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Subject: [VOOT] Basic Operations FAQ v1.1
From: Christopher Tan <>
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 16:43:29 +0000

With Robert DeLoura's permission, I have updated his translated FAQ
for the benefit of all the VOOTers (hmm... sounds like Hooters)
who missed his original post. Here it is... :)

VOOT Basic Operations FAQ v1.1
      by Robert DeLoura      

* Foreword
* Movement
* Attacking
* Special Techniques
* VR Information

Robert did a magnificent job translating a Japanese FAQ he found at . He did not have 
access to VOOT at the time of translation, however, so at certain 
points, he had to guess what the author was trying to say. Now that 
VOOT is out in Singapore, I've had the chance to verify those sketchy
parts, as well as add some new techniques that have cropped up since 
then (e.g. super low-altitude dash, crouch weapon/LT cancel).
Here's the revised version of his translated FAQ.

				     		Christopher "XAQ" Tan
					            - 14 May 98 -
Move the sticks in a direction to move in that direction. You'll move 
faster if you move both sticks in the direction instead of just one stick.

Moving one stick UP and the other one DOWN rotates you, just like old VO.

Hit a Turbo button while holding the sticks in a particular direction.

If you're dashing, you can cancel it by hitting the turbo button again.
You don't have to point the sticks in any particular direction to cancel.
The author recommends that if you're in the habit of hitting both Turbo 
buttons to dash, you should get out of that habit and just use one.

If you are dashing and you return the sticks to neutral, you can then move
the sticks to a new direction and you will start dashing in the new 
direction instead. You can do this as many times as you like, as long
as you don't run out of "dash".

If you enter a rotation command (UP/DOWN on sticks) during a dash, 
your dash will start curving in the appropriate direction. The radius
of curvature isn't very significant, however.

Pull the sticks apart to jump. Jumping only orientates your VR to the 
enemy at the start of the jump, but you can lose your lock after that.

Pull the sticks apart again while already jumping, to double-jump.

Push the sticks together during a jump to cancel it and return to the 
ground. This is more effective before your jump peaks. If you have
attacked during the jump, or are at the end of an airdash, you
can still push the sticks together to make your VR land faster.

During a jump you can point the sticks in a direction and hit a Turbo 
button to dash in that direction. You can change the direction of your 
air dash or make it into a curve dash the same way you would do it on 
the ground.  You can cancel an air dash the same way you cancel one on 
the ground.

When you have a double lock-on, you can guard against your opponent's
attacks by pushing both sticks inward. If you are still holding them 
inward from a jump cancel, you will try to guard when you hit the ground.
You can't guard against attacks if you're in the air or performing an 
air dash.

During a double lock-on, if you hold down a Turbo button and THEN point the
sticks in a direction, you will move quickly in that direction.  You can only
move Forward, Right, Backward, Left, and the four main diagonal directions.
There is a warning that you should be careful to note the difference between
this and a normal dash:

        Hold button then move sticks:  Quick Step
        Move sticks then hit button:   Dash

Left trigger fires left weapon (LW), right trigger fires right weapon (RW),
both triggers together fires the central weapon (CW).

Press the sticks inward and hit the appropriate trigger button(s) at 
the same time.

Do a crouching attack while moving.  An example is given.

        * Both sticks RIGHT.
        * Both sticks INWARD + trigger(s)
        * Both sticks RIGHT again.

When you aren't moving, hit a Turbo button and the appropriate trigger(s)
together. You can also do them from a crouching or jumping position, but
you can't do them during any sort of regular movement or dash.

The correct combination of Turbo button(s) and trigger(s) varies 
depending on your Virtuaroid. The combinations listed are:

        * Left Turbo and Right trigger
        * Left Turbo and Left trigger
        * Left Turbo and both triggers
        * Right Turbo and Right trigger
        * Right Turbo and Left trigger
        * Right Turbo and both triggers

Both Turbos and Both triggers is also mentioned, though I'm not sure 
what is being said.

Pull the appropriate triggers during a dash.  The attack will vary 
depending on your choice of weapon and your direction of travel.
There are five directions that the attacks vary for:

        * Forward
        * any Forward diagonal
        * Sideways
        * any Backward diagonal
        * Backward

You can also dash attack during an air dash.  Sometimes this results in 
a completely different attack than the one you'd get for the same dash 
attack on the ground.

During a dash, push the sticks inward and hit the appropriate triggers 
at the same time.  If you mess up the timing on this, you might 
accidentally get a direction change followed by a regular dash attack.

During a double lock-on, pull any trigger (or both). Close combat is 
enabled for a particular weapon if you see that weapons gauge turn green.

During a double lock-on, push both sticks inward and press any trigger (or
both) at the same time. Guarding cannot defend against crouch attacks.

During a double lock-on, push a Turbo button and a trigger (or both) at 
the same time.  There seems to be six different attacks just as with a 
normal Turbo attack.

During a double lock-on, push both stick outward and hit a trigger 
(or both) at the same time. You'll make a small jump attack.

While dashing in any forward or forward-diagonal direction, press both
sticks backwards while pulling a trigger (or both). The left weapon
slashes from left to right, the right weapon slashes from right to
left, and the central weapon slashes from top to bottom.

"Rowing", from Virtual On. Can be done by Bal-Bados, Specineff, and 
Angelan. Move both sticks back and forth from NorthEast to SouthEast 
position (row right), or NorthWest to SouthWest position (row left).

Wiggle right stick sideways while tapping right trigger continually.
Allows you to fire a particular weapon very rapidly. Temjin, Raiden, and Specineff
can do this.  

Immediately after the jump command is executed, hold levers in
any direction and hit the dash button to do a very low airdash.
This allows you to cut down on landing time at the end of the airdash.

After a dash attack, your VR will stall for a moment before you
can move again. To negate this stall, do one of the following

	* Crouch + LWLT
	* Crouch + RWLT
	* Crouch + CWLT

and then immediately cancel the crouch attack by dashing. This move 
takes the place of the (now non-existent) central weapon dash cancel.

Now, Virtuaroid-specific information. Just the things that jump out at me.

RAIDEN  (Has:  Bazooka, Ground Napalm, Laser)
Crouch bazooka shells detonate at 400m.  Crouch shots no longer hit aerial
targets.  The laser comes out faster, and takes less time to charge, but 
does a little less damage now.  There's some unusual way of firing the 
laser that makes the gauge go down less than normal so you can fire after 
a shorter delay.  Only a single beam comes out when you do this. (It might
be both triggers followed by releasing one of them.)  He has Turbo 
attacks called Screw Laser and Electric Net Laser. Screw Laser is good at 
destroying incoming fire.  The Electric Net Laser forms in the air over 
the stage and stays there for 10 seconds, trapping enemy VRs that touch
the net. Firing another Electric Net Laser will destroy the old one
and create a new one.

GRYS-VOK  (Has:  Shoulder Launcher, Missile Launcher, Overhead Launcher)
The site author thinks Grys-Vok plays more like Dorkas than Belgdor. 
Just like Belgdor, it is hard to hit with his weapons.  Author didn't 
have much else to say.

TEMJIN  (Has:  Long Launcher, Power Bomb, Sword)
Forward dash rifle is still very strong.  Crouch bombs in close combat
no longer exist. 

BAL-BADOS  (Has:  Beam Launcher, Thigh Launcher, Hand Launcher)
In water stages he has a fishlike bottom half instead of legs, and his 
name becomes Bal-Baros. He moves significantly faster than Bal-Bas-Bow.
His ring lasers no longer seem to destroy enemy shots.  His mines 
explode like bombs, but the explosions do not destroy enemy shots.

No information was available.

No information was available.

SPECINEFF  (Has:  Long Launcher, Boomerang, Scythe)
His dashes are short, and repeated dashes make it almost seem like he 
is teleporting. His weapons recharge very slowly. He is *very* fast in 
close combat.  If you know Japanese, the term the site author used was 
'mono sugoku hayaku', so he's not just a little bit fast. But apparently 
he doesn't do much damage in close combat, so a hit-and-run method of 
close combat is recommended.

APHARMD B  (Has:  Sub-Machine Gun, Grenade Discharger, Tongfer)
B for Battler. This Apharmd still has a Tongfer, and operates
like the Apharmd in VOOM.

APHARMD S  (Has:  Grenade Discharger, Power Bomb, Funny Launcher)
S for Striker. This Apharmd doesn't have a Tongfer. In close combat, 
he uses a weapon that looks like an army knife. The lack of a Tongfer 
apparently makes him less popular in the arcades. The Funny Launcher 
is like a Bazooka.

CYPHER  (Has:  Dagger, Multi Launcher, Beam Launcher)
Has slower movement during his jumps than the original Viper.  
Air dash is very fast, and Cypher can shoot 2 different weapons in
an air dash, something that no other Virtuaroid can do. His Turbo Laser
(RTRW) shot from the air can do 50% damage.  A single sword hit from 
Cypher doesn't knock down the opponent, but this means you can swing 
once with each trigger and 'combo' them to do very good damage.  
The author strongly recommends *NOT* trying this against Virtuaroids like 
Raiden who will not fall down after the second swing. (Mmmmm, laser.)

FEI YEN KN  (Has:  Hand Beam, Sword, Beam Irradiator)
She enters Hyper Mode at 50% life.  The Hand Beam fires shots closer 
together than in VOOM, and they are stronger.  If you catch someone with 
it while in Hyper Mode, it does an amazing amount of damage. Forward 
dashing Hand Beams are as strong as Temjin's forward dash attack now. 
The Heart Beam is stronger and has better homing ability. Some versions 
of the Heart Beam cause a bomb-like explosion when they hit. The Heart 
Beam comes out faster and more powerfully than before if you fire it 
while dashing.  During Hyper Mode, the Heart Beam explosions are bigger 
and the beam recharges faster.  Turbo Shot Heart Beams don't explode. 
The Bow Gun behaves more like a Sword Cutter or Tongfer Beam now.  It 
comes out slower than before.  During Hyper Mode, Fei Yen is as good 
in close combat as Temjin.  Her crouching hand-to-hand attack is 
especially good.  With her Beam Rifle-like Hand Beam and exploding
Heart Beams and good Hyper Mode hand-to-hand, the site author feels 
she plays a little like Temjin now.

DORDRAY  (Has:  Claw Launcher, Drill, V Hurricane)
He no longer has the Phalanx.  Now he has a Drill that he can fire like 
the Hammer, which will attach to people and slowly drain away their energy.
But if you fire the Claw Launcher and Drill off to chase the opponent 
around the playfield, you aren't left with much in the way of weapons.  
He has an SLC-like move where he comes at you with his body wreathed in 
flame. It does a lot of damage, and is performed by doing a forward dash 
attack with the center weapon.  He no longer has a Mega Spinning Hammer
(since he doesn't have a Hammer), but a Mega Spinning Drill instead. 
Shots fired at him from outside of 200m tend to do little or no damage.
Forward dash fireballs (Claw Launcher) are strong.  He is a little
slow in hand-to-hand, but does very good damage and has a good throw.


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