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"A novel, yet egregious fighting game"

Power Stone 2 is the sequel to the amazing fighting game made by Capcom. Power Stone was released for the arcades and the (new at the time) Dreamcast. The novel gameplay rivaled that of 'Super Smash Bros.' by Nintendo. Skip ahead to 2000 where Power Stone 2 is released. The same gameplay is back with the original cast of characters, along with some newer faces and more interactive environments.

Power Stone 2 for Dreamcast is an enhanced port of the arcade version. The sound and graphics remain perfectly the same, as the arcade version uses the same technology of the Dreamcast. The mode from the arcade version is back, along with original ones; 1 on 1, which allows you to fight in an arena with a randomly chosen computer player; Original, which allows you to fight in teams with any character in any level; Adventure, a mode which lets you seize any items or cash and keep them; and Item Shop, which lets you use or buy items and mix them to create new weapons; you can also dress up characters in Item Shop.
Easily, these new features are enough to warrant a purchase, even if you played the game to death in the arcades. (That's assuming if there was an American arcade release of Power Stone 2.)

So how does everything stack up?

The idea is simple. You or your friends can choose 1 out of 14 characters to battle with, each having their own unique attributes and powers. Your goal inside of the arenas is to KO your opponents any way possible. You can melee your fighters, use random weapons and items, or really afflict damage by using your super form by collecting 3 Power Stones.

What makes this game great is that you can jump into the game and play well without experience prior. The controls are simple and easy to learn. Controller layout works perfect for Power Stone 2. The 'A' button makes your characters jump. You can sometimes do a jump in mid-air, but you can also cling onto walls and objects. The 'B' button is your action button, which allows you to pick up items and jump on poles. It will also make you kick if you're not near an object. 'X' is your attack button, which can land punching combos on your opponents. 'Y' drops any weapon or object you may be holding. The 'L' and 'R' triggers will make you ground-pound if you're in the air. These triggers will also perform special attacks if you're in your super state. You can use the analog stick or the directional pad to move your character. Pressing 'Start' will bring up the pause menu.

Graphics and Sound:
I never thought graphics were important when judging a game. If this game had poor visuals (Which it does not!), I would still score this game a very high rating. Character designs are unique, but very cool, and Akiman (the artist) has done an outstanding job. The music in this games is just hellacious; very exceptional. Music fits in perfectly for the atmosphere of the levels.

This game has a lot to offer. From the game modes to the unlockables, there's enough to keep you busy.

The astonishing multiplayer gameplay and the sheer amount of unlockables will having you playing this game for weeks. Beside, this is a great game to play anytime you have a group over. This game should never get old.

Capcom has made a great example of what a fun, but simple multiplayer fighting game should be. This game by far is not only a great Dreamcast game, but a sensational fighter. Power Stone 2 should be in every Dreamcast player's collection.

Reviewer's Score: 9/10 | Originally Posted: 03/02/04

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