Akira Instant Death Combo by Jeff-Maru

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Anti-Chicken Gaming Page:

                                                AKIRA INSTANT DEATH COMBO
   No bullsh*t and no fish-tale. One of our ACPC members has discovered
   an instant death Akira combo!!! At first, we were skeptical...I mean,
   instant death??? It had better not be a TT attack --> run into the
   subway trick...but it wasn't. This is an authentic instant death
   combo, though the requirements are rather stringent. Rather than
   posting this combo up blindly, the ACPC took it upon themselves to
   thoroughly test out this combo for themselves to see if it
   worked...and it did, though admittedly only sometimes.
   Here is the original letter submitted by Alex Yeh, one of our newer
   ACPC members:
   "Hi, my name is Alex Yeh. I am an Akira player in Taiwan.... I think
   you may like this Akira's "wall" combo..... This combo can take away
   all the life, not kidding, ALL THE LIFE...... Here is the combo:
   reverse bodycheck (b, d/f+P+G), single standing palm (b,f+P), DLC.....
   Akira has to stand between wall and the opponent with a specific angle
   so that after reverse bodycheck, the opponent is right beside
   Akira.... If you make this combo come out, you will see the opponent
   is like to be stuck on the wall and hit by full DLC with max
   damage...... It's a really cool combo...... try, you will find
   out...... Alex"
   Thus, the combo is initiated by Akira's reverse bodycheck (b,d/f+P+G).
   Akira should initiate the reverse bodycheck when he is between the
   wall and the enemy at a roughly 45 degree angle so that Akira will end
   up directly behind the opponent's back with the opponent facing the
   wall. The standing palm (b,f+P) should be executed immediately
   (because the opponent is stuck between the wall and Akira, he cannot
   run away), and if done right, the opponent should kinda smack against
   the wall producing a quasi-float supported by the wall. At this point,
   DLC immediately and each hit should produce a similar effect, where
   the opponent bounces against the wall in slow motion and does not fall
   to the ground. Done right, all hits should hit at maximum damage.
   After the DLC, if the opponent is still alive, a ground punch
   afterwards (d/f+P) will usually connect afterwards. This combo will
   not work all the time, and sometimes doesn't take off all life.
   Obviously, nobody can do this combo perfectly so if you delay a hit by
   even a fraction (especially the crucial standing palm), the the combo
   will not hit at full power. Nevertheless, this is a damn powerful and
   cool combo and is guaranteed to take off at least 80% damage. It's by
   far the strongest combo in the game, and definitely one of the most
   difficult to execute due to the requirements of the combo. This combo
   in a Gamest Mook (probably in Act 3! ^^) would undoubtedly score five
   For all of you who still can't believe that a simple five hits can
   destroy the whole health bar, I humbly submit the following
     Reverse Bodycheck = b,d/f+P+G --> 40 damage points
     Standing Palm = b,f+P --> 20-65 damage points
     1st hit of DLC = d/f+K+G --> 19 damage points
     2nd hit of DLC = f+P --> 20 damage points
     3rd hit of DLC = b,f,f+P+K --> 20-80 damage points
     Ground punch = d/f+P --> 12 damage points
     Standard VS CPU life bar --> 200 points
     Standard VS Human life bar --> 250 points
   Thus, if everything hits at MAXIMUM, then the total damage would
   amount to 224 damage points...more than enough to wipe out the CPU's
   life in a single combo. And against a human, the almost guaranteed
   ground punch will add on another 12 damage points resulting in 236
   damage points total...which is really, practically an instant death
   Gamers, you heard it here first, the ACPC Gaming Page. No doubt
   shortly after the posting of this combo here on this website this info
   will rapidly proliferate to every nook and cranny on the Net. Some
   people will claim this combo as their own. But true gamers know
   better. This combo is an ACPC combo!!! And hence, if you use this
   combo or post it up elsewhere, we would damn appreciate it if you
   could give us the proper credit.
   We are the new generation of Virtua Fighter, and nothing can stop us.
                                    - The Anti-Chicken Players' Committee
    Special kudos goes to Alex Yeh, the founder of this combo. Welcome to
                                           the ACPC Alex. We kick butt!!!