FAQ/Walkthrough by ChadB

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V       V  III    GGG  III  L          A      N   N  TTTTT  EEEEE     888
 V     V    I    G      I   L         A A     NN  N    T    E        8   8 *
  V   V     I   G  GG   I   L        A   A    N N N    T    EEE       888
   V V      I    G  G   I   L       AAAAAAA   N  NN    T    E        8   8 *
    V      III    GGG  III  LLLLL  A       A  N   N    T    EEEEE     888

    22   N   N  DDD         OO    FFFFF  FFFFF  EEEEE  N   N   SSS   EEEEE
   2  2  NN  N  D  D       O  O   F      F      E      NN  N  S      E
     2   N N N  D   D     O    O  FFF    FFF    EEE    N N N   SSS   EEE
    2    N  NN  D  D       O  O   F      F      E      N  NN      S  E
   2222  N   N  DDD         OO    F      F      EEEEE  N   N   SSS   EEEEE
                           Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense
          For SEGA (R) Dreamcast, Nintedno 64 (R), and Sony (R) Playstation
                    Walkthrough by Chad B. a.k.a. Hawk of War
           Interactive version at http://www.geocities.com/HawkofWar4Life

1.)  Random Information
2.)  Updates
3.)  Basic Controls
4.)  Weapons
5.)  Team/Character Descriptions
6.)  Walkthroughs
7.)  Character Stories/Enemies
8.)  Level Tricks/Descriptions
9.)  Codes/General Tricks
10.) Known Glitches
11.) Version Advantages/Disadvantages
12.) Luxoflux Messages
13.) Fun Time Passers
14.) Cool Names
15.) Coming Soon List
16.) Thank You's

1.) Random Information

	To start off, thank you for viewing my V8:2 walkthrough. If you want to
help make this walkthrough better please use one of the contacts below.

	Also I would love for you to post my walkthrough on your gaming site. But
please, contact me first.

NOTE: PLEASE! No more emails titled "question."

Email: hawk_of_war@hotmail.com             ICQ: 12862620
AIM: HawkOfWar4Life                        Yahoo! Messager: hawkofwar4life
or on the www.gamefaqs.com Dreamcast V8:2 message board

2.) Updates

**Wednesday, April 05, 2000
	-6:29:17 PM Central Time-
	Ok I got tired of all the messages saying "What happened to this?" or "Why
don't you have that?" so I re-added the Luxoflux Messages section and added 2 other
sections. Also if you think I should have something in here, tell me. There, You all
happy yet?

**Monday, April 03, 2000
	-5:35:31 PM Central Time-
	It's been a long time sense I updated last, almost a month. I had spring break
and then came down with a bad case of numonia. I got an acount at driveway.com so I
don't have to keep loosing my disks. Not much of a change this time. Expect a big
update for lost time soon.

**Tuesday, March 07, 2000
	- 5:59:31 PM Central Time -
	Another day, another code, another character story, another migrane...
That code is for those wimpy hardcore cheaters who still can't beat the computer at
it's easiest. You have to look at it to see it, not here.

**Saturday, March 04, 2000
	- 4:18:00 PM Central Time -
	It's been a while sence I updated. My coputer's A-drive becamse jammed so I 
couldn't use it.
	- 7:56:39 PM Central Time -
	2 new codes have come out, too late for many of us. Although they'd do nice
if you have to delete your game. Check the codes section.

**Saturday, February 26, 2000
	-4:52:15 PM Central Time-
	Managed to get all the way through one of Brandon B.'s emails. 1 down ### to
go. Today is my birthday so it is possible of another update later.

**Thursday, February 24, 2000
	- 7:53:27 PM Central Time -
	I had my mail flooded by one man who is helping me. I only got through one 
mail out of ten till I had to get off.

**Monday, February 21, 2000
	- 12:56:38 PM Central Time -
	I added another contact and a few Nintendo 64 glitches. PLEASE! No more emails
titled "question." I logged into my email to be flooded with "question"'s this 

**Saturday, February 19, 2000
	- 2:01:06 PM Central Time -
	This might not look like a big update but it was. I shortened the line length
which took me all morning and added a Version Advantages/Disadvantages section.
	- 4:50:49 PM -
	I worked on the character descriptions some and worked a little more on the 
line length. You should be able to view this page with ICQ on, attached to the right
side of your screen with it as small as possible.
	- 7:39:23 PM -
	This real shouldn't be considered an update but messed with the Thank You's 

**Friday, February 18, 2000
	- 8:55:47 PM Central Time -
	I went code hunting today for all systems and only found new codes for PSX
and N64. I also came across a fake DC code that is a real code for PSX and N64.
The NO_CODE does not work on Dreamcast. I don't know who this Law character is
or whoever else is posting it. This code absolutely does not work for DC, I
know, I tested it.
**Thursday, February 17, 2000
	- 8:49:25 PM Central Time -
	I added the last character description and started 2 new things for the
character descriptions: Basic Stats and Hawk's Scorecard. I also fixed a few
problems for Playstation gamers. No response from any N64 players yet. Also my
FAQ hasn't been added to the N64 and PSX FAQ lists at Game FAQs as of now. I've
mailed him twice and haven't gotten a response.
	- 9:23:39 PM -
	Just added the N64 basic controls only because I got a little pissed and
started to ask around. Still haven't received one for PSX yet.

**Wednesday, February 16, 2000
	- 6:13:03 PM Central Time -
	It's funny how a sinus infection, computer illiterates using your
computer, and a couple of personal problems can get you behind. I added quite a
few more glitches and have gone universal. I know that some of the information
is wrong sense I only own the Dreamcast version. Please tell me A.S.A.P. of
errors you find.

**Wednesday, February 09, 2000
	- 4:47:15 PM Central Time -
	Added another glitch. You'd wonder how I actually manage to get any work
done on this with all the fun I've had with the new(and freeware)Winamp program.
I have been on 10 hours downloading skins and awesome programs. Definitely the
best sound program out there.
	- 6:39:58 PM -
	Was working on my page and found some problems. Fixed 'em.

**Tuesday, February 08, 2000
	- 8:45:54 PM Central Time -
	I finally finished the most boring part of a walkthrough, THE WALKTHROUGH
ITSELF! I'm glad to get that out of the way. Now I left with a few changes and
whatever else I want. Oh joy! I added a couple more glitches.

**Saturday, February 05, 2000
	- 3:05:28 PM Central Time -
	Made some of the codes easier to understand and added a new code.
	- 9:45:20 PM -
	Added the glitches section and took out the Luxoflux messages. Also added
a trick. I had made a reference to but just noticed I did have on here.

**Friday, February 04, 2000
	- 5:03:06 PM Central Time -
	Finished all the level descriptions and added a couple levels to the
Drifter's walkthrough.

**Tuesday, February 01, 2000
	- 6:46:36 PM Central Time -
	Got a couple more levels in. The Gamemaster/Opimorph ordeal is over but
someone has asked me to help with what will be a major site. Updates might
become even more small.

**Monday, January 31, 2000
	- 5:30:37 PM Central Time -
	This was a small update. I ran spell check again and added another level
description. Don't expect any real update again until the whole
GameMaster/Opimorph thing blows over because I'm becoming rather distraught over it.
	- 9:42:53 PM -
	Added a couple more level descriptions. The Gamemaster/Opimorph ordeal
seems to be letting up a bit. Gamemaster has admitted his fault in it.

**Friday, January 28, 2000
	- 11:57:00 AM Central Time -
	Just ran spell check. How could anyone read that???
	- 8:27:36 PM -
	Finished all the new level descriptions/tricks. Probably won't update
again until Monday.

**Thursday, January 27, 2000
	- 5:44:14 PM Central Time -
	Ok so maybe I didn't get such a big update in. My mom got on the computer
as soon as I got up so I couldn't do anything. I did manage another level

**Wednesday, January 26, 2000
	- 8:44:16 PM Central Time -
	I started the Drifters quest. I also added a couple new level descriptions
and listed all the levels. Where did I come up with those trick names?!?!?!
Maybe I'm sick. Oh well, Oklahoma has a snow day tomorrow so expect a big
update. YEAH! NO SCHOOL!!!

**Tuesday, January 25, 2000
	- 6:09:16 PM Central Time -
	Drifters' descriptions and level tricks started. Drifters finished soon.

**Monday, January 24, 2000
	- 4:46:51 PM Central Time-
	Oh this is just dandy. Don't you love it when you have been using one
program all the time that has been screwing you and you make a total fool of
yourself complaining about it? By the way, sense when has Notepad taken up more
ram than WordPad? WordPad is a much more complex program. Finished out the
Coyote quest guide.
	- 5:47:41 PM - 
	BIRD'S EYE VIEW FOUND! Special Thanks to DragonMaster Shinji. Check
Codes/Game Tricks section.
	- 9:57:04 PM - 
	REMOVING CODES FOUND! Thanks to my searching and GameWinners.

**Sunday, January 23, 2000
	- 1:28 PM Central Time -
	I found an error that was just taking up space so I fixed that. It still
doesn't give me much room to work though. Thanks to Demonic Corn Chip for the
Boogie Bio. Had to try every trick to get it in there. Some things might be hard
to read now.

**Saturday, January 22, 2000
	- 2:00 PM -
	I was able to start the Coyotes quest till I started getting that warning

**Friday, January 21, 2000
	- 5:03 PM Central Time -
	Ok now I'm confused. Somehow I managed to complete all the rest of the
Coyotes. Maybe it's not an error with my ram. Well anyway I'm trying to put
together a bio for Boogie. If you manage to make one before me and think I might
like it, go ahead and give it to me.
	- 6:56 PM -
	Interactive walkthrough opens. It's extremely cheap right now and many pages
aren't up. They should be soon.

**Thursday, January 20, 2000
	- 9:40 AM Central Time -
	Ok some more done and changed to the correct format. My mistake. Changed a
couple combo moves descriptions and errors. Vigilantes' quest started.
	- 10:47 AM - 
	Vigilantes' quest completed.
	- 1:41 PM -
	More errors found. Added cheat warnings. Character descriptions started
now that I found my instruction manual.
	- 5:14 PM -
	Had to add a couple things to Houston's special that I just found. Check to
see. Added 2 new sections "How you ever..." and Luxoflux Messages. I need to quit
trying to update so much.
	- 9:58 PM -
	Added "For SEGA (R) Dreamcast" and some more Character descriptions. Am I ever
going to stop tonight? Ran out of RAM on this cheap computer so I had to stop. Also
fixed a couple of errors and tried things to save space.

**Wednesday, January 19, 2000
	- 5:59:42 PM Central Time -
	Everything restarted after a little accident froze my computer. I hope I
can get everything the same.
	- 8:34:30 PM -
	Weapons and codes list completed.

3.) Basic Controls
If your looking here then you need to read the instruction manual bubba.

Analog Stick/D-pad = Steer, Up = Gas, Down = Break/Reverse
A = Gas
B = Select Weapon
X = Brake
Y = Select Target
Left Trigger = Fire Selected Weapon
Right Trigger = Fire Machine Gun
Start = Pause
A + Y = Eject Propulsion Mechanism
B + Y = Toggle View
A + B + X + Y + Start = Software restart

              *Nintendo 64*
Analog Stick/D-pad = Steer, Up = Gas, Down = Break/Reverse
A = Gas
B = Brake
Up-C = Rear View
Down-C = Select Target
Left-C = Switch Weapon
Right-C = Switch Weapon
Right Trigger = Fire Selected Weapon
Left Trigger = Switch View
Z Trigger = Fire Machine Gun
Start = Pause
Down on D-pad/stick + B = Reverse 
Left-C + Right-C = Eject Propulsion Mechanism

Analog Stick/D-pad = Steer, Up = Gas, Down = Break/Reverse
X = Gas
Square = Hand Break/Tight Turn
O = Select Target
Triangle = Rear View
Right Trigger 1 = Switch Weapon
Right Trigger 2 = Fire Machine Gun
Left Trigger 1 = Switch Weapon
Left Trigger 2 = Fire Selected Weapon
Select = Change View
Start = Pause

4.) Weapons
	In this section the name of the weapon is shown in *'s followed by a short
description. Then comes the combo moves of each weapon followed by a description
of them. Some of the combo names are ones I made up because of none shown.

NOTE: The instruction manual has some typos. I just found that out. Some info
	Might seem wrong but it is not.
NOTE 2: Low-Average and Low/Average aren't the same thing. Low-Average means Low
	to Average. Low/Average on the other hands means halfway between Low and

^ = Up
\/ = Down
> = Right
< = Left
FMG = Fire Machine Gun

**Mosquito Machine Gun**
DAMAGE: Very Low
As the gun temperature rises the fire rate decreases. Unlimited ammo. This
weapon doesn't have to be highlighted to be fired, just hit the right trigger
button, Z trigger, or <Playstation command>
	CALIBER: 5.56mm	FIRE RATE: 720 rounds/min at low temperature

**Interceptor Missiles**

	Highly accurate, but, as with all weapons, depends on the enemies
avoidance level.
 	SPEED: 100 mph max	RANGE: 1200 ft
Halo Decoy
^ + ^ + \/ + FMG     Cost: 2 missiles
	Fires a double missile flaming flare that acts as a false target. Enemies
lock onto it instead of your vehicle. Enemies can still hit you with straight
fire weapons. The decoy is destroyed when it runs out of juice (about 10seconds)
or hits something(weapon, wall, car, etc.).

^ + ^ + ^ + FMG     Cost: 2 missiles
	Activates 2 missiles without detaching them from your vehicle giving a
Momentary boost of speed. Great for more power over jumps or for getaways.

Multi Missile
^ + ^ + > + FMG     Cost: 2-4 missiles
DAMAGE: Low-Average
	Fires 2 to 4 missiles quickly in a row. Great for a multi angled attack.

**Bull's Eye Rockets**
DAMAGE: Average
	Straight fire weapon that has no tracking ability.
	SPEED: 120 mph	RANGE: 650 ft

Road Runner
^ + \/ + \/ + FMG     Cost: 2 rockets
	Fires a non-explosive rocket that, if it hits an enemy, attaches to a
vehicle and spins the vehicle out of control. This doesn't serve a very good
purpose because it causes no damage unless it just happens push the enemy into
something. It does cause them to loose a good firing angle though.

^ + \/ + ^ + FMG     Cost: 2-5 rockets
DAMAGE: Average-High
	Fires 2 to 5 rockets in just under a second. Extremely fun move and a good
way to total a vehicle.

Bastion Rockets
^ + \/ + > + FMG     Cost: 2 rockets
	This fires 3 rockets, one red, one white, and one blue, that chase down enemy
shots based onto you. This can cause damage to enemies if it hits one.

**Sky Hammer Mortar**
DAMAGE: Average
	Inaccurate and slow, has limited tracking ability.
	RANGE: 1000ft

Turtle Turnover
\/ + \/ + \/ + FMG     Cost: 2 shells
	A shell is fired that has so much force with it coming down with it that
it forces the enemy to flip over. Great for use against someone who really
doesn't understand the trick of righting one's self back onto their tires.

Crater Maker
\/ + \/ + ^ + FMG     Cost: 2-5 shells
DAMAGE: Average-Very High
	A gargantuan shell is fired to about half the normal height of the mortar(be
careful with that). Becomes about twice as accurate because of the size increase.
Causes so much damage that it actually leaves a crater in the ground(sorry it
disappears after a while). Damage and crater size depend on the amount of shells
used. A threat to some specials.

Flat Maker
\/ + \/ + > + FMG     Cost: 2 shells
DAMAGE: Currently Unknown
	This fires a shell that , when it lands, causes anyone with-in a certain
area to have flat tires(I think).

**Bruiser Cannon**
DAMAGE: Average
	 A lagged cannon that can rotate 360 degrees. Turret speed is a little on
the slow side making it hard to target smaller vehicles. Has a longer rage than
posted but is so inaccurate at that point there's no use.
	CALIBER: 60mm	RANGE: 850 ft

Cow Puncher
\/ + ^ + \/ + FMG     Cost: 2 shells
DAMAGE: Very Low
	Fires a shell with extremely high force behind it. It can easily launch an
enemy halfway across any level. Fun to use just to annoy another human player or
for a laugh to see this tiny dot that was a enemy.

\/ + ^ + ^ + FMG     Cost: 2-6 shells
DAMAGE: Average-Very High
	For those of you who know what a shotgun fires, this is the Vigilante 8
equivalent. This fires from 2 to 6 shells all at the same time in slightly
different directions giving wide spread damage.

\/ + ^ + > + FMG     Cost: 2 shells
DAMAGE: Low/Average per bounce
	I'm not sure this is the real name of this move but it's not far off. This
fires a big blue shell that hits an enemy and then follows the ground in the
opposite direction (usually right back at you) until it hits another car, an
object of some sort, or a steep incline on the ground where it bounces off in
another direction. It bounces for about 10 times at most.

**Roadkill Mines**
DAMAGE: Average/High
	A mine is a mine what can I say. It can be dropped at any speed on just
about anything, even water! It packs quite a punch too.

Bear Hug
< + > + \/ + FMG     Cost: 2 mines
	A very unique move indeed. This places a mine that sits and waits for
anything to come along. When the unaware vehicle wanders into it's range it
activates an artificial gravity that drags the vehicle towards the center of
the mine. By itself, it doesn't cause any damage, but if you use it smartly you
can place it in a danger zone where to enemies will be attacked by something.
This also is great to make sure your enemy stands still for a while so you can
totally open up on them with everything in your arsenal.

Cactus Patch
< + > + ^ + FMG     Cost: 2-6 mines
DAMAGE: Average-Very High
	This move is very unique too. This places a big mine on the ground. When
any vehicle gets close to it, it splits into however many mines you put into it.
Each separate mine then has the power of a normal mine but in such a small area
that multiple ones go off at the same time causing massive damage. WARNING: You
can only have so many of these. After you place one or two they start to destroy
previous place ones.

Floating Mine
< + > + > + FMG     Cost: 2 mines
DAMAGE: Average/High
	 This launches a mine that floats at just the right height to attack those
vehicles that are using the hover propulsion mechanism. This actually follows
the closest vehicle. This can attack grounded cars and is the only mine that can
attack floating cars.

**Brimstone Burner**
DAMAGE: Low/Average
	Yeah! They added a flame-thrower. This is the new weapon for V8:2. Catches
the enemy on fire to continue the damage afterwards.
	FIRE RATE: Continuous

Hot Foot
> + < + ^ + FMG     Cost: 10 gallons(I guess it would be gallons)
DAMAGE: Low-High
	This launches a big ball of fire that skips across the ground twice
sending flame to the sides on each bounce. Can only catch an enemy on fire if
the come in contact with the flaming ball.

> + < + \/ + FMG     Cost: 2-16 gallons
DAMAGE: Average
	This launches columns of fire from the front of the vehicle. There can be
up to 8 columns and stretch a good distance. They don't last very long but if
something comes in contact with one it will catch on fire.

Oil Slick
> + < + > + FMG     Cost: 5 gallons
	 This launches a puddle of non-burning oil from the front of the vehicle.
If anyone hits it they will loose control of their vehicle.

5.) Team/Character Descriptions
	Basic descriptions of each team and character in the game.

NOTE: Low-Average and Low/Average aren't the same thing. Low-Average means Low
	to Average.
	Low/Average on the other hands means halfway between Low and Average.

PERSONAL NOTE: Those Hawk's Scorecards are based on what I think compared to the
	other stats of the car, not on the ### values. I prefer faster cars so
	the rates of the biger cars might be off.

	The good guys, that basically sums that up. Was in the original. Lead by
Convoy in both new and old.

*Sheila* (returning with same special)
Car: Wonderwagon
	- 1st chassis = dune buggy
	- 2nd chassis = dune buggy that would fit in a Tomb Raider game
Special: Tantum gun
	- A rapid fire weapon that can knock weapons of enemy vehicles. 

Bio: Convoy's niece put her academic studies on hold when she received and
	alarming call from John Torque. Apparently, the Coyotes had resurfaced,
	led by a mysterious new leader, and both her uncle and Houston were

Basic Stats:
	Acc.: 348   Top Spd.: 176
	Armor: 86   Avoid: 310

Hawk's Scorecard:
	Steering: A-  Special: C+
	Acc.: A+      Top Spd.: B-
	Armor: C-     Avoid: A
	Fun: A
           Average: B+

Hawk's Notes: Sheila Makes for a good choice. My avergage just proves it 
	in my eyes. I like the weapon but it just doesn't pack a good punch.

*John Torque* (returning)
Car: Thunderbolt
	- 1st chassis = sleek sports car
	- 2nd chassis = an even sleeker sports car the a weird intake
Special: Wheel O' Fortune
	- A semi-auto weapon that fires shells that burst in a flash
	of white light. Every now and then it fires a stronger shot that
	is twice powerful, it even knocks Torque backwards.
	DAMAGE: High-Very High

Bio: Horrified when he found his friends Convoy and Houston missing, J.T.
	unearthed a couple old Mosquitoes from Convoy's backyard and set
	out on a search for his friends...

Basic Stats:
	Acc.: 400    Top Spd.: 344	
	Armor: 182   Avoid: 310

Hawk's Scorecard:
	Steering: A  Special: A+
	Acc.: B+     Top Spd.: A-
	Armor: B+    Avoid: A+
	Fun: A+
          Average: A-

Hawk's Notes: A very good choice acording to the score I gave J.T. The reason
	i gave him an A- in Top Speed is because sometimes he is TOO fast.

*All-Star Trio* (new)
Car: Dakota Stunt Cycle
	- 1st chassis = off-road bike with a passenger seat attached
	- 2nd chassis = Bike gang type motorcycle with passenger seat
Special: Soaring Glory
- Patriotic(red, white, blue) fireworks are launched high into the air.
	From there they head towards your target and come crashing down
	on it. Has extremely limited range. Also has the ability to
	knock off shields.
	DAMAGE: Very High

Bio: Tomey, Romey, and Leilah began touring at the age of 14 and their
	incredible stunt shows soon captivated audiences nationwide. In
	1977, they set out for the southwest in search of their missing

Basic Stats:
	Acc.: 336   Top Spd.: 204
	Armor: 50   Avoid:348

Hawk's Scorecard:
	Steering: D-  Special: A+
	Acc.: A-      Top Spd.: A
	Armor: F      Avoid: A+
	Fun: D-
          Average: C+

Hawk's Notes: As you can see, I don't like these 3 much. They tend to drift to
	the left and back.

*Houston* -Locked- (returning with a new team and special)
Car: Samson Tow Truck
	- 1st chassis = beat up old truck with a flat bed
      - 2nd chassis = sleeker truck with pick-up tuck bed
Special: Tow Hook
- This shoots a rope with a hook attached. If it comes in contact with an
	enemy it catches. It only deals damage if stress is put on the tow
	cable. It can deal damage even through a shield and automatically removes
	any propulsion mechanismon contact. Can cause an instant death to low
	armored cars on high damage setting.
	DAMAGE: None-Instant Death

Bio: After freeing herself of OMAR's mind-control device, Houston slowly
	recovered. She married ex-Vigilante Convoy. However, her dark past
	continued to haunt her - she still suffers from amnesia and nightmares.
	She knew OMAR would be back.

Basic Stats:
	Acc.: 310   Top Spd.: 204
	Armor: 256  Avoid: 110

Hawk's Scorecard:
	Steering: A   Special: A+
	Acc.: B       Top Spd.: B
	Armor: A-     Avoid: B-
	Fun: A+
          Average: A-

Hawk's Notes: I like Houston. You just can't beat that special.

*Convoy* -Locked- (returning with a new special)
Car: Livingston Truck
	- 1st chassis = Your normal everyday truck with trailer(with the exception
	of weapons)
	- 2nd chassis = Cad with bed compartment tractor with tanker trailer
Special: Rolling Thunder
	- Have you ever wanted to use a trucks horn? Here's your chance. You enemies
	will loose there hearing when hit by these sound waves, not to mention
	find them selves flying.
	DAMAGE: Average

Bio: Convoy, the newly married Vigilante trucker, and his wife, Houston, were on
	the road when they spotted three unusual vehicles approaching from the
	opposite direction. Before Convoy could react, the vehicles opened fire...

Basic Stats:
	Acc.: 50    Top Spd.: 148
	Armor: 400  Avoid: 62

Hawk's Scorecard:
	Steering: F/B   Special: D+
	Acc.: F       Top Spd.: D-
	Armor: A      Avoid: F
	Fun: D-
          Average: D/D+

Hawk's Notes: The reason for 2 scores is because of the trailor. The first score
	is with it and the second without.

*Dave's Cultsmen* -Locked, No quest- (new people, old special)
Car: Xanadu RV
	- 1st chassis = Rickety old RV with hippie stickers and a I Love NY bumper
	- 2nd chassis = Brand new high tech RV
Special: Super Invasion
	- Super? It has half the power of the original. Three saucers still come
	down and bounce off the enemy. It can miss all together on an enemy that
	is really moving.
	DAMAGE: None-Low

Bio: <Made by Hawk of War> After the disappearance of Dave, UFO fanatics
	everywhere began top scan the skies for even the slightest peep of
	his voice. This caused the creation of Dave toys and other merchandise.
	Out of all the Davemania arose 3 UFO freaks that claimed Dave told them
	to follow his ways in the upcoming Coyote War.

Basic Stats:
	Acc.: 114   Top Spd.: 176
	Armor: 304  Avoid: 142

Hawk's Scorecard:
	Steering: C-   Special: F
	Acc.: D       Top Spd.: D 
	Armor: B      Avoid: D
	Fun: F 
          Average: D

Hawk's Notes: It's an RV. It handles like an RV. Get my scores now?

	These guys are just plain bad. This is a badly organized group of badies
making a return from the original game. This time they are led by the ex-Vigilante,
Slick Clyde.

*Dallas 13* (new)
Car: Palomino XIII
	- 1st chassis = High tech sports car, lights for wheels
	- 2nd chassis = Old Fashioned muscle car with new age paint job, still lights
	for wheels
Special: Mega Collider
	- A beam streams from the front of 13's vehicle that pushes and causes damage
	to anything caught in it. Locks Dallas in place and fully protects from frontal
	attack. Leaves the rest of him open.
	DAMAGE: Average-High

Bio: 2017: Dallas 13 was the latest and most advanced "biobot" in OMAR's long
	line of cybernetic henchmen. Dallas was created specifically for Lord
	Clyde's mission '70's.

Basic Stats:
	Acc.: 362   Top Spd.: 316
	Armor: 232  Avoid: 72

Hawk's Scorecard:
	Steering: A   Special: B-
	Acc.: A+       Top Spd.: A+
	Armor: B+      Avoid: C
	Fun: A+ 
          Average: A-

Hawk's Notes: I rated Dallas 13 pretty high. The special has quite a different
	score when you use it and miss. Kinda strange how such a small car can have
	such a low avoidance level.

*Nina Loco* (new)
Car: El Guerrero
	- 1st chassis = Old pick-up
	- 2nd chassis = Adventure style pick-up
Special: Lemming Missile
	- This missile attracts the lock-on of every person on the level, friend or
	foe. This causes everyone to momentarily lock on your target. Nullifies radar
	jamming icon pick ups.

Bio: A master smuggler and deal maker, Nina managed to stockpile most of the
	classified weaponry that was originally stolen from the military by the
	Coyotes. Wanted by the FBI and Mexican mob, she gladly signed up with Clyde.

Basic Stats:
	Acc.: 336   Top Spd.:260
	Armor: 206  Avoid: 136

Hawk's Scorecard:
	Steering: B-   Special: D-
	Acc.: A        Top Spd.: B
	Armor: B+      Avoid: B
	Fun: D 
          Average: B-

Hawk's Notes: Truthfully only Loco's Acceleration saved her from a bad score.
	I just can't stand her special.

*Molo* (returning)
Car: Blue Burro Bus
	- 1st chassis = Exactly like his school bus only blue and says prison stuff
	- 2nd chassis = Can you say "Max Security?" Looks more like a train engine
Special: Smog Check
	- Same ol' smog check, clouds of smoke with a farting voice-over in the
	background. Can stall another car.

Bio: Disillusioned after the Coyotes' defeat, Molo began burglarizing gas
	stations and trailer parks. He was eventually caught and sent to "Juvie"
	hall. He rejoined the Coyotes after Clyde busted him out during a prison

Basic Stats:
	Acc.: 128   Top Spd.: 92
	Armor: 352  Avoid: 112

Hawk's Scorecard:
	Steering: C+   Special: A+
	Acc.: B        Top Spd.: D-
	Armor: A+      Avoid: D-
	Fun: B+
          Average: B-

Hawk's Notes: Out of all the heavy weights I like Molo the best. That special
	voice-over gets really annoying though. His avoid level doesn't help
	with is size.

*Lord Clyde* -Locked- (returning with a new team and special)
Car: Excelsior Stretch Limo
	- 1st chassis = Normal limo with black cloth roof
	- 2nd chassis = Same but more streamlined and a solid metal roof
Special: Chain Lightning
	- This gets it's name from it's affect. It forms a chain of near friend or
	foe vehicles that are located around Clyde. Each person increases the
	effective range of this move.
	DAMAGE: Average to all attacked cars

Bio: 2017: Ex-Vigilante Slick Clyde turned OMAR leader. In his most desperate
	move yet, he acquired a time-travel device to send himself back to the days
	when OMAR still had a chance of putting America out of business - the '70's.

Basic Stats:
	Acc.: 270   Top Spd.: 260
	Armor: 280  Avoid: 74

Hawk's Scorecard:
	Steering:   Special:
	Acc.:       Top Spd.:
	Armor:      Avoid:

Hawk's Notes:

*Obake* -Locked- (new)
Car: Tsunami
	- 1st chassis = Small and very low space, all view window, custom propulsion
	- 2nd chassis = Still small, covered view window, bad look with propulsion 
Special: Rift Blade 
	- This is a small blade attachment on the front of your car that, when
	activated, accelerates you to top speed in a beam of white light.
	DAMAGE: Very High

Bio: Lord Clyde's favorite pupil, Obake, was adopted by OMAR as a small child
	and trained as a special operative for the company. She was requested to
	accompany Clyde on his latest mission to the past.

Basic Stats:
	Acc.: 400   Top Spd.: 400
	Armor: 62   Avoid: 228

Hawk's Scorecard:
	Steering:   Special:
	Acc.:       Top Spd.:
	Armor:      Avoid:

Hawk's Notes:

*Boogie* -Locked, No quest- (returning)
Car: Marathon
	- 1st chassis = Extremely compact car
	- 2nd chassis = Compact pick-up truck
Special: Disco Inferno
	- Like Super Invasion, it's the same weapon only less powerful. The
	deference isn't as noticeable with the Disco Inferno than the other. Floating
	inflatable disco ball that throws multi-colored flares towards your target.
	DAMAGE: Low/Average

Bio: <Made by Demonic Corn Chip> The slammer wasn't exactly the perfect place
	for Disco to pull a dance move. When Clyde broke him out, he stole the
	sheriff's Marathon. The party has started up again!

Basic Stats:
	Acc.: 218   Top Spd.: 120
	Armor: 74   Avoid: 400

Hawk's Scorecard:
	Steering:   Special:
	Acc.:       Top Spd.:
	Armor:      Avoid:

Hawk's Notes:

	Drifters should tell you the basics about everyone on this team. They are
all out for themselves. This is the only team that you will face enemies from all 3
teams at the same time while playing quest mode.

*Astronaut Bob O.* (new)
Car: Moon Trekker
	- 1st chassis = Bubble wind shielded vehicle with large wheels set well
	below the car
	- 2nd chassis = More industrial looking with metal cockpit and large round
	solar panel
Special: Collector
	- This is a pair of sample collectors that causes the enemy to hover just
	in front of your car while hitting it repeatedly with the arms. This can knock
	off weapons. 
	DAMAGE: Average/High

Bio: No one ever heard the astronaut speak, or saw his face, which was always
	hidden behind a helmet. He was simply known as Bob O. When new auto skirmishes
	began in the fall of 1977, Bob's rover was often reported seen admist the

Basic Stats:
	Acc.: 322   Top Spd.: 64
	Armor: 134  Avoid: 308

Hawk's Scorecard:
	Steering:   Special:
	Acc.:       Top Spd.:
	Armor:      Avoid:

Hawk's Notes:

*Garbage Man* (new)
Car: Grubb Dual Loader
	- 1st chassis = Everyone knows what a dump truck looks like right?
	- 2nd chassis = Huge cockroach, streamlined with pointed ends and new special
Special: Compactor
	- The basics of this move remain the same. It's the object that does the first
	part that changes. For the first chassis, it is a double pronged dumpster lift.
	In the second chassis it's a pair of mandibles. Basically activate the special
	to move it to it's ready position then run into an enemy. If it's a small
	enemy then it will be lifted and dropped into the compactor of the truck. If
	the enemy is large then it will be banged on the ground a couple of times till
	it is tossed forward.

Bio: He was first spotted in 1976 near Nevada, rummaging through a landfill.
	He's been seen as far as Florida and Oregon but didn't appear associated with
	any trash company. No one knew what he did with the stolen refuse...

Basic Stats:
	Acc.: 180   Top Spd.: 50
	Armor: 376  Avoid: 78

Hawk's Scorecard:
	Steering:   Special:
	Acc.:       Top Spd.:
	Armor:      Avoid:

Hawk's Notes:

*Agent R. Chase* (new)
Car: Chrono Stinger
	- 1st chassis = An almost exact copy of the Dodge Prowler, only roofed
	- 2nd chassis = One heck of a dragster
Special: Hard Time
	- This freezes time in an area for a while. The closer to an enemy it
	activates, the longer the affect lasts. This freezes everything from enemies,
	friends, level objects, and even the spinning of weapons and power ups.

Bio: 2017: Agent Chase-one of the CIA's best detectives-had been following OMAR
	and its enigmatic leader, Lord Clyde, for years. Following the discovery of
	Clyde's time warp, Agent Chase volunteered to travel to the '70s, to apprehend
	Clyde and bring him back.

Basic Stats:
	Acc.: 374   Top Spd.: 330
	Armor: 98   Avoid: 224

Hawk's Scorecard:
	Steering:   Special:
	Acc.:       Top Spd.:
	Armor:      Avoid:

Hawk's Notes:

*Chassey Blue* - Locked - (returning with new special)
Car: Vertigo
	- 1st chassis = Small sports car
	- 2nd chassis = A rocket/car mix
Special: Star Power
	- Sends a small satellite which tracks your target. When it gets close(or runs
	to its limit) it opens up with a continuous beam of energy. Has short range.
	DAMAGE: Average/High

Bio: After joining the FBI, the agency wanted Chassey to investigate reports of
	renewed Coyote activity in Arizona, and its possible connection to local time
	disparities and abnormal weather patterns.

Basic Stats:
	Acc.: 338   Top Spd.: 372
	Armor: 110  Avoid: 186

Hawk's Scorecard:
	Steering:   Special:
	Acc.:       Top Spd.:
	Armor:      Avoid:

Hawk's Notes:

*Padre Destino* - Locked -  (new)
Car: Goliath Half-track
	- 1st chassis = Standard army half-track open troop transport
	- 2nd chassis = Same thing only smaller, covered, and darker colored
Special: Hades Gate
	- Creates circling rings of fire while the vehicle goes onto its nose. The
	vehicle then disappears into the ground and explode into the sky from under
	the enemy. It you score a direct hit you set the enemy on fire. A non-direct
	hit just sends them into the air. It has to have a direct hit to cause damage.
	DAMAGE: Very High

Bio: This traveling preacher was busy spreading the word, however, not by
	singing gospel. Instead, he was promoting the idea of impending Armageddon.
	To this effect, he liked to follow each of his sermons with a good dose
	of destruction...

Basic Stats:
	Acc.: 322   Top Spd.: 120
	Armor: 328  Avoid: 50

Hawk's Scorecard:
	Steering:   Special:
	Acc.:       Top Spd.:
	Armor:      Avoid:

Hawk's Notes:

*Dusty "Earth"* - Locked, No Quest-  (new)
Car: Wapiti 4WD
	- 1st chassis = Looks like an old model of a Suburban Outback
	- 2nd chassis = There's a difference between them?!?! I can't tell.
Special: Tribal Magic
	- This send out the falcon circling above your car towards your target. If the
	enemy is close enough then it will swoop down and create a tornado around him.
	This catches any car close to it, even you if you are that close. It will
	total any car caught if they are that low, even you yourself. This is the
	only special I've seen you can total yourself with.
	DAMAGE: Average to all cars

Bio: <Created by Hawk of War>Dusty heard of the oil problems throughout the
	world. He hoped it wouldn't affect his tribe, but don't trust hope. Dusty
	had to stand by through the destruction of many things. He consulted tribal
	ancestors many times and was told to get ready. When he saw the falcon on his
	car, he knew it was time...

Basic Stats:
	Acc.: 374   Top Spd.: 232
	Armor: 158  Avoid: 190

Hawk's Scorecard:
	Steering:   Special:
	Acc.:       Top Spd.:
	Armor:      Avoid:

Hawk's Notes:

6.) Quest Walkthroughs

	In this section, there is only 3 walkthroughs, one for each team each person
of each team follows that walkthrough. Therefore Dallas 13 and Molo have the same
quest as Clyde.

	In this section I will give the first 2 requirements followed by the location
of the major points for each objective. Notice that objective C will always be
destroy all enemies, therefore there's no reason to list it. Also notice that an
enemy can always carry a required object no matter if I have put so down or not. If
you don't find what your looking for in these locations, start killing. Also note
that there won't always be an item in the location I displayed.

CAUTION: Even though I might say items might be located there doesn't mean that I'm
	right. There won't always be items located in every spot but that doesn't mean
	that I'm wrong. Please make sure that you check to see if an item never
	appears there before reporting a bad spot first.

NOTE: If you see something that says "look at...", "See...", or "Use the... trick."
	Then most likely I'm saying use the trick displayed under that level in the
	Level Tricks/Descriptions section.


(1)Arizona, Meteor Crater     Enemy count: 1 normal
   A.) Locate enemy documents
	- collect 2 Briefcases
   B.) Protect Meteor Observatory

	- The Observatory is the big building with the tower on it.

	- Area behind observatory(see Secret Area trick)
	- Under observatory overhang
	- Between drive-in movie screen and ticket booth
	- behind donut shop on cliff

(2)Louisiana, Ghastly Bayou     Enemy count: 1 normal
   A.) Retrieve Coyote stash from Tombs
	- collect 2 Briefcases
   B.) Protect Tombs

	- The Tombs are the rectangle and small house looking things surrounding
	the big building that you can warp through.

	- This is kind of tough if you haven't done it before. You have to hit random
	tombs until a briefcase pops out. The only problem is not every tomb houses
	a briefcase. Don't sit there all day destroying tombs because briefcases
	don't pop out. After a short time quit otherwise you'll destroy the tomb
	and fail.

(3)Florida, Launch Site     Enemy count: 2 normal
   A.) Disarm NASA building and Comm Tower
	- collect 3 bombs
   B.) Protect and launch Apollo Rocket

	-See "Rocket Launching."

	- In NASA launch control room(the one used above)
	- On small island reached by shallow water or by hydrofloaters

(4)Pennsylvania, Steel Mill     Enemy count: 1 normal + 1 maxed
   A.) Locate Spare Parts
	- collect 3 supply boxes
   B.) Protect money train
	- The money train is the object on the track that looks like a train of
	today(duh!) that is moving, not stationary meaning that the unhitched cars
	are ok to destroy. The train can become stationary if the engine is destroy
	but still don't destroy it.

	- In money train, use the same technique used on the tombs on all cars of
	the train.
	- On the opposite of the train tracks side and to the right from the
	starting point.
	- Directly behind the starting point.

(5)Minnesota, Power Plant     Enemy count: 3 normal
   A.) Disarm Plant booby traps
	- collect 3 bombs
   B.) Protect Nuclear Reactors.

	- The reactors are actually out of the way and are almost impossible to
	destroy on accident. They are in the big towers near the start.

 POSSIBLE LOACTIONS: (all in building)
	- Between Turbines(big orange red things)
	- Under pipes from the wall
	- In control room, up the ramp

(6)Utah, Winter Games     Enemy count: 3 normal
   A.) Bring stolen prize money to Lodge
	- collect and deliver 3 Briefcases
   B.) Protect Lodge

	- The Lodge is the big building at the bottom.

	- IN ENEMIES!!! This is one heck of a hard level. There is one briefcase in
	each enemy. Take this one at a time otherwise you will be running around and
	run out of time before you can deliver all the items. Destroy one enemy and
	take his briefcase to the lodge and repeat till your done. Make sure you are
	near the lodge when you kill the last enemy.

(7)California, Pacific Harbor     Enemy count: 3 normal + 1 maxed
   A.) Locate shipments of contraband fuses
	- collect 4 supply boxes
   B.) Protect Barge

	- If you don't know what a barge is your either a little kid or don't get
	out enough.	It's a ship, and since there's only one ship in this level it
	shouldn't be too hard.

	- Opposite side of the bridge to the right, near containers
	- In the big group of containers towards the back of the level
	- In the steal buildings at the back of the level
	- In the dock house(building with open 4 doors, 3 with ramps, sticking out
	to water)
	- In water just next to dock house

(8)Alaska, Alaskan Pipeline     Enemy count: 3 normal + 1 boss
   A.) Dispose booby trap bombs into ocean
	- collect and deliver 5 bombs
   B.) Protect Oil Silos

	- The oil silos are the round structures scattered throughout the level.
	- The ocean is the black water(oil?) at the end of the stage.

	- Under/over walkways linking oil silos
	- Under machinery archway just right of the level start
	- Under pipeline supports


(1)Arizona, Meteor Crater     Enemy count: 1 normal
   A.) Locate extra explosives
	- collect 3 bombs 
   B.) Destroy Gas Stations

	- If you don't know what a gas station is, you are in trouble. There's one
	behind the starting point and another on the cliff. You only have to destroy

	- Under observatory overhang
	- Behind mesa(flat mountain) behind the drive in movie
	- Behind donut shop near the start
	- In hidden area behind observatory(see Secret Area)

(2)Utah, Winter Games     Enemy count: 1 normal
   A.)Lift prize money
	- collect 4 briefcases
   B.) Destroy Lodge

	- As said before, the lodge is the big building at the bottom of the level.

	- At the end of the ski jump
	- Hovering off the 1st place stand(use as a ramp)
	- On platform below scoreboard
	- On ledge of lodge, break open door and enter
	- In corner of the back of the lodge

(3)California, Pacific Harbor     Enemy count: 2 normal
   A.) Steal warehouse shipments
	- collect 4 supply boxes
   B.) Destroy container crates

	- The container crates are the orange-red objects through out the level.

	- Hovering outside the windows of the many doored warehouse. Try all doors.
	- Steel buildings at the back of the level.
	- Dock house(4 open doored building on water)

(4)Alaska, Alaskan Pipeline     Enemy count: 1 normal + 1 maxed
   A.) Spill gasoline around refinery
	- collect and deliver 4 fuel cans
   B.) Destroy refinery

	- The refinery is the group of machinery that you start in NOT including
	the oil silo located there also.

	- Straight from start near spherical oil container
	- Three tri-barrel groups behind start
	- Hovering off docks, use docks as ramp
	- Above oil silo walkways
	- On cliff near water line 

(5)Minnesota, Nuclear Plant     Enemy count: 3 normal
   A.) Gather bombs and booby trap main plant
	- collect and deliver 5 bombs
   B.) Destroy nuclear reactors

	- The main plant is just the big building with the turbines and control room.
	- See "Troublesome Reactors"

	- Platform from the first right from start, corners and one side
	- Extreme side of level behind start
	- Extreme corner of level near the transformers

(6)Louisiana, Ghastly Bayou     Enemy count: 2 normal + 1 maxed
   A.) Move dirty money to large crypt
	- collect and deliver 5 briefcases
   B.) Destroy sugar mills

	- The large crypt is just the big building near all the crypts in the Veegee's
	- The sugar mills are the round structures near the sugar cane(tall grass

	- On docks with small buildings, destroy buildings to get them
	- Floating above the lake. See Gator's Revenge or  the
	"Noah's Flood" level trick.

(7)Florida, Launch Site     Enemy count: 3 normal + 1 maxed
   A.) Scavenge for Nitrous Oxide
	- collect 6 fuels cans
   B.) Destroy rocket transport

	- The rocket transport is the big the you start next to. Don't launch the
	rocket before destroying the transport.

	- Back/front of shuttle
	- In exhaust tunnel
	- Small fenced-in island
	- Corners of level on water
	- On edge of cliff near launch tower

(8)Pennsylvania, Steel Mill     Enemy count: 3 enemies + 1 boss
   A.) Rob train and hide cash near long bridge
	- collect and deliver 4 briefcases
   B.) Destroy mill buildings

	- The mill buildings are the 2 big buildings on the level(duh!). The only
	problem is that it takes a while to destroy. Luckily you only have to destroy
	- Don't even THINK that I'm going to tell you what the long bridge is.

	- All briefcases are in the train. Either riddle each car or destroy them all.
	If the engine is destroy not by your hand then you might as well start over.
	There's no way to get the 4th briefcase if it runs off a bridge or into 
	one of the detached cars.


(1)Arizona, Meteor Crater     Enemy count: 1 normal
   A.) Obtain extra fuel
	- collect 2 fuel cans
   B.) Evade Police

	- Evading the police shouldn't be hard if you go slow around them or go as
	fast as possible if they start after you.

	- Between gas stations and pumps
	- Behind donut shop on cliff
	- Between movie screen and ticket office
	- In secret area behind observatory(see Secret Area)

(2)California, Pacific Harbor     Enemy count: 1 normal
   A.) Locate enemy weaponry
	- collect 3 supply boxes
   B.) Create road block
	- force cargo truck to stop on bridge

	- Creating a road block can be tricky if you don't managed it on the trucks
	first pass. Run out onto the long bridge and get yourself centered on the
	bridge and hit the breaks. Keep the break down on the floor even when the
	truck runs into you. If you are centered then the truck should bounce you
	straight back a couple of times until it stops

	- In dockhouse
	- In the group of container crates near dockhouse
	- Across the bridge from the start and to the right

(3)Alaska, Alaskan Pipeline     Enemy count: 2 normal
   A.) Transport excess oil to large silos
	- collect and deliver 3 fuel cans
   B.) Break up amassing icebergs

	- The icebergs are the big white things on the water, 'nuff said.

	- Straight forward from start near spherical container
	- On the small ledge to the left of the start
	- Next to the triple barrel groups behind the start
	- On the big ledge near the water

(4)Minnesota, Nuclear Plant     Enemy count: 1 normal + 1 maxed
   A.) Stash plant plans into nuclear waste casks
	- collect and deliver 4 briefcases
   B.) Avoid radioactive contamination

	- The casks are the upright circular containers to the right of the start.
	- Avoiding radiation shouldn't be too hard as long as you stay away from
	the reactors and forklift. Also don't shoot a casks when delivering the

	- Under pipes in main complex
	- In control room

(5)Utah, Winter Games   Enemy count: 3 normal
   A.) Distribute parts to gondola stations
	- collect and deliver 4 supply boxes
   B.) Beat record of each winter sport

	- The gondola stations are the buildings at the top and bottom of the mountain
	- Refer to all the SPORT's on this level for description of each.

	- On the speed run
	- In the corner in the back of the lodge
	- On the ledge of the lodge
	- Near where the gondola drops you off going up
	- Behind the condos

(6)Louisiana, Ghastly Bayou     Enemy count: 3 normal
   A.) Locate hidden explosives
	- collect 6 bombs
   B.) Trap the alligator

	- Refer to Gator Huntin' to trap the alligator.

	- Floating above the water(Refer to Gator's Revenge and Noah's Flood)
	- In sugar cane(tall grass)
	- Under the bridges over water
	- On the docks with small buildings
	- Along the back of the level.

(7)Pennsylvania, Steel Mill     Enemy count: 3 normal + 1 maxed
   A.) Provide fuel for outside furnaces
	- collect and deliver 5 fuel cans
   B.) Stop train at service dock

	- The outside furnace is the steel and red painted object near the steel
	- Stopping the train can be tricky. Refer to Train Controls. This should be
	done before Objective A.

	- On/near coal mounds
	- Near small bridge
	- On second level of one of the steel buildings
	- On the opposite side of the tracks from the start
	- In the middle of the tracks at the service dock
	- On the shoreline near the long bridge
	- In the maxed out car

(8)Florida, Launch Site     Enemy count: 3 normal + 1 boss
   A.) Bring debris from orbit to NASA building
	- collect and deliver 5 supply boxes
   B.) Force enemies into wind tunnels

	- The NASA building is the big blue building near the start.
	- The wind tunnels are the long buildings that push you around the level.
	Blow open the side or back and enter and wait for an enemy to come along. You
	only have to get one enemy in a windtunnel. Therefore you need 2 enemies into
	different tunnels.

	- Refer to Makeshift Rocket.

7.) Character Stories/Enemies


Level 1-Arizona
   Story-UC Berkeley was a hip place to study and play, or more like... play, then
study.  OK, forget study altogether.  For better or worse, Sheila had clearly
undergone a transformation at the university.  Now, summoned by her old buddy
Torque, she's heading back to Arizona. Something's up with Houston and uncle
Enemies-Moon Trekker

Level 2-Louisiana
   Story-Sheila never arrived at Convoy's service station-she was attacked by some
lunatic near the meteor crater! After the battle, Torque met Sheila near Flagstaff,
Sheila can't believe the news-her uncle is dead?  She's devistated.  Torque thinks
Houston may have survived the attack-Sheila must fine her...
Enemies-El Guerrero

Level 3-Florida
   Story-Houston is alive-what a relief!  It gets better when Houston tells Sheila
of her master plan to bring Convoy back. Coolness, sister!  Slick Clyde gone bad? 
Not a surprise really, she never liked the dweeb anyway.  Now, Sheila is ready to
kick some butt...
Enemies-Goliath Halftrack, Moon Trekker

Level 4-Pennsylvania
   Story-Wow, who is the fireball of a girl in the silver car?  Could it be... FBI
agent Chassey Blue?!  Sheila is impressed-looks like she isn't the only one to
undergo a major makeover. Chassey has definitely taken a turn for the better-the
clothes, the hair, the car!  She didn't even bust Sheila for vigilantism-how cool is
Enemies-Excelsior Stretch Limo, Palomino XIII

Level 5-Minnesota
   Story-It looks like several well-known Coyotes are on the loose, including Molo.
To top it off, Sid Burn's ex-flame Nina is now supplying arms to Clyde.  The police
remain concentrated in larger cities, so the outback is a free-for-all.  Sounds just
like the old days... no biggie!
Enemies-Blue Burro Bus, El Guerrero, Grubb Dual Loader

Level 6-Utah
   Story-According to Chassey, Clyde sent his crew to rob the Olympus resort so that
he can continue funding his terrorist operations.  Since Chassey was ordered to stay
close to Clyde, she suggested that Sheila take a trip to Utah and protect the
resort.  No problemo! Unfortunately, she arrives too late...
Enemies-Tsunami, Palomino XIII, Marathon

Level 7-California
   Story-Helping Chassey actually feels like being an agent!  Sheila is totally into
it-she's even referring to herself as "Convoy's Angel", in memory of her great
uncle.  Torque thinks she's gone cuckoo, but Houston likes the moniker.  Supposedly,
there is some contraband coming into the harbor... Angel is on the case!
Enemies-Grubb Dual Loader, Moon Trekker, El Guerrero, Excelsior Stretch Limo

Level 8-Alaska(FINAL LEVEL)
   Story-Chassey can see the crazy kid has potential. She promises to arrange for a
scholarship for Sheila in the fabled FBI Academy, provided Sheila can prove she's
serious about it.  What a better opportunity to show initiative than to bust the
notorious conman Boogie booby-trapping a major U.S. refinery?
Enemies-Tsunami, Palomino XIII, Blue Burro Bus

**John Torque**
Level 1-Arizona
   Story-Does anyone have a problem with John Torque's latest gig?  J.T. has had it
with the jokes!  Shoot, a bounty hunter is as honest of a job as any, right?
Besides, there is some decent bread to be made in capturing wanted crooks, and it's
fun too!  Especially when the felon is the foxy Nina Loco...

Level 2-Louisiana
   Story-What's going on here?!  While tracking Nina in Arizona, Torque gets
ambushed by...  Boogie?!  Looks like Nina busted the dance-freak outta jail!  On top
of that, Torque finds Convoy's place ablaze and abandoned.  He immediately phones
Sheila in California, then sets out after the perpetrators...
Enemies-Blue Burro Bus

Level 3-Florida
   Story-First Boogie and now... Molo?!  Is it Torque's worst freaking nightmare, or
what?!  He sure hopes the Coyotes haven't caused Convoy or Houston any hurt-he's got
to find his friends fast!  Following reports of attacks on civilians by strange
flying cars, J.T. continues on to Florida...
Enemies-Palomino XIII, Tsunami

Level 4-Pennsylcania
   Story-Finally, Torque runs into Houston.  She is alive and well, but she tells
him that Convoy is... dead?!  J.T. can't believe his mentor is gone. He also has a
difficult time grasping Houston's stories of Slick Clyde traveling through time and
all.  Good thing the girl has a plan of attack...
Enemies-Marathon, Excelsior Stretch Limo

Level 5-Minnesota
   Story-Houston asks Torque to follow some suspects to Minnesota.  It is unclear
whether these crazies are associated with the Coyotes, but it's obvious that they're
up to no good.  When Torque catches up with the gangsters at Pander Island, he finds
the place booby-trapped with explosives!
Enemies-Grubb Dual Loader, Moon Trekker, Goliath Halftrack

Level 6-Utah
   Story-The efforts of the Vigilantes are paying off. Now, Houston is determined to
get her hands on one of Clyde's time-travel gadgets; who knows why?  Torque is off
to Utah.  Supposedly, Nina and gang hit a ski resort and took off with lotsa cash.
J.T. would be darned if he didn't look into it...
Enemies-Tsunami, Palomino XIII, Blue Burro Bus

Level 7-California
   Story-Whoa!!  Having obtained the time-travel device, Houston rewound time by a
few weeks and now it's back to square one.  Only this time, her hubby Convoy is
alive!  Cool, brother!  Now the Coyotes are toast. It's about time J.T. captured
Nina.  Not so fast-Torque falls right into Nina's trap at the harbor...
Enemies-Grubb Dual Loader, Goliath Halftrack, Marathon, Excelsior

Level 8-Alaska(FINAL LEVEL)
   Story-This Nina girl is a cunning creature-it is the second time she has evaded
Torque.  Is Nina truly bad, or is she simply trying to survive in this world gone
mad?  It sure looks like she's up to her neck in trouble, yet she continues to weave
her webs of deception.  Is three times a charm?
Enemies-Tsunami, Palomino XIII, Blue Burro Bus
Boss-El Guerrero

**All-Star Trio**
Level 1-Arizona
   Story-As siblings go, Tomey, Romey, and Leilah do not always agree, but there are
two things all of them love unanimously-their missing older sister Tanyah and their
stunt cycles.  So, when Tomey spotted a picture of Tanyah in a paper one fateful
morning, the trio hit the road right there and then, without any arguing.
Enemies-Moon Trekker

Level 2-Louisiana
   Story-The local folk sure recognize Tanyah's picture, though down here she seems
to be known as "Houston".  In the past two days, the siblings got more leads than
they did during the entire year of their milk carton campaign!  Ok, let's follow
this Boogie dude-looks like he's one of the gangstas!

Level 3-Florida
   Story-Finally, a break!  The team runs into a secret agent wannabe named Sheila,
who claims to know Houston personally. Sounds like the gangstas killed Houston's old
man, but their sister may be alive!  As a matter of fact, Sheila suspects Houston is
after the Coyotes for revenge.  Ok, team-time to join the Vigilantes!
Enemies-Palomino XIII, Goliath Halftrack

Level 4-Pennsylvania
   Story-A black T,bolt joins the battle and helps out the team.  It's Vigilante
brother Torque, who is also searching for Houston.  Torque is leery of the kids and
their missing sister stories-are these brats simply looking to pull a publicity
stunt? Nevertheless, he agrees to spread the word.  They part ways and the team
heads east...
Enemies-Excelsior Stretch Limo, Marathon

Level 5-Minnesota
   Story-Team FAST continues their search for Houston. Following a lead from a
juvenile prison bus driver, they arrive in eastern Minnesota Bingo!  Among the
remnants of battle, the siblings find orange towing gear, matching the make Houston
is reportedly driving. Suddenly, drifters spring a surprise attack!
Enemies-Grubb Dual Loader, Moon Trekker, Goliath Halftrack

Level 6-Utah
   Story-The tip was a trap!  Fortunately, those lunatics were no match for the
trio.  The fatso in the bus will get it, in his own good time. Right now, the FAST
kids are on the trail of the Coyote gangsta leader. Looks like they're headed into
Utah's snowy highlands. Hey team-gottaput some chains on them tires!
Enemies-Tsunami, Palomino XIII, Excelsior Stretch Limo

Level 7-California
   Story-What a chill!  The stunt kids froze their butts off, but they showed the
geezer how it's done in America.  They've never seen anyone limp so fast-the creep
escaped!  No matter, the other Veegees will get him.  Sheila wants the meet at the
coast.  When the team arrives at the harbor, they find a lone FBI car overwhelmed by
      C-Destroy all enemies
Enemies-Grubb Dual Loader, Goliath Halftrack, Marathon, El Guerrero

Level 8-Alaska(FINAL LEVEL)
   Story-The kids are stunned to discover the identity of the FBI car driver-it's
Sheila!  Looks like she's got a new job and some exciting news-with the help of the
agency, Sheila managed to track down Houston! The "reunion" is scheduled at the FBI
campus in one week.  Sounds like enough time to settle some scores...
Enemies-Tsunami, Palomino XIII, Excelsior Stretch Limo
Boss-Blue Burro Bus



**Astronaut Bob O.**
Level 1-Arizona
   Story-Since Bob's rampage had first begun, he was labeled an animal, freak,
lunatic, vandel, and everything else in-between.  He clearly has developed the
reputation of someone with less than desirable qualities. Well sure, but as Bob O.
would readily admit, there is a good reason for that...

Level 2-California
   Story-So, why is Bob O. in such a terrible state of mind?  How about a life's
dream shattered?  Well, there!  To the weak, this would be reason enough to end
their life; to the strong, a reason to start over; but Bob O. is a different kind of
animal-he just went berserk!
Enemies-Palomino XIII

Level 3-Alaska
   Story-Bob O. had been training for a space mission for years.  He had undergone
countless tests and some very, very unpleasant experiments.  They were long,
grueling years, but the NASA guys always knew how to keep the aspiring space
traveler motivated.  And motivated he was...
Enemies-Vertigo, Chrono Stinger

Level 4-Minnesota
   Story-Then, only days before the launch, some motorized gangsters raided the Cape
and destroyed most of the NASA compound, including the Prometheus-Bob's ticket to
orbit.  No rocket, no launch, no dream. Poof, gone!  Fine, but there is no way in
heck Bob O. will return to training labs and his sadist instructors!
Enemies-Samson Tow Truck, Xanadu RV

Level 5-Utah
   Story-Distressed over the events, Bob O. went ape-he bit the ear off one of the
instructors and ran for it.  On his way out, he stole an experimental Moon Trekker
from one of the hangars and has been wanted since.  While Bob O. is clearly a felon,
his actions can be quite puzzling at times...
Enemies-Marathon, Blue Burro Bus, El Guerrero

Level 6-Louisiana
   Story-In Louisiana, Bob O. runs into an overzealous garbage man, intent of
stripping the solar panels from his rover. The garbage man even tries to distract
Bob with a fresh, juicy bunch of bananas-what a devil!  Bob isn't buying it.  When
the garbage man doesn't let up, the astronaut gives him a beating...
Enemies-Palomino XIII, Tsunami, Excelsior Stretch Limo

Level 7-Pennsylvania
   Story-The trash man got it good, but continues to follow Bob O.  The astronaut
doesn't mind, truth be told the garbage man intrigues him-there's something
otherworldly about the hobo.  Bob has got a nose for things like that.  He decides
to look further into it...
Enemies-Wonderwagon, Xanadu RV, Livingston Truck, Thunderbolt

Level 8-Florida(FINAL LEVEL)
   Story-Bob O. has the garbage man figured out-he is convinced that the hobo is an
alien in disguise!  And...  Bob O. would bet a banana that he has a space craft
stashed somewhere too!  Who cares about NASA and its new Apollo-forget the orbit!
If Bob can hook up with the alien, he will conquer galaxies!
Enemies-Wapiti 4WD, Chrono Stinger, Vertigo
Boss-Duel Grubb Loader

**Garbage Man**
Level 1-Arizona
   Story-The Garbage Man isn't used to the ways of the locals-all this hostility and
violence have gradually turned him into a savage. Originally he had traveled here in
search of a lost friend, but due to an unforeseen problem, he was forced to stay and
blend in.  Hopefully not for long...
Enemies-Chrono Stinger

Level 2-California
   Story-The Garbage Man has been around awhile, but people still puzzle him. 
Sometimes he tries to help them, but often they turn on him, as if he was some
mutant!  Granted, the G'Man doesn't really fit in-he is different, but so what?
Enemies-Xanadu RV

Level 3-Alaska
   Story-A lady named Houston offers the Garbage Man several totaled cars in
exchange for a little assistance-what a sweet human!  Sure, the Garbage Man will
gladly escort her up north-the girl looks truly distressed.  Suddenly, an unexpected
Enemies-Palomino XIII, Tsunami

Level 4-Minnesota
   Story-The refinery was a treasure trove-all these quality resouces! The Garbage
Man regrets not traveling to Alaska sooner, but it just never occured to him to
venture this far north.  Hey, who are those hooligans vearing down on the G'Man?
Enemies-Wapiti 4WD, Xanadu RV

Level 5-Utah
   Story-There is some ruckus going on in Utah.  The Garbage Man has learned to seek
out such disturbances as they often bear bountiful amounts of useful salvage.  The
mechanic at the Olympus Resort offers the Garbage Man a few old battery banks, if
the G'Man can help him keep the lifts operational.  What a precious find!
Enemies-Thunderbolt, Marathon, Livingston Truck

Level 6-Louisiana
   Story-Who is this space fanatic following the Garbage Man?  Hey look, his rover
carries high-absorption solar panels, the G'Man has been looking for those
everywhere!  Since he's had quite a bit of luck bartering with the natives lately,
the G'Man attempts to negociate a trade with the astronaut.  Bad idea!
Enemies-Blue Burro Bus, Tsunami, Excelsior Stretch Limo

Level 7-Pennyslvania
   Story-Whoa, the spaceman turned out to be another vicious freak!  Is there
anything the Garbage Man can offer Bob for these fine panels, or will he have to
muscle them out of him?  A forceful approach would be easy enough, but for some
strange reason, the G'Man seems to like the weirdo...
Enemies-Stunt Cycle, Samson Tow Truck, Xanadu RV, Livingston Truck

Level 8-Florida(FINAL LEVEL)
   Story-To get the solar panels, the G'Man decides to draw Bob into a trap.  He
loads up on bananas and makes his way back to the NASA compound; now heavily guarded
by goverment agents. The astronaut knows he's wanted there, yet he can't resist the
trashman's lure.  The G'Man hopes the agents will jump Bob...he hopes wrong...
Enemies-Wapiti 4WD, Chrono Stinger, Vertigo
Boss-Moon Trekker

8.) Level Tricks/Descriptions

	This section tells you the basics of each level, tricks and dangers placed in
them. It is divided into 2 sections, New and Old.

Trick = Something that either deals damage to computer players alone, gives you
	items, or doesn't cause damage/disadvantage to just a few vehicles at a time.

Danger = Causes damage to human players or causes disadvantages to only a few


*Meteor Crater*
State: Arizona
Overview: Big meteor crater in the a canyon type area. Has an observatory and
	drive in movie. Has many mesas and cliffs.

1.) Donuts of Doom:
	- Destroy the 2 donut shops without destroying the "super donuts" on top
	to send those donuts rolling around the level destroying things.
2.) Secret Area:
	- Sometimes when you enter the side door of the observatory you will enter
	an area behind the observatory housing 2 specials and 2 repairs.
3.) Pit stop and Gas:
	- Drive in between a gas station and it's pumps to get free armor repairs.
	Also there is a repair icon hidden in the garage door. Just blow it open.

1.) Falling Meteors:
	- Every now and then a meteor will hit randomly around the level.
2.) Attack of the Space Ant!:
	-Destroy the observatory. Wait for the big boom. Then go to the crater and
	destroy the meteor there. The ant can be destroyed and another meteor will
	land. When the ant is released it will attack ANYTHING! It even attacks you
	when you release it(that's hospitality for you). It likes to stomp and laser
	people who near the crater.

*Winter Games*
State: Utah
Description: Much like the original's Ski Resort. This level includes a gondola
	and T-bar lift. Even has a placement podium for 1st place!

1.) Ride the gondola:
	- Blow up the door on one of the gondola stations and wait for a gondola to
	arrive at that station. Then enter the station. You should be in the gondola
	going up or down the mountain grabbing objects and getting a nice ride. A hit
	to the gondola will blow it up and send you to the ground.
2.) Ride the T-bar:
	- Either sit in the bottom station(4-legged platform)or on the up side of the
	lift and wait for a bar to come along. It should attach to your car and give
	you a pull up the mountain.
3.) SPORT-Speed Course:
	- The speed course is the winter sport farest to the right(from mountain top
	looking down). Enter the start gate and go with the flow downhill. Steering
	is limited during this event but still possible. Usually has many object along
	the course.
4.) SPORT-Super Ski Jump:
	- The ski jump is the middle event. From the top of the mountain, blow up the
	door on the big tower and enter. Then proceed downhill.
5.) SPORT-Slalom Skiing:
	- The slalom course is the far left winter event. Enter the start gate and
	weave in and then out of either the red or blue, not both. Start by going on
	the inside.
6.) Lodge Bonus:
	- On the front of the lodge there should be a door with a deck above it. Shoot
	out the door and enter. You should be shot out of the top door on that ledge.


*Ghastly Bayou*
State: Louisiana
Description: Night time level filled with warps and a big lake. Has a big mass of

1.) Noah's Flood: 
	-Hit the cranks near the "bridges"(actually flood gates). Once you raise both
	to the top you should hear beeping. Quickly grab hydrofloaters. Great for
	gathering enemies into one area or grabbing objects high above the water.
2.) Gator Huntin':
	- Stay near the swirling mass in the water. The alligator should start to
	try to bite you. Eventually if you are close enough the alligator will get
	trapped. You'll get 2 specials and a repair icon. Caution: You and enemies
	can also get trapped.
3.) Warp-O'-Mania
	- Whenever a swirling mass appears in the large crypt or the farm house,
	enter to warp to the other location.

1.) Gator's Revenge:
	- Whenever you or an enemy is invading the water the alligator will chase
	and bite that car causing damage to it and tossing it into the air. The
	gator can only chase one car at a time.
2.) Vengeful Spirits:
	- If you happen to destroy a crypt then the ghost of the person in there
	will attack you.

*Launch Site*
State: Florida
Description: This level is based on NASA if it was on an island(which it isn't).

1.) Rocket Launching:
	- You launch the rocket by blasting open the door on the NASA building and
	then enter. If you enter again before you start hearing "Go for Throttle up"
	then it will stop. If you enter again after you start hearing that then you
	will launch the rocket.
2.) Makeshift Rocket:
	- Go to the back of the launch tower to the warp tunnel. When the lights are
	green, enter to find yourself strapped to the front of a rocket engine ready
	for launch. You should be shot high into the air. Let yourself fall straight
	down or try to move and grab weapons, power-ups, or even required items on
	your way down. Can't be done if the launch tower is destroyed or if the Apollo
	rocket is in the launch position.

1.) Sentry Turrets:
	- Where ever you see a tower with a start painted on the side is a sentry
	turret. These only fire machine guns but can still cause damage.
2.) Rocket Exhaust:
	- When ever you have the rocket ready for launch and you hear "Go for Throttle
	up" flame will come out of the tunnel underneath the rocket. This blocks
	access and cause damage to who falls into the water during it.
3.) Wind tunnel Fun:
	- These are the long structures near the middle of the level. They suck
	anything into them when there are blue marks flying towards them. You can set
	a trap by blowing up the side or back of a tunnel and then entering and
	waiting. Don't touch the blue swirling object while inside or it will throw

*Steel Mill*
State: Pennsylvania
Description: A green level(as in plants) that is crowed by objects.

1.) Prize Crane:
	- Go into the steel mill building to the right of the start and go straight
	up the ramp	and the edge of the building. The magnetic crane should lift you
	and carry you across the beam and drop you on the other side.
2.) Train Controls:
	- The train is controlled by the switches with the circles on them. The way
	the switch	is positioned is the way the train will go. If you want to bring
	the train to the docking station make sure to destroy the extra cars first.

1.) Liquid Metal Crane:
	- This is located in the steel building to the right of the start. This
	attempts to pour liquid steel on any car. If it misses then it leaves a puddle
	that follows the nearest car.
2.) Fire Spouts:
	- These are also located in the building to the right. They spout fire
	but I'm not sure how they work or why they work.
3.) Fire Conveyor:
	- This is located on the ramp in the building to the left. This spits 
	out blocks of heated steel that goes down the small building outside. These
	blocks can be shot to where they form the homing puddles.

*Nuclear Plant*
State: Minnesota
Description: A Nuclear power plant. Kind of dull and boring.

1.) Puddles of High Fliers:
	- Drown you car in one of the fenced puddles to be shot out of the other one
	high into the air grabbing what is floating there.
2.) Turbines of Joy:
	- Go into the control room of the main building(up the ramp) and go to the
	columns in the middle. Touch one with a green light above. Go between the
	turbines in that building (the orange-red things) and wait to get a repair.

1.) Troublesome Reactors:
	- The reactors are the orange pulsating object in the round buildings near
	start. Destroy these with caution. Try to use long range weapons(Example:
	Bull's Eye Rockets) just with-in an accurate shooting distance, otherwise
	prepare for damage and radioactive burning. There is no way to avoid the
	engine stall. After all, Nothing stops an EMP burst.
2.) Turbines of Pain:
	- Go into the control room of the main building and hit a column with a
	red light. When something enters the space between the turbines they will
	get a shock of electricity flowing from one turbine to the other.
3.) Shocking Transformers:
	- Whenever a transformer along the back of the stage  has electricty flowing
	between the posts, AVOID IT! If you get too close, it will attract your car
	and you will get shocked.

*Alaskan Pipeline*
State: Alaska (duh!)
Description: A level that is wide open and extremely dull that is in our far north

1.) Pipeline Ride:
	- Enter the pipe anyway possible to take a ride to another spot.

1.) Killer Whale to Starboard Cap'n!:
	- This is just an orca swimming in the water. It's actually hard to get
	hit by.

*Pacific Harbor*
State: California
Description: A rather complex level with bridges and cranes and trucks and etc.
	and .....

1.) Halt The Truck:
	- To stop the truck go onto the long bridge and try to center yourself up
	as much as possible. The hit the brakes and wait for a cargo truck to come
	along. Continue to hold down the brakes and let the truck hit you a few times.
	It should stop after a few hits.
2.) Warehouse Launches:
	- There is a big warehouse with many doors and a couple of windows. All can be
	entered and all lead to a different door/window. Try them all to figure it
3.) Lighthouse for Hover:
	- At the end of the service road(what you start on), there is a big
	lighthouse. Blow open the door and enter to be shot out of the top with the
4.) Fake Weight Station:
	- This is a small hump with a flimsy arch above it. Whenever the lights are
	green, park on the hump for some extra health.



*Secret Base*
State: Nevada
Description: Airforce base with a more civilian type control center.

1.) The Secret Arsenal:
	- Go under the red lights next to one of the whole in the ground(actually
	missile silos). Then blow open the glass on the side of the command center
	and enter and go out the other side and pass under the object near that silo
	(which should now have one red light and the other green) to launch a missile.

1.) Sentry Turrets:
	- These turrets set on the ridge splitting the level in half. These fire
	laser beams that are rather powerful.

*Sand Factory*
State: Utah
Description: A level made out of dirt and metal.

1.) Ramp from Nowhere:
	- The little mound of dirt that you start near slowly over times builds
	into a ramp. This was added on in this game and does not happen in the
2.) Car Chute:
	- At the top of this level there is a rather large building. Blow open the
	door in the front and enter. Then you will be shot out of the chute on the
	side of the building.


*Oil Fields*
State: New Mexico
Description: This is a stage filled with metal.


1.) Pump Spouts:
	- If you happen to blow up an oil pump then occasionally a flame will shoot
	out of where that pump used to be.
2.) Gas Burners:
	- These are basically Brimstone Burners placed as part of a level. The ends
	of the pipes they are on can be destroyed to cause the fire only to show every
	few seconds. If you manage to pass these than you have access to a ramp filled
	with goodies.

*Aircraft Graveyard*
State: Arizona
Description: A level of twisted aircraft parts and junky bombers.

1.) "Tower to Bomber Alpha, Your clear for Bombing Run.":
	- Go near one of the boxes with the red light on a tower when the radar is
	spinning. This puts one of the bombers on a below mentioned bombing run on
	your target.
2.) Hidden Treasures:
	- There are 2 areas, one hidden behind a US Airforce sign and the other by
	an out of the way road, in this stage.

1.) Bombing Run:
	- This happens because of the above and regularly to human players. A bomber
	flies overhead dropping a stream of bombs to the ground.
2.) Taxiing Bombers:
	- These are the bombers on the runway either landing, moving to another strip,
	or taking off. Damage has greatly increased from the last game to where 2 hits
3.) Crane Guards:
	- 2 cranes fitted with wedges are placed on this level. One guards a random
	weapon box and the others guards a lot of goodies. The cranes can be

*Ghost Town*
State: New Mexico
Description: An abandoned town near a canyon and an Indian village.

1.) The Midnight Train:
	- If you shoot the end car on the train you can knock off the specials on it.

1.) Dirt Devil:
	- There is a mini twister that roams the canyon. It doesn't cause any damage
	but it lifts you into the air. Unlike the original it doesn't spin you
2.) Camp Flame:
	- The Indian village has a fire in the middle of it. What do you think it

*Hoover Dam*
States: Arizona and Nevada
Description: A level with a lot of water, rock, and metal. No hydrofloater power
	ups though...

1.) Warp Confusion:
	- Fall into the water or enter one of the tubes to randomly be shot out of
	tubes to collect objects floating above the level. There is no way to know
	which tube you exit.

1.) Electric Wave:
	- If you cross the small bridge just in front of the plant then you will send
	a wave of water filled with electricity down the small canal.
2.) Positive Attracts Negative:
	- The transformers give off a charge between the last transformer on each row
	and the supporting posts. The charge moves up and down.

*Valley Farms*
State: California
Description: Farmland filled with barns and farm equipment.

1.) Flying Blades:
	- If you destroy a windmill then the blade will attack your target.
2.) Farmer's Ramp:
- If you destroy the red wagons near the barns then it turns into a nifty ramp.

1.) Irrigation Wave:
	- If you destroy one of the water spout type objects along the ditch than a
	wave of water will surge down the ditch. It stalls vehicles but causes no
2.) Flying Blades:
	- If you are playing Vs. or team modes with no computer players then the above
	becomes a danger.

*Casino City*
State: Nevada
Description: Asphalt and lights, too many lights.

1.) Lift from the Blimp:
	- Whenever you see the blimp on the ground with it's door open, you can
	enter and control the blimp(using left and right). Drop by hitting the gas.

State: Utah
Description: Dusty looking level with a small town and a lot of ruins.

1.) Tribal Warp:
	- Whenever there are floating lights in the circular ruins, enter the area the
	lights are in to be lifted into the air and into a warp. This will place you
	at random spots around the level.

1.) Rockslide Area:
- This entire area is prone to rockslides. Any missed shots will most likely cause
	a rockslide somewhere in the level. 

*Ski Resort*
State: Colorado
Description: Much like the Winter Games level only smaller and more items.

1.) Gondola Ride:
	- Just like in the Winter Games level, blow open the door and enter when
	there's a gondola at that station.
2.) Jump For Prizes:
	- If you ever see an item floating in mid-air, look for something you could
	use as a ramp. The only items you can't get this way are placed on the gondola

1.) Avalanche Mayhem:
	- If you happen to destroy one of the bigger trees on the level you will
	send an avalanche down that side of the level. This is very nice for taking
	out multiple enemies. Just be careful not to get yourself.

9.) Codes/General Tricks

I can Fly!:   System: Dreamcast/Playstation

	Whenever you grab a hoverpod propulsion mechanism, (Dreamcast)hold up on
the D-pad and then rapidly tap the A button, or (Playstation)hold up on the D-pad
and rapidly tad the X button. This should lift you high off the ground and give
you access to hard to reach places or otherwise impossible to reach places.

Removing passwords saved on VMUs:   System: Dreamcast
	Load your saved game into the controller two and begin a two player game.
The passwords will be disabled. Save the current game onto the previously saved game
using controller two. 

Removing passwords saved on Cards:   System: Playstation

	Do the above code.

Old Levels:   System: Playstation

	While playing a level, remove the V8:2 CD and insert the original Vigilante 8
game CD. After the system reads the disk it should display "V8 Levels Enabled". If
you don't have the original game use the code listed below.

Custom Music:   System: Playstation

	At any time during a level, pop open the cover and insert any music CD you

	DREAMCAST: In the options menu under the game status, press both the left and
right triggers at the same time.
	PLAYSTATION: Highlight "Game Status" under the options menu. Press X twice
followed by both L1 and R1.
	NINTENDO 64: As with the last 2, enter the game status screen and hit the
left and right triggers.

Get attacked by three enemies simultaneously
System: All

Big wheels
System: All

Automatically chooses enemies and level in arcade mode
System: All

Maximum speed for all cars
*400+ but doesn't show
System: All

Weigh down the cars for massive ramming damage
System: All

Floats the cars off of wheels but not propulsion mechanisms
System: All

Ability to chose the x0 option in arcade for all enemies
System: All

Low gravity
System: All

No weapons delay
*causes problems with some characters, Dreamcast
System: All

No propulsion mechanism icons
System: All

Ability to choose same cars in multi-player and arcade mode
System: All

Slow motion
System: All

Increased damage and force from missile
*causes problems with some characters, Dreamcast
System: All

View all ending sequences, click on a person for long movies
System: All

Open all original Vigilante 8 levels
System: Dreamcast

Float higher with the hoverpods<Submited by Reed>
System: All

Disable Codes
*This has been posted as working on DC and Playstation but doesn't.
System: Nintendo 64

Ultra Rez Option
*requires a 4 MB RAM expansion pack
System: Nintendo 64

Open All Characters
System: All
LLA_KCOLNU      (Unlock all backwards ;])

Max Out All Characters
System: All
LLA_DORTOH      (Hotrod all backwards, hehe)

System: All
ELBICNIVNI   (Anyone getting tired of the bakcwards typing?)

10.) Known Glitches

	Here's a list of those annoying but sometimes helpful game errors.

1.) Freeze Central:   System: Dreamcast/Playstation
	Classification: Bad
	- Yes, unfortunately, just like in the original, this game is prone to
	freezing. Any vehicle can freeze at any time but the codes BLAST_FIRE and
	RAPID_FIRE cause a substantial increase in the chance of a freeze. It almost
	always freezes Convoy and Garbage Man on the Dreamcast.

2.) Fake Walls:   System: Dreamcast
	Classification: Depends
	- There are many walls in this game that can be penetrated. Agent Chase is
	the one who can go through them all.

3.) Flying Dead:   System: Dreamcast
	Classification: Funny
	- On the Launch Site level, if you have the MORE_SPEED code on and you kill
	someone and their burning vehicle gets pushed to the edge of the level, then
	they will be sent flying back on shore and then right back out to where they
	where and just continue back and forth till it explodes.

4.) Suicidal Boogie?:   System: Dreamcast
	Classification: Good
	- Whenever you are playing against Boogie, sometimes he just blows up when you
	aren't around and for no apparent reason with full health. I don't know why
	but I haven't seen it happen on the new levels, only old ones.

5.) Sight Problem?:   System: Dreamcast
	Classification: Bad
	- If you are on the Launch Site level with Convoy and use the Makeshift Rocket
	level trick with your trailer still on, when you land the view will be the
	one when the trailer isn't attached but it still is. Therefore the trailer
	blocks the entire screen.

6.) No Damage Meteor:   System: Dreamcast <Submit by GameMaStar>
	Classification: Funny
	- Go to the Meteor Crater level with 2 people and destroy that blasted
	Observatory. Have the other person sit in the middle of the huge crater. When
	the fatty meteor comes crashing down it'll, hit you on the head and send you
	flying up in the air for a rough ride through it. It doesn't hurt u either.

7.) Super Speed:   System: Dreamcast, Playstation <Submit by GameMaStar>
                                                  <Edit by Brandon B.> 
	Classification: Depends, Mostly Funny
	- In almost in any event that you hit the "wall" that is outside the scenarios,
	if u hit them with enough force you will be sent flying all over the map and
	into the polygons. This is a disturbing glitch because your car will look
	severely mutated and the wheels will actually fall off the car. Temporarily of
	course, they will reattach themselves.

8.) Ghost Wheels:   System: All <Submit by GameMaStar>
	Classification: Funny
	- When you are in the car selection screen, highlight Tsunami in her 1st
	chassis or the Marathon. When the car hits the ground the wheels will jut
	through the car for a second.

9.) Floating Missile Rack:   System: All <Submit by GameMaStar>
	Classification: Funny
	- If you look closely at the wonderwagon then you will notice that the
	missiles don't quit touch the car.

10.) The Big Red and White Car Umbrella:   System: All <Submit by GameMaStar>
	Classification: Funny and Bad
	- Launch yourself in the Launch Site level with hoverpods. When you are about
	to land try to keep yourself as high as possible. If done correctly the
	parachute won't disappear. You can drive around with it till it freezes your

11.) Smashed Rocket Transport:   System: Dreamcast
	Classification: Funny, maybe Bad
	- After you launch the rocket on the Launch Site level, Destroy the transport
	before it manages to get back to where it started. It should sink into the
	ground and continue on till it reaches it's stopping point. When it gets there
	it just sits there and blocks you from the item that appears there. It has
	been reported that this has frozen a game, but currently isn't known for sure.

12.) Cammera Mayhem v.1:   System: Nintendo 64 <Submit by Anggiarto>
	Classification: Bad
 	- In the Launch Site level, before we perform the launching the rocket, hold
	the REAR VIEW button and enter the tunnel when the light is green. In orbit,
	your camera will mess up.

13.) Cammera Mayhem v.2:   System: Nintendo 64 <Submit by Aggiarto>
	Classification: Bad
	- In the Meteor Crater, destroy the observatory to summon the giant meteor.
	Before it lands, stop in the middle of the crater and the vehicle will be
	sent very high into the air. Then, destroy the meteor and the mutant ant
	inside. Repeat the process and the camera should have been changed.

14.) Incomplete Destruction:   System: Nintendo 64 <Submit by Aggiarto>
	Classification: Funny
	- Play as Garbage Man in the Launch Site and set the damage setting to high.
	Select a heavy-armored vehicles such as Livingston, Burro Bus, etc, etc....
	Destroy the vehicles with two hit of the special BUT before you unleash the
	the second special lure one of them to the sea and unleash it while you drag
	them to the sea and fall. When you appear at the tunnel you'll see the vehicle
	following you from the back. The vehicle hasn't turn into the scrap metal but
	it's dead. It doesn't work all the time though and it's very difficult to do.

15.) Padre's Serect Getaway:   System: All <Submit by Brandon B.>
	- In the Alaska area if you have the Goliath Halftrack and you knock off your
	opponent over the boundary, and you do your special as soon as he flies over
	the boundary and if you do it right then you will end up in a secret area.
	There is nothing here but just barren land.  In order to get out you must do
	your special.  If you do not have any specials then just right next to the
	cliff until you hit water.

11.)Version Advantages/Disadvantages

	- New car system
	- Large variety of cars and weapons
	- Much better graphics than the Twisted Metal Series
	- Much better gamplay than the Twisted Metal Series
	- heck of a lot of glitches

*IGN Rating: 8.6
	- Suppior Graphics
	- Software Restart
	- 1-4 player
	- Only 5 slots per save
	- No remove codes code
	- No reverse view
	- Not enough buttons for the commands

**Nintendo 64**
*IGN Rating:8.0
	- Better graphics than PSX(with 4MB VideoRAM/Expansion pack)
	- 1-4 player
	- No ending videos
	- Old levels not present

*IGN Rating: 8.2
	- Can play custom music
	- Horible graphics
	- Only 1-2 player
	- Choppy 2 player gameplay

Version Review: The N64 and DC are realy putting the hurt on the PSX. The only
	reason the N64 version was ranked so low is because the outbreak of wonderful
	N64 games. The DC version does still the show though. Just can't ignore all
	that the DC holds compared to the N64. Also the N64 does have its own problems
	because of it being a CD based game dragged through a carterage.

12.) Luxoflux Messages

	This is just here so you can see ALL the messages that are displayed under the
Luxoflux logo in the openning.

*Currently Making the List*

13.) Fun Time Passers

	These are a couple of the things people do for fun in this game.

1.) Turn on the MORE_SPEED code and act like the level is a skate boarding park for

2.) Going through all the levels and all the cars. 18 levels(not for N64) and 18
	cars, each person gets their own level.

14.) Cool Names

	This is a list of file save names that people have come up with.
*NAME(Meaning, If any)	CREATOR*

1.) UR_BASIC (Your Basic)   Hawk of War
	No cars updates or second chassis

2.) DRAGON_Z        Hawk of War
	Dragonball Z fan

3.) CHEATERZ        Hawk of War
	Lots of cheats loaded onto your game

15.) Coming Soon List

character descriptions
	- basic speed, armor, etc. settings
	- Hawk's Scorecards
interactive walkthrough updates
	- N64 Glitches
	- PSX Glitches

16.) Thank You's

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