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Shenmue Music Guide

Last Updated: 19th November 2003


Table of Contents

i Version History
ii Introduction
iii Composers
iv Soundtrack CDs
v Tracklistings
vi Shenhua Lyrics
vii In-Game Jukeboxes
viii In-Game Cassettes

ix Contact/Legal Information



Version History

1.00b - 19/xi/2003 - Found out about 4 more tapes which you can win as prizes,
                     which I seem to have missed. Thanks to Russel Marks for
                     pointing this out.

1.00a - 14/vii/2003 - Reformat, taking out a lot of filler.

1.00 - 22/ii/2003 - OK, I gathered a load of information, and got it down.
                    However, I have a gut feeling that there's a lot more I
                    can find, so for the moment this is v1, but there should be
                    a v1.5 coming, as soon as I get more info.




Shen Mue is an RPG by Sega, in which you take control of Ryo Hazuki in his
quest to avenge his father. This game is the first ever FREE game (even though
you have to pay for it ;). The game spans across three discs, with a fouth disc
(known as Passport, even though it won't get you abroad).


                     Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment

         Go wherever you want to go, see whatever you want to see,
                 investigate what you want to investigate.
             In this world, the passage of time is realistic.
          A refreshingly cool morning breaks and transforms into
      a warm, sunny afternoon. The beautiful sunset of early evening
               melds slowly into a quiet and still night.
            When it rains, it rains. When it snows, it snows.
                At times it continues without letting up.
                        Here, life is realistic.
      There are people here who take daily walks in the park, people
           working hard everyday to make a living, shop owners
      selling their goods, children playing, housewives gossiping...
            everyone living their own unique, everyday lives.
                    Yes, this world is a real world.
                 Meet and interact with numerous people.
           Learn and develop through a variety of experiences.
          A compelling and majestic drama that will engulf you
                               exists here.

This guide is a Music Guide, therefore it contains the usual stuff you'd expect
to see on a Music Guide - lyrics, tracklists etc. Shenmue had several CDs
released, and they are covered here, but so also is the in-game music. Anyway,




Shenmue had two veteran composers, Takenobu Mitsuyoshi and Yuzo Koshiro, working
on it, backed up by three more unknown people Takeshi Yanagawa, Osamu Murata and
Ryuji Iuchi.



Soundtrack CDs

 Original Soundtrack
The Original Soundtrack is a double CD with 39 tracks. From the Shenmue theme
tune to the songs that play in the different shops, this double CD contains
every single song within the game. In the accompanying booklet, there are
some bits of art, as well as some lyrics for some of the songs.

 Juke Box
This CD was a limited edition off in certain versions of Shenmue, but only
in Japan and USA (unfortunately). Therefore my information is slightly
limited but I've heard that it contains the songs on the in-game jukeboxes
and its name would seem to confirm that fact ;)

 Orchestra Version
The Orchestra Soundtrack CD was released before the game's release, back in
April 1999. The CD contains eight tracks, performed by the Shenmue Orchestra
and the Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra and conducted by Hiroshi Kumagai.

Another Polygram release, which was more of a single-type disc, with variations
of the Shenhua theme.




Original Sound Version Double CD
Disc One:

1. Shenmue
2. Shenfa
3. Departure on a New Journey
4. Encounter with Destiny
5. Christmas on Dobuita Street
6. The Sadness I Carry on My Shoulders
7. Sakura Blossom Dancing in the Wind
8. Nozomi's Confession
9. Nozomi and Ryo
10. Rain
11. Daily Agony
12. Tears of Separation
13. Sadness and Hope
14. Dawn
15. Departure
16. Antiquity Tree
17. Flower Girl
18. Departure on a New Journey (Arr. Yuzo Koshiro)
19. Shenmue (Arr. Yuzo Koshiro)
20. Shenfa (Arr. Yuzo Koshiro)

Disc Two:

1. Snowy Scene
2. Snowy Scene Version 2
3. Separated from Yokosuka
4. Departure for Hope
5. Fly Vacantly Like a Hawk
6. Memories of Distant Days
7. Memories of Distant Days Version 2
8. The Place Where the Sun Sets
9. The Place Where the Sun Sets Version2
10. Working Man
11. Theme of Snack Linda
12. Inherited Skills
13. Hip De Hop
14. The Crew's Revenge
15. The Nightmare
16. A Secret of Warehouse
17. Continent and Ocean
18. Wish...
19. Wish... Karaoke Version

Jukebox CD
1. Antiquity Tree
2. Boz Nov
3. Dandy Old Man
4. Flower Girl
5. Go Go
6. Heartbeats
7. Hip De Hop
8. Like A Feeling
9. Liquor
10. MJQ

Orchestral CD
1. Shenmue
2. Shen Fa
3. YuuKyu No Chi
4. Shi Shi Tachi No Hata
5. Asa Moya No Namioto
6. Manekare Zaru Hito
7. Ara Tanraru Tabidachi
8. Shen Fa (vocal)

Passport Disc
(Disc 4 included in the game)
1. Shenmue Original
2. Sha Hua Orchestral with Vocals
3. Sha Hua Orchestral with Chinese Fiddles
4. Loneliness
5. Harbor Light
6. Visitor At Night
7. To The Sky
8. The Spot
9. Beyond The Memory
10. Yamaji
11. Lapis
12. Bob's Pizzeria
13. Abe Store
14. Slot house
15. Tomato Convenience Store
16. Liu Barber & Hair Salon
17. Asia Travel Company
18. Harbor Lounge
19. Light
20. Earth & Sea
21. Yokosuka Blues
22. Sadness, Hope
23. Sunny Places
24. Mysterious Letter
25. Morning Dew
26. Working Man
27. I Wish...
28. Why?
29. Antiquity
30. Jingle Bells
31. Silent Night, Holy Night
32. Sha Hua Christmas



Shenhua Lyrics

Japanese Lyrics

Kirameku sanrei waki-dasu tsumetai mizu wa
Shiratsu [Hakuru] matotta kiyorana mori ni shimi-iru

Kidaki sugatade sakihokoru sono hana no
Yose-au [yuri-au] hana-bira usumurasaki ni kagayakite
Fukisusabu kaze ni sae mukuno hitomi wa kesenai

Hikari ga atsumaru yasashi kozue no moto de
Osanai kokoro ni fushigina chikara yadorite

Yutaka ni sosoida hotaru no kawa no nagare ni
Dakarete nemureba harukana omokage izuko

English Translation

The cold water caused to gush out from the twinkling mountain summit
Enters into a holy forest wrapped in white dew

Of noble form, the flower which blooms in glory
Its petals which have collected together sparkle in the orchid
In spite of a violently blowing wind, the innocent/pure pupil is not extinguished

The light gathers beneath a kind/gentle tree top
And there, in the heart of an infant, a wonderous/mysterious power dwells

Richly poured into the flow of a river of fireflies
While embracing, if you should lay to rest, where is the memory



In-Game Jukeboxes

Bar Linda:

1. Feel Tired Song
2. Spider
3. Yokosuka Blues
4. Be-Witch
5. Antiquity Tree
6. Flower Girl
7. Dandy Old Man
8. Liquor
9. Boz Nov
10. MJQ

You Arcade:

1. Magical Sound Shower
2. Hang On Main Theme
3. Space Harrier Main Theme
4. Final Take Off
5. Antiquity Tree
6. Flower Girl
7. Dandy Old Man
8. Liquor
9. Boz Nov
10. MJQ

Alpha Trading Office

1. NaNa
3. Y.A.D.A.
4. Linda
5. Antiquity Tree
6. Flower Girl
7. Dandy Old Man
8. Liquor
9. Boz Nov
10. MJQ


1. Heart Beats
2. Hip De Hop
3. Go! Go!
4. Like A Feeling
5. Antiquity Tree
6. Flower Girl
7. Dandy Old Man
8. Liquor
9. Boz Nov
10. MJQ
11 - 20. (blank spaces)

Harbor Lounge:

1. Strong
2. Destiny
3. Harbor Bar
4. Harbor Beats
5. Antiquity Tree
6. Flower Girl
7. Dandy Old Man
8. Liquor
9. Boz Nov
10. MJQ



In-Game Cassettes

You can buy Cassettes at the Tomato Mart in Dobuita, or in the one at the
harbour for 300 Yen each.

Antiquity Tree
Boz Nov
Dandy Old Man
Feel Tired Song
Flower Girl
Go! Go!
Harbor Bar
Harbor Beats
Heart Beats
Hip De Hop
Like A Feeling
Sha Hua
Yokosuka Blues

**Thanks to Russel Marks for the following : **

There are 4 tapes which can be won as 3rd Prizes in the Dobuita Tomato Mart or
the Harbour Lounge :

Final Take Off
Hang On
Magical Sound Shower
Space Harrier



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