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One of the greatest games ever, eh? I see…Bargregibo10/10
Undeniably a truly perfect game with simply lots of things to do, which enters this game to the Guiness Book Records 2001...CChan10/10
Incredible!Comfortably Numb10/10
Good overall experience, but FAR from perfect.DLopez7/10
Its not just about looking for sailors.falk aspargs10/10
A beautiful, inspiring and quite incredible gaming experience.falsehead10/10
Now, before you all flame me, let me explain..Fazzle5/10
The game that posed the question, "Do you know where I can find sailors?"Genjuro Kibagami8/10
Sega ends the year 2000 for Dreamcast with this great title!Gruel10/10
This unique game is truly a MASTERPIECE. The beginning of a great series.Gyarados10/10
The definition of a gaming experienceHitBattousai9/10
A great adventure game for the Dreamcast!jpark4evr9/10
Yu Suzuki's dream come true.JPeeples10/10
The Definitive Shenmue Reviewjzorbino10/10
Much ado...Kane4/10
Shenmue is not a game. It is an experience.Lee18/10
A true work of artMRadford9/10
It wouldn't be worth playing if it was 2DNezuji4/10
Shenmue forever changed the way I look at video gamesnintendosega10/10
A masterpiece, no strings attachedOsafune210/10
Shenmue is great.Showtime108010/10
Conceptual Marvel, Not for EveryoneSimJetJock7478/10
Shenmue...The Saga BEGINS!The Hellbound Heart10/10
Have you seen that Dragon, the One with a rhetorical questionVirus91910/10
A Masterpiece that the Masses have ForgottenVyse_skies9/10
Hey Sega you love to release 10 different retro releases of your classics so can't you port Shenmue to at least one modern system?Zylo the wolf9/10

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