////           // // //  //    ///////    //   //  ///
     //         /// // // //  //       //  /// //// // // //
    //// // // / / // ///// /////     //  / / // ////    //
   //    //// /// //        //   //  //  /// //  ///   ///
  /////  //      //////    /////// //////   //   //  //////
			^Far Off Promise^
Version 0.6

Disclaimer and Copyright © 2000 -
This Evolution 2 FAQ belongs to Fusion, Jonathon Ng. No part of this
may be changed without his approval.

Do not copy this FAQ without my consent. All you have to do is e-mail
me and tell me and give me credit and it'll be all right.

Evolution 2 is owned by ESP Ubi Soft, and Sting.

	L.Society Dungeon
This is my very first walkthrough/FAQ in my whole life! I see all these
reviews and all these people saying that Evolution 2 basically.. sucks,
but hey if you enjoy this game, then good for you! I encourage you to
play! Well I dunno if my FAQ well be good or if my FAQ will be even
worse than the game! If there are any things you'd like me to add or
anything you can e-mail me at Maglauncher2000@yahoo.com
<mailto:Maglauncher2000@yahoo.com>. I’ll give you credit. I found out
Clement Chan beated me to making the first FAQ, and he finished it
too.. unlike me=), I guess I slacked of but there will be updates, so
don't worry! Right now though it’s better to look at the other guy’s
FAQ. My FAQ right now is basically a really big spoiler for the parts I
covered, so don’t read it if you want to play the whole game=)


Here is the FAQ I made from the questions I recieved from my e-mail,
ask me any questions, related to this game and I'll post it up=) I
won't post up any names so don't be shy.

Q:What are HP, FP and TP?

A:HP is health points, it is basically the life a character has left.
FP is used in Evolution 2 to use skills during battle. TP is another
element used in Evolution 2 to learn new skills. FP and TP are not
necessarily usually seen in other RPGs.


	I was so bored that I even decided to place things I have found
out that you can do. You can check them out if you want, but it's just
here for the fun of it=)If you find any more stupid stuff you can e-
mail me them and I'll give you credit! Here's the list:

1. On the garage wall if you were to look at it and kept on pressing A
all over the wall you would be able to have the character you are using
say that there is graffiti on the wall.

2. If you change the character that leads the party you can get
different reactions from each one of them.

3. After Forest Depths, if you talk to Pepper she tells you that Nina
is a very good drinker. After the Crypt Maze she tells you that Nina
had drank so much that she took off all her clothes on the spot,
responsible Nina has a bad side afterall=)Now if you go back to the
Society Museum and talk to Nina she'll ask you if Pepper told you
anything, answer either yes or no, you can see the response for both by
just heading out the Society Museum and coming back in!

4. A funny thing I noticed was in Pine Village when I had Chain talk
wit Mosin, a guy near Carcano's room, Mosin told Chain that he wasn't
interested in guys and Chain yelled at him, Chain *does* look like a
guy doesn't he?=)


The default controls are as follows:

 D-Pad/Analog - Move around /Switch Between the Menu Screen Items
 A - Talk to people /Break open walls to secret rooms or break objects
with treasure boxes inside/Open Treasure boxes or doors
 B - Cancel
 X - Switch View/top view/ shoulder view
 Y - Switch between characters
START- Menu Screen
 A+B+X+Y+START - Soft Reset


LAND MINE-gives you a slight amount of damage.
HP RESTORED- Restores your HP
FP RESTORED- Restores you FP
POISONED- Slowly drains your life for a little while
BLIND- Makes the screen dark however you are still able to see things
so this isn't all that bad.
PARALYZED- You walk slowly
ALARM ENEMIES- I guess it makes the enemies come after you more
SLEEP- You lie on the ground sleeping for a little while
HOLE- A hole that you fall into where you go back to the level just before
TRANSPORTATION- Brings you to another part of a maze
SPIKES- Spikes come out of the floor or from the wall and deals damage
to the party.
LASER BEAM-You are pulled up and shot back down by a laser beam.

1. While you are traveling in a maze, it is better to travel on the
sides of a hallway because in the center are were the traps are usually
hidden at.
2. Make as many upgrades as you can on the cyframes you use most.
3. You don't necessarily have to always go and buy your equipment, it's
better to find them and save money.
4. If you’re planning on gaining more money, you should probably not
use Chain or Pepper because after a quest you’re going to have to split
some money with them and that’s not going to help you gain too much
money. Gre and Linear are good enough anyway=) Minja states that it is
also a good idea to use the characters you like and at the end of the
maze you can use the portal and go back to town and switch to Gre. It's
all good=)
5. Always keep an escape incense with you while you're on your quest
because you won't know when you're gonna have to get out, and besides,
it heals your life and magic!
6. I won't tell you this on the walkthrough but it's a good idea to go
to the tower of despair to gain more tp and to learn new skills, you
can get new items anyway!

	This is not needed to complete the game but it would be great if
you did because of the items you'll get. It's not like you get the best
items in the whole game, but hey it's good enough! You should
definately go through the tower before every quest you go on because
(1) There are less levels, (2) You get healed once you leave the
	The dungeon gave me the same items each time I went through it in
the same order so I suppose that there is an order to it. Keep in mind
that the dungeon really isn't that hard, but don't really go there to
level up your levels, because the enemies aren't really that great.
After you recieve an item from the dungeon and leave, when you start
over again you can restart from the level you left off from before. I think I'm
missing the treasure for the 40th Floor so if someone can tell me if I am or
not it would be nicer than me going to the Tower of Despair all over again from
the beginning.

Here is the list of items I got from each visit:

10th Floor: Megaphone Parts(Mag's Cyframe)

20th Floor: Heavy Blade Parts(Chain's Cyframe)

30th Floor: Recovery Blast Parts(Pepper's Cyframe)

40th Floor: Cosmo Gun(Gre's Weapon)*inputted by Min pak "Minja"

50th Floor: Boss Fight

*Note* Pack up some Naolin+ Golds because if your in this boss fight
the same time as I've been, you'll notice that Linear is gone and your
not going to heal very well, Unless your counting on Pepper's Recovery
Blast or Gre's Manner Spells I don't think you should risk the fight.

<Boss: *Izmail*>
Regular Move: Shoots with it's machine gun arm at one target.
Hellshower: Throws a red ball that spreads beams that attack the whole group.
Prehistoric Cannon: Multiple Light Balls shot at one target.

Strategy: I used Carcano, Mag, and Gre for this battle.
This match is up to you, you don't really have to take it but hey if
you beat this big crazy machine, you can raise your head in pride and
say you've beaten this long mini-quest in the game!

Mag: All I used was Magna Reverse and had him attacking when his FP ran
out. If Carcano dies and Gre dies, then first raise Gre to raise
Carcano, the red vipers or special vipers wouldn't be used in vain=)

Gre: I used him to heal anyone who got killed or anyone who was hurt
with items and his Manners skill. If there was no need to heal, then
attacking was next or powering up the group or one ally.

Carcano: I used his Final Drill to give a beating to Izmail, and when
Carcano's FP ran out I was either attacking regulary with Mag or I had
to bring Gre back to life if Gre died.

Once you win you get a Source of Attack.

After the Battle you go to Lisa the receptionist and she tells you you
did a great job. She then gives you $25000 for completing that *quest.*
I personally thought I would've gotten a cool new weapon for Carcano or
even Mag *sigh* oh well.


These are the skills the characters of the game learns, Unfortunately I
learned all the moves without recording how much tp it takes to learn
them so that I do not have it right now but don't worry I'll use up
another 4 hours to learn all the skills and the tp requirements=)

November 30, 2000:

I have finally updated the Character Skills section with the help of
Gdscytheh1. You can e-mail him at Gdscytheh1@aol.com if you need any
help on this section. He gave the much needed help I needed to finish
the TP Guide, thanks a lot! For the TP guide the numbers without the
letters FP beside it is the amount of TP you need to learn the spell!
Tell me if any of the tp of fp are wrong, the FP I've written down is
the amount of FP you use to cast the spell when your Cyframe is max
level and when you've learned all the other skills, so if your cyframe
is level 1 and you've just learned one skill and the fp is totally
different from what I have here, don't e-mail and complain until you
maxed the cyframe and get all the skills please=)


~Hand Parts~
Magna Punch FP14
Magna Snap FP21
Magna Combo FP26
Mach Punch FP31
Dive Punch FP39
Magna Rave FP71
Giant Knuckle FP71
Magna Reverse FP82

~Hammer Cyframe~
Magna Hammer FP18
Crash Hammer FP23
Swing Hammer FP28
Strike Hammer FP47
Trip Hammer FP60
Bottom Hammer FP75
Sledge Hammer FP109

~Spinner Parts~
Magna Spin FP10
Loop-the-Loop FP12
Pinwheel FP20
Brain Twister FP28
Barrel Roll FP25

~Megaphone Parts~
Echo Voice FP15
Startle Voice FP20
Damage Voice FP25
Silent Voice FP40
Final Voice

~Bowling Parts~
Magna Shot FP49
Great Bomb FP58
Cycle Bomb FP79
Divine Bomb FP105
Ultimate Bomb FP137

~Health Recovery~
A Little First Aid FP15
First Aid FP28
Serious First Aid FP35
Welcome Home FP40
Major First Aid FP45
Welcome Home, Dear! FP60
Intensive Care FP100

~Status Restoration~
Wake Up Touch FP10
Antidote Touch FP10
Unblocking Touch FP15
Refresh Everyone FP24
Hello Touch FP31
Energize Everyone FP31
Restorative Touch FP42

Protection Spell FP28
Strength Spell FP28
Quickness Spell FP28
Luck Spell FP28
Prevention SPell FP30
Super Spell FP50

I Give You Health FP15
You Go First! FP60
I Give You Spirit FP0
Give Me Spirit FP0
I Give You More Life FP0
I Give You Life FP0

Sad Melody FP15
Inviting Melody FP13
Shivery Melody FP13
Sorry Melody FP31
Slow Melody FP40
Boastful Melody FP47
Final Melody FP73

Wake Up!
Cheer Up!
Buck Up!
Get A Grip!
Sit Up Straight!
Stand Up!

Mushy Soup FP28
Phage Casserole FP28
Funny Veggie Salad FP32
Ecargot Pasta FP35
Matango Steak FP47
Roasted Sea Urchin FP60

~Store Up~
Store Up A Little! FP27
Store Up More! FP32
Store Up A lot! FP38
Store Up Thoroughly! FP45
This Is The End! FP53

Boost FP43
Critical FP38
Special Machining FP51
Speed Up FP62
Auto Charge FP85
Energy-Saving FP140
Full Power FP160

~Mag Only~
Encourage FP35
After You FP80
I Won't Let You FP40
Rouse FP60
Incite Anger FP70
Morning Call FP80

~Blade Parts~
Double Blade FP15
Line Double Blade FP21
V Blade FP33
Air Blade

NAME              TP COST



MAGNA PUNCH        0
MAGNA SNAP         120
MAGNA COMBO        300
MACH PUNCH         900
DIVE PUNCH         2,500
MAGNA RAVE         5,400
GIANT KNUCKLE      7,000
 MAGNA REVERSE     9,999


CRASH HAMMER        200
SWING HAMMER        600
STRIKE HAMMER       1,000
TRIP HAMMER         3,400
BOTTOM HAMMER       7,600
SLEDGE  HAMMER      9,999


ECHO VOICE          0
DAMAGE VOICE        1,200
SILENT VOICE        3,100
FINAL VOICE         5,400


SLOTH SPRAY          0


MAGNA SPIN            15
LOOP-THE-LOOP        700
PINWHEEL            1250
BRAIN TWISTER       1800
BARREL ROLL         3000


PENLIGHT              0
BRIGHT LIGHT        1100
SPOTLIGHT           3200
MIRROR BALL         5300
ANGEL LIGHT         8000


MIND SLEEP           0
MIND STOP            500
MIND BREAK           1400
MIND SHOCK           3400
MIND CONTROL         7200


MAGNA SHOT            0
GREAT BOMB           1300
CYCLE BOMB           4200
DIVINE BOMB          7100
ULTIMATE BOMB        9999



WAKE UP !            0
CHEER UP!            300
BUCK UP!             800
GET A GRIP!          1600
STAND UP!            5400
PERFECT!             7000


MUSHY SOUP            0
MATANGO STEAK        3000


STORE UP MORE!       850
STORE UP A LOT!      2000
THIS IS THE END!!    6000


BOOST                 0
CRITICAL              780
SPEED UP             3000
AUTO CHARGE          5200
ENERGY-SAVING        7800
FULL POWER           9999


ENCOURAGE              0
AFTER YOU            900
I WON'T LET U        1500
ROUSE                3700
INCITE ANGER         5000
MORNING CALL         6800



DOUBLE BLADE          0
V BLADE               2120
AIR BLADE             4200
HYPER AIR RAVE        7500


RUSH CUTTER            0
MOON CUTTER           300
CIRCLE CUTTER         800
ZIGZAG CUTTER         2100
SCREW CUTTER          3600


ONCE BLADE            0
SLASH BLADE           3200
HEAVY BLADE           6500
HYPER STRIKE          8600


TRIPLE BLADE           0
W BLADE               1100
QUICK RAID            3200
HYPER TYPHOON         6500


FRONT AXE              0
BACK AXE              800
CHAIN WAVE            1800
FRONT CYCLONE         3000
BACK CYCLONE          4200


DASH ATTACK            0
REVERSE TACKLE        2600
DASH CHARGE           3100
REVERSE CHARGE        4000


SPEED WING             0
THROUGH WING           500
HIGH-SPEED WING       1600
GUARD WING            2400
ETERNAL WING          5200


FULL MOON SLASH       1000
SABRE SLASH           7000
MIGHTY SLASH          9999



FIRE SHOT              0
BURST CANNON          1000


SMART LASER            0
DOUBLE LASER           210
TRIPLE LASER           1600
SUPER BEAM             5200
ALL-RANGE LASER        7400
GRAND BEAM             9999


PLASMA SHOT            0
PLASMA CANNON          1000


WIND SHOT              0
WIND CANNON            1000
AIR STORM              5000

HEALING BLAST           0
HEAL ALL BLAST          1400
VIPER BLAST             4900


COLD SHOT                0
COLD CANNON             1000


POINT HOMING             0
TWIN BLAST              1000
HYPER HOMING            3500
RANDOM HOMING           5100
ALL HOMING              7200
HOMING RUSH             9999


FORGET BLAST            0
SNOOZE BLAST            1500
STICKY BLAST            3000
CONFUSION BLAST         5200
ROLLOVER BLAST          7600



WIRE HOOK               0
WIRE PUSH               0
WIRE CATCH              1000
WIRE DRIVE              1500
WIRE WHIP               3800


DRILL ATTACK            0
DRILL MIXER             1300
ROCK BRINGER            2100
TOWER BRINGER           4700
FINAL DRILL             7500


ACT HOLE                0
TRANCE HOLE             500
BLACK HOLE              1200
SLEEP HOLE              1600
POISON HOLE             2000
DUST HOLE               3600


SUCK YOU IN!            0
BLOW YOU AWAY!          500
TAKE THAT!              1900
HOW ABOUT THAT!         3500
THIS IS IT!             5900


POWER DRAW              0
GUARD DRAW              500
SPEED DRAW              1600
LIFE DRAW               4800
ENERGY DRAW             7000


ROLLER PRESS            0
DOUBLE PRESS            600
MEGA PRESS              1200
GIGA PRESS              3300
KING ROLLER             6800

BLOW SMOKE              0
BLOW COLD               800
BLOW HEAT               1600
BLOW WIND               2400
BLOW A FUSE             3600



FIRST AID NEED          300
WELCOME HOME!           1800
INTENSIVE CARE          7500


WAKE UP TOUCH           0
ANTIDOTE TOUCH          150
HELLO TOUCH             1500


STRENGHT  SPELL         300
LUCK SPELL              1200
SUPER SPELL             4200


YOU GO FIRST!           400
I GIVE YOU SPIRIT       1100
GIVE ME SPIRIT          2000
I GIVE YOU LIFE         ???


SAD MELODY              0
SHIVERY MELODY          500
SORRY MELODY            1100
SLOW MELODY             3500
BOASTFUL MELODY         6000
FINAL MELODY            7600


<A. Road to Museville>
	Linear is shown with golden wings holding onto Mag. Then the
screen shows a boy with red eyes  saying Linears name.
	You see Mag running to the train in a hurry to catch up while Gre
and Linear call for him. With a jump Mag gets on-board, what a relief!
Once they get inside the train Gre and Linear asked Mag why he was late
and Mag replied that he forgot a special item and that it was a secret.
	When they are finished talking they go to the next train car and
meets Nina. Nina tells Mag how she was worried when she didn't see him
on the , while they are talking an alarm sounds off and Mag's crew is
free to walk around but there's practically nothing to do on the train-
car your in so you might as well move to the next train car. Once there
you see a mysterious person... it's Chain Gun! She claims that she
jumped onto the train when the alarms where already ringing. After your
conversation try to walk back to the train-car Nina is in and a scene
will pop up. You'll get stopped by a man who pops into the car...his
name is Carcano a bandit. After your conversation with him you get into
a fight with him and two of his goons.

<Boss: Level 4*Carcano*>
Reg Attack- Hits you with his cyframe
This boss fight is basically easy because 2 hits of Carcano and he's
dead! And his attacks can only do a partial damage of 7-10 hp.
Level 3 *Bandit Henchmen*
Reg Attack-A punch to the face
These goons can be killed in one hit a pop, and there attacks can do
just 5 hits this battle should take just 2 turns.
Team-Gre Level 5, Mag Level 6, Linear Level 4
Individual Strategy:
Gre-if you want to end the match fast use mushy soup which should
probably kill of the goons, and if they're still alive just use his
trusty shot gun.
Mag- his Cyframe can kill anyone of them in one hit, choose wisely, jk
just attack whomever!
Linear-ummm... nothign to do except attack, unless you really want to
defend the whole battle and waste linears fp by making her heal, which
can be fun for the first 5 seconds but not for a whole hour.

	When you are done fighting with Carcano he talks about leaving
you alone for now because of your courage HA! I think he's just chicken
don't you think ;]? One of his goons throws something and a  flash of
light appears and he's gone. Now go back to the train car where Nina is
at and report to her of what had happened. She complements you of your
driving off of Carcano and she tells you a little of what she knows of
Carcano. You find out that he has stolen a "spherical appraisal item."
Once you finished talking your train goes into The Town of Museville.

	Here is where you do everything! From shopping to selling to
upgrading. Here is a map i made of museville:

________________  S.M	_____________________
I	_______	_____________	T.S_____
I	I L   I	F.S		I	I
I	I	I	I		I	I
I	I     H  I	I		I	I
I	I_____I	I___________I	I
T.O.D			__________________I
_______		I    AI   i	I  V.HI
	I  ______	I	I	I	I
	I  I	   I	I	I	I	I
	I  I  U.SI	I	I	I	I
	I  I_____I	I
	I________	I
		   I	I
		   I QI

L-LOTTERY SHOP<You need 5 prehistoric coins to buy one lottery
ticket.And to find out if you've won you have to save on your vmu and
then load the game and go back to the lottery shop toand ask when the
next lottery game is, and they'll tell you if you've won or lost>

You can talk to people but everyone seems so busy on the day of your
Here is the list of items you can find around town:

1. Top left of the map you can find a red viper in between the two

2. In the middle right of the town map there are two trees the tree on
the farthest right you can find a Naolin.

3. The Crate next to the barrel besides the bar gives you another item,
I didn't record it sadly=*(.

4. In the lottery shop you can press A on the plant but the purse you
find can't stay withyou because the Lottery Girl says that it's hers
and she's been saving it, so you hve to sadly give it back=*(.

Train Station:

5. The crate to the top right gives a Purol.

6. The crate to the top right side of the train station wall gives a

Society Museum:

7. At the right side of the building where there are 4 bushes, check
the 3rd bush to the right and get the Naolin + in there.

8. Check the top right side of the Society Museum and head into a
garage where you can get a Mokana ampoule, musty herbs, and a Naolin+
in the boxes and the barrels.

You can check for more items in the area, if there are any more you can
tell me and I'll give you credit. When you're done go to the hotel
and go talk to the man behnd the desk to get some shut eye. Mag's crew
will discuss about how the trip was and finally everyone will go to
sleep, in the morning everyone will say their his and off to the
Society Museum you go!

	Once you're there go to the top floor of the museum and go
through the door to a hallway in the shape of an "L" and go to the very
end of the hall to a room where a man in a white lab coat sits with
Nina. Nina talks about your courage and braveness on the train where
you had defeated Carcano to the man in the white suit named Whitehead.
He will ask you to go to the ruins called the Blaze ruins and gives you
$1000 as a start up money and you are free to do what you want again.
It would be good if you went to the armor shop and bought some armor,
but the ruins you are going to actually won't be so tough that you
would need to buy anything, the items you have right now can help you
last through the whole maze!
	When you are done with whatever you want to do in Museville go to
the road to quests and choose the blaze ruins to start on your quest.

<B. Blaze Runes>
Monsters seen:
Flying Mouse
Panzar Beetle
This is one of the easiest mazes I've played through in practically my
whole life! The enemies are weak and easy to kill, so when you see one
just go and attack it!  It's even beter if you surprise your enemy
because you can kill them without a scratch! Try to make Mag learn the
Magna Snap so that you can be ready to use th  Magna combo against the
boss later on and try to teach Linear her first aid because I think
your gonna need the Serious First Aid Move for the boss too.The
stairways leading up are fairly easy to find and this maze should a
least take 10 minutes to be finished with unless you're walking in
circles. At the 5th floor you should go and take the upgrade kit and
then go to the section with the glowing lights, go to the blue one and
save, or go to the green one to go back to town, don't worry you can go
back to this same floor even if you leave, just select this maze and
choose which floor you wish to continue on, when you're ready step on
the red button before the blocked door and go through it. Here is your
first boss.

<Boss:Level 13 *Storm Bird*>
 Gust- (He starts out with this move) small tornadoes come from his
wings and pull the whole group up and drops them back down. (65-75
Wind breath- Spiraling winds fly out of his mouth hitting all the
characters.(120-140 damage)
Reg. Attack- Flys to one person and rapidly kicks at him/her
Mystery Sound- Attempts to make all characters fll asleep.

Strategy:Level 10 is a decent level to fight with. Bring Naolin+ or
depend on Linear, this won't be too tough. I had Mag(Level 10),Linear
(Level 10), and Gre (Level 10)
Mag:I saved up Magna Combo's "learning for this match so that I could
have a free shot with Magna Combo. I continually used Magna combo until
I ran out of his Fp and by then I just attacked with his regular
Linear: HEAL!! That's what you should od with Linear, if there is no
healing to be done just attack because it's no worth risking Mag's or
Gre's life to attack with her since her attack does so little damage.
Gre: I either attacked or I enhanced Mag's Cyframe attack with the move
Critical which makes Mag's next attack become mos likely a critical
attack. Adding Critical Damage to Magna Combo is good but attacking
with Gre can probably be the same thing, but hey it seems like a good

Once the bird is down on the floor Mag is happy but Linear sees the
Storm Bird get back up and tells Mag but it's too late, but luckily a
mysterious woman pops up and shoots the bird down! Lucky Mag! The woman
turns out to be Pepper! She tells you she has been sent to search the
Blaze Runes too, but you beated her to it. She tells you that it would
be nice if you worked with each other and then leaves. You then look
through the big treasure box that the monster was covering and suddenly
Mag when Mag opens the box a bright light flashes and Mag has a vision.
After it he takes the "Lapis Orb" and next place you're at is the
Society Museum talking with Whitehead. You give him the Lapis Orb and
he tells you to go downstairs to get your pay for the job. Go
downstairs and get your measly $3000. You can now upgrade or buy armor
now, I bought a little armor for Linear and Mag, sold all the items I
found and didn't need and saved around $3000 and went to the upgrade
shop. I added another slot with the upgrade kit and I made my hand
cyframe level 3, but you can do whatever you want. But you really
shouldn't buy too much armor because your gonna regret it when you see
the armor in the next quest.

Go to the hotel when you're done and talk with the clerk and tell him
you want to go hit the sack. A scene will come up where you see Linear
playing on an ocarina on the balcony. Gre and Chain are downstairs at
the lobby listening. Gre explains to Chain that Linear came to the
Launcher's family house on a snowy day carrying a letter from Mag's
father asking him to take care of Linear. Linear was always scared and
so kind Mag gave his ocarina to Linear and taught her how to play with
it. Mag then comes in and asks what they were doing there. Gre exclaims
he was talking too much and decides to go to sleep. Then Mag asks Chain
what they were talking about but Chain tells him she was going to sleep
too. Mag says by himself that she could tell him. Poor clueless Mag.

The next day early in the morning Linear comes out and bends down to
look at a blue flower. And she smiles, but then a boy pops up behind
her. He tells her he came just to see her and tells her his name is
Yurka just like the flowers she adores. Linear is shy and stays away
from him. He tells her he'll come back to see her again and disappears
in pink bubbles and leaves as a golden feather into the sky.

You'll be in control of Mag again so if you have gotten the armor and
upgrades you needed and even stored some items in the hotel, it's time
to go back to the Society Museum to get your new job. Once there
Whitehead tells you of your job in the FOREST DEPTHS. Once you're ready
head off to road to quests and pick the new quest, the FOREST DEPTHS.

Monsters seen:
Poison Flower
Escargoid Grand
Totem Pole

This is a more challenging maze than the first even though it isn't
harder, it's just longer. There are now more levels as well as higher
leveled enemies but hey it's all the same to me! You're gonna past this
maze  sooner than you think though! Before you start this maze keep in
mind that you should have enough tp to learn Mach Punch so that you can
have a free hit on the boss. This maze is just 10 levels and it's kind
of a good idea to actually bring an escape incense because once you go
up your gonna wait till the end just to save, and unless you're zooming
past all the enemies and all the treasure, which is really not a good
thing, because you need the experience and the treasure isn't a bad
thing to have around, then you'll just have to time to time use escape
incense and save in town, but there's also the fact that you can be a
freak who plays games for 4 hours each time then maybe it wouldn't
matter to you, but to the game players who want to keep their
dreamcasts will have to let it rest. Once you reach the 10th floor go
to the left of the first opening you see and you'll be going in a half
circle in the outstretch of the door to the boss. Once you collected
the two treasure boxes you can go and press on the red button and go
through the door. Get ready for this boss fight.

<Boss:Level 25 *Blocker*>
Reg. Move: Shoots rapidly at one person
Spiral Upper: Shoots multiple air slashes at one target, can paralyze target.
Smoke Bomb: Attacks all characters with smoke bombs.
Chest Beam: Makes a line on the floor and explodes upwards to one target.

Strategy: You should be at least level 22 for this battle. I had Gre
Level 21, Mag Level 22, Linear Level 21. This boss ain't too tough, as
long as you keep hitting and healing you'll win in a few minutes!

Mag: Use Mach Punch, if you saved your TP you can get a free shot at
the boss without wasting your fp! Keep on using this and when you run
out of fp just attack him regularly.
Linear: Have Linear heal and when there is no need to heal attack
regularly or even use spells to boost Mag's attack or defense up.
Gre: Boost up Mag's Cyframe Level and his attacks so that this match
will end soon.

After you kill the boss and it falls to the ground Mag goes up to the
treasure box and another vision comes. You see the screen going up
through a hole and words appear with some kind of being and an armor.
Then you pick up the Selene orb and bye bye Forest Depths!


Once you're back to Whitehead's office he congradulates you on a job
well done. After that collect your 5000 dollar award from Lisa and when
you go out of the Museum you see Whitehead and Yurka talking together
in Whitehead's office. He tells Yurka he has the two keys and asks for
the locations of the remaining keys. He tells Yurka he doesn't care who
he is he just wants to know where it is. When Yurka doesn't answer
Whitehead, Whitehead tells Yurka that he'll find it himself and solve
the prehistoric riddles. Then he asks Yurka why Yurka needed Mag, but
Yurka tells Whitehead that he didn't need Mag at all. Yurka then says
that soon the seal will be broken and smiles. After the scene go to
Veronica's house and talk to Veronica and she'll ask you if you want to
take her quiz, answer yes and then answer Anita to get a coconut. Once
your done you should go to the hotel and sleep.

	Linear is on the balcony playing the ocarina and Yurka appears
again. Linear says his name and he says that he's happy that she
remembered him. He asks her what she's doing and he looks at the
flower. He then uses his powers and kills the flower and seeds pop out
of the flower. He tells Linear to lend him her powers and she uses it
and turns all the seeds into flowers. After she brings the flowers back
to life he claims they are two different sides of the same coin. He
tells her that with their powers they cannot live with humans. When
Mag's footsteps are heard Yurka tells Linear not to forget what he
said. Mag comes out onto the balcony and exclaims he heard someone
talking outside with her. Then he tells her that it's cold and they
should go in and they both go in.

	After that event you go to the Society Museum again and talk to
Whitehead to get your new mission: The Crypt Maze.

<D. Crypt Maze>
Monsters seen:
Ex Monitor

This Maze is a little different from the other two first ones because
of the fact that instead of going up, you have to go down and so you
shouldn't be looking for stairs anymore. Look for black holes near the
wall because that's a stair way going down, I used to think it was just
a hole before i made a closer look,but shhh;]. By the time you reach
the 15th floor you'll come by a door where you'll have to open by
stepping on a button. Once there Mag willl say his usual It's here...
and a battle with a boss comes up.

<Boss:Level 37(He was level 37 for me anyway=) *Pomornik*>
Moves: Vice Press- Uses big tongs and presses on a character 3 times(it
only counts for one damage though!)
Freeze Volley- Blows multiple blue balls to the ground and then ice
shoots out from the ground hurting all characters.
Reg. Move-Charges at a person and makes him/her fly up and back down.
Auto-Repair Function- Heals damage done to him, for me he recieved 545
health points back but it does t when it's really low on life at the
very end.

Strategy: You should be level 38 or at least 32 during this battle(I
was Level 32, but hey it's better to be strong than weak right?). I had
Mag Level 32, Linear Level 32 and Gre Level 30, so that's basically all
i can talk about=) You should also pack up a red viper because one of
your characters may die and even if you have welcome home with Linear,
it may be her that died which was what had happened to me but luckily I
had a red viper with me, but that's only if you were the same level as
me and if you're someone who likes to conserve your healer's FP to heal
later like me, but I still had 170 FP with Linear after the Battle so I
guess you shouldn't be as conservative as me=)You can basically use the
strategy I used for Mag and Linear and have either Pepper or Chain use
a skill with their CyFrame, which is better than what i used Gre for.
For Mag you should have your Magna Rave ready. I didn't use my tp to
learn this move until this battle, so I could have the first Magna Rave
without using up any FP. I kept on doing Magna Rave till i ran out of
FP and used regular attacks. And when my Fp was restored for another
Magna Rave I did it again.

What good is Linear for??? Healing!! So basically heal with Linear and
I hope you ain't as conservative as me or one of your characters will
die keep your life bars in check because  was really surprised when he
killed Linear once. When there is no healing needed you can give
protection or raise attack powers for the rest of your crew. But if not
then have Linear attack with her regular trusty "frying pan." If you
have Linear start the battle you should definately use a spell to give
your friends protection, and maybe later a spell to increase their

For Gre I used him to power up Mag and increase Mag's Strength so that
Magna Rave can be more affective and when I felt that I didn't need to
increase anymore I just used regular attacks on the boss. It's also a
good idea to increase Mag's Cyframe Level. The fight will end soon

After you finally win you come up to the box and a light appears where
Mag has another vision. After the vision he recieves the Amber Orb and
the next scene has Mag handing over the Amber Orb to Whitehead and you
collect your $10000 fee.

Once you're back to the hotel night falls upon the hotel and Mag stands
on the balcony with Linear and asks her why she is always on the
balcony. She replies that she is waiting for Yurka, Mag asks if Yurka
is a friend and Linear replies yes. Mag tells her that he'd like to
meet him sometime and then he said he'd better turn in.

It's morning again and another day is another adventure! Go to the
Society Museum and talk to Whitehead. He'll inform Mag that all the
orbs have been stolen by that rotten Carcano. He tells Mag that the
orbs had bugs placed on them and thus they know where Carcano has
brought them. They are at a place called Pine Village and so that's
where your next mission is! Go get equipped, pick another team mate and
even upgrade and off you go to your new mission.


When I came to this village I thought *whew* what relief! I thought it
was going to be a regular puzzle on a town map, but no such luck. Climb
the first ladder you see on the top of the village area and go into the
room, you'll see Carcano and 3 thugs. You'll have a little chat with
him and he'll drop you down into a pit, and afterwards he tells his
goons to watch Mag and friends and see to it that they don't die, I
guess he has a soft spot for Mag.

Monsters Seen:
Paldian Lobster
Saber Lynx
Death Mushroom

You'll start on the Basement Floor 3. This maze is quite a puzzle. Make
sure you go all around, it wouldn't harm you to have a few fights.
There is a save spot on BF3, and once you reach BF2 there should be a
map revealer which makes the job so much easier. On BF1 you can get the
Bandit's Key which will help you open all the previously locked doors.
On every level check the whole area, and if you checked all the rooms
and just can't continue on, you can do what I did and fall through a
hole and go through the maze from the bottom again because you get new
passages everytime you do something on each floor. Once you reach the
top again you see Carcano once more and Mag tells Carcano to return the
appraisal items. He says he can't because the Society will know his
hideout, but Mag says they already know. Mag says if he returns the
items, the Society may think he has turned a new leaf. Carcano tells
Mag that he is too naive and get ready for the fight.

<Boss: Level 35 ^Carcano^, Level 34 ^Bandit^>
Carcano Moves:
Wire hook: shoots a hook and grabs target to first rank.
Reg. Attack: Hits a person with his cyframe.
Drill Attack: Attacks a person with a drill from cyframe.

Bandit Moves:
Killer Punch: A punch where the Bandit makes a sparkly punch.
Reg. Attack: A regular punch.
Relax: Heals himself for a little hp.

Strategy: You should be level 30-33 by now. My Mag was level 33, Linear
was level 32 and Gre was level 30. This isn't such a big battle because
you can win pretty fast, if you do the right things.

Mag: Start out with a Dive Punch on all three of the enemies, or if you
have Giant Knuckle that would be a good thing to use too. Use Dive
Punch on them until Carcano is alone and start using Magna Rave, when
you run out of FP you can use regular attacks, but most likely Carcano
and his bandits will be dead.
Linear: If you get hurt at all, you can heal with her or you can just
attack regularly, but one other good thing to use is her Ocarina move
Sorry Melody or Final Melody to attack all three goons in the first
Gre: Have him use custom Boost or Critical on Mag so that his attacks
would be powered up. Another good thing is his cuisine moves when there
are still 3 enemies around.

When Carcano loses he says he must've under estimated Mag. Carcano
gives back the 4 orbs and when the other bandits question it, he tells
them to shut up. He tells Mag that he is giving the orbs to Mag, not
the Society. Carcano then asks Mag to stay the night, but Mag passes it
up. Mag then hears a voice calling out to him. Go out of the room and
to the exit of Pine Village, you will see Yurka on the bridge talking
with Mag. Yurka will tell Mag to stay away from Linear and shoots
something at Mag. Linear tells Yurka to stop and he leaves telling
Linear that she shouldn’t be with humans. Once he’s gone Mag asks
Linear why Yurka went crazy and Linear tells Mag not to say anything
bad about Yurka. Mag asks Linear why she was still helping Yurka when
Yurka just attacked him. She doesn’t reply and so he leaves. When he
leaves Linear says Mag’s name in a whisper.
	Once they are back in Carcano’s room, Carcano asks why Linear and
Mag were acting strange. Mag stands with and angry face while Linear
stands looking sad. Carcano then asks them to stay for the night again
and they do. In the morning Carcano tells them that they can come back
to Pine Village anytime and whispers to Mag that he should make up with
Linear quick. Mag tells Carcano that it really wasn’t a problem.
Carcano then gives Mag a bandit symbol, which shows that Mag is a
member of the bandits, and a bandit backpack, which allows you to hold
more stuff. Buy whatever you want and leave.

	Once you leave Pine Village you’ll be seen giving back the 4 orbs
to Whitehead and Mag persuades Whitehead to not arrest Carcano. Once
you finished talking go downstairs and collect 12,000 dollars. Once you
leave the Society Museum you’ll see Yurka and Whiethead talking.
Whitehead asks what Yurka what he’s supposed to do with the orbs. Once
you go to the hotel and sleep. The sky will be dark and rain is pouring
down. Linear stands alone holding onto Mag’s Ocarina and looks up when
Yurka calls her name. He asks her why she’s sad and tells her he’ll get
rid of her troubles. He tells her that she causes Mag to be in constant
danger while she is around him. He tells her that she has to go away
from Mag and she says she wants to be with Mag. He tells her they are
the Evolutia and must be places and must fulfill their own roles. He
asks her to come with her and she drops her ocarina. Next scene shows
Gre running down the stairs exclaiming that Linear is missing. He gives
Mag Linear’s ocarina that he found and says something must’ve happened
to her and then Chain comes in to hear Gre telling her that Linear was
missing. Chain tells them that she saw Linear walking with someone to
the Society Museum.
While in the Society Museum…
	Whitehead tells Yurka that the preparations were complete and
says that he unveiled all the prehistoric civilization secrets and he
will be able to find out why the prehistoric civilization was
destroyed. Yurka tells Whitehead he has no more use of him, and then he
knocks Whitehead to the wall. Linear and Yurka walk into the circle of
pink light and disappears.
	Once Mag goes to the Society Museum Mag finds out that the door
is locked and no one can get inside. While Chain prefers to knock it
down with her Cyframe, Mag decides to ask Carcano for help. At Pine
Village Mag asks Carcano how he broke into the Society Museum without
destroying anything. Carcano tells Mag that if he was to tell him he
wouldn’t be able to do it again, but in the end Carcano finally agrees
to help. Carcano, Gre, Chain and Mag all go back to the Society Museum
and they see Pepper, the screen turns black as Mag explains the
situation at hand to Pepper and you see Mag finishing his last words
when the screen shows everyone again. When the talking is over Carcano
shoots a hook up to the top of the Society Museum, gets into the
building and opens the door. Once the door is open you will have to
choose 2 others to come along with you, I chose Carcano and Gre, but
it’s up to you. Once you’re done, go up to Whitehead’s room and hear
him blab about how wrong he was and what a mistake he made. He tells
Mag that Linear went through the pink circle of light and you can
either go in there for the final level, go shopping or level up some
more, it’s up to you.

Monsters Seen:

This Dungeon is going to be a pain in the rear-end. It's much more
confusing than the other mazes because you have to teleport around to
get to certain spots. I can't really help you here except that you
would have to have lotsa healing items or even just choose one of the
girls to have for healing, or even Gre if you leveled him enough, if
you are still low leveled. It's gonna be a long road from here~!

As you head to level 16 you find Yurka and Linear. Obviously there's a
fight that's going to go on so let's go and be ready!

<Boss: Level 59 *Yurka*>
Absorb HP - As the name implies, he absorbs your character's HP.
Spellbound Blindness - Hurts and blinds all your characters.
Time to Freeze Solid - Another all character attack, better than
Natural Disaster though=T
Natural Disaster- A crazy attack that attacks all your characters.

Strategy:You should definately be level 52 and over because this a*s
sucker is a pain and besides, with all the enemies you fought, you
should be diezel anyway. For this match I used Level 60 Pepper,Level 61
Gre and Level 63 Mag.

Mag: This guy was and always will be my source of damage. Kill Yurka
off with single attacks and if he doesn't die then just restore your fp
and keep on going.

Gre: I actually used Gre to heal/ fight because whenever Pepper was in
a jam I had to use Gre to either use items or use his skills to heal
people. Probably use him for items while Pepper heals.

Pepper: As I said before this girl is used for healing if you got the
Recovery Healing Parts. If not well.... maybe you shouldn't be here? Or
you have to be a hell of a lot more level than 53~!

Whoo hooo you kicked his ass didn't you? Well that's good cuz it ain't
over yet~! Hehe. There is a teleporter that allows you to go back to
town and suit up and Professor Whitehead and your two other party
members are standing there, so you can change party members if you
want. Right now you can save, freshen up, level and be prepared to walk
some more.

You have to walk... it's ok up to floor 25 where you will find the ulticannon.
I would describe the scene that happened, but this scene is for your eyes to
see only. I might write it out in later days when I feel like spoiling
everything for you, but today I'm not so much in a spoiling mood=D

<Boss: Level 65 *Ulticannon*>
Temptation to Sleep-Makes your characters go to sleep.
Life-Weakening Beam-A life-weakening beam against one of your characters.
Sublimation of Humanity - An attack against all of your characters.
Gravity Free            - Changes the formation of your characters while
dealing damage.
Return to Nothingness   - Changes all stats to normal, what's the use of this

Strategy:Hope you're over level 60 by now. I used the same strategy as Yurka,
I'm too lazy to repeat it=D Mwahahhahahaha.

Did you beat him? Did you really reallly beat him? Well too bad it's not over
yet! Watch your ending and you'll see. Haha I'll spoil this cuz you have to win
the whole game over again~! Well you don't have to but you get to see lotsa new
stuff and well... if you like the game it's in your best interest=D Anyway


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