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                             Tech Romancer!

Speech Translation FAQ v.1.0 (November 30, 2002) For Japanese and 
American Sega Dreamcast and arcade, created by Capcom of Japan (1998-

FAQ created by The True Warrior [e-mail: thetruewarrior2002@yahoo.com 
OR thetruewarrior@hotmail.com] 

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This FAQ and anything related to and/or associated with it is the 
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What this FAQ is about:

This is a speech translation FAQ, meaning that it  is for those of you 
wishing to understand what the characters in the game are saying to 
each other before, during, and after a fight.  This is also to help you 
if you are interested in studying the Japanese language or wanting to 
memorize famous quotes from your favorite characters.

How this Works:

This is a special FAQ.  This FAQ is special for two reasons: the format 
of this document is unlike any you've unlikely ever seen before; 
second, this is MY LAST FAQ!  That's right: this is the last FAQ 
written by yours truly, The True Warrior.  In my final attempt to make 
FAQ reading fun and enjoyable, I've decided to take out all of the 
stops.  Because Kikaioh/Tech Romancer is based of many of the hit 
Japanese animated cartoons of the early and mid-90s, I decided to make 
this FAQ into a "cartoon-esque" document.  In other words, reading this 
FAQ should be like watching your favorite Japanese animated series.  
I'm aware that this may not be exactly LIKE watching a cartoon, 
however, remember that this IS a FAQ, and I'm answering questions as 
well as making this document enjoyable to read.

The character listings go in no particular order.  First, there is 
listed the Japanese pronunciation, which is followed by the English 
translation.  (Note: I am still in the process of accurately describing 
the words and phrases, so some of the translations may be off or 


It's 3:30 p.m. and YOU just get home from a rough day of work/school.  
You turn on the television and flip through the channels aimlessly 
hoping to find something interesting, but to know avail. Leaving it on 
an unknown channel, you go into your bedroom and change so you can 
relax.  After you take a nice long shower and fix yourself something to 
eat, you plop on your comfy sofa and hope that something good shows up 
so you can enjoy your typical weekday evening.

5:30 -

It begins...(Cue Tech Romancer Intro)

YOU: "Hmm, I wonder what this could be..."
(Next Second)
You: "Wow! It's a anime with giant robots fighting huge monsters! COOL!  
Finally, someone at the cable station hears our cries!  Woohoo!"

(Cue Narrator)

Narrator: "Ginga shototsu...hoshi boshi wa kudake... Hikari no uzu 
tonate todai yo..."
(YOU: "Aw, it's in Japanese...)

"The galaxies crashed together...many stars and planets were 

(YOU: "YES! IT HAS SUBTITLES TOO! YAHOO! Wait! I better record thi- ah, 
forget it.")

Narrator: "Soko wa, jikan mo kugamo, arubeku tsugatani todomara zu..."
                           "...Chaos no hazama..."

"And there, where time and space do not exist, nothing remained the 

                         "...It was the Chaos Gap..."

Narrator: "Chojigen ga uunda...mugen no power ga..."

"The infinite power created from the unknown dimension..."

Narrator: "Shinpi no kurugane tonate... 

"Becoming the mysterious armour..."

Narrator: "Karerao tsutsumu..."

"Covering them..."

Narrator: "Tsudoe, kiseki no senshi tachi yo!"

"Come [together], you miraculous warriors!"


                           "A SOUL CRIES OUT..."

(Title)             "CHOUKOU KENSHI...KI~KAI~OH~!!!"
                    "ARMOUR KNIGHT...GRAND KAISER!!!"

(Intro plays though with the theme song)

"Kono udeni idaku,"           "Embrace with these arms,"
"Seigi no akashi,"            "The mark of Justice,"
"Afureru yuuki ga,"           "And the overflowing courage,"
"Kiseki yo yobuno sa~!"       "Will call forth a miracle!"

"Koutetsu no senshi, inochi omoya se!" "Steel Warrior, burning with 

"Tattakai Kikaioh,"           "Fight Grand Kaiser,"
"Shinjiru mono wa,"           "For the people who believe,"
"Yume to kibuo to, yuujo to," "For Hope, Dreams, and Friendship,"
"Muteki no chikara de,"       "By the Ultimate Power,"
"Tatta-ka-u mono no na wa..." "The name of the fighting one is..."


"Daichi ni fuki areru,"       "Blowing towards the Earth,"
"Jigoku no Arashi,"           "The Storm of Hell,"
"Semaru kyoi ni,"             "The coming fears,"
"Imakoso tachia-ga-re,"       "Stand up,"
"Kono yo aku o,"              "To all the evil in the world,"
"Yurushi wa chinaii!"         "Do not forgive it!"

"Tattakai Kikaioh,"            "Fight Grand Kaiser,"
"Mamote miseru,"               "Protecting/Defending,"
"Umi to, daichi to, ozora do," "Land, sea, and air,"
"Muteki no chikara de,"        "By the Ultimate Power,"
"Tattta-ka-u mono no na wa..." "The name of the fighting one is..."


"Tattakai Kikaioh,"           "Fight Grand Kaiser,"
"Shinjiru mono wa,"           "For the people who believe,"
"Yume to kibuo to, yuujo to," "For Hope, Dreams, and Friendship,"
"Muteki no chikara de,"       "By the Ultimate Power,"
"Tatta-ka-u mono no na wa..." "The name of the fighting one is..."

"Tattakai Kikaioh,"           "Fight Grand Kaiser,"
"Shinjiru mono wa,"           "For the people who believe,"
"Yume to kibuo to, yuujo to," "For Hope, Dreams, and Friendship,"
"Muteki no chikara de,"       "By the Ultimate Power,"
"Tatta-ka-u mono no na wa..." "The name of the fighting one is..."



Choukou Kenshi Kikaioh/Armour Knight Grand Kaizer
Tokumuki he Dixen/Super Defense Armour Dixen
Tattakai, Pulsion!/Fight, Pulsion!
Strategic Variable Fighter Rafaga
Mugen Douttai Twinzam V/Infinite Body Twinzam V
Mariou Shogun Gourai
Bi Ito Seigi no sha Diana-17/
(The Messenger of Beauty and Justice Diana-17)
Jusoukou Riksen Heiki Wise Duck/Heavy Armour Tank Wise Duck
Mahou no kuni no Bolon/Magical Patched Robot Bolon
Variant Armour Blodia II Custom

Choukou Kenshi Kikaioh/Amour Knight Grand Kaizer

Pilot: Junpei Todoroki

(Ignition): "Kikaioh...GO!"

(Performing Power Break): "Shobu da!" = "Let's fight!"

(Activating Power-up 1): "Osha!" = "All right!"
(Activating Power-up 2): "Moratta!" = "I've got you!"

(Performing G. Kaiser Hurricane and Heat Blazer): "Kurae!" = "Eat 

(Activating Hero Mode)
(Kaori 1): "Ganbatte!" = "Good luck!"
(Kaori 2): "Tattakatte, Junpei-kun!" = "Fight, Junpei!"
(Kaori 3): "Junpei, ???"
(Dr. Todoroki): "Yunpei, Junpei!" = ???

(Performing the Hao Raimen Zan): "Kudake kure!" = "EXPLODE!"

(After Knockdown 1): "Temae!" = "WHY YOU!"
(After Knockdown 2): "Yari agatta na!" = "Thank you for doing that!"
(After Knockdown 3): "Yudanshi da ze..." = "I lost my concentration..."
(After Knockdown 4): "Shobu atsoi chai ne ze!" = "The fight is not over 

(After Round Defeat 1): "Kikaioh amaku meru nai yo!" = "Don't you 
underestimate Grand Kaiser!"
(After Round Defeat 2): "Ugoi tekure, Kikaioh!" = "Please move, Grand 

(Continue): "Kikaioh ga makeru tenu ka!" = "Grand Kaiser is losing!"

(Continuing): "Osha!" = "Allright!"

(Victory 1): "Kikaioh amuteki da!" = "Grand Kaiser is the ULTIMATE!"

(Victory 2): "Kikaioh, omae wa yapuri sugoi yachi da ze!" = "Grand 
Kaiser, you're a wonderful machine!"

(Victory 3): "Ikurade mo kakkate kurugaii ze, Kikaioh amuteki da!" = 
"You can come at me with anyone you want, but Grand Kaiser will always 
be the ULTIMATE!"

(Victory 4): "Ottoto ikiagare ten da!" = "Get outta here!"

(Victory 5): "Doushita?  Sono mono ka yo!" = "What's the matter?  Is 
that all you've got!" 

(Victory 6): "Kikaioh ni katteru tomoten do gai yo!" = "Do you really 
think you can defeat Grand Kaiser!"

(Victory 7): "Doukarade mo kakatte yagare!" = "You can fight me anytime 
you want!"

(Victory 8): "Temae nanzo teki jane ze!" = "You're not even my enemy!"

(Victory 9): "Urusei yo acchi ke yo!" = "SHUT UP AND GET LOST!"

(Victory 10): "Mitedeku re, Ji-chan!" = "Watch over me, Grandfather!"

(Victory 11): "Baka ro! Hyakkunen haie ze!" = "You idiot!  You came 100 
years too early!"

(Victory 12): "Nan de! Mikouki doushika yo!" = "What the! You're not as 
strong as you say you are!" 

(Victory 13): "Sonna kore gi biktomo shinai ze!" = "Nothing can stop 
[Grand Kaiser]!"

(Victory 14): "Kikaioh, achou doku da ze?" = "Where's the evil, Grand 

Toku muki he Dixen/Super Defense Armour Dixen

Pilot: Nakato Farland/Halma Flockheart

(Nakato Initializing): "Dixen, hashi shimasu!" = "Dixen, ready to go!"

(Halma Initializing): "Yo kai: itsugeki shimasu!" = "Roger: I'm on my 

(Performing Aiming Satellite and Hyper Fixer Cannon): "Ike!" = "GO!"

(Performing Power-up): "Ikeru!" = "I can do it!"

(Performing Hyper Slash & Shoot): "Soko da!"  "OMAE NANKA!!!" = "RIGHT 

(Performing Fixer Cannon): "Ima da!" = "NOW!"

(Performing Anti-Air Fixer Cannon): "Atare!" = "ATTACK!"

(Performing Gun Blast and Hand Grenade): "Soko!" = "THERE!"

(Performing Final Shot): "YAMA SURU KA!" "SOKO DA!" "Owata..."  = "YOU 
WON'T STOP ME!" "HERE!" "It's over..."

(Activating Hero Mode):
(Teng-chi): "SHINANAI DESU!" = ???

(Getting up 1): "Madda madda!" = "Not yet!"
(Getting up 2): "Kuso!" = "Shit!"

(After Round Defeat 1): "Shineru mono ka!" = "I CAN'T DIE!"
(After Round Defeat 2): "Yara ne washinai!" = "I CAN'T LOSE!"

(Continue): "Boku ni wa muri nano kamo shiranai...kedo..." = "I don't 
know if I can do this...but..."

(Continuing): "Ikeru!" = "I CAN GO!"

"Koko de makattaku nai!" = "I DON'T WANT TO LOSE HERE!"

(Performing Final Shot): "Ochiro! Owata..." = "Fall!  Finished..."

(Nakato Victory 1): "Konna tokoro de shineru mono ka!" = "I'M NOT GOING 

(Nakato Victory 2): "Kore ga sensou nanda!" = "THIS IS WAR!"

(Nakato Victory 3): "Tatta katte, tatta katte...Itai tsui nare ba!?" = 
"Fighting, fighting...WHEN WILL IT STOP!?"

(Nakato Victory 4): "Ikite kaira nakya..." = "I have to get back 

(Nakato Victory 5): "Dixen no chikara janai; boku no chikara da!" = 
"This isn't Dixen's power; it's MY power!"

(Nakato Victory 6): "Madda...furu ga tomaranai..." = "I 
haven't...stopped shaking yet..."

(Nakato Victory 7): "Muimi na sensou nante..." = "What a meaningless 

(Nakato Victory 8): "Hah!...Hah!...K, KATTA!" = "Hah!...Hah!...I, I 

(Nakato Victory 9): "Omae sai...omae sai boku no maeni arawa re nakere 
ba!!!" = "If you...IF YOU HADN'T GOT IN MY WAY!!!" 

(Nakato Victory 10): "Boku no senjanai; mina ga yararette yukara!!!" = 
"I didn't want to do this; IT'S BECAUSE EVERYONE IS FORCING ME TO!!!"

(Nakato Victory 11): "Dare ga sukiko mono no de hitogoroshi nante!?" = 

(Nakato Victory 12): "Yadake to...boku ga suru ishikanai janai ka!" = 
"I don't want to do this...BUT I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN!"

(Nakato Victory 13): "Sensou da te...hitogoroshi tokowa nai janai 
ka!!!" = "What's the difference...BETWEEN WAR AND MURDER!!!"

(Nakato Victory 14): "Yara nakya kotchigaii yararette tanda! SHIKATTA 
NAI DARO!!!" = "If I didn't [kill him/her], then [he/she] would have 
[killed me]! I HAD NO CHOICE!!!" 


(Performing Guard-Break): "Moratta!" = "I've got you!"

(Performing Anti-Air Fixer Cannon and Spark Gun): "Soko!" = "There!"

(Activating Power-up, Performing Laser Shot, Aiming Satellite, and Hand 
Grenade): "Sore!" = "There!"

(Performing Changed Gun Laser Shot and Hellfire Blast): "Sasenai!" = "I 
won't let you!"

(Performing Fixer Cannon): "Soko yo!" = "Right there!"

(Performing Hyper Fixer Cannon): "Saidai stuyoku, Sho-san!" = "Full 
power, Commander!"

(Performing Hyper Slash & Shoot): "Soko!" "Mo, kore de tatsune janai 

(Performing Final Shot): "KORE DE OWARI DA!" "Ateru!" "Shobu atta wa 
ne..." = "THIS IS THE END!" "I'll hit [you]!" "Battle finished..."

(Activating Hero Mode 1): "Tskitadaki yo!"
(Activating Hero Mode 2)
(Rei): "Halma..."

(Getting Up 1): "Kono tedo nara?" = "Is this [all you have]?"
(Getting Up 2): "Madda yo..." = "Not yet..."
(Getting Up 3): "Yaru..." = "Pretty good..."

(After Round Defeat 1): "Madda yarimasu!" = "I can do it!"
(After Round Defeat 2): "

(Continue): "Mo owata, Kyo-kan?" = "Is it over, Commander?"

(Halma Victory 1): "Katta no ni...hureshiku nai no..." = "I won...but 
I'm still not happy..."

(Halma Victory 2): "Anata wa nanda tameni tattakau no? Watashi wa 
wakarenai..." = "What is it that you fight for?  I just don't 

(Halma Victory 3): "Sono level jane..." = "If that's your level..."

(Halma Victory 4): "Hachijuten tetoko kashira." = "About 80%."

(Halma Victory 5): "Mokyo geki ha; sento shuryo." = "Target destroyed; 
mission over."

(Halma Victory 6): "Sa Kyo-kan, tsuginaite wa dari desu ka?" = 
"Allright Commander, who's the next enemy?"

(Halma Victory 7): "Itsumade kokai iteto tattakai wa seru tsumori!?" = 
"How long do I have to keep fighting these cheap enemies!?"

(Halma Victory 8): "Dou desu Kyo-kan?  Shinki doko desu yo?" = "How was 
that Commander?  What do think?"

(Halma Victory 9): "Makere bara, kuni naru no kashira..." = "If I lose, 
how will I feel..." 

(Halma Victory 10): "Dare ga ikitemo naji yo!" = "It doesn't matter who 
lives or not!"

(Halma Victory 11): "Matta kachi matta wa!" = "I won again!"

(Halma Victory 12): "Futsu no nano koni naritai!" = "I just want to be 
a normal girl!"

(Halma Victory 13): "Matta onaji kotto no kurikaeshi..." = "It's the 
same thing over and over again..."

(Halma Victory 14): "Mokyo tanze hakai; kikanshimasu." = "Target 
destroyed; returning to base." 

Tattakai, Pulsion/Fight, Pulsion!

Pilot: Kai/Kei

(Kai Transforming): "Boku ni wa makasero!" = "Let me do it!"
(Kei Transforming): "Mamotemi seru wa!" = "I WILL PROTECT!"

YF-37 Strategic Variable Fighter Rafaga

Pilot: Lt. Commander Simon Harvard/Lt. Amurrita

(Simon Initializing): "Rafaga, deru zo!" = "Rafaga, is going!"

(Activating Power-up): "Akiamero!" = "You'd better stop here!"

(Performing Sidewinder Missle and T. Cannon): "Sora!" = "There!"

(Performing Point Break Punch): "Ikichou agare!" = "[Scratch one 

(Performing Succession Air Assault): "Mokyo hosoku!" "ATARE YO!!!" = 
"Target in sight!" "STRIKE!!!"

(Performing Critical Charge Assault): "YOKERU NAI YO!!!" "Warui na..."  
= "DON'T MOVE!!!" "Sorry about that..."

(Activating Hero Mode)
(Yale): "Simon..."

(Performing Tactical Tranformation): 

(Getting Up 1): "Ottoto!"= "Whoa!"
(Getting Up 2): "Humph!"

(After Round Defeat 1): "Kibishi na..." = "That's a tough one..."
(After Round Defeat 2): "Sharini naran!" = "This isn't funny!"

(Continue): "Orega to sareru tow wa?" = "How could I have lost?"

(Continuing): "Kami de mo, akuma de moii, ORENI CHIKARA!!!" = "I don't 

(Simon Victory 1): "Yare yare, kaite shower dema buru ka..." = "Aw man, 
I need a shower..." 

(Simon Victory 2): "Kore de mo kagen shitandake dome!" = "I didn't even 
use all of my power!"

(Simon Victory 3): "Dodai?  Iiben kyoni natta daro?" = "How's that?  
Did you learn something from this?"

(Simon Victory 4): "Shokugo no mara uundo ni wa natta na!" = "This was 
a pretty good exercise!"

(Simon Victory 5): "Uungana katta na..." = "Your luck just ran out..."

(Simon Victory 6): "Tonda shiroto da!" = "What a rookie!"

(Simon Victory 7): "Tsumaran...kairu zo..." = "That wasn't 
funny...let's head back..."

(Simon Victory 8): "Ikichou agari!" = "[Scratch one loser]!"

(Simon Victory 9): "Jikan wo kakesemi ta." = "I wasted too much time."

(Simon Victory 10): "Dekitsugi da na." = "Everything's going 

(Simon Victory 11): "Kitai ageki tsui mark de umachi mawa zo!" = "[At 
this rate,] My machine's gonna get covered with marks!" 
*(Note: Simon's referring to the tally marks that people put down after 
they accomplis something in succession) 

(Simon Victory 12): "Detomo jikan ni okurette shimattaga na?" = "Did I 
miss our date?"

(Simon Victory 13): "Kono shouriyo kimi ni sasage yo!" = "I dedicate 
this victory to you!"


(Amurrita Initializing): "Amurrita, hutsugeki shimasu!" = "Amurrita,  
taking off!"

(Performing Sidewinder Missle and T. Cannon):

(Performing Point Break Punch): "IKE!" "Anata mo wari ne..." = "GO!" 
"You're finished..."

(Performing Succession Air Assault): "Mokhyo Kakuning!" "TOKAI!!!" = 
"Target Sighted!" "BOMBING!!!"

(Activating Hero Mode): "Iku wayo!" = "Here I go!"

(Performing Tactical Tranformation): "TODOME YO!" "Iku wayo!" = "THIS 

(Getting Up 1): "Kuso!" = "Shit!"

(After Round Defeat 1): "Koko de kuritome kare ba!" = "We must stop 
them by air!"
(After Round Defeat 2): "Ikimasu, Sho-san!" = "Here I go, Commander!" 

(Continue): "Sho-san, madda tattakai masu!" = "Commander, I'm not 
through fighting yet!"

(Amurrita Victory 1): "Kachi masu da yo, Sho-san!" = "We won, 

(Amurrita Victory 2): "Watashi ni maketteru yo ja, Anata mo owari ne." 
= "Since you're losing, you'd better stop here."

(Amurrita Victory 3): "Ninmu kanryo; teki no data oteso shimasu!" = 
"Mision completed; now transferring enemy data!"

(Amurrita Victory 4): "Anata ma inichi chanto kune steryu?" = "Are you 
SURE you've practised every day?" 

(Amurrita Victory 5): "Sho-san, ninmu kanryo shimasu ta!" = "Commander, 
the mission has been completed successfully!"

(Amurrita Victory 6): "Kachida Amurrita; tekigeki chin kanryo shimasu 
ta!" = "I've won; the enemy has been completely destroyed."

(Amurrita Victory 7): "Iigaito akenna kotto wa!" = "That was easier 
than I thought!"

(Amurrita Victory 8): "Kochida Amurrita; Ima kara engo ni mairi masu!" 
= "I've won; I'm returning for support!"

(Amurrita Victory 9): "Mokhyo tanze hakai; kikan shimasu!" = "Target 
eliminated; returning to base!"

(Amuritta Victory 10): "Sento shuriyo; kikan shimasu!" = "Battle 
finished; returning to base!"

Jusokou Rikisen Heiki Wise Duck/Heavy Armour Tank Wise Duck

Pilots: "Sergeant Gonzalles, Killick Ricky, Private Arvin, Corporal 
Thomas, and Lance Corporal Herald  

(Ignition): "Yarodo mo, SHUTSUGEKI DA!" = "Guys, GET READY TO GO!"

(Performing Steel Crush)
(Gonzalles): "IKE!" = "GO!"
(Ricky): "Bibite ya garu..." = "He looks scared..."

(Performing Missle Barrage, S.A. Cannon, and Ground-to-Air Missile) 
(Gonzalles): "UCHIMAKURE!!!" = "SHOOT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!!"

(Performing Missile Launcher)
(Gonzalles): "UTE!" = "SHOOT!"

(Performing Stab Buster, Blast Radius, and Flame Thrower)
(Ricky): "Ora!" = "C'mon!"

(Performing Photon Cannon)
(Gonzalles): "Ute Ricky!!!" = "FIRE RICKY!!!"
(Ricky): "Yokai!" = "Roger!"

(Performing Bull Breaker) 
(Arvin): "Mokyo hosoku!" = "Enemy sighted!"
(Arvin): "Yatta!" = "I did it!"
(Gonzales): "Yudansuru na!" = "Don't lose your concentration!"
(Arvin): "Sa te..." = "Alright..."
(Miss) (Ricky): "Nani atten da?" = "What are you doing?"

(Performing Napalm Pod)
(Ricky): "Osha!" = "All right!"

(Performing ?)
(Gonzalles): "UTE!!!" = "FIRE!!!"

(Performing Blast Geyser)
(Arvin): "Yotto!" = "Whoa!"

(Performing Trigon Pulverizor)
(Herald): "Engine ga attama tekita ze..." = "The engine is 
(Ricky): "Atatta ze!" = "We hit 'em good!"

(Performing Hexagon Pulverizor)
(Gonzalles): "Kurae!" = "Eat this!"
(Ricky): "Osha!" = "C'mon!"
(Arvin): "Yosha!" = "All Right!"
(Thomas): "Yotto!" = "Whoa!"

(Performing Full Metal Hunter) 
(Gonzalles): "Zenhomo hikire!!!" "OSHA!" = = "ALL CANNONS READY TO 

(Activating Hero Mode)
(Herald): "Engine stuyoku: Zenkai!" = "Engine output: Maximum!"
(Ricky 1): "Soko kodo: Hyakku niji Percent!" = "Armour Shielding: 100 
(Ricky 2): "Chibiren nai yo, shinpe!" = "Don't get scared, rookie!"

(Getting Up 1)
(Ricky): "Nani atten da?" = "What's going on?"
(Getting Up 2)
(Gonzalles): "Kusotare!" = "Mother****er!"
(Getting Up 3)
(Gonzalles): "Nani yo storu ka!!!" = "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!"
(Getting Up 4)
(Gonzalles): "Shitani yo ottose!" = "Put that down!"

(After Round Defeat 1)
(Arvin): "Mo dame da!" = "We're losing!"
(Thomas): "Ojitsuke..." = "Calm down..."
(After Round  Defeat 2)
(Thomas): "Kudote ijonashi, IKIMASU!!!" = "There's nothing wrong with 
the ship, SO LET'S GO!!!"

(Gonzalles): "Madda owateran zo!" = "This isn't over yet!"

(Gonzalles): "Ike!" = "FIRE!"

(Victory 1)
(Arvin): "Kyomo ikino kore ta..." = "I lived through today..."

(Victory 2)

(Victory 3)
(Gonzalles): "Kakuji higai jokyo otenken shiro!" = "Each of you check 
for damage!"
(Ricky, Arvin, Thomas, and Herald): "YES SIR!!!"

(Victory 4)
(Ricky): "Douda, shinpe?" = "How was that, rookie?"
(Arvin): "Saite no nari go kochida..." = "This was my worst ride..."

(Victory 5)
(Ricky): "Cibitane ka, shinpe?" = "Are you scared, rookie?"
(Arvin): "Karako wanai deku desai!" = "Don't you mock me!"

(Victory 6)
(Arvin): "Koroushite shimatta..." = "I've killed [someone]..."
(Ricky): "Shinpe, omae mo ipukushuroi ya." = "Rookie, go outside and 
rest for a while."

(Victory 7)
(Ricky): "Hahahaha! Zama mi yagare!?" = "Hahahaha! How was that!?"

Maryou Shogun Gourai/FX-00083 Dixen/Orso Rosso Wise Duck

Pilot: Shadow Red

(Ignition): "Kotto bawa muyo; tattakai yarunoii!" = "Words are 
meaningless; the fight is everything!:

(Activating Power-up): "Iku zo!" = "Here I go!"

(Performing Guard Break): "Hiza shobu!" = "Let's Fight!"
(Missed): "Nanno!" = "Nothing!"

(Performing Nebula Beam and Fixer Cannon): "Osoi!" = "Too slow!"

(Performing Nebula Wave, Missile Barrage, and Anti-Air Fixer Cannon): 
"Yokete misero?" = "Can you avoid this?"

(Performing HellFire Cannon): "MORATTA!" = "I'VE GOT YOU!"

(Performing Conquering Slash): "Tawake!" = "You idiot!"

(Performing Lightning Curtain): "Sora!" = "There!"

(Performing Rising Slash): "Shine!" = "Die!"

(Performing Bull Breaker): "Osoi!" "Sore de owari ka!" = "Too slow!" 
"That's the end [of you]!"

(Performing Photon Cannon, Hyper Fixer Cannon, and Anti-Air Hyper Fixer 
Cannon): "KURAE!!!" = "EAT THIS!!!"

(Performing Mystic Slash): "Shinguaii!" "Shine!" "Tawake!" = "Perish!" 
"Die!" "You idiot!"

(Performing Trigon Pulverizor): "Kourusai he me!" = ???

(Performing Full Metal Hunter and Slash & Shoot): "Mino hodo shire!!!" 

(Performing ): "Kore de keyoskeru!" "Shine!"  = "I'll finish you off 
with this!" "Die!"

(Performing Hexagon Pulverizor): "Iku zo!" "SHINE!!!"  = "Here I go!" 

(Performing Dark World): "Kore de keyaskeru!" = "I'll finish you off 
with this!"

(Performing ?): "Kisama wa koko de yabureru sodo me!" = "Fate/Destiny 
tells that you will die here!"

(Performing Final Shot): "BAKA ME!" "MORATTA!" = "FOOL!" "I'VE GOT YOU 

(Activating Hero Mode 1): "Gourai no chikara murugaii!" = "WITNESS THE 
(Activating Hero Mode 2): "Sa, dou suru?" = "Okay; How do you want it?"

(Getting Up 1): "Nanno!" = "[That was] nothing!"
(Getting Up 2): "Kona mono ka?" = "Is that all?" 

(After Round Defeat 1): "Baka me, Kou nanda!"  = "FOOL, ???"
(After Round Defeat 2): "Sanryu robotto fuzei ga!" = "YOU THIRD-RATE 
(After Round Defeat 3): "Makeru no ka...watashi ga?" = "Am I...losing?"
(After Round Defeat 4): "Tanoshi mazette kureru!" = "MAKE THIS FUN FOR 

(Continue): "Iksani shinu no ga bujin no hokoe ta he'e..." = "Dieing on 
the battlefield is the best thing a warrior can do..."

(Continuing): "Kore de owari de wanaii. Kachi da!" = "This is where it 
ends. I win!"

(Victory 1): "Shobu atta na..." = "Game over..."

(Victory 2): "Shine ba, kisama no baka mo naoru ka!" = "If you die, you 
might be cured of your stupidity!"

(Victory 3): "Aka mono ga kirai gi nata ga!" = "Are you starting to 
hate red!"

(Victory 4): "Asobi janai no da yo sensou wa!" = "War is not a game!"

(Victory 5): "Mijuku naode da; kisaiga nai deru zo!" = "You have such 
poor skills; your machine is crying!"

(Victory 6): "Doushita?  Oshiga skundaka?" = "What's the matter? Do I 
scare you?"

(Victory 7): "Kakuna shigau no da yo...kisama to wa!" = "Your skill 
level...is quite different!"

(Victory 8): "Watashi no teki da wa naka tattoyu kotto da..." = "You're 
not enough for me..."

(Victory 9): "Kore de katsuki de itato wa?  Warai banashini mo naran!" 
= "Did you think you could defeat me?  What a bad joke!"

(Victory 10): "Danjite yurusikotto ga de henno da yo, kisama no yonai 
yatsu wa!" = "There is no forgiveness, especially for people like you!"

(Victory 11): "Shouri yo shinjegu sono me...kiniran na!" = "You 
continue to think that you can defeat me...and I don't like that!"

(Victory 12): "Gourai amakumita na!" = "You underestimated Gourai!"

(Victory 13): "Waru kunaii shobu da ta..." = "That wasn't such a bad 

(Victory 14): "Zankouken de kirenu mono na do nai wa!" = "There's 
nothing that "Zankouken" cannot cut!"
(*Note: "Zankouken" is the name of Gourai's/Shadow Red's sword)

(Victory as Dixen Experimental): "Dixen; waruku naii kitai da..." = 
"Dixen; that's not such a bad machine..."

(Victory 2 as Dixen Experimental): "Kore mo Dixen no chikara ga..." = 
"This is Dixen's power..."

(Victory 3 as Dixen Experimental): "Onoreno muryoku sawo shiro..." = 
"Learn how how weak you really are!"

(Victory 4 as Dixen Experimntal): "Madda hyaku-naji percento chikara wa 
dazette nai ka." = "???"

(Victory 5 as Dixen Experimental): "Haigoto no sato yu koto da." = 

(Victory 6 as Dixen Experimental): "Watashi ni katsi da to?  Kuza keru 
na!" = "You defeat ME?  Quit your joking!"

(Victory 1 as Wise Duck Orso Rosso): "Jitsu tayuku sato yu mono da!" = 

(Victory 2 as Wise Duck Orso Rosso): "Konotsu tayuku ima madda narenu 
wa." = "???"

(Victory 3 as Wise Duck Orso Rosso): "Sa, inochi ga ushite mero!" = 

Mugen Dattai Twinzam V = "Infinite Body Twinzam V"

Pilots: Daichi and Sora Yumeno

(Daichi): "Iku ze, Twinzam!" = "Let's go, Twinzam!"
(Sora): "Ikuwa yo, Daichi!' = "Here I go, Daichi!"

(Performing Shooting Star Blow)
(Daichi): "Yari!" = "YES!"

(Performing Plasma Drill)
(Sora): "Ike!" = "Fire!"

(Performing Fire Slash)
(Sora): "Nani atten no?" = "What happened?"

(Performing Plasma Drill Impulse)
(Sora): "Power Zenkai!" "Ikeni kattazu geru wa yo!" "Kousan shin 

(Performing Hero Mode)
(Daichi): "Puru power deku ze!" = "I'll use my TRUE power!"

(Getting Up 1)
(Daichi): "Abukurishita!" = "That was scary!"

(Getting Up 2)
(Sora): "Madda madda!" = "NOT YET!"

(Getting Up 3)
(Daichi): "YAROU!!!" = "SON~OF~A~*****!!!"

(After Round Defeat 1)
(Sora): "Daijobu, Daichi?" = "Are you okay, Daichi?"
(Daichi): "Genki da ze!" = "I'm great!"

(After Round Defeat 2)
(Sora): "Daichi, honki dasu wa yo!" = "Daichi, use everything you've 
(Daichi): "Okay!"

(Sora): "Daichi, kore de kirameru no?" = "Daichi, are you giving up?"
(Daichi): "Madda makara rarenai, darou Twinzam..." = "

(Daichi): "Yari!" = "YES!"
(Sora): "Itsugeki!" = "LET'S GO!"

(Victory 1)
(Daichi): "Kouyu douki heto wa nante yun da ke?" = "How's a person 
supposed to feel at a time like this?"
(Sora): "Shiranai wa yo!" = "I don't know!"

(Victory 2)
(Daichi): "Kakuwii na! Gakou no nani mo mesette yarutai na!" = 
"AWESOME! "I'm gonna show this to everyone at school!"
(Sora): *sighs in disbelief*

(Victory 3)
(Daichi): "Twinzam makene ze!" = "Twinzam won't lose!"

(Victory 4)
(Daichi): "Ma, ji tsuyo kute yuka!" = "Well, this is also part of 
[Twinzam's] strength!"

(Victory 5)
(Daichi): "Tsuyoi za Twinzam!" = "Twinzam's pretty strong!"

(Victory 6)
(Daichi): "Twinzam mono chougou ki dene ka na!" 

(Victory 7)
(Sora): "Kaite rangohan tsuku waga gucha!" = "I have to go home and get 
dinner ready!"

(Victory 8)
(Sora): "Yaru janai, Daichi!" = "You're pretty good, Daichi!"

(Victory 9)
(Sora): "Zatto konna mon!" = "That's all it takes!"

(Victory 10)
(Daichi): "Harehetta!"  "Ni-chan, manka naii!" = "I'm hungry!" "Sis, go 
make me something to eat!"
(Sora): *sighs in disbelief*

(Victory 11)
(Sora): "Daichi, chanto shikuraise masetta!" = "Daichi, go do your 

(Victory 12)
(Daichi): "Koitsu do suru?  Noigaru menishi tai!" = "What am I going to 
do with [this guy]?  I'm gonna make him into a doll!"

(Victory 13)
(Daichi): "Ii se no de V!" = "???" 

Bi Ito Seigi no sha, Diana-17/The Messenger of Beauty and Justice, 

Pilot: Reika

(Ignition): "Seigi no chikara...MESETTAKU!" = "I will show you...THE 

(Activating Power-Up): "Kakugo shiro!" = "Get ready!"

(Performing Judgement Counter): "Miki ta!" = "I see you!"

(Performing ?): "Dou da?" = "How's that?"

(Performing Bubble Shower, Crystal Edge, and Angel Bow): "Sore!" = 

(Performing Angel Star): "Soko da!" = "Over there!"

(Performing Emerald Tear): "Kawasuru kashira!" = "CAN YOU AVOID THIS!"

(Performing Diamon Rush): "UKETE MERO!" "Mo, oshimai..." = "TAKE THIS!" 
"Oh, finished..."

(Performing Dancing Angel Evolution) "Sa, Ikuwa yo!" "Sore!" "Mattai 
tsuka, hai mashou!" = "Here I come!" "THERE!" "I'll see you later!"

(Activating Hero Mode 1): "Diana shin no chikara!" = "Diana's true 
(Activating Hero Mode 2): "Sa, watashi ni chikara o kashite!" = "Now, 
give me the power!"

(Getting Up 1): "Nanno!" = "That was nothing!"
(Getting Up 2): "Sono tedo kashira?" = "Is that all you've got!"

(After Round Defeat 1): "Honki de Ikuwa yo!" = "I'm going ALL out now!"
(After Round Defeat 2): "Yaru wa ne!" = "You're pretty good!"

(Continue): "Diana-17 wa keishite makenai!" = "Diana-17 won't lose!"

(Continuing): "Shobu!" = "Fight!"

(Victory 1): "Kono miga moetsukiro matte, watashi wa tattakau!" = "I 
will fight, until [the very end]!"]
(*Note: this actually means, "I will fight, until I burn out" but the 
translation I gave is a lot clearer and more understandable)

(Victory 2): "Omae tachi ni, watashi wa tausenai!" = "You guys weren't 
able to defeat me!"

(Victory 3): "Chotto! Yari tsugi de kashira..." = "Oops! I think I 
overdid it..."

(Victory 4): "Bi Ito Seigi ga arukagari, shouri wa watashi no mono 
yo..." = "The Messenger of Beauty and Justice will always win until..."

(Victory 5): "Itsudemo iteni naru zo!" = "I can finish you off anytime 
I want!"

(Victory 6): "Nasakenai wa ne!  Shikari shinasai!" = "You're so 
pitiful! You should have done more!"

(Victory 7): "Mina no igaru kahe, watashi wa tattakai jusikeru!" = 

(Victory 8): "Hana wa itsukushi daki janai no yo; oboete kinasai!" = 
"Watching a flower die isn't the only way to enjoy it; remember that!"

(Victory 9): "Gouri ni naru, Diana-17 no mai yo!" = "It's your turn, 

(Victory 10): "Kore de owakari tattake da kashira!" = "This is where 
our fight ends!"

(Victory 11): "Anata ni kitaishiti wa deshi ga baka datta wa..." "I 
feel so bad for believing in "that" fool..."

(Victory 12): "Omoishita ka?" = "Do you understand?"

Variant Armour Blodia II Custom

Pilot: Jin Saotome

(Ignition): "Iku zo, Blodia!" = "Let's go, Blodia!"

(Performing Guard Crush): "Iku ze!" = "Let's go!"

(Performing Giga Crush): "DYNAMITE!"

(Performing Gattling Thrust): "KUDAKE!!!" = "ANNIHILATION!!!"

(Performing Blodia Pounce): "Todome da!" = "One more!"

(Performing ): "MOETSUKIRO!" "Daijobu?" = "BURN OUT!" "What's the 

(Activating Hero Mode): "Moetekita ze!" = "BURN!"

(Getting Up 1): "Makene ze!" = "I WON'T LOSE!"
(Getting Up 2): "Madda madda!" = "Not yet!"

(After Round Defeat 1): "Mo, yurusane!" = "Oh, I won't forgive you 
(After Round Defeat 2): "Blodia mamenai yo!" = "Don't you underestimate 

(Continue): "Blodia, mo tattekai yo ka!" = "Blodia, you must keep 

(Continuing): "Moetekita ze!" = "BURN!"

(Victory 1): "Ore no na wa Jin Saotome; Itsudemo kakatte koi!" = "I am 
Jin Saotome; Bring it on anytime!"

(Victory 2): "Kanjou wa tanen da yo..." = "You lack emotion..."

(Victory 3): "Atsoi tattakai yo arigato!" = "Thanks for the great 

(Victory 4): "Mitaka! Ippon danji no dokunjo?" = "See! Did you witness 
the power of a "TRUE" Japanese man?"

(Victory 5): "Tamashito tamashi no butsukari agutto...saiko da ze!" = 
"The battle between two minds...is the greatest thing to watch!"

(Victory 6): "Sashiburi no sojode tokozi ta ze!" = "It's been a long 
time since I've had this much of a hard time!"

(Victory 7): "Blodia wa SAIKO DA ZE!" = "Blodia is THE 

(Victory 8): "Uchuu no doko ka de...matta o!" = "We will meet 
again...somewhere in space!"

Mahou no kuni no Bolon = "Magic Patch Robot Bolon"

Pilot: Pollin

(Ignition): "Pollin desu; Yoroshiku!" = "I'm Pollin; Nice to meet you!"

(Activating Power-up): "Yoshi!" = "GREAT!"

(Performing Swirling Lariat): "Shinu shikanai wa ne!" = "Dieing is the 
only way!"

(Performing Fireworks Cannon): "Tomo yo!" = ???

(Performing Giant Rolling Iron Ball): "SHINJA~E~!!!" = "DI~E~!!!"

(Performing Giant Falling Iron Ball): "Soko yo Bolon!" = "OVER HERE 

(Performing Time Bomb): "Gobiyo mai..." = "5 seconds before..."

(Performing Crazy Bolon Theater): "Yatchai Bolon!" "Chotto suwari no 
sai." = "Go Bolon!" "Just sit down." "BAKA MO~!!!" = "STUPID!!!"

(Performing C.B.T on Kikaioh/G.Kaiser): "Urusei yo, acchi ke yo!" = 
"Shut up and go away!"

(Performing C.B.T on Dixen 1): "Nonank yarui shine..." = "???"

(Performing C.B.T on Dixen 2)
(Pollin): "Haiyaku kinasai!" = "Wake up!"
(Halma): "Mmmm...Atto go fuun!" = "Mmmm...give me 5 more minutes!"

(Performing C.B.T on Pulsion): *Pulsion grunts*

(Performing C.B.T on Rafaga 1): "Ore atenay yo!" = "I'm not doing 

(Performing C.B.T on Rafaga 2): "Atashi yatenai wa yo!" = "I'm not 
doing anything!"

(Performing C.B.T on Twinzam V 1): *strange grunt*

(Performing C.B.T on Twinzam V 2): *strange grunt*

(Performing C.B.T on Gourai): "Yatte rarenai na..." = "I can't keep 
doing this..."

(Performing C.B.T on Diana-17) 
(Pollin): "Haiyaku kinasai!" = "Wake up!"
(Reika): "Deyuka machou tadorishi..."

(Performing C.B.T on Blodia II Custom): "Ora shirane yo!" = "I don't 

(Performing C.B.T on Bolon): "Atashi warukunai mo!" = "This isn't my 

(Performing C.B.T on Gamda): "Tskide aku yaku, yateru wakijanai." = "I 
act like a bad-guy, but I really don't like to be."

(Performing C.B.T on Quvearl): *Undecipherable sounds*

(Performing C.B.T on Goldibus): "Yatori ma..." = "That was 

(Activating Hero Mode): "Pollin to asobanai?" = "Do you want to play 
with me?"

(Getting Up 1): "Hiroi yo!" = "YOU'RE MEAN!"
(Getting Up 2): "Mudda na teko yo!" = "Pointless resistance!"

(After Round Defeat 1): "Bolon ni nani sunoi yo!" = "What are you doing 
to Bolon!"
(After Round Defeat 2): "Bolon, makichatta de yo!" = "DON'T YOU LOSE, 

(Continue 1): "Stekina ashina ga oji-san, continue shite!" = "Nice-
looking sir, press continue!" :D  (LOL!!!!!)

(Continue 2): "Nanta kowaii sono, Pollin." = "This is pretty sad, 

(Victory 1): "Pollin to asobanai? = "Do you want to play with me?"

(Victory 2): "Pollin no iiroroke de no satsu yo!" = "My charm will kill 

(Victory 3): "Maho no kuni no; Pollin-chan!" = "I Pollin; from the 
World of Magic!"

(Victory 4): "Pollin no maho mesetta garu!" = "I'll show you my magic!"

(Victory 5): "Pollin yatta no ga...unotski ne!" = "Your luck ran 
out...when you met me!"

(Victory 6): "Ii wa katsu no yo!" = "Love is what defeated you!"

(Victory 7): "Kore ga Ii no chikara da nai yo!" = "This is the power of 
true love!"

(Victory 8): "Maho no jiman de jigoku ike!" = "My spells will send you 
to hell!"

(Victory 9): "Pollin wa na gasto, kowaii waii yo!" = "If you make me 
cry, you'd better get ready!"

(Victory 10): "Junpei-kun wa Pollin no mano yo!" = "Junpei IS MINE!"

(Victory 11): "Tengoku no Papa, Mama; Pollin wa genki desu yo!" = "Moma 
and Papa in heaven; Pollin's okay!"

(Victory 12): "Pollin ojime cha ya!" = "You'd better not hurt me!"

(Victory 13): "Skirishita!" = "I'm relaxed [now]!"



Pilot: Arekshim

(Performing Guard Break): "Itabute yaru..." = "I'm going to hurt 

(Performing Gamda Teleport): "Koko da!" = "I'M HERE!!!"

(Performing Gamda Crush): "SUBURERO!" = "BE CRUSHED!!!"

(Performing Gamda Laser): "MOERO!" = "BURN!"

(Performing Gamda Grab): "URUSAI WA!!!" = "SHUT UP!!!"

(Performing ???): "Orokano mono me! SHINE! Tanoshi na..." = "YOU FOOL! 
DIE! That was fun..."

(After Round Defeat 1): "Namaiki da!" = "You've just pissed me off!"

(After Round Defeat 2): "Raku ni wa shinasan zo!" = "I WON'T LET YOU 

(After Round Defeat 3): "Yoku mo...kokemi shite kureta na!" = "You mock 
me...HOW DARE YOU!!!"


Pilot: Yale

(Performing Guard Break): "Ikinasai, Quvearl!" = "GO, Quvearl!"

(Performing Color Change): "Shinanu wa kowaii no?" = "Are you afraid to 

(Performing Electromagnetic Barrier): "Anata ni wa, shi, shikanai 
no..." = "All that is left, is, to die..."

(Getting Up 1): "Dou se shinu no yo..." = "Everyone is going to die..."
(Getting Up 2): "Sore de!" = "That's it!"

(After Round Defeat 1): "Anata wa shinu no yo..." = "You are going to 

(After Round Defeat 2): "Tachinasai, Quvearl!" = "Stand up, Quvearl!"


(Performing ?): "SHINE!!!" = "DIE!!!"

(Performing ?): "BAKA ME!!!" = "YOU FOOL!!!"

(Performing ?): "TAWAKE GA!!!" = "YOU PATHETIC WRETCH!!!"

(Performing ?): "OROKAMONO ME!!!" = "YOU ARE TRULY PITIFUL!!!"

(Performing ?): "HOROBIRU GO YOI!!! = "EXTINCTION!!!"

(Performing ?): "SABAKINO TOKI DA!!!" = "IT'S TIME FOR YOUR 


(Getting Up 1): "BAKA NA!!!" = "YOU IDIOT!!!"

(Getting Up 2): "Yatore ma..." = "That was useless..."


6:00 - Credits Role

You: "Aw man; it's over already?"  "Oh well, it was a good show.  I 
hope it'll come on tomorrow

Suddenly, you hear a loud rumbling coming from outside.  YOU go out to 
see what is happening, but to you amazement, you see the giant Variant 
Armour Blodia II Custom slowly lifting off into the sky on your front 
yard/parking lot.  Shocked, you stare at the massive robot and see its 
pilot, Jin Saotome, waving at you and doing a two-fingered salute.  
Still astounded, your mouth gaping, Jin smiles and shouts, "Uchuu no 
dokoka de, matta o~!!!" (We'll meet again, somewhere in space!!!) as 
Blodia flies off into the sunset.

You: "WHOA!!!" "The guys at school/work will NEVER believe this!"

                       "CHOUKOU KENSHI KIKAIOH!!!"


(Credits Roll)

"Ochikonderu himawa naii,"          "There's no time to be lazy,"
"Jama suru yatsura mo iruke do,"    "There's someone who's trying to 
stop us,"
"Jibuun de kimetta kotto nandakara,""Because this is what we chose,"
"Yarito ge nakya!"                  "We have to finish this!"

"Mune kara beam missile hasha wa kana wa zu,"  
("There's no way we can shoot beam missiles from [our] chest,")
"Tozen sona no bokura mo wakachia iruke do,"
("Of couse we can,")
"Sore mo bokura mo motteru hazuda yo "Ganbare Humbari Power!"
("Because we have "Cheerful Patience Power!")

"Ashi yo huminara se, sanjo sokora mo," "Stumpy legs, ???"
"Hiryu ononkani makette tomaru ka!"    "We can't lose to the hero who 
is everywhere!"

"Tachido matteru himawa naii,"        "There's no time to stop,"
"Mondai mo warito ikruke do!"         "There's still a few problems 
"Yaruki sa yare ba,                  "If you have the desire,"
"Kekonanto ka naru monsa!"           "Then you can solve some of them!"

"Mewaku wa tashonara,                "If you make a little trouble,"
"Shoganai iinjanai."                 "Don't worry about it."
"Jodan bakari iiterubaii janai,"     "This is not time for jokes,"
"Kekyoku yaru toki yaranakya,        "If you don't do it,"
"Yokubari Iijihari Power!"           "Greedy Resentful Power!"

"Uude yo fuuri hurima wa se,"        "Twirling arms,"
"Hiryu game mo naka no!"             "Let's not lose to the hero who's 
inside the screen!"


What's left:

I'm missing a few winquotes and move clarifications, so if anyone's 
interested in helping, please do send me an e-mail!


                             The  Credits

Kenta Sato - This was our last project Kenta.  You've shown me what it 
means to be a True Warrior and I honor the time you spent helping me on 
this by giving you the great title of "King of Fighters"!  You're my 
first (but not last) true rival and it was a great honor to face you in 
the many fighting games we played.  You've bested me time and time 
again, but like any TRUE warrior, I just keep coming back for more and 
not giving an inch!  I hope we meet again so I can show you how much 
I've trained and practiced...and next time we'll see who the REAL 
winner is! ;)

                   "Domo arigato gozaimazu, Kenta!"

Saiki - LOL! Man, if there wasn't a FAQ without your name in it, then I 
didn't write it!  You've been there for me from the very beginning and 
even during my hard times, and I've been there for whenever you needed 
me.  You've taught me to KEEP FIGHTING and GAMING no matter what 
happens, and I'll take that to the grave with me.  You've helped me so 
much that I just couldn't repay you for everything you've done.  
YOU_ARE_THE_MAN!!!  More than just a gamer, more than just another 
competitor, YOU ARE THE MAN, SAIKI!!! A True Warrior in every sense of 
the title, you're a good friend to have and I'm honored and proud to 
know that you've been there for me to the end.  Thank you. =)

Here's where it ends...for now.

CJAYC - Thanks for posting this on your awesome site!  J00 dA mAn t0o!


                               End of FAQ