Pai Move List by JUttayaya

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Pai Chan

MOVE NAME                        MOVE MOTION        LEVEL
Whirlwind Fang           H Down, AI

Swallow Spin Kick                d+K+G              L, Down, End
        A sweep.

Fluttering Body, Sweeping Leg    d/b+K+G            L, Down, End
        Like the "Swallow Spin Kick" but Pai spins her body
        in reverse.

Reverse Roundhouse               b+K+G              H, Down, AI

??                               u/f+K+G            M, AI
        Pai turns her back to her opponent and flipkicks.
        The name I nominate for this move is "Stupid, by
        Calvin Klein".

The Swallow Dance of the
   Happy Feet                    f+K+G              MM, AI(?)
        As she motions in front of the opponent, Pai kicks both
        leg at him.

Spin Mid Kick                    d/f+K              M, C.Down
        An old move with a new twist; a spinning sidekick that
        floats for a possible air combo.  Comes out fast.

Lunging Kick                     f, f+K             H

Ascending Spinning Heel Kick     D_, K              M
        From crouching, Pai stands up and heel kicks.

Flipkick                         u/b+K              M, Down, AI

??                               f, f_+K            H
        See Pai run.  See Pai thrust kick.  See Pai miserably
        whiff.  Die, Pai, die.

Single Flying Crane Kick         u/f+K              M, C.Down
Double Flying Crane Kicks        u/f+K ,K           MM, Down

Ascending Leg Kick               K                   H, AI

Tiger & Swallow Action Leg       K, K                HM, AI, End
        An ascending leg kick followed by a heel kick.

Planted Brush Kick               d+K                 L, C.Down
        A low kick done while taking a step forward.  Changes

Moving Brush Kick, Heel Kick     d+K, K              LH
        A "Planted Brush Kick" followed by a heel kick.  Make
        sure the joystick returns to neutral for the second
        kick.  This is an example of VF buffering, where the d+K
        buffers the down motion for the D_, K portion of the heel

Traveling Sweep Kicks            d+K, K               LL, Down, End
        A "Planted Brush Kick" followed by "Swallow Spin Kick".  For
        this move you keep the joystick down during the secong kick.

Encircling Reach Palm            d/b+P              H, C.Down
        Pai thrusts out one hand in a low, hortizontal attack.
        Small reach but on a counter hit knocks down and floats.
        Effective for hitting a rising drunken Shun.

Cleansing Puncture Fist          f+P                M, C. Down
        Both hands fly out in a low, oblique motion, starting
        from the inside to the outside.

High-Step, Cleansing Palm        b+P                M
        Getting ready in a low position, Pai scoops up with a
        one-handed palm.

Yangqing Piercing Tiger          D_, f+P            M
        Getting ready in a low position, Pai scoops up with a
        two-handed palm.

Skyward Striking Fist            u+P                M
        Jumping with both hands raised over the head, Pai swoops
        down with a low hit.  Floats if it connects.

Son of the Swallow
     Puncture Fist               f, f+P                M
        Starting from a low angle of attack, Pai burst forward with
        a big, high strike with both hands.

Flying Swallow-Shot Kick         f, f+P, K             MH
        After the enshisoushou, Pai kicks the opponent while

Traversing Heel Kick             P, K                  HH

Traversing Palm                  P, P                  HH, C.Down

Smashing Spin Heel Kick          P, P, K               HHH

Rumble of Thunder Fist           P, P, P               HHH, C.Down

Foot Climbing to the Heights     P, P, P, f+K          HHHH
        It's just three punches and a high kick.  However that doesn't
        sound as good.

3 Punches & Flipkick             P, P, P, u/b+K          HHHM, AI

3 Punches & Roundhouse           P, P, P, K              HHHH, AI

3 Punches & Sweep                P, P, P, d+K            HHHL, Down, AI, End
        Yeah, these names doesn't sound as good.  If you don't like
        it, feel free to make up your own.  Besides, it's not like
        you're going to use these moves anyway.

Low Blue Fist                    d/f+P                    L
        Contary to the trend in VF1 and VF2, Pai is given a useful
        move.  In this combo starter, Pai hits her adversary's ankle.

Traveling Low Blue Fist          d/f+P, P, f+P             LHM
        First, Pai swipes the victim's legs; then a simple thrust
        punch; finally a huge lunging hand strike.  If the opponent
        can guard this hand barrage, the last move recovers long
        enough for the opponent to counterattack.

Blue Fist & High Kick            d/f+P, P, K               LHH

Low Blue Fist & Sweep            d/f+P, P, P, d+K          LHHL, Down, AI, End

Low Blue Fist & Roundhouse       d/f+P, P, P, K            LHHH


THROW NAME                      THROW MOTION              LEVEL
The Defeated Body Seeking
    to Fall                      P+G                      H

Cracking Thunder Going into
    the Woods                    f+P+G                    H
        After grabbing the opponent's head and leaping into his
        back, Pai throws him.

Collasping Body Meeting the
     Fist                        f, f+P+G                 H
        The old  f, f+P+K  throw.

Whirlwind War Sparrow            b, f+P+G                 H
        The old  b, f+P

Head Falling from Heaven to
     Earth                       f, b+P+G                 H
        Pai's DDT move.  I'm surprised the command is not f, d+P+G.

Heavenly Phoenix in the Violent
      Sky                         D_, f+P+G                H
        Grabibng the opponent's arm, Pai tosses him to the side.

Stumbling Throw                  b, d+P+G                  H

Straddling Air Flip Throw        d/f+P+G                   H
        Pai flips over the opponent's head and lands facing his

Fist Challenging the Back of
      the Body                   P+G                  H Side Throw

Swallows Flying in a Circle
      on the Winds               f+P+K+G                   L
        Pai flips over the back of a crouching opponent and lands
        facing his back.


MOVE NAME                       MOVE MOTION              LEVEL
High Reverse                     b+P+K                   H
Mid Reverse                      d/b+P+K                 M
        The mid reverse can now reverse knees.

Special High/Mid Reverse          f+P+K                   H
        A reverse specifically designed for high and mid level
        one-armed attacks.  Perhaps useful for reversing combinations
        like P, P, P.

Shadow Thunder Palm Hitting       d/f+P            Ground Attack


                                   Jirawat Uttayaya a.k.a. Peaking Duck

Greatly in debt to YAMAZAKI Shinji ( and
Gamest Act 0.5, which I still don't have in completion.