Rafaga by JMelocoton

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                         T E C H    R O M A N C E R
                              Strategy FAQ for:
                    --==<Strategic Variable Fighter>==--
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     \__|       \_|        ||    __|_|        ||   ||   ||        |__/
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      \ |   ||   ||   ||   ||   |    |   ||   ||        ||   ||   | /

                             John Melocoton, v0.1
                                Copyright 2001


I. Introduction
   A. Why Play as Rafaga?
   A. Pilot Box Info.
   B. Robot Box Info.
II. Moves
   A. Basics
   B. Soldier
   C. Gerwalk
   D. Plane
III. Specific Strategies
   A. Fighting Tips
   B. Bosses
IV. Story
   A. Route A
   B. Route B
V. Conclusion
   A. Contact Me!
   B. Legal Stuff
   C. The End


v0.1 Made the FAQ.  Added everything.

Tech Romancer is another shining gem in Capcom's illustrious library.
Taking a bit of Power Stone and Cyberbots, TR is "full metal madness."
Battles are between giant robots whose appearance, stories and techniques
are all taken from different facets of the same genre.  In one hand you
have a Voltes-V look-a-like, in another an Evangelionish fighter (who
sports a resonance knife, 'natch) and in yet another even a "walker" mech
from Battletech.  The fighting is on a true 3D field, so the combatants
can freely and quickly sidestep.  Buildings in the way can be leveled, and
weapons and power-ups are scattered on the field to be picked up.  Fast
action and brilliant and flashy moves all add up to an addictive and 
wonderful fighter.  But enough ranting.  I'm here to give you a low-down on
my favorite character, the YF-37 Rafaga, who is eerily similar to the 
Valkyrie from Macross.

If you'd like a better explanation on the general gameplay and fighting 
scheme...you won't find it here.  This FAQ assumes you know how to play.

I.A. Why Play as Rafaga?
Ah, good question.  Why indeed?  Well, because of it's similarity to a 
Valkyrie, one of the best and original giant mechs, the Rafaga is inherently
cool (heh-heh).  Seriously, only the Rafaga transforms in TR, so it has a 
distinct advantage in that, if you're good enough, you can take advantage 
of one of it's modes to gain the upper hand.  For example, the Gerwalk
mode rocks against slower characters, and the Plane mode is strong
against Goldibus (more on that later).  However, it's transforming
capability also makes it a strategy heavy character (note the sub-title:
Strategic Variable Fighter).  If you want to pass the game by mashing
'dem buttons, then Rafaga is not for you.  This is a thinking man's fighter.

I.A. Pilot Box Information
Unfortunately, there is only information on the main Rafaga's pilot, Simon.
There is no information on Amuritta, the pilot of the hidden Rafaga, which 
I think there should be.  I mean, the whole Wiseduck crew got bios, why not 
Amuritta?  Oh well...

Here's what the Pilot Box has to say on Simon:

Simon Harvard
Age: 26 years old
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 163 pounds
Birthday: October 18 Libra
Affiliation: SHTO Air Force
Class: Lieutenant Commander
Favorite Music: Jazz
Personality: It seems his primary mission is to "chase skirts."  Believes
that it's rude no to call out to women immediately.  Conservative in battle,
Simon relies on his mind, and keeps cool at all times.

NOTE: This bio makes Simon sound like a lecherous booty hound, but in his
story he's not.  He is somewhat a player, but definitely not like his 
description above.

I.B. Robot Box Information
Here's the data on the YF-37/38a Rafaga that's found in the Robot Box:

YF-37 Rafaga
Height: 58'3" / 70' (with blade antenna)
Weight: 15.8t
Armor Material: New Titanium Alloy
Affiliation: SHTO Air Force
Creator: Niijima Industries

Defense Power: 43/32
Defense Power without Armor: 51/32
Guts: When 80:30/32 (When 112:28/32)
Recovery Speed: 6 Frames
Armor Durability: 135

NOTE: Don't ask me what all those numbers mean, 'cuz I have no idea.

Here are the moves available to Rafaga, and tactics and notes for each of
them.  Here's the legend:

>: Forward.  Press towards the enemy.
<: Back.  Press away from the enemy.
A: 'A' attack.
B: 'B' attack
G: Guard.
J: Jump.
+: Press these buttons together.
^: In Air Only
-: Air or Ground

II.A. Basics

-Basic Transformation

Rafaga's key move.  He can transform into 3 modes, so depending on the 
situation you have to decide which is best.  There is a small delay while
transforming, so use this wisely.  You can turn from one mode into any 
other mode except from Plane to Gerwalk using basic transformation.  There
is a special move that turns Plane to Gerwalk, but it is also an attack.
If you want to turn from Plane to Gerwalk, without attacking you'll have
to turn into a Soldier first.

Soldier (Humanoid)
  Transform into Gerwalk: DOWN+G
  Transform into Plane: UP+G-
Gerwalk (Bi-Pedal)
  Transform into Soldier: UP+G
  Transform into Plane: J
Plane (Fighter)
  Transform into Soldier: UP+G or DOWN+G

-Dodge Attack: A+G or B+G

Rafaga dodges up or down then launches a volley of Micro-Missiles.  They're
a bit slow, so tagging an opponent in the middle of a move is a bit harder.
I recommend just running aside then shooting the 3-way shot.

-Steel Dash: G+>>

I've noted the steel dash (a move everyone has) just because it's Rafaga's
only stun move besides the S.S. Pod.  Though it has a small wind-up, with
practice you can usually tag an opponent by dodging first or by countering
a whiffed move. Just make sure you're fairly close.  If you are to far, 
refrain from doing this move.

-Final Attack: A+B+G+J when "Final Attack" is flashing.

Rafaga's final move is very useful, since it is fast and has a very long
range.  He first transforms into the Gerwalk, then rushes about 3/4 of the
maximum range very quickly.  Its speed is great, so use it to punish
whiffed moves. When the Gerwalk hits the opponent, he turns into the Plane, 
and lifts the opponent up into the air.  There, he turns into a Soldier, 
then performs a crazy MvC2 style aerial rave, ending with the opponent 
slamming back down to earth in a large explosion.

-Hero Mode:

While in hero mode, Rafaga gets a support laser blast whenever he 
transforms, making it safer and easier to pull off.  The range is short,
however, so you can still be countered by beams.

-Colony Crash: ><+A or B while in Hero Mode

Rafaga calls down a huge satellite to smash the opponent.  This move 
drains the Hero module, and does only a fair amount of damage, so it 
may be wiser to conserve the Hero Module.  Still, it is fast to come out
so it could be used as a counter.


Here are Rafaga's weapons that he can pick up:

-Red: Shell Gun:
A good, fast shooting, multi-hit projectile.  Fairly damaging, easy to use,
and pushes the enemy away.  Use it to support keep-away tactics.

-Yellow: S.S. Pod:
A sonic gun that stuns the opponent.  Not too much damage, but you can 
easily follow up with any move, particularly the P.B.P.  It comes out quick 
so use it to counter or surprise.

-Blue: T. Cannon:
Rafaga's crown weapon.  A huge, double-barreled cannon sticks out of
Rafaga's back, and whenever you press A, he launches a multi projectile
blast.  If you are up close, this move deals an insane amount of damage.
Delay and recovery are minimal, so use this whenever you get the chance.

II.B. Soldier Mode
Rafaga's default mode.  Damage-wise, Soldier mode is the most powerful.
General strategies is very similar to the other fighters; Soldier Rafaga 
is about average in speed and strength.  I use this mode about 40% of the 
time.  If the other modes are stunned or knocked down, they will auto-
matically transform back to Soldier.

-Variable Assault: AAA

When up close, Rafaga whips out a quick 3 hit combo.  Useful, but not as 
damaging as the Booster Smash.

-3-Way Shot: AA

Rafaga shoots a lateral spread of 3 shots.  What's great is that in most
cases, since the spread is lateral, anyone trying to dodge will usually be
tagged.  Not too powerful, but you can quickly combo two bursts for a little
bit more damage.

-Micro-Missiles: B-

Macross Swarmer Missiles!!!  While not as dramatic or damaging as that, the
Micro-Missiles are still fairly useful.  A volley of three missiles fly at
the opponent.  The delay is noticeable, so make sure you're not too close 
or else you will be tagged with a counter.
In mid-air, the Micro-Missiles is Soldier Rafaga's best air attack.  He
hangs for a second while performing it, so you can use it as a sort of
"air brake" when someone attempts an anti-air.  It also angles downward, 
so not only will you stop short of being damaged, you will also counter
their attack.  Damage is decent.

-Gun Pod Laser: A+B

Rafaga shoots a large beam laser from his gun.  There is a delay, so I don't
use it much.  Instead, rely on the 3-way shot for quick damage.

-Gun Pod Crush: >+A

Utter crap!  This move is a "Warning" move, so it's fairly useless.  The
delay is literally 2 seconds.  Anyone with a two thumbs can easily retaliate
with a special.  I only use this when I'm behind an opponent while he's
doing a move, so he gets knocked far away from me.  Otherwise, avoid like 
the plague.  Damage is great, just like any "Warning" move.

-Float Seeker: <>+A

Another useless move.  Rafaga forms two floating mines.  The down side is 
that they can be shot out of the air.  The delay is also punishable.  I 
never use this.

-Sade Winder: <>+B

I'm sure they meant "Side" Winder.  Rafaga fires two volleys of seeking
Micro-Missiles.  Very useful, deals twice the damage as a Micro Missile.
Delay is no more than a micro missile, so use this whenever you feel you
can pull it off quickly.

-Aerial Somersault: A^

Does a flip kick in mid air.  Good damage.  Awesome against other airborne
enemies.  You can also use it against grounded enemies, but make sure you
can connect.  If you flip in front of them but miss, you can be punished 

-Air to Ground 3-Way Shot: DOWN+AA^

An aerial version of the 3 way shot.  Do this when the Micro-Missiles would
take to long to fire.  You can also do a double shot.

-Air-to-Air Micro-Missiles: >+B^

An air-to-air version of the MM (duh).  If the enemy is far away, do this,
otherwise do the somersault.

-Somersault Kick: A+J

Does a ground somersault that launches the opponent into the air.  You have
to be right close...which makes this a bit useless compared to the Booster
Smash.  It's useful as an anti-air only when the opponent it directly above

-Booster Smash: B+J

Rafaga's ground attack of choice.  Does a rising shoulder tackle reminiscent
of Xiang-Fei from Real Bout.  It also counts as a two hit combo.  Damage is
high compared to other close up attacks.  It is also great as an anti-air
when opponents are away from you, since it rises at about a 45-degree angle.
You will also tag a grounded opponent even if he is 3 or 4 steps away.
Do this whenever situation permits, and damage will rack faster then you'll

-Nightmare Pounce: A+J or B+J when Opponent is down.

It is very important to follow up any attack with this.  Rafaga will jump on
a downed opponent, then launch a volley of MMs at point blank range.  Note
that you have to perform the move AFTER the opponent bounces once on the 
ground from falling.  If you perform it before that, then Rafaga will just
do a Somersault or Booster Smash.  A Booster Smash coupled with this move
will deal about 17-22% damage.

-P.B.P.: <>+A+B when special meter is 1 or more.

Soldier Rafaga's special is probably the weakest.  He punches the opponent,
then sends electrical shockwaves through them.  Damage is very high, but 
connecting is difficult.  A noticeable delay could lead to a counter, plus 
you have to be very near to connect.  If you are too far away, then you will
just punch them.  I usually skip this special and save my meter for the 

II.C. Gerwalk Mode
I don't know the real name of this transformation, so I just call it
"Gerwalk" from the Macross series.  Rafaga transforms into a bipedal robot
that cannot jump, just like Wiseduck, but not like Wiseduck in that Gerwalk
mode is fast.  Real fast.  Forget Pulsion, the fastest mech in the game
is Gerwalk mode Rafaga.  This mode also doesn't have a lot of attacks, but
its speed makes up for the lack of firepower.  This mode is incredibly
useful against slower mechs like Wiseduck and Gourai.  I use this mode about
20% of the time.

-3-Way Shot: AA

Just like Soldier's 3-Way shot, but now Gerwalk Rafaga shoots the 3-way
almost twice as fast.  This is awesome for cover fire, in which you barrage
the opponent to make him turtle, giving you a short period of time to 
perform another move.  You can also constantly dodge and fire this to punish
whiffed or delayed moves.

-Micro-Missiles: B

Also faster than Soldier's MM, but there is still delay.  Since the Gerwalk
relies on fast, constant attacks, this seems a bit less useful.  Your 
best attack is now the 3-Way shot.  I hardly use this attack in this mode.

-Variable Strike: A+B

A special transformation.  Gerwalk quickly transforms into Plane mode and 
performs a loop while dropping bombs.  Very quick, so you can use it to
surprise enemies.  If you also manage to catch the opponent in the middle of
the bomb barrage, this is also very damaging.

-Soldier Reconfiguration: B while Dashing

A quick, damaging transforming attack.  While dashing, Gerwalk turns into 
Soldier mode while doing a shoulder crush.  Once again, as all Gerwalk
attacks are, this is very fast and can be used to surprise the opponent.
Damage is fair, so if you can, use this to transform into Soldier instead
of the basic transformation.

-Dash Bash: Dash from Half a Screen Away

Not listed but available is this move, which I don't know the real name for.
Basically a blue aura surrounds Gerwalk while dashing, and if you ram the
opponent, you will knock him down.  Damage is light, but the attack is
pretty quick.  Mix up this attack with constant dodging and 3-Way shots to
confuse enemies.

-C.C.A.: <>+A+B when Special Meter is 1 or more

Gerwalk's special is probably the best of the 3 modes.  He performs a Dash
Bash, and if it connects, continues with more Dash Bash passes.  Damage is
slightly less than the P.B.P., but this is very quick to come out and is
hard to block against if you are near the opponent.  You can also fire one
volley of 3-Way shot, then perform this move.  Most people will think that
you will fire two volleys of 3-Way, so will usually get caught off guard
with this.  The only problem is if the opponent blocks, recovery of this 
move is very long, so you will usually be countered.  But your attacks will
never be blocked, right?

III.D. Plane Mode
Rafaga's flying mode makes it certain in air-superiority.  Forget Diana 17,
this mode makes Rafaga King of the skies.  Unfortunately, unlike the Gerwalk
mode, Rafaga will automatically turn back into Soldier mode after about 7
seconds, seriously limiting this mode.  I guess Capcom didn't want to make
this mode cheap, which could be if you stayed a Plane all the time.  This 
mode is so useful that I use it equally as much as Soldier mode, about 40%
of the time.  Also, most anti-air moves are fixed angled, which means you 
can easily dodge all of them.  Turn into a Plane often, if you can.

-Eagle Dive: A^

A dangerous move, since Rafaga nosedives and rams the opponent.  What makes
this dangerous is that is brings you down back to ground level, where you
can be easily attacked.  The best time to use this is when the opponent 
tries to jump up right next to you.  Since this comes out rather quick, this
is the best counter against such moves.  Damage is light.

-Micro-Missiles: B^

Rafaga's signature move is most useful in this mode.  The MMs are fired 
down at an angle, so you will tag a lot of opponents who are trying to 
perform anti air moves.  It also fires about as quick as Gerwalk mode, so 
the delay isn't that bad.  A constant barrage of this is very useful and 
dangerous for your opponent.

-Multi-Laser: A+B^

Rafaga shoots 3 quick laser bursts horizontally.  If the opponent tries to
jump to your level from far away to perform a beam or projectile move, whip
this move out.  It's fast and fairly damaging.  Use this along with the MMs
and the occasional Eagle Dive to keep the opponent on the ground, where he's
weakest against you.

-Float Seeker: <>+A^

A little more useful than Soldier's float seekers, these floating mines come
down at an angle, making them harder to shoot out than the ground version.
You can release multiple float seekers, dodge around to the opponent's other
side, then pummel them with MMs while their backside is hit with the mines.
Very useful.

-Retro-Thruster Blast: A then B^

Plane Mode's only way of transforming directly into a Gerwalk.  He quickly
transforms into a Gerwalk, then blasts out a ball of fire from his feet. 
Range is very short, and recovery is long, so this move's usefulness is 
lessened.  This is best used when the opponent is stuck in the middle of a 
beam move; just fly up to him and do it.  Damage is decent.  

-Fire Bomber: <>+A+B^ when Special Meter is 1 or more

Plane mode drops three volleys of large bombs.  The hardest thing about this
move is connecting it properly.  If you are too far away, the first volley
will knock your opponent down, and the rest will miss, so damage will be
light.  If you right over his head, then the bombs will go over your
opponent's head.  What's best is about 1 or 2 steps away.  If the first
blast knocks your opponent into the air, then you did this properly.
The next two will now juggle him for a lot of damage.

III. Specific Strategies
A lot of the other mechs are weak against certain modes.  Here I will give 
you the best strategies against the other characters.

III.A. Fighting Tips

-Wiseduck/Orso Rosso

Wiseduck is a sitting duck against Gerwalk mode (ha-ha, get it?).  Just
circle strafe like no tomorrow while shooting the 3-way in 1 and 2 shot
volleys.  Mix in some Dash Bashes to keep you near, and Wiseduck will 
be toast in no time.

-Diana 17

I recommend using Soldier and Plane.  When in Soldier, the Booster Smash
is particularly useful against Diana's constant jumping.  In Plane mode,
just keep your distance and use the Multi-Lasers and MMs when far away, and
Eagle Dives when close.  You'll knock her out of the air easily, and keep 
her grounded, which is her weak point.

-G. Kaiser, Bolon, Twinzam V

These three are best taken while in Soldier mode.  Throw in a Plane mode 
once in a while, but just use the general strategies for each move I gave
in the Soldier mode for best results.


Gourai is somewhat slow to move and has weak projectiles.  Time once again
for Gerwalk mode.  The only thing you really have to watch out for is his
jumping-in-uppercut slash.  A quick dodge will usually get you out of the
way though.

-Dixen/Experimental Dixen

Dixen's keep away tactics and variety of beams and projectiles will be a
problem.  I suggest using either Soldier or Gerwalk, since Dixen seems to 
easily knock me out of the air in Plane mode.  Counter his projectiles with
dodging and the 3-Way shot, sometimes the MM is too slow and he can counter
it easily with a beam.  Right when he tries to perform a Super Beam attack,
you can jump and turn into a Plane in mid air to escape it, then pelt him
with MMs while he is frozen.  You'll turn back into Soldier by the time he

-Pulsion/Dark Pulsion

Pulsion is quick, so watch out.  Plane mode is dangerous, since Pulsion's
superman move will quickly knock you out of the air.  I recommend sticking
with Soldier, and play keep away with the 3-Way and MMs.  Since projectiles
aren't his thing, you can also use the Float Seekers against Pulsion.

-YF-37 Rafaga/ YF-38a Rafaga

Fighting against yourself or Amuritta's Rafaga is no easy chore.  However,
the CPU hardly ever transforms (in medium difficulty, at least), so you have
that advantage.  Mix up some Soldier and Plane tactics for best results.

III.B. Bosses
Here are the strategies for defeating the bosses. Since you cannot play as
them in VS. mode, you will only play them in the story and challenge mode.


You fight her first, so she's good as dead.  Just use Soldier mode, stick
in close with dodging, and waste her with Variable Assaults and Booster 


You fight Gamda only if you play Challenge mode.  A big, slow guy,
Gamda falls against Gerwalk and Plane modes.  Use these with constant 
attacks to keep Gamda away.  You don't want him near you.  When in Plane
mode, stick nearly straight above him, as high as you can, and pelt him 
with MMs.  Gerwalk mode just needs a lot of movement.  Dodge and fire!

-Goldibus 1st level

Whew!  This guy is tough.  The best thing you can do is continually jump
and launch MMs.  You should also jump backwards, since his teleport slashes
will get you if you jump straight up or forward.  If ever he teleports with 
his back to you, perform the Booster Smash.  Don't turn into Plane mode,
since he will usually get you with a teleport slash.  Also don't turn into 
Gerwalk mode: he will counter with his ground wave most of the time, plus
his spinning blade will keep you from dodging properly, which is Gerwalk's

-Goldibus 2nd level

His transformation isn't as bad as his first level, actually.  Here, jump
backwards and turn into Plane mode while in mid-air, then pelt him with MMs.
Most of his moves will miss, just stick close to him.  Also, while in Plane
mode, as soon as he teleports, fly backwards and fire MMs.  If he did
the mid air teleport, you will usually tag him.  Don't go to near the 
ground or he will tag you with the ground wave.  Perform the Fire Bomber
whenever he does his spinning vacuum move: he won't flinch, but he'll take
the damage.  When you turn back into Soldier Mode, just jump up as soon as 
you land and transform in mid air again.  You are less vulnerable there when
you transform.  The only thing you really have to watch out for is when
Goldibus goes "Phoenix."  When you see him jump up and strike a power up
pose, quickly drop down to Soldier Mode (if you are in Plane Mode)
and guard.  When he comes down, catch him with a P.B.P. while he is 
recovering.  If you can't do that, then fly up as high as you can and a 
little bit towards him: hopefully he'll fly right under you.  

IV. Story
I won't go to word for word into the story.  That's for you to enjoy.
I will however, give you the gist plus the people you have to fight.

IV.A. Route A (Easy)
The easy route has a better story line, in my opinion.

Act 1: The First Contact
Enemy: Quvearl
Stage: The Moon
Story: Here Simon defeats Quvearl, and sees Yale in it.  He rescues her, and
       takes her to his apartment to hide her.  Gasp!

Act 2: Enemy Force
Enemy: Dixen
Stage: The Country Side
Story: As Amuritta, Simon's second-in-command, is reprimanding Simon for
       rescuing the enemy, the Union Army attacks.

Act 3: Revenger
Enemy: G. Kaiser
Stage: Downtown
Story: Simon returns from fighting to find Yale still at his place.
       He is surprised, but happy, thinking she would run away.  They go on
       a date, where Junpei attacks them saying Yale dishonored his 

Act 4: Nightmare
Enemy: Pulsion
Stage: Sunset Country Side
Story: Simon has a strange dream in which a pilot-less Pulsion warns him
       that Yale is a robot and will betray him.  Not wanting to believe
       him, Simon attacks Pulsion.

Act 5: Judgment Day
Enemy: Gourai
Stage: SHTO Base
Story: Yale reveals that she is in fact a robot sent to spy on the SHTO. She
       betrays Simon, just as Pulsion said, and leads Gourai to the base.
       When all is said and done, the SHTO base is in ruins, and Amuritta 
       blames Simon.

Act 6: Final Battle
Enemy: Goldibus
Stage: SHTO Base
Story: Goldibus arrives to destroy the world.  But Simon says that no matter
       what happens, he will have won because he does not fight for the
       Earth, nor for the sake of duty, but for the woman he loves.  Yale 

Ending: Standing amongst the ruins of the SHTO base and his own wrecked
        Rafaga, Simon and Yale are talking.  Simon says that Yale is welcome
        to stay with him...forever.  Gasp!  Yale is worried that Simon might
        not treat her as a human being, because after all, she is a robot.
        Simon responds by giving her a long, wet, kiss.  Double Gasp! 
        Amuritta walks in, sees them, and makes a funny face. El Fin.

IV.B. Route B (Hard)
This is the harder story to get, but in my opinion the first story is 
better.  However, this story is much more dramatic, and reveals a stronger 
relationship between Simon and Amuritta.

Act 1: The First Contact
Enemy: Quvearl
Stage: The Moon
Story: Here Simon defeats Quvearl, and sees Yale in it.  He rescues her, and
       takes her to his apartment to hide her.  Gasp (again)!

Act 2: Enemy Force
Enemy: Dixen
Stage: The Country Side
Story: As Amuritta, Simon's second-in-command, is reprimanding Simon for
       rescuing the enemy, the Union Army attacks.
Branch:  Here's where the story branches.  You must meet the following 
       conditions to get Route B:
       a) Win within the time limit.
       b) Never get knocked down.
       c) Your armor is not destroyed.
       d) Win with the Final Attack.
       The hardest is not getting knocked down.  Don't turn into the Plane, 
       and keep your distance while dodging.

Act 3: Warning Message
Enemy: Pulsion
Stage: Sunset Countryside
Story: Simon returns from fighting complaining that his life is in a slump.
       He is bored with his routine-like life style.  But he says that Yale
       makes him happy and life worth living.  Just then Simon is 
       called to stop a rampaging Pulsion, who warns him that Yale is a 
       robot.  Simon does not believe him.

Act 4: Illegal Action
Enemy: Diana 17
Stage: Downtown
Story: Amuritta asks Simon why he is helping Yale.  Simon says that the 
       reason why he saved Yale is because she looks like an Angel from a 
       book Simon has cherished since childhood.  Just then, Reika (Diana17)
       challenges Simon to a battle where she warns him that Yale will 
       bring destruction.

Act 5: Resort to Arms
Enemy: Wiseduck
Stage: SHTO Base
Story: Amuritta turns Simon in for harboring the enemy!  Gasp!  He is 
       put on suspension and Yale is locked up. Eventually, Simon steals
       his Rafaga, and dashes to the SHTO Base to try and rescue Yale.
       There, he runs into Wiseduck who is defending the base.

Act 6: Starting Point
Enemy: Goldibus
Stage: SHTO Base
Story: As Wiseduck lies in ruins, Yale emerges.  She tells Simon 
       that she is very sorry, but she is a part of Goldibus and she will 
       never see him again.  As Simon looks up, he sees a swarm of Yales 
       around Goldibus, just like the Angels from his book, but this time
       they come together to form the devil, Goldibus!  Yale flies up to 
       join them, and they form Goldibus.

Ending: After destroying Goldibus, Simon is arrested again.  He has broken
        orders and has betrayed the SHTO by attacking them.  He is in jail,
        where Amuritta comes to see him.  Simon says that he will never love
        again, because his Angel from the book is gone forever.  Amuritta 
        asks if the prince in the book is also alone in the end.  Simon says
        no, that the prince finds the princess waiting for him.  Amuritta
        asks if she can be his princess!  True feelings revealed!  But Simon
        says no, she isn't the princess.  That's when Amuritta reveals a 
        child, left in Goldibus's wreckage, who looks just like Yale.  Simon
        finds something in his life worth living for again.  El Fin.

V. Conclusion
Well, this ends the FAQ.  I hope that this improves your Rafaga game, or 
maybe inspier you to give him a try.  

V.A. Contact Me
I still have to add combos, so if you have any, mail me and I'll give you
credit, first come first serve.  Well, that's all for now.  Questions?
Comments? Compliments? Mail me!


V.B. Legal Stuff
Wee!!! The fun part of writing a FAQ.  Here goes:

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V.C. The End
El fin.  Fin?  Fin!?  Hmmm...