Jeffrey for Beginners by MTham

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V 1.70  by Michael Tham  (

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V 0.1   9/6/98  First release on the internet.
V 0.15 21/6/98  Can now be found at . Some additions and added 
                Jeffrey vs Wolf section.
V 0.17 23/6/98  Added VS CPU section.
V 0.20 24/6/98  Added brain freeze and low throws section. Minor updates to move
V 0.22 27/6/98  Renamed as a beginner's guide. Since this guide is not that deep
		    I think beginners guide would be a more appropriate name.
V 0.25 28/6/98  Added flowchart from VF Miscellany ( Update 
		    to Devil Reverse Claw section, also taken from VF Miscellany as
		    well as the Jeffrey vs Wolf section.
V 0.30  3/7/98  Various additions and corrections. Renamed the VF wish-list  
		    after discovering that there are too many things I want to see 
		    in VF4. Added official story and combos from Hardcore VF. 
		    Corrected worst mistake of all : misspelling Jeffry's name!
		    Actually I just corrected some of it. What the hell, what 
		    is the difference between Jeffrey and Jeffry? I'll change
		    everything eventually, its just that his name is all over the
V 0.33  6/7/98  Added okizeme and tricks as well as minor updates.
V 0.37 11/7/98  Some updates on move analysis as well as additions all over the
V 0.40 13/7/98  Added two new throws, various combos and other additions.
V 0.50 27/7/98  Many additions here and there. Added g-cancel section.   
                This is probably going to be the final version unless I find 
                human competition. I'm going to start on my Jacky guide so look 
		    out for it in about a month's time.
V 0.70 31/7/98  Guess what? I finally found a VFer to spar with. It took me 5    
                months to find a guy who plays VF3 in Melbourne. Anyway I still 
		    miss Jeffry. Every time I block a low sweep with Jacky, my 
                fingers move to P+K+G. Anyway, some minor additions. I've got
		    rid of the crap Jeffry vs Wolf section and am now working on
                rewriting general strategies.
V 1.50 28/8/98  Changed move names in move analysis to capital letters to make 
                Reading easier. Added some more new flowcharts. Added stats for
		    moves in move analysis for easier reference. 
V 1.70 2/11/98  Added some strategies vs human opponents. Various corrections.
                Tactical combos added. Deleted movelist as it was a waste of  
                space. Minor corrections.




Surprisingly, there is a lack of FAQS on the net for such an excellent game such 
as VF3 though now they're many sites that have constant discussions. The game 
may be old (2-3 years) but its still an incredible game with so much to learn 
about. I'm not very good in VF3 and lack exposure to human opponents, especially 
since every else in Melbourne only plays KOF and MvC. If you live in Melbourne 
and play VF3, mail me! I need some human competition! However, I hope this guide 
will be of some help to you and maybe inspire someone who has lots of experience 
in VF to write an FAQ or two after seeing my amateurish effort. I would very 
much appreciate feedback and constructive criticism. This guide will continue to 
expand as I play more VF3.


BIRTHDAY : 20th February 1957 (41 years)
SEX : Male
BLOOD Type : A
HEIGHT : 1.83 m (6') (I think he should be much taller as his weight makes him 
WEIGHT : 111kg        fat)
PROFESSION : Fisherman
HOBBY : Reggae music
NATIONALITY : Australian


A fisherman on the Australian coast, he lived in the salty tang of the tides and 
the hot sun. The most skillful fisherman of his village, he has an engaging 

He was bested by only one opponent - the giant, eight-meter long, man-eating 
Satan Shark. They fought several battles, and finally met in their ultimate 
match. Jeffry was routed and his boat wrecked, but he somehow managed to recover 
as he hovered on the verge of death. He entered the World Fighting Tournament 
with a vow to build a new boat and do battle with the shark again.


Jeffry uses the prize money from his fighting tournaments to maintain a fishing 
boat. All his life, he has sought one trophy above others: the legendary man-
eating  Satan Shark. His last battle with the shark was the most ferocious yet, 
but the shark escaped, leaving nothing of Jeffry's boat but splinters. So Jeffry 
polished up his fighting techniques and is stepping into the ring again. If he 
wins this time, he can buy a new boat and get rid of his nemesis once and for 


After losing to Pai in the first round of the tournament (what a load of crap!), 
Jeffry returned to Australia empty-handed. Poor Jeffry was forced to attempt to 
rebuild his old, destroyed fishing boat (smashed by the legendary shark he is 
constantly hunting). Now, plagued by debts and running out of money quickly, 
Jeffry has no choice but to enter the tournament once again.


Effortlessly, Jeffry defeats all his opponents and breaks Pai's back in the 
process. After defeating Dural, Jeffry proceeds to take over JUDGEMENT 6. He 
then buys a submarine to finally kill the bloody shark! Muhahahaha! Jeffrey 
wins! (Of course I'm kidding!)


Fighting Style - The fighting arms without weapon training, was used by the 
fighters in the Ancient Greeks. This style of fighting power was called 
Pancratium. Pancratium is an advanced style of fighting based on the primitive 
attacks of knock-out, throw, or strangulation. This style is very similar to 
Sumo Wrestling. Therefore, its style becomes one of the most deadly Virtua 
Fighting Styles, because it seeks to completely strike down an opponent 
permanently. Pancratium, was included in the Olympic Games first time in 648 


Since VF2, Jeffry has been one of my favourite characters. I used Jacky in VF1 
but he was a bit too bland. Then I started to use slower characters like Jeffrey 
and Zangief and found them to not only be challenging and rewarding. In VF1, 
Jeffrey was one of the weaker characters and they upgraded him to the middle of 
the pack in 2. In 3, Jeffry has returned as an underdog character. The 
improvement and changes to Jeffrey are less than the other characters.

As with all big characters, Jeffry is slow but he is powerful. Try using Jeffry 
only for one months then change to any other character like Sarah or Lion. You'd 
be surprised that you have not won after knocking your opponent down 3-4 times. 
Jeffry doesn't have moves that you can use over and over again. Neither does he 
have a tactic that he can rely well on. IMHO, Jeffrey is a thinking man's 
character, along with Taka. You must play with your opponent with his punches 
and elbows, looking for an opportunity to throw. Now that's mariner power!

1) High damage moves.
2) High damage throws.
3) Able to throw from all angles, whether high or low.
4) Range.

1) Lack of combos.
2) No catch throw. (he really needs one)
3) Slow speed and bad recovery on a lot of moves.
4) Did I mention the slow speed?
5) Most of his moves are linear.

Outfit 1: Thick black beard, black hair tied up Jamaican style, grey pants, 
black belt, sandals, orange bracers, no shirt

Comments : Classic Jeffry. Shows strength and power. 

Outfit 2: Thick black beard, black hair tied up, blue bandanna, blue sleeveless 
shirt with the image of a sharks teeth and thunder, brown fishing pants and 
fireman boots with a yellow line. If Jeffry no 2 gets knocked down, he loses his 
bandanna. To choose the 2nd outfit if you are player 1, hold start and press any 

Comments : Cooler looking Jeffry. A whole lot better than 'caveman Jeff'.

When chosen, Jeffry will grimace, baring his teeth.

During the opening, Jeffry will do a two fisted hammer, two fisted upper and a 
double headbutt-knee smash on Shun.

TERMINOLOGY (Taken from Stephen Hamilton's excellent VF3 FAQ)

P  = Punch Button
K  = Kick Button
G  = Guard Button
E  = Evade Button
u  = tap up
U  = hold up
d  = tap down
D  = hold down
f  = tap forward (towards opponent)
b  = tap backwards (away from opponent)
df = tap diagonal down forward
DF = hold diagonal down forward
db = tap diagonal down back
+  = tap together
,  = tap after
*  = from crouch. If the asterisk is *before* the controller motions it 
     means that you have to be crouching before you can do the move. If 
     it is after the motion, it can be done from either a standing or 
     crouching position.
a>b= roll from position a to position b, downward. Ex: "b>f" means 
     "roll the joystick from back to down/back to down to down/forward to                             
[] = long range version of an attack.
{} = different damage for throws versus Takaarashi.
/  = In recovery time, a slash separates miss and hit recovery times
     if they are different
() = Parenthesis indicate a different recovery time when an attack is
     blocked(stop animation), or when a catch or ground throw whiffs               
     (groping animation)
{} = Curly braces indicate different animation frame rates for throws
     against Takaarashi.
-nDP = causes Shun to lose "n" drunken points if he is hit by it.

H  = high attack. Can be blocked standing or crouching. Can be crouched  
M  = medium attack. Opponent must block it standing up. Will hit 
     Crouching opponent whether blocking or not.
L  = low attack. Opponent must block the attack while crouching.
Rvs= reversal. What level can the move be reversed at.
TT = turn toward. Your back is towards your opponent.

On default, every character has 200 points of energy, meaning that it takes 200 
or more points of damage to get a K.O.

Example of frame rates = A-B-C
There are 60 frames in every second.

A  = amount of frames needed for the move to execute.
B  = amount of frames that the move can hit the opponent.
C  = amount of frames that the move needs to recover.

MOVE ANALYSIS (tools of Jeffry's trade)


Jeffry uses Pancratium, which focuses a lot on using the arms. Jeffrey's array 
of punches, elbows and uppercuts should be your main choice of weapons with some 
kicks thrown in. However, Jeffry doesn't have the punching speed or power of Lau 
so you can't barrage your opponent with blows. It is important that you know all 
Jeffry's attacks very well, especially the execution and recovery times. 

PUNCH (P)		14		12-2-13
H	Rvs:H-P
Jeffry does a straight punch

Unlike other fighting games, a simple straight punch is very important and 
useful. It is fast, recovers quick and only requires a simple tap. The only 
drawback is that the opponent can duck under it. However, you can follow up with 
other attacks. For example another kick or a second punch. The punch is useful 
for stopping attacks and making the opponent think twice before attacking. The 
2nd use for the punch is to pressure the opponent. Just like in boxing, you can 
use punches to trick your opponent into attacking or test his defences. Thirdly, 
you can use the punch to set up a throw. In VF1, you could throw immediately 
after your punch connected but they took it out in 2 and 3. The punch is always 
the beginning of an attack so when the opponent sees one coming, the usually 
block high or low. As the punch recovers fast, (6 frames) you can go for a high 
throw or any of Jeffry's arsenal of low throws. It is important to note that 
Jeffry's punch is a bit slow compared to the others so a punch-fest is not a 
good way to pursue victory.

LOW PUNCH (d+P/D+P)		11/9		16/10-1-14
L	Rvs:L-P
Jeffrey crouches and delivers a punch to the opponent's legs.

The use of this move is basically to pester your opponent and to stop his 
attacks or to initiate a close attack. The beauty of this attack if done close 
is that the only thing the opponent can do is to crouch block are do a low 
reversal. What you can then do is to go low a low throw or middle attack like an 
uppercut or elbow. The D+P comes out 6 frames faster but since you are already 
crouching and you're opponent won't be surprised. The low punch can also be used 
to forced your opponent into a crouching position. It is possible to go for a 
throw after an MC but it is difficult and dangerous as the range is short.

HIGH KICK (K/F+K)		30		16-2-23
H	Rvs:H-K
Jeffrey does a high kick.

Hits high, is easily dodged. Some minor float potential. See kick-toe kick and 
punch-kick. If this move is blocked, it's a guessing game with your opponent as 
to where you are going to stop and how much delay you are going to put.

LOW KICK (db+K/D+K)		17		16-2-27
L	Rvs:L-K
Jeffrey crouches and kicks the opponent's legs

Be careful not to accidentally tap down as it will execute Jeffrey's slow toe 
kick. Its long range, hits low and is good for harassing opponents as well as 
stop rushing opponents dead in their tracks. Jeffrey cannot follow up with any 
attack as it recovers rather slow so make sure it hits. Perhaps one of Jeffrey's 
most important move. If the low kick hits major counter (MC), a high throw is 
guaranteed. Condition your opponent into attacking and set them up for the MC 
low kick - throw. The low kick MC -> throw is also good for discouraging 
aggressive Laus and Pais. Unfortunately, this feature has been taken out of 
VF3TB to some extent. Nevertheless, the low kick is an all round useful move and 
should be abused for all its worth. 

LOW HELL SLIDE (d+K+G)		21		16-1-29
L	Rvs:L-K
Jeffrey crouches and in a sliding manner, kicks his opponent's foot.

The move comes out slow and recovers slow as well. The crouch can avoid high 
attacks but it leaves you susceptible to attacks. This move well trip your 
opponent as a minor or major counter. So, if your opponent is coming in 
aggressively, a good trip well make him a more cautious opponent. Use this 
opportunity for a throw!

ANKLE KICK (df+K+G)		20		16-1-29
L	Rvs:L-K
While standing, Jeffrey does a short range low kick to the opponent's legs.

Mix this with Jeffrey's punches. As Jeffrey is standing while doing the move, it 
is very useful in surprising the enemy as no one in their right mind would 
crouch in front of a standing Jeffry and expose himself to a low throw or elbow. 
Once again, this move has a rather slow recovery so make sure your opponent is 
standing when doing the move. Don't overuse it. Use it when trying to peck at 
your opponent's last bit of energy or when playing a cautious battle. Never use 
the ankle kick in a heated battle as you can be easily knocked out of it. The 
ankle kick can also be used against downed opponents who are rolling toward you. 
It will kick them out of their roll. Also note that Jeffrey recovers standing 
from this move. The ankle kick also knocks down on an MC. A good move to throw 
in here and there.

UPPERCUT (df+P)		20[19]		14[18]-2-23[27]
M	Rvs:H-P
Jeffrey does an upward punch

The uppercut forces crouches to stand up. Perhaps one of Jeffrey's most 
versatile moves. If the uppercut hits as a major counter, your opponent is 
lifted up and you can air juggle! It comes out fast and is less risky. Use the 
uppercut to harass your opponent and keep him standing up. Occasionally, dash in 
for a throw or mix it up with low attacks. Use the move liberally, especially if 
you are standing toe to toe and am unsure of what to do. Of course you can also 
follow up with a...

DOUBLE UPPER (df+P, P)		20[19]+15 = 35[34]		17-3-31
MM	Rvs:H-P
Jeffrey does two consecutive uppercuts.

If blocked Jeffrey is almost still safe from being countered. During fast 
matches you'll find this to be your best friend. Watch out for reversals and 
dodges though. If the first uppercut is dodged the second one will not home in 
so press guard to cancel immediately and counter or block.  

TRIPLE UPPER (df+P, P, P)		20[19]+15+20 = 55[54]		17-2-36
Jeffrey does two consecutive uppercuts, pauses, crouches a bit and unleashes a 
bigger uppercut.

A light pounce is almost guaranteed if the third uppercut connects. Because you 
can delay the third uppercut, this move is very versatile as you can punish any 
counter attacks rather easily. Beware of opponents who dodge as Jeffrey will not 
home in on them. Also fast long range moves can counter you as you advance so 
better do it close range. If the move is blocked, your opponent is pushed back 
half a step for some more mid-range guessing games..

KENKA UPPER (df, df +P)		32		17-2-32
M	Rvs:H-P
Jeffrey crouches a bit and unleashes a big uppercut.

I don't see much potential in this move. There is a start up lag, it doesn't 
knock the opponent really high, doesn't set up for real big juggles and doesn't 
do much damage. Its also pretty risky. So why bother with it? STYLE! It is also 
good against an opponent who is constantly jabbing like Lau though. Keep away 
from this move unless you feel lucky. Well, do you?

LIFTING UPPER (DF+P)		22		14-2-23
M	Rvs:H-P
Jeffrey crouches and stands up with an uppercut.

One way to use this move is to repeatedly crouch punch your opponent so that he 
has to crouch block. And then, let him have it! The move has very fast recovery 
so use it at leisure. It is basically the same as his normal uppercut except 
that it must be done from a crouch. Do not abuse this move too much as you can 
be easily reversed by PAKA (Pai-Akira-Kage-Aoi). The lifting upper will float 
your opponent if it hits as an MC. If you think your opponent will counter-
attack if the move is blocked, do a knee or if you're not so confident, a shot-

ELBOW (f+P)		19		12-2-26
M	Revs:M-P
Jeffrey takes a small step forward and smashes his elbow into the opponent's 

One of the most basic and useful moves in VF besides the sidekick. The primary 
use of the elbow for Jeffrey is to hit crouching defenders. It is faster and 
safer than a sidekick so use it often in close-medium range. Also, it allows you 
to follow up your attack with anything you want. I seldom use the elbow and rely 
more one his uppercut to take care of crouching opponents.

ELBOW HAMMER (f+P, b+P)		19+30=49		28-4-29
MM	Revs:--
After an elbow, Jeffrey slams both his hands in a ball down on his opponent.

I believe the hammer will only combo if the elbow staggers your opponent. A 
blocked hammer leaves you wide open for a counter so make sure it connects. Also 
the hammer has quite a long start-up so if you're opponent is quick enough (if 
he is not staggered), you're in serious trouble. 

DASHING ELBOW (f, f+P)		19		16-2-21
M	Rvs:M-P
Jeffrey dashes forward and unleashes an elbow.

No, this move unfortunately does not have Akira's speed and priority. However, 
like Akira's it will stagger a crouching opponent and is uncounterable. You 
might as well do the whole move. However after 'conditioning' your opponent to 
expect a second upper, you should g-cancel and dash in for a quick throw. You 
can also delay the second punch a bit but the delay is minimal and is not long 
enough to bait the opponent. See below and the flowcharts for more. 

DASHING ELBOW-UPPER (f, f+P,P)		19+19=38		12-2-27
MM	Rvs:H-P
Jeffrey dashes forward and unleashes and elbow followed by an uppercut.

One of Jeffrey's few uncounterable and abuseable attacks, you should use this to 
harass and get near your opponent. The built in dash is very useful and gives 
Jeffry some much needed speed and range. After relentlessly attacking your 
opponent with this move, he should block immediately after seeing Jeffrey dash. 
Instead, just throw. When blocking any attack from mid-range, always buffer in 
the dash (f, f) just in case. It is important to remember that it is very easy 
to dodge, particularly at long and medium range. I've eaten too many dodge-
>throws to remember. The dashing elbow-upper also staggers crouching opponents 
and sets them up for a throw.

DROP ELBOW (b+P)		20		15-4-35
M	Rvs:M-P
Jeffrey raises his arm and smashes his elbow down on the opponent.

A pretty fast attack that knocks down. Not much damage. Your opponent ends up on 
the ground with his head towards you. A stomp is guaranteed after it. Best used 
when your opponent is assailing you with quick punches and you need some room to 

TWO-FISTED HAMMER (b, df+P)		20		18-3-45
M	Rvs:--
Jeffry brings his fists together and swings them downward

If you connect with is move, immediately press punch for the follow up attack. 
If blocked you are quite safe as your opponent will be hesitant to attack you 
because you can follow up with a two fisted upper. If your opponent is very 
aggressive, its better to continue with the second move as it has better 
recovery and pushes the opponent further. Its ok to this move as a long range 
attack occasionally but don't abuse it.

MM	Rvs:--
Jeffry then swings his fists up.

IMHO, one of Jeffrey's most useful moves. It comes out quick, combos, does good 
damage and guarantees a short pounce afterwards. However, if the opponent blocks 
the 2nd hit, you are left open for attack. If the opponent blocks the 1st hit, 
you have several options. Firstly, you can stop the attack and switch to a 
throw, dodge or another quick recovery attack. The 2nd option is to delay the 
fist upper. Wait for a while. Hopefully, your opponent will be prompted to 
attack. Immediately press punch and send him flying. However you can only wait 
for a short while. Which option you take should depend on your opponents playing 
style. If he is overly offensive and always poking ; stall and attack. If he is 
defensive ; its best to throw him. After connecting with this move, do a light 
pounce. Jeffry is easy to dodge around because his combo moves don't track his 
opponent. However, a delayed two fisted upper will. A great weapon against 
dodge-happy players.

HELL DUNK HAMMER (d+P+K)		21		14-2-23
M	Rvs:H-P
Jeffry brings his hand down in a hook like motion and forces his opponent into a 
crouching position.

Unfortunately, I don't believe a low throw after this move is guaranteed 
although it still has a big chance of connecting if your opponent crouch guards 
in fear or its an MC. After getting hit, your opponent usually will stagger to 
get up and this will be your opportunity to apply pressure. A good tactic will 
be to do this move continuously. 

DODGING HELL STAB (f+P+K)		35		21-1-30
M	Rvs:H-P
Jeffry crouches side and thrusts his open palm to the opponents body.

This move hits middle and knocks down though I'd rather it were a low attack. 
The attack dodges high attacks so its sort of a defensive-offensive move. 
Supposedly one of Jeffry's prime moves though I hardly use it. A stomp or light 
pounce is guaranteed afterwards.

STOMACH CRUSH (b,df+P+K)		20		19-2-40
M	Rvs:--
Jeffry crouches low and dashes head first into the opponents stomach.

Goes under high attacks. See below for more.

STOMACH CRUSH AND LIFT UP THROW (b, df+P+K, d+P+G)	  20+30=50  	 10-73-1
MT Rvs:--
Then Jeffry places the opponent on his back and uses his back as a sort of 
catapult to throw his opponent to his back.

Do the d+P+G immediately after the stomach crush connects, not after doing the 
stomach crush motion. This move doesn't do much damage and if blocked, you are 
dead. It takes 40 frames for you to recover from your stomach crush. That's more 
than adequate time for a nice counter. Of course the lift up throw won't connect 
if stomach crush is blocked. The redeeming quality of this move is that it has a 
longer range and does decent damage. 

HEADBUTT (b, f+P+K)		35		27-3-24
M	Rvs:--
Jeffry takes a step back, then forward and smashes his head against the 

A knockdown move that dodges some short ranged attacks. The headbutt floats a 
bit on an MC and you can tag some more hits on it.

TOE KICK (d+K)		24		28-2-25
M	Rvs:--
Jeffry does a front kick.

Sets up for either TKoD or the hammer. The move comes out slow so use it 
primarily as a counter or if your opponent is very lazy.

TOE KICK OF DOOM (d+K, d, f+P+G)	24+100{110} = 124{134}		20-229{252}-1
MT	Rvs:--
After a kick, Jeff dashes forward, hoists his opponent above his head and slams 
him down.

The most devastating move in Jeffrey's arsenal, taking half of your opponent's 
energy. It also has incredible range and sets your opponent up for some okizeme. 
The throw can be avoided by ducking immediately. If the toe kick is blocked, the 
throw will not come out. The timing is still pretty strict.

TOE KICK-HAMMER (d+K, P)	24+19=43		24-4-33
MM	Rvs:-- 
After a kick, Jeffry brings his two fists down.

Use this to punish those you slip out of your TKoD. Overall, not very useful due 
to the slow execution as well as recovery. 

FRONT KICK (df+K)		28		16-2-37
M	Rvs:M-K
Jeff kick forward towards the torso region.

One of his best long range moves. Use it primarily to punish long range mistakes 
or knock them out of their attacks. Learn its range to punish ducking turtlers. 
Be well aware that it takes Jeffry 37 frames to recover! A blocked front kick in 
close range leaves you dead open. The execution as usual is slow so any simple 
attack can snuff it and it is rather easy to dodge. A light pounce is guaranteed 
if it knocks down. Use occasionally and don't get predictable. 

KNEE (f+K)		32		15-2-30
M	Rvs:knee
Jeff leaps forward, bring his knee up.

Jeffry's best way to start off air combos. The only attack that can counter this 
attack is a punch and there is a very short lag before your opponent can throw 
you. This move has a lot of priority which means that it has a better chance of 
defeating other attacks and doing a major counter. Note that the knee hits 
between the jumping and the apex of the move so it is not instant. Its better to 
use this move mainly for MCs as it is usually too slow to connect for a mC. One 
good trick against the CPU is after your knee is blocked, wait a second and 
launch another knee. Most of the time the knee will knock your opponent out of 
their attack.

BIG BOOT (f, f+K)		40		26-3-26
M	Rvs:M-K
Jeffry stretches his leg forward, using his body weight to smash his sole 
against his opponent.

This is Jeffry's longest ranged move. However it has a horrible start up and a 
simple punch will knock you out of it and it can easily dodged. However, if your 
opponent is dodging during the middle of this move, Jeffry's foot will follow 
them. Another thing what most people don't realise is that it has good recovery 
(26 frames) and will wait for the move to finish before punishing you. What you 
can do is to throw them immediately after the move ends. A good throw would be 
the crucifix pile driver or the military press. Because of the big boot's 
seemingly long recovery, many opponents might mistake it as mC material. Launch 
your high priority knee and your juggle combo of choice! Experienced players 
will probably be well aware of this and will use fast attack to counter. The big 
boot is good for hitting opponents who are far away and rushing. I had this 
incident when playing the CPU. I knocked the CPU down (I don't remember which 
character) and while he was rolling to the side, I executed the Big Boot. The 
Big Boot tracked his roll and kicked him out of it! I think he may have been 
attempting a rising attack. Before when doing this move against Akira, Aoi, Pai 
and Wolf as they can easily reverse it and make you eat dust. Use occasionally 
but don't depend on it.  

SHOT KNEE (b+K)		22		12-1-30
M	Rvs:Knee
Brings his knee up. 

One of Jeffry's more useful new moves. It has faster execution than the knee and 
is good for minor counters. However the recovery is the same as the knee so the 
only sure counter from a block shot knee is a punch. Of course if you feel that 
your opponent is going to counter after a blocked shot knee, go for the ...

SHOT KNEE-HOOK (B+K, P)		22+15=37		20-2-33
MH	Rvs:H-P
After hitting with a knee, Jeff sends the opponent reeling with a wide hook to 
the face.

Don't bother with this one unless the shot knee hits or you expect your opponent 
to counter immediately after blocking your shot-knee. You have to press punch 
immediately and you cannot delay it. Sometimes its better to avoid the hook as 
it knocks your opponent further away and makes it harder for a light pounce to 

AXE KICK (b, f+K)		36		21-2-30[44]
M	Rvs:H-K
Jeffry brings his leg up and slams it down. There are afterimages.

One of the best ways to deal with a pesky crouching defender who is too far to 
low throw. It comes out quickly but as with a lot of Jeffrey's moves, it has 
horrendous recovery so make sure that it connects. Another redeeming feature of 
this move is that it's the most guaranteed thing after a box throw (db+P+G)

DODGING SIDE KICK (df+E+K)		33		16-2-37
M	Rvs:M-K
Jeffry dodges and does a sidekick (duuhh)

Doesn't dodge that much. The funny thing about this move is it will only hit 
dodging opponents! Yes, I was surprised to see Jeffry dodge and kick thin air 
when I tried out this move. However, I believe your opponent must be dodging the 
same place as you so if you dodge up and your opponent dodges down, the side-
kick will miss. 

PUNCH-KICK (P, K)		14+20=34		12-2-25
HH	Rvs:H-K
Jeffry does a punch followed by a high kick.

The basic combo of VF. It doesn't knock down anymore (since 2.1) and only 
staggers the opponent. The damage isn't too hot either. If your punch hits, 
immediately do the move. A successful PK allow you to put more pressure on your 
opponent. You can dash forward and harass them even more with punches and 
uppercuts or dash and throw. Best used to minor counter fast attacks that 
recover too quickly for any powerful moves like a knee. Make sure the punch 
connects as a block kick leaves you open. Do not use offensively as both hit 
high and are easily punished if blocked.

DOUBLE PUNCH (P,P)	14+14=28		9-1-19
HH	Rvs:H-P
Jeffry moves forward with two consecutive punches.

One of the few uncounterable attacks Jeffry has. This should be one of your main 
weapons in getting close to your opponent and force him to guard. Do not get too 
predictable with this move against Akira, Aoi and Kage or else you will get 
reversed. Use this if the opponent blocks the first punch. Like many of Jeffry's 
attacks, this move is easily dodged.

DOUBLE PUNCH-HOOK (P, P, b+P)		14+14+35=63		21-3-35
After two punches, Jeffry swings a hook to the head.

This move is practically useless. Don't bother with this one unless you have a 
feeling in your gut that your opponent wants to launch a fast attack which will 
beat the next uppercut. Perhaps this move can be done after a MC knee. If the 
hook hits, your opponent will go spiralling to the floor. The hook MAY hit 
dodging opponents but I have not tried it out yet. I believe that the hook may 
be able to hit opponents who dodged. I'll have to try it out to see.

DOUBLE PUNCH-UPPER (P, P, P)		14+14+19+47		18-2-27
After two punches, Jeffry finishes with an uppercut.

My favourite way to juggle after a MC knee as it carries the opponent backwards 
towards the ring out. The uppercut comes out rather slow and can be knocked out 
of by fast moves like a punch so I recommend sticking to just two punches. Of 
course, you can delay the uppercut a while and if you feel your opponent is 
going to retaliate... Also note that the upper hits middle and your opponent has 
to block high, leaving his legs exposed. 

TORNADO HAMMER (f, b+P)		25		17-3-27
H	Rvs:H-P
Jeffrey does a hook with such force that the opponent turns and exposes his back 
to Jeffrey.

Unfortunately, it is hard to get back breaker as the opponent has time to move. 
The best way to handle this is to wait and see what your opponent does. If your 
opponent is confused, capitalise on his hesitation. Do a high throw if your 
opponent dodges or a low kick into a high throw. Tornado hammer sobers a drunken 
Shun by 2 points.

KENKA HOOK (b, f+P)		35		21-3-35
H	Rvs:H-P 
Jeffry does a hook that knocks down the opponent.

The attack comes out pretty fast but hits high and the range is very close. See 
the trick section. Also, the kenka hook sobers a drunken Shun by 2 points.

HELL STAB (P+E)		20		14-1-22
H	Rvs:H-P
Jeffry trusts his hand to the opponent's face.

DOUBLE HELL STAB (P+E, P+E)		20+10=30		8-1-22
HH	Rvs:H-P
Jeffry thrusts his hand to the opponent's face twice.

MACHINE GUN HELL STAB (P+E, P+E, P+E)	20+10+15=45		24-2-30
Jeffry does three stabs to the opponent's face.
The third stab comes out rather slow. The only use I've found for this attack is 
for air juggles and countering attacks. Note that the hell stab can be easily 
ducked and countered.

KICK-TOE KICK (K,K)		30+15=45		23-1-33
HM	Rvs:M-K
Jeffry does a high kick that floats the opponent followed by a toe kick.

This is perhaps one of Jeffrey's most useful additions. Besides doing good 
damage, it is a good trick for those who are new to VF3 and expect an easy 
counter after blocking a kick. Come on, who would expect a big guy like Jeff to 
have a move like this? It would have been better if a punch could precede this 
attack though. A good use for the move would be to make it miss, preferable when 
the opponent is crouching. But make sure you're not too close. Once you see your 
opponent attacking, press kick. 

KICK-TOE KICK-HAMMER (K, K, P)		30+15+20=65		24-4-33
HMM	Rvs:--
After two kicks, Jeffry brings his fists down on the opponent.

I believe a light pounce is guaranteed after this move. The hammer is a safety 
net in case the kick-toe kick is blocked and discourages the opponent from 
trying to punish a blocked kick-toe kick. Just remember that if blocked, you are 
left open. Another great use for this move is to counter medium-recovery moves. 
Since throws can be reversed, the kick-toe kick hammer is much less riskier and 
does good damage. Further more you can follow it up with a stomp and light 
pounce. Just use it defensively. The attacks do not home in on a dodging 
opponent so be very careful.

DODGING KICK (K+E)		30		16-2-33
H	Rvs:H-K
Jeffry dodges and kicks.
The dodge avoids any straight attack and the kick knocks down. Jeffry should 
have a special animation for this kick. Use it in medium range poking attacks. 
Unlike the dodging sidekick, it comes out faster. Of course if its blocked, your 

BUTT BOMB POUNCE (d, U+P, opponent on ground)   	30		21-4-65[76]
G	Rvs:--
Jeffry leaps high into the air in slams onto the opponent butt first.

The best way to pull of this move is to leave a split second between Up and 
punch. If you press Up and punch together, the Up will be registered as up and 
you will get a crab pounce. Though the execution time is slower than the crab 
pounce, the only thing that can punish a missed butt bomb pounce is a stomp or a 
light pounce. The butt pounce can also hit a standing, non-guarding opponent as 
well as opponent who is kicking his way up.

CRAB POUNCE (u+P, opponent on ground)		30		25-6-79[60]
G	Rvs:--
Jeffry leaps into the air and lands his whole outstretched body on the opponent.

All Jeffry players know the weakness of this pounce very well. If you miss, 
Jeffrey will take his sweet time in getting up and will be very exposed to any 
attack that the opponent wants to do. If you are unsure whether it will hit, 
better go for the ground stomp and okiseme. Most of the time I refer to this 
move as Jeffry's light pounce.

GROUND STOMP (df+K, opponent on ground)		15		26-2-42
G	Rvs:--
Jeffry raises his leg and stamps hard on the lying opponent. Muhahaha!

Jeffry's only ground attack. Use on moves that allow the opponent to recover 
quickly. Safest way to add a little bit more damage. Also, it allows you to 
position yourself well for your next attack.


Turn towards attacks or TT for short are attacks that can only be done when 
Jeffry's back is towards his opponent. However, unlike some other VFers, Jeffry 
does not have a turn around (TA) attack so most of the time you find your back 
to your opponent or both your backs to each other is after a reversed throw. 
Most of the time I find me back turned, I just turn myself around without 
attacking in order to play it safe.

TT FIST HAMMER (d+P)		30		15-5-24
M	Rvs:--
Jeffry puts his two fists together and swings them back.

One of the more impressive TT attacks in the game. Produces a knockdown.

TT HEEL SLIDE (d+K)		30		18-5-42
L	Rvs:M-K
Jeffry raises one foot, turns around and slices it down in a sort of split kick 

I never realised Jeffry could be that flexible. Anyway, it is a good move 
against low TT sweepers as Jeffry raises his foot, thus slamming it down on an 
unsuspecting opponent. However, you must be about steps away from your opponent 
to avoid the sweep connecting on your other foot. 

TT PUNCH (P)		12		11-1-21
H	Rvs:H-P
Jeffry turns around with a punch.

The fast, simple way to turn around and stop and attack that your opponent has. 
You can continue pressing punch twice more for the double punch-upper. Even if 
blocked, Jeffry is relatively safe from retaliation. 

TT KICK		36		14-3-26
H	Rvs:H-K
Jeffry turns around with a high kick.

Not a wise TT attack as it can be easily ducked and countered. You cannot 
continue with a kick-toe kick so stick with the TT punch.


Ahhh, throws. Perhaps Jeffrey's most feared repertoire. Here you can find all 
sorts of throws ranging from deadly and beautiful to your basic throw. The one 
throw that Jeffry doesn't have and needs (pretty badly) is a catch throw. Its 
funny how a non throwing-orientated characters like Sarah gets her own catch 
throw and Jeffrey does not. Ahh, enough with my rambling. There are two types of 
throws, high throws and low throws. High throws can only be done on a standing 
opponent and low throws on a crouching opponent. All catch throws are high 
throws. Jeffrey also has a ground throw that can only be done on opponents on 
the floor though I don't really consider it a throw. 

How do you identity which throws are which? Simple. All high throws end with P+G 
and all low throws end with P+K+G. Isn't AM2 smart? The next thing to talk about 
is throw range. Unfortunately, Jeffrey doesn't have Zangief's SPD range so you 
have to be right next to your opponent to throw. Throwing is harder in the open 
stance because you are further. (Consult the VF3 beginner's guide for more 
clarification) However, some throws have commands that move you closer to your 
victim, I mean opponent. For example, the motion for the frontal back breaker is 
b, f, f+P+G. The f, f part is a short dash which allows you to cover a distance 
or a character. Still, Jeffry has a slightly longer throw range than the rest of 
the VF crew.

Dashing is your best friend in throwing. Jeffrey may not be the best dasher in 
VF3 but he sure needs it. The problem with dashing is that Jeff cannot stop in 
mid-dash, (Neither can anyone for that matter) so its not a good idea to dash 
and throw if you are like quite close to your opponent but not enough to throw. 
Instead, use the throws that allow you to move forward a bit. However, if you 
have some space between you and your opponent and he's guarding there in fear, 
by all means dash and throw. This is pretty effective since Jeffrey's dashing 
elbow starts with a dash. (Duh) Unlike VF1&2, you will get a miss animation if 
you input a throw so you better make sure you don't miss or else your opponent 
will have ample time to punish you.

The newest and maybe cheap way to get a throw in VF3 is to do a MC with a 
crouching kick. Jeffrey will have enough time to throw the opponent. The 
crouching kick is relatively safe to do as it easily intercepts high, rushing 
attacks, eg Pai and Lau's PPP.

Low throws are what sets Jeffrey apart from most of the group. Actually, low 
throwing is the mark of a proficient Jeffrey user. (Unfortunately I have yet to 
reach that stage) My brother could use Wolf's low throw pretty well against 
crouching punches so I'll probably ask for his input after he finishes his 
public exams. Best place to use low throws is after blocking a low attack ; 
sweep, punch, anything low. What you can also do is to let a low attack miss, 
dash in and low throw. You can even do this to someone who is harassing you with 
low punches. 
In VF3, every throw can be escaped. To escape a throw, do the last motion for a 
throw. For example, to counter a machine gun hammer, just press f+P+G as soon as 
Jeffrey grabs you. To counter Wolf's whirl and twirl, press b, f+P+G as soon as 
he grabs you. It is very important for you to vary Jeffrey's throws. Sure, some 
of the throws are harder to do and do less damage but that lowers the chance of 
your opponent reversing your throw. Note that most of Jeffrey's throws end with 
a f, or df so it is advisable to use the other throws a bit more.

Another law to keep in mind : if a basic P+G and command throw are pressed at 
the same time, the basic P+G throw has better priority and will win over the 
command throw..

FIREMAN'S CARRY (P+G)	60{70}		20-157{169}-1
Jeffry hoists his opponent over his shoulder and falls back, slamming them on 
the ground.

Jeffrey's basic and easiest throw. This is the fastest throw as it does not need 
any motions. Use it to quickly punish a sleeping opponent who's next to you or 
buffer it into a dash. If escaped, your opponent leaps out from your arms and 
ends up with their back facing you. Though the distance between you and your 
opponent is pretty large, you have the upper hand. Dash forward and block, 
waiting to counter. If you see your opponent hesitating, dash in and throw. Long 
ranged attacks can knock your opponent out of any attack except some fast, low 

PICK UP AND SLAM (d+P+G)		50		10-120{134}-1
Jeffry grabs the opponent around the thighs, lifts them up above him and slams 
them onto the ground.

Try to use this throw a bit more as it is the only throw that ends with a d (I 
think) so its pretty hard for your opponent to escape. However this move lacks 
range because it lacks a forward motion so make sure you are pretty close. Use 
this against long recovering moves.

BOX THROW (db+P+G)		0		10-55-1
Jeffry grabs his opponent's arms and pulls them forward, leaving their backs 

Nothing after this move is guaranteed, maybe except for an axe kick. The most 
damaging and not to mention cool way to follow up is to dash forward and do a 
backbreaker. You can even pick up your opponent after the backbreaker for more 
punishment. Instead of tapping f, f it is better to use f+E. The box throw -> 
backbreaker is best used on Taka since he's such a big target and much easier to 
throw. However, probably the only attack that is guaranteed after a box throw is 
the axe kick. If you think your opponent will do a TT attack, block it and 
counter. Since the box throw switches sides with your opponent, its great from 
getting out of ring-out threatening situations. Another good place to use the 
box throw is with your back facing the wall but at an angle. Jeffry won't do the 
face rake-knee but your opponent will run into the wall and the distance between 
you and your opponent is so small that any attack is virtually guaranteed. If 
reversed, your opponent breaks out of Jeffry's hold and both at a 50/50 

MACHINE GUN HAMMER (db, f+P+G)	20+10+10+20 = 60		10-130-1
Jeffry grabs the opponent's head and punches his face twice. He pulls back his 
fist, looks at it and does a final punch on the helpless opponent.

Probably my favourite new Jeffrey throw, especially in terms of its coolness. 
But despite the complex motion, the damage is not very hot and there can be no 
follow up. Also an escaped throw gives your opponent a free side throw.

CRUCIFIX PILE DRIVER (df, df+P+G)		80{90}		20-229{252}-1
Jeffry hoists his opponent above his head and slams them down onto the ground.

Jeffry's most powerful throw (80 points) along with the back breaker. The 
motions of the throw allow Jeffrey to crouch dash a bit forward a bit before the 
throw. So, the motion is df, DF+P+G. IMO, this is Jeffry's longest ranged throw. 
Great for going under whiffed high attacks. If the throw is broken out of, Jeff 
and his opponent end up with their backs to each other. You can do a ground 
throw after this move connects but you have to take a step back first. A better 
way to do a ground throw is to wait for Jeffry to fully stand up before 
inputting the throw motion (d+P+G). A stomp is guaranteed and a light pounce has 
a 50/50 chance of hitting. Mainly use it as an offensive throw as most people 
would probably try to counter it if used defensively. Beware of using this move 
a couple of steps with your back towards the ring out as Jeffry will move back a 
step after the throw.

POWER SLAM (f+P+G)		50		20-139-1
Jeffry grabs his opponent, turns around and with his body weight (111kg) 
sandwiches them onto the ground.

Not a very good move as it doesn't allow a stomp afterwards. The damage done is 
pretty pitiful. The only reason to use this is because it has a little bit more 
range than the fireman's carry. Do yourself a favour and stay away from this 
one. I basically use this to throw opponents when they are recovering from fast 
moves at close range.

MILITARY PRESS (b+P+G) (70)		75		10{20}-257{247}-1
Jeffry lifts his opponent high up and throws him to his side.

Because all of Jeffrey's throws all end with f or df, throw in this one often to 
prevent getting predictable. The damage is rather high and you can do a stomp or 
low throw afterwards. This is also a good way to ring out your opponent if you 
are at the side of the ring. However, not that it takes a while before Jeffrey 
throws his helpless, struggling victim so don't use it when the clock is running 
down unless you are ahead in energy. A word of warning : an escaped military 
press leaves Jeffrey's side wide open for punishment. Still, the chances of the 
throw being escaped are slim.

TACKLE AND GRIND (b, df+P+G)		30+25=55		21-107-1
Jeffry rushes head first into his opponent's stomach, knock them over and onto 
the ground. While getting up, Jeffry sorts of grinds his opponent with his ass!

There is no way to attack the opponent on the ground so use it primarily for 
variety. The damage isn't too hot so use it as a finisher or to show a scrub 
Jeffrey's vast array of painful throws. The back motion prevents it being used 
as an offensive throw. Since its reversal is the same as the crucifix 
piledriver, you might as well use it. Be extremely careful about using the move 
with your opponents back close to the ring as You will hovering or over the edge 
as you get up.

FRONTAL BACK BREAKER (b, f, f+P+G)		70{80}		20-140{151}-1
Jeffry grabs his opponent, gets on one knee, lifts and turns them and slam their 
back on his knee!

The best thing about this move is the built in dash. Use it if your opponent is 
a step away from you. Try not to use this one from close range as it takes one 
extra motion more than usual. Beware that an escaped throw leaves you very open 
to a throw. Always buffer in the b, f motion first. Even if you do not want to 
go for the frontal back breaker, you can press f+P for a dashing elbow.

HEAD BUTT (b, f+P+G)		20		20-7-61
Jeffry head butts his opponent.

The main purpose of this move is to follow up with the extra throws below. 
However, your opponent can cancel the throws quite easily. They only have to 
choose between f+P+G and b+P+G. If one or two head butts are reversed, both you 
and your opponent recoil a bit as if in pain. I believe that if you only do one 
headbutt, Jeffry recovers quicker. I'll get back on this soon.  

HEAD BUTT KNEE SMASH (b, f+P+G, b+P+G)	  20+20+20 = 60		10-91-1                 
After a head butt, Jeffry smashes a knee into his opponent. 

Fast way to end the throw with little chance of it being escaped.

DOUBLE HEAD BUTT (b, f+P+G, f+P+G)	    20+16=36		20-14-65
Jeffry does two head butts

Double head butt-knee smash (b, f+P+G, f+P+G, b+P+G)	20+16+20+20 = 76	10-93-1              
After two head butts, Jeffry smashes a knee into his opponent.

This is the most powerful of the 4 head butt variations and should be used most 
often. However there are times when you are panicking and it may be wise to use 
the next move just in case you mess up...

Triple head butt (b, f+P+G, f+P+G, f+P+G)	    20+16+32 = 68		20-50-21
Jeffry does 3 head butts

This does less damage than the one ending with the knee but is much easier to 
do. Just do f+P+G three times. There's no need to wait for the first head butt 
to finish. This is variation is used the most, especially in heated battles.


What are low throws? Well, they are the throws ending with a P+K+G, just in case 
you get confused. Secondly, they allow Jeffrey to pick up and throw a crouching 
opponent! Low throws are harder to pull of as usually you don't have much of a 
window of opportunity to throw. The easiest place to use a low throw is after 
blocking a move where the opponent recovers low. Most of there moves are sweeps. 
Examples are Jerky's and Lion's cheap D+K, K. After blocking immediately centre 
the stick and do the move. You have to be far as the recovery is not very long. 
However, you also need to be right next to them and preferably in closed stance. 
You must also learn to throw missed low attacks, especially a missed low punch. 
Immediately during/after the punches animation, dash forward, inch forward/ 
crouch dash forward and low throw. If your opponent is repeatedly throwing low 
punches/kicks, dash back and then dash forward and throw. It takes some practice 
to get the timing and confidence, your Jeffrey will improve a lot. You can 
ground throw after a low throw so if you can land a good hit, the match is all 
but won. Last of all, low throws are very important psychological and can cause 
brain freeze (see brain freeze section). It is a mark of a good Jeffrey and can 
put fear in the hearts of your opponents. As with high throws, low throws can 
also be reversed. Luckily, Jeffry has three low throws to choose from.

Here's a list of moves (taken from Thomas H. Harper's VF2 Jeffry FAQ, with some 
additions) that allows your opponent to be low thrown. A 'B' before each move 
means that a low throw is possible if it is blocked, an 'M' means it is possible 
if it misses entirely, and an 'H' means it's possible even if it hits!

Move                            Action
Everyone's low punch            M
Jacky's Low Backfist            M
Jacky's Sweep                   B,M
Jacky and Sarah's Leg Slicer    B,M,H
Jacky and Sarah's D+K, K        B,M 
Shun's Slow Sweep               B,M
Shun's Drunken Sweeps           M
Shun's Low Shoulder Backpush    M
Lion's 2 Low Thigh Kicks        B,M
Lau's Double Foot Sweep         B,M
Lau and Pai's Sweep but NOT as  B,M 
part of a PPPK combo
Lau and Pai's Sweep after a     B
PPPd+K combo
Kage's Roll and Sweep           B,M
Akira's Low Rising Attack       B
Jacky and Sarah's Low Rising    B
Shun's Rising Sweep             B
Aoi's sweep                     B,M

IRON CLAW (d+P+K+G)		50		20-179{177}-1
Jeffry lifts the crouching opponent by the nose, lifts up the struggling guy and 
slams him down.

Use this move if you think your opponent's nose hair is sticking out. Does the 
least damage among Jeffrey's low throw. This move also has little range and you 
must be in closed stance. Use it as more of a humiliating move.

MACHINE GUN KNEE LIFT (d, f+P+K+G)		30+20+10+20 = 80		20-111-1
Jeff grabs the crouching opponent's face and proceeds to slam his knee into the 
face a couple of times.

Jeffrey's most powerful low throw. The only drawback is that you need to do a d, 
f motion. Use it when you blocked a sweep or crouch kick from close range. 

POWERBOMB (df+P+K+G)		70		20-139-1

Jeffrey grabs the crouching opponent by their waist, lifts them up and slams him 

If you don't feel confident with the machine gun knee lift, use the powerbomb. 
The damage is a lot, its easy to do and makes the opponent think twice before 
using crouching attacks to whittle you down. Jeffrey's best low throw to use. I 
believe that this also has the longest range among the three. This is the one I 
use the most. Another good thing about the powerbomb is that you can incorporate 
a crouch dash by doing df, df+P+K+G. This allows you to attack missed crouching 
attacks as well as get Jeffry closer.


Back throws can only be done on an opponent who's back is towards Jeffry. Back 
throws do more damage and are inescapable.

Backbreaker (P+G, behind opponent)		80{100}		20-180{195}-1 
Jeffry grabs his opponent from behind, lifts them up and slams their backs onto 
his knee!

Very rarely do you get an opportunity to do this move so savour the moment! 
Jeffrey's most powerful move and a pickup is guaranteed afterwards! Cannot be 
reversed! Feel the power of Jeffry.

FLYING SLEEPER AND SWING (b+P+G, behind opponent)	  75  	  10-257-1  

Jeffry applies a choke hold from behind his opponent, spins a few times and 
throws his opponent to his side. Its like his throw in All Japan Pro Wrestling.

I believe this move has been undocumented in the VF3 FAQ and credit to W.M. for 
telling me about it. I tried it out and it works. However, it was very hard to 
get off as the b reduces its range and is impossible to connect after a box 
throw unless your opponent is sleeping. Also the damage is only 70 but as with 
the back breaker, you can follow up with a ground throw.

BACKBREAKER (P+K+G, behind crouched opponent)	80{100}	20-180{195}-1
Jeffry grabs his crouching opponent from behind and slams their back onto his 

It is almost impossible to pull this move off during a game. Who in their right 
mind would just crouch there when their backs are turned towards Jeffry? 
Nevertheless, its better to know every move in Jeffry's arsenal.

Side throws, not surprisingly, can only be done when facing the side of your 
opponent. Side throws are the surest and fastest ways of causing damage after 
dodging as the connect instantaneously and cannot be reversed.

COCONUT CRUSH (P+G/side)		20+30=50		15-116-1
Jeffrey grabs his opponent from the side and slams the opponent's face into his 

Jeffrey's side throw and can only be done if you are at your opponent's side, ie 
you dodged an attack. Cannot be reversed. Most practical move to do after a 
close ranged dodge. 

ARM EXTENSION (f, b/b, f+P+G)		60		10-144-1
Jeffry grabs his opponent's arm, turn his around, putting the arm over his 
shoulder and snapping it.

Does a bit more damage than the coconut and looks better. The motion means that 
you must already buffer in the move or the move that is dodged recovers slowly. 
Very hard to pull off.

HEADLOCK HAMMER (P+K+G/side, low)		70		10-105-1
Jeffry sits on the shoulders of his crouching opponent and hammers their head 
with his fist.

A pretty unorthodox throw, I must say. Nevertheless, this is a move that 
reaffirms Jeffry's status as a grappler. The prime use of the headlock hammer is 
after dodging a crouching attack or punishing an opponent who crouched, thinking 
to escape a high side throw.  

DEVIL REVERSE CLAW (d+P+G)		0		1-120-1(80)/ 1-109-1(80)

Jeffry picks up his opponent by the head and forces them to stand up.

This is Jeffry's ground throw meaning that it can only be done when the opponent 
is on the ground sort of like a ground stomp but its purpose is to bring the 
opponent up for more damage. The following info on the Devil reverse Claw is 
from VF Miscellany. (

Devil Reverse Claw is easiest (guaranteed) after the following throws: 

Triple Headbutt (b,f+P+G,f+P+G,f+P+G).

Powerbomb (d/f+P+K+G).

Backbreaker (behind, P+G).

Armbreaker (side, b,f+P+G or f,b+P+G).
Wall Wipe (your back to wall, d/b+P+G). 

Devil Reverse Claw is escapable (opponents can struggle to get up), but possible 
after the following throws: 

Splash Mountain (d/f,d/f+P+G). A tiny bit of a backdash is required to keep you 
from running over your opponent when you do DRC after Splash Mountain. Just 
buffer a backward dash after you get up from the throw and then hit d+P+G 
immediately when you see that dash begin. This requires timing and practice. 
What you can also do is to wait Jeffry to fully stand up before inputting the 

Iron Claw (d+P+K+G)

Choke Sleeper Swing (behind, b+P+G)

Coconut Crusher (side, P+G) 

Devil Reverse Claw can be done (but can often be escaped) after the following 
dageki (physical blows) have struck: 

Heel Attack (b,f+K) on a major counter (it must interrupt someone else's move).

Kenka Kick (f,f+K). A slight dash forward may be required before the DRC.

Elbow Stomp (b+P). You must wait for the feet to hit the ground after they "kick 

Head Attack (b,f+P+K). Again, you must wait for the feet to hit the ground. On a 
"kick-up" (what I call it when the feet are kicked high into the air after some 
hits), the feet take the longest to come down when the hit was taken from a 
crouch. If they were standing, their feet will come down sooner. Time your DRC 
with the time the feet come to rest on the ground. 

As you can see, there are a lot of exceptions and things to remember about Devil 
Reverse Claw. The really hard thing is getting those DRC setups going after you 
hit with moves. If you can knock them down with an attack and get a highly 
damaging setup from it, you really have an advantage.


New to VF3 are wall throws which are normal throws done close to the wall. Wall 
throws, beside looking very painful do more damage (usually) and are 
inescapable. Do use them when possible.

WALL BRIND AND KNEE (db+P+G)		20+4+4+4+4+4+20 = 60		38-162-1
Jeffry grabs his opponent's hand and pulls them to his back, slamming them to 
the wall. Jeffry turns around, grates their face on the wall and knees them on 
the back before letting them fall to the ground.

This is damn painful looking move and managed to get a 'ouch' from my Tekken 
playing friend. It certainly deserves more than 60 points of damage. The only 
condition for this throw is that your back must be against the wall and you 
don't have to be very near it, just half a step away will do.A low throw is 
guaranteed after this for more damage.

Fireman's carry into the wall (P+G, back to wall)	 60     138-92-1

Jeffry hoists his opponent over his shoulders and falls back, slamming them 
against the wall behind him and letting them fall down.

This wall throw has a lot of range and can be done 1 1/2 characters away from 
the wall. Since wall throws are inescapable, this move is very useful as well as 
painful looking. Unfortunately, it doesn't do any extra damage. 

FIREMAN'S CARRY OFF THE WALL (P+G, opponents back to wall)   60    159-41-1

Jeffry hoists his opponent onto his back like his usual fireman carry. Jeffry 
then puts one foot against the wall and then brings up the other foot against 
the wall and kicking against it, using the opponent to 'cushion' the fall.

IMO, this move certainly deserves more than a measly 60 points of damage, 
especially since the push of the wall should make the impact greater. 
Regardless, use this move whenever you have the chance. 

TRIPLE SHOULDER RAM (b, df+P+G, opponent's back to wall)      50      159-41-1

Jeffry pins his opponent against the wall and smashes his head into his 
opponent's stomach three times!

Perhaps, Jeffry's most brutal throw. However the 50 points damage doesn't do it 
justice. Its up to you.


Also new to VF are the running attacks that can only be done after a dash. 
Unlike FMM, there are no low hitting running attacks in the game as to prevent 
people from relying on it too much. To do a running attack, release F before 
hitting the buttons.

FLYING BUTT ATTACK (f, F, K+G)		30		26-7-35
Jeffry runs forward and using the momentum, jumps with his butt slamming into 
the opponent.

The better dashing attack since it comes out faster and is less risky if 

FLYING SUPERMAN SPLASH (f, F, P+K)		20~40		18-11-80
Jeffry runs forward and does a body splash on his opponent.

If you are going for a running attack avoid this one. Jeffry has some hang time 
meaning that your opponent has time to block or counter as he wishes. Secondly, 
Jeffry only enters the attacking frames during the descent of the body splash. 
Lastly, if blocked or avoided, Jeffry takes his sweet time going up like his 
light pounce. (80 frames to the exact) We all know what's gonna happen then, 
don't we?

JEFFRY'S FLOWCHART (Taken VF Miscellany)

translation from Japanese Sega material by Kris
some explanatory notes added 

Jeffry's flowchart is broken into five segments, each dealing with a particular 
situation, or, "starting point". The starting points are: P(PKG), Hell Dunk 
Hammer, Double Headbutt, Back Throw, and Devil Reverse Claw. The individual 
segments may lead to one another. Those times will be clearly marked. Normally, 
things YOU do will be in upper case. Items in lower case stand for special 
circumstances or something the enemy does. 

Jeffry McWild Fighting Flowchart 

(This arrangement of material is owned by Sega. What you see here is merely a 

Punch (PKG) Flowchart:

            |                     |
     Hit (Major Counter)   Normal Hit or Guard
            |                     |
          THROW                   |
         |                    |             |          |
   HELL DUNK HAMMER        LOW KICK       THROW     KNEE (f+K)
  (Other Flowchart!)  (throw on counter)

Hell Dunk Hammer (d+P+K) Flowchart:

               |                           |
             Guard                        Hit
               |                           |
        +------o-------+                   |
        |              |                   |
 CROUCH DASH BACK    DODGE                 |
        |                |           |            |            |
        |                        (Throw on     (Other          |
   (Low Throw                     Counter)     Flowchart!)     |
   If it hits)                                                 |
                                                         HIGH OR LOW THROW
                                                         (Dependent Upon
                                                         Opponent Reaction)

Double Headbutt (b,f+P+G,f+P+G) Flowchart:

      |        |              |             |        |
    (Other  (Throw on   (Other Chart)       |
    Chart)   Counter)                     THROW

Back Throw (d/b+P+G) Flowchart:

             |              |               |
           DASH        HEEL ATTACK      CROUCH DASH
             |           (b,f+K)            |
        BEHIND THROW                      THROW
                                      (Dependent Upon
                                      Opponent Reaction)

Devil Reverse Claw (d+P+G) Flowchart:

        |             |               |                    |
      THROW          PKG           LOW KICK           CROUCH DASH
                   (Other         (Throw on                |
                   Chart)          Counter)         HIGH OR LOW THROW
                                                    (Dependent Upon
                                                    Opponent Reaction)


Dashing elbow (f, f+P) flowchart besides doing an upper :

      |               |                  |                 |
      |                                                    |
    THROW                                            LIFTING UPPER   

Dodge (E/d+E) flowchart :

 SHOT KNEE-HOOK               LOW KICK              DASH         SIDE THROW 
 (opponent attacks)       (opponent blocks)   (opponent blocks)   
        |                        |                   |
      POUNCE                   DODGE          HIGH OR LOW THROW
                          (back to the top)  (Dependant upon
                                              opponent's reaction)

KNEE (f+K) flowchart :

     COMBO/POUNCE             KNEE/PUNCH/THROW            THROW/THROW ESCAPE         
   (knee connects,         (opponent blocks but        (opponent blocks close) 
   combo if MC/ pounce     there is there is some  
   if normal hit.          space in between. Punch
                           is safer but if opponent
                           attacks, knee MCs for
                           combo. Throw if opponent
                           doesn't do anything.)


One thing gamers will immediately notice about Jeffrey is his long recovery for 
most of his moves. This means that Jeffrey cannot rely on one safe form of 
attack like Akira's dashing elbow or Shun's chowan upper. Does this mean that 
you shouldn't attack at all with Jeffrey?

No. This means that you must think and use variety (which unfortunately he still 
doesn't have much of to make him one of the hotshots). Use his dashing punches 
and uppercuts to pressure your opponent. Throw in a low attack once in a while 
to chip off some energy. Since Jeffry has an arsenal of mid attacks, most people 
are reluctant to crouch when fighting Jeffry. If they crouch, keep them up with 
an uppercut/elbow or knock 'em down and pounce with a front kick. Of course if 
you are fast enough, dash in for a low throw. Many players will wait for Jeffrey 
to make a mistake and capitalise it. Most people, even myself play with the 
mentality that to fight slow characters, all you have to do is bait them to do a 
long recovery move and punish them. What you must do is to force them to make 
the mistake first. If you are playing someone who just waits to counter a slow 
recovering move, throw! If your opponent is turtling, throw! If your opponent is 
poking, dodge and throw! After throwing be on the look out for counter attacks 
as most probably your opponent will be near defeat and he needs to survive.

To play Jeffry well, one should apply Pavlov's rules of classical conditioning. 
In a nutshell, it means making the opponent expect a certain move after a 
certain move. For example, after two rushing punches you do a crouching kick. 
After a couple of times or after one attack (depending on the opponent, your 
opponent will crouch block or dodge in anticipation of a crouching kick. You can 
low throw if he crouches or hit him out of his dodge. This technique strategy 
applies to everyone but more so to a slow character like Jeffry who has very 
little 'reliable' moves. 

So what it means is to vary your technique of attack. One minute you may be 
aggressive and the next you back away. Your opponent seeing your retreat will be 
prompted to attack. Immediately throw in a punishing move like a knee for a 
major counter and a big combo! 

Jeffry's worst enemies are the fast characters in VF. Jeffrey's can match their 
moves in terms of speed. In other words, he can't play the 'you attack, then 
attack' game cause it'll be them attacking all the time. Jeffrey's plan must be 
either you attack, I MC or I attack and knock you out of counter attack. Of 
course, if you have been reading this guide, the best attacks are the uppercut 
or knee. I'm not sure where I got these wise words from (I believe they are Ed's 
from Hardcore VF) but they go : when a karate fighter faces a wrestler, he does 
not wrestle with the wrestler as he will lose. He must fight using his style. So 
it is with Jeffrey.

Now I want to touch some more on Jeffry's style, which is using powerful 
attacks. You'll notice that unlike other characters, it only takes a few well 
place attacks to finish off an opponent. Try playing Jeffry exclusively for 
three weeks and then going to someone like Jacky or Pai. After knocking your 
opponent down a couple of times, you'll be surprised be find them still alive. 
In fact the match is practically yours if you can land two throws. This gives 
your opponent a smaller margin for error. 

Jeffry's latest and one of his most dangerous enemies is the dodge. Besides 
being slow, Jeffry lacks circular attacks, ie sweep and his combo attacks do not 
track a dodging opponent except for some exceptions which need to be delayed. 
Thus, it is very important to fake attacks and use throws offensively. The dodge 
can also be Jeffry's best friend, especially against Pais and Laus. I recommend 
dodging at medium range, ie at arm's length. Dodging at close range is dangerous 
because they have a lot of circular attacks. Furthermore, Jeffry's dodge is 
slower and he's a bit bigger. 

Enough of Jeffry's fighting philosophy. The beauty of VF is that there are many 
ways to play a certain character and my way of playing Jeffry may not be the 
same as yours. Firstly, I look for only two attacks : knockdown and pounce and 

Though Jeffry has many moves, you will find that you only need several.

The main strikes that Jeffry should use are the de-upper, elbow, frontkick, 
knee, shot knee, crouch punch and kick, PPP, f, f+K and uppercut. Please note 
that all of Jeffry's attacks are linear and be careful about sticking out 
Jeffry's limbs when fighting a dodge happy guy. 

My favourite ways to start a round are de-upper, starfleet, dodge or throw. Use 
the de-upper to start on an aggressive note. The starfleet is basically for 
countering attacks since it makes Jeffry very low as well as tracks dodgers and 
the dodge is for opponents who start off a round attacking, especially Lau. If 
you detect a hint of reluctance, immediately do a crouch dash into a crucifix 
pile driver.

Use the de-upper and the frontkick/starfleet mainly as your main attack. Learn 
to g-cancel the upper and throw or attack again. I love to throw in a low kick 
after the move is blocked to make them more aggressive. The frontkick/starfleet 
is best used for medium ranged guessing games. 

I find the KKP a good alternative to throws in punishing longer recovering moves 
since all throws have a chance of being reversed. Also it does a whooping 95 
points of damage when you throw in the guaranteed pounce.


We all know that Jeffry is slow. He's even faster than Wolf though Wolf has 
quick-hitting attacks. The only character slower than Jeffrey is Taka. That 
means that Jeffrey doesn't have the foot speed nor the swiftness to deal with 
attacks. Does that mean that he's a sitting duck against attacks?

Using the guard button is very much necessary for Jeffrey unlike some characters 
like Lau who hardly even touch it. However, because of the complex nature of VF, 
your opponent has a quick way to get you whichever way you block. IMO, AM2 
wanted Jeffrey users to use evade button more ; they even gave him a low side 
throw! Its not like the other characters can't evade but evading is a vital part 
of playing and effective Jeffrey.

I believe there are two types of dodging : offensive and defensive. Defensive is 
much easier where you stand about a character's width away and dodge everything 
they throw at you. The only way your opponent can harm you is by dashing forward 
and throwing or doing a circular attack so defensive dodging is pretty safe. 
Offensive is more in-your-face and is done form close range. There's much more 
risk involved, since you can easily be thrown and is it is easier for the moves 
to track you.

What do you do after a successful dodge that leaves your opponent wide open? 
Most people will go for the side throw. If you are not that confident you are 
within the throwing range, the shot knee-pounce is a good choice. In fact 
defensive dodge-> shot knee-> pounce is one of my favourite moves. 

AM2 has given Jeffry two dodge attack moves : the dodging kick and dodging 
sidekick. Both are one hit knockdowns and leave Jeffry open if blocked or 
avoided. The dodging sidekick can only hit dodging opponents.


G-cancelling is an important part of Jeffry's repertoire as he has gained a few 
'chainable moves'. Here is an example of g-cancelling :

If you tap K, K, P, you will get the kick-toe kick-hammer. However, if you 
insert a G preceding the P (K, K, G, P), you will get a kick-toe kick followed 
by a normal punch. 

The application of g-cancelling is very useful. As you well know, Jeffry's 
multiple attacks are rather slow, easy to dodge and easily countered. For 
example, if your dashing elbow is dodged, you immediately press G to cancel and 
crouch under the side throw or counter with a punch. If the first hit of the two 
fisted hammer (b, df+P) is blocked, your opponent has to guess whether to attack 
immediately or block the second attack and get a free minor counter. Of course 
the safest thing for you to do is to stop the two fisted upper and the only way 
to do it fast is by g-cancelling. Immediately after g-cancelling, you can launch 
a crouching kick. If it MCs, you get a free throw. If not, your opponent loses 
17 points of damage.

Another use of g-cancelling is with the senbon punch. In VF2, this was done by 
pressing P, K, G quickly. The punch would immediately go into a kick but the 
kick would be stopped by the G, thus creating a faster punch. I never used the 
technique in VF2 because it was impractical with a joypad. In VF3, the senbon 
punch can still be done the same way. It can also be done with a simple P, G 
which I believe is almost as fast or even as fast as P, K, G. The most practical 
use of this is in combos to land an extra punch or two. The second use is in 
offence. It would be easier to land a throw after a senbon punch as it recovers 


Definition (taken from VF3 beginners guide): Okizeme is the art of keeping 
pressure on a rising opponent. By blocking a rising attack or attacking an 
opponent who is rising without an attack, you are in a position to punish them.
Positioning is important. Jirawat has translated a guide to okizeme already; I 
don't think I can do it any better. The key is simply anticipating your 
opponent's rising action and reacting accordingly- I don't believe there is any 
option for the downed player that is 100% safe.

Okizeme is an important part of Jeffry's arsenal. Jeffry's main weapon is 
intimidation and good okizeme can go a long way in intimidating your opponent. A 
downed opponent has three choices : get up, attack or roll and get up. One way 
of knowing would be your opponent's initial animations. 

Getting up is done by repeatedly pressing punch or up. Its is perhaps the safest 
way to get up tough it is too slow to avoid a pounce. You have only two options 
: attack and hopefully the opponent blocks the wrong level or rush in and throw. 
Most of the time. Your opponent will block standing up since Jeffry doesn't have 
a low knockdown attack. What you can do is throw a punch as he is getting up and 
throw. You can't throw as he is getting up, only after he was fully stood up so 
the punch is good for buying that extra fraction of a second.

There are two types of attacks that can be done from the ground : high kick or 
low sweep. Unlike VF2, a successful hit doesn't knock down but staggers. 
Unfortunately a follow up attack is not guaranteed. If you block a high kick 
from close you can immediately throw or attack for mC. Another way of dealing 
with a high kick is being out of range. The same with the low sweep. One way to 
bait your opponent is to dash in and immediately dash back.  

Another way to avoid a low attack is to hop over it and attack. I believe that 
you can also dodge to avoid the move. If you dodge or block a low sweep, crouch 
dash and low throw.

Rolling used to be the best way in VF2 but now in VF3, most, if not all 
characters can attack when your opponent is rolling. So far the only attack I've 
done successfully on a rolling attack is an ankle kick and sidekick. 	

When fighting the CPU, most of the time they either just get up or do a high 
kick. Stand one step away holding block and react accordingly. If the CPU just 
stands up, either attack or dash in and throw. Of course if they kick, block and 
do what you want. I recommend a crucifix pile driver.


Here's one from VF2 Jeffry FAQ that still works very well in VF3.

Here's a neat one from Darcy, called the "I'm Not There..."

        "Stand... they come in, do a b,b,f+P. Jeff will step back, avoiding
their attack and return with the elbow drop.  If you're brave do the
Starfleet Manuever (b, df+P, P), rather than the elbow drop."

I call this one "The Jeffry express"

If you've got your back to the ring out zone, your best bet is the box 
throw/surprise exchange. It has the same function as Kage's ten-foot-toss except 
that it doesn't move the opponent that far. However, since the box throw places 
your opponent with his back towards you and facing the edge of the ring, he'll 
definitely be panicking. Wait for your opponent to attack and counter. If he 
dodges and turns around, dash forward and repeatedly attack to push them out. 

Ducking starfleet (taken from VF miscellany)

When you see your grounded opponent going for a high rising kick, do the 
starfleet (b, df+P, P). For the first attack, Jeffry will swing his arms down 
and bring his body low, thus ducking the kick. The following swing will hit your 
opponent, allowing a stomp or possible light pounce. 

Crouch throw conditioning (vs CPU only, taken from VF freeze FAQ bu Internet 

This trick allows you to low throw the CPU and only works on the harder 
opponents. Basically the trick is to do b+K, P without knocking the opponent 
down, ie it whiffs or is blocked. Your opponent will automatically crouch so 
crouch dash to get a free low throw! If your low throw whiffs, immediately b+K, 
P again for another try.

JEFFREY VS CPU/HUMANS (or how to make full use of your $1!)

One thing that I want to touch about is fighting the CPU when it is nearly 
beaten. Especially when your energy is also low, the CPU will block or dodge 
every attack that you throw at him and usually finish you off with a dodge -> 
attack or low attack. When you get the feeling the CPU is getting 'invincible', 
back off a little and let it attack first. Do not use combination moves as they 
leave Jeffry very open if dodged. 

I can't say much for humans since no one plays VF in Melbourne. Special thanks 
to James for being my sparring partner. I hope the little things I have to say 
are at least helpful.



CPU Jacky is not as tough as he was in VF2. At the start of each match always go 
for a one hit knockdown move and continue pressuring from there. Jacky will 
always come at you with his canned combos, especially P, P, f+P, K and f+P, P, 
d+K and P, d+K. Block and mC or throw. If Jacky starts mixing up his levels 
well, fight him at a distance with knockdown moves.If he crouch kicks, even if 
you get hit, low throw. 


First thing to fighting Jacky is knowing all his moves. Who's isn't familiar 
with Jacky anyway? It is important that you can recognise his attacks and 
counter appropriately. If he does D+K, K too much, low throw. If he likes P, 
d+K, crouch block and low throw, etc. After a few solid hits, Jacky will do one 
of two things play defensively or bait you by mixing up his attacks. Refrain 
from using easily counterable attacks as his elbow-kick-pounce really hurts.



Taka has taken over Jeffrey's place as the biggest (and slowest) boy of the 
game. CPU Taka is a pretty simple opponent and as long as you don't 
underestimate him, you should be OK. Taka loves to use his rushing punches so 
dodge or MC knee. Taka's rushing punches push you a ways back so beware, 
especially since his stage is not really big. Of course its harder to knock Taka 
down. If you connect with a knee and Taka is still standing, go for a throw. 
Almost half of his life is gone. It is rather easy to land a back breaker after 
a box throw/surprise exchange because of Taka's size so use it every time you 
have an opportunity. Do not let him push you back too much as his punches can 
easily ring you out. 


Once he starts his punch rushes, immediately crouch punch to stop him. Try to 
make him use his slow-recovery moves.



Shun shouldn't be too difficult as long as you don't underestimate him and know 
his moves. Occasionally, he will do his handstand move. Use a sidekick or knee 
to knock him out. Most of the time he'll do the whole canned combo. Wait for him 
to do the whole thing even if he stops for a while as he can delay the attacks a 
bit. During his rushing punches thing, you can throw Shun even if you get hit! 
Try not to stand too near as he loves the db+K, K move that is hard to block.


Nothing yet.



Be careful not to be too aggressive or too defensive. An MC will take out half 
your life and Jeffry is one of the few CPU characters who likes to throw. Stay a 
step away from him, block his attack (usually the starfleet manoeuvre or triple 
punch), and counter.  


Nothing yet.



Sarah is one of the easiest fighters you will meet. The key to beating her is 
playing defensive and countering after each attack. She will definitely leave 
herself open with blocked combos etc. Make sure your mCs knock her down as she 
sometimes comes back with a great mix-up of attacls. Try not to be too offensive 
as she can easily dodge and counter.


It depends what type of Sarah you fight. If she uses kick all the time just 
counter or throw at every opening. However, if she mixes in her punches, a 
defensive game is a no-no.



Keep him at bay with sidekicks, elbows and uppercuts. Try not to throw if he 
moves around a lot. Stick to Jeffrey's knockdown moves. Don't attack immediately 
after 'fight' as he will dodge. If you block his body attack (uf+K), throw him. 
If he becomes dodge happy, stop attacking and let him come to you. When he 
crouch kicks, crouch and block. Throw if he does a high spin kick or low throw 
if he repeats another kick.


What can I say? Low throw/elbow/upper if he D+K, K too much.



Kage is own of the few offensive CPU characters but that should not worry you 
too much. His main offensive tools are his rushing punches, chops and an 
occasional flip kick. Block his three punches and kick and counter. Don't launch 
attacks from mid-long range as he is very good at countering, especially with 
his flip kick and low kick. If he does the three punches -> kickflip, crouchdash 
and crucifix piledriver.


If you're picking the stage, definitely go for the desert stage. Be wary of his 
turn around low kick.



An aggressive Pai is really a pain in the butt. A defensive Pai is hard to hit. 
Try to avoid fighting Pai in the later levels. Start your round with a knockdown 
move and keep the pressure on her. Pai rarely leaves herself open so rely mostly 
on Jeffrey's strikes. Never let Pai have the upper hand. She can punish you 
quickly and is one of the few CPU characters to throw regularly. It is better to 
play as 1st player as you can float her higher for throw combos. Don't rush at 
her with punches either as she is quite dodge happy. Just stick to single 
knockdown attacks. If you are standing toe to toe with Pai use quick, single 
attacks to pester her to attack and then block and counter. If Pai dodges and 
counters your attack, stop attacking for a while because chances are, she'll 
dodge and counter the next attack. It is vital that you use defensive dodging 
and hit her with a shot knee-hook and a light pounce.


Pai is one fast bitch. Playing defensively doesn't work here. There's so much 
variety to her flow charts that its hard to guess. Use low attacks to slow her 
down and always go for moves that knock her down. Dodge is very important.



She likes to throw a lot and peck at you. When she rushes in with punches, she 
is most likely going for a sweep so block low and then low throw. Aoi also loves 
to guard cancel and then continue so when you see her stop mid way in an attack, 
use fast attack like a punch to knock her out of her attack. For example she 
likes to do two punches, cancel and then continue. Try not to attack from mid-
range as she is dodge and counter-happy. Another good option would be to throw 
her after two blocked punches. 


None yet.



Now this is one CPU opponent I hate playing. From start of round one, Lau will 
attack you continuously with his punches. What I often do is counter him with a 
knee and combo. Then, I will try to keep him away with long range moves. Do not 
try to throw Lau unless the CPU has left himself open. Counter immediately after 
attack and do not allow him room to throw. Use the E button liberally to avoid 
his rushes. A good tip when he is rushing you. Block the three punches and when 
he is starting to do a low sweep and duck immediately. Since the CPU attacks 
according to your level, most of the time, Lau'll do a low sweep and you still 
have a fraction of a second to crouch block it and low throw or attack. Once he 
knocks you down, roll the side to hopefully avoid his light pounce. Like Pai, 
dodging can help you a lot as sometimes Lau will always know which level to 


Nothing yet.



He likes to approach you with punches or a drop kick. It is ideal not to stay to 
close to him, perhaps a character's width. If you see him punching in, do a knee 
and combo. For more style points, dodge and attack. If you block a drop kick 
(uf+K), light stomp or low throw him for more punishment.


Nothing yet.



Probably the easiest fight you'll get besides your first two opponents. Just 
stand there and hold guard. Akira will come at you with a dashing elbow, 
bodycheck, open palm or any sort attack. Then, input in the throw of your 
choice. You shouldn't have much problems with him. Take some risks on the second 
round for the fun of it. Perfect candidate to try out some of Jeffry's wall 


Unlike the CPU, human Akiras cannot be taken so lightly. Be extremely aware that 
most of Jeffry's moves are middle attacks, making him reversal bait. Playing a 
waiting game would certainly result in a guard break or harassing DEs. Best way 
to play is to know when to slip in the important throws and punches. Very tough 


Its very sad that we don't get to see Dural's underwater stage in Model 3 glory. 
Instead you fight in a foggy, randomly selected stage. Its interesting to note 
that if you fight Dural in Wolf's stage, there is a city in the background! A 
desert in the middle of a city? Jeffry's 'Duralised' stage is at night and looks 
rather good. Dural is not as hard as she was in VF2, not that I'm complaining 
but she should be harder for a 'boss'. She is the most aggressive of all the CPU 
characters so play defence all the time. Dural, for some strange reason will 
always do an attack that leaves her wide open. Punish with an attack of your 
choice, preferably a throw. You should have no problem beating her with Jeffry.


Not playable.

COMBOS to try on your powerless opponents!

What guide would be complete without combos? Combos in VF can be blocked halfway 
unlike other games. The only combos that are unblockable if the first attack 
hits are air juggles. Some of these combos were taken from Hardcore VF and Colin 
Leong's famitsu translations. Also note that all first hits must be an MC unless 
stated otherwise.

Characters in VF are classified in three weight categories:

Lightweight : Sarah, Pai, Shun, Aoi.

Middleweight : Jacky, Lau, Lion, Kage, Akira.

Heavyweight : Jeffrey and  Wolf. Maybe Dural?

Extra heavy : Taka

Knee (f+K) juggles. Most preferable done with a MC. If it is a mC, you may have 
to take out one or two hits.

Knee(MC), P, P, P (you can try for a pounce later but it rarely hits. Use this 
to keep your opponent away from you, no heavyweights)

Knee(MC) , df+P, P, P (no heavyweights, great distance)

Knee(MC), Knee, u+P (short and simple. Doesn't do much damage though)

Knee(MC), P, G, Knee, u+P (no heavyweights) 

Knee(MC), b, df+P, P (I believe a short pounce is guaranteed afterwards.)

Knee(MC), P, P, u+P/d, U+P

Knee(MC), P, G, f, f+P, P (lightweights)

Knee(MC), b, df+P, P

Knee(MC), f, f+P, P (no weavyweights)

Knee(MC), F+P, G, df, df+P (Aoi)

Knee(MC), d+K, P

f, f+K(MC), f+K (lightweights)

uf+K(MC), d+P, df+K

uf+K(MC), d+P, f, f+P, P

f, f+P(stagger), P, K, u+P 

f, f+P(stagger), df+P, P, G, P, G, f+K, u+P 

f, f+P(stagger), df+P, P, G, P, G, df+P, d/f+K 

f, f+P(stagger), df+P, P, G, P, G, f, f+P

f, f+P(stagger), f+K, d+P, f, f+P

df+P (MC), P, P, P

db+P+G, b, f+K/ df+K, d+K+G (needs flat floor)


Tactical combos are move combinations that are not guaranteed to connect after 
the first hit but have a better chance of making the opponent open himself to 

P, P, P, b, df+P, P
P, P, P, f+P+K

By the end of the third punch which is usually blocked, Jeffry is about a 
character width away from his opponent. The dodging hell stab/starfleet dodges 
high attacks and some low attacks.


What is brain freeze you might ask. It is something that fans of any fighting 
game know too well. It has won you great victories, incredible comebacks and 
humiliating losses. Its is the moment when for some stupid reason, you just 
stand there holding guard button while your opponent throws your numb ass 
around. Have you ever played a round where you just throw your opponent around 
(or vice versa) and there just doesn't seem to be anything he can do about it? 
If you don't know what I'm talking about either you must be damn good or have 
never played the average human player.

How do you cause brain freeze? That is the eternal question with no certain 
answer. I believe the best way for Jeffrey is a low throw. After you've low 
thrown your opponent one or two times, he'll be thinking, "Oh my God, I'd better 
not use crouching moves to pester him. From there, you've probably disabled 1/3 
of his arsenal. 

Another way to cause brain freeze is to attack relentlessly until your 
opponent's thumb is stuck to the block button, awaiting the next blow. For 
example doing repeated crouching punches and kicks. After 6-7 seconds of 
continually crouching harassment, your opponent will most likely be crouch 
blocking, anticipating another low attack.

How do you avoid brain freeze? I don't know. I still get it sometimes and my 
opponent always run in and throw. Maybe its because I hate getting MCed and then 
knocked around so I'm just holding guard while waiting for an opening. IMO, the 
best way to avoid brain freeze would be to play a more aggressive game.

WINNING POSES (Jeffry's victory dance)

During the replay of Jeffry's victory, hold one of the buttons for one of the 
following winning posses!

Jeffry bends a little flexes his biceps at his side, stands on one leg and says: 
I win! (Hold guard)
When to use:
1) To show Wolf who has bigger biceps 
2) Perhaps Jeffry should get into modelling to buy the boat.
3) To show that Jeffry has grace as well as power.

Jeffry posses three times, making grunts. (Hold punch)
When to use:
1) The guy next to you is eating into your space.
2) Impress the ladies watching.
3) Bring out the beast within.

Jeffry shows his biceps and then puts his arms behind him and flexes his muscles 
and proclaims : That's mariner power! (Hold kick) (side elevation)
When to use:
1) To show Pai and Sarah who has a bigger chest! 
2) When you've ringed your opponent out of Jeffry's stage.
3) To show that in 1 year, Jeffry has learnt to say something other than I win!

Jeffry spreads his legs, brings out his fist and says : I win! (Hold E)
When to use:
1) To tell the guy who has been challenging you for the umptheen time to give 

Jeffrey points with his arm diagonal upwards with the other arm drawn back. 
(Hold P+G)
When to use: 
1) You just floated your opponent out of the ring or finished them with a float 
2) You want to show that Jeffrey's the coolest super hero out there.

Jeffry puts his arms in front of him and says : That's mariner power!(front 
elevation) (hold K+G)
When to use: 
1) You want Jeffry to be straight to the point.
2) Jeffry looks better from the front.

Jeffry swings his arm to his side and up again saying : I win! (does he have a 
limited vocabulary or what?) (get perfect)
When to use:
1) Don't. This is Jeffry's most uninteresting pose.
2) You're too busy gloating over yourself after your perfect win.


South Sea Island Stage:

        This has to be the best stage of all in VF3. There are so many things
moving around you it feels like the whole stage is alive. In general, you're on 
a tiny sand bar just a few meters or so away from a small island or peninsular. 
There are a few clouds in the sky but the sun is shining brightly and it's light 
sparkles on the sea surface with gently undulating waves. Because the sand bar 
is NOT flat but curved in an egg-like hemispherical curve s the sea's current 
washes up/down against the tiny sand bar the sea level rises/lowers and the 
playing area slowly gets smaller/larger with the current. The ripple of the 
water rolling across the sand is perfect and as the water subsides it leaves 
a little ring of lightly darker wet sand. But in the hot sun this quickly dries 
so it gradually fades back to a light yellow again until the water comes back. 
Around the fighting area are a number of seagulls, sometimes a few, sometimes a 
lot. They usually swoop and soar in the sky but occasionally dive into the water 
to catch fish. The motion of the birds is very accurate with their wings folding 
back as they dive but with the birds flapping like mad to get airborne again. 
Those lazing around hover in the air, their wings stretched out wide to catch 
the hot air current. And they're not only in the distance they fly towards and 
away from the camera a little as well. But it's not just a pretty picture, your 
characters can interact with scenery. As you walk a little bit of sand is kicked 
up and falling on the floor send sand scattering as well. Also your fighting 
area is not limited to the dry sand area you can go splashing into the water and 
if you are knocked over you send water flying. If you stand on edge not moving 
the sea comes in around your feet with a little ripple effect. The stage as a 
ring out where the water level suddenly becomes very deep. The character that 
rings out makes a funny drowning sound and then lies still in the clear blue 
waters. Someone should give the VF characters swimming lessons. But then how'd 
the swim to the island to fight?

JEFFREY VF4 WISH LIST....  (still growing)

1) one or two catch throws. Perhaps a low catch throw?
2) a low knockdown attack. (or two)
3) more fast, uncounterable moves.
4) focus more on hand attacks. After all, isn't that what Pancratium's about?
5) more brutal looking throws and one or two chain throws.
6) some minor 'super armour' like Taka's. Maybe faster recovery from jabs?
7) some sort of hold or reversal ala DOA.
8) much more '3D' gameplay ie more attacks that dodge, roll to side, etc.
9) a new ground attack. Perhaps Jeff could grab the opponent's head and slam it   
   onto the ground!
10)a SPoD or DLC like combo for Jeffry! Yeah!  
11)ability to taunt infinitely.
12)health recovery ala Vampire Saviour.
13)very slow, uncounterable attacks.
14)much, much more interesting winning poses.
15)more ways of attacking when down on the ground, perhaps a lying on the ground 
16)more speech to give the game more character like KOF.
17)pre-fight poses.
18)more air attacks that are realistic and useful.


I'm from Malaysia and am currently studying in Melbourne, Australia. (So far 
I've not yet seen Jeffry :)) So far to my knowledge, there is only two VF3 
machine here. :( One is in Fun and Games on Bourke Street and the other at 
Melbourne Central's timezone. Both cost AUD$1 a continue. (Aaarrggghh) There 
used to be two others that cost AUD$1 for two continues but they were taken away 
after lack of interest among Melbournians. *Sigh* I started writing this guide 
after a VF3 machine which cost AUD$1 for two continues surfaced and got me back 
into my VF mood. However, the machine was taken away after a few days. I cannot 
express my regret and disappointment that of not spending more time on it before 
it was gone. Shelling out $1 for a continue is not my idea of a good way to 
spend money especially with the Asian currency crisis. There may be some more 
minor updates but I can't do much with limited time and competition. I'm keeping 
my fingers crossed that a $1 - 2 continues machine surfaces soon. Because of the 
positive response I got from some VFers, I decided to quite Street Fighter 3 and 
concentrate solely on VF.  

CREDITS AND THANKS (in no particular order)

AM2 and Yu Suzuki for another great instalment of VF.

James for being the only other VFer in Melbourne and my sparring partner.

William 'NiGHTS' Tham for being my VF1&2 sparring partner. His Pai is a bitch to 

Nate T.S. Kho for the fun VF1&2 days. He plays his Jacky with style.

Y.T. Lee for his wacky attitude and fun times, especially with his Jacky.

Kris ( for various information from VF Miscellany 

Andrew Chang for his VF3 beginners FAQ.

Steve Hamilton for THE VF3 FAQ. How about a VF3TB one?

Thomas H. Harper and Mason Wood for their great VF2 Jeffrey guides. Come on 
guys, how about a VF3 version?

All those guys who have contributed to the VF community on the net. Let's get 
the FAQs going! And bring back THoVF!

Hardcore VF ( for keeping the light alive.

Anti Chicken Players Committee (ACPC) for pioneering 
the fight against chickens and good discussions on VF3.

Of course my parents for the $$$$$ and sending me to Australia so I can play VF3 
against the CPU. I'm in dire need of human opponents! Hhmm, maybe I should have 
gone to Singapore?

W.M. for input on the sleeper hold and various comments.

Those who sent me e-mails of encouragement.

You, the reader for reading my guide. I've put many hours into this guide and 
really appreciate it.


Melbourne for showing no interest in such a groundbreaking and excellent game. 
I'm bored of seeing Ryu, Ken and Gouki everytime I go into an arcade.

The two arcades on Russell Street for taking away VF3 :(

Fun and Games for charging so much money for a two year old game as well as 
turning the volume down. Come on guys, its two years old!

Those magazines (you know who you are) that claimed VF3's gameplay was the same 
as VF2 (what a load of crap) and did not give the VF series the recognition it 
deserved. And now they're coming out with the bull that Soul Calibre looks 
better than VF3. Seriously, these English magazines don't even know how to play 
VF. You read their so called 'strategy guides'. Even my 9 year old brother can 
right like that!

To all those players who glorify button mashing and shallow games.

Those players who claim to be 'hardcore' and yet refuse to give VF a chance just 
because it doesn't have ten-strings and King's multi throws.

Sega of America for f_cking the Saturn up by not releasing all the good games 
from Japan. 

This guide is written by Michael Tham and should not be butchered and made to 
look like someone's FAQ. All the stuff I 'borrowed' from other FAQs and 
homepages are copyright of their respective owners. (notice I gave credit to 
them) VF is a trademark of Sega Enterprises and created by the geniuses at AM2. 
I do not guarantee that ALL the info is correct so please mail me if you find 
any mistakes. This guide is not affiliated with Sega and is made for 
entertainment purposes as well as dealing with my Saturn withdrawal symptoms . 
If you want to put this up in your web page, by all means, go ahead! Do tell me 
about it though. 

FINALLY, WHERE TO GO FOR VF ON THE NET (in no particular order)

1)AM2's VF3 PAGE (Inactive)

2) Anti Chicken Players Committee

3) Hardcore VF (active)

4) VF Miscellany (Inactive)

5) Gamefaqs

6) Charlie's Taka page (Inactive)

7) Jirawat's VF3 Lexicon (Inactive)

8) Exploration VF3 (very active)

9) (need I say more)