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Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense Faq
Version- 1.0
Written By- cookinwiththerock
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Last Updated- Monday, January 5th, 1999

*Table O' Contents*
1. 	Introduction
2. 	Updates
3. 	How To Play
4. 	Modes
5. 	Vehicles
6. 	Weapons
7. Tips
8. Quest Mode Walkthrough
9. Secrets
10. 	Credits

*1. Introduction*

 Welcome to my faq on the sequel to Vigilante 8, Vigilante 8:2nd 
Offense! I hope this faq will help you playing the game. Right now this 
is one of the better Dreamcast games out. This game allows you to choose 
from 19 different vehicles. 

*2. Updates*

Version 1.0(01.05.99)- Everything is new.

*3. How To Play*

A- Gas
B- Toggle Weapons
X- Brake
Y- Select Target
L Trigger- Fire Selected Weapon
R Trigger- Fire Machine Gun
Analog Stick- Move Vehicle
D-Pad- Move Vehicle

How To Play

Your job is to destroy all enemy vehicles by any means possible. The 
rules can differentiate between modes so check the #4. Modes section to 
learn about those.

*4. Modes*

One Player
-Quest Mode
This mode is different for each of the 18 characters. You go through 8 
matches. To win the match you must complete the mission objectives and 
destroy all the enemy vehicles. To complete the stage you must complete 
the first two objectives before destroying all the enemy vehicles. 
Completing Quest mode will unlock hidden arenas or secret characters.

-Arcade Mode
This mode is where you select all the enemy vehicles, your vehicle, and 
the arena. You can select from 1 enemy vehicle to up to 12.

-Survival Mode
Like Arcade mode but you face an unlimited amount of enemies. You only 
will face up to 4 enemies at a time. You lose when you die trying to 
last the longest.

Two Player
-Versus Mode
This is a one-on-one battle against Player 1 and Player 2 with no enemy 

The 2 human players team up against a group of enemies. The game ends 
when one of the human player dies or all enemies are destroyed.

-Quest Mode
This mode allows two players to play quest mode. One player is the 
primary character while the other becomes the "buddy". Both players must 
survive to advance.

-Brawl(3-4 Players)
In this you each player will select a vehicle and they last player 
remaining is the winner. There are no enemy vehicles in this mode.

-Team(3-4 Players)
Player 1 and Player 2 team up to battle Player 3 and Player 4. You must 
destroy both of the opposing teams vehicles. No enemy vehicles are in 
this mode.

-Smear(3-4 Players)
It is Player 2 against the other 3 players. The first team or player 
destroyed loses.

*5. Vehicles*

(Note Acceleration, Speed, Armor, and Target Avoidance are out of 400 


Name: John Torque
Vehicle: Thunderbolt
Special Weapon: Wheel O' Fortune
Acceleration: 400
Speed: 344
Armor: 182
Target Avoidance: 104
Bio: Having acquired Sid Burn's payoff money, Torque bought himself a 
new set of tires and some new clothes, then gambled the rest of it away 
in less than a year. Good thing Sid wasn't coming back for the cash-
Torque made sure of it, though he would never admit to anything. 

When the money ran out, J.T. needed a new gig. Unfortunately, the 
Coyotes were no more and his pal Convoy became domesticated, which 
certainly wasn't Torque's idea of fun. So, he got himself a bounty
hunter's license and set his sights on a bad girl
named Nina Loco, a notorious weapon smuggler he
was well familiar with from the old days. Now, Uncle
Sam had put a serious reward on Nina's head, which
may have had something to do with Nina acquiring
most of the classified government weaponry originally
stolen from Site-4. 
While on Nina's trail, Torque decided to pay his
former mentor a visit. He was horrified to find Convoy
and Houston's place plundered and the two lovebirds
missing. Without delay, J.T. unearthed a couple of
old Mosquitoes from Convoy's backyard and set out
on a search for his friends… 

Name: Sheila
Vehicle: Wonderwagon
Special Weapon: Tantrum Gun
Acceleration: 348
Speed: 176
Armor: 86
Target Avoidance: 310
Bio: Despite her defiant nature, orphan Sheila always
looked up to her righteous uncle Convoy, who had
been having a difficult time adopting her. To prove her
worth, Sheila joined her uncle in battle, infuriating him
even more. Only when the Coyote Wars ended did
Convoy finally come around. Not only did he marry
Houston, his former adversary, but he also embraced
Sheila as his own daughter. 

Sheila hit it off with Houston immediately. Convoy,
however, ruled the household with an iron fist and
soon Sheila felt one person too many. Neither did she
enjoy working the pumps at her uncle's new service
station. So, when she turned 18, Convoy packed her
bags and put her on a bus to California to pursue
higher education. 

Sheila felt right at home at UC Berkeley. She quickly
shed her leather garb for tank-top fashion and
became heavily involved in multiple pacifist and
environmental causes. However, her academic bliss
came to a screeching halt when a few months later,
she received an alarming call from John
Torque-apparently, the Coyotes have resurfaced, led
by a mysterious new leader, and both his uncle and
Houston were missing! 

Without hesitation, Sheila filled up the tank of her
new Baja and headed for New Mexico… 

Name: All Star Trio
Vehicle: Dakota Stunt Cycle
Special Weapon: Soaring Glory
Acceleration: 336
Speed: 204
Armor: 50
Target Avoidance: 346
Bio: : In 1973, when Tomey, Romey and Leilah were
only 11 years old, their older sister Tanyah
disappeared from a Houston gym without a trace.
Tanyah was a promising athlete and the family was
devastated. Suspecting foul play, the parents decided
to send the younger triplets to live with their
grandfather in Jersey. 

Grandpa Joe was a big motorcycle fan and owned an
old racing ring just south of Trenton. The kids soon
showed a keen aptitude for his hobby and "Team
F.A.S.T" was born, With grandpa as their manager.
They began touring at the age of 14 and their
incredible stunt shows soon captivated audiences

One early morning in September of 1977, during a
breakfast at Donny's, Tomey picked up grandpa's
newspaper. The headline read "Famous Vigilante To
Wed Former Foe" and the article talked of a girl
named Houston, who claimed to have been
kidnapped and then forced to work for the Coyote
terrorist group. Apparently, the girl suffered from
amnesia and was unable to recall any details of the
kidnapping or her past. After one quick glance at the
photograph, Tomey went pale-Houston was their
missing sister Tanyah! 

The trio immediately put their tour on hold, kissed
grandpa goodbye, and headed for New Mexico. They
had no idea that the reunion would be a long way

Name: Convoy
Vehicle: Livingston Truck
Special Weapon: Tow Hook
Acceleration: ?
Speed: ?
Armor: ?
Target Avoidance: ?
Bio: After nearly two years of vigilantism, Convoy was
ready to call it quits. With Sid Burn and Beezwax out
of the picture, Boogie and Molo locked up, and Loki
institutionalized, Convoy saw no reason not to. The
true incentive, though, was his blooming romance
with Houston. 

With his support, Houston turned herself in to the
authorities, only to be released due to her involuntary
and unknowing participation in the events. They
settled in New Mexico and bought a small trucking
operation on Route 285, just outside of Roswell. Soon
thereafter they married. The press ate it up and the
news of the famous vigilante marrying his former
archenemy quickly made headlines countrywide. 

Convoy was aware of Houston's nightmares and her
desire to remember who she truly was; He did his
best to help. Houston liked to travel, as new
environments occasionally evoked fragments of her
missing memories, so Convoy took her along on his
hauls whenever possible. Little did he know that one
of their trips would change their destiny forever… 

On the evening of September 3, 1977, the two were
returning from Santa Fe. Houston was sound asleep
most of the way, but not far from home she began
talking in her sleep. As Convoy tried to shake her
from her nightmare, she woke up screaming, then
froze-with her eyes wide open, she was staring far
into the distance. Convoy followed her gaze-ahead,
three unusual vehicles, appearing to float above the
road, were approaching from the opposite direction.
Convoy had never seen anything like it, but he knew
immediately that these 'travelers' were up to no good.
Before he could react, however, the vehicles opened

Name: Houston
Vehicle: Samson Tow Truck
Special Weapon: Tow Hook
Acceleration: ?
Speed: ?
Armor: ?
Target Avoidance: ?
Bio: After freeing herself of OMAR's mind-control
device, which ruled her life for over two years,
Houston slowly began to find herself. Meeting Convoy
marked a new beginning, yet her dark past continued
to haunt her-she experienced frequent nightmares
and strange visions and her inability to remember
anything of her past often spoiled her mood. 

Yet, despite her dark moments, Houston was happy.
Convoy proved to be a wonderful husband and their
business was growing. She often accompanied him
on his trucking trips. It was during one such trip, on
September 3, 1977, while asleep in the cab of the
moving truck, that she experienced her most
disturbing nightmare yet: 

Her whole body appeared to be made of metal,
feeling ice cold, rigid... She was standing on a
massive platform high above a city, in the company
of two people, both of them eerily familiar. One of the
two, a frightening old man, inserted something into
her arm, sending her brain into overdrive. She knew
this feeling-bombarded by impulses, forced to follow
orders, helpless... She got into a strange car. The
others boarded their own vehicles. All three cars lifted
off the platform, accelerating, flying into the clouds,
into a light… When the clouds cleared, way below
she saw a desert highway… a lone truck… Convoy's
truck. Her brain, as if locked in a loop, was
screaming… "DESTROY!" 

Houston screamed and opened her eyes. She was
inside the truck, with Convoy right next to her…

Name: Dave's Cultmen
Vehicle: XANADU RV
Special Weapon: Super Saucer Invasion
Acceleration: ?
Speed: ?
Armor: ?
Target Avoidance: ?
Bio: At the end of the Coyote Wars, legends of
Dave's extraterrestrial travels spread quickly among
UFO aficionados, alternative religion advocates and
other believers. Ham-radio enthusiasts across the
nation tuned in every night, scanning the airwaves for
transmissions from the mythical Dave. Soon, a small
industry sprang up to satisfy the craving for Dave
memorabilia-"Daveness" T-shirts, Dave-brand
telescopes, toys and books. "Davemania" was
destined to become one of the key cultural
phenomena of the era, often credited as one of the
key factors in lifting America's economy out of the

Thus, it should come as no surprise that there were
many who took the movement a little too seriously.
Take a group of hippies from Santa Cruz, Dave's
hometown. Tired of their unfocused existence, they
became easily enraptured with Dave's heroics and
decided to seek his guidance. The group's resident
wise guy, Dorkiel, spent countless nights at his
ham-radio, awaiting a message from The Man.
Finally, Dorkiel emerged from his RV enlightened; He
proclaimed that in order to find their true calling, the
group must retrace Dave's footsteps. 

And so, in the summer of 1977, the hippies boarded
Dorkiel's RV and embarked on a spiritual journey
across the southwest. They decided to begin by
paying respects to Convoy-the man who guided Dave
during the Coyote Wars…


Name: Dallas 13
Vehicle: Palomino XIII
Special Weapon: Mega Collider
Acceleration: 362
Speed: 316
Armor: 232
Target Avoidance: 72
Bio: In 2017 Dallas 13 was the latest and most
advanced "BioBot" in OMAR's long line of cybernetic
henchmen. The corporation had been working on the
"BioBot" program since the early '70s, hoping to
invent the perfect company servant-strong, intelligent,
unconditionally loyal and emotionless. These
programmed soldiers were commonly used by OMAR
as sentries, bodyguards, bill collectors, but also, as
secret operatives and assassins. 

Since sophisticated Artificial Intelligence was a long
way off, OMAR resorted to utilizing a living human
body as the basis for each biobot. In the early days,
the subjects were simply equipped with mind-control
electronics, but later the scientists began replacing
key body organs with artificial enhancements.
OMAR's track record in mastering the human mind
was spotty at best. The first two biobots went haywire
and needed to be terminated. The next attempt,
Houston 3-based on the first 'imported' subject and
field-tested during the infamous U.S. operation in
1974-performed to specifications for nearly two years
before going off-line. Much progress had been made
since then, but OMAR has yet to produce the perfect

Enter Dallas 13, created specifically for Lord Clyde's
new project-"Mission: Second Offense". His entire
body was constructed from space-age alloys and the
latest in nano-technology, fitted with a brain from a
classified subject of superior IQ, and two
next-generation processors to keep it in check. The
biobot's program consisted of the following primary

>Terminate Convoy and other remaining Vigilantes…
>Destroy key U.S. industrial installations… 
>Follow Lord Clyde's orders…

Name: Nina Loco
Vehicle: El Guerrero
Special Weapon: Lemming Missile
Acceleration: 336
Speed: 260
Armor: 206
Target Avoidance: 136
Bio: Even as a child, Nina could always hold her own
among the boys-no one messed with the "Loco" girl.
As a teenager, she became the best border guide in
the south-she could smuggle one or thirty people
across the line, either way, every time, as long as
she got paid. Often, however, she would just take
poor country folk to the Promised Land for free. Nina
hated herself for doing that, so she switched to
moving guns-it was easier, more profitable and less

The oil crisis proved to be a boon for her-the
American boys wanted to play gang wars and were
willing to buy plenty of Mosquitoes at a nice markup.
Things began to look even better when Sid Burn,
leader of the Coyote gang, offered Nina an exclusive
deal. Too bad the other guys finished him off before
she got paid, and the whole war was over. No matter,
she simply confiscated Sid's stockpile of high-tech
weaponry stolen from some Nevada lab; She knew
the booty was worth a fortune. 

Sure enough, a few months later, a stranger named
Clyde approached her with an interesting deal-Clyde
would buy the loot for one million "dollares" if Nina
agreed to work for him for one year. It appeared that
Clyde wanted to revive the Coyotes and needed
someone who could supply his new army with
firepower and other services right up Nina's alley.
Nina never worked for anyone, lest a Lord claiming to
have arrived from the future, but the money-it could be
enough to pack up and move down to the Gulf, like
she always dreamed. Nina accepted... 

Name: Molo
Vehicle: Blue Burro Bus
Special Weapon: Smog Check
Acceleration: 128
Speed: 92
Armor: 352
Target Avoidance: 112
Bio: After Sid Burn disappeared, Molo was lost-he
could not believe that the mighty Sid would simply
leave. He crisscrossed the deserts in search of the
man, to no avail. When he finally came upon Sid's
abandoned car in Nevada, he knew Sid was gone for

Disillusioned and just plain bored, Molo began
burglarizing gas stations and small trailer parks, so it
was only a matter of time before the cops picked him
up. He was served a severe sentence for his
involvement with the Coyotes, but due to his age, he
was placed in a juvenile detention camp in Colorado. 

Within a year, Molo became the undisputed top dog
among the delinquents. The place was a heaven for
someone of his persuasion, but the good times were
coming to an end-he was scheduled to transfer to
San Quentin Penitentiary on his upcoming 18th
birthday; He became restless. 

One day before Molo's transfer, an old man arrived at
the camp in a white limousine and requested a visit
with the kid. Molo knew his salvation had come when
the stranger offered to get him out in return for his
loyalty-he agreed immediately. Afterwards, the man
simply walked into the superintendent's office and
within minutes Molo was leaving the compound in his
savior's limousine…

Name: Lord Clyde
Vehicle: Excelsior Stretch Limo
Special Weapon: Chain Lightning
Acceleration: ?
Speed: ?
Armor: ?
Target Avoidance: ?
Bio: In 2017, Lord Clyde of OMAR, also known as
Slick, was the most powerful man of the century. He
was not only the CEO of the largest global
corporation controlling all of oil production outside the
United States, but also, covertly, the leader of the
Coyote Cartel-an expansive underworld organization.
Of course, Clyde wouldn't be in that position if he
were a man of principles or integrity. On the contrary,
he was the most calculating and ruthless person the
world had ever seen. 

While Clyde was never a saint, he wasn't always
such a monster. His cruelty and blind devotion to
OMAR were first triggered by an electronic adornment
he had found in an Arizona roadside restroom in
1975. It was Houston's forlorn armband, one of the
first mind-control devices designed by OMAR. Though
not entirely functional, it changed Clyde forever. Now,
the path of his lifelong quest for supremacy was
littered with countless broken lives, bankrupt
companies and ruined economies. The United States,
however, managed to withstand OMAR's repeated
attempts to monopolize its oil trade, thanks to its
early adoption of nuclear power and other alternative
sources. By the early 21st century America was
stronger than ever, and was quickly becoming a
major threat to OMAR's dominance. 

By 2016, Clyde's health was deteriorating and it
appeared that the world would soon be rid of the
tyrant. Clyde, however, was not intent on leaving until
his dream was fulfilled. In his most desperate move
yet, he acquired a time-travel device to send himself
back to the days when OMAR still had a chance of
putting America out of business-the '70s. But first, he
would have to eliminate Convoy-the legendary
Vigilante leader who spoiled OMAR's plans once

Name: Obake
Vehicle: Tsunami
Special Weapon: Rift Blade
Acceleration: ?
Speed: ?
Armor: ?
Target Avoidance: ?
Bio: Keiko underwent a rigorous education as a
disciple of the Katana School-run by her father's
Uzumi Manufacturing Company. She excelled in all
subjects, only to be occasionally outdone by a
classmate named Darius; Keiko and Darius were the
best of friends. Keiko especially loved martial arts
and Darius nicknamed her "Obake" (Ghost), for she
could move without a sound or trace. 

Obake and Darius were first placed into Clyde's
service when only eight years old. Supposedly,
Uzumi gave the children to OMAR as a token of
gratitude. A short letter from her father confirmed it-he
asked her to respect and obey Lord Clyde as if he
were her own father. Soon afterwards, OMAR
acquired her father's company, and Obake never
heard of her family again. 

Though Obake always felt out of place in OMAR's
world, she followed her father's wishes and soon
became Clyde's favorite pupil. She and Darius
continued training, though the focus of their studies
changed to offensive combat, surveillance,
interrogation, with a heavy dose of nonstop OMAR
propaganda. By the time they reached adulthood,
Obake and Darius were seasoned operatives, having
never failed a mission. 

This was to change in 2017, when the two were sent
to America to steal time propulsion capsules from
Stanford University. While they managed to fulfill the
objective, the mission went awry due to Darius' error.
As a result, the CIA were on OMAR's tail, and Clyde
was outraged. Soon, Darius disappeared. 

In the meantime, Clyde was preparing for an
important sabotage mission and requested Obake's
assistance. While her head was still reeling from the
events, Obake accompanied her master without

Name: Boogie
Vehicle: Marathon
Special Weapon: Disco Inferno
Acceleration: ?
Speed: ?
Armor: ?
Target Avoidance: ?
Bio: Disco aficionado and the late Sid Burn's prime
henchman, Boogie had been sentenced to serve 10
years at San Quentin Penitentiary for burglary,
assault with a deadly weapon, and DUI. Despite
agent Blue's testimony, the court did not find
sufficient evidence of Boogie's involvement with the

After one year in the can, Boogie had had enough-not
only didn't the prison meet his sanitary standards, the
ambient elevator music piped constantly through the
speakers was truly unbearable. Thank God for a visit
from Nina Loco, Sid's former flame, arms supplier and
an all-around bad Mama. Boogie knew Nina was
always charmed by his genteel ways, so it wasn't
surprising that she volunteered to help. Orchestrating
Boogie's jailbreak was second nature for Nina,
especially after befriending the prison's warden at a
local saloon. Adding insult to injury, Boogie stole the
warden's Marathon on his way out. 

En route to New Mexico, Nina told Boogie of old
Clyde's paranormal arrival from the future and his
efforts to revive the Coyotes. At first, Boogie was
miffed at Nina when he learned that Clyde paid her to
get him out. Nevertheless, he was thrilled to be free
and was anxious to show off for the new Boss…


Name: Agent R. Chase
Vehicle: Chrono Stinger
Special Weapon: Hard Time
Acceleration: 374
Speed: 330
Armor: 98
Target Avoidance: 224
Bio: In 2017, Agent Chase-one of CIA's best
detectives-had been following OMAR and its
enigmatic leader, Lord Clyde, for years. He was intent
on proving that Clyde doubled as the leader of the
Coyote Cartel-the only remaining underworld
organization, linked to dozens of terrorist attacks and
other criminal activities-and that Clyde was using the
mob to enforce OMAR's interests around the world. 

Chase had just managed to collect enough evidence
to incriminate Clyde when he was approached by
CIA's ChronoPol division, requesting assistance in an
investigation of missing time propulsion capsules
from Stanford University. The ChronoPol was
established in response to the first successful time
travel experiment conducted in 2016, and had been
monitoring illegal time-space intrusions since. The
agency suspected OMAR's involvement in the

Two days later, on September 3, ChronoPol's
intelligence detected a temporal time disruption
originating at OMAR's headquarters. Further research
determined that three OMAR vehicles, led by Clyde
himself, reversed through time-space by an estimated
40 years. Their arrival coordinates were placed near
Roswell, New Mexico, USA. 

Agent Chase immediately volunteered to travel to the
'70s, to apprehend Clyde and bring him back.
Subconsciously, he was also hopeful to look up
Chassey Blue-the favorite actress of his teenage
years.) Given Chase's thorough knowledge of the
case, the agency approved his mission without

Name: Astronaut Bob O.
Vehicle: Moon Trekker
Special Weapon: Collector
Acceleration: 322
Speed: 64
Armor: 134
Target Avoidance: 308
Bio: This strange loner had been seen roaming the
countryside, anywhere from Florida to New Mexico.
Some said that the first sightings of the lunar rover
coincided with the mysterious destruction of NASA's
Space Defense Labs at Cape Canaveral in the fall of
1977. While no one ever heard the astronaut speak or
saw his face, always hidden behind a helmet, he was
known as Bob O., as embroidered on his spacesuit

Bob appeared to favor remote farmer's markets and
gas station marts, and had an obvious weakness for
oatmeal and fruit. Always eager to assault the
curious onlooker, he quickly became infamous for his
anti-social behavior. 

When new auto skirmishes first began in the fall of
1977, Bob's rover was often reported seen amidst the
action. The extent of his involvement, however, was

Name: Garbage Man
Vehicle: Grubb Dual Loader
Special Weapon: Compactor
Acceleration: 180
Speed: 50
Armor: 376
Target Avoidance: 78
Bio: After the Coyote Wars, many strangers began
appearing in the Southwest. Some were simply
curious outsiders drawn by media hype, others
however, were characters of truly dubious origins.
Among these drifters was a grungy garbage man,
driving a battered Grubb collection truck. 

The garbage man was first spotted in 1976, near
Indian Springs, Nevada, rummaging through a landfill.
Since then, he was seen as far as Florida and
Oregon. While he didn't appear to be associated with
any official trash company, he often made regular
rounds at various locations, though no one knew what
he did with the stolen refuse…

Name: Chassey Blue
Vehicle: Vertigo
Special Weapon: Star Power
Acceleration: ?
Speed: ?
Armor: ?
Target Avoidance: ?
Bio: After quitting the FBI, Chassey turned actress
and took Hollywood by storm. She debuted in the
spring of 1976 in the true-to-life action romp "Agent
Blue: Auto Vigilante", starring as herself-an
undercover FBI agent cleaning up the southwest of
motorized gangsters. The film was an instant hit,
making her a major movie star literally overnight. 

Chassey went on to make five films in one year, all of
them blockbusters. At the end of 1977, however, she
became the central figure in a major controversy.
When the tabloids printed fake photos of Chassey
with the President, the studios shut their doors to her
just as fast as they opened them, and her Hollywood
career was over. Chassey was devastated. 

Luckily the doldrums didn't last. She was soon
contacted by her old boss at the FBI, who not only
wanted her back, but also offered her a promotion to
Secret Agent. While Chassey was surprised at the
sudden interest, she was sick of Hollywood and took
the job without hesitation. If only she knew that it was
the bureau who blackballed her career in Tinseltown
just to get her back on the force-her previous
experience and unique qualifications made her the
perfect, and only, candidate for the agency's latest
mission. Suspecting something major at play, the
FBI wanted Chassey in New Mexico to investigate
reports of renewed Coyote activity, and its possible
connection to local time disparities and abnormal
weather patterns. 

Sporting a serious makeover and a brand new
concept car, Chassey was ready for action… 

Name: Padre Destino
Vehicle: Goliath Halftrack
Special Weapon: Hades Gate
Acceleration: ?
Speed: ?
Armor: ?
Target Avoidance: ?
Bio: Constantly on the move, this traveling preacher
was busy spreading the word. He was not singing
gospel however; he was promoting the idea of an
impending Armageddon. His prophecy called for an
"Event of Annihilation", which would destroy all life in
a single moment and mark the arrival of a "New
Beginning" for the chosen few who followed him. 

The preacher's origins were unclear, though he was
believed to be an erstwhile military man. The
Southerners called him Padre Destino. During his
sermons, he often referred to his "Tome of
Scriptures"-a large red book he never parted with,
believed by some to be the source of his madness. 

No person would ever buy into Destino's ramblings
and so he wasn't very successful in his recruitment
efforts. This was partly due to his lack of credibility-he
simply kept on changing the date of the "Event" each
time his prophecy failed to come true. The other
reason was that after each sermon, the Padre liked to
celebrate the upcoming miracle with a good dose of

Destino was growing increasingly frustrated with his
results, but when he noticed the violence around him
intensifying, he knew that the end was coming. With
all his energy and enthusiasm, he threw himself into
the midst of the turmoil… 

Name: Dusty 'Earth'
Vehicle: Wapiti 4WD
Special Weapon: Tribal Magic
Acceleration: ?
Speed: ?
Armor: ?
Target Avoidance: ?
Bio: Dusty, chief of the Zuni tribe, had seen better
days. It was 1975, gas was expensive and vandals
were plundering the countryside. He had heard of the
oil crisis, but hoped that it would have little bearing on
his tribe; He was wrong. 

After the gangsters destroyed a nearby ghost town,
Dusty tried calling the police in Gallup. He knew there
was trouble when he learned that the sheriff and his
deputy were recalled to Albuquerque to help control
rioters there. Dusty watched helplessly as the
perpetrators burned down the trading post, but when
they desecrated the Zuni burial grounds, he just
couldn't stand by any longer. 

Dusty never had much appreciation for guns, so he
decided to call upon the ancestral spirits for help.
After three nights of 'kachina' trances in his pueblo, a
spirit Falcon appeared to him in a vision. The Falcon
told him to rest and prepare, as these scuffles were
nothing compared to what's to come-it warned him of
an evil Coyote Demon who was soon to descend
upon the land and ravage all that lay in its path. To
battle the demon, the Falcon said, Dusty must leave
the pueblo and go to the mountains to learn the
shaman ways of his great ancestors… 

When Dusty woke up the next morning, his soul was
filled with sadness, but suddenly he noticed a falcon
sitting on the roof of his car-there and then Dusty
knew that when the demon arrives, he would be ready
to take him on… 

*6. Weapons and Power-Ups*


Hoverpods- A really cool addition to the game. Pressing up or down will 
make your vehicle adjust it's height off the ground. You will lose 

Hydrofloaters- This power-up allows you to travel around on water. The 
front tires become floatation devices and the rear wheels become 

Skis and Treads- This power-up helps on levels with snow because they 
add traction. The front wheels become skis and the rear wheels become 
treaded tires.

(Note: To get rid of hoverpods, htdrofloaters, or skis and treads hit 
A+Y at the same time.)

Shield(Green)- Protects your vehicle from damage for a short time.

Radar Jammer(Yellow)- Keeps enemies from see you on radar or locking 
their target on to you.

Weapon Upgrade(Blue)- Doubles the amount of damage a weapon puts out.

Repair Wrench- Partial damage repair.


(Note: you can only carry 3 weapons at a time, besides your machine gun, 
so if you pick up another one you current weapon will be discarded.)

Mosquito Machine Gun- This weapon is standard equipment on all vehicles. 
It contains unlimited ammo.

Interceptor Missiles- When fired these missiles go straight after your 
current target.
Up, Up, Down + Machine Gun- Cost:2
Up, Up, Up + Machine Gun- Cost:2
Up, Up, Right + Machine Gun- Cost:2

Bull's Eye Rocket- When fired they go straight. The do not track your 
Up, Down, Down + Machine Gun- Cost:2
Up, Down, Up + Machine Gun- Cost: 2-5
Up, Down, Right + Machine Gun- Cost: 3

Sky Hammer Mortar- A rocket type weapon where it's fired in the air and 
goes after your current target.
Down, Down, Down + Machine Gun- Cost: 2
Down, Down, Up + Machine Gun- Cost: 2-5
Down, Down, Right + Machine Gun- Cost: 2

Bruiser Cannon- A cannon that fires from the top of your vehicle and 
goes after your current target.
Down, Up, Down + Machine Gun- Cost: 2
Down, Up ,Up + Machine Gun- Cost: 2-6
Down, Up, Right + Machine Gun- Cost: 2

Roadkill Mines- You drop this weapons on to the ground and when someone 
drives on them they explode. Remember when you left them cause they can 
hurt you to.
Left, Right, Down + Machine Gun- Cost: 2
Left, Right, Up + Machine Gun- Cost: 2-6
Left, Right, Right + Machine Gun- Cost: 2

Brimstone Burner- A flame-thrower-type weapon. Get in close to your 
opponent to scorch them.
Right, Left, Up + Machine Gun- Cost: 10
Right, Left, Down + Machine Gun- Cost: 2-6
Right, Left, Right + Machine Gun- Cost: 5

*7. Tips*

If you have any tips please e-mail them to me.

*8. Quest Mode Walkthrough*

If you can help with any part of the walkthroughs please e-mail me.

*John Torque*


*All-Star Trio*



*Dave's Cultmen*

*Dallas 13*
Objective 1- Collect Three Bombs
Bomb Locations
1. Behind the Donut Shop at ground level.
2. At the stone building by the movie theater.
3. 	Same as #2.
Objective 2- Destroy Gas Stations
Gas Station Locations
1. By movie theater.
2. 	On tall cliff.
Objective 3- Destroy All Enemies

Objective 1- Collect 4 Briefcases
Briefcase Locations
1. Down the Big Ski Ramp
2. In The Ski Lodge there is a transport go through it to pick up a 
3. 	Same as #2
4. 	Behind The Ski Lodge
Objective 2- Destroy Lodge
Objective 3- Destroy All Enemies

*Nina Loco*


*Lord Clyde*



*Agent R. Chase*

*Astronaut Bob O.*

*Garbage Man*

*Chassey Blue*

*Padre Destino*

*Dusty 'Earth'*

*9. Secrets*

Password screen 

Enter the options screen, select "Game Status", highlight one of the 
characters, then press L + R. -From: h.seeley@att.net

Rapid fire 

Enter "RAPID_FIRE" as a password to remove the delay when shooting 
weapons. -From: PinheadGun@aol.com

Super missiles 

Enter "BLAST_FIRE" as a password to increase the damage from missiles. -
From: PinheadGun@aol.com

Faster cars 

Enter "MORE_SPEED" as a password. -From: PinheadGun@aol.com

Heavier cars 

Enter "GO_RAMMING" as a password to increase your car's weight and 
ramming ability. -From: PinheadGun@aol.com

Fast action 

Enter "QUICK_PLAY" as a password to enable a random fast action arcade 
feature. -From: PinheadGun@aol.com

Attract enemies 

Enter "UNDER_FIRE" as a password to have three enemies attack 
simultaneously. -From: PinheadGun@aol.com

Slow-motion mode 

Enter "GO_SLOW_MO" as a password. -From: PinheadGun@aol.com

No enemies in arcade mode 

Enter "HOME_ALONE" as a password. -From: PinheadGun@aol.com

No gravity 

Enter "NO_GRAVITY" as a password to reduce gravity to the point that 
your car will almost float when a bump is hit. -From:

High suspensions 

Enter "JACK_IT_UP" as a password. -From: PinheadGun@aol.com

Big wheels 

Enter "GO_MONSTER" as a password. -From: PinheadGun@aol.com

No wheel attachment icons 

Enter "DRIVE_ONLY" as a password to disable wheel attachment icons from 
spawning. -From: PinheadGun@aol.com

View all ending sequences 

Enter "LONG_MOVIE" as a password to view all endings in one continuous 
sequence. -From: PinheadGun@aol.com

Same cars in multi-player 

Enter "MIXED_CARS" as a password to allow more than one person to select 
the same car in multi-player mode. -From:

Bonus characters 

Complete the following tasks to unlock each character in the game:


Lord Clyde: Complete all objectives in quest mode with Nina Loco, Molo, 
and Dallas 13. 
Obake: Complete all objectives in quest mode with Lord Clyde. 
Boogie: Complete all objectives in quest mode with Obake. Note: You 
cannot play Quest Mode with Boogie. 


Houston: Complete all objectives in quest mode with Sheila, John Torque, 
and The Flying All-Star Trio. 
Convoy: Complete all objectives in quest mode with Houston. 
Dave's Cultsmen: Complete all objectives in quest mode with Convoy. 
Note: You cannot play Quest Mode with Dave's Cultsmen. 


Chassey Blue: Complete all objectives in quest mode with Astronaunt Bob 
O, Garbage Man, and Agent R. Chase. 
Padre Destino: Complete all objectives in quest mode with Chassey Blue. 
Dusty Earth: Complete all objectives in quest mode with Padre Destino. 
Note: You cannot play Quest Mode with Dusty Earth. 

*10. Credits*

Activision- For Story for each character and making this game.

Luxoflux- For Making this game.

CheatCC.com- For the codes.