

->  On the way down, you'll fight 6 Mutant Rats.  Once the 
elevator stops, exit out of the door there.


->  Follow the path downstairs until you see 2 Mutant Rats 
come out of huge vases to your left.  Once that's done, 
continue through the level.

->  Once you reach some ascending stairs, go up then go to 
the passage on the right.  Avoid the Security Statue's 

->  Follow the path until you see a ledge below you.  Jump 
down to it.  There's a Health Capsule (Large) on the floor 
below the second ledge.  

(If you took the Health Capsule (Large), follow the path up 
until you reach a Plagued Maiden and a Plagued Butcher, and 
another Plagued Maiden.  On another note, if you didn't take 
the Health Capsule route and went on the ledge, you'll fight 
the same quantity of enemies, but you'll end up on a 
different track.  But if you try to go to the opposite 
track, you'll fight 3 Plagued Maidens instead of 2.  Anyway, 
they both lead to the same area, so just continue.  And this 
was most likely pointless...)

->  You'll see some ascending stairs.  Take them, and on the 
way up you'll fight 2 Mutant Rats.

->  Once at the top ledge, you'll see a Security Statue 
below you.  Fall down, and go down to the level where the 
Security Statue is, then prepare to fight a Plagued Butcher.

->  After that, you'll end up back on the ledge you were on 
earlier, but turn around and you'll see a ledge above you, 
right behind you.  Jump on that ledge.

->  Follow the path, go up some stairs, and you'll see a 
Security Statue and another Plagued Butcher.  Kill it, then 
go to the passage on your right.

->  Go up the stairs, then you'll see a area with a Plagued 
Maiden, and a Plagued Butcher approaching you, with a 
Security Statue right behind the Plagued Butcher shooting at 
you at the end of the hall, littered with Health Capsules 
(Small) between the pillars in this area.  Kill the Plagued 
Butcher and Maiden, then once that's done, head to the 
stairs that's to the right of the Security Statue.

->  Follow the path, you'll see another Security Statue  
after going up the stairs.  Go to the passage to the left of 
the head, fight another Plagued Butcher.  Dodge the Security 
Statue's bullets on that side, then go to the passage on the 
left side of the Security Statue.

->  Follow the path, fight 2 Mutant Rats, jump to the ledge 
on the other side, then go up some more stairs, then fall 
down to the ledge below you, with some green pillars.


->  Follow the path, then enter the door at the end of this 
path.  You'll see Blademaster Alys.  Here, you're either 
going to fight or recruit her.  As with all Blademaster 
meetings, say Yes once for recruitment, or No then yes to 
fight against her...

->  Once that's done, exit the room, follow the path until 
you see a Health Capsule (Total) and a Large PSI, then fall 
down the ledge.  Go to some ascending stairs, then jump to 
the other side of the ledge where you'll meet a Plagued 
Maiden.  Kill it, follow the path, then you'll fall to a 
ledge below you with a bridge.  As soon as you fall, you'll 
see a Plagued Butcher behind you.  Kill it, cross the 
bridge, then follow the path.


->  That's it...


[--Stage 12:  Transylvania, Romania.--]  *Hakke Dal*

Comments:  This is where you'll meet Dal, the creator of the 
Grey Plague that's currently screwing up most of Europe.  
It's a pretty straight-froward level.  Use Blademaster Tyrus 
to fight Hakke Dal.



->  When you enter the large stone door there, you'll come 
across 2 Plagued Maidens.  Kill them, then go up the stairs 
behind them.

->  Once you go up the stairs, you'll come across another 
Plagued Maiden.  Kill her, then kill the one at the other 
end.  You'll notice planks on the left side of the 2nd 
Plagued Maiden, and from there you can either jump to the 
platform on the other side, or jump on the chandelier to 
continue through the stage.

->  Should you jump to the platform on the other side, 
you'll come across a Large PSI and a Plagued Maiden in a 
room.  Once you're through with that, go back to the planks 
and jump on the chandelier.

->  Once you do that, the picture with a castle on it will 
rise to reveal 2 Plagued Butchers.  Kill them, follow the 
path they were guarding, then enter the huge stone door to 
enter the clock tower.


->  It's pretty straight-froward, as I mentioned earlier.  
Go up some stairs, then you'll see a door and a Health 
Capsule (Large) on the top floor.  Grab the Health Capsule 
(Large), then enter Dal's Study.


->  You'll fight Hakke Dal here.  Once you defeat him, 
BrainJack him then go to the exit presented to you.


[--Stage 14:  Lisbon, Portugal.--]  *Blademaster Kitty and 
Kou Yamashiro*

Comments:  This is the climax of the game.  This level is 
kind of difficult with the high number of Kamikazes 
littering the level and various other traps, so keep some 
keen reflexes handy.  Getting lazy will get you killed...  
Use Blademaster Tyrus to get through here.




->  As soon as you start, you'll see 2 Kamikazes head toward 
you.  Dodge them so they hit the stairs  After those 2, you 
can clearly see Kamikazes hitting the buildings, 3 at a time 
in intervals.  When all 3 of them hit, make your way to the 

->  Once you get to the bridge, fall down to the area below 
to get to the next sequence.  There's a Health Capsule 
(Total) on the left side an a =X= on the other.  Take either 
one and fall.

->  Once you're down there, prepare to fight 3 sets of  
Sangokai Staffs.  On the first set you fight 1 at a time.  
On the second set you fight all 3 simultaneously.  On the 
third set, you'll fight 2 Sangokai Staffs plus a Sangokai 
Titan simultaneously.  Once that's done, go into the small 
gate that's just opened.

->  Follow the path until you see a tunnel with a number of 
Large PSI's in it, with Kamikazes flying down there.  Go to 
the end of the tunnel while collecting the Large PSI's.  
After that, follow the path until you see a left and right 
crossroad.  Just go left, the right one is a dead end.  Keep 
going until you reach a Sangokai Titan whilst dodging some 
Kamikazes.  After killing the Sangokai Titan, enter the door 
he was guarding.


->  In this area, you'll see 2 Sangokai Dragon's trying to 
gun you down.  However, they can't.  Mainly because huge 
pieces of frozen meat block the bullets, and you'll have to 
go between 2 huge metal blocks in order to proceed.  Wait 
until they revolve to where you stand, and go through them.  
Kill the Sangokai Dragon, and enter the door on the other 
side of the room.  (If you have Blademaster Tyrus, you can 
just use Thunder Quake to dispatch them as soon as you 
enter.  :-))

->  In this area, you'll see conveyor belts with crates.  
There's 3 Sangokai Dragons on the other side of the room, 
and that's where you have to go.  Navigate between crates 
and conveyor belts to do so.  You have to go on the right 
one first.  Go to the section with the Health Capsule 
(Small), and stay there until you can get ahead of the crate 
that was in front of you.  Once you do that, go to a space 
on your left.  The Conveyor Belt on your left should go 
back.  Get between the crates.  Once it goes froward, go the 
space with a Health Capsule (Small) on your left.  Once it 
goes back get ahead of the crates, and you'll be in the area 
with the 3 Sangokai Dragons.  Kill them all, then go to the 
door next to the left most Sangokai Dragon.  Follow the path 
and exit the level.


->  You'll have a sequence with Blademaster Kitty and Kou 
here.  Depending on what choices you've made so far, their 
reaction toward you may be different.  Go to the Story 
Walkthrough to see what I mean.


[--Stage 15:  Amazon, Brazil.--]  *Dr. Guinness*

Comments-  This is probably the most difficult level in the 
game, enemy wise.  The Cloakers combined with the brute 
force of the Sangokai Titans, along with their advantage in 
the terrain will probably have you trying this level more 
than once.  To make things even worse, the Monitors in the 
cave section of this level will probably have you throwing 
your controller against the wall in frustration.  I'd 
recommend Hakke Ray for this level, thanks to his EX 



->  When you start, follow the path and you'll see a Masked 
Cloaker fall from a ledge above you.  Kill it, follow the 
path, and you'll fight 2 more Masked Cloakers.  You'll see a 
Sangokai Titan on a platform above.  Jump from platform to 
platform and get to the ledge he's standing on.  Kill him.  
There's also a Health Capsule (Large)  and a Large PSI 
across from the platform the Sangokai Titan was on.  Take 
them.  After that, fall down to the cave the Sangokai Titan 
was guarding.

->  Once inside, you'll fight 2 Masked Cloakers.  Kill them 
both, and follow the path.


->  You'll be in a lake-type of area with a Masked Cloaker 
in the center.  Kill it, and beware of the Sangokai Titans 
throwing grenades from the terrain above.  Look out for 
another Masked Cloaker in the pond, too.  Get to the ledge 
where the first Sangokai Titan was.  Follow the path by 
going up the ledge, and you'll come across a platform with a 
=X= and a Large PSI.  Take it, follow the path, and be 
prepared to fight another Sangokai Titan.  Follow the path 
until you reach a wooden bridge.  After a couple of steps on 
the bridge, parts of it will collapse, and you'll have to 
jump between intervals.  Make it to the end where the 
Sangokai Titan is and enter the cave that he was guarding.  

(At the start of the bridge, if you go right to the ledge 
below you, you'll see a Health Capsule (Large).  Fall down, 
and you'll get 2.  IF you do that, just navigate back to the 
cave and enter it.)

->  When you enter the cave, you'll eventually see a 
Monitor.  The main idea is to get past them without being 
seen, or you'll get scorched... badly.  (This is why I 
recommend Hakke Ray for this level.)  Anyway, go straight, 
and try to dodge the next one by navigating through the gaps 
littered in this section.  All I can pretty much say about 
this one is that follow the path while dodging Monitors by 
watching their patterns an going into the gaps inside the 

->  If you survive, (You should, you're using Hakke Ray.) 
you'll end up in a area with large stones, where there's 2 
Large PSI's in the area.  Collect them, and go into the 
house that's in front of you.


->  This is the exit of the level.  Enter the house, and 
you're finally done with this level from hell.


[--Stage 16:  Arabian Maze, Oil Palace.--]  *Hakke Yusuf*

Comments-  This is, without a doubt, the most confusing 
level in the game.  If you don't follow directions properly 
and keep an eye out for the obscure spots, you'll either 
give up in frustration or you'll end up getting killed by 
the Salamanders here, since they are no easy task to deal 
with either.  Use Hakke Dal here.  Why?  Because he's 
invincible against Yusuf's Saraph Bomber, and his weapon has 
quite a long reach... 



->  As soon as you start, follow the path until you meet 
your first Salamander.  Kill it, then you'll eventually come 
to a path where you can either go to the door on the right, 
or you can go left downstairs.  Take the stairs.

->  As soon as you go down the stairs, there will be a door 
to your right.  Prepare to meet a Salamander.  Kill it, then 
you'll come to a hallway with red carpet.


->  If you go right, you'll go up some stairs where there's 
a Salamander and a Large PSI.  If you go left, you'll 
continue through the level where you'll be greeted by 2 
Salamanders patrolling the area.  Kill them both, then go up 
the stairs.

->  You'll come to another path where you can either go left 
or right.  When you look right, you can plainly see flame 
being thrown from a opening in the area,  (There's 2 
Salamanders in that opening, BTW.)  along with a Health 
Capsule (Total) and a Large PSI.  To your left, you'll see 2 
different Salamanders going into 3 different doors:  Up, 
right, and left.  Take the left door.

->  Go up the stairs where you'll be greeted with another 
Salamander.  Follow the path, then you'll eventually see 2 
Salamanders come from the ceiling and throw out fire one at 
a time.  Make it past this trap, and follow the path.

->  Once you go down a small flight of stairs and eventually 
follow the path, you'll see another Salamander.  Kill it, 
then you'll come to another area where you'll see ascending 
stairs to your left, and descending stairs to your right.  
Go left, into the door.  There's a Health Capsule (Large) 
here.  Go up some more stairs, where you'll meet Hakke 


->  Depending on the choices you've made throughout the 
game, you'll either end up negotiating with or fighting 
against Hakke Yusuf.  Anyway, once you're through with him, 
exit the level.


[--Stage 16:  Washington D.C., U.S.A.--]  *Hakke Brown*

Comments- Actually, I'd say that this is a pretty short 
level... it's the Iron Egg-Shaped Robots here (Err... I'll 
just call them Iron Giants.) that make things just a 
*little* difficult, and dispatching them isn't that hard, 
really.  Use Hakke Yusuf for this level.  Besides, it 
could've been pretty cool if you could actually *navigate* 
inside the White House... {shrugs}



->  When the stage starts, go to the door in front of you 
and follow the path, until you reach a oval shaped-area with 
2 Iron Giants patrolling the area.  Go around until you 
reach a door that leads to another oval-shaped area with 2 
robots.  In this area, you'll want to find 2 iron bar doors 
that have switch monitors in them.  Locate and turn on both 
of them, and enter the big door shown in the sequence.  
Follow the path.

->  You'll see a hallway with 2 doors on the side, and 2 
robots at the end guarding the entry way.  In the first door 
you come across, there's a =X=.  In the second, a Large PSI.  
In the third, a Health Capsule (Total).  Go into all of them 
to avoid fire by those Iron Giants, and once you reach the 
last door, make your way around them, then follow the path.


->  When you arrive, you'll have to fight 4 Iron Giants 
who'll bring the elevator down *very slowly* if you don't 
kill them fast enough.  The elevator will escalate upward, 
and stop at floor 3.  Once it stops, enter the door there.  
Collect the Health Capsule (Total), then enter the Special 


->  Basically, it's a huge boxing ring where you'll meet 
Hakke Brown.  You'll fight 2 forms of him here.  When you 
defeat him, exit the level.


[--Final Stage (A):  Forbidden City, China.--]  *Geist*

Comments- Ah, yes.  Depending on the choices you've made 
throughout the game so far, this will be your last level, 
and Geist will approach you differently.  Gameplay-wise, 
this level is a kind of long, and the Dancing Serpents here 
are no pushover, either.  Use Hakke Brown to get through the 
level.  (On another note, you may be using Kou Yamashiro to 
get through the level.  Again, it depends on what choices 
you made throughout the game...)


If you haven't noticed yet, the locations are scrambled out 
on the overview screen.


->  When you start the stage, you'll enter a courtyard where 
you'll fight a Dancing Serpent, and a Sangokai Dragon.  Once 
you kill them all, go up the stairs and into the next 

->  In this second courtyard, you'll fight a Sangokai Dragon 
and a Dancing Lizard simultaneously.  After killing them, 
another Sangokai Dragon will drop down, so kill him too.  
There's a Health Capsule (Large) and a =X= in this area 
also, so take them if you want.  After killing all enemies, 
go up to the next courtyard.

->  Here, you'll fight 3  Dancing Lizards one at a time.  
After killing all 3, go inside the building.  There's a 
Health Capsule (Total) in this courtyard, too.

->  As soon as you enter the building, you'll be greeted by 
2 Sangokai Titans.  There's a Health Capsule (Large) here, 
too.  After killing them, continue through the level.

:::NOTE:::- This is where you'll be starting the stage as 
Kou Yamashiro.

->  You'll go down some stairs.  After going down, there'll 
be a second flight, along with a Sangokai Dragon at the 
bottom.  Kill it.  There will be 3 sections like this.  
After the last part, prepare to enter the Forbidden City... 
I think.


->  When you enter, there will be a Health Capsule (Total) 
on the left of you and 2 Sangokai Titans in front of you.  
Kill them, and follow the path.

->  You'll fight 1 Sangokai Dragon and 1 Sangokai Titan 
here.  After killing them, wait for the next floating arena 
to come down, then enter that one.

->  You'll come across a Sangokai Titan and one Dancing 
Lizard.  Kill them, and the next arena will eventually float 
down.  Enter that one.

->  You'll fight a Sangokai Dragon and a Dancing Lizard in 
this one.  Wait for the next arena to float down after 
dispatching them.

->  You'll come to a door with 2 Health Capsules (Large) on 
the side.  Take them and enter it.

->  You'll come across another arena where it's glowing 
blue.  This one has 2 Dancing Lizards in it.  After you kill 
them, follow the path.

->  You'll come across another door with a Health Capsule 
(Large) on the right of it.  Take it, and enter the door.

->  You'll come across a twisting bridge that leads to a 
temple.  Inside of it is Geist.

Depending on the choices you've made so far, his reaction 
towards you will be different as stated earlier.  Anyway, 
enjoy the ending once you're done dealing with him...  


[--Final Stage (B):  Kunlun, China.--]  *Fu Shou Lee*

Comments-  This stage is short---but extremely difficult, 
especially if you're not using Blademaster Kitty.  The 
enemies here will give you hell more so than the ones in the 
Forbidden City, but that's a given.  I hope you have good 
reflexes, as dodging and blocking the enemy's attacks will 
be a life saver.  



->  As soon as the stage starts, a Blademaster Novice will 
be charging right at you.  Kill him, then follow the path.

->  2 more Blademaster Novices will start charging at you.  
One will rush you, while the other will stay back and shoot 
arrows.  Once you approach them, kill them.  When you kill 
the one that was rushing at you, and when you attempt to get 
to the one that was shooting at you the whole time, another 
will come down, and you'll eventually fight 3 of them since 
one will run up from behind you.  Kill them all, then follow 
the path.


->  A Blademaster Novice will rush out of the entrance.  
Kill him, enter the cave (There's a Health Capsule (Total) 
waiting for you here, BTW.)  then prepare yourself for the 


->  You'll fight 2 Prisoners here.  Once you kill them, go 
into the next cave.  There'll be a Health Capsule (Total) 
waiting for you here, too.

->  In this cave, you'll fight 3 Prisoners.  Kill them all, 
then go to the Sacred Soil.


->  Here, you'll fight 4 Blademaster Novices trying their 
hardest to keep you from moving, and it looks like they're 
doing a pretty good job so far.  Luckily, there's a Health 
Capsule (Total) in the area.  Kill them all, then follow the 
path.  Prepare to meet up with...


->  This is the arena where you'll fight Fu Shou Lee 
himself.  He's no pushover, either.  Once you defeat him, 
enjoy the ending.


((((Introduction to the Story Section))))

Well, I've tried to come up with a decent way to navigate 
you through the various paths layed out in this game, so I 
decided the best way to do it would be through laying it out 
in one straight line, instead of giving you the multitude of 
options you get when you come across a choice.  
There's 7 story paths in all.  

Anyway, on to the story sections...



A)  Fu Shou Lee:  "So, are you willing to help to pursue 
them in order to stop this mad conspiracy?"  

Whether you say YES or NO doesn't affect the story, I 

You'll end up in the Rhinocdon.  At the end, you have a 
choice to Brainjack either Gou Inaba, a Pilot, who'll take 
you straight to Hong Kong, or you can keep Hakke Andrey, 
who'll take you to India.

B)  Fei Shan Lee:  "So how about it?  Are you going to help 
use defeat Hakke Shaja or not?" -YES

(NOTE:  She says this if you go to India first, then go back 
to Hong Kong after leaving Moscow.)

So what do you say, Maken?  Are you willing to go to India 
for us, or not?  -YES

(NOTE:  She says this when you go straight to Hong Kong from 
the Rhinocdon.  Even though the wording is different, the 
point is still the same.)

A few stages later, you'll end up in Amsterdam.  Here, 
you'll meet Blademaster Devon, who'll ask you some 
questions.  After some speech, he'll get to the point:

C)  Blademaster Devon:  You must defeat Geist's people so we 
can go on protecting this worthless world.  -YES

After the Amsterdam stage, Kei Sagami will ask you a 
question in the World of PSI.

D)  Do you fight with Geist because you believe it's your 
duty?  -NO

After you deal with Hakke Margaret by using Blademaster 
Devon, Kei will ask you another question.

E)  Would this world be a better place if only 'superior' 
people lived in it?  -NO

Now, go to Lyon, France, where you will meet up with 
Blademaster Tyrus.  After his little speech, he'll finally 
ask you his question:

F)  Blademaster Tyrus:  Will you devote yourself to save the 
human race?  -YES

After the Lyon, France stage, Kei will ask you another 

G)  Do you think personal happiness is the most important 
thing?  -NO

Now, go to London and Brainjack Samuel Smith to get the 
information that leads to Hakke Don Regalia's hideout.  Now, 
go there with Tyrus.

Once you defeat Hakke Don Regalia with Blademaster Tyrus, 
Kei will ask you yet another question, after some speech:

H) Kei:  You don't think I'm wrong for wanting this, do you?  

Use Hakke Don Regalia's body to get into the Jeanne D'Arc 
Palace, and defeat Hakke Ray with him.  After that battle, 
Kei will ask you a question.

I)  Kei:  Do you have any regrets regarding the battles 
you've had so far?  -NO  

Now, go to Athens, Greece, through Istanbul, Turkey.  When 
you talk to Blademaster Alys in Athens, she'll go through 
the usual Blademaster routine and ask you a question:

J)  Blademaster Alys:  Are you willing to lend us your power 
to defeat Geist's people?  -YES

After the Athens stage, Kei will ask you another question.

K)  Kei:  What do you think?  Did my mother sacrifice her 
life, just like Alys did?  -YES

Go back to Istanbul and Brainjack Hakke Dal's daughter, 
Bianca, in order to get the information to his whereabouts.  
When you get to Transylvania, defeat Dal with Tyrus.  After 
that battle and the stage, Kei will ask you another 

L)  Kei:  I want to help you all I can.  Is that okay with 
you?  -YES

Now, go to Lisbon to meet Kou Yamashiro and Blademaster 
Kitty.  Once you get there, they'll ask you a couple of 
questions after a small conversation.

M)  Kou:  Forget Geist.  Let's go see Dr. Guinness right 
now!  -YES

N)  Blademaster Kitty:  I hate doing this, but I have a 
favor to ask of you.  Defeat Geist.  -YES

Now, you'll end up in Arabia.  Defeat Hakke Yusuf.

Once that's done, you'll be in the Amazon in Brazil to talk 
to Dr. David Guinness.  There won't be any choices to make 
here, since you're on the Path of Law.

After that, you'll be in Washington D.C. to defeat Hakke 
Brown.  Do that.

Finally, you'll be in the Forbidden City in China to defeat 
Geist, who's Brainjacked the body of Sectory-General Leung.  
Defeat him, and enjoy the best ending in the game.

(BTW, Dark Kyosuke pointed out this little piece of info
about the good ending):

"-In Path of Law, there's a secret section to the ending
(that's the ending where Maken is sealed away, correct?)
If you answer all of Kei's questions correctly, you see
the scene after the credits.  The right answers make her
happy, the wrong ones make her sad.  If you did it right,
after beating the last Hakke in Europe, Kei says that she
wants to journey the world with you, and do all the good 
she can.  Then, if you pursue the ending to where you 
fight Geist and DO NOT die in the effort, you see a 
special scene.  Thanks to whoever pointed this out, 
because it was not me."

So, thank the person who told Dark Kyosuke about this...
whoever you may be.



If you are on the Path of Law, this ending is available.  
Once you get to Lisbon, answer the questions differently and 
you'll go on a different path.

Now, go to Lisbon to meet Kou Yamashiro and Blademaster 
Kitty.  Once you get there, they'll ask you a couple of 
questions after a small conversation.

A) Kou:  Forget Geist.  Let's go see Dr. Guinness right now! 

B) Blademaster Kitty:  I hate doing this, but I have a favor 
to ask of you.  Defeat Geist.  -NO

After that, you'll head straight to Brazil to meet Dr.  
Guinness.  After some dialogue, he'll ask you a question 
that'll determine the fate of Maken.

C)  Dr. Guinness:  Maken, will you choose death in order to 
save Kei?  -YES

Now you'll head to The Forbidden City with Kou in his new  
body armor to defeat Geist.  When you reach Geist, defeat 
him in order to see this ending.  As the story path name 
implies... well, you'll see it for yourself.



A)  Fu Shou Lee:  So are you willing to destroy them in 
order to stop this mad conspiracy?  -NO

During the Rhinocdon incident, Brainjack Gou Inaba and go to 
Hong Kong.  When you meet Blademaster Fei Shan Lee, talk to 

B)  Blademaster Fei Shan Lee:  So what do you say, Maken?  
Are you willing to go to India for us, or not?  -NO

Then kill her with Gou Inaba.

Now, a few stages later, you'll meet Blademaster Devon.  
When you see him, he'll ask you a couple of questions.

C) Blademaster Devon:  You must defeat Geist's people so we 
can go on protecting this worthless world.  -NO

After that, he'll talk a little more, then ask you his final 

D) Blademaster Devon:  Hearing this, do you still refuse to 
defeat the Hakke in Europe?  -YES

Now, you'll fight him. 

After you defeat Blademaster Devon, head to Lyon, France to 
talk to Blademaster Tyrus.  When you meet him, you'll notice 
that his attitude towards you has changed, and he'll ask you 
his question:

E)  Blademaster Tyrus:  Will you devote yourself to save the 
human race?  -NO

After that, he'll talk a little more, and then he'll ask you 
his final question.

F)  Blademaster Tyrus:  So tell me Maken, do you want to be 
an enemy of the human race?  -YES

Then, you'll fight him.  Defeat him.

After that, head to Athens, Greece to talk to Blademaster 
Alys.  Then after some conversing, you'll see that her 
attitude towards you has changed as well.  Then, you'll 
answer her question.  

G)  Blademaster Alys:  Are you willing to lend us your power 
to defeat Geist's people?  -NO

After some more talking, she'll ask you her final question:

H)  Blademaster Alys:  So, what do you say Maken?  Do you 
still refuse to help us?

Then defeat her.

Afterwards, you'll end up in Lisbon, Spain to talk to 
Blademaster Kitty and Kou Yamashiro.  They'll ask you their 
questions as well:

I)  Blademaster Kitty:  Are you going to side with Geist or 
us?  Make up your mind.  -NO

After a little talking, Kou will ask you his request to see 
Dr. Guinness:

J)  Kou:  So...   go see him right away.  -NO

Then you'll fight both Blademaster Kitty and Kou.  

Now you'll travel to the Oil Palace in Arabia to talk to 
Hakke Yusuf.  After some talking, he'll ask you his 

K)  Hakke Yusuf:  Maken, why don't you join forces with us, 
and we will build a utopia.  -YES

You will head to Kunlun, which will be your last stage in 
this path.  Enjoy the ending once you defeat The Last 



If you are on the Path of Chaos, this ending is available.  
Once you get to Hakke Yusuf, answer the questions 
differently and you'll go on a different path.

Hakke Yusuf:  Why don't you join forces with us, and we will 
build a utopia.  -NO

Hakke Yusuf will question your actions, and then you'll have 
to fight him.

Afterwards, you'll go to Washington D.C., and then straight 
to the Forbidden City from there to defeat Geist.  Enjoy the 



If you are on the Path of Law, this ending is available.  
Once you get to Dr. Guinness in Brazil, answer the question 
differently and you'll go to another path.

A)  Dr. Guinness:  Maken, will you choose death in order to 
save Kei?  -NO

After this, you'll head to Washington D.C.

After defeating Hakke Brown, you'll head to the Forbidden 
City in China to defeat Geist.  However... Geist has 
something different in mind when you meet him.  After some 
dialogue, he'll get to his point.

B)  Geist:  Why don't we call a truce?  Will you accept my 
offer, or not?  -YES

If you say yes, the ending will have Kei saved, but with a 
slight twist to it.  But...

C)  Geist:  Why don't we call a truce?  Will you accept my 
offer, or not?  -NO

You'll fight Geist.  In the ending, Chief Hiro Sagami will 
be alive, but... well, just check out the ending.  You 
probably know what I'm going to say.  

The interesting thing about this route is that 2 endings 
stem from one question alone.  Hmm...



If you are on the Path of Law, this ending is available.  
Once you get to Lisbon, Spain, answer the questions 
differently and you'll go on a different path.

A)  Kou:  Forget Geist.  Let's go see Dr. Guinness right 
now!  -NO

B)  Kou:  Don't you want to help Kei?  -NO

After this, you'll head to Arabia to defeat Hakke Yusuf.

After the battle with Hakke Yusuf, you'll head to Washington 
D.C., then after that you'll head to the Forbidden City in 
China.  However, once you get midway-through the stage, 
there will be a certain person waiting for you there.  After 
that, head to Geist, defeat him, and enjoy the ending.


That's it!  All 7 endings...  next, there's a section 
that'll list out all of the available characters on each 


((((Character Availability Lists))))

Basically, this is just a section showing the availability 
of characters throughout the story routes.  Pretty simple to 
understand, I hope...


Kei Sagami
Hakke Andrey
Gou Inaba
Blademaster Fei Shan Lee
Hakke Shaja
Blademaster Devon
Hakke Margaret
Blademaster Tyrus
Samuel Smith
Hakke Don Regalia
Hakke Ray
Blademaster Alys
Hakke Dal
Hakke Yusuf
Hakke Brown


Kei Sagami
Hakke Andrey 
Gou Inaba
Blademaster Fei Shan Lee
Hakke Shaja
Blademaster Devon
Hakke Margaret
Blademaster Tyrus
Samuel Smith
Hakke Don Regalia
Hakke Ray
Blademaster Alys
Hakke Dal
Kou Yamashiro
Awakened Kei


Kei Sagami 
Hakke Andrey
Gou Inaba
Blademaster Fei Shan Lee
Blademaster Devon
Blademaster Tyrus
Blademaster Alys
Blademaster Kitty


Kei Sagami
Hakke Andrey
Gou Inaba
Blademaster Fei Shan Lee
Blademaster Devon
Blademaster Tyrus
Blademaster Alys
Blademaster Kitty
Hakke Yusuf
Hakke Brown


Kei Sagami
Hakke Andrey
Gou Inaba
Blademaster Fei Shan Lee
Hakke Shaja
Blademaster Devon
Hakke Margaret
Blademaster Tyrus
Samuel Smith
Hakke Don Regalia
Hakke Ray
Blademaster Alys
Hakke Dal
Hakke Brown


Kei Sagami
Hakke Andrey
Gou Inaba
Blademaster Fei Shan Lee
Hakke Shaja
Blademaster Devon
Hakke Margaret
Blademaster Tyrus
Samuel Smith
Hakke Don Regalia
Hakke Ray
Blademaster Alys
Hakke Dal
Hakke Yusuf
Hakke Brown


((((The Maken X/Megami Tensei formula))))

Alright, I'm sure some of you know the Megami Tensei series 
and the creators of the games, Cozy Okada and Atlus R & D 1.  
One of the things that this section will deal with is how 
Maken X uses the tried and true lessons that're passed on 
throughout most of the MegaTen games.  (Don't worry, this 
section will be short.)

In the majority of MegaTen games, they tell us that there 
really is no 'good' or 'bad' side, but instead it's 
indifferent.  Why?  It's all in the eye of the beholder... 
and if you've been observing closely, you can see that this 
is very true in Maken X.

The Blademasters believe in preserving the world 'for the 
good of humanity', but they want to kill off everyone who 
stands in the way of doing so.

The Hakke want to get rid of this old world and start anew 
'for the good of humanity', but they want to enslave humans 
so they can't become radicals like they once were. 

If you're Maken and decide to side with neither, you kill 
members from the Blademaster and Hakke societies.

All of these show that each side has no 'good' traits.  It's 
up to you to think what's right and to take action... and 
this has been shown in many MegaTen games before.

Also, if I really wanted to make some sort of analogy, I'd 
take some examples from Shin Megami Tensei, but that's 
something entirely different in terms of atmosphere, but 
very similar in formula.  

So... yeah.  Same 'ol stuff, brought to you by Cozy and 
Atlus R & D 1.  There's lessons to be learned here... 


((((Other Stuff/Stupid Crap))))

->  The Sangokai Cannons sound like they're saying 'Toy 
Story' when they shoot at you.  *(But actually, they're 
saying Byakorri, which is actually somewhere along the
lines of BOOOOOM!  You people need to give an applause
to Dark Kyosuke, because I had no idea about stuff like

->  The American seiyuu for Hakke Ray sounds like Bullwinkle 
the moose.

->  Ever notice how the Blademasters have elements that 
correspond to the 4 magic elements and effects in most of 
the MegaTen games?

Blademaster Devon- Bufu
Blademaster Tyrus- Jio/Zio
Blademaster Alys- Zan
Blademaster Kitty- Agi

I'm not entirely sure about Blademaster Fei Shan Lee, 
though.  Keep in mind that she's still a newbie to the 
Blademasters, which is why she doesn't have an 'official' 

->  A lot of people already know this, but the 'Panzer 
Soldier' and 'Panzer Valkyrie' were wearing Nazi insignias 
on their uniforms.

->  Was Blademaster Devon an ex-Nazi?  On another note, I'd 
say that he definitely has potential to become a Hakke...

->  It's amazing how Blademaster Tyrus can fight with one 
foot... and that he sounds 'mechanical' when he gets hit.

->  Why is the Lyon in France?  

->  Why is it that whenever there's a Blademaster there's 
Sangokai members or common enemies to be found, even when 
you start the stage?  Don't they know the enemy is on the 

->  Dr.  David Guinness bears an unholy resemblance to 
George Clinton from the funk band Parliament... sans multi-
colored braids.

 I guess that concludes the Other Stuff/Stupid Crap 


->  Cozy Okada, Atlus R & D 1, and Kazuma Kaneko for 
creating another kick ass game in the steps of MegaTen.

->  Dark Kyosuke for giving me tips on how to get the 
endings.  Without him, this FAQ/Walkthrough probably 
wouldn't be here.  Also gave me a lot of the 
characte info, too.

-> Ben Huff for pointing out some of the facts about
Hakke Dal and his stage.

->  Everyone on the GameFAQs Maken X boards.

->  Everyone on Summoner's Net!  Can't forget about them...
->  CJayC for hosting this FAQ.

->  Finally, anyone and everyone who's read and benefited 
from this FAQ/Walkthrough.


Maken X: Deus Ex Machina is property of Atlus, 1999-2000.

(c) 2001, by Sasoriza.  All rights reserved.  All versions 
of this FAQ will be given to the sites that I say can use 
them.  Don't sell this FAQ, as it is free to the public.  If 
I do give you permission to have this FAQ on your site, 
don't edit this FAQ in any way.

"The balance between good and evil is nothing but fragile.  
One sides calls the other evil, and repeats the history of 
war.  That's because... basically the human mind is warped."

-Hakke Yusuf