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                           Virtua Fighter 3 Quotes (Taunt FAQ)
                               by: Donny Chan
     Special thanks to Donny Chan for allowing me to display his work.
     Vidgame-playing Netters may use these quotes in their signatures
     and taglines.
     About the victory poses: After a round, during the Replay, the
     player can hold one of the four buttons to choose the character's
     victory pose after the Replay. In an one-player game, the player
     can hold one of the buttons on the other player's side to choose
     the CPU character's victory pose. The players can tap the Start
     buttons to skip the Replay and victory pose. VF3 doesn't seem to
     have the slow-motion Replay option (hold G+P+K) from VF2.
     Umenokouji AOI
     (Umenokouji is pronounced as "oo-meh-nor-kor-jee". Aoi is
     pronounced as "ah-oy", not "ay-oh-yee". Umenokouji means "small
     road of apricot/plum", and aoi means "hollyhock".
     Thanks to J.C. Kelly, Johnny Hom, and Takeuchi Shouichi, who
     live in Japan.)
     "Konna koto dewa kiwamerahen wa."
     Hold [?]: She turns and looks to one side, and puts her arms
     behind her. "Yowai. Yowasugimasu wa."
     Hold G: She kneels on the ground. "De'naoshite okureyasu."
     Excellent: She sways her arms as she dances. "Anta ni
     sasageru mai ya."
     (Aoi speaks with a "Kyoto-ish" accent.)
     DURAL (and "Dular")
     Hold [?]: She back flips and puts her arms horizontally
     before her chest. Same as Kage.

     PAI Chan
     (Pai is pronounced as "pie", not "pay".)
     Hold G: She does her Boogie-Woogie Dance. "Yappari kufuu
     tarinai no ne."
     Hold P: She puts her hands on her hips and shakes her head.
     "Anata niwa kufuu ga tarinai wa."
     Hold K: She stretches her back. "Anata niwa kufuu ga tarinai
     Hold E: She back flips. "Anata niwa kufuu ga tarinai wa."
     Hold G+P: She does her "Crane standing in flock of chicken"
     stance. "Anata niwa kufuu ga tarinai wa."
     Hold G+K: She kicks one leg, raises her arms, and stands
     with her other leg off the ground and bent at the knee.
     Excellent: She does the Hadouken ("Fireball") stance.
     Excellent vs Akira: She blows a kiss to the players.
     "Juu'nen hayakatta no ne." [?]
     Time Over: She kneels on the ground and shakes her head as
     she weeps into her palms. "Tsugi wa kanarazu katte miseru wa."
     (Guess who's the VF3 chara I've played most? ^_^
     So much for the post-VF2 rumour that all VF3 characters
     would speak in their indigenous languages.)

     SARAH Bryant
     "Better run home to Mama now."
     "Even GOOD guys BLOW it. [Laugh]"

     Yuki AKIRA
     (Yuki (or Yuki) is pronounced as "you-key", not "yucky".)
     "Juu'nen hayain dayo."
     "Juu'nen hayakatta ka."
     "Mada mada honki ja nai."
     "Motto ore wo atsuku sasetekure."
     "Motto tsuyoku natte koi."
     "Yoshi, ikuze."
    JACKY Bryant
     (Some English players call him "Jerky". Jacky's name on his
     jacket is misspelled as "Jackey"?)
     "All right."
     Hold [?]: He puts his fist at his side and looks down to one
     side. "I'm faster than lightning!"
     Hold [?]: He turns away from the players and points his
     thumb at his face.
     Hold E: He single jump kicks. "I look forward to our next bout."
     Excellent: He sways his legs. "Yeah." He then wipes his nose
     with his thumb. "All right."
     Hold db+G+P+E: He does the peace sign at the players and
     says something. (If you can't remember which buttons to hold,
     just remember to hold db and NOT the K button.)

     JEFFRY McWild
     "[Grunt, grunt, laugh]"
     "I WIIIIIN!"

     (Kage is pronounced as "kah-geh", not "cage" or "kah-gay".)
     "Saraba ja."
     "Shuugyou ga tarin."
     "Waga kokoro sude ni kuu nari."
     "Ware ni teki'nashi."
     Hold [?]: He back flips and puts his arms horizontally
     before his chest.
     Hold db+G+P+E: He does the peace sign at the players and
     grunts. (If 2P Kage does this after an Excellent victory vs Akira
     in Akira's doujou, a big metal basin drops onto Kage's head.)

     LAU Chan
     (Lau rhymes with "cow". Some Japanese players call him "Papa".)
     "Hee, katate de juubun da."
     "Hukaku wo tatta wa."
     "Me ni mono miseyou." [?]
     "Renshuu nimo naran."
     "Shuugyou ga tarin wa."
     "Sore de honki ka."
     Hold [?]: He crouches, extends one arm before him, and
     extends his other arm behind him.
     Hold [?]: He crouches, puts one hand before him, and puts
     his other hand beside his head.
     Hold [?]: He turns to one side, puts his arms behind him,
     and kicks one leg.

     LION Rafale
     (Lion is pronounced as "lee-ohn", not "lie-un". Some
     Cantonese players call him "Lai Ming" (esp 2P Lion), after the
     Hong Kong pop singer Leon Lai. The Rafale (French "squall") is a
     jet fighter being developed by Dassault; it's comparable to the
     Eurofighter 2000, Gripen, and Super Flanker. For more info, go to
     rec.aviation.military. Lion's name on his shirt is misspelled as
     "Aren't you about ready to go HOME now?"
     "I don't make it a HABIT to fight the ELDERLY."
     "You think you can win at THAT level?"
     SHUN Di
     (Shun Di is pronounced as "shoon dee". Shun Di is an emperor
     in Chinese mythology.)
     Hold G: He drinks and falls onto his back.
     Hold P: He slaps his butt at the camera. (Unfortunately,
     Shun isn't as cute as KOF96 Sakazaki Yuri.)
     Hold K: He drinks and sits down.
     Hold E: He drinks and stays standing.
     Hold G+P: He clasps his hands together and shakes them.
     Hold G+K: ?
     Excellent: ?
     Time Over: ?
     (Taka is pronounced as "tah-kah". Arashi is pronounced as
     "ah-rah-shee" or "ah-rarsh". Some English players just call him
     "Taka". Taka means "hawk", and arashi means "storm".)
     Hold [?]: He chops the air with his hand.
     Hold [?]: He crosses his arms before his chest.
     Hold [?]: He crouches and raises one hand.
     Hold E: He points his finger at the players.
     Excellent: He rubs his fist on his waist. [?]
     WOLF Hawkfield
     Hold [?]: His gives his enemy the forearm, a rude gesture
     amongst some Europeans. "I'll praise YOU for your STRENGTH." [?]
     (Thanks to Doi Hitoshi and UMI.bbs@eden.EE.NCTU.edu.tw.)
     Aoi ?
     Pai Iwao "Penguin" Junko (VF2), Matsui Naoko
     Sarah Okamoto Maya (anime)
     Akira Miki Shin'ichirou (VF3, VF2, anime)
     Jacky Matsumoto Yasunori (anime)
     Jeffry ?
     Lau Chiba Shigeru (VF3, VF2, anime)
     Lion Iwanaga Tetsuya (anime)
     Kage Mitsuyoshi Moushuu/Takenobu [?] (VF3, VF1),
     Funeda Kei [?] (VF2), Yanada Kiyoyuki (anime)
     Shun Di ?
     Taka-Arashi ?
     Wolf ?
     Announcer ?
     (The voice acting agency is mostly 81 Produce. Personally, I
     prefer Aoni Production.)
     ccm@idirect.com (Marcus)
     Creed@ucla.edu (CreeD)
     crs0750@inforamp.net (Mike Tsui)
     donny.chan@canrem.com (Donny Chan)
     gamma@ccwf.cc.utexas.edu (John Mikula)
     http://www.sega.co.jp/AM2/SOUND/index.html (Voice)
     jckelly@gol.com (J.C. and Amiko Kelly)
     jhom@zip.sbi.com (Johnny Hom)
     takeuchi@mbox.kyoto-inet.or.jp (TAKEUCHI Shouichi)
     toshi@win.or.jp (Hitoshi Doi)
     UMI.bbs@eden.EE.NCTU.edu.tw (UH)
     PS I'll add the English quotes and the translations of the
     Japanese quotes later. 8P