Time Trial Online Transfer Guide by R-Jay

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[for Sega Dreamcast]
Time Trial Online Transfer Guide Ver 0.5
by RJAY63 (rjay63@hotmail.com)

This guide can be freely distributed as long as it remains intact.
It cannot be used for profit making purposes.


A)  Introduction
B)  Time Trial Transfers
     B.1 Items required
     B.2 Working UK ISPs
     B.3 Make a Ghost Time Trial
     B.4 Time Trial Bugs
     B.5 Downloading Time Trials
     B.6 Emailing Time Trials
     B.7 Uploading Time Trials
     B.8 Sega's "New" Time Trials
C)  My Youtube videos & Time Trial website (msr.netii.net)
D)  Kerbing
E)  Fast Start
F)  How to get 262/262 tracks
G)  Cheat Options
H)  Speed Challenge
I)  Old MSR Competitions
J)  Bonus Vehicles in Street Race Mode
K)  Hidden Tune
L)  MSR Soundtrack: Pseudo Artists
M)  Links
N)  What I Need
O)  Guide History
P)  Shouts

A) Introduction
   I bought MSR around the time of its UK launch but only played the game
   half-heartedly.  That changed in late 2007 when I finally made the effort
   to complete Street Race mode. Since then I've been playing Time Attack mode
   sporadically (with the occasional upload to Youtube), however I always
   wondered what the best players managed to achieve back in MSR's heyday.
   Earlier this year I also discovered Time Trial (TT) mode in the 'Internet'
   options (where you could vary the weather) and even managed to get my
   Dreamcast back online after finding some MSR TT's to compete against!
   Alongside this, I conducted a thorough search of the internet for the old
   Dreamarena rankings and even though I was unsuccessful, I did find plenty
   of MSR info scattered around.  So I decided to write a guide bringing all
   these items together plus instructions for creating, emailing and uploading
   Time Trials.

   So why play MSR when its offspring, Project Gotham Racing, has taken the
   concept to new levels of popularity and competitiveness?  Why bother with
   a decade old game when the PGR games offer incredible graphics, powerful
   supercars, a sensible kudos system, comprehensive VS/online play, bigger
   community, tournaments and for the select few the ability to earn a
   salary from playing a game?  Well, in short MSR's handling!  The game has
   a very 'coin-op racer' feel and being a fan of Sega's Outrun 2 SP, Daytona
   USA & Scud Race titles alongside Namco's Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune,
   this is something I really appreciate.  To enhance this feeling, I strip
   the game right down to a car, an empty track and a clock to avoid the
   flaws (slowdown playing against CPU cars, broken kudos).  It's ironic
   considering the strap line for MSR is "It's not how fast you drive but
   how you drive fast" yet the basic time attack modes are the reason I'm
   still playing today!

   As mentioned earlier, this document will focus primarily on Time Trials as
   well as other information that isn't covered by the many other fine guides
   available for MSR.  I'll also provide links to my various Youtube videos and
   some noteworthy MSR related websites (some now stored at archive.org).

   PLEASE NOTE: the ISP guide for Time Trial transfer is really aimed at UK
   users since I have no knowledge of foreign dial up services.  I may try to
   update this in my next revision.

B) Time Trials Transfers
   NOTE: the following will also work for transferring vanilla MSR ghost
   files, ie the ones you can save in standard Time Attack mode.

 B.1 Items Required
     * Working DC dial-up modem: Should come as standard with your DC.  If
       not you can grab them on EBAY cheap.

     * BT Phone Line (UK users): The cheapest and best option to get your
       DC online.  You can do this through cable services but the ISP
       dial-up cost will be more.

     * Standard BT phone cable (UK users): To link your DC to the phone
       socket.  You can find a cheap 10m cable for between 1-2, don't
       spend too much on this.

     * Dreamkey 3.0/Planetweb 3.0 disc: Required to amend your DC's ISP
       details and for obtaining/sending TT files.  Check EBAY for second
       hand discs or google 'dreamcast online'.  Planetweb 3.0 is essential
       for uploading TT files.

     * Working ISP with compatible SMTP: Required to download/upload/email TT
       files.  Two compatible UK pay-as-you-go ISP's are shown in the next

     * GMX email account: A basic email service just right for DC use, sign
       up at www.gmx.com.  Dreamkey 3.0 users should keep the email password
       in lower case.

     * PC with DCI_VMI installed: Required for uploading TT files.  DC_VMI
       is homebrew software that makes TT files 'web ready' and you can get
       it by visiting http://www.franken.de/users/deco/myfiles/myfiles.html

     * Free webspace at www.000webhost.com: If you wish to host TT file's
       and allow both Dreamkey/Planetweb users to download them, sign up at
       000webhost.com.  Keep your site basic to allow DC users quick
       loading times & lower call costs.

    NOTE: Once you have saved your ISP details to memory, you can even use
    MSR's own browser to download and email!  It has more or less the same
    functions as Dreamkey 3.0, bar the ISP set-up.  To jump to a URL, on
    the browser page hold A and press START 10 times.  Then move the cursor
    to the bottom status bar and press X+A together.  Check out my YT video
    at www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MqfZPGhuGU.

 B.2 Working UK ISPs
     Below are two UK ISP's that are compatible for Dreamcast web surfing
     and email.  The following details should be entered via the Dreamkey 3.0/
     Planetweb 3.0 disc and saved to memory.

     Aardvaak (http://www.aardvaak.net/free-isp-dreamcast.html)

      User login:      FREE1010
      Password:        dreamcast
      Dial Up Number:  0845 662 1009
      Backup Number:   0845 662 1309
      DNS 1: 
      DNS 2: 

      Login:          [whatever]@gmx.com
      Password:       [whatever]
      Email:          [whatever]@gmx.com
      POP3:           pop3.gmx.com
      SMTP:           smtp.smartemail.co.uk

     Inspiron (http://www.inspiron.co.uk/Default.aspx?ParentId=6&PageId=265)

      User login:     guest
      Password:       guest@inspiron.co.uk
      Dial Up Number: 0845 665 1888
      DNS 1:
      DNS 2:

      Login:          [whatever]@gmx.com
      Password:       [whatever]
      Email:          [whatever]@gmx.com
      POP3:           pop3.gmx.com
      SMTP:           smtp.inspiron.co.uk

     Cost on BT line: 2p per minute between 7am-7pm and 0.5p per min all other
     times (correct as of 18/8/2010).

     Source: http://www.productsandservices.bt.com/consumer/consumerProducts/

 B.3 Make a Ghost Time Trial
     **To access this option, your Dreamcast needs either ISP details saved to
     memory or the 'Open All' cheat activated.**

     NOTE: You cannot make Time Trials for the Free Roam courses.

     1. From the main menu, choose 'Internet'
     2. Select 'Create Time Trial'
     3. Make your selections (circuit, weather & car) and then choose
        'Trial Name'
     4. Choose a 3 character tag
     5. Save the file to VMU (2 blocks required)
     6. Go back to the previous menu ('Internet Options'), select 'Time Trial'
        and load up your file from the VMU.
     7. Race around the circuit until you get the desired lap time, then quit
        the race.
     8. Choose 'Save Trial' and select 'Yes' to overwrite file (18-20 blocks
     9. You have now made a Ghost Time Trial!  Check the ghost has not been
        corrupted by playing through the trial again (see below).

 B.4 Time Trial Bugs
     If you choose a special vehicle (bus, lawnmower etc) and select 'misty'
     or 'foggy', the weather is always clear when the trial is replayed.

     If you strike the wall/kerb too many times during your best lap, there
     is a chance the ghost car will become corrupt. By this, I mean the
     ghost will suddenly crash and accelerate against the side.  The only
     way to rectify this is by getting a new fast time.

 B.5 Downloading Time Trials
     You will need:

      * 33k/56k DC modem
      * BT Phone cord
      * BT line
      * Compatible ISP
      * Dreamkey 3.0 or Planetweb 3.0 web browser

     1. Go online with your DC using the above browsers or MSR's own Dreamkey
     2. Visit relevant webpage
     3. Click on file to download trial to VMU

     I would recommend checking out either http://matchingservice.dcarena.de
     (German Ranking) or http://msr.netii.net (my site).  They are both
     Dreamkey & Planetweb compatible.  Please note, some of dcarena.de's
     ghosts are corrupt as described in the previous section.

     Note: Other webpages may not be Dreamkey compatible so you will need to
     use the Planetweb browser instead.

 B.6 Emailing via Dreamcast
     You will need:

      * 33k/56k DC modem
      * BT Phone cord
      * BT line
      * Compatible ISP with working SMTP
      * Dreamkey 3.0 or Planetweb 3.0 web browser
      * GMX webmail account

     1. Select email function then 'compose' to go online
     2. Select TT file as attachment (Planetweb 3.0 users can send more
        than 1 attachment per mail to each other)
     3. Send email to recipient

     The recipient MUST have the same browser type as you, ie Dreamkey to
     Dreamkey (inc MSR's own browser) or Planetweb 3.0 to Planetweb 3.0
     The file transfer will not work Dreamkey to Planetweb or vica versa.

 B.7 Uploading
     You will need:
      * 33k/56k DC modem
      * Phone cord
      * BT line
      * Compatible ISP with working SMTP
      * Planetweb 3.0 web browser (Dreamkey WILL NOT work)
      * GMX webmail account
      * PC with DCI_VMI installed
      * Free webspace at www.000webhost.com

     1.  Create Time Trial with ghost & save to VMU
     2.  Load Planetweb 3.0 and email Time Trial file to yourself.
         You can send multiple files if you like however this will increase
         the waiting times.
     3.  Access GMX email from PC and download Time Trial file to your PC
     4.  Make a note of the original file name eg. MSRCHALL.GTV
     5.  Change TT filename to something unique & the extension to .VMS
         (eg. MSRCHALL.GTV becomes MSRALFA.VMS).  The default file name for
         TT's will always 'MSRCHALL' so changing avoids overwrite issues if
         you're uploading more than one challenge. *CAPITAL LETTERS
     6.  Move renamed file to the same directory as DCI_VMI
     7.  Open Command Line from Windows Start (type CMD in run box) and
         change directory to the one holding DCI_VMI.
     8.  Type DCI_VMI [file name].VMS
     9.  Press 'd' for data file.  The 'file description' sections will
         automatically be pre-filled.
     10. Choose anyname for DCI file, this is not required.
     11. Press 'y' for DCI Copyable.
     12. Type the original file name in the next section. This must be EXACT
         so in this example it is MSRCHALL.GTV
     13. Type 'none' for VMI Program Description
     14. Type 'none' for VMI Copyright Information
     15. You should now have 3 files - MSRALFA.VMS, MSRALFA.VMI &
         [whatever].DCI.  Delete the DCI file
     16. Upload both MSRCHALL.VMS and MSRCHALL.VMI files to your webspace
     17. Add the relevant HTML code to your webpage for a download link to
         the .VMI file, ie <a href="http://mywebsite.com/MSRALFA.VMI">Alfa
         Romeo GTV Trial</a>

     Some webpages do not automatically allow Dreamkey users to download the
     file.  In this case you will need to create an .htaccess file containing
     the following code:

         addtype application/x-dreamcast-vms-info vmi
         addtype application/x-dreamcast-vms vms

     See http://rvmu.maushammer.com/faqindex.html for more info.  Some
     webpages (like Angelfire) do not allow you to change the .htaccess
     settings especially on free accounts.  www.0000webhost.com does!

 B.8 Sega's 'New' Time Trials
     On the old MSR webpage at Dreamarena, there was a section about time
     trials taking place on an 'exclusive circuit'.....


     I found the VMU files for these 'New Time Trials' on an old download
     page and discovered they DID NOT take place on unique tracks but on the
     existing 'Challenge' courses. There were also no accompanying ghosts,
     just empty trials.  All cars drive with manual gears, no ABS and 'MSR'
     on their numberplates.

     Here is the data for each trial (S-Short, M-Medium, L-Long):

      London: St James' Challenge (St James L-4)
      Car: MG RV8 (Racing Green)
      Weather: Foggy

      London: Trafalgar Challenge (Trafalgar M-7)
      Car: Vauxhall VX220 (Mandarin)
      Weather: Clear

      London: Westminster Challenge (Westminster M-7)
      Car: Mitsubishi Evo 6 (Grey)
      Weather: Clear

      San Francisco: Financial Challenge (Financial L-6)
      Car: Jensen S-V8 (Black)
      Weather: Raining

      San Francisco: Fisherman's Challenge (Fishermans L-4)
      Car: ???????
      Weather: ???????

      San Francisco: Pacific Challenge (Pacific M-8)
      Car: Mazda RX-7 (Vintage Red)
      Weather: Wet

      Tokyo: Asakusa Challenge (Asakusa L-4)
      Car: TVR Chimera (Yellow)
      Weather: Drizzle

      Tokyo: Shibuya Challenge (Shibuya L-4)
      Car: Audi TT Roadster (Denim Blue)
      Weather: Downpour

      Tokyo: Shinjuku Challenge (Shinjuku S-11)
      Car: Renault Spider (Sports Blue)
      Weather: Foggy

     Unfortunately the VMU file for Fisherman's Challenge was missing, however
     I have a feeling the car was probably the Toyota Celicia GT4 (only 2
     other 4WDs present) and weather was either misty or clear.

     You can find them at http://www.angelfire.com/journal2/gzaxxxskams/
     otherdownload/ogd.html.  There's no real point downloading though, just
     make your own copies!

C> My Youtube Time Trial videos & download website (msr.netii.net)
   I have made various Youtube videos showing some of my best TT laps.
   They are as follows:

    Course: Tokyo-Asakusa-Long-Nishi Sumita Gawa (Asakusa-L2)
    Car: Nissan Skyline GTR
    Time: 0'51.024
    Weather: Clear

    Course: London-Westminster-Long-Bridge Street West (Westminster L1)
    Car: Mitsubishi Evo VI
    Time: 1'07.696
    Weather: Downpour

    Course: San Francisco-Fisherman's Wharf-Medium-Taylor North
    (Fishermans M-8)
    Car: Jensen SV-8
    Time: 45.323
    Weather: Clear

    Courses: Speed Challenge tracks (separate TT files to allow manual
    transmission & no ABS)
    Car: Opel Speedster
    Times: 1.02.386 (San Francisco), 1.11.407 (London), 0.57.890 (Tokyo)
    Weather: Clear

   To compliment this, I also uploaded some of these Trials/Ghosts to a DC
   compatible website for you to download and challenge.  The URL is
   msr.netii.net and you can download these ghost/trials via Planetweb or
   Dreamkey.  Make sure you have enough space in your VMU before doing so
   (approx 20 blocks per Trial).

D) Kerbing
   When exiting a corner a little too fast your car sometimes bounces off the
   kerb unscathed.  As well as preventing you from crashing into the sides,
   this quirk can be also exploited for faster lap times especially on narrow
   circuits.  Basically you need to turn so the tyres on your outer side hit
   the kerb, bouncing you away.  Practice is required to obtain the optimum
   speed and car position: if you drive too fast or hit the kerb too early,
   you will loose speed or crash.

   Please also note there has to be an actual kerb on the corner for this
   technique to work! ;)

   See my Time Trial videos on Youtube for some examples of kerbing (links
   in previous section).

E) Fast Start
   Useful on Street Challenge/Quick Race mode but difficult to pull off.
   During the countdown, hold the accelerate so the needle is just at the
   start of the redline. Then the moment the announcer shouts "GO", floor
   it! Here's a Youtube video I made at www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRDgkU-YfAA

F) How to get 262/262 tracks
   *You will need to have aquired the 'Open All' cheat (see next section)*

    1. Activate the 'Open All Cheat' within the Cheat menu to open the 3
       remaining courses (featuring in Speed Challenge mode).
    2. Go to Time Attack mode and set a fast lap on each of the 3 tracks
    3. After the final autosave you should have 262 tracks available.

    NOTE: Sometimes if you race the 'Speed Challenge' option, the above
    tracks will lock themselves off again.  Simply redo the above to release.

G) Cheat Options
   These are found inside the normal 'options' menu.  This list is
   assuming you have completed Street Race mode.

   Skip Car Challenge:     Self explanatory - required for obtaining the
                           Alfa Romeo GTV in the PAL version.

   Open All Cheat:         Unlocks remaining tracks and options.

   Time Of Day:            Self explanatory - sets the time of day overriding
                           the DC's internal clock

   Silly Cheat*:           Stretches the visuals making the game more or less

   Bubble*:                Makes the screen bounce up and down.
                           See www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJG3shmEpJ8 for an

   Grass*:                 Turns the road green but not to actual grass.
                           If you want to race on actual grass, drive on the
                           banks of the St James's Park courses!

   Adjustable Camera*:     During a race, pause the game and select
                           Options -> Camera -> Adjust Camera.  You can now
                           amend the distance, height and rigidity of a
                           particular viewpoint.  Once changed, you cannot
                           access this option again during the race.

   Widescreen*:            Enables 16:9 on a compatible TV, probably the
                           most sought-after cheat.

   * You will need to switch these options back on after each race.

   Try combining Silly, Bubble & Grass for the ultimate eye-bleeding

H) Speed Challenge
   This mode formed part of Sega's MSR competitions when the Dreamarena
   portal was still active.  Found within the 'internet' option, the
   purpose is to gain the best lap on 3 pre set tracks for the lowest
   combined time.  You are forced to drive MSR's headline car, the Vauxhall
   VX220/Opel Speedster with automatic gears and ABS on.   Although this is
   not an ideal set-up, the world's best players managed some outstanding
   times during a competition in March 2001, easily beating my records set
   with Manual Gears and no ABS (see section below for more info)!  The tracks
   are as follows:

    Track 1: San Francisco-Financial Distric-Medium-Market West II
    Track 2: London-St James's Park-Long-Parliament Street South II
    Track 3: Tokyo-Shinjuku-Long-Higashi-Dori Kita II

   You can see videos of my times on the Speed Challenge courses on Youtube
   (see section C for links).

I) Old MSR Competitions
   Dreamarena Vauxhall VX220 competition

    A European Dreamarena competition with an actual Vauxhall VX220 as first
    prize.  Basically you had to answer a series of questions with the option
    of gambling your correct answers for more 'kudos'.  From a business point
    of view this made sense as the money obtained from the Dreamarena phone
    charges probably paid for the competition.  However it's a shame they
    didn't have a similar challenge to the one that took place in France (see
    below) where the prize was won through actually playing MSR rather than
    winning a quiz.  The winner was featured in an edition of UK Dreamcast

   European DC Racing Wheel competition

    One of Sega's 'Speed Challenge' competitions.  Not much of a prize but a
    good idea to see what the best racers could achieve.  They managed some
    spectacular times, especially being forced to drive with automatic gears
    and ABS!  Here they are listed below:

    Track 1: San Francisco - 1.01.3 set by sirus (UK)
    Track 2: London        - 1.10.4 set by benvollo (France)
    Track 3: Toyko         - 0.56.034 set by manasel (Spain)

    The UK winner was also featured in an edition of UK Official Dreamcast

   French Opel Speedster competition
   http://www.micromania.fr/special/msr/dc_details.php (pop this URL into Google

    Now this is more like it: win a real Opel Speedster by actually playing
    MSR!  Basically a Kudos challenge, you needed to obtain the highest scores
    obtained without a joker on set circuits. The top 4 players progressed
    to the final in Paris where the eventual winner won the car.  You can
    read some of the participants comments archived on
    .htm, including this rather interesting topic from the alledged winner
    saying he wishes to sell his prize (http://www.jeuxvideo.com/forums/1

    Street Race-Chapter 18-Race 7/Old Palace Yard North

    Street Race-Chapter 19-Race 7/Parliament Street South II

    Grand Final:
    Street Race-Chapter 20-Race 7/West Jefferson IV
    Street Race-Chapter 20-Race 8/Nishi Shinjuku Restaurant
    (You also needed to finish 4th, probably to stop people exploiting the
    flaws in the Kudos system)

J) Bonus Vehicles in Street Race mode
   **You need to be driving a normal car & have a bonus vehicle in your

   1. Go to Main Menu
   2. Select 'Street Racing'
   3. Choose the chapter & challenge
   4. Select 'Change Car'
   5. Choose the bonus vehicle in your garage and away you go!

K) Hidden Tune
   Very rare but sometimes after a completing a challenge/time attack, a
   hidden tune plays on the menu screen. I have only heard it 6/7 times in
   the past decade and have no idea what triggers it but luckily in 2007,
   my DVD Recorder was active while the tune played.  I emailed Richard
   Jacques about this music and he confirmed it is his work and was
   originally composed as 'credit' music with no name.  It's a smooth jazzy
   instrumental and you can listen to the track on Youtube at

L) MSR Soundtrack: Pseudo Artists
   We all know the man responsible for the music is Richard Jacques, however
   the radio station DJs quote pseudo-artists for each track.  Here is the
   complete list:

   Song                            Pseudo Artist
   ----                            -------------
   Am I Only Dreaming              Undulator feat Kym Rogers
   California Demon                Zeffer
   Club Paris                      Earthburn
   Come On Baby                    Otis Cook
   Don't Wait                      Fay Douglas
   Fallen Angel                    Slipstream
   Freeway                         Shakka
   Heartlands                      New Dawn
   Holding On                      Sugar Free (??)
   I Can Still Believe             Helena Davidson
   It Doesn't Really Mater         Chantelle
   Let's Get It On Tonight         MC Momo
   Live Your Life                  Salford Keys (sic)
   Long Long Road                  Kurt Austin
   Low Lights                      Clarence Mitchell Quartet
   Outside In                      Defunct
   Overdrive                       Dominator
   Passion                         Infinity
   Push                            Atomhead
   Red Line                        Tomahawk
   Show Me Your Love               Capricorn
   Sold Out                        Elevation
   State Of Mind                   Intuition
   Think About It                  Black & White
   Time                            Shanice Williams
   When She Comes Back             The Jacque Richards Band
   You Can Love Me                 Gabriel Nelson

M. Links
   German MSR rankings (with downloadable ghosts/trials)

   My Time Trial website

   My Youtube site

   Cyberscore MSR Ranking (Time Attack)

   MSR VMU Saves & Ghosts/Time Trials

   Old MSR Dreamarena website (rankings are not present)

   Bizarre Creations website & forum

   Archived Bizarre Creations MSR forum (many broken links)

   French MSR Discussion board

   French MSR fansite

   Edge Award 2001 (graphical achievement):

   Russian MSR records site (never took off)

   Unofficial VMU Guide

   DCI_VMI download and other VMU homebrew

N. What I need
   * Dreamcast compatible ISP's from outside the UK (with working SMTP)
   * An archive of the old rankings from MSR's long dead Dreamarena page
   * MSR strategies and driving techniques.

   Email me at: rjay63@hotmail.com

O. Guide History
   Ver 0.5 - Created sporadically between July-August 2010.

P. Shouts
   Virtuaracing & Team 'Avit: keeping the Sega dream alive!

   Eric: you will play Daytona USA 2 again, don't give up hope!

   Archive.org: Giving dead websites eternal life!  For all the MSR info and
   proving there was a Daytona competition back in 1999.

   gzaxxs: For your download webpage that helped me solve the 'New Time
   Trials' mystery.

   Onlineconsoles.com: Helping me getting my Dreamcast back online.

   Aardvaak & Inspiron: Still allowing Dreamcast users access to the
   internet with working email.

   GMX: Providing a DC compatible email service

   000webhost: For Dreamkey compatible webspace

   Dreamcast-Talk: For the Planetweb 3.0 disc

   Bizarre Creations: For making MSR

   Sega: For the Dreamcast

   Silly Boi Singh: The man who thought a Wade gravy jug would make him a
   millionaire! :p

   Mac: Good luck in your studies!

Metropolis Street Racer (C) 2000 Sega.
Car names are trademarks of their respective owners
This guide (C) 2010 RJAY63 (rjay63@hotmail.com)

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