Rafaga by KOtake

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/04/99 | Printable Version

Tech Romancer                   
Date: 3/4/99 

Rafaga Faq 1.1
- Changed some names and the format of this Faq
- Added Move Modifier

Rafaga Faq 1.0
- The original Faq

*Some Terms used here are not official*

Pls forgive me for any spelling and grammar errors.

Up - Move the stick upward
Down - Move the stick downward
Forwand - Move the stick towards your enemy
Backward - Move the stick away from your enemy
G - Press guard button
A1 - Press attack button 1
A2 - Press attack button 2
J - Press Jump button

Move Modifier:
Any move with a letter behind the name is a modified move
(!) - Warning Move (Very Slow, yet very powerful. Powerful 
      enough to stun your enemy even if they are guarding)
(A) - Must be done in air
(C/A) - Can be done in air
(D) - Must be done when enemy's down
(F) - It's a follow up(Can only be done if a certain move 
      is done first)

Button layout:

      (Stick)      (A1) (A2) (J)

Common Moves:
Dash - F,F
Steel Dash - Hold G + Dash(Stuns enemy if not blocked)
Backup - B,B
U - Walk into background
D - Walk into foreground
G + A1 + A2 - Power Breaker

Normal Moves:

Mech Mode:
A1         - Plasma Rifle(C/A)
A1(close)  - Punch
A2         -  Missiles(C/A)
A1 + A2    - Plasma Cannon
B, F + A1  - Floating Mine(C/A)
B, F + A2  - Homing Missiles
J + A1     - Rising Kick
J + A2     - Rising Shoulder
A1         - Flip Kick(A)
J + A1/A2  - Follow Up(D) 
F + A1     - Rifle Ram(!)                                  
D/U + G    - Transform(C/A)

Walker Mode:
A1         - Plasma Rifle
A2         - Missiles
A1 + A2    - Bombs
F,F        - Rush  A2 - Shoulder Ram(F)

Plane Mode:
A1         - Dive Ram  A2 - Jetpack(F)
A2         - Missiles
B, F + A1  - Folating Mines

Plane cannot move into foreground/background
Plane cannot guard

Special Moves:
B, F + A1 + A2 - PBP(Can only be done in mech mode)
B, F + A1 + A2 - SAA(Can only be done in plane mode)
B, F + A1 + A2 - CCA(Can only be done in walker mode)

Counter Moves:
G + A1 = Rifle Ram
G + A2 = Sidestep Missiles

Final Attack:
*Executable Only when the Final Attack Message Appeared
A1 + A2 + G + J - Judgement(Rafaga fastly transforms into walker                         
spin-drive enemy into air, 4 hits in the mid 
                  air followed by a BIG pack of Plasma Shot and                   

Some combos I got from my friends

A1,A1,A1 - 3 hit combo

J + A1, A1 - Double Air Kick
(Rising Kick follow by a Flip Kick)

F + A1, B,F, A1 + A2 - Rafaga Punch
(Rifle Ram, PBP)

F,F, CCA - Charge Assult (In walker mode only)
(Rush, CCA)

I will try and update this Faq ASAP. 

This Faq is made by Kazuo Otake