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Welcome to the Item Guide for 


For your N64!


Verson 1.1, by Dane Lagasse

Note from Author:  OK, this is the game I've been waiting for. It has
everything: cool storyline, awesome weapons, and a LOT of gameplay
time. Kicking ass and taking souls.
   1. How to contact me
   2. Guns
   3. Teddy bear
   4. Asson
   5. Baton
   6. Flambeau
   7. Marteau
   8. Flashlight
   9. Cadeaux
 10. Skulls (Voodoo)
 11. Dark Souls
 12. Retractors
 13. l'Eclipser
 14. Files
 15. Gads (tattoes)
 16. Accumulators
 17. Violator
 18. Calabash
 19. Engineer's Key
 20. Jail Key Card
 21. Enseigne
 22. Poigne

Note: I HAVE BEATEN SHADOW MAN! Yes, it's true. After 20 days
of hard work, I defeated Legion. I have collected all of the items,
so soon this item guide will be chock full of items and full
descriptions of where to find them and how to use them. And I
also plan to write a COMPLETE WALKTHROUGH, so be patient.

   ** E-mail
             I've changed my e-mail address so I can be closer to games and
             for a shorter e-mail address. It is now

   ** ICQ
             Visit and use the pager to send me a
             message. Please do NOT request ICQ authorization from me,
             as I usually don't add people to my list. Sorry.

   ** Website
             I'm thinking of making my own website to have my FAQs up
             there. It's easier because I can update my FAQs whenever I
             choose. I'll let the word out here if I make it.


   ** Mike's Pistol
             This weapon can only be used on Liveside. Meet Nettie at the
             church on top of the hill in Louisiana to get it.

   ** Shadow Man's ShadowGun
             This is Shadow Man's version of Mike's pistol. Instead of shooting
             bullets, it fires soul-taking projectiles. The only way to destroy
             the immortals in Deadside, and the Five in Liveside. Hold down the
             corresponding hand's button to charge your Shadow power into the
             gun, and let go when it reaches the level of your choice. 

   ** Machine Guns
             These are usable only on Liveside. You can find them in the prison.
             Rapid fire easily brings the Five to their knees, but won't kill them.

   ** Shotguns
             The first shotgun is located in Louisiana. Head to the building
             behind the church and shoot the lock. Swim through the right
             tunnel until you reach the part with the two houses. Inside one
             of them is the first shotgun. Try using this beast on the hounds!

             The second shotgun is in the prison. Go through the schism that
             leads to the Lizard King, and after a bit of exploring you'll find
             the second shotgun. There is no difference between the two, but
             its purpose is to have double the power when fighting in Liveside.


   ** Story
             This bear belonged to Mike's brother Luke, who was killed in
             a drive-by shooting along with his mother and father. It connects
             Mike with the dead, and therefore can warp him around Deadside 
             and Liveside.

   ** Acquiring
             In the Louisiana Bayou, get it at the top of the hill in the church, 
             from Nettie.

   ** Memories
             As you visit more places, you will be able to warp back to those
             places using the teddy bear.


   ** Acquiring
             Find the Asson in the Wasteland. If you received the map when 
             you bought the game, it has a guide to reaching the part where
             the Asson is. Walk up to the pedestal on the wooden platform to
             acquire the Asson.

   ** Using
             Place the Asson in the opposite hand of your Shadowgun, to wear
             down enemies quickly. Remember, only the Shadowgun can destroy


   ** Acquiring
             This is a smidge harder to get than the Asson, but there is really
             no trick involved. In the Wasteland, when you get to the part with 
             the walkway leading up to the tent with the four pots under it, 
             continue until you find the rope. Look across to where the rope goes,
             and you'll see another path next to it. Go back to the walkway 
             and enter that tunnel. Drop to the bottom level and go through the 
             tunnel down there. Hit the switch, then head back and go up the 
             walkway until you get to to the part with the rope that leads to
             the Govi. Get the Dark Soul and continue into the Temple of Life.
             There is only a one-way path in this temple, so just keep going
             and you'll eventually reach the Baton.

   ** Using
             I can tell you that I've NEVER used the Baton as a weapon. Stick
             it into the little pedestals with a small flame on it. They act as


   ** Acquiring
             OK, this is way to hard to describe how to get it. When you go 
             through the Coffin Gate that's close to the Temple of Fire,
             turn right instead of going straight, and you'll see another gate.
             Go through it and brave the obstacles until you find the Flambeau.

   ** Using
             You'll use this to burn through the little walls will fire on them.
             In the Undercity, you'll use it to light your way. For some reason,
             I think the Flambeau is unbelievably cool. You can also use it 
             underwater, since it's not fire, it's pure energy.


   ** Acquiring
             It's right behind a Coffin Gate, with no maze involved. Check the
             map at the GameFAQs Shadow Man page to see about where it is.

   ** Using
             OK, I think you can use this as a weapon, but I survived the game
             without ever doing so. Use it to bang on the drums to open the doors.


   ** Acquiring
             Find the flashlight in Mordant St., New York. It's not really that
             hard to find. Look around for about 5 minutes and you'll probably
             find it. 

   ** Using
             It does just what it does in real life, lights your way. You'll need
             it in the level where you find it and it's helpful in the subway 


Just some unimportant info: Cadeaux is French for present, or gift.

   ** Acquiring
             These things are everywhere: in pots, barrels, or just lying around
             in the open. You'll have no trouble finding these.

   ** Using
             Warp to the Temple of Life, then jam the Baton in the pedestal.
             You'll warp to an area with altars. Go up to them and press the 
             action button if you have at least 100 Cadeaux.


   ** Acquiring and Using
             Skulls can be found in pots and barrels, and they refill your voodoo
             meter. You need voodoo to power such items as the Flambeau, Asson,
             Baton, etc.


   ** Acquiring
             Dark Souls are usually found in Govi. Occasionally you'll see a couple
             "loose" souls, and they also appear when you destroy Trueforms or
             members of the Five.

   ** Using
             You use these to better your shadow level, which will allow you
             to open more Coffin Gates. You shadow level can reach no more
             than ten, and to get level ten you'll need 120 dark souls!


   ** Acquiring
             You'll find them in places that don't look like they fit the setting.
             Would you expect to find an altar in the Undercity? No. When you
             reach the altars, you'll know it. Altar locations are:

             1. Cageways
             2. Playrooms
             3. Undercity

   ** Using
             In the Cathedral of Pain, there are 5 corpses hanging from the
             ceiling. Jam the retractors into them to make them schisms.
             Now press the action button when you're next to them and you'll
             warp to a location in Liveside.


   ** Acquiring
             There are 3 pieces of l'Eclipser spread throughout the game. None
             of them are in a temple or "level", you just find them in the
             Paths of Shadow.

   ** Using
             When you have all 3 pieces, return to Nettie and she'll bring the
             night... and your Shadow powers.


   ** Acquiring
             You'll get a file right from the start that shows the profiles of
             five serial killers. Yes, those are the Five. You'll get others
             throughout the game.

   ** Using
             In your inventory screen, press a hand button when selecting a
             file or book, and you'll open it up. Now just use the control 
             stick to turn pages.

   Note: Be sure to read all files you receive, especially Jack's Journal!


   ** Acquiring
             The gads are located in the 3 temples: Fire, Prophecy, and 
             Blood. Temple of Life does NOT count. Often you'll have to hit
             switches to connect the two pieces of a circular object that
             you have to go into to get the tattoo. 

   ** Using
             Each gad will give you a special power:

             * Toucher: Grab on to burning ledges
             * Marcher: Walk on burning coals
             * Nager: Be consumed by fire, and no health lost


   ** Acquiring
             There are 5 accumulators to be found somewhere in Liveside.
             1 to 3: Gardelle Jail
                    4: Mordant St., NY
                    5: Down St. Station

   ** Using
             In the Playrooms, you will find 3 large containers that hold
             the Violator in one of them and the other 2 hold ammo. Insert
             the accumulators into the slots to open the containers. 
             Collect the Violator first.


   ** Acquiring
             Just as described above, find the 3 containers in the Playrooms
             and insert the accumulators into the slots.

   ** Using
             This is the weapon to use against Legion. I can tell you that
             I didn't use it at all during the game other than with Legion.
             It probably is helpful, but not necessary except with
             The One Who is Many.


   ** Acquiring
             In the Temple of Blood, go to the right and edge along the wall.
             You'll come to a room. Get on the platform that goes up and
             down, and jump to the right. You'll see a tunnel on right wall.
             Go through it and through the first blue tunnel. Open the 
             Coffin Gate and there is your prize.

   ** Using
             Drop it on those squares with markings on them, but be sure
             to clear the area because the explosion can harm you too!


   ** Acquiring
             You'll find the Engineer's key early in the game in the 

   ** Using
             Stick it into the machines that have a hole in the middle.
             For reference, there are a couple in the Asylum: Gateway.
             One of them is right in front of you when you warp there.


   ** Acquiring
             You'll find this if you warp to Gardelle Jail using the 
             schism in the middle from the Cathedral of Pain. Keep
             going and you'll eventually find it. What's cool about
             this item is that it still has a hand on it.

   ** Using
             In Gardelle Jail, you'll see consoles with red lights on
             them. Use the key card on these to make them turn green.
             This opens the doors that make Shadow Man say something
             about opening them.


   ** Acquiring
             You'll find it behind a Coffin Gate that requires a Shadow
             Level of 6, before the Wasteland.

   ** Using
             Set the Enseigne to one of your hands, then hold that button
             to activate the shield. This will stop bullets and other 
             projectiles from bringing you harm, but be warned: it uses
             up voodoo.


   ** Acquiring
             Find it before the Temple of Fire behind a gate that requires
             a Shadow Level of 4.

   ** Using
             These are automatically equipped. Walk up to the bloodfalls
             and hold the control stick forward to climb up. I recommend
             destroying all projectile-shooting enemies before attempting
             this feat, as Shadow Man moves relatively slow.

Well, that's a rap. I know I must be forgetting an item or two here, so
drop me a line at to remind me. I AM planning on
a complete walkthrough, but it will take time. This game is HUGE after
all. If you're having any troubles or you'd like to use my FAQ on your site,
e-mail me. Thanks for reading my FAQ, and remember, the most up to
date version of this guide can be found at GameFAQs:

Til next time,

   - Dane Lagasse