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NFL Blitz 2000 for DC                           |
Publisher: Midway                               |
Developer: Midway                               |
Genre: Sports                                   |
                                                |                                                |
By: phillipdc (         |
Version 3.5                                     |
Last Updated: 12:24 PM 11/18/99                 |
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1)Authors Note
2)Udated Info
3)My Other FAQ's
4)VMU Trick
5)Secret Characters

[1. Authors Note]
This is my first FAQ/Codes's so please bear with me and give me all
the feedback you can. I will update this till I find no more info.
to put here. If you have questions, corrections, comments, and/or
submissions please mail me(, you will get 
full credit.  Thanks for veiwing.
[2. Udated Info]
Version 3.5 , 11/18/99
-Added Reviews.
-Added FAQ.
-Added My Other FAQ's.

This is going to be the last update for this FAQ, I just wanted to add a my review. 
I have another FAQ I am working on right now, Expendable for DC.

Version 3.1 , 11/15/99
-Fixed My other FAQ's.

Version 3.0
-Added my new FAQ look.

Version 2.6
-Added my page.

Version 2.5
-Added my other FAQ's.

Version 2.0
-Added misc. things.

Version 1.0
-Added the FAQ/Codes.

[3. My Other FAQ's]
Trick Style.................Dreamcast
Trasher Skate and Destroy...PS 

You can find all my FAQ's and Reviews at:

[4. VMU Trick]
While playing Blitz if you use a VMU card you can see your plays on it.
So while selecting your play goto the top left corner and press UP twice
and it will hide your cursour.  Now only you can see what play you are
picking on the VMU while everyone else cant see anything!

[5. Secret Characters]
If you want to use a secret character when typing in your name and password
type in these.

SKULL      1111
Beth       7761
Billz      0526
Brian      0818
Daniel     0604
Dbn        6969
TREX       1111
Ed         3246
Gene       0310
Grinch     2220
Guido      6765
Japple     6660
Jason      3141
Jenifr     3333
Jimk       5651
John       5158
Josh       4288
Julia      1234
Lt         7777
Luis       3333
Marka      1112
Mike       3333
Mitch      4393
Monty      1836
Nico       4440
Paula      0425
Paulo      0517
Rayden     3691
Rog        8148
Root       6000
Ryan       1029
Todd       1122
Turmell    0322
Sal        0201
Shinok     8337
Shun       0530
Van        1234
Zz         1221

[6. Codes]
To activate a code: At VS screen use Turbo, Jump, and Pass to switch the
the number and D-Pad for direction(i.e. No Head  3-2-1 Left, Turbo(3),
Jump(2), Pass(1), D-Pad Left).  If you do it right you will see the code
name and hear a sound.

Tournament Mode      1-1-1 Down
Infinite Turbo       5-1-4 Up
Fast Turbo Running   0-3-2 Left
Power-up Offense     3-1-2 Up
Power-up Defense     4-2-1 Up
Power-up Teamates    2-3-3 Up
Power-up Blockers    3-1-2 Left
No play calling      1-1-5 Left
Super Blitzing       0-4-5 Up
Super Field Goals    1-2-3 Left
No Interceptions     3-4-4 Up
No Random Fumbles    4-2-3 Down
No First Downs       2-1-0 Up
No Punting           1-5-1 Up
Allow Stepping Out   2-1-1 Left
Fast Passes          2-5-0 Left
Late Hits            0-1-0 Up
Invisible Receiver   3-3-3 Left
Invisible            4-3-3 Up
Big Football         0-5-0 Right
Headless Team        1-2-3 Right
No Head              3-2-1 Left
Big Head             2-0-0 Right
Team Tiny Players    3-1-0 Right
Team Big Players     1-4-1 Right
Future Stadium       5-0-2 Left
Snow Stadium         5-0-3 Down
Asphalt Field        3-0-1 Up
Dirt Field           3-0-2 Up
Fog                  0-3-0 Down
Thick Fog            0-4-1 Down
Rain                 5-5-5 Right
Snow                 5-2-5 Down
Night                0-2-2 Right

[7. Playbooks]
You use these the same as the codes

Cardinals  1-0-1 Left
Lions      1-1-1 Left
Dolphins   1-3-1 Left
Jets       1-4-1 Left
49ers      1-5-1 Left
Falcons    1-0-2 Left
Bengals    1-1-2 Left
Packers    1-2-2 Left
Vikings    1-3-2 Left
Raiders    1-4-2 Left
Seahawks   1-5-2 Left
Ravens     1-0-3 Left
Browns     1-1-3 Left
Eagles     1-3-3 Left
Patriots   1-4-3 Left
Rams       1-5-3 Left
Bills      1-0-4 Left
Cowboys    1-1-4 Left
Jaguars    1-2-4 Left
Saints     1-3-4 Left
Steelers   1-4-4 Left
Buccaneers 1-5-4 Left
Panthers   1-0-5 Left
Chiefs     1-2-5 Left
Giants     1-3-5 Left
Chargers   1-4-5 Left
Titans     1-5-5 Left
Bears      1-1-0 Left

[8. FAQ]
Q: How old are you?
A: 16, I am young

Q: Where do you live?
A: Tennessee

Q: How much is the game?
A: Its about $50.00.

Q: Is it worth the money?
A: Yes, but get NFL 2K first.

Q: Do you own this game?
A: Yes.

Q: Whats your favorite team?
A: Vikings and Titans.

Q: Is it better than NFL 2K?
A: I like 2K better, but you should buy them both.

Q: Is there anything wrong with the game?
A: I have had no problems.

[9. Reviews]
Review by phillipdc(
NFL Blitz 2000, not a real big sim football game but its still hella fun to play with
great graphics and monster hits. This is a real fun multiplayer game when anything goes. 

Gameplay(9/10) - There is no penalties, which means you can anything you want. The game
is really fun on multiplayer, but it might get kinda boring after a while on 1 Player so
have some friends over when playing this. Its not a sim like 2K but still very fun.

Graphics(8/10) - This looks the same as all the other versions of Blitz I have played
which really upsets me with what it could be like in the DC. 

Control(7/10) - I dont really like the controls for this game it makes me mad when you
have to scramble and if you run right you will get killed but you need to go that way so
you can throw it to that reciever but there is a way to set it, but I cant remember off
the head.. 

Replay(9/10) - You will always be wanting to play this game again on mutliplayer but I
dont think you will on 1 Player though because it gets kinda old without that good 
challenge and you also get to nail your friends after the play is over.

Overall(8/10) - The game is really fun, and its worth the money. The only problem is
the graphics could have been better I think, but there isnt anything wrong with the game.

This would be a great renetal when you have alot of friends over, but if you have a bro
who will play then I suggest you buy this game.
Reviewer's Score: 8 / 10
Review by Andrew( 

When I heard NFL Blitz 200 was coming to Dreamcast I was very excited. Then I saw 
previews of NFL 2K and decided not to buy it. I got it for my birthday though and 
played it before Soul Calibur. The graphics were a lot nicer, there were more plays, 
but it was pretty much like the original blitz. I enjoyed playing it and I still do. 
It's kind of hard to play it when you have NFL 2K though.
Gameplay: 9/10 - Hard hitting football action with no penalties. This is fun with a 
lot of friends. One player mode is a bit boring if you keep on playing it but if you 
have friends over or if you have brothers this game will never get old. It's good to 
have if you are tired of NFL 2K. 

Graphics - 7/10 - This game does not show what Dreamcast can do. The graphics are a 
little nicer than the PSX version but they aren't close to NFL 2K's. At least the guys 
look a lot nicer than they did in the original Blitz. 

Sound - 10/10 - The announcers are great. They have a lot of funny things to say. The 
backround music goes nicely with the game. A great game to have. You should never play 
this game without the sound on. 

Replay Value - 9/10 - This game will never get old. The one player mode might get boring 
after you play the season mode of it. Multiplayer mode will never get old though. You 
can play with three other people so it's a great party game. This game will not stay 
off your shelf until the next blitz comes out. 

Overall - 8/10 - A quality game to have if you own Dreamcast. It is worth the $50.00 
for sure. If you don't want to dish out the 50 bucks then I highly suggest you rent this 
game if you have friends over. A great game overall. 
Reviewer's Score: 8 / 10 

[10. Credit]
Thanks to GameFAQs for having the best site for FAQ's and codes.
Thanks to Sega for making this wonderful system.
Thanks to you for veiwing.
Thanks to everyone who loves games.

[11. Copyright]
This document is Copyright 1999 Phillip Collier.  To you use this you
must have my express permission and you may NOT alter the content of 
this document in any way, shape or form. This is for PERSONAL and PRIVATE 
use only and may not be sold and/or traded for any reason. If you have
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