Free Battle Guide by LGrynn

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                              Shen Mue Free Battle guide
                           By Walid Jallad known as Lord Grynn

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This document Copyright Walid Jallad.
This FAQ can only be distributed freely in its complete form.
It cannot be used for commercial purposes.
If you want to put it on your website or just display part of it,
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           - INTRO
           - VERSION HISTORY
           - CONTROLS
           - MOVE LIST
           - STRINGS
           - THE Y BUTTON
           - THE R BUTTON
           - BOSS STRATEGY
           - FUN THING TO TRY
           - CONCLUSION


Shen mue is a great game so go get it ^_^
It's probably the best Dreamcast game until now, well OK,
best FREE game out there :)
I actually finished the game quite some time now, but found it really
fun to beat the 70 man battle sequence from time to time...
Especially when you want to vent your anger on something :)
I actually discovered all the interesting stuff about the fighting
system during the 70 man battle mode.
Please note that the english names aren't the translations of the
Japanese ones, I just tried to pick names that described the moves.
This is my first guide so I hope you'll find it useful!

VERSION HISTORY: - VER 1.0 (25/06/00): I just finished typing the Move list.
                   I have to play through the game a second time to find
                   my two missing moves. I also have to complete
                   my boss strategy section.

                 - VER 2.0 (15/11/00): Sorry for updating so late...
                   But I have been quite busy these last months (moving out
                   of my apartment, university studies, etc...).
                   The changes made were ready several months ago...
                   I added knew sections: THE R BUTTON, FUN THING TO TRY and
                   completed the BOSS STRATEGY section.
                   I also corrected some typing mistakes, text alignment
                   and the R button use.
                   I found the KASANEATE and the YOROI D‘SHI moves.
                   Getting the KASANEATE changes the animation in a QTE 
                   These two moves are very nice!
                   I also got a better time in defeating the
                   70 man battle mode...  Sorry, I had to say it... ^_^


In the free battle mode you can use all six buttons of the pad:

- X : Punch
- Y : Dodge/Parry
- A : Kick
- B : Throw
- L : Run
- R : this button will execute the move you selected in the moves list

Fwd : Tap Forward
Bck : Tap Back


The Japanese names are the Katakana's displayed in the move list
in the game. If you find mistake, please e-mail about it and
I'll correct it.After all I'm still a beginner in Japanese... ^_^
The moves described here are the ones I had by the end of the game where
all my moves were over the middle skill.
Some of these moves have different animations before you reach this level.
I might add the beginning animations later...
Notes: - VF3 stands for Virtua Fighter 3 ( it's also a great game ^_^ )
       - The moves listed under the "NEW MOVES" sections are moves that
         you discover during the course of the game and they replace
         the old moves with the same command.
       - To do the throw follow-ups, you have to do them very quickly
         after the first one, don't wait for the beginning animation.

X button attacks (Punches):

X                     :     TORABISHI      -     High Punch

Fwd X                 :     KOGUROMAUCHI   -     High Elbow

Bck X                 :     NEJIRIBISHI    -     Hook Punch

Fwd-Fwd X             :     RIMONCH‘CHŘ    -     VF3 Akira's Elbow Attack

Bck-Bck X             :     NOBORIBISHI    -     Uppercut

Bck-Fwd X             :     SODEZUKI       -     Forward Punch

Fwd-Bck X             :     MURASAMEZUKI   -     Middle Punch

Bck-Fwd-Fwd X         :     S‘JIN          -     Horizontal Hand Chop
                                                 followed by
                                                 Vertical Hand Chop

Fwd-Bck-Bck X         :     RETSUK‘SEN     -     Power Uppercut

New X button Attack:

Fwd X                 :     SUIGETSUZUKI    -     Twin Straight Punchs
Follow-up: Tap X      :     Continues with an Elbow Attack

A Button Attacks (Kicks) :

A                     :     MIKAGETSUGERI  -     High Kick

Fwd A                 :     FUMIGERI       -     Front Kick

Bck A                 :     HARAINAGI      -     Low Kick

Fwd-Fwd A             :     TAKINOBORI     -     Jumping Knee

Bck-Bck A             :     KESAGIRI       -     Spinning Axe Kick

Bck-Fwd A             :     DEASHITOME     -     Middle Side Kick

Fwd-Bck A             :     IKAZUCHIGERI   -     Middle Kick then Axe Kick

Bck-Fwd-Fwd A         :     TSUCHIGUMO     -     Rising Handstand Kick

Fwd-Bck-Bck A         :     TSUMUJIKAZE    -     Sweeping Kick

New A button Attacks:

Bck A                 :     ENSENK‘KYAKU   -     Advancing Axe Kick

Fwd-Fwd A             :     TORNADO KICK*  -     Jumping Spinning Kick
Follow-up: Tap A      :     Continues with a Reverse Spinning Kick

* It's the real name of this move and it's written in Katakana!
It makes sense since Tom is the one who teaches you this move!

B Button Attacks (Throws):

B                     :     SEOINAGE       -     Two Hands Throw

Fwd B                 :     HARAIGOSHI     -     (sorry, I don't know how
                                                 to name it in English)

Bck B                 :     TOMOENAGE      -     VF3 Kage's Bck P+G Throw
Follow-up: Fwd-Bck A  :     URATOMOE       -     (sorry, I don't know how
                                                 to name it in English)

Fwd-Fwd B             :     KASUMIGARI     -     VF3 Kage's Bck-Fwd P+G

Bck-Bck B             :     USETSUOTOSHI   -     (sorry, I don't know how
                                                 to name it in English)

Bck-Fwd B             :     TENGUSH‘       -     (sorry, I don't know how
                                                  to name it in English)

Fwd-Bck B             :     MAKIGATAME     -     (sorry, I don't know how
                                                 to name it in English)

Bck-Fwd-Fwd B, B      :     TORAMIKUZUSHI  -     VF3 Akira's Bck-Fwd P+G

Fwd-Bck-Bck B         :     OBOROMUS‘      -     An elbow to the ribs
Follow-up: X then X+A :     Arm Lock then Shoulder lock

Fwd Y+B               :     KAGEMI         -     Dodge move that puts you
                                                 at your opponents back

Follow-up: X          :     KAGEGATANA     -     Followed by an Elbow
                                                 to the neck

Fwd-Fwd Y+B           :     ZANGETSU       -     Dodge then shoulder charge
                                                 to the side


If you try to throw your opponent from a certain distance, Ryo will grab him
by the collar and you have several possible follow-ups:

          - X    : a punch to the stomach, you can hit your
                   opponent after this attack with a quick move

          - X, X : Two punches to the stomach but you cannot
                   hit your opponent after this attack

          - X, A : a punch to the stomach followed by a dodge
                   to your opponent's back and a side kick

          - A    : a knee

          - B    : Ryo throws his opponent to the back

X+A button attacks:

X+A                   :     ‘GURUMA        -     VF3's Jacky's P+K attack

Fwd X+A               :     MOROTENAMI     -     Forward attack with
                                                 two hands

Bck X+A               :     URAYANAGI      -     Reverse Spinning Punch

Fwd-Fwd X+A           :     H‘ZANS‘        -     Forward Elbow Attack

Bck-Bck X+A           :     TACHIGASUMI    -     Hand Chop

Bck-Fwd X+A           :     SHINGETSU      -     Falling Axe Kick

Fwd-Bck X+A           :     KORAN          -     Reverse Spinning Kick

Bck-Fwd-Fwd X+A       :     HIENRENGE      -     Jumping Forward Kick
                                                 followed by
                                                 Jumping Axe Kick

Fwd-Bck-Bck X+A       :     YOROI D‘SHI    -     Forward Palm Attack

New X+A button attacks:

Fwd X+A               :     KASANEATE      -     Upward Palm Attack followed
                                                 by Two palms attack

Running Attacks:

These moves are done while running.

X                     :     NAGIKAZE       -     Running Elbow Attack

A                     :     HAYATE         -     Spinning Jumping Kick

X+A                   :     FŘSHA          -     Spinning Jumping Axe Kick

Y+A                   :     KAGEGARI       -     Ryo jumps in the air but
                                                 finishes with
                                                 a sliding sweep

Counter Attacks:

This is the move taught by Chin near the end of the game.
It only works on punches.

Bck X                 :     ENSENHAIRYU    -     Ryo grabs the attacker's
                                                 hand and pushes him away
Follow-up: A          :     Ryo then trips him...
Follow-up: X          :     ... and finishes him with a punch

There is another counter attack for punches,
you have to press B when the opponent punches you.
Ryo will then grab his opponent in an arm lock,
and you have several possibilities:

         - X                   : an elbow to the opponent's neck

         - A                   : a knee to the opponent's knee

         - Just wait           : Ryo will break his opponent's arm

         - push a direction +A : Ryo will kick to the side for another
                                 opponent,very effective against
                                 multiple opponents


Ryo has several strings he can use.
They are not combo moves but they can be useful:

- X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X      : a series of hand attacks that
                                ends with the RIMONCH‘CHŘ

- X, X, Fwd X, X              : 2 punches, forward elbow, hand chop

- X, X, Fwd X, A              : 2 punches, forward elbow, knee

- X, X, X, A                  : 3 punches, jumping spinning kick

- X, X, A                     : 2 punches, side kick

- X, X, Bck A, A, A           : 2 punches, low kick,
                                2 reverse spinning kicks

- X, A, A, A                  : punch, high kick, 2 reverse spinning kicks

- A, A, A                     : high kick, 2 reverse spinning kick

- A, X, X, X, X, X, X         : high kick, series of hand attacks
                                that ends with the RIMONCH‘CHŘ

- A, X, A                     : high kick, spinning punch,
                                jumping spinning kick


This button is both a dodge button and a parry button.
If you use it at any time, Ryo will just duck
or move to the side depending on the direction you're holding.
But if you press this button at the beginning frames of an enemy attack,
then Ryo will push away the attack or duck under it.

You have several possibilities from the ducking position (happens when
the enemy performs a high attack):

- X   : rising uppercut, good power, low range

- A   : sweep, high range

- X+A : Ryo rolls with his legs forward

- B   : there are several possibilities:

            - from far: rising uppercut, good power, low range

            - if Ryo ducked under high a punch: punch counter
              tap B directly to throw him after the punch,
              you can use a quick move instead since your opponent
              takes some time to fall

            - if Ryo ducked under high a kick: kick counter

If Ryo ducks under an attack from his back:

- X   : rear hand attack
- A   : sweep, high range
- X+A : Ryo rolls with his legs forward
- B   : Ryo snatches his opponent with his legs and makes him fall

The R button:

While looking at the moves list, select a move with A and you'll see it
highlighted.  Then during free battle, you'll execute this move by
simply pressing this move.
Knowing this your goal should be to select the most difficult move.
But let's think...
You can execute 2 difficult motions instead of one... How?
You want to always perform the OBOROMUS‘ throw (Fwd-Bck-Bck B),
Then just select the USETSUOTOSHI throw (Bck-Bck B) for the R button:
- If you press B, you get the USETSUOTOSHI throw.
- If you press Fwd B you get the OBOROMUS‘ throw
There  are several combinations that you can do this way.
You must also keep in mind that the follow-ups are not
automatically done, you have to input the command manually.

Boss strategy:

- Beating Chai the first time: yes, Chai is beatable at the game center.
  First of all, avoid using punches, he has a nasty counter against them
  that takes a full point of health. Don't use throws he almost always
  escape them, I only managed to throw once in a hundred times.
  You can use punches but only from time to time. Chai doesn't like
  middle kicks. Use the high kick when you see him jumping, as it will
  stop most of his jumping attacks.   When you see him approaching
  the Fwd Kick is a good choice, if he's very close, use the low kick.
  If you're looking for a very easy way to beat him, just select the
  Fwd A for the R button. You the press R as soon as Chai is in range.
  Bear in mind though, that if you press the button too early
  you're open for an attack.

- Beating Chai the second time: he's easier to beat the second time,
  you can throw him and punch him more often (he uses the punch counter
  less often). The pattern to beat him the first time still works here.

- Beating the guy with the stick: an easy way to beat him is to simply
  do the X,X,X,A repetitively. He'll end up dying. You can also fight
  him normally which is more fun.

- Beating the huge guy of the 70 man battle mode: if you're taking
  your time, you have to play defensively.
  Wait for him to attack and press the Y button:

   - If it was a head charge, you can throw him after you push him away
   - If it was a punch, you can continue with the punch counter from the
     ducking position or use the uppercut
   - If it was a drop kick, use the sweep from the ducking position.
   - If it was an axe kick, use the kick counter.

If he closes in with you, just press the B Button, you'll escape
his throw and then, counter with a quick move.


In the 70 man battle mode, try to keep all the bosses for the end.
Kill the henchmen first then the boss. I managed once to get
the man with stick and the final boss together!
There was huge slowdown!
But the fun thing is that while the man with the stick
is following you he'll hit his allies trying to get you!
His hits instantly knock out the henchmen.


I hope you found this FAQ useful.
I might add strategy on how to finish the 70 man battle mode.
My best time is 5mn05s.
I am going to play the American version as soon as I get the
time and will change the FAQ if it is useful.
If you require a new section or some advice, e-mail me.