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Version 1.0
January 2010
Copyright by Lurlock

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:: Contents ::
The four-letter codes on the left make it easy to jump straight to the section
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:: INDN :: 1. Introduction                  ::
:: ITMS :: 2. Items                         ::
::      ::   a. Tools                       ::
::      ::   b. Gads                        ::
::      ::   c. L'Eclipser                  ::
::      ::   d. Retractors                  ::
:: GLSS :: 3. Glossary                      ::
:: DKSL :: 4. Dark Souls                    ::
:: BYPL ::   a. Bayou Paradis, Louisiana    ::
:: MSQN ::   b. Mordant Street, Queens, NY  ::
:: GCJT ::   c. Gardelle County Jail, Texas ::
:: DSSL ::   d. Downstreet Station, London  ::
:: MGPC ::   e. Deadside - Marrow Gates /   ::
::       Paths of Shadow - Prophecy Chamber ::
:: WTOL ::   f. Wasteland - Temple of Life  ::
:: ASGW ::   g. Asylum - Gateway            ::
:: ASCP ::   h. Asylum - Cathedral of Pain  ::
:: ASEB ::   i. Asylum - Engine Block       ::
:: TOFT ::   j. Temple of Fire (Toucher)    ::
:: ASCW ::   k. Asylum - Cageways           ::
:: ASPR ::   l. Asylum - Playrooms          ::
:: TOPM ::   m. Temple of Prophecy (Marcher)::
:: ASLD ::   n. Asylum - Lavaducts          ::
:: TOBN ::   o. Temple of Blood (Nager)     ::
:: ASUC ::   p. Asylum - Undercity          ::
:: FRAQ :: 5. FAQ                           ::
:: CNTC :: 6. Contact                       ::
:: LEGL :: 7. Legal                         ::

:: [INDN] :: Introduction ::
Welcome to my FAQ.  First off, I feel I should make clear what this FAQ is NOT.
It is NOT a complete walkthrough.  If that's what you're looking for, there's
two excellent guides right here on Gamefaqs which I suggest you take a look at.
This guide is specifically written to be a reference for people who don't want
a complete walkthrough, and would rather figure out most things on their own.
The souls are broken down by area, and each entry prefaced by the item or items
(if any) you will need to acquire each of the souls, along with a brief
description of what you need to do to get them.  I try as much as possible not
to spoil the game by revealing the solutions to puzzles not directly related to
the souls.  I don't mention the presence of monsters unless it will help to
locate them (or it's a particularly nasty surprise you should look out for).  I
don't tell you how to find all the items you will need (other than what map
they're found it, which can be for the most part figured out just by looking at
the map that comes with the game).  I also don't make mention of other items
not needed in the search for souls, unless it helps to locate them.

Mainly, this guide serves as a checklist if you've searched everywhere and just
can't track down that last soul in an area.  Each soul is given its own
individual entry in roughly the order you'll encounter them within an area. 
(In some cases I mention souls early which you can see but can't get until
you've acquired a certain item or Soul Power.  This is more a matter of
convenience than anything else.)  Your mileage may vary, of course, and the
order in which you collect the souls may bear little resemblance to what I've
laid out here.  I've tried as much as possible to get you to each of the souls
in a relatively expedient manner with minimal back-tracking, but that's
unavoidable in some cases.  I'm sure somebody else out there has a more
efficient way of collecting them than mine, but this should be good enough to
help you find any given soul in an area.

:: [ITMS] :: Items ::
The following are required in order to acquire all 120 Dark Souls, along with
the minimum level which you must attain to get them, and the map in which they
are located.  (If you want more specific directions to the items, I again refer
you to the complete walkthroughs hosted here.)
:: Tools ::
(Yes, 4 of these are technically weapons, not just tools.  But I've never felt
the need to use them as such, so I list them all under Tools.)
Baton  . . . . . Level 2 (Temple of Life)
Engineer's Key . Level 2 (Gateway)
Poigne . . . . . Level 4 (Temple of Fire)
Flambeau . . . . Level 5 (Paths of Shadow)
Marteau  . . . . Level 8 (Temple of Prophecy)
Calabash . . . . Level 9 (Temple of Blood)
:: Gads ::
Toucher  . . . . Level 3 (Temple of Fire)
Marcher  . . . . Level 6 (Temple of Prophecy)
Nager  . . . . . Level 8 (Temple of Blood)
:: L'Eclipser ::
La Lune  . . . . Level 3 (Paths of Shadow) 
Le Soleil  . . . Level 5 (Paths of Shadow)
La Lame  . . . . Level 7 (Paths of Shadow)
 (The first two parts are useless until you get all three.)
:: Retractors ::
Retractor I  . . Level 4 (Cageways)
Retractor II . . Level 5 (Playrooms)
Retractor III  . Level 9 (Undercity)
 (Rectractors will not help you get any souls until Level 7, however, since you
also need L'Eclipser.  In addition, each Retractor leads to one Prism, which
grants you access to a section of the Engine Block.  I have not made mention of
the Prisms, because the Retractors (and L'Eclipser) are what you really need to
get them, and they are already listed.)

:: [GLSS] :: Glossary ::
I will be using these terms liberally throughout the FAQ, so here's some brief
definitions.  Some of them are official names, but others are just terms I use
because I don't know if there is an official name for them.

* Baton - A tool/weapon which allows you to teleport between Baton altars in a
level.  Found in the Temple of Life.
* Baton altar - A small altar with some symbols on it and a glowing oriface
into which you can insert the Baton to teleport to another location in the same
map.  There are always exactly two of them (if any) in each map location, and
you can teleport both ways.  Note that there is one pair to be found Liveside,
in Bayou Paradis.  These are the same as the Deadside ones, except that they
are not glowing, and you need to have completed L'Eclipser to use them.
* Bloodflow - Places where blood flows down a vertical wall or the inside of a
pipe.  You need the Poigne to climb them.
* Bloodpool - Basically, almost all the water in Deadside is supposed to be
blood.  Or, I guess, a mixture of blood and water, since pure blood you
couldn't see through.  I'll refer to this alternately as water or blood,
because it's weird to talk about an "underblood passageway".
* Calabash - A bomb which can be used to blow up Calabash panels.  You can set
the Calabash anywhere on the panel, it doesn't need to be right in the center. 
(This can be helpful if you need to use one in an enclosed space, because being
too close to a Calabash when it blows spells instant death, even with all the
Gads.)  I suppose you could use this as a weapon as well, but I've never seen
much need.  The delay time and potential to kill yourself in the process make
it rather impractical for this purpose.  Found outside the Temple of Blood.
* Calabash panel - A large square block with a distinctive pattern in it set
into the floor.  Use the Calabash to destroy them and access the areas below.
* Coffin gate - A coffin-shaped gate with a weird anchor-like shape in front of
it.  Usually referred to by their level, e.g. "a Level X coffin gate".  This is
the soul power you will need in order to open it, which you do by using the
action button in front of the anchor-shape.  (The same button used to sheathe
your weapons - seems obvious, but that stumped me for a bit the first time.) 
The purple markings on the panels around the gate indicate its level, which
corresponds to the second purple ring inside your stat meter.
* Engineer's Key - A large key worn as a glove, which when inserted into a Key
terminal activates some nearby mechanical device, usually a door, but many
other things as well.  Found in the Asylum: Gateway area, and only used
elsewhere throughout the Asylum.
* Fire block - A pushable block with a bright orange fire-insignia on each
side.  You can't touch these without the Toucher Gads, but once you have them,
you can push them once, to reveal a hidden location.
* Fire ledge - A ledge which is on fire.  You need the Toucher Gads to hang
from these, but once you have them, they're like any other ledge.
* Fire pillar - A cylindrical protrusion usually found on narrow walkways with
fire on top.  With the Toucher Gads, you can hang from them like a ledge, then
shimmy around to the other side.
* Flambeau - A tool/weapon which you can use to burn through Flambeau canvases. 
Found in the Paths of Shadow after Level 5.
* Flambeau canvas - A piece of tough fabric stretched over an opening, with a
symbol of a flame on it.  You need the Flambeau to burn through these.
* Gads - Upgrades found in each of the three temples that allow you to
respectively touch, walk on, and swim through fire without being harmed.  See
Toucher Gads, Marcher Gads, Nager Gads.
* Govi - An orange, pulsating shape on little legs, containing a Dark Soul. 
The vast majority of Dark Souls will be found in Govis.  You will need to use
the Shadowgun to open them, and then collect the soul.  You cannot open Govis
with the regular Pistol, so the eight Govis in Bayou Paradis cannot be opened
until you complete L'Eclipser, allowing you to enter Liveside as Shadowman. 
Don't worry if you accidentally shoot open a Govi that you can't reach yet. 
Even if you leave and come back later when you have the necessary means to get
to that Govi, it will still be there.
* Key terminal - A small post with a keyhole found throughout the Asylum areas. 
You need to use the Engineer's Key in them to do various things, usually open a
door or operate some sort of machine.
* L'Eclipser - A magical dagger comprised of three parts, La Lune, Le Soleil,
and La Lame.  Finding it and having Nettie perform a certain ghastly ritual
with it enables you to visit Liveside with your Shadow Powers intact.  This is
needed in order to defeat the five serial killers, and thus access three
sections of the Engine Block.  Despite rumors to the contrary, L'Eclipser may
not be used as a weapon.
* La Lune - One part of L'Eclipser.  Found in the Paths of Shadow at level 3.
* La Lame - One part of L'Eclipser.  Found in the Paths of Shadow at level 7.
* Le Soleil - One part of L'Eclipser.  Found in the Paths of Shadow at level 5.
* Lava / Magma - Whatever the technical differences between them may be in real
life, here I distinguish between them in the following manner: Lava is a
brightly-glowing liquid which you must get the Nager Gads in order to swim
through.  Magma is solid molten rock which you must get the Marcher Gads in
order to walk over.  Touching either of these without the proper gads will
result in instant death.
* Marcher Gads - An upgrade that allows you to walk on molten magma without
instantly dying.  Found in the Temple of Prophecy.
* Marteau - An item/weapon which is used to open Marteau gates by hitting the
three nearby drums.  Found in the Temple of Prophecy.
* Marteau drum - One of a set of three drums that you must hit with the Marteau
to open the nearby Marteau gate.
* Marteau gate - A passageway blocked by three horizontal bars.  There will
always be three Marteau drums in the near vicinity which you can hit with the
Marteau to open the gate.  Note that the three bars will always open in the
same order (top, bottom, middle), regardless of the order in which you hit the
drums.  And while it may look as though you can crawl through with just one or
two of them open, well, Shadowman doesn't crawl for anyone.
* Nager Gads - The last and most powerful of the Gads, allowing you to swim
through liquid lava without being instantly killed.  Found in the Temple of
* Poigne - A claw-shaped object which allows you to climb up bloodflows.  Found
in the Temple of Fire.
* Puzzle room - This is a general term I use to refer to any room with one
clear entrance and exit, with obstacles either in the form of monsters, jumping
puzzles, traps, switches to open doors or activate machines, etc.  The key
point here is that there's one exit, and no branching paths.  Since the purpose
of this FAQ is to give you directions to find each of the souls while still
letting you figure stuff out on your own, I will not be giving the solutions to
every puzzle room in the game, only those directly involved in acquiring nearby
souls.  In particular, certain areas will be completely ignored, such as the
Liveside areas where the five serial killers live.  There's one soul at the end
of each of them when you kill the guy, and three of them lead to the Engine
Block where there's some more, and that's all I'm going to give you on these.
* Retractor - A medical device used to crack open the chest of body.  These are
used to form portals between Liveside and Deadside.  There are three of them in
the game, found in the Cageways, the Playrooms, and the Undercity within the
Asylum.  The three corpses which form the portals are all found in the
Cathedral of Pain.  They may be opened in any order.  There are also two more
corpses here which have already been opened up.
* Shadow Power - Sometimes referred to simply as "Level", this is your level of
power based on the number of souls you have collected.  The chart below tells
you how many souls you need for each level.  Your Shadow Power determines which
coffin gates you can open.  The purple ring on your stat bar must have at least
as many notches filled as the number on the coffin gate in order to open it
   | Power | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4  | 5  | 6  | 7  | 8  | 9  | 10  |
   | Souls | 1 | 3 | 7 | 15 | 23 | 35 | 51 | 71 | 95 | 120 |
* Toucher Gads - An upgrade that allows you to push fire blocks, and climb on
fire ledges and fire pillars without being burned.  Found in the Temple of
* Truesoul - A giant hulking bipedal beast, usually found in the Engine Block
area, but a few can be found elsewhere.  They are generally first seen inside
cages, which you must push a switch in order to open.  (Some of the cages will
open by themselves when you walk over a certain trigger location.)  These are
the largest and toughest creatures in the game aside from Legion.  They fire
purple homing missiles at you and will try to stomp on you if you get too
close.  They leave behind a Dark Soul when you kill them.
* Warp point - This is where you appear when you use the Teddy Bear to get to a
location.  You must find each Warp point on foot first.

:: [DKSL] :: Dark Souls ::
* For each area, a soul level requirement will be provided at the top of the
section.  This is the requirement just to be able to get into an area.  In
addition, most souls require certain items to acquire, many of which will not
be available until a higher level.  The levels required for each item are
listed above.  They will not be listed in the individual entries below.  The
only time an additional level requirement will be listed for an individual soul
is if you need a soul power higher than that of the rest of the area just to
open a coffin gate and access another part of the level.  Any additional level
requirement should be implied by the items required.  (E.g. If a soul requires
the Calabash, you can assume its requirement is Level 9, since you can't get
the Calabash until Level 9.)

* Only the primary items needed to acquire a soul will be listed.  Obviously,
in order to get to the necessary soul level to acquire the Calabash, you will
need to have found several of the other items as well (and likewise for most of
the higher-level items), but only those needed in the immediate vicinity of the
soul will be listed.

* If L'Eclipser is listed as a requirement, you must have all three parts of
it, and you must have visited Nettie in Bayou Paradis to perform the ceremony
allowing you to access the Liveside areas as Shadow Man.

* Retractors are available at Levels 4, 5, and 9, but they will not help you
acquire any souls until Level 7, when you have completed L'Eclipser.  The three
Liveside areas which require them can be done in any order, and each will
access a different section of the Engine Block area.  Two parts of Gardelle
Jail can be accessed without Retractors, and will net you one soul each, but
these will not grant you access to the Engine Block.  Thus, 4 of the 5 Liveside
souls (not counting Bayou Paradis), and 3 of the 4 Engine Block areas can be
accessed at Level 7, but you will have to be Level 9 in order to get the final
Retractor to gain access to the last one.

* Unless otherwise noted, all souls will be found inside Govis.  There are
three other ways to acquire them.  A few are found loose (mostly in the
Playrooms area).  Several require you to defeat Truesouls (mostly in the Engine
Block, but a few elsewhere in the Asylum).  And five are acquired by killing
each of the five serial killers.  You will need L'Eclipser in order to kill
them, even though you can meet them before you have it.

:: [BYPL] :: Bayou Paradis, Louisiana :: Level: 0 :: 8 souls ::
1.) Required: L'Eclipser
From your starting point, the first branch to the right goes into a small cave,
the Govi is right out in plain view with two Cadeaux in front of it.  You will
also see this soul if you go right after falling through the collapsing bridge.

2.) Required: L'Eclipser
Further down the path is a beached boat in a shallow pond.  There is a hole in
the side of the boat away from the main path.  When you first see it, you won't
even be able to get in since you need a gun to break the wooden slats covering
the hole.  Once you do, you can enter the boat, whereupon you will fall through
a hole into an underground cave.  (Oddly not underwater, even though the boat
is sitting in a pond.)  Follow the path, and it will eventually lead to an
opening with the Govi right in plain sight.

3.) Required: L'Eclipser
From this opening, jump down one level, and you'll find another opening on your
right.  Follow this path and you'll eventually get to a swamp with some gators. 
There's a small building, with a lake on the other side.  In the middle of this
lake, there's a little shack that you have to swim underwater to find the
entrance to.  Inside is a Govi (and a Shotgun).

4.) Required: L'Eclipser
On the right side of the lake from the building where you entered is a little
river which goes underground through a series of underwater passages.  Make
your way through them (there's no easy way to give directions here, but keep
searching and you should find it) to a platform you can jump out of the water
onto.  Follow the path up to a rope strung over a ravine to a bluff with two
buildings on it.  A Govi is inside the building on the right.

5.) Required: L'Eclipser, Baton
Back down the path from where you saw the boat, you will pass two buildings. 
The second one (where there is a rope to climb up a cliff) has the soul inside,
but it's behind a grill so you can't get to it.  To get in, you'll need to use
the Baton on the altar in the graveyard outside Nettie's house.

6 & 7.) Required: L'Eclipser
These two are inside Nettie's house, on either side of the altar in the main
room, in plain sight.

8.) Required: L'Eclipser, Calabash
Use the Calabash on top of the large tomb in Nettie's graveyard.  Inside is a
path leading down to a small crypt with the soul inside.  Watch out for the dog
hiding down there.

:: [MSQN] :: Mordant Street, Queens, NY :: Level: 2 :: 1 soul ::

1.) Required: Retractor, L'Eclipser
Kill Avery Marx (The Home Improvement Killer) to get this soul.

:: [GCJT] :: Gardelle County Jail, Texas :: Level: 2 :: 3 souls ::

1.) Required: L'Eclipser
Kill Marco Roboerto Cruz (Lover Boy) to get this soul.

2.) Required: L'Eclipser
Kill Milton T. Pike (Video Nasty Killer) to get this soul.

3.) Required: Retractor, L'Eclipser
Kill Doctor Victor Karl Batrachian (The Lizard King) to get this soul.

:: [DSSL] :: Down Street Station, London :: Level: 2 :: 1 soul ::

1.) Required: Retractor, L'Eclipser
Kill Jack the Ripper to get this soul.

::        :: Deadside - Marrow Gates            ::          ::         ::
:: [MGPC] :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Level: 0 :: 4 souls ::
::        :: Paths of Shadow - Prophecy Chamber ::          ::         ::
* These are actually one area, even though there are two warp points.

1.) Required: Poigne
When you first enter via the Marrow Gates warp point, there is a blood-flow
just to your left, behind a rock formation.  The soul is clearly visible on
top.  (Just behind here is the Level 10 coffin gate that you won't be able to
open for a looong time.)

2.) Required: Poigne
After passing through the Marrow Gates, follow the path on the left until you
come to a broken stone bridge.  If you fall down from this bridge and look to
your left, there is a blood flow with a soul at the top.
3.) Required: nothing
After passing through the first coffin gate (Level 0), you will find yourself
in a circular room.  This is where the Prophecy Chamber warp point is found,
and also where you pick up the Prophecy book.  Following the spiral ramp around
the edge of the room, and jumping across the gap in the stone bridge at the
top, you will see the soul.  This will be the first soul you can actually
collect in the game.  Make note of the fire block behind it.

4.) Required: Toucher Gads
Once you have the Toucher Gads, go back to the location of the previous entry
and push the fire block to open a passage with another Govi behind it.

:: [WTOL] :: Wasteland - Temple of Life :: Level: 1 :: 13 souls ::

1.) Required: nothing
When you pass through the door in the tent by the edge of the blood pool (which
you need to rotate the notched wooden panel inside to get to), you'll see the
Govi on your left across a magma floor.  You can't cross this without the
Marcher Gads, but you can get to it from the other side.  Jump across the
smaller magma area ahead of you and follow the path to a large open area. 
There is a ramp on the wall to your right, leading up to a large pillar with a
canopy on top.  Jump from here to another walkway, and follow this to a cave
entrance leading to another open area.  From here, stick to your left-hand wall
until you find another cave entrance.  This will lead to the Govi.

2.) Required: nothing
Back in the second open area you found on the way to the last soul, if you look
up, you'll see a tent up on stilts.  Go underneath the tent to find a ledge
leading up to a series of walkways and ledges which will eventually take you to
the entrance to the tent.  The Govi is inside.

3.) Required: nothing
Back again in the larger open area, near the cave entrance you used to get to
the last two souls, you'll see a divot on the wall.  If you found the rope-
switch (on the wall at ground level in this room), there will be a rope leading
from this to another entrance across on the opposite wall.  Follow this rope to
a cave with various platforms on the walls.  On your left as you enter is a
ledge that you can jump up to that leads to a small cave in the wall (guarded
by one of those weird little two-headed creatures), and there is a Govi inside. 
(Further along this path is the Asson.  You don't need it for anything, but
might as well get it.)

4.) Required: nothing
As you were crossing the rope to get to the last soul, you should have seen
another cave entrance to the left of the one you entered.  To get to it, go
back down to ground level in the large open area, walk about half-way up the
walkway ramp on the wall, and you will see another ledge leading upwards in the
opposite direction.  (It's hard to see if you aren't looking for it.)  Go
through the cave at the top and into the next area, and you'll see a Govi on a
far ledge which you can't reach yet.  There are two other cave entrances here,
one at ground level and one higher up.  They both lead to the same area.  At
ground level here is a rope-switch, which extends a rope back in the area you
were just in, which you can use to get to the Govi.

5.) Required: Nager Gads
If you enter the cave behind the last soul and follow the path through another
small open area and into a section of the Temple of Life, you'll see another
Govi across a lava pool.  You'll need the Nager Gads to get it though.

6.) Required: Toucher Gads
Just to your left as you're looking across the lava at the last Govi, there's a
fire block.  Push it to reveal a passage to another Govi.

7.) Required: Toucher Gads
From the entrance to the Temple of Life, take the jump to the right, cross the
platforms in the magma, jump the magma gap ahead of you, get to the platform
with spikes popping out of it and turn right, crossing another magma gap.  Then
turn to your right to see the fire block.  Push it to reveal a Govi to your
left.  (And a cadeaux to your right.)

8.) Required: Poigne
From the entrance from the Paths of Shadow, get to the room with the three
bloodfalls into a pool with little islands.  As you enter, look for the
bloodfall on your right, and climb it.  Follow the path to a tent which has a
Govi inside on some scaffolding.  (Incidentally, this is directly above where
you get the Asson.  You could go down there if you wanted, but you probably

9.) Required: Poigne
From the three-bloodfall room again, take the blood fall on the left, nearest
to the entrance.  Follow the path on the left of the fall to a room with a
large blood lake and two pillars in it.  On a walkway between the pillars is
another Govi.  Jump across the platforms around the outside of the room to make
your way up there.

10.) Required: Poigne
From the room where you got the last soul, dive into the water below, and look
for a cave entrance in the floor at the bottom.  Follow the underwater passage
to emerge in another clearing, with a large spire in the middle that has a
windmill on top.  Climb the platforms to the top of the tower to find a Govi on
a deck up there.

11.) Required: Poigne
Keep going up the top of the tower from where you found the last soul, enter
the shack at the top, and push the button you'll find in there.  This activates
the windmill, which will provide power that you'll need in a minute.  Now go
back down into the water, and through the tunnel back into the room with the
two pillars.  Get out of the water and go through the leftmost of the two
doorways.  Follow the path to another clearing with various wooden platforms
over a lake, one of which is moving back and forth on a wire.  (It would not be
moving if you hadn't activated the windmill in the other area.)  Ride the
platform to a series of other platforms in order to reach the Govi.  (This room
is also where you'd end up if you'd taken the third of the three bloodfalls
mentioned before.)

12.) Required: Marcher Gads
From the entrance to the Temple of Life, head in a generally forward and right
direction, (with the Marcher Gads, there's several routes you can take, because
being able to walk on the magma opens up all kinds of shortcuts) and you'll
eventually come to a path through the magma that leads to a Govi in a back
corner room of the temple.  Sorry this isn't more specific, but there's several
routes that work, and it's not that hard to find.

13.) Required: Marcher Gads
From where you found the last soul, go back into the magma and walk straight
forward, and you'll soon see another Govi on a platform to your right.

:: [ASGW] :: Asylum - Gateway :: Level: 2 :: 12 souls ::
1.) Required: Marcher Gads
When you jump down to the right side of the drawbridge while facing the Asylum,
and follow the pipeline around the corner, you'll see the Govi sitting on a
ledge over a magma field.  Come back with the Marcher Gads to get it.

2.) Required: nothing
Continuing along the path from where you saw the previous soul (it's a fairly
linear series of jumping-puzzle rooms over lava), you'll eventually come to a
room with two duppies in it.  This is at the end of a hallway with several
other rooms on either side containing assorted baddies.  At the other end of
this hallway, you'll turn left and enter a room with exits on either side. 
Take the exit to your right and you'll be in a room with two Govis, one on the
ground and one on some crates that you can't reach.  Don't worry about the
higher-up one right now (see #8), you'll get to it later.

3.) Required: Engineer's Key
In the room where you first get the Engineer's Key (you fall in from the duct
in ceiling), you can see the Govi outside the window next to a the shuttle that
leads to the Cathedral of Pain.  (A bad guy should be shooting at you as you
see it.)  You'll need to use the key in the terminal in this room to open the
large door that leads out to the shuttle area, which is just outside the only
door in this room, also locked with the Engineer's Key.

4.) Required: Engineer's Key
On the other side of the shuttle area, there's a curved hallway which leads
past a large round room with a Govi on a high ledge you can't get to (see #6). 
If you go through this room, you'll be in a smaller room behind the entrance
door to the Asylum.  (You can use the key to unlock the door.)  However, if
instead of going into these rooms, you continue down this hallway, you'll come
to a room with a Govi in it.

5.) Required: Marcher Gads
From where you found soul #1, follow the path behind the Govi, up several
ramps, and you'll eventually come to a T.  Take a left to find another Govi in
plain sight.

6.) Required: Marcher Gads
Turn around and go back the other way at the T, and you'll reach a room where
you can go right or left.  Go left for now, and you'll find yourself on a
balcony above one of the entry rooms.  On the left side of the balcony is the
Govi you saw on the way to #4.

7.) Required: Marcher Gads
Go back to the room where you had a choice of right or left, and take the other
exit this time.  You come out on a walkway, where you can see the soul saw
while getting #2 again, below you.  Don't get it yet (see #8), you can't jump
back up here, and it's a long walk back.  Instead, follow the walkway into the
next room.  The walkway here goes straight or left.  Choose the straight path
for now, and follow it to another room with a Govi in it.

8.) Required: Marcher Gads
You can take the other walkway that was to your left before - it just leads to
a place where you can use the Engineer's Key to unlock a door leading to an
area you've seen before.  Might be a useful shortcut later, but it doesn't net
you any souls.  Anyhow, go back out the way you came in, and NOW you can jump
down to the Govi you saw on the way to #2 and #7, as you've gotten all the
others on this path.

9.) Required: Toucher Gads or Marcher Gads
Make your way back to the Warp point by any route.  (There are many - easiest
of course is the Teddy Bear.)  Now, facing the gateway, drop down on your left
side this time, and follow the path.  There's a room with a series of pipes
over magma with fire pillars on it.  You can either use the Toucher Gads to get
around the pillars, or wait until you have the Marcher Gads and just skip this
whole thing by walking over the magma.  Either way, get to the other side of
the room, and follow the path, and you'll get to a room with a Duppie in a cage
(meaning you just have to listen to him moan, because you can't kill him). 
There are doors on either side of this room at the other end.  A Govi is in
plain sight just past the door on the right.  (One of the Cheats can be found
in this room - check out the rafters.)

10.) Required: Toucher Gads or Marcher Gads
Back in the caged Duppie room, take the other exit that was to your left. 
Follow the path (past another caged Duppie), and you'll see another Govi in
plain sight near a metal fence.  (You might have seen this from the other side
from the magma room.)

11.) Required: Toucher Gads or Marcher Gads
Continue past the last soul, and there will be paths to the left and right.  Go
left for now, and follow the path some more, and you'll come to another T. 
Take a right, and there's a Govi at the end of the hall.  (There's nothing
interesting down the stairs to the left.)

12.) Required: Toucher Gads or Marcher Gads
Back at the first of the two T's in the previous entry, this time take a right. 
Follow the path up some ramps and you'll eventually come to a place where
there's a big metal beam going across an area that's outside the building. 
Hanging from that beam is a platform with a Govi on it.  Use the boxes here to
jump onto the beam, and walk carefully out to the platform and drop down. 
(Don't fall here, it's a long walk back.)

:: [ASCP] :: Asylum - Cathedral of Pain :: Level: 2 :: 2 souls ::
1.) Required: nothing
After getting off the shuttle from the Gateway, look to the left to see an
opening that leads down a few flights of stairs to what looks like a sewer, but
with magma instead of sewage.  The Govi is on the opposite side from you, but
you can make the jump if you're fast.

2.) Required: Marcher Gads
From the location where you found the last one, jump down into the magma.  (You
can also get here by jumping off the ledge from the shuttle station.)  Follow
the magma down a series of passageways, under two shafts with spinning spikes,
and then climb up on top of the second shaft and follow it back to the end. 
Climb up to the ledge and take a right.  Follow the path up some stairs, and
enter the room across from the first flight of stairs to find a Govi in a side

:: [ASEB] :: Asylum - Engine Block :: Level: 4 :: 11 souls ::
* This area is divided into four unconnected sections.  They will be designated
here by the area from which you enter them.  There are no souls to be found in
the section accessible from the Cageways.  The other three sections (which can
be done in any order) are accessed by using the Prisms found by killing serial
killers (specifically Jack the Ripper, the Home Improvement Killer, and the
Lizard King) in Liveside.  Thus, while you can access this area as early as
Level 4, you will need to be at least Level 7 to access two of the sections (in
order to have completed L'Eclipser, required to kill them), and Level 9 for the
third (in order to find the third Retractor).  All of the souls in the Engine
Block area are found by killing Truesouls, rather than in Govis.  Also worth
noting is that there are no Cadeaux whatsoever in any of the Engine Block

Downstreet Station Section - 3 souls
1.) Required: nothing
After getting out of the main room (it's a fairly simple puzzle involving the
Engineer's Key), pass through some more rooms, including a passageway over
magma which is MUCH easier if you have the Marcher Gads, you'll emerge
eventually in a large room standing on top of 4 Truesoul cages (fortunately
only one of which contains a Truesoul).  Get to the ground level and push the
switch on the panel to open the cage, and kill the Truesoul for its soul.

2.) Required: nothing
Exit through the door at ground level and you'll eventually come to an outdoor
area with a Truesoul in a cage sitting at a skewed angle in the middle of it. 
The cage will open automatically as you approach, so watch out.  Kill the
Truesoul and take its soul.

3.) Required: nothing
Leave through the door behind the cage and you'll soon be in another room with
a caged Truesoul.  Go up the ramp to the platform behind it and push the switch
to open the cage.  Lather, rinse, repeat on the Truesoul to get the last one. 
(This battle is made slightly more annoying by the presence of a machine-gun
sniper up on the high rafters in this room.  You might want to take him out

Mordant Street Section - 2 souls
1.) Required: nothing
After getting past the puzzle in the main room, you'll emerge on top of a
couple of Truesoul cages.  One of which contains a Truesoul.  Across the room
are two more cages, and one more Truesoul in those.  There's a room with a
control panel, but ignore it for now.  Walk towards the Truesoul in the further
pair of cages, and the other Truesoul's cage will automatically open behind
you.  Kill it for the soul.

2.) Required: Engineer's Key
Now, go to the control panel, and use your Key on the terminal there.  This
will open the other Truesoul's cage, and you know the rest.  (If opened this
cage first, you'd end up fighting both of them at once, and that can be a

Gardelle Jail Section - 6 souls
* You'll need the Engineer's Key to get anywhere in here, but if you don't have
it by now, I'd be shocked.
1 & 2.) Required: nothing
From the entrance, go through several rooms until you come to a control room
with a switch that opens two cages containing Truesouls.  Kill them both to
claim the souls.

3.) Required: nothing
Continue through the rooms until you reach another room with a caged Truesoul. 
Keep your eye on it, though, as it will open on its own as you try to go up to
the area where you see the control panels.  Kill it for its soul.

4 & 5.) Required: nothing
In the control panel room, press the switch and a Truesoul cage (sans Truesoul)
will be ferried into the room.  Get inside the cage, and it will take you past
an open area (with a Truesoul in a cage you never actually get to fight) to
another room.  Get out of the cage and then look behind it for a door.  Inside
are two free-floating Dark Souls in machines like those you saw in the
Playrooms area.  Grab them and leave.

6.) Required: nothing
Back in the room where the cage dropped you off, push the switch at the top of
the ramp (not the one in the control room) to open up another Truesoul cage
underneath you.  Kill it and take the soul.

:: [TOFT] :: Temple of Fire (Toucher) :: Level: 3 :: 11 souls ::
1.) Required: nothing
In the room with the two bloodfalls, go up the spiral stairs on the outer walls
(choose the spiral without the spikes in the corners), and go to the door
before the last stairway on this spiral.  Once inside, you'll be at the top of
a smaller wooden spiral of walkways going down, and you can clearly see the
Govi in the room one level down from the entrance on the opposite side. 
(Another Govi can be seen on top of a pillar in the room directly above this,
but you can't get that one yet.  See #6.)

2.) Required: nothing
After raising all five levels of the pyramid in the main room and turning off
the flames at the top, climb to the top of the pyramid and the Govi is right
there.  (Three other Govis are visible on ledges in this room, but none of them
are accessible until later.)

3.) Required: Toucher Gads
From the room where you get the Toucher Gads, head to the left corner on the
opposite wall from where you came in, and push the fire block.  Follow the path
through the puzzle room and you'll eventually come out to one of those four
Govis you saw in the walls on the way to the Gads room.

4.) Required: Toucher Gads
Also from the Toucher Gads room, head to the right corner where the burning
ledge is, and climb across the ledge to the opening in the wall.  Follow the
path through the two puzzle rooms, and you'll reach another of the four Govis
mentionned just above.

5.) Required: Toucher Gads, Shadow Power 4
From the room with the two bloodflows, follow the spiral with the spikes in the
corners all the way to the top, and enter the passageway here.  You'll need to
push the fire block to get through.  Inside, you will find a level 4 coffin
gate.  Once you open it, you'll find the Poigne, which you will also need. 
After getting the Poigne, climb up the bloodflow to your left, and you'll see
the Govi on a far ledge in front of you.  Make a good leap off the edge of this
bloodflow to reach it.  (If you miss, you can climb back up the bloodflow to
try again, but it's a long climb.)

6.) Required: Poigne
If you enter the room with the two bloodflows from the pyramid room, go to the
bloodflow on your right and climb it.  (The one on the left will get you two
Cadeaux.)  Follow the path at the top of the flow to reach a Govi on top of a
pillar in a pit below you.  Jump carefully, it's a long way back around if you
miss.  (There's two more Cadeaux on the other side.)

7.) Required: Marcher Gads
From the Warp point, turn around and enter the skin door behind you.  Proceed
into the SECOND obstacle room (not the little room with two jumps between the
two obstacle rooms), and jump down onto the magma.  (If you jump down in the
other two rooms, it's lava, and will kill you if you don't have the Nager Gads
yet.)  Just to the right and left of the door way down at the floor level are
two passageways in the magma.  Enter the right one for now (you could go either
way, it makes no difference, but I'm doing the right path first), follow the
path through a puzzle room to reach another of the four Govis in the walls
mentionned in #3 and #4.

8.) Required: Toucher Gads, Marcher Gads
Drop down from the where you found the last soul, and you'll be back in the
same obstacle room.  Take the other passageway now, and you'll go through
another puzzle room (you'll need the Toucher Gads to push a fire block in here,
but you've almost certainly got them by now), and you'll come out at the last
of the four Govis in the walls.

9.) Required: Calabash, Toucher Gads
From the Warp point, enter the door behind you, and in the first obstacle room,
you'll see a Calabash panel in the floor right at the beginning.  Blast it, and
then drop down and follow the path (you'll need to push three fire blocks, but
if you somehow have the Calabash and not the Toucher Gads, I'd like to know
how...) and you'll eventually reach a Govi way up in an alcove above the top of
the big pyramid.  (You may have seen this from below, but you had to wait a
long time to get the tool needed to get up here.)

10.) Required: Nager Gads
From the Warp point again, enter the door behind you and get past the first
obstacle room, then drop down into the lava in the little room between the two
obstacles.  Swim through the passage on your left and you'll be in a puzzle
room involving some swinging hammers and a rope switch - I'll let you figure it
out.  In the next room, there's a maze with a rope switch at the end that
allows you to drop into a hole in the center of one the walls.  (You'll see
what I mean.)  You can actually do this without bothering with the rope (and
resulting Blood Sisters) if you can figure out how to jump on top of the maze
instead of going through it.  Anyhow, drop down the hole, and follow the path,
and you'll arrive at one of the two Govis on either side of the pyramid in the
main room.

11.) Required: Nager Gads, Baton
Go back to the little room after the first obstacle room from the Warp point,
and this time drop down and swim to the right.  You'll surface, and find
another pool to dive into, and eventually you'll come to a Baton altar at the
bottom of the pool.  But wait, you can't use the Baton altar while swimming,
can you?  Correct you are.  So surface from the pool, and go down the hall. 
There's a HUGE button on the left, which opens a door further down.  Follow the
path some more and you'll see a very shallow lava pool with another huge button
on the wall.  That will cause this lava to rise, but the lava around the Baton
altar will drain.  Turn around and go back the way you came.  (Or you could now
continue past this room, through various obstacles, and find yourself in pretty
much the same place with nothing to show for it but a health ball in an urn...) 
Anyhow, use the Baton on the now-exposed altar, and you'll be on a ledge with
the last Govi in view just a short jump away.

:: [ASCW] :: Asylum - Cageways :: Level: 4 :: 11 souls ::
1.) Required: nothing
When you first arrive at the Cageways (via the Paths of Shadow, not from the
warp point), before you get on the train, enter the tower nearby.  Inside it, a
circular ramp leads up to a Govi.  This is the only soul on this end of the

* Since you need the Engineer's Key to operate the train in order to access the
remainder of this map, the rest of these entries will assume that you have it. 
It's probably difficult (if at all possible) to get this far in the game
without it anyhow.

2.) Required: Toucher Gads
When you get off the train, look straight ahead to see some metal ducts over a
magma field.  There are three Fire Pillars in the way on the ducts.  You can
get around the first two with fancy footwork, but the third you will need to
have the Toucher Gads to climb around.  Enter the door on the other side to
reach a room with two cages moving around over some walkways over more magma. 
Get across these walkways to reach the Govi on the other side.

3.) Required: Toucher Gads
In the same room as the last Govi, you'll see a second Govi in an open cage
hanging on the left side from where you entered.  The opening is on the far
side however.  To get to it, climb onto the railings around where the first
Govi was, and use them to jump onto one of the moving cages.  As it passes by
the U-shaped pipe hanging in the ceiling, jump onto the pipe and from there
onto the top of the cage with the Govi in it.  Jump from there onto the nearby
platform, and then you can shoot the Govi and jump back into the inside of the
cage to collect the Dark Soul.  (This is much easier to do if you've collected
the Marcher Gads and don't have to worry about a lethal mis-step on any of
those jumps.)

4.) Required: Toucher Gads
Go through the door next to the last Govi and go up the stairs until you get to
another large room.  From the entrance, a Govi is in plain sight right in front
of you on some crates.  You can reach it with some fancy jumping across the
pipes, but if you miss, don't worry, you can also get here by climbing on the
rope from another platform at the other end of the room.  (Watch out for the
chainsaw-weilding baddies down there, though.  I don't usually mention enemies
in this guide, but three of those tough bastards in very cramped quarters can
be a real pain.)

5.) Required: Toucher Gads
In the same room, there's another Govi inside an open cage hanging from a rope. 
You can actually get it by using some unorthodox glitching of the game's
physics.  Get to the platform at the other end of the rope, and climb across
the rope until you reach the cage, and keep pushing forward, and you'll fall
off the rope and onto the very bottom edge of the cage, partially intersecting
with the wall.  Take out your Shadowgun now and shoot the Govi open.  Then (and
this is important) sheathe it so you have both hands free.  Carefully inch your
way around to the open side of the cage, and if you're lucky, you will fall
down and grab onto the bottom of the cage with both hands, and you can pull
yourself up into it to collect the soul.  The way you're SUPPOSED to get it,
however, is to find the well-camoflaged ledge on the wall where you entered
this room, and ledge-climb until you've got your back to the cage and jump in. 
Using alternate camera angles helps.  And you should shoot open the Govi from
another angle before you attempt it, because I've found it's difficult to jump
backwards into the cage while the Govi is still intact.

6.) Required: Toucher Gads
There are two exits from the room you found the last two souls in (not counting
the one you entered through).  Take the higher of the two (the lower exit leads
eventually to the same room, but you come in from the other side, and it
requires more jumping), and follow the path to a room with four moving
platforms going up and down a slanted wall.  You will emerge just above one of
these platforms.  Jump from there to the platform on your right, and then down
to the ledge below it.  Climb up the stairs, and then at the top, look over the
railing.  The Govi is on a lower ledge just below it.

7.) Required: Toucher Gads
You probably noticed a second Govi in this room, on top of an out of reach
pillar.  A rope leads to it, but there's a cage in the way.  No worries.  Go to
the nearby small room and operate the switch to make the cage start moving back
and forth.  Time yourself so you have enough time to climb across the rope to
the pillar before the cage knocks you down.  Alternatively, DON'T push the
switch, and leave the cage where it is.  If you climb onto the railing, you can
then jump from there onto the top of the cage, and from there drop down and
grab the rope on the right side.  You can even walk ON TOP of the rope if
you're careful, and drop down from there.  As always with any sort of tricky
jumping, it's easier if you sheathe your weapons first.

8.) Required: nothing
Back in the room with the train, there is also a little trolley cart that leads
to the Engine Block.  Don't get in it, but instead use the railings to jump on
top of it.  From there, jump over the magma to the ledge with the door behind
it.  Make your way through a series of rooms (you can grab one of the
Retractors in this area), and you'll eventually reach a platform with a
railing, and some stairs leading down, from which you'll see a Govi in a cage
to your left.  Go down the stairs and shoot it and jump into the cage to grab

* If you went into the easily accessible door from the train room, (which is
more straightforward and doesn't require jumping the trolley) you'd find the
next three souls in reverse order, #11, #10, and #9.  But you wouldn't be able
to get #8 this way, and you'd still have to go back and around the other way,
both for soul #8 and the Retractor.  This order involves less back-tracking.

9.) Required: nothing
In this same room as the last soul, there is another Govi on a platform in the
corner.  To get to it, climb up the stairs in this room to a platform, and jump
across the two hanging cages to reach the Govi.

10.) Required: nothing
From the ground level exit in this room, go through to the next room, and if
you look around, you'll see another Govi on a high pillar in the middle of the
room.  To get there, look to your left from the door you came from, and there's
a switch.  Push it to start the cages on the ropes above you moving back and
forth.  You can use the stairs or some nearby crates to get onto the platform
next to the switch panel, and from there, some fancy rope-climbing to get from
there to another platform, and again from there to yet another, which is close
enough to the Govi's platform that you can jump up to it.

11.) Required: nothing
You'll probably by now have seen a cage on a rope going into and out of this
room via a pair of automatic doors.  You can't open the doors yourself, so wait
for the cage to be on its way out, and follow it through.  On the other side of
the doors, a Govi is sitting in plain sight near the ramp.  (There is
absolutely no reason to push the lever in this room.  It just opens up two
doors with some monsters and no useful items - not even Cadeaux.)

:: [ASPR] :: Asylum - Playrooms :: Level: 5 :: 10 souls ::
1.) Required: nothing
From the warp point, turn around and exit the door behind you.  Go through this
room and up the ramps in the next, and go through the door at the top of these
ramps.  Past this room, you will come out on top of a bridge going over the
pool of water where the warp point is.  Jump down off the bridge, but instead
of going in the water, get onto the ledges around the sides, and follow them
around to your right to a series of hallways leading to a room.  As you enter,
you may see a Govi through a window below and to your left, but this isn't the
one we're after yet. (See #10)  Instead, go past the clear pipes to your right
and find a ramp leading down in the corner.  Kill the bikini-dogs down there
and take the Govi they're guarding.

2.) Required: Poigne
Back in the water room, look at the pipe on the opposite side from the hallways
you just took.  Swim to it and enter, dodging the fan blades, and climb up the
blood flow on the wall of the pipe.  Follow it down until you get to a room
with two pools divided by a wall.  You can get the Govi on the right side of
this room.  There are two more on the other side, but you can't get those from
here.  (See 3&4)

3&4.) Required: Poigne
Again in the water room, look at the blocked pipe at the bottom of the pool on
the side with the pipe you climed up for #2.  Shoot the blockage to clear it,
and then follow the pipe until you get to a room where you can surface.  Take
the path to the right here, and you'll eventually find another pipe.  You'll
need to climb the bloodflow in this pipe, which will take you to the other side
of the pool you saw in #2.  There are two Govis here for the taking.

5.) Required: Engineer's Key
Back where you surfaced in a room for #3&4, there is a small room on the other
side of the hallway you took containing a switch that opens a hatch nearby.  Go
back in the water and you can come up through that hatch.  Follow the path and
you'll find two rooms where you have to use the Engineer's Key to raise the
water in one by lowering it in the other, enter the pipe in the wall of the
room to the left (where the water was lowered).  Follow the path and you'll
eventually come to a hallway with a nursery.  Go all the way to the door at the
end of the hallway and follow the passageway to enter a room with a Govi in
plain sight on your left.

6.) Required: Engineer's Key
On the other side of the door from the last soul, there's a door leading to a
room with another loose soul in a machine.

7.) Required: Engineer's Key
Back in two water rooms, this time take the pipe in the room on the right,
where the water was raised.  Follow this path through several rooms until you
get to a small room with a door on the left and a ramp on the right.  Take the
ramp and go through the door up there to a small hallway with a locked door. 
Push the nearby lever to open the door and collect the Govi inside.

8.) Required: Engineer's Key
Back at the room with the door and the ramp, take the door this time, and
you'll be in a large room with a loose soul inside some sort of machine.  Climb
up into the machine and grab it.  (Incidentally, this is also the room with the
Violator vending machines, so remember it when you get some Accumulators.)

9.) Required: Marcher Gads
Near where you picked up #5, there's another door on the same wall as the one
you came in through.  Enter this door and follow the path to a room with a
lever.  Push the lever to open a cage in a room releasing a Truesoul.  You can
see this room through a screen from the lever room.  Now go back to where the
door was, and drop down to the lower level.  Go to the hallway in the corner
and exit through the door there.  Go left and into the door at the end of the
hallway.  Continue through this hall to find yourself on the outside of the
screened area containing the Truesoul.  Enter the door on your right (using the
lever to unlock it if you haven't already), and then climb into the oven on the
right.  (This is where you'll need the Marcher Gads.)  Enter the vent
underneath the hood, and turn right to enter the Truesoul's chamber.  Defeat
the Truesoul to claim the dark soul.

10.) Required: Marcher Gads
Back in the vent, this time take the other direction, and drop into a room with
a Govi in it.  This is the one you saw through the window while on your way to

:: [TOPM] :: Temple of Prophecy (Marcher) :: Level: 6 :: 13 souls ::
* Note: The Temple of Prophecy has a lot of branches and multiple pathways to
get to the same locations.  The order you get the souls in may be wildly
different from mine.  My aim was to reach the Marcher Gads as quickly as
possible, since they're required for several of the souls.  I'll do my best to
describe each room in such a way that if you encounter them in a different
order, you'll still be able to figure out which ones I'm talking about.

1.) Required: Poigne
In the first room with a statue, you'll see the Govi in the statue's right hand
(your left).  On the side of the statue is a button.  Push it to activate the
bloodflows in this room (and throughout the Temple), and then climb up the flow
between the statue's legs (gross?) in order to jump up onto it's arm and
collect the soul.

2.) Required: nothing
Exit through the door you didn't come in through, and follow the path through a
few puzzle rooms.  Ignore the Govi you see in one of them - you can't get it
until you get the Marcher Gads.  (See #10)  Eventually you'll come to another
statue room, and this one has a Govi it its lap.  Find the rope-switch in this
room (between the two doors) and push it.  Climb up the platforms to the rope
and climb across it into the statue's lap.

3.) Required: Toucher Gads, Poigne
In the next room, you'll see an alcove with a fire block inside it on the
right.  Make your way over and push the block to open a passageway into another
room.  There's a Govi on a high ledge here.  To get there, push the four
buttons lowering the statue heads above you, then climb the bloodflow and make
your way around the room to the Govi using a variety of jumping and ledge

4.) Required: Poigne
Climb up the bloodflow again, and exit via the door at the top.  After a series
of rooms, you'll find yourself in a room with a platform in the middle and a
large weighted pole on a pillar on top, with a spiral ramp going to the top of
the platform.  At the bottom of the platform is a button which will rotate the
pillar and pole 90 degrees clockwise.  You can hit it repeatedly to get the
pole where you want it.  Where you want it is pointing at another button higher
up on the wall.  Climb to the top and use the pole to get to the button and
press it, lowering a statue head on the other side.  Rotate the pillar again to
make it point at the Govi that was just revealed behind the head, and use the
pole again to get there.  (You can also get to this room by climbing the
bloodflows in one of the first rooms on all sides of an octagonal pillar, and
then jumping to a nearby ledge.)

5.) Required: Toucher Gads
From this room, enter the other ground-level entrance to see a fire block, and
push it to reveal a passageway.  Follow a few rooms - you'll see another
inaccessible Govi in a cage in one of them.  (You'll need the Marcher Gads -
see #12).  Eventually you'll wind up in a square room with some ramps going
around it blocked by statue heads.  Push the 4 buttons to lower the heads, then
climb the ramps to a Govi at the top of the room.

6.) Required: nothing
Take the exit from here and follow the path through several rooms - you'll pass
yet another inaccessible Govi in a cage.  (See #10).  You'll then come to a
maze with some Flambeau canvasses in it.  (You can find one of the cheats
here.)  Exit the upper door in the maze room and follow the path.  You'll
emerge in an open area with a Govi on a high ledge to your left on a bloodflow,
and a tent to your left.  You could get that Govi right now, but you'll have to
backtrack a bit.  First, go into the tent and follow the path to pick up your
Marcher Gads.  These will be needed to get most of the other souls here.  Once
you get them, go back the way you came in, and NOW you can get that Govi on top
of the bloodflow.

7.) Required: Baton
From this room, exit via the skin-door and you'll come to a room with two
slopes on either side with a massive swinging hammer going between them.  Climb
up the platforms to the top (either side), and you'll see a bridge between the
two sides with a Baton altar on it.  Use your Baton to teleport to a room
behind the first Govi you saw on a high ledge as you first entered the Temple. 
(Be sure to push the block in the next room - this will give you a shortcut to
use later.)

8.) Required: nothing
Baton your way back into the room with the slopes, and go out the door at the
opposite end from where the Baton altar bridge is.  You'll come to another
statue room, this one with its hands held up against its chest.  Jump platforms
to reach two buttons on either wall.  The first moves the statues arms out to
the side and the second opens a panel in its chest, revealing a Govi.  Jump
across one of the arms to get to it.

9.) Required: nothing
Exit through the other door (on the right), and you'll go through another
puzzle room (much easier if you're following my directions and have the Marcher
Gads already), and you'll come to a room you've seen before from the other
side, with a large cage containing a Govi.  (See #10)  For now, jump onto and
over the cage to the next door, and come to a room like the statue rooms, but
instead of a statue, you'll see a Govi on top of a large ramp.  You can't climb
the ramp as such, but to the left of it, there's a pole-switch sticking out of
the wall.  Get over there and jump onto the pole, and hang on until it slides
to the bottom.  This will turn the ramp into stairs.  You'll have a short time
to run to the other side of the room, up a ramp with a ledge leading onto the
platform at the bottom of the stairs, and then jump up the stairs to reach the

10.) Required: Marcher Gads
Go back out the door you came in through, and back out to the room with a Govi
in a cage that you saw on the way to #6 and again to #9.  Jump down into the
Magma, and into the cage from below.

11.) Required: Marcher Gads
Exit through the door at the bottom magma-level in this room, and you'll find
yourself back in the room where you got the Marcher Gads.  Go past the Gads-
machine to the door on the opposite side, to find yourself in another room
you've been in before, on the way to #2.  There's a Govi on a high pillar here,
but push a switch at its base and the pillar will lower down to where you can
jump on it and take the soul.

12.) Required: Marcher Gads
Go back to the Marcher Gads room, and this time you want to go through the door
which you have to jump over a lava pit to get to.  It can be a tricky jump, but
it's possible.  (Shoot the urns first so you have a clear spot to land.) 
You'll arrive at another room you've seen, this one on the way to #5.  There's
a Govi in a cage with a bridge leading out to it.  On one side, you'll see a
pole-switch.  Jump up and pull it down, raising the cage around the Govi.  Drop
down into the magma, and quickly make your way to the ramp, then turn around
and jump onto the Govi platform.  (Ignore the bridge leading to the platform -
you can't get there in time, and those panels will drop if you run on them.)

13.) Required: Calabash
In the first room leading down from the warp point, you'll see a Calabash panel
in the floor.  Use the Calabash to blast it open, revealing a Govi below.

:: [ASLD] :: Asylum - Lavaducts :: Level: 7 :: 9 souls ::
* I highly recommend getting the Marcher Gads before even attempting this area. 
While you CAN get a few souls without them, it's MUCH more difficult that way.

1.) Required: Engineer's Key
Assuming you don't have the Marcher Gads yet, make your way from the entrance
until you reach a large area with magma sewers.  You'll have to ride on two
moving platforms in the walls to jump onto a tall lavaduct (Like an aquaduct
with magma.  Heh.)  Go around the duct and jump DOWN from the other side (back
down to near magma-level on the ground).  Follow the walkway and you'll find
one passageway you can walk on without stepping on magma.  On one side is a key
terminal, which opens up two doors on either side of the tunnel.  Enter the
door opposite the terminal (the one on the same side has some Cadeaux).  Follow
the path to a room with a Govi near a switch.

2.) Required: nothing
Push the switch near the last Govi to open up the door here, where you can see
two more Govis behind glass that you can't get to yet.  (See #4 and #9)  Go up
the stairs to find the warp point, making sure to push the switch activating
the large rotating platforms over the lava vat.  Get onto one of the platforms
as it goes past, and ride it to the next opening, where there is a Govi in the
corner.  (Note: You can also reach the warp point if you'd taken the higher
jump from the lavaduct mentionned in the last entry, but you'd miss out on soul
#1 that way.)

3.) Required: nothing
Get back on the platform and ride it down to the next area.  From here, take
the stairs down and follow the passage to a room with a Govi on a high stack of
crates.  You can't get there yet (See #8), so keep going around the exit to
your left.  You'll come to a room with some platforms on a slope that you need
to do some fancy jumping to get up to one of those shafts with spinning blades. 
Avoid the blades underneath, then climb up and avoid them again from above. 
Turn right at the wall and follow the path and you'll come to a room with lots
of tall stacks of crates, one of which has a Govi on it.  Jump across to reach
it.  Do NOT miss these jumps.  The stacks are all too tall to jump back onto
from the floor, so you'll have to go all the way back around again, up the
slope and under and over the spinning blades, etc.

4.) Required: Marcher Gads
Go back out to where you needed to use the Engineer's Key for soul #1.  In this
tunnel is a passage without walkways, where you'll need to use the Marcher
Gads.  Follow the path to another room with a Govi that you saw through the
glass after getting the first soul.  Another switch opens the door that leads
back into the same room as the first one.

5.) Required: Marcher Gads
Back again in the room with the lavaduct, there's a passageway in the magma
underneath the path of one of the moving platforms on the wall.  Follow it to
find another room with a Govi behind glass and a switch to operate the locked

6.) Required: Nager Gads, Engineer's Key
From the warp point, jump right in the lava and swim down to the first passage
on your right.  Follow the passage, and when it splits, go right.  Enter the
room here and use the Engineer's Key in the terminal inside the room to open up
the hatch in the ceiling.  Climb through it, and go up the stairs to see an
opening to a large warehouse of crates.  Ignore the warehouse for now (unless
you're collecting Cadeaux) and look for an opening in the ceiling nearby.  Jump
up into it, and you can climb on a ledge that leads to a balcony above the
warehouse.  Go down the path at the other end of the warehouse and you'll find
a Govi in a windowed room.

7.) Required: Nager Gads, Engineer's Key
Retrace your steps back to the lava, and when the path branches, go right. 
You'll emerge in another circular lava-vat.  Swim to your right and find the
next opening here.  (You may have to wait for the rotating wall to move
enough.)  Take this passage, and you'll come across another one of those rooms
where the Engineer's Key will open the ceiling hatch.  Climb out, and make your
way past a few rooms (not too many branches in path here), and you'll find
yourself on the walkway around the lava-vat you were just in.  Follow the
walkway around to your left, and there's a Govi just sitting out there for the

8.) Required: Nager Gads, Engineer's Key
From the last Govi, drop down into the lava again and swim to the right until
you get to the next opening.  Surface there and find yet another room with a
hatch in the ceiling opened by your Key.  Climb through here and you'll find a
room with a couple sets of stairs and a large locked door.  There's a switch in
a control room that opens it.  Go through, and you'll see the Govi on top of
some crates behind a railing, which you saw on the way to #3.  Jump over and
get it.

9.) Required: Nager Gads, Engineer's Key
Retrace your steps back to the lava vat, and swim right again until you get to
the next opening.  Follow this passage, and when it splits, go right.  This
will take you back to the first lava vat.  Keep swimming to the right in the
vat for your next opening again, and you'll find a fourth room with a hatch in
the ceiling to be opened with the Key.  Climb up and go down some stairs for
the last Govi, which you saw through the glass on the way to #2.  You can open
the door with the switch if you want.

:: [TOBN] :: Temple of Blood (Nager) :: Level: 8 :: 8 souls ::
1.) Required: Poigne
From the Warp point, get down to the platforms just above the lava, and jump to
the one on the left.  Push the button to lower the statue head above you.  (Do
the same on the right side for good measure - doesn't help you now but you'll
need it later.)  Now go back up the slope and use the ledges to get to the
upper right as you're facing the slope.  Climb the ledge over to where the
statue head was, and the climb up and follow the path.  You'll find a room with
four exits arranged in a circle on one wall, and a rotating wooden disc with a
notch in it so that only one exit can be open at once.  Right now it's the
bottom.  On the opposite wall is a button which will move the disc 90 degrees
clockwise.  Push it three times (after dealing with the Blood Sisters) to open
the right hand exit.  Go through it, and follow the passage to a room with two
more Sisters and a button to push.  There's a Govi visible on the other side of
a grate here.  Push the button, activating the Bloodflows in this and another
room, and go back out the way you came in.  Now push the button to rotate the
disc 2 more times to open the left door.  Go through here, and follow the path
to another room similar to what you saw through the grate.  On the right is a
block you can push that will fall into a hole.  Go through into the next room
and you'll be in the room with the Govi.  Climb up the Bloodflows on the pillar
to the top, and you can jump down from there to get to the Govi.

2.) Required: nothing
From the room you found the last one, go through the only other exit from this
room, and follow the path until you see a rope switch in front of you.  Push
it.  Now go down the other direction, and you'll be in a hallway with lots of
spinning sycthe blades.  Follow it around, and you'll see where the rope was
created by the switch.  Deal with the Soul Sister here, and climb across the
rope to the waiting Govi on the other end.  (There's another Govi visible on
the platform to your left, but you can't get there without the Nager Gads.  See

3.) Required: Calabash
There's a room with eight Calabash panels in the floor.  If you have the
Calabash, you've already seen this room as you had to come here to lower two
statue heads in order to get up to where you got the Calabash.  You can see a
Govi on a pillar through a screen in this room.  Facing the Govi, place a
Calabash on the second panel back from the screen on the left side.  This will
open up an underground tunnel (containing a Blood Sister) that leads to the
room with the Govi.

4.) Required: Flambeau, Baton, Marteau, Calabash
From the Warp point, make your way across the slope to your left side, and
enter the door set into the slope in the corner.  Follow the passage past a
spinning blade, and use your Flambeau on the two canvases in a row here, and
you'll enter in a room from which you can see a Govi in plain sight, but inside
a cage so you can't get to it.  You'll need to use all your tools to get this
one.  Look to your right and you'll notice a Marteau gate.  As usual, you need
to hit three drums with your Marteau, but the problem is that one of them is
behind a Flambeau canvas, and another is on top of a platform you can't reach. 
Fortunately a nearby Baton altar will take you up there.  Once you've hit all
three drums and opened the gate, follow the passage around and it will drop you
on top of the cage.  Use a Calabash to blast open the panel here.  (Hint: Set
the Calabash in the corner, and then wait on the opposite corner to avoid
blowing yourself up.)  You'll then drop into the cage where you can get the
Govi.  You'll need to use another Calabash to get out, followed by the Flambeau
again.  Watch your energy to make sure you can do all this.

5.) Required: Marcher Gads
From the Warp point, go across the slope the right side instead, and climb onto
the ledge where the statue head was.  Shimmy over until you can climb up and
then follow the path downwards.  You'll find yourself facing a series of puzzle
rooms all involving jumping over lava.  Try not to fall in and die.  At one
point there will be a Govi on a ledge in a room, with some vertically spinning
sycthe blades* in the wall that you have to shimmy past on the ledge.  Ignore
that Govi for now (see #8), and continue through.  There's another puzzle room
involving scythe blades and a rope-climb, and then you'll find yourself in a
room with two statues on your left and a magma flow to the right with some
horizontal scythe blades in the wall.  Drop into the magma, and find the Govi
at the other end of it.

*Note: This is the point at which certain emulator versions of the game fail. 
You cannot get past the scythe blades because there is some sort of invisible
wall preventing you.  If you're using a console, or a version which doesn't
have this bug, you can continue through here.  Otherwise, you'll need to use
your emulator's cheat system to give yourself the Nager Gads a bit early in
order to swim past.

6.) Required: Marcher Gads
Go back along the lava and find a tunnel leading under the room with the
statues.  It will emerge in the room where you will get your Nager Gads.  But
first, you'll have to push all the buttons in the room, kill a couple of Blood
Sisters, and somehow avoid falling into the lava and dying.  Once you do, go
claim your prize of Nager Gads.  As soon as you do, you will automatically jump
down on the other side into the lava, right in front of the entrance to a cage
containing a Govi.  (You've seen this cage several times, as it's right in the
middle of the Warp point room.)

7.) Required: Nager Gads
Remember where you found soul #2?  No?  Go ahead and look back, I'll wait. 
Okay, now you remember?  Go back there.  Now there's another Govi that you
couldn't reach before, but now you can.  To get there, jump down into the lava. 
Now, what you're SUPPOSED to do is swim to the left, get out onto a ledge and
push a button which lowers the lava, then walk back to the right side of the
pool, dodging spikes which you can't see well because of the lava, and push
another button which raises it to the level of the ledge with the Govi.  But
there's a glitch here which lets you skip a step.  If you swim directly to the
second switch on the right, it may seem as though you can't push it because
it's under lava.  But if you swim to the surface in front of the button, you
can push it, even though you don't seem to be in the right place.

8.) Required: Nager Gads
Jump down from the ledge with the last Govi and exit via the skin door.  (Don't
waste your time on those Marteau drums, there's nothing there but health and
energy.)  You'll find yourself back in the room with the two statues from #5. 
Continue straight through (resisting the urge to go back to the Nager Gads room
and search the lava there - there's nothing there at all), and you'll
eventually get back in the room with the vertical scythe blades and the Govi on
a ledge.  Swim through the arch underneath the Govi, and you'll be in a room
with a spiral of platforms going up the walls, with horizontal scythes in the
walls all the way up.  Make your way to the top and you'll see the Govi through
the archway here.

:: [ASUC] :: Asylum - Undercity :: Level: 9 :: 3 souls ::
* I highly recommend you have the Flambeau before you attempt anything in this
area.  It's very dark, almost pitch black in places.  It's certainly possible
to do without, but MUCH more difficult.  I'd also recommend playing at night or
in a darkened room, because even with the Flambeau, it can be very hard to see
anything if there's any sort of glare at all on your screen.

1.) Required: Engineer's Key
It's hard to give directions in this section without giving everything away, so
I'm going to let you figure some of this out on your own.  There are two tall
cylindrical rooms with large rotating platforms that you have to activate using
the Engineer's Key.  From the second of these, get to the topmost rotating
platform, and find an entrance in the wall that isn't the one you came in
through.  Follow this and you'll come to a room with some stairs and a stained
glass window in the ceiling.  Go down the stairs and follow the path to the
left to reach a Govi.

2.) Required: Engineer's Key
Go back to the room with the rotating platforms (the second one again), and
this time look for an entrance accessible from the lower of the two rotating
platforms which takes you eventually to a room where there's a vertical shaft
and rapidly spinning spikes.  The third Retractor is found near here.  You can
find a switch nearby to turn off the spinning shaft, or just take your chances
and jump down.  Either way, you'll land in a room where there is a Govi nearby. 
You can see this room from the other side of a fence early on, but you can't
get to the Govi this way.

3.) Required: Engineer's Key
In the last outdoor area here, you'll see a rope going up from the side of one
tower to another.  One end of it is low enough to reach.  Climb it to the other
building.  From here, it's a long series of walkways, jumping to nearby towers,
entering some towers to go up stairs and emerge at a higher level, etc.  At one
point, you'll need to use the Engineer's Key to open a door and find yourself
inside a caged section of one of the two rooms with the rotating platforms you
saw above.  Here you'll need to use the Key again to open another door and
reach a higher ledge outside.  It's hard to give specific directions here, but
it shouldn't be that hard to find.  Eventually, you'll wind up at a tower with
a spiral ramp going down to room with a Truesoul cage in it.  The cage will
open automatically as you approach, so watch out.  Kill the Truesoul and take
its soul.

:: [FRAQ] :: FAQ ::
Q.) You missed a soul (or souls)!
A.) No I didn't.  There are exactly 120 souls in the game, no more, period. 
However, there is a glitch that sometimes occurs which allows you to pick up
the same soul more than once.  It seems to happen when you use the Teddy Bear
to go back to the warp point in the area you are currently already in.  It
doesn't happen every time, and I haven't figured out what makes the difference
between a soul respawning or not, so it's hard to exploit, but it does happen. 
If you have more than 120 souls at the end of the game, this is probably why. 
Don't e-mail me telling me how many souls over 120 you've got.  I'm well aware
of this bug.

Q.) But if you add up all the soul counts, it equals 124!
A.) This is because the "Deadside - Marrowgates" and "Paths of Shadow -
Prophecy Chamber" warp points are actually both in different parts of the same
map.  There's two souls before the first coffin gate, and two after.  You'll
notice if you look that picking up a soul in either location increases the
counts for both.  So you're counting those 4 souls twice.

Q.) You didn't mention all the items!
A.) That's because this is a Dark Souls FAQ, not an items FAQ.  Any items not
required for finding all 120 Dark Souls are not listed.  This includes the
Asson, the Enseigne, the Violator(s), pretty much everything found Liveside,
and the various books.  (The Shadowgun/Pistol and Teddy Bear you get no matter
what, so they're also not listed.)  Also not listed are Cadeaux, unless they're
near a soul and might help identify a location.  (I may do a Cadeaux FAQ later,
but that's a lot more work.)

Q.) I'm missing two Warp points!  Where are they?
A.) Not related to Dark Souls, but a common question.  There will always be two
blank spots on your Warp point list.  Even with cheats you can't activate
those.  There are 17 Warp points to be found, 4 Liveside and 13 Deadside, and
that's it.

Q.) Can you win the game without getting the Nager Gads?
A.) Yes, but just barely.  It depends on the order in which you used your
Retractors.  The number of souls accessible in through each Liveside Retractor
trip (including serial killer and Engine Block sections) are: Gardelle Prison:
(not counting the sections that don't need Retractors) 7, Downstreet Station:
4, Mordant Street: 3.  If you did Downstreet Station and Mordant Street first,
the maximum number of souls you can get without the Nager Gads is 95, which is
exactly what's needed to get the Calabash and the third Retractor (in the
Undercity).  This means you'll need to find each and every soul available
without the Nager Gads or Calabash in order to get to Level 9, which you need
to finish the game.  If you did Gardelle Prison as one of your first two
Retractors, it's easier, since there's a bunch of souls in the Gardelle Engine
Block section.  The absolute maximum number of souls that don't require the
Nager Gads, Calabash, or Level 9 Soul Power access is 98 (using Gardelle Prison
and Downstreet Station Retractors).  After you get level 9, you can then get
the Calabash and the third Retractor from the Undercity, meaning your total
maximum will be 108.  You'll need 12 more for that second Violator, but all the
rest require Nager Gads.
I'm guessing the reason you're asking this is that there's an unfortunate bug
in some emulator versions of this game that makes it impossible to get to the
Nager Gads without cheating.  (There's a room in the Temple of Blood with
vertical scythe blades spinning in the wall which you have to ledge-climb past
or fall into the lava.  The first emulator version I played, there seemed to be
an invisible wall that prevented you from getting past the blades.)

:: [CNTC] :: Contact ::
If you must contact me, please read the following caveats first.
1. Make sure the answer is not already there.  The information in this FAQ is
well-organized enough that it shouldn't be hard to determine if the information
exists already or not.
2. Keep in mind the stated purpose of this FAQ.  It is not a complete
walkthrough, and I am intentionally not giving away the solution to every
puzzle and maze in the game.  If that's what you're looking for, there's other
FAQs out there that do this very well.
3. Don't bother me with spelling/grammar issues.  I generally make an effort to
use proper spelling and grammar at all times (which is more than I can say for
a lot of FAQs I've seen), but everyone can make mistakes.  Unless the error is
serious enough that you can't understand what I'm saying, don't waste my time
with it.
4. There are only 120 souls.  Don't e-mail me telling me that you've found
more.  See the FAQ above for the explanation for this.
5. Use the terms "Shadowman" and/or "Dark Souls FAQ" in the subject-line of
your e-mail.  If you don't, I will probably ignore it.
6. Please make an effort to use proper spelling and grammar when contacting me,
and keep the 1337-5P33K to a minimum.  Avoid the use of texting-style shorthand
or acronyms.  If it takes me more than a single read or I have to look stuff up
on UrbanDictionary to understand what you're saying, I will probably ignore
7. No spam.  I'm not interested in any project you're involved in, anything you
want to sell, any investment opportunity you may have, or any enhancements to
any part of my anatomy thank you very much.  If you send me anything like that,
I will ignore and permanently block you.
8. No hate mail.  I'm doing you a service here.  If it doesn't meet your
exacting standards, telling me how much I suck isn't going to help anyone.  If
you have a specific grievance, please let me know, but don't just insult me
without offering a reason.  I will ignore and probably block you.
9. Fan mail is cool and all, but I don't particularly need to get a bunch of
e-mails that just say "You rock!".  Unless you have something specific to tell
me, I don't need to hear it.  I'll probably just ignore it.
10. Don't be annoying.  I'm a busy man, I've got other stuff to do.  If I start
getting way too many e-mails from you, even if they don't break any of the
other caveats, I may block you just for some peace and quiet.  How much is too
many will be a matter of judgement, and I'll probably first offer a warning if
you're causing me grief.
11. Don't expect an immediate response.  As I said, I have other things to do,
and I may not get around to replying right away - particularly if your question
requires some work to look into.  (I don't have like 500 save games for every
possible combination of items/soul power that you can have at one time, so if
your question involves doing a certain something in a specific order, it may
take a while to figure it out.)  If I don't respond right away, please do not
send me another e-mail asking why I didn't respond.  Provided you didn't break
one of my other rules, I will probably reply eventually, but don't hold your

That said, you may contact me at lurlock@yahoo.com.

I did most of this entirely on my own, but the FAQs by marshmallow and RMurtha
hosted here on Gamefaqs were very helpful in some places.  If you're looking
for a more thorough walkthrough, I highly recommend either of their guides.

Thanks to Nintendo, Sega, and Sony for providing the consoles and Acclaim for
creating this game.

Thanks also to Gamefaqs <www.gamefaqs.com> for hosting thousands of excellent
game guides.

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