Sarah Move List by JUttayaya

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Sarah Bryant

I. High Level Attack

MOVE NAME                     MOVE MOTION        LEVEL    COMMENTS
Punch-Straight Combo          P, P               HH       C.Down
        Since the reach of the second punch is short, it is
        not always a guaranteed hit after the first punch.

Flash Piston Punch            P, P, P            HHH      C.Down
        I think there are still three variations of this attack:
        a)P,P,P,   b) P,P,u+P, and   c)P, P, b+P

Combo Rising Knee             P, P, P, K         HHHM     Down, Stance
Combo Flipkick                P, P, P, b+K       HHHM
Combo Rising Kick             P, P, P, u+K       HHHM
Punch-Kick Combo              P, K               HH
Punch-Sidekick Combo          P, d+K             HM       C.Down
Snap Side Chop                d/f+P              H        C.Down, Drunk

Tornado Kick                  u/f+K+G            H        AI, Stance, Down

Round Kick                    u+K+G              M, Down, AI, Stop

Step Round Kick                       f+K+G              M, Down, AI, Stop

Spinning Kick                         K+G                M, AI, Stop

Side Hook Kick                        d/b+K+G            M, C.Down, Stop

Leg Slicer                            d+K+G              L, C.Down

Low Spin Kick                         d/f+K+G            L, Down, Stop

Spin Edge Kick                        b+K+G              M, AI

Spin Heel Seed                        u/b+K+G            M, Down, AI

Rising Elbow                          f+P                M
Double Joint Attack (Elbow-Knee)      f+P, K             MM, Down, Air, Stance
        Due to terrain and body weight, the knee may not always hit
        after the elbow.

Elbow, Side Chop                      f+P, D/F+P         MH, AI, Drunk

Elbow, Heel Seed                      f+P, b+K           MM

Double Kick                           b+K                HH, stance.

Flipkick                              u/b+K              M, Down, AI

Middle Kick                           d/f+K              M, C.Down
        What Sarah gets instead of a decent sidekick.

Illusion Kick                         d/f+K, K           MM, AI
        Despite my sources, I think this move's level of attack is MH.

Mirage Kick                           d/f+K, K, K        MMM, Down, AI
        Level MHH??

Mirage Low                            d/f+K, K, b+K      MML

Mirage, Jack Knife                    d/f+K, K, d+K      MMM

Knee Kick                             f+K                M, Down, Stance, Air
        On a counter
        hit, Sarah can do an air combo, with the kickflip being the
        perennial favourite.  If blocked, the opponent can retaliate
        with a high punch.

Dash Knee                             f, f+K             M, Down stance

Rising Knee                           D_, f+K            M, Down

Double Rising Knee                    D_, f+K, K         MM

Jack Knife Kick                       d+K                M, C.Down, AI

Jack Knife & Side Kick                d+K, K             MM, AI

Toe Kick                              d+P+K              M

Toe Kick, Jack Knife                  d+P+K              MM, Air

Spin Turn Kick                        D_, b+K            H
Double Spin Kick                      D_, b+K, K         HH
Double Thrust Kick                    K, K               HH

Full Spin Dive                        u/f+K or u+K       M, AI, Stop

Dragon Cannon                         d/b+K              M, Down, AI, Air

Low Kick                              D_+K               L, C.Down, Stance
Double Low Kick                       D_+K, K            LL, C.Down, stance
        After this move, Sarah remains crouching during rigor time.


THROW NAME                      THROW MOTION              LEVEL
Frontal Supplex                  P+G                       H
Lighting Knee Kick               b+P+G                     H
        Pulling her victim towards her, Sarah knees him three times.

Clothesline                      f, f+P+G                  H
Leg Hold Throw                   b, f+P+G                  H
        Sarah throws the opooent down by connecting his leg to his neck
        in a most unbecoming manner.

Side Neck Breaker                u/f+P+G                Side Throw(?)
        Like a clothesline from the side, but with more twist.

Shell Break Elbow                P+G                    Side Throw

Back Drop                        P+G                 High Back Throw
Back Drop                        P+G+K               Low Back Throw

Moonsault                       u/f+P          (Special Movement)
        In an amazing feat of acrobatics, Sarah flips over her opponent and
        faces them in the back.

Soccer Ball Kick                d/f+K           (Ground Attack)


                                 Jirawat Uttayaya a.k.a. Peaking Duck

Greatly in debt to YAMAZAKI Shinji ( and
Gamest Act 0.5, which I still don't have in completion.