Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
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All-In-One-Run FAQ
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Version: 1.8

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  1. Version History
  2. Introduction
  3. Walkthrough
    3.1 Warehouse
    3.2 School
    3.3 Mall
    3.4 Downtown
    3.5 Downhill Jam
    3.6 Streets
  4. Closing note/Contact Details
  5. Thanks to... 
  6. Copyright



version 1.8 - 2/05/03 - 12:52 AM - One final desperate edit to get this

version 1.7 - 31/01/03 - 8:13:24 PM - Just a small amount of

version 1.6 - 29/01/03 - 7:34:09 PM - Lost inspriation for a while back
there. It's finished now. Last level FAQ-ed and contact details added.
Until I can beat the Streets in one run, I'm done. Send in your times,

version 1.5 - 18/01/03 - 8:30:30 PM - Finished the walkthrough for the
Downhill Jam.

version 1.4 - 18/01/03 - 4:44:16 PM - Added in the Downtown

version 1.3 - 13/01/03 - 7:28:20 PM - Mall walkthrough now sorted.

version 1.2 - 13/01/03 - 7:00:13 PM - Walkthrough for the School now

version 1.1 - 13/01/03 - 5:09:49 PM - Walkthrough for the Warehouse                 
complete. Might do some more later today.

version 1.0 - 13/01/03 - 4:19:55 PM - First version. Been working at
videotaping myself doing all 5 goals in one run as research for this
FAQ. All levels except San Fransisco beaten. All formatting, copyright
etc. added.


This guide is for those who have already beaten Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
and who have a fair knowledge of where all objectives are located.

In each level in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, the three competitions
excluded, there are a set of five goals for you to complete. This guide
aims to help you to achieve the difficult task of getting all five
goals in a single two-minute run.

For the record, I will not be explaining how to get the High and Pro
Scores during this guide, because if you're good enough to try this,
you'll get the scores without thinking twice about it. Just make sure
you have enough points for the Pro Score before getting the last goal.

Competition levels will, obviously, not apply to this scheme.


The first thing you need to do is to start a new file on the game, with
no goals previously beaten. Choose a skater (I find this easier with
street skaters) and go to the first level: The Warehouse.

General rules:

* The objective we want to get is the "You got 5 Tapes!" screen at
the end of the run.

* It is okay to 'Retry' the level, as long as you haven't already
earned a goal. If you want to retry after getting a goal, but still
want to get all five in one run, reset the Dreamcast before it gets
a chance to save. Then load your save and try again. Save at the
end of every level so this is possible.

  3.1 Warehouse, Woodland Hills

\Warehouse Tape Challenges:\
\ 1. 5,000 Points          \
\ 2. Smash the Boxes       \
\ 3. Get S-K-A-T-E         \
\ 4. Hidden Tape           \
\ 5. 15,000 Points         \

Difficulty: *----

A fairly easy one to start off with.

Immediately at the start, turn right and get the first box. Go down the
rollin and jump the halfpipe, getting the tape from the secret room on
the way. Try to land on the ledge with the second box on it to save
time, grab the box and jump off to the left. The 'A' is on a taxi in
front of you, grab it. Keep going straight ahead towards the hip and
transfer over it, grabbing the box on the way.

Turn left and grab the 'S' on the way over the kicker gap. To the right
is another ledge with a box on it, get that. Go over the quarterpipe at
the end of the room and grab the 'E' and the final box. Get off the
pipe and grind the 'big rail' towards the other side. Go off the
quarter pipe and grab the 'K'.

With the speed you should have now, jump right over the halfpipe,
grabbing the 'T' on the way, finishing the word and, hopefully by now,
the level.

My best remaining time: 1:07
Best sent in time: Send 'em in!

  3.2 School, Miami

\School Tape Challenges:   \
\ 1. 7,500 Points          \
\ 2. Grind 5 Tables        \
\ 3. Get S-K-A-T-E         \
\ 4. Hidden Tape           \
\ 5. 25,000 Points         \

Difficulty: **---

Still not too hard, but might take a few tries.

Turn left immediately at the start and trick off the side of the roof
you're on. Go down the path in front of you, getting points on the way.
When the path opens out into the big area, turn right and grind the
first table. Grab the 'E' in the centre of the area and then leave the
area in the direction of the long halfpipe. Jump off of the halfpipe
and grab the 'T'.

Follow the pipe the whole way into another wide open area and turn
right. Grind the table and then go just left of the exit of the
halfpipe path. There's another table here. Grind the rail just near you
with the 'A' on it. Near the bottom of the stairs is a kicker gap with
the 'K' between it, grab this.

Turn right as soon as you land the gap and grind the fourth table. Turn
back and grind up the staris, grabbing the 'S' on your way. Turn right
at the top and grind the last table. Turn left and go up the covered
ramp onto the rooftop area. To the left of where you enter the area is
a big box you can get on.

From the top of this box, grind the wooden plank onto the metal awning
and jump off the end of this to get the secret tape and finish the

My best remaining time: 0:06
Best sent in time: Your time here...

  3.3 Mall, New York

\Mall Tape Challenges:     \
\ 1. 10,000 Points         \
\ 2. Destroy 5 Directories \
\ 3. Get S-K-A-T-E         \
\ 4. Hidden Tape           \
\ 5. 30,000 Points         \

Difficulty: *----

Because the level is so linear, it's really quite easy.

Get the 'S' on the way down the rollins at the start. Go up the ramp in
the middle and smash the directory at the top, keep going straight
ahead, jup the ledges and gaps and skate through the next directory at
the other end. Turn right, jump off and go backwards a little bit. Get
the 'K' from the ledge and then turn back around and go forwards again.
Stay to the right.

There is a section with a car that has a low wall at the left of it,
grind this wall. Jump off at the end of the wall and land in a grind on
one of the metal rails above the level, get the secret tape at the end
and turn around. Get the directory just near you and the 'A' which is
in the water a little bit back. Now turn around and go down the
escalator. There's a ledge in the middle of the next area with a
directory (smash it) and some rails (grind them to get the 'T').

Go out into the open area, grab the 'E' by jumping off the bump and
smash the last directory at the end of the area.

My best remaining time: 0:32
Best sent in time: Send in please.

  3.4 Downtown, Minneapolis

\Downtown Tape Challenges:    \
\ 1. 15,000 Points            \
\ 2. Break 5 No Skating Signs \
\ 3. Get S-K-A-T-E            \
\ 4. Hidden Tape              \
\ 5. 40,000 Points            \

Difficulty: ***--

Not really hard, but still kinda tricky.

Jump right off of the first ramp and up onto the ledge. Grind the rail
and grab the 'S', grabbing as many points as possible on the way. Turn
left when you get off the rail and go down the path towards the
fountain, smashing down a No Skating sign on the way. NOTE: Look out
for the taxis when on the roads!!! Ollie over the fountain to snatch
the 'K' and then go left a little, up the path leading out of the area
and breaking another sign on your way.

A little to the left from here is a giant triangular fun-box. Get on
top and break your third sign. Jump off the other side and head down
the street, once again avoiding the taxis, because they won't hesitate
to run you down (however, it is fun to jump on them :-D). On the right
hand side of the street is another sign, break it down and keep going.
Up the quarterpipe at the end of the street is the 'A', you'll be
wanting to get that.

On one of the ledges in this area is the last anti-skater sign.
Destroy. Go back down the street you were just on. You'll see the 'T'
in the glass passage above you. Ignore it for now, go off a ramp at the
right side, grind the high rail, and get the 'E'. Turn back around and
go up the ramp on the back of the truck, into the passage. 

Get as many points in here as you can, because you need to have 40,000
pretty soon. Further along the concealed passage, here's the 'T' we saw
before. This completes S-K-A-T-E. Keep going along. At the end of the
passage there is a little ramp to the lleft leading up to a large bowl
on top of the roof. Get going reaaaally fast and launch yourself from
the ramp pointing towards that other roof. Halfway across the gap is
the secret tape. You're done here.

My best remaining time: 0:14
Best sent in time: Let me know!

  3.5 Downhill Jam, Phoenix

\Downhill Tape Challenges: \
\ 1. 20,000 Points         \
\ 2. Open 5 Valves         \
\ 3. Get S-K-A-T-E         \
\ 4. Hidden Tape           \
\ 5. 40,000 Points         \

Difficulty: ****-

Ack! I find some of these tapes tricky by themselves, so getting all 5
in one run is quite a feat.

To the right at the bottom of the slope at the start is a bump you can
use to get up onto some high rails, grind these to turn the valve. Go
slightly left when you land and get the 'S' by jumping the ramp.
Quickly turn right to see another ramp with the second valve on it.
Trick off this for big points, as the pro score is a bit tricky. I
usually Nollie Backflip here, as that's a quick 8,000 or so.

When approaching the big halfpipe, stick to the right, jump off the
ramp and grind the hig rails to get the 'K'. Turn back to the start of
the halfpipe area and go up the slop on the opposite side to the 'K'.
Grind the rail above the halfpipe, getting the third valve as you go.
The 'A' is just off the top of the quarterpipe in the area you land in.
Grind the rail across the large chasm and onto another ledge on the
other side.

Gap across the hole here using a vert transfer, then quickly fastplant
(up, up, A) onto the dirt path. Another fastplant gets you across the
next hole. One more fastplant off of the the edge of the very high
ledge. Aim yourself at the pillar with four rails on top of it and
grind one to get the secret tape. When you land, keep going downhill
and, using the ramp, jump up onto the giant dirt slope, taking the next
valve at the top of it.

Roll down this slope and launch from the ramp at the end to grab the
'T' in mid-air. At first roll through the large area with the vert
ramps at the sides, wallriding down the slope to finish the valves off.
Turn back up and get some good speed on the vert walls. Use this speed
to launch yourself to the left and up onto the wall with the rail on
it, grinding to get the 'E'. As long as you already have 40,000 points,
you're finished. If you get this one, WELL DONE!

My best remaining time: 0:16
Best sent in time: Bragging rights up for grabs.

  3.6 Streets, San Fransisco

\Streets Tape Challenges:  \
\ 1. 25,000 Points         \
\ 2. Smash 5 Cop Cars      \
\ 3. Get S-K-A-T-E         \
\ 4. Hidden Tape           \
\ 5. 50,000 Points         \

Difficulty: ****** (That's right. Six out of Five difficulty.)

After many, many attempts, I have been led to believe that it is
completely impossible to get all 5 tapes on this level in one run. I
can get four of them esily enough with about 25 seconds left over. The
problem is that the one tape left is the hidden tape, the big, time
consuming one. Failing all else, I'm still going to do a "5 tapes in 2
runs" guide for it; just for the sake of completion.

- - - - -
Run One - Four Tapes:
- - - - -

NOTE: Be sure to get as many points as you can on the way through this
one, because the Pro Score of 50,000 takes some effort to get.

Behind you at the start is a police car, grind it. Turn back around and
go up the ramp to the right. Drop down the several ledges, making sure
not to fall off of the building. On the last one, turn right and grab
the 'K'. Jump out of the window and grind the second cop car in front
of the donut shop (hehehe).

Continue down the road to the right, past the building with all of the
stairs in front of it, until you see car numbers 3 and 4, grind them.
turn a little to the right and go up into the Chinatown section.
Transfer between the two quarterpipes at the back of the area and you
should pick up the 'A' on the way. Now head back to the two cars next
to each other. Pass them and keep going in that direction.

You will soon see a ramp off to the right that you can use to jump up
into a window, just through that window is the 'T'. Exit this room via
the grated door (it will open for you) and ollie off the ledge right at
the top. Turn right at the middle of the two rail/water objects and
ollie up through another window. Use the bowl to get the air you need
for the 'E' and get out of the room the way you came in.

Turn right on exiting and follow the road around until you can see the
last cop car. You know what to do. Follow the road again for a little
while longer, then turn right into the large grassed area with the
ramps, stairs and ledges. Go up the ramp at the left of the area and
grab the final objective of this run, the 'S'. If you worked on your
score during that last run, you should get four tapes here.

- - - - -
Run Two - The Final Tape:
- - - - -

A bit of an anti-climax, this run. Head down towards the big fountain
in the center of the level. Get a good run up and ollie up the small
ledge onto it. Roll across the wavy path here and at the end launch
yourself forwards across the gap onto the roof/ledge. Follow this path
around, rolling up the ramps and being VERY careful not to go so fast
as to fall off the side.

At the top, turn around and you should see a long wooden ramp. Roll up
this one at top speed and, at the end of the platform, follow Toy
Machine's advice and "JUMP OFF A BUILDING!". If you're lucky enough to
get the hidden tape from the roof of the pagoda on the way down, well
done! You're finished.

My best remaining time: 0:00
Best sent in time: HEEELP!


If you beat any of the times posted here, let the world know about it.

Email your fastest times (and PLEASE a strategy to beat Streets in one
run.) to

Any other questions, comments, whatever can all go to the same address.


CJayC - for hosting my FAQs and for all of his work at GameFAQs.

Sega - for the Dreamcast (I'll never let mine rest in peace).

Neversoft and Treyarch - THANKYOU!!!!!

Goldfinger - for the game's brilliant music.

All of the guys on the message boards - there's probably a good reason.

God - for many things.


All copyrights for this game belong to Neversoft, Treyarch etc.
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