Jacky by JUttayaya

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Jerky Bryant

I. High Level Attack

MOVE NAME                      MOVE MOTION        LEVEL   COMMENTS
Jab Straight                   P, P               HH       Down
Flash Piston Punch             P, P, P            HHH
Combo Back Knuckle             P, P, b+P          HHH
Combo Back Knuckle Spin        P, P, b+P, K       HHHH
Combo Back Knuckle Low Spin    P, P, b+P, d+K     HHHL
Combo Elbow                    P, P, f+P          HHM
        Now works even if you hold forward at the
        beginning of the combo.

Combo Elbow-Spin Kick          P, P, f+P, K       HHMH
Jab Double Straight            P, P, u+P          HHH      Down
Double Punch-Snap Kick         P, P, K            HHH
Double Punch-Knee Kick         P, P, f+K          HHM
Double Punch-Low Spin Kick     P, P, d+K          HHL      C.Down
Punch-Middle Kick              P, K               HM
        Only works at throw range.

Punch-Spin Kick                P, K               HH       Down, AI
        Only works from beyond throw range.

Punch-High Kick                F_+P, K            HH
        Only works from beyond throw range.  Hold forward
        for the duration of the move motion.

Combo Elbow-Knuckle-Spin Kick  F_+P,P,f+P, b+P,K  HHMHH
Combo Elbow-Knuckle-Low kick  F_+P,P,f+P,b+P,d+K  HHMHL
Combo Elbow-2 Way Spin Kick    F_+P,P,f+P, K,d+K  HHMHL
Punch-Low Spin Kick            P, d+K             HL       Down

Spin Back Buckle               b+P                H
Double Spin Knuckle            b+P, P             HH
Spinning Slant Buckle-Knuckle  b+P, d/b+P         HL
High Backfist-Kick             b+P, K             HH       AI
Spin Knuckle, Sweep            b+P, d+K           HL

Smash Hook                     d/f+P              H
Lighting Straight              d/f+P, P, f+P      HHH
Lighting Hook                  d/f+P, P, P, P     HHMH

Side Hook                      P+E                H        C.Down

Double Spin Kick               K, K               HM
Kick-Spinning Back Knuckle     K, P, K            HHH
Combo Knuckle, Low Spin Kick   K, P, d+K          HHL
2 Way Spin Kick                K, d+K             HL       C.Down

Spinning Kick                  K+G                H
Hi-lo Spin Kick                K+G, d+K+G         HL       Stop

II. Mid Level Attack

MOVE NAME                      MOVE MOTION        LEVEL    COMMENTS
Rising Elbow                   f+P                M
Elbow-Back Knuckle             f+P, P             MH        C.Down
Elbow, Knuckle Kick            f+P, P, K          MHH       C.Down
Elbow, Knuckle, Low Kick       f+P, P, d+K        MHL       C.Down
Elbow-Spin Kick                f+P, K             MH        Down
        If the elbow hits, the kick is guaranteed.

Combo 2 Way Spin Kick          f+P, K, d+K        MHL

Side Hook Kick                 b+K                M         C.Down
Toe Kick                       d+K                M
Middle Kick                    d/f+K              M
Double Middle Kick             d/f+K, K           MM
        The second side kick comes out slow.

Knee Kick                      f+K                M         Down, Stance, Air
        If opponent guards, he can counterattack with
        a punch.

Dash Hammer Kick               f, f+K             M         Down, AI
Somersaut Kick                 u/b+K              M         Down, AI

Bitch Slap                     P+K                M         AI, Sober, Stop
 Bitch Slap-Knuckle-Spin        P+K, P, K          MHH
        You can delay the last spin kick.
Bitch Slap-Knuckle-Low Spin    P+K, P, d+K        MHL
Bitch Slap-Spin Kick           P+K, K             MH        Down(?), AI

Lighting Kick                  d+P+K,K,K,K,K      MMMHH
Lighting Kick 2                d/b+P+K,K,K,K      MMMHH
Lighting Kick 3                D/B_+P+K,K,K,K     MMMHL     Down
        Hold d/b trhoughout the sequence.

Spin Heel Seed                 b+K+G              M
Middle Spin Kick               b, f+K+G           M         AI, Stance, Stop

III. Low Level Attack

MOVE NAME                      MOVE MOTION        LEVEL    COMMENTS
Low Spin Knuckle               d/b+P              L
        Must be done from standing.  The opponent's
        knee wins over this move.  Will stop opponent's
        high attack.  Can low throw if blocked(?)

Low Spin Knuckle, Sweep        d/b+P, K           LL

Double Low Kick                d+K, K             LL
Double Low Kick                D_+K, K            LL       C.Down

Spin Side Heel                 b+K+G              L        AI, Stop
Leg Slicer                     d+K+G              L        C.Down


THROW NAME                     THROW MOTION      LEVEL    COMMENT
Northern Light Bomb            P+G               H
Knee Strike                    f, b+P+G          H        Stance
Neck Break Drop                f, f+P+G          H
        The animation changes when near a wall.

Arm Lock & Kick                d/f, d/f+P+G      H
Neck Slashing                  P+G               H        Side Throw
Face Crusher                   P+G               H        Back Throw

Soccer Ball Kick               d/f+K             Ground Attack
Jumping Knee Stomp             u+P               Ground Attack
High Jump Knee Stomp           d, u+P            Ground Attack

Switch Step                    d, d
        Jerky can be counterattacked when doing this move.


                              Jirawat Uttayaya a.k.a. Peaking Duck

Sure is a lot of combos, ain't it.

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