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TRMK's MKG Bug List
Version 1.05
Compiled September 13, 12:30 AM
by Patrick McCarron (mcc@niu.edu)
URL: http://mk.hotweird.com/


Update for 1.05

- VMU Information taken from manual
- My Vertex Problem Theory
- Sub Zero's Freeze and Resetting Uppercut Fatality Added
- Added Starting Count of how many people experience each problem. I'll
  continue this until it gets overwhelming to keep count.  I'll place "Many"
  if I get a good number of reports of the bug/glitch.

## Sub Zero's Resetting Uppercut ##
  - Reports: 1 - 
I have gotten a report from a MKG owner that during Sub-Zero's Freeze then
Uppercut Fatality (B - B - D - B+HP at Sweep Distance +) that the game
freezes and resets itself.  If anyone else has this same problem let me know.
This doesn't occur on my copy.

## Missing Goro ##
  - Reports: 1 - 
I have heard from one person, but not experienced myself yet, that Goro has
been disappearing at times on their copy of MKG.  Probably a glitch on that
disc, I'll keep trying to repeat the bug myself though.

## Noob 3rd Outfit Crashes Game ##
  - Reports: Many - Experienced Myself
While trying to select Noob Saibot's third outfit by rotating a square three
times and then pick Noob Saibot the game will crash and reset right as the
game is loading up the match.  I'm pretty sure this is every copy of the game.

## CPU Can't Move ##
  - Reports: 0 - Experienced Myself
I've encountered a few occasional glitches where CPU gets stuck in place and
can't move forward.  Just hitting the computer will get them out of it, and
I'm not totally certain but I think that the CPU's projectiles had no effect
on me.

## Missing Victory Pose ## 
  - Reports: 0 - Experienced Myself
Another interesting bug, or "feature" that I came across in MKG is missing
"victory" poses of the character you use to defeat the tournament mode.  In
the previous versions of MK4 you'd see the character holding a skull and a
trophy.  Now you just see the trophy and skull floating in the air and the
MKG "Push Start" screen in place of the character's model. I have also
noticed that when the CPU wins the Tournament it WILL show the proper
character model instead of the logo screen, so this was obviously an
overlooked glitch.

## VMU Saving Problems ## 
  - Reports: Many - 
I have not encountered this myself because I haven't purchased the VMU yet
but I hear you can save the game settings to the VMU, but any of the Kombat
Theatre settings of endings you have opened will not be saved to the VMU.
I'm pretty sure this is every copy of the game.

Explanation: The box does not show support for the VMU and the manual states
the following about the VMU:
"Mortal Kombat Gold does NOT support the VMU.  Even though it is listed
in the menu, it is NOT functional.  Do NOT attempt to enable the VMU."

## Vertex Problems ##
  - Reports: Many - Experienced Myself
Some places in the game there are some noticeable vertex problems.
Basically what happens is that one vertex of a player, object, etc. is
in the wrong place so when a picture is textured mapped onto the object
you will get a noticeable line across the screen when the object is present.
I'm pretty sure this is every copy of the game.

My theory:
I believe this is due to a memory leak within the system.  It usually only
occurs after playing the same characters over and over a few times.  The
memory for that vertex or vertices are probably getting re-written by
information of another vertex, causing the line caused by the texturing of
the offset vertex.  In the prison stage I saw one of Raiden's vertices
pointing towards the overhead lights every time I froze him, thus leading to
my theory.

Here is a list of the known ones so far, please feel free to
contribute any more you may have noticed, or any theories you might have.

Players - When you freeze a character when playing, try losing to them and
continue a few times to speed up the bug, you might see a vertex popping
out from usually the torso or head area.

Quan Chi's Fireball - Sometimes when Quan Chi throws his green skull
fireball you can see a long vertical line across the height of the screen
from yet another misplaced vertex.

Cyrax's Net - Cyrax's net sometimes has a vertex off place in the middle
of the net going horizontal.


Thanks to the following for some of the bugs listed above:

ICEOUT - http://members.aol.com/iceout0002/mk64.htm
MKX    - http://www.mkx.org
AGMK   - news://alt.games.mk
Knight - Reporting Sub Zero Fatal 2 Glitch
TruDat - Reporting Goro Glitch

If you have any more bugs please send them to mcc@niu.edu.