Jeffry Move List by JUttayaya

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MOVE NAME                  MOVE MOTION              LEVEL

Knuckle, Kick              P, K                     HH
Double Knuckle             P, P                     HH
1, 2, Upper                P, P, P                  HHM
Combo Kenka Hook           P, P, b+P                HHH
Killing Toe Kick & Hammer  K, K, P                   HMM
Elbow                      f+P                       M, C.Down
Elbow, Hammer              f+P, b+P                  MM
Dashing Elbow              f, f+P                    M
Elbow, Upper               f, f+P, P                 MM
Elbow Stomp                b+P                       M
        After twisting his arm high in the air, Jeffry
        drops an elbow on the opponent.

Tornado Hammer             f, b+P                    H, C.Down
        Resembles a "Elbow Stomp".  After twisting his body,
        Jeffry drops one elbow with the full force of his weight.
        Good attack against a drunk Shun getting up from the
        ground.  If hit, the opponent turns his back to Jeffry.

Kenka Hook                 b, f+P                    H, Down
        A big, high hook punch.  Good for attacking a rising
        drunken Shun.

Kenka Upper                d/f, d/f+P                M
        Jeffry ducks down low then lets loose a big uppercut.

Smash Upper                d/f+P                     M
Double Upper               d/f+P, P                  MM
Triple Upper               d/f+P, P, P               MMM
        The third uppercut is the Kenka Upper, which is slow
        to execute.

Upper Hand                 D_, d/f+P                 M
Double Down Hammer         d/f, b+P                  M
Round Hammer               b, d/f+P                  M
        From above, both fists swings low, smashing everything
        in its path.

Raging Hammer              b, d/f+P, P               MM, Down, AI
        After the Round Hammer, Jeffry swings his fists back
        up for another attack.

Shot Knee                  b+K                       M
        A non-aerial knee.

Shot Knee, Hammer          b+K, P                    MH
Toe Kick                   d+K                       M
     Splash Mountain         d,d/f,f+P+G (Combos after Toe Kick hits)

Toe Kick, Hammer           d+K, P                    MM
Knee Attack                f+K                       M
        Air combo if hits.  If the opponent guards against the
        attack, Jeffry can get hit by a high punch.

Kenka Kick                 f, f+K                    M, Down
        Jeffry steps into a mid-kick.

Heel Attack                f, d+K                    M, AI, End
        He kicks his leg high and then drops his heel on you.

Side Kick                  d/f+K                    M, Down

Head Attack                b, f+P+K                  M
        A head butt.

Stomach Crush              b, d/f+P+K                M
        Jeffry charges the opponent's stomach with his head.

    Lift Up Throw         d+P+G  (Combos after Stomach Crush
           Like a bull, Jeffry flips his rival on his back
           after hitting him in the stomach.

Middle Stab                f+P+K                     M, Down
        Turning his body from a low position, Jeffry sends out
        a chop.  If the stab hits, Jeffry can follow up with
        a sidekick (d/f+K)

Hell Dunk Hammer           d+P+K                     M  C.Down
        Jeffry swings one arm high, then tosses down an elbow.
        If the move hits, the opponent will be forced into a
        crouching position.

Hell Stab                  P+E                       H
Machine Gun Hell Stab      P+E, P+E, P+E             HHH

Dunking Low                d+K+G                     L, C.Down
        Jeffry kicks his adversary's ankle.

Low Kick                   d/f+K+G                   L


THROW NAME                THROW MOTION              LEVEL

Back Flip                  P+G                      H
Power Slam                 d/f+P+G                  H
        Jeffry's old f+P throw.

Body Lift                  b+P+G                    H
Spin Buster                d+P+G                    H
        After lifting the opponent high on his shoulder,
        Jeffry grabs the opponent's leg and then slams
        him to the ground.

Machine Gun Hammer         d/b, f+P+G               H
        The opponent's head gets bashed three times by Jeffry's
        meaty hands.

Tackle                     b, d/f+P+G               H
Frontal Back Breaker       b, f, f+P+G              H
Splash Mountain            d/f, d/f+P+G             H
Box Throw                  d/b+P+G                  H
        This throw forces the opponent's back to be exposed
        to Jeffry.  Similiar to Akira's Surprise Exchange.

Head Butt                  b, f+P+G                 H

    Head Crush             b+P+G  (Combos after Head Butt)
    Double Head Butt       f+P+G  (Combos after Head Butt)
      Triple Head Butt       f+P+G (Combos after Double Head Butt)

Iron CLaw                  d+P+K+G                  L
Powerbomb                  d/f+P+K+G                L
Machinegun Knee Lift       d, f+P+K+G               L
Coconut Crush              P+G              H Side Throw
        After grabbing the opponent's neck, Jeffry knees him
        in the head.

??                         P+K+G            L Side Throw
Back Breaker               P+G              H Back Throw
Back Breaker               P+K+G            L Back Throw
??                         ??               L Back Throw
        Jeffry locks the head of the adversary and spins him around.

Devil Reverse Claw         d+P+G            Ground Throw
        The downed opponent is picked up from the ground for
        further punishment.

Stomping                   d/f+K             Ground Attack

Greatly in debt to YAMAZAKI Shinji ( and
Gamest Act 0.5, which I still don't have in completion.


                                Jirawat Uttayaya a.k.a. Peaking Duck