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Shenmue Options Guide/FAQ v. 1.0
 2000 John M. Adriatico
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NOTICE: This FAQ maybe redistributed across the Internet, free of charge 
UNEDITED and with all credit due to the author. All work and text presented here 
is  2000 John M. Adriatico. Shenmue, Dreamcast and all registered trademarks 
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This part of the FAQ will help those non-Japanese speaking Shenmue fans (like 
myself- no, really, I had to experiment A LOT to make this guide!! ;-)) through 
the Main Menu. After pressing Start, you are transported to the main menu and 
here are your choices. Choose by highlighting and pressing the A button.  (Menus 
from top to bottom, going clockwise): 

New Game- Starts off Shenmue from the beginning of the game.

Continue- If you save your game during play and when it stops at the lock screen 
after that, reset the game by pressing A+B+X+Y/Start and go to the main menu and 
continue the same way that you would load a save game in the Load & Start menu.

Options- Configure your Shenmue game-playing experience here. 
Use D-pad to select, A or B to exit, except on third bar, push A to select 
Control and Sound Configurations.

First Bar- Children's Mode

Left Selection- On. Will make 98% of on-screen text appear in the Japanese 
alphabets of Hiragana and Katakana, which is more easily readable then the other 
alphabet, Kanji, and if you would like to attempt to read the Kata and Hiragana, 
you can find guides online which will help you. 
(Note: This will also disable all other choices in the second (perspective mode) 
menu and automatically select the Normal (Game) Mode where Speech and Text are 
turned on.)

Right Selection- Off. Will make 98% of on-screen text appear in the Japanese 
alphabet of Kanji. This alphabet is very similar to Chinese, and consists of 
over 2,000 characters. If you are not really interested in what the characters 
are saying, or if you would like to explore the other perspective modes, choose 
this option.

Second Bar-Perspective Mode

(Going from Far Left to Last Right)
Children's Mode must be off to select these.

First Selection- Cinema Mode. Makes Shenmue play out more like a movie and 
disables text on-screen.

Second Selection- Scenery Mode. Will put more emphasis on your surroundings and 
scenery. Text and Speech both enabled.

Third Selection- Game (Normal) Mode. The standard mode, it gives you more of a 
first-person experience than with the other modes. Of course, text and speech 
are on. 

Fourth Selection- Quest? Mode.  Mostly Like Scenery mode, except for no speech, 
only text.

Third Bar- Control and Sound Configurations

(Highlight sub (menu)bar when in main options menu and press A to enter) 

Left and Right refer to pressing left or right on the D-Pad when highlighting 
the bar and seeing the options to the right of the lozenge-shaped (normal) bar.

Menu Bar 1- Sound Selections.  Left- Mono  /  Right-Stereo
Choose Mono only if you are using a non-stereo TV. To experience the best 
quality sound on a stereo TV or with a stereo connection, leave the selection as 

Menu Bar 2- Area Selections Left- Off / Right- On
Turning this on will, when you exit the Hazuki household, give you a choice of 
where you want to go automatically, without you having to guide Ryu there 

There are  four options. Going clockwise from top:
1. City of Dobuita
2. Entrance to Sakuragaoka
3. Entrance to Yamanose
4. Outside the gate of the Hazuki household.

It switches around sometimes too..

Menu Bar 3- Trigger Options
The default mode is to leave this to the right side, where the left trigger is 
to have a first-person view and the right trigger makes Hazuki-san run like the 
wind! (Ok, not exactly, but you get my point...)  Choosing the left option will 
reverse the trigger functions.

Menu Bar 4- Year On/Off

Left- On   /   Right- Off

Do you like being in 1986? Hmmm... 1986.... I was one year old back then! But if 
you don't want to see the year displayed whenever you enter somewhere next to 
the date and above the time, choose the right option to turn off the year 
display, but note , time will still progress and the month, date and time will 
still be shown.

Fourth Bar- 70 Man Battle Mode

Please note: This will only be available once you complete the game and save the 
clear data!!!

It's like the fight you had where Chin Taijin's son helped you out by fighting 
alongside of you, but this time you're on your own! Pretty fun, I might add.

I hope that this FAQ helped you out a lot and enhanced your Shenmue-playing 
experience! Remember, you can always change the options by pushing the Y button 
during game play and selecting the mini Dreamcast controller. Any corrections, 
comments or suggestions are appreciated. Please do not E-Mail me for tips or 
translations for scenes or events in Shenmue!
There are many excellent guides available at places like: (To name a few only)

http://guides.ign.com   (requires registration)

Thank you for reading and thanks to the Sega/CRI AM2 Team and Yu Suzuki for 
their gift to gameplayers of the 21st century- Shenmue!!! 

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Sayonara and see you next chapter...