Close Combat Guide by Quad

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A In-Depth Guide to Close Combat for
Cybertroopers Virtual-On: Oratorio Tangram
Date:       Tue Aug  1 17:43:03 PDT 2000
Written by: Scott Robinson <>

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//  Legal Stuff  //

Cybertroopers Virtual-On: Oratorio Tangram and its characters are the
property of Sega of Japan. The above authors wrote this guide. We, the
authors, are not affiliated with Sega, and this guide is not official in any
way. We wrote this guide because we felt there wasn't enough complete
Virtual-On information on the Internet. This guide is distributed under the
Open Content license ( with the addition that
you notify the authors of any commercial redistribution, republication, or

Essentially, if you're directly money off this, we want to hear about it.

//  Version History  //

v0.11 -- Tue Aug  1 17:43:22 PDT 2000
Completed the unfinished sections and added comments about the combos.

v0.1 -- Fri, 25 Feb 2000 15:24:46 -0800
First release. Only Temjin, Raiden, and Fei-Yen included. I want to allow
SydVOC to comment on layout and information before adding the rest, but I
also want to get the guide out as soon as possible. It's complete, for three
core characters.


Part I: Introduction to ...
   1.1 Virtual-On
    .2 ... Virtual-On's control system
    .3 ... close combat
    .4 ... chains and combos
    .5 ... this guide

Part II: The Temjin - MBV-707-G
   2.1 Introduction
    .2 Basic CC
    .3 Chains and Combos

Part III: The Raiden - HBV-502-H8 (RVR-75)
   3.1 Introduction
    .2 Basic CC
    .3 Chains and Combos

Part IV: The Fei-Yen Kn - RVR-14
   4.1 Introduction
    .2 Basic CC
    .3 Chains and Combos

Appendix: Fin
   A.1 Further reading
    .2 Credits

Part I: Introduction to ...

//  1.1. Virtual-On  //

Sega's Cybertroopers Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram is the sequel to
Cybertroopers Virtual-On: Operation Moongate. Virtual-On is a 3D PvP "mech"
fighting game spanning over four gaming systems. It is arguably one of the
deeper fighting games and is alone in its genre due to its almost obscene

More information on Virtual-On is available in the Further Reading (A.1)

//  1.2. ... Virtual-On's control system  //

This guide assumes you have basic comprehension of Virtual-On game-play.

[1.2.1 Twin Stick control]

   O--    O--           Both sticks left; VR walks left

   --O    --O           Both sticks right; VR walks right

    |      |            Both sticks backwards; VR walks backwards
    O      O

    O      O
    |      |            Both sticks forwards; VR walks forwards

    O      |            Both sticks in inverted directions;
    |      O            rotation to the direction of the downward stick

   O--    --O           (J) Both sticks apart; VR jumps

   --O    O--           (G/Cr/Gr) Both sticks inward; Guard / Crouch / Cancel

   Right Turbo          (RT) Right Turbo / Dash / Dash Cancel
   Left Turbo           (LT) Left Turbo  / Dash / Dash Cancel

   Right Trigger        (RW) Right Weapon
   Left Trigger         (LW) Left Weapon
   Both Triggers        (CW) Central Weapon

[1.2.2 Dreamcast control]

   Digital Pad Right    VR walks right
   Digital Pad Left     VR walks left
   Digital Pad Down     VR walks backwards
   Digital Pad Up       VR walks forwards

   Analog Up/Down       Start Button
   Analog Left/Right    Rotate VR Left Right

   Start Button         Pauses/Options for Game

   A Button             Guard / Crouch / Cancel buffer (G/Cr/Gr)
   B Button             Right Turbo / Dash / Dash Cancel (RT)
   X Button             Left Turbo  / Dash / Dash Cancel (LT)
   Y Button             Jump (J)
   Right Trigger        Right Weapon (RW)
   Left Trigger         Left Weapon (LW)
   Both Triggers        Central Weapon (CW)

[1.2.3 Command Notation]

[t] turbo command sets:
   RT                   Right Turbo type attacks
   LT                   Left Turbo type attacks
   BT                   Both Turbo simultaneously type attacks

[w] weapon command sets:
   RW                   Right Weapon
   LW                   Left Weapon
   CW                   Central Weapon

[m] modifier command sets:
   Cr                   Guard / Crouch / Cancel buffer (G/Cr/Gr)
   J                    Jumping

Legal RANGEd command chording:

Legal MELEE command chording:
   [w]                  A normal attack. (Guard-able and Reverse-able)
   Cr[w]                A crouching attack. (UnBLOCKable and Knockdown)
   RT[w]                A turbo attack. (UnGUARDable and Knockdown)

   V.Ar                 Virtual Armor
   CC                   Close Combat
   QS                   Quick Step
   QS-CC                Quick Step Close Combat
   VOOT                 Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram
   VOOM                 Virtual On: Operation Moongate (the prequel)

//  1.3. ... close combat  //

The original Virtual-On, Operation Moongate, was a cut down version of what
Juro Watari originally wanted; he was limited by the hardware. One of the
symptoms of the cutting down process was the fact mid- to long-range had
serious damage potential. The game was unbalanced in Watari's mind. In
Oratorio Tangram, Watari-san had the opportunity to fix this problem. Thus,
the concept of V.Armour was formed. It encouraged the players of a VO game
to come closer and play mid-range and inevitably close-range.

Close combat is the fastest, most confusing, and most complex piece of the
game. The damage potential in CC is the greatest in the entire game;
however, it is that pure potential which scares most people away from the
depths of CC.

[1.3.1 Basic Weapon Strategy]

When it comes down to the technical pieces of close combat, it's all about
pressing the right button at the right time. With that in mind, the basic
button chording sequences allowed in CC is slightly different than

   [w]                  - A normal attack. (Guard-able and Reversible)
   Cr[w]                - A crouching attack. (UnBLOCKable and Knockdown)
   RT[w]                - A turbo attack. (UnGUARDable and Knockdown)

The difference between BLOCKing and GUARDing (the same motion) is with a
successful guard you still receive Guard damage (a low 1-5%); however, with
a broken block, you receive full damage.

[1.3.2 The Quick-Step]

In VOOM, positioning was quite limited. The mirage, yatsuhashi, and position
circle-slices were your only way of positioning yourself for the kill. In
VOOT, your situation has been significantly improved.

The Quick-Step is a set distance rotation movement only available in CC
range. This means that the closer you are to your opponent, the higher your
rotation is around them. At the closest range, a QS rotates you 180 degrees
(3.14 radians) behind your opponent. However, your rotation can vary
anywhere from 180 degrees to almost 15 degrees (0.25 radians).

The QS movement is omni-directional. You can QS backwards as a way to change
your range quickly. You can QS forward and forward-diagonally to rotate and
re-orient simultaneously. Each QS variation is unique and only practice will
help you develop a sense of style. The QS is performed:

   (LT_RT) . (stick movement)

For those who are a bit confused, press the right or left turbo and then
press the direction you wish to QS. This differs from dash activation
because you press the stick movement before the turbo to activate a dash.

[1.3.3 The Quick-Step Close-Combat]

In VOOM, a circle-slice was a auto-homing set distance rotation attack which
cause your opponent to "lose" their guard while you attacked them. They had
the choice to either jump, re-guard, or rush. In VOOT, the QS-CC has
replaced the circle-slice.

Activation is the same as the normal QS, except with the stick movement you
include a LW or RW activation.

   (LT_RT) . (stick movement) + (LW_RW)

QS-CC can only be activated QS'ing left or right. Also, unlike the
circle-slice in VOOM, the QS-CC doesn't auto-home on to your opponent.

[1.3.4 Jumping Close-Combat]

Jumping Close-Combat can be used as a reversal to a uncancellable (or slowly
canceled) CC attack. When you jump, your VR auto-homes on to your opposing
VR and then brings a CC attack crashing down upon the opponent's head.


The timing is very stringent. You must jump and attack at the exact same
time. Jumping Close-Combat is guardable.

[1.3.5 Dashing Close-Combat]

Dashing Close-Combat is a guardable CC variation which can only be activated
during a forward or forward-diagonal dash:

    (single-stick opposite of dashing direction) + [w]

This means you either pull your stick directly backwards or backwards
diagonally in the opposite direction of the current dashing direction. Also,
dashing CC allows for rotation. Abuse the fact you can rotate in dashing CC
to maximize your CC arc.

[1.3.6 Guard Reversals]

A Guard Reversal is almost exactly what its sounds like. While being
attacked, you can guard an attack. However, unless you perform a Guard
Reversal, the opponent attacking will happily use a string, unblockable
crouch attack, or even Quick-Step CC in an attack to break your guard.

A Guard Reversal is the quickest type of attack available in VOOT. It is
performed by:


A Guard Reversals timing is very stringent. You must be IN your guard
animation before you can perform a Guard Reversal; otherwise, you will
perform an unblockable crouch attack. A Guard Reversal can also only be done
with only your RW and LW. No matter what you may ever hear or think, there
is NO GrCW.

Most Guard Reversals are extremely homing (almost 180 degree/3.14 radian
rotation in some VRs) and do modest damage. However, they are uncancelable
and often, with lighter VR Guard Reversals, do not cause a knockdown.

//  1.5. ... this guide  //

All damages in this guide are performed against a 0% V.Armour Dordray on
Space Dock within the first few seconds of a match. Dordray was selected
because he has the best center of gravity as well as best amour.

If there are any corrections, please feel free to send them in!

Part II: The Temjin - MBV-707-G

//  2.1. Introduction  //

Often referred to as the "Ryu" of the Virtual-On series, Temjin is a very
aggressive "power" VR. Heavily dependent upon its Long Launcher and using
its Power Bomb for cover, Temjin can cause serious damage in both medium
range and close combat.

In close combat, Temjin's basic strings are extremely easy to master;
however, they have very little variation. Its basic close combat range,
however, is extremely long and well worth exploiting. The center weapon and
QS-CC are definitely staples.

In short, Temjin is basically a middle-tier learners VR. You can use it to
pickup the basics of Virtual-On medium and long range combat.

//  2.2. Basic CC  //

[2.2.1 Basic Variations]

   LW (33.0%)     +Cr (23.9%)       - Left-Right Quick Slice (Drop Kick Trip)
   RW (30.3%)     +Cr (20.2%)       - Poke (Low Poke)
   CW (35.8%)     +Cr (31.2%)       - Left-Right Slice (Unblockable Left-Right
[2.2.2 Turbo Variations]

   LW (37.6%)      - Power Punch
   RW (39.9%)      - Drop flip Right-Left Slice
   CW (41.7%)      - Behind the back Left-Right Slice

[2.2.3 Quick Step CC]

Temjin dashes around the opposing VR and slicing with its Beam Sword. There
are no oddities in Temjin's QS-CC.

LT+   /  Left | Right \
   LW | 23.0% | 23.0% |
   RW |   "   |   "   |
RT+   +---------------+
   LW |   "   |   "   |
   RW |   "   |   "   |

[2.2.4 Jumping CC]

Temjin jumps and swings its Beam Sword above its head and smashes it down
upon the opposing VR.

   LW (36.7%)      - More homing! Harder to time.
   RW (34.0%)
   CW (34.0%)

[2.2.5 Ground Hit CC]

   RW (14.3%)      - Pokes its Beam Sword downwards into the opposing VR.

[2.2.6 Dashing CC]

   LW (27.5%)      - Sweeps its Beam Sword in an arc left of its body.
   RW (27.5%)      - Sweeps its Beam Sword in an arc right of its body.
   CW (38.0%)      - Swings its Beam Sword above its head and down into the
                     opposing VR.

//  2.3. Chain and Combos  //

Temjin's chains are extremely simple two-hits which rewards with reasonable
damage. However, it definitely pays off to use its CrCW cancel as an
alternate finish for its two-hits both damage and guardability-wise.

[2.3.1 Basic Chains]

   LW  (33.0%)    +Cr (23.9%)       - Left-Right Quick Slice (Drop Kick Trip)
    LW (53.2%)    +Cr (56.9%)       - Right-Left Quick Slice ("")
    RW (48.6%)    +Cr (53.2%)       - Poke (Low Poke)
    CW      NA    +Cr (64.2%)       - (Unblockable Left-Right Slice)

   RW  (30.3%)    +Cr (20.2%)       - Poke (Low Poke)
    LW (50.5%)    +Cr (54.1%)       - Left-Right Quick Slice (Drop Kick Trip)
    RW (45.9%)    +Cr (50.5%)       - Elbow Smash (Low Poke)
    CW      NA    +Cr (61.5%)       - (Unblockable Left-Right Slice)

[2.3.2 True Combos]

!!! I haven't had the opportunity to check Temjin's Gr "combos." The problem
comes in with the fact Fei-Yen's Gr are (with very strict timing) guardable.
It may be difficult on a twin stick, but with good enough reflexes, able to
be done consistently on a controller. I've done these in real-time as well
as in slow-mode, so I know I've brought down the guard-animation to the
lowest time possible. Grr. I hope someone can prove me wrong. I'm about to
pull them and just create a Gr[w] damage sections.

   RW (30.3%) -> GrRW (47.7%) \
                              |     Knockdown
   LW (33.0%) -> GrRW (50.5%) /

Part III: The Raiden - HBV-502-H8 (RVR-75)

//  3.1. Introduction  //

If Temjin is the "Ryu" of Virtual-On, then Raiden is the M.Bison/Vega.
Arguably the most powerful VR in middle- and long-range combat, Raiden is
not a VR known for its extrodinary CC abilities but rather for its Screw

However, Raiden can definately pack a serious punch or shock. Its CC weapons
have an average speed and put out enough damage to cause any VR to
reconsider CC. Its LW strings, while not the best in the homing department,
are winners in the damage world. Combined with an COMBO-able
instant-knockdown RW, Raiden's CC strategy leans more on the hit and run.

Consider this section of the guide to be a good filler for a VR which isn't
truly designed for CC.

//  3.2. Basic CC  //

[3.2.1 Basic Variations]

   LW (25.7%)     +Cr (25.7%)       - Punch (Hyper Bazooka Bash)
   RW (32.1%)     +Cr (22.0%)       - Hyper Bazooka Slap (Hyper Bazooka Leg Knee
   CW (41.7%)     +Cr (34.9%)       - Electric Shock (Hyper Bazooka Lift)

[3.2.2 Turbo Variations]

   LW (23.9%)      - Shoulder Ram
   RW (40.8%)      - Hyper Bazooka Slam
   CW (41.7%)      - Advancing Electric Shock

[3.2.3 Quick Step CC]

When moving left, Raiden punches the opposing VR. However, moving right,
Raiden uses its Hyper Bazooka to slap the opposing VR.

LT+   /  Left | Right \
   LW | 26.6% | 26.6% |
   RW |   "   |   "   |
RT+   +---------------+
   LW |   "   |   "   |
   RW |   "   |   "   |

[3.2.4 Jumping CC]

Using its Left and Right Weapons, Raiden jumps and slams its Hyper Bazooka
into the opposing VRs head. When using its Center Weapon, Raiden jumps and
"butt-bounces" into the opposing VR.

   LW (34.0%)
   RW (34.0%)
   CW (40.4%)

[3.2.5 Ground Hit CC]

   RW (14.3%)      - Slams its Hyper Bazooka into the fallen VR.

[3.2.6 Dashing CC]

   LW (34.4%)      - Sweeps its Hyper Bazooka in an arc left of its body.
   RW (34.4%)      - Sweeps its Hyper Bazooka in an arc right of its body.
   CW (41.7%)      - Swings its Beam Sword in an uppercut motion.

//  3.3. Chains and Combos //

Raiden's RW doesn't truly chain. The first RW hit knocks down, but the moves
can chain. The listed damages are the moves alone. Add guard damage in a
"true" chain. :le sigh:

[3.3.1 Basic Chains]

   LW  (25.7%)    +Cr (25.7%)       - Punch (Hyper Bazooka Bash)
    LW (36.2%)    +Cr (51.4%)       - Punch (Hyper Bazooka Bash)
    RW (43.1%)    +Cr (47.7%)       - Hyper Bazooka Slap (Hyper Bazooka Leg Knee
    CW      NA    +Cr (60.5%)       - (Hyper Bazooka Lift)

   RW  (32.1%)    +Cr (22.0%)       - Hyper Bazooka Slap (Hyper Bazooka Leg
                                      Knee Bash)
    LW (10.5%)    +Cr (25.7%)       - Punch (Hyper Bazooka Bash)
    RW (10.5%)    +Cr (22.0%)       - Left-Right Hyper Bazooka Slap (Hyper
                                      Bazooka Leg Knee Bash)
    CW      NA    +Cr (34.9%)       - (Hyper Bazooka Lift)

[3.3.2 True Combos]   

No true combos.

Part IV: The Fei-Yen Kn - RVR-14

//  4.1. Introduction  //

She's stronger, faster, and more productive. Butt bounce included in the
deal. Magic song and crazy hearts everywhere makes Fei-Yen a worthy VR.

In the Close Combat realm, Fei-Yen has speed and style to make up for any
damage or (worse yet) armour difficulties. Not a strong VR, but definately
putting out more than you would guess from her size. Her strings are quick
enough to often get two hits in and then try to lose indicators.

Fei-Yen can be a rush to play and definately an exercise in ones wits and

//  4.2. Basic CC  //

[4.2.1 Basic Variations]

   LW (23.7%)     +Cr (25.4%)       - Left-Right Slice (Leg Sweep)
   RW (29.7%)     +Cr (22.0%)       - Right-Left Slice (Leg Slice)
   CW (31.4%)     +Cr (31.4%)       - One-Two Bop (Leg Sweep)

[4.2.2 Turbo Variations]

   LW (36.0%)      - Buns of Steel / Butt Bounce / Heart Fart
   RW (24.6%)      - Slap
   CW (38.5%)      - Flip

[4.2.3 Quick Step CC]

There are no oddities in Fei-Yen Kn's QS-CC.

LT+   /  Left | Right \
   LW | 20.7% | 20.7% |
   RW |   "   |   "   |
RT+   +---------------+
   LW |   "   |   "   |
   RW |   "   |   "   |

[4.2.4 Jumping CC]

Fei-Yen Kn jumps and slams her sword Sword into the opposing VRs head.

   LW (36.4%)
   RW (34.7%)
   CW (38.1%)

[4.2.5 Ground Hit CC]

   RW (14.3%)      - Presses her sword into the fallen VR.

[4.2.6 Dashing CC]

   LW (25.4%)      - Sweeps her Sword in an arc left of its body.
   RW (25.4%)      - Sweeps her Sword in an arc right of its body.
   CW (37.3%)      - Swings her sword above her head and down into the opposing

//  4.3. Chains and Combos //

Fei-Yen Kn has some extremely deadly combos. Its fast enough and homing
enough to make any VR pilot think twice about going toe-to-toe. Combined
with fast QS and generous helpings of Guard Reversals, Fei-Yen Kn is a VR
which can deal some damage.

Unfortunately, world wide, she's not considered as powerful as one might
hope. She doesn't take damage as much as she can give, and Cypher is
definately better range-wise.

Enter close combat with a solid strategy, and you'll do well.

[4.3.1 Basic Chains]

   LW (23.7%)     +Cr (25.4%)       - Left-Right Slice (Leg Sweep)
    LW (37.3%)    +Cr (49.1%)       - Right-Left Slice (Leg Sweep)
    RW (38.1%)    +Cr (54.3%)       - Right-Left Slice (Leg Slice)
    CW      NA    +Cr (55.0%)       - (Leg Sweep)

   RW (29.7%)     +Cr (22.0%)       - Right-Left Slice (Leg Slice)
    LW (43.2%)    +Cr (55.0%)       - Left-Right Slice (Leg Sweep)
    RW (44.0%)    +Cr (51.7%)       - Left-Right Slice (Leg Slice)
    CW      NA    +Cr (61.0%)       - (Leg Sweep)

[4.3.2 True Combos]   

No true combos.

Appendix: Fin

It is perfectly acceptable to send me e-mail with questions about
Virtual-On... however, I would suggest checking out SydVOC's and GameFAQ's
forums before coming to me.

//  A.1. Further Reading  //

Sydney Virtual On Club:
Virtual On Cybertroopers: A Hardcore Compendium:
Dave's Site:
Virtual On Fan:
Virtual On Secrets (Sega) (Japanese):

//  A.2. Credits  //

[A.2.1 Scott's List]

Without the help of a great many people, our collective spirals into
Virtual-On addiction would never have been possible. The following people
should be beaten with a rubber hose for what they've done:

Juro Watari
    I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. Why have you done this to me?! Damn
it, the only way I can see my life correcting itself is if the M.S.B.S.
activates at some VO:OT system somewhere and I'm recruited into the ranks of
the DNA or RNA. Otherwise, you've ruined my life.

Matt (1st year VOOM)
    In hindsight, your playing isn't so godlike anymore, but if it wasn't
for an example like you, I would have never seen what a real Virtual-On
player looks like.

John Doe (1st and 2nd year VOOM)
    I never learned your name, eventhough we played, hung out, and lived
Virtual-On for an entire year. Your Fei-Yen cheapness brought me through the
invisible ceiling most VO players hit. I'll always remember your words: "you
need to develop a style." Thanks for all the fun, and I hope someday I can
repay you by teaching you everything I know about VO2.

Tweedle-dee-san and Tweedle-dum-san (1st, 2nd, and 3rd year VOOM)
    Yet another name that has been lost to me. Both of your Temjin skills
were almost perfect. Almost. You taught me the value of the crouch bomb in
close combat; however, to your fault, you almost forced upon me the rigorous
hours of perfecting my timing so I could get a Fei-Yen slice down and
literally outrun a bomb. I will always respect you for the respect you
showed me. I hope you've having fun back in Japan.

Huang-Ju Ha (2nd and 3rd year VOOM)
    I hate you and I love you. I'm happy you're staying the States as a
illegal. Your Raiden (:grinding teeth:) skills (:grr:) forced me to leave my
beloved Fei-Yen and expand to other VRs. $200 later, I remember the day I
first defeated you: it was with Temjin at high noon. Later that day, we
finally talked as friends on the bus home. Words can't describe my feelings;
I'm going to go cry now.

Danny (2nd and 3rd year VOOM)
    Have fun with compulsory military! Neither of our names is Danny, but we
never learned eachothers names. I know Huang-Ju has your address, so he'll
give you back your DOA CD. ;-) Your Temjin skills were steady and reliable.
I'll miss you.

Owen (2nd year VOOM)
    Before you, I never knew a person more full of himself. You're not
canning Freshmen anymore, but I'll miss our BBB duels. In hindsight, I wish
I'd gotten to know you better or we'd hung out more. I'll remember the day
going to Chemistry though, "you need to play your Fei-Yen really close.
Raiden players just can't cope with that." I believed you. :-p

Mike (2nd and 3rd year VOOM; 2nd year VOOT)
    Why did you ever have to start playing Virtual-On? You could have kept
hustling me at pool; however, you had to come, start playing Dorkas, and
teach me precision. Your angles are magnificant and you showed me VO wasn't
just a game of reaction time and memorization but strategy. Good luck at
Wazoo. Show them what the hell a GRCC student is made out of.

Igor (2nd and 3rd year VOOM)
    There is one thing I'll give this Russian. He knows his Viper II and he
knows his math. ;-) Igor, when you left GRCC, you left an entire void in my
Viper II skills. When I branched into the high-heeled snake, I imitated you.
Good luck in your adventures.

Neil (2nd year VOOM)
    You weren't a dork. I liked being around you. Fuck everyone else.

Otto (3rd year VOOM)
    You were desperately searching for someplace to fit in. You're really
bad at karaoke. Your Temjin skills were lacking. But you definately added a
certain spice to our group. I'll miss you, just a little. ;-)

Dave, Joe, MaryJo, Sam, and Tom (2nd and 3rd year VOOM; 2nd year VOOT)
    I should throw Mike in here too, but he came before you. ;-) We own
Green River. We own VO. We own the world. W3 0wNZ j00! Where will our lives
go? Tom, good luck at UW. I hope I see you throughout the next year.
Everyone else: this space left blank for further writing. :-)

Brent (1st and 2nd year VOOT)
    You were the first VOOT player I ever met. You let me learn the basics
and didn't wipe me clean to hard. Never have I met someone so proficient
with Dordray. I don't know if you're in NY permanently, but if so, I'll miss
you. Good luck and I hope we meet up again.

Pat (2nd year VOOM; 1st and 2nd year VOOT)
    When I first met you, I thought "is that Pat?" When you wiped me out, I
knew it was. When you first spoke to me, I knew you were annoyed, but you
still treated me with respect and put up with me. You continue to stand me,
even today. I'm sure its this way for many people across the globe, but if
it wasn't for you, I *could not* play Virtual-On. Your focus on close combat
put a permanent change upon the Auburn group. You're almost as bad at Juro
Watari... almost. Once I broke my hero worship though, you're a damn cool
person. I look forward to our continued friendship.

James (1st and 2nd year VOOT)
    Lordie. What the Auburn crew (and especially Huang-Ju) did for VOOM, you
did for VOOT. You had the advantage of my being a bit older, though, so I
never hated you. Quite the opposite. Thanks for letting me just sit there
and kill you 5 games straight: letting me learn VOOT's CC system. I had fun
at the AI; I hope we stay friends.

Mark (1st and 2nd year VOOT)
    I don't think you need words. You correct my ego. That's a job big
enough for a whole group of people. Specineff will never be the same in my
eyes again, and good will has a whole new meaning. Thanks for keeping
together the Seattle VOC (as we rapidly turn into West Coast CT) and
arranging every game at GW. If you hate your job, I'm happy you keep it. I'm
sure I have a huge debt both morally and financially to you, feel free to
e-mail to collect anytime. ;-)

Michael (1st and 2nd year VOOT)
    One of the few Seattle VOOTers I think I truly relate with. Michael,
keep that Dordray flying! I'll see you on SydVOC. ;-)

Hiro (1st and 2nd year VOOT)
    Good luck in Japan, damn it! In my eyes, you taught the world
Bal-series. Here, you lead me by example.

My Parents (life)
    Let's keep this VO oriented. You've put up with it, showed up at a meet,
and have supported me even though I'm rapidly destroying my life. You're one
of the few people I can say "I love you" to and mean it. If I get sent to
VC.0010, I'm coming back for you.

BCA Games
    I was party to the breaking in of the VOOM cabinet. For this I apologize
and in retrospect, should have done more. However, thank you for leaving it
and assuring me that if I ever need to play VOOM, it's there for me. Good
sticks and all. :-)

Green River Community College
    All roads end here.

Sydney VOC forums
    "Oh my god, there are more than 20 of us!" The English VO forum. Don't
worry, as I write this I'm developing a way for all of us to play.

    You gave me, for free, the entire VOOT soundtrack. It kept me alive for
a Summer. You'll never read this, but that ment more than you can possibly

Lindbloom Student Center's VOOM cabinet: 
    Between the chairs, sticks, and TLC we gave each other... thank you.

If I forgot anyone, I'm dredfully sorry. Throughout the years I've
remembered and forgotten as many people as strategies in VO. If you're
reading this and you know the only black guy with a 'fro who played a mean
game of VOOM at GRCC, e-mail me. We need to talk. For everyone reading these
credits, I know I'm sad.