FAQ by S.Lewis

Version: 0.6 | Updated: 12/16/00 | Printable Version

Samba De Amigo (North America release)
Sega Dreamcast
FAQ/Walkthrough v0.6
Written by Scott Lewis (slewis@cc.gatech.edu)
Last update: 11.23.2000

Table of Contents

1.  Specifics
2.  Playing the Game
    2.1 Overview
    2.2 Display
    2.3 Moves
        2.3.1 Shaking
        2.3.2 Posing
    2.4 Scoring
        2.4.1 Score
        2.4.2 Max Amigos
        2.4.3 Rate
        2.4.4 Rating
3.  Control Options
    3.1 Standard Controller
    3.2 Maracas Controller
        3.2.1 Official Sega Maracas
        3.2.2 Cha Cha Amigo Maracas
        3.2.3 Maracas Troubleshooting Tips
4.  Game Options
    4.1 Arcade
    4.2 Original
    4.3 Challenge
    4.4 Party
        4.4.1 Battle
        4.4.2 Couples Mode
        4.4.3 Mini-Games
    4.5 Training
    4.6 Internet
    4.7 Options
        4.7.1 Game
        4.7.2 High Score
        4.7.3 Records
        4.7.4 Sound Settings
        4.7.5 Sound Test
        4.7.6 Maracas SE
        4.7.7 Control Settings
        4.7.8 Maracas Settings
        4.7.9 Files
5.  Song List
6.  Secrets
    6.1 Unlocking Songs
        6.1.1 Arcade
        6.1.2 Challenge
        6.1.3 Internet Release
        6.1.4 Unofficial internet downloads
    6.2 Unlocking Maracas Sound Effects
    6.3 Other cheats
7.  Game Tips
8.  To Do List
9.  Credits
10.  Version history

1.  Specifics

Title:      Samba De Amigo
Platform:   Sega Dreamcast
Developer:  Sonic Team
Publisher:  Sega of America
US Release: 10.18.2000
Rating:     Everyone

Samba De Amigo supports:
1-2 players
Requires VMU 5 blocks to save the game
  - each new song downloaded from the internet requires 2 VMU blocks
Standard Controller
Maraca Controller

2.  Playing The Game

2.1 Overview

Samba De Amigo is a game where you shake maracas (or emulate playing
maracas through a standard controller) in rhythm with a piece of
music.  The player is shown a display indicating where the maracas
shakes should occur, and the player tries to match to location and the
rhythm of the beats along with imitating crazy poses.  After the round
ends, either through completing the song or the player dropping
too low in the rankings, a scoring screen will appear to show
how the player's performance.

2.2 Display

The display for a player is a series of six circles arranged like
the edges of a hexagon below:
                        __       __
             Left      /  \     /  \     Right
             High      \__/     \__/     High
                     __             __
             Left   /  \           /  \  Right
             Middle \__/           \__/  Middle
                        __       __
             Left      /  \     /  \     Right
             Low       \__/     \__/     Low

These circles indicate the height and orientation (right or left)
that the maracas should be shaken.  If you are using the maracas,
there should be two white circles around the outside of these
circles indicating where the maracas are being detected.

Note - Left and right do not indicate which maraca must
       be used, but which side a maraca needs to be used
       on.  There are instances on Normal and Hard difficulty
       settings where the player will have to move both maracas
       on either the left or right side of their body.

2.3 Moves

2.3.1 Shaking

During the game rhythm balls (usually colored blue) will
appear in the middle of the hexagon and proceed toward one
of the six circles.  Players respond by shaking the maracas
(or providing the correct controller input) when the ball
immediately comes in contact with one of the circles.

If a player's maracas shake or button input matches the
rhythm ball's impact, a "yeah!" will appear above the circle
indicating success.  Otherwise a "boo!" will appear if the
player missed the beat.  If the player shakes both maracas
in the same location for a beat a "samba!" will appear 
above the area.

A series of red rhythm balls indicates that the player needs
to shake the maracas rapidly in that location.  A count will
appear above the location indicating how many shakes have
occurred.  If the player shakes the maracas quickly enough
in the correct location, they will recieve a "yeah!"

2.3.2 Posing

When a pose icon occurs, the player must strike a pose
similar to the one described by the icon.  The player
needs to quickly put his maracas in those locations
and hold them until the pose is resolved with an
affirmative circle or an X for a miss.  The pose needs
to be completed quickly, otherwise it will count as a

Note - The player does not need to shake the maracas when the
       position is reached.  The player also does not need to
       lift their feet, bend their knees or do anything else
       shown in the image other than correctly positioning
       the maracas.

Tip  - Use the white outline circles around the hexagon
       circles to help align yourself during poses.

2.4 Scoring

2.4.1 Score

Points can be accumulated.  I'm not sure about the exact scoring
works currently, but I do know:

- Achieving a successful move (an amigo) generates points
- Successful actions at higher grades get higher points
- There is some point bonus system for making amigo combos
- Shaking both maracas at a single location (which will display
  "samba" above it) can double your points for that move

2.4.2 Max Amigos

An amigo is a successful move in Samba De Amigo, may it be
shaking the maracas at the right time for a blue rhythm ball,
shaking your heart out for a red rhythm ball stream, or
striking the correct pose in time.

A player can string together a number of amigos in a row.
If the count increases to 10 or more, the number will appear
in the middle of the hexagon indicating how many amigos are
in the current combo.  If the player misses a beat during this
time, the combo ends and the counter is removed.

The Max Amigos is the largest amigo combo you accomplished in
that round.

2.4.3 Rate

Rate is the percentage of successful moves performed of all
the possible moves.  Achieving a rate of 100% will indicate
a "Perfect" which will also give you a point bonus.

2.4.4 Rank

A player's rank is their current overall rating in the game
and changes according to their performance.  The rating is
indicated during the game by the gauge on the top left of
the screen and the letter grade.  When the player performs
a successful move (an amigo), the gauge increases.  If the
player misses a beat by not shaking the maracas at the right
time, or at the wrong height, or just completely missing it
altogether, the gauge decreases.

If the player fills up the gauge, their ranking will increase.
Rankings go from A to E, with A being the best.  Once a rank
has increased, the player's gauge is dropped back to zero and
they must increase it again.  If the gauge drops all the way
to the left by the player missing a beat in the song, the rating
goes one letter and the gauge refills to capacity.  The rating is set
to C with the gauge empty at the beginning of the round.

In Arcade and Original mode, if player's gauge goes to zero at
an E rating, the game will immediately end and they will not proceed
through the rest of the song.  Training mode allows the player to
play through songs regardless of ranking.

3.  Control Options

Samba De Amigo was originally an arcade game that featured
maracas for the interface.  Now that Samba De Amigo has
been released on Dreamcast, we have two options - standard
controller, and special maracas peripherals.

3.1 Standard Controller

While the standard controller is not the most fun way to
play Samba De Amigo, it is the most accurate and still
a very enjoyable way to play the game.  There are two
controller settings available in Samba De Amigo, Type
A and B.

Type A -

Type A operates with the digital pad operates mimics the
left maracas while the X, Y, A, and B buttons are used to
emulate the right maracas.
                    __       __
Digital up-left    /  \     /  \     Digital up-right
Y + X buttons      \__/     \__/     Y + B buttons
                 __             __
Digital left    /  \           /  \  Digital right
X button        \__/           \__/  B button
                    __       __
Digital down-left  /  \     /  \     Digital down-right
X + A buttons      \__/     \__/     A + B buttons

Strengths  - Clear mental mapping with the buttons
             for the right maraca and the digital
             pad for the left maraca.  Complex moves
             are easy to perform once you become familiar
             with the controls.

Weaknesses - Hitting two buttons at once for the diagonals
             started hurting my thumbs after a while
             when I played with the standard Dreamcast

Type B -

The way that this configuration works is by removing the
idea of individual maracas and instead focuses the control
in respect to the circles.
                    __       __
Digital up         /  \     /  \     Y button
                   \__/     \__/
                 __             __
Digital left    /  \           /  \  B button
                \__/           \__/
                    __       __
Digital down       /  \     /  \     A button
                   \__/     \__/

Combinations on the same side can be accomplished by pressing
more than one input.  For example, if two balls were heading
toward the top and middle left circles at the same time, the
player can press the digital pad diagonally up-left to shake
in those positions.  If the side was switched to the left
side, the player would press the Y and B buttons simultaneously.

Strengths  - This doesn't mash your fingers and is easier to
             learn.  Two big pluses!

Weaknesses - The control scheme doesn't allow all sequences
             to be performed.  For example, left-top and
             left-bottom cannot be performed simultaneously
             because there is no way to press both directions
             at once with the digital pad.  It is impossible to
             complete some stages with this control setting.

3.2 Maracas Controller

The use of the Maracas should be fairly straightforward.
Shake the maracas at the appropriate height when the rhythm
balls come in contact with the circles.

3.2.1 Sega Official Maracas

Sega's currently selling the Samba De Amigo maracas at
most retailers for ~$80.

These maracas are fairly accurate and are fine for the
Normal and Easy settings of the game.  At the Hard setting,
it is often frustrating to get them to recognize when they are
both placed on the same side when the beats are occuring
very rapidly.

The Maracas set comes with base unit, two red maracas
that plug into the base unit, and a plastic mat with
footprints that attaches to the bottom of the base unit
to indicate where the user can stand.

3.2.2 Cha Cha Amigo Maracas

These third-party maracas are cheaper than the official
maracas (~$60 for one pair, ~$110 for two) and claim to
be more accurate than the official pair due to
"3D Ultra-Sonic Detection".  They are available to order
at www.levelsix.com.

I do not have these maracas, so if someone could send
me some mail when they arrive and describe what is
in the package along with how effective they are, that
would be greatly appreciated.

3.2.3 Maracas Troubleshooting Tips

Using maracas peripherals to play Samba De Amigo may be the best way
to enjoy the game, but the inaccuracy of the controls can lead to a
lot of frustration.  While nothing you can do can ensure 100% accuracy,
there are a number of things you can do to improve the control.  Here's
some tips to help make your maraca experience a more pleasurable and
accurate one.

- If you're having to reach too low for the low hits, try choosing
  a greater hight.  They should have phrased the height menu as
  "around" instead of "above".  I'm 6', and I have a hard time reaching
  as low as needed for 5'7", so I play at 6'3" and get weird looks.  :)

- When your movements aren't registering correctly, make sure that the maraca
  sensors (the black plastic thing under the maracas) have a straight
  line of site to the sensors on each end of the floor bar.  If these
  are blocked, that's your problem.  You either need to move to another
  location, or change how you move and shake the maracas to prevent
  blockage from occuring.

- If the wires attached to the maracas become tangled, the sensor box
  underneath the maracas may be pulled out of position and read incorrectly.
  Try to keep the wires untangled during gameplay to increase overall accuracy.

- Wear socks.  If you feet get sweaty, the plastic mat sure feels weird!

4.  Game Options

4.1 Arcade

The arcade mode is a port of the Japanese arcade game.

The available songs are divided into three sets.
Choosing the Easy difficulty setting will allow you
only to play one song from the first set.  Normal
and Hard allow the player to play through two songs,
one from the first stage then one from the second stage.
A third song may be earned if the percentages are high
enough from the first two songs.

The player must earn a D or higher on the first song
on Normal or Hard difficulty to proceed on to the second
song.  Otherwise, the game will end prematurely.

The game proceeds with these stages from left to

First Stage          Second Stage          %Special Stage
-----------          ------------           -------------
Cup of Life          El Ritmo Tropical      Love Lease
Samba De Janiero     Al Comap Del Mambo     Tequila
Tubthumping          Macarena               Soul Bossa Nova
                    *Livin' La Vita Loca					
                    *Take On Me
                    *La Bamba

* The stars indicate songs that are unlocked if the song
  from the first stage is completed with an A ranking
  in normal or hard mode

% The special stage only appears if the player scores 98%
  or above and an A on the first two songs in Normal or
  Hard difficulty

- This layout mimics the chart found in J.T.Kauffman's
  Japanese Samba De Amigo FAQ.  It's a great layout so
  I thought I'd use it!  :)

4.2 Original

This poorly named category allows the player to go through
any of the unlocked songs at any difficulty setting.

The songs initially available are:
Cup of Life
Samba De Janiero
El Ritmo Tropical
Al Comap Del Mambo

While the player has access to all the currently unlocked songs,
the Easy difficulty only allows one song per play, while the Normal
and Hard allow two.  The player can still earn access to the special
stage in Normal and Hard difficulty if they earn a 98% on the
first two songs, but no new songs are revealed.

New songs can be found by finding them in arcade mode, completing the
beginner, pro, and expert challenges, using cheats, or downloading
them from the internet.  See section 6 for more information.

4.3 Challenge

These challenges test the player's skill at Maraca shaking.

There are five rankings that can be earned by completing a
series of challenges:

Maracas Beginner (3 challenges)

Challenge 1 - Complete Samba De Jenairo (Normal) with a rank
              of C or better!
Challenge 2 - Complete Al Comap Del Mambo (Normal) with a
              rank of B or better!
Challenge 3 - Complete Take On Me (Normal) with an A rank!
Reward      - Unlocks Love Lease, Tequila, and Soul Bossa
              Nova for Original and Training mode.

Maracas Pro (4 challenges)

Challenge 1 - Complete Tubthumping (Normal) with an A rank!
Challenge 2 - Complete Macarena (Normal) with an A rank!
Challenge 3 - Complete Mini Game (Total Check Mode) with a
              Samba Score of 80 or better!
Challenge 4 - Complete Samba De Janerio with an A rank of 98%
              or more!
Reward      - Unlocks Samba De Amigo for Original and Training

Maracas Expert (5 challenges)

Challenge 1 - Complete Tubthumping (Hard) with a C rank or
Challenge 2 - Complete Cup of Life (Normal) with a perfect!
Challenge 3 - Complete La Bamba (Hard) with a 400,000 points
              or more!
Challenge 4 - Complete Al Comap Del Mambo (Normal) with a
Challenge 5 - Complete Take On Me (Hard) with an A rank!
Reward      - Unlocks Ali Bombaye for Original and Training mode

Maracas Master (5 challenges)

Challenge 1 - Complete Love Lease (Normal) with a perfect!
Challenge 2 - Complete La Bamba (Hard) with an A rank!
Challenge 3 - Complete Mini Game (Total Check Mode) with a
              Samba Score of 90 or better!
Challenge 4 - Complete Tequila (Hard) with an A rank of
              98% or more!
Challenge 5 - Complete Tubthumping (Hard) with a perfect!
Reward      - Plays the credits

Maracas King (5 challenges)

Challenge 1 - Complete Samba De Janeiro (Random) with 430000
              points or more!
Challenge 2 - Complete Macarena (Super Hard) with a C rank or
Challenge 3 - Complete Ali Bombaye (Hard) with a perfect!
Challenge 4 - Complete Livin' La Vida Loca (Super Hard) with
              a B rank or better!
Challenge 5 - Complete Soul Bossa Nova (Super Hard) with an
              A rank!
Reward      - Plays the credits

Tips for completing challenges

- Each song has a single pattern, practice the pattern in original or
  training mode to improve your skill
- If you're frustrated with the maracas inaccuracy, try using the
  controller.  It's less fun, but it's easier to get those difficult
  hits and less tiring.

4.4 Party

Samba De Amigo is definitely a party game, so the Sonic Team threw
in some extra party related activities.

4.4.1 Battle Mode

Battle Mode is exactly like a normal two player game except that
you compete to get a big Max Amigo first to throw a bomb at your
opponent to deplete his life bar.  When a player gets hit with a
bomb, their current Max Amigo count is reset to zero.  When one
player's life bar is depleted, the game ends.

Tip - If you can shake both maracas in the same direction, this
will increase your bomb faster.

4.4.2 Couples Mode

This mode allows two players to test their "love" ability by
matching maracas beats.  If both players shake their maracas at 
exactly the same time, they get a love point.  Beyond that, I'm 
not sure exactly how it works or how the love score is calculated.  

If someone understands it well, please e-mail me so I can include 

4.4.3 Mini-Games

The Sonic Team included a set of 5 mini-games that can be played
individually (in 1 stage mode) or in a pentatholon of mini-game
madness (Total Check Mode)

Completion of the Total Check Mode with high scores unlocks
Maracas Sound Effects available in the Options menu.

The minigames are:


It's whack-a-rat with Maracas.  Moles pop up in the high, medium,
and low markers and you must shake your maraca there to knock
them out.  Whack as many moles as you can in the time limit.

Tip - If you can, shake the maracas the entire time while you're
      playing.  You'll accidentally hit some moles that you haven't
      seen yet.  Near the end of the session, just raise your arms
      up and down rapidly while shaking.  It's cheesy and tiring, but
      very effective.

Power Rush

A rock is placed in one of the high, medium, or low locations
and you must shake your maraca vigorously to break it.  Break
as many rocks as you can in the time limit.

Tip - Shake with both maracas at the specified location to
      break the rock faster.


This game requires you to hit the 1, 2, and Samba markers
in order.  Placed between them is a bomb marker which will
destroy your progress and force you to start another 1, 2,
Samba attempt.  Try to complete as many 1, 2, Sambas as you
can in the time limit.

Strike A Pose

Pose match.  Poses are displayed and you have to complete
as many as possible before time runs out.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

A simple repetition game, where the computer will do a
pattern including shakes and poses and the player has
to repeat it.  Do as many correct as possible before
time runs out.

4.5 Training

Training lets you play through any of the songs from the
first two sets of songs, along with any songs that you've
unlocked through arcade or challenge mode.  Training
mode allows you to play through the entire song regardless
of your rating.

4.6 Internet

The internet mode allows you to log onto the Samba De Amigo
web site and browse around, along with allowing you to unlock
some of the Sonic Team's songs through downloads to play in the
Original or Training modes.  Note - you must have access to a
dial-up connection before this will work.  See your Dreamcast
manual for details.

It seems that they have been releasing a new song every two weeks
or so, but always on a Thursday night.

Each song requires 2 memory blocks to download.

Internet released songs:

10.17.2000 - Afterburner
11.2.2000  - Burning Hearts
11.16.2000 - Dreams Dream
12.2.2000  - Opa! Opa!
12.2.2000  - Super Sonic Racing
12.15.2000 - Sonic You Can Do Anything

Unreleased songs:

Magical Sound Shower
Open Your Heart
Rent A Hero No. 1

4.7 Options

Under the options menu, there are a number of sub menus
that allow you to access a number of different things
about the game.

4.7.1 Game

These are game options that allow you to change how the
game is played.

- Game Difficulty

This allows you to set the difficulty to
easy, normal, and hard.  (Default is normal.)
I am unable to tell if this setting has any
effect.  The patterns do not change - this may
effect how quickly the maracas must be shaken
according to the input.

- Stages

This allows you to set how many stages are
available at each difficulty setting, between
1 and 3.  The defaults are 1 for easy, and
2 for normal and hard.  This does not count
the "special stages" that can be earned in
normal and hard modes.

- Continues

This mode allows you to turn continues on or
off, allowing the player to try again if they
failed to complete a level.

4.7.2 High Score

Choose between easy, normal, and hard to
display the high scores for these settings.
Shake the right maraca to toggle between 1-5
and 6-10 listing.

4.7.3 Records

This is a set of stats on your current
save game of Samba De Amigo.  It lists -

Total Game Number - How many Original and Arcadge
                    games have been played.
Average Score     - Average score among all the
                    arcade and original modes
Average Rate      - Average rate
Total Shakes      - Your total number of shakes as a
                    maraca player!

Total Points      - ???  (I assume there is some metric to assigning points.)
Amigo Rank        - ???  (A grade resulting from your number of points??)

4.7.4 Sound Settings

Allows you to choose between Mono and Stereo.

4.7.5 Sound Test

Allows you to play the various sound effects,
background music, and the music in the game.

4.7.6 Maracas SE

This lets you turn on sound effects for
a maraca shake.  Each sound effect scheme
creates a different sound for the height
at which you shake the maraca.

You can test the sound effects in this mode
by moving the left maraca to identify the
target, then shaking the right maraca in the
low, middle, and high positions to test the
sounds of each.

You can unlock various maracas sound effects
by getting high scores in the Mini-Game
Total Check mode.

None     - No sound effect
Maracas  - Shaking maraca sound
Energy   - Energy sound
Whistle  - Whistle
Shout    - Shout
Sci-Fi   - Sci-Fi sound
Chu2     - Mouse sounds from Chu Chu Rocket
Chao     - Chao sounds from Sonic Adventure
Carnival - 
Animal   -
Ice Cream Man - 
Kung Fu  -
Soldier  -
DJ       -
Weak Guy -
Girl     -
Sexy     -
Love Machine -

4.7.7 Control Settings

Change the controller settings between
Type A and B.  For more info, see section
3.1: Standard Controller.

4.7.8 Maracas Settings

Allows you to adjust the height at
which the maracas need to be shaken at
each range.

4.7.9 Files

Allows you to look at your VMU.

5.  Song List

There are 23 tracks total:

/Arcade Songs/
Samba De Janiero
Cup of Life
El Ritmo Tropical
Al Comap Del Mambo
Livin' La Vita Loca
La Bamba
Take On Me
Love Lease
Soul Bossa Nova

/Challenge Songs/
Samba De Amigo
Ali Bombaye

/Internet Songs/            /Game/              /Original Platform/
After Burner                After Burner        Arcade
Burning Hearts              Burning Rangers     Saturn
Dreams Dreams               Nights Into Dreams  Saturn
Magical Sound Shower        Out Run             Arcade
Opa! Opa!                   Fantasy Zone        Master System
Open Your Heart             Sonic Adventure     Dreamcast
Rent A Hero No. 1           Rent A Hero         Dreamcast
Sonic You Can Do Anything   Sonic CD            Sega CD
Super Sonic Racing          Sonic R             Saturn

Arcade (12 songs)

These songs are from the Japanese arcade game and can all
be accessed through playing the arcade mode of the game.

Challenge (2 songs)

There are two songs unique to challenge mode that are
unavailable in the arcade mode.

Internet (9 songs)

The Sonic Team included nearly a number of songs from previous Sega
games that can be unlocked by logging onto the Samba De Amigo
web page through the internet option in the game.

6. Secrets

As with any home version of a arcade game, there are a number
of things to earn by playing the game.

6.1 Unlocking Songs

Hidden Songs		     How To Unlock

Livin' La Vita Loca          Arcade/All Music Cheat
La Bamba                     Arcade/All Music Cheat
Take On Me                   Arcade/All Music Cheat
Love Lease                   Arcade/Challenge-Beginner/All Music Cheat
Tequila			     Arcade/Challenge-Beginner/All Music Cheat
Soul Bossa Nova              Arcade/Challenge-Beginner/All Music Cheat
Samba De Amigo               Challenge-Pro
Ali Bombaye                  Challenge-Expert
After Burner                 Internet-timed release (available 10.17.2000)
Burning Hearts               Internet-timed release (available 11.2.2000)
Dreams Dreams                Internet-timed release (available 11.16.2000)
Magical Sound Shower         Internet-timed release
Opa! Opa!                    Internet-timed release (available 12.2.2000)
Open Your Heart              Internet-timed release
Rent A Hero No. 1            Internet-timed release
Sonic You Can Do Anything    Internet-timed release (available 12.15.2000)
Super Sonic Racing           Internet-timed release (available 12.2.2000)

6.1.1 Arcade

Originally, only 6 of the arcade songs are available in Original
mode. There are a few ways to unlock the remaining 6 arcade songs.

- Earn them in the Arcade mode

The 6 hidden songs can be found in Arcade mode if you achieve a high
enough score.  (See the section 4.1 for more info.)    If you reveal
one of the hidden songs in arcade mode and then play through it,
you will unlock it in the Original and Training Modes.  In my opinion,
this is the best way to unlock the songs because you build your
skills up and have fun while you unlock the songs.

- Earn the bonus stage songs in challenge mode

If you beat all the challenges of the Maracas Beginner rank in
challenge mode, Love Lease, Tequila, and Soul Bossa Nova will
all be available in Original and Training mode.  A perfectly
adequate way to unlock the songs, but less fun than using
arcade mode, IMO.

- Use the "All Music" arcade cheat

The absolute worst way to unlock the music is to use the
full music cheat by shaking the left maracas high 15 times
very quickly at the height selection screen.  This will
allow the player to choose any song available in arcade
mode.  The side effect is that every arcade song will be
unlocked in Original and Training modes.  This is not
recommended because it removes a lot of the fun of
unlocking all the songs from the game.

6.1.2 Challenge

Complete the challenge modes to unlock the songs:

Maracas Beginner - Love Lease
                   Soul Bossa Nova
Maracas Pro      - Samba De Amigo
Maracas Expert   - Ali Bombaye

6.1.3 Internet-Time Release

The available internet songs can be downloaded through the
Internet mode, under downloads when you use the Internet
option in Samba De Amigo.  Sega should be releasing a new
song every week until all the songs have been released.

Unlike the other unlocked songs, these require the user to
download a file 2 blocks big to unlock each individual song.
If the file is not present, the song cannot be accessed through
currently known means.

Currently available songs:

title                     release date
Afterburner               10.17.2000
Burning Hearts            11.2.2000
Dreams Dreams 	          11.16.2000
Opa Opa!                  12.2.2000
Super Sonic Racing        12.2.2000
Sonic You Can Do Anything 12.15.2000

6.1.4 Unofficial Internet Downloads

All of the song files are available for download using the Dreamcast Web
Browser at "http://morphixs.freeyellow.com/DC/".  It should be a file list 
of VMS and VMI files to download.  Click on the VMI files and download them 
to the same VMU that your Samba save game is on to unlock all of the songs.

Note - The web browser in Samba De Amigo won't work because there is no way to
specify a URL into that browser.  You must use one that came with the Dreamcast 
or is included with the Official Dreamcast Magazine demo disk.

6.2 Unlocking Maracas Sound Effects

These can be unlocked by completing the Total Check Mode of the Mini-Games 
(under Party Mode).  They seemed to be unlocked in packages of two or more.

Earned ??? 
Unlocked: Energy

Earned 93% total:
Unlocked: Carnival
          Ice Cream Man

Earned 3 100%s and 91% total
Unlocked: Kung Fu

Earned 3 100's and 96% total
Unlocked: Weak Guy
Earned 3 100's and 97% total
Unlocked: Girl
          Love Machine
6.3 Other Cheats

- Super Hard Mode

On the difficulty setting screen, shake the left maraca high 6 times
to unlock "Super Hard" mode.  Good luck!  :)

- Random Mode

On the difficulty setting screen, shake the left maraca low 6 times
to unlock "Random" mode.  In this mode, the beats have been randomized
and is very tough!

- All Music Mode (Arcade Mode Only)

On the height selection screen, shake the left maraca high 15 times
to allow the player to play all of the music in arcade mode.  A
side-effect of this code is that it unlocks all previously unavailable
arcade songs on Original and Training modes.

7. Game Tips

- Score more points by shaking both maracas in the same location
  when you can
- If you're stuck on a challenge mode, try using the controller instead
  of the maracas.  It's often more accurate and far less tiring.  :)
- Practice, practice, practice!  :)

8. To Do List

This is as much your list as mine.  If you find something that
you think is needed in the faq, mail it to me and I'll add it to the list.

- Add info on what specific files unlock
- Add section about other games you can play with the maracas
- Fill in info on the Cha Cha Maracas
- Mini-game scores required to unlock Maracas Sound Effects
- Game character bios and stage information
- Game credits

9. Credits & Thank Yous

First, a big thank you to the Sonic Team for making such a cool
and fun game!  An even bigger thank you to Sega of America for
having the guts to release this game AND MARACAS in the US!

Great extra help thanks to Tony Chin for finding a number of problems
and filling out the Maracas SE section along with finding a number of 
mistakes I made throughout!  Thanks dude!!

Beyond the call of duty thanks to Morphix for hosting all of the Samba 
De Amigo downloads.  Major props to ya!

Special thanks to Andreas Danielsson (the Puyo Master and
Maracas King) for helping me fill out Master and King in
Challenge mode and telling me what the rewards are.  Thanks dude!

I would like to credit the currently available Japanese FAQs for
helping me find the secrets and the song lists.  Great stuff
from all!


10. Version History

12.15.2000 - 0.6  **Much thanks for Tony Chin for helping me out with this update!!**
                  Filled out the Maracas SE section, adding a large number of new 
                    Maracas SEs
                  Updated the internet song release to include "Opa! Opa!",
                    "Super Sonic Racing", and "Sonic You Can Do Anything"
                  Clarified the "Love Mode" scoring somewhat
                  Added the "Amigo" response when shaking two maracas in the same location
                  Consistency fixes
11.23.2000 - 0.5  Added requirement for accessing Special Stage.  (Requires
                    both 98% and an A ranking on the first two songs)
                  Updated faq to correstpond to the internet release of Dreams Dreams
                  Added new information on where to download all the internet songs
                  Small modifications throughout

11.4.2000  - 0.42 Spelling, grammar corrections
                  Corrected that obtaining a perfect does not give you a score boost

11.3.2000  - 0.41 Updated faq to correspond to the internet release of Burning

10.27.2000 - 0.4  Added all the challenge mode settings (Thanks Andreas!)

10.24.2000 - 0.3  Added option menu information
                  Fixed numbering issues and controller labels
                  Added info on third party maracas
                  Fixed a number of stupid counting errors!

10.23.2000 - 0.2  Added controller section
                  Filled out more of the challenge mode
                  Updated secrets section, adding song chart
                  Lots of various fixes and rewordings

10/21/2000 - 0.1  Created faq