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                        Virtual On:Oratorio Tangram:
                               The Specineff FAQ
a.k.a JinJiro97
a.k.a Duo Maxwell
a.k.a Mako-Chan's Boyfriend.
a.k.a Shinigami
a.k.a Emotional,Girl and Anime Obsessed,Filippino American in NY Freak   
        with the Homicidal Mania(Just Kidding,I won't hurt you!!) :)

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the Virtual On series.Neither do I own Gundam Wing, 
Sailor Moon, or any of the Anime I'll make references to.They are
copyright to their owners.

   Anyways,let's get to the point.I notice that Specie here is the most 
underrated character in VOOT.He has below average armor(not as bad as Fei-Yen 
Kn, Angelan,Cypher,and Ajim,in the order from "best" of them to worst of 
them),bad V-Armor,and the worst stability in the game.However,I believe that 
if played right,he could be the best character in the game.Better than 
Apharmd B and Temjin,the 2 biggest cheapos besides Ajim(Though I do like all 
3 of them). This is due to his speed,agility,homing,ability to disable 
weapons,weapons power,and good CC abilities.
   Oh,and one more thing.This faq has a lot of Anime references,so you might 
not understand my jokes.

Version .1-Faq created.10/9/00 

Version .2-Faq revised.Errors corrected.10/9/00 

Version .3-I noticed the error on the contents section.Fixed it.(You know,the 
                 thing about Suggestions.)10/26/00

Version .4-Added an invitation for suggestions in the "Types of Players" 
                 section.Also added something on the Ajim section.10/27/00

Version .5-Added some stuff on the Strategy and Specials.11/24/00


Table of Contents
I.Types of players


A.Now,for the Legend:
RW-Right Weapon
RT-Right Turbo
LW-Left Weapon
LT-Left Turbo
CW-Center Weapon(both weapon buttons)
CT-Center Turbo(both turbos)
fd-forward dash
sd-side dash
l.a.d-low altitude dash
CC-close combat


B.The Attacks

Note:Specineff was built to be good at speed, agility ,and attack power.
His weapons prove that true.
LW-Blue Orb.Slow flying.Homes in.Small damage.
CLW-LW,just faster.
JLW-standing LW,just jumping

RW-Laser Bolt.Good speed.Alright Damage
CRW-Same as above except much faster.
JRW-Same as when standing.
DRW-Same as when standing,except FD variant is good at knockdowns.
CDRW-Good Speed,good homing,and alright damage. 
JDRW-Same as DRW,except in the air.

CW-Sonic Wave.Good speed,can go over obstacles,GOOD damage.
CCW-Crazy Speed,but loses some damage potential from standing version.
JCW-Normal RW,just jumping.
DCW-Literally a dashing CW.Forward version is hard to hit with,though.
CDCW-Literally a dashing CCW.
JDCW-Literally a dashing jump CW.

LTLW-Pink orb.Cancels use of LW for enemy for 15 seconds.
CLTLW-Faster than above,yet only lasts 8 seconds.
JLTLW-Same as standing variant,just airborne.

RTLW-BIG orb.Very Slow.Alright damage.
CRTLW-A little faster,but not enough.
JRTLW-The usual.

LTRW-Blue orb.Same as LTLW,just for RW.
CLTRW-Same as CLTLW,just for RW.
JLTRW-Do I have to go on?

RTRW-Diamond bolt.Does good damage.Poor(but not bad) recovery,though.
CRTRW-Faster version.However,if it hits an aerial opponent,it will send them 
             uncontrollably into the sky.But the poor recovery still is 

LTCW-Throws wings at the opponent.Fast,OK damage,but doesn't home in.
CLTCW-Faster version than above.

RTCW-Big Sonic Wave(I call it "Sparkling Darkness").Slower than normal     
 version in start-up but does GREAT damage.
CRTCW-Faster,does more damage. but loses it's power to home in.
JRTCW-A little faster in start-up than standing variant,but does similar   

C.Close Combat

Note:Specineff is extremely fast in close range.He also does Great damage.
If these abilities are noted well,he could be better than Apharmd B in close 
combat!HAHAHAHA............Just kidding, no one can match that guy in CC.

Well,here we go..................

LW-Swings Claw.Fast.Alright Damage.
CLW-Sweeps with claw.Same as above.
RTLW-Punches hard with claw.A little slower,but does more damage
JLW-Does alright damage,but since the CW variant does more damage 
  and is just as fast,why do this one?

RW-Swings long launcher.Alright speed.Better damage than claw,though.
CRW-Sweeps with long launcher.
RTRW-Kicks.Alright speed.Does good damage.
JRW-Same with LW variant.Does slightly more damage,but with the CW 

CW-Swings Scythe.Alright Speed.Great Damage.
CCW-Sweep Kicks opponent.Good Damage,Average Speed.
RTCW-Swings Wings.A Little Slow,but does better damage than Scythe.
JCW-Best variant.Good damage,great counter move,great speed.


D.Special Moves.

Note:Specie's specials aren't all that good(save two),but they are alright.

CW Disable 
Result-2 beams with average damage,with a good knockdown chance,and
           disables the Center Weapon.
Plus-No more CW's from enemy for 15 sec.
Minus-Goes directly forward.Could be dodged easily.
Rating- Alright.Counts on enemy's CW.

"I am the Demon Summoner!"
Perform-Rotate left or right,LW
Result-Spirit Flames come out and track the opponent.
Plus-GREAT Damage.
Minus-Loses power and flame grouping aspect from mid to far range.
Rating-Great up close.Sucks from afar.

Sliding Ram
Result-Ground Slide attack.
Plus-Great Damage
Minus-Empties Specie's ammo gauges,and you know how long it takes to   
           charge those................
Rating-If you're good at utilizing Specie's agility while the weapons charge  
           up,use this a little.If not,forget it.

13 Minute Warning
Perform-Start x2
Result-Specie dies in 13 seconds,but gains invincibility till then.
Plus-Your invincible.
Minus-You die in 13 seconds.
Rating-Use this as a last ditch effort.But if you're really good with 
          Specie,like me,YOU DO NOT NEED THIS!
Duo's response after accidentally performing it:S**T,S**T,S**T!!!!!!

Spinning Scythe
Perform-In close,Rotate Left/Right and press CW
Result-Specie swings his Scythe like a helicopter rotor above his head.
Plus-Hits jumping opponents and does good damage.
Minus-Hits ONLY jumping opponents
Rating-Ditch it........for obvious reasons.


   Specineff is, as I said in the beginning, quick,agile,and 
powerful.However,his V.Armor ,and Stability leave a whole lot lacking.As for 
his armor,it's not all that bad,though it is weak to a point.
   As for strategies................

Do:Keep moving.Staying still with Specie is near suicide. Heero Yuy:I 
know.That's  why I want to do it.
Do:Use those Weapon disablers.
Do:Fight in CC when you have your chance.Specie is pretty good there.
Do:Use the Sonic Wave or "Sparkling Darkness" when enemies use cover.
      It goes right over the obstacle and hits that fool.
Do:Smack your opponent silly by dodging all his/her attacks and killing them 
      using only CC...........if you can.
Do:Smite the cowards who run away and refuse CC........unless they're 
      probably Grys-Vok ,who REALLY sucks at CC.
Do:Play agressive.Stick to your enemy and don't let up(OK,it's my style,but 
just try it 
     once.You might like it).
Do:Try to find your style with Specineff if you don't like to play 
aggresive.Just don't do 
      Long Range Bombardment ,aka Chicken Playing.
Do Not:Stay still and fire a weapon as long as you're prone to attacks.
Do Not:Play Chicken.Specie isn't supposed to be like that.
Do Not:Run into enemy's line of fire. 
Do Not:Say Specie sucks.If you can't play him,don't say he sucks,just find 
      your type of character.Say that................AND YOU"LL FACE MY    
      WRATH!!! Ahem....................


F. VS. other characters

Note:Here,I tell you how to fight Specie's opponents.I'll tell you right now 
also who he reigns over,and who's always ticking him off.

Disadvantage-Dorkas 5.4/5.45,Ajim Special,and Cypher
Normal-Specie,Temjin,Fei-Yen Knight,Ajim,Apharmd B,and Apharmd S
Advantage-Dorkas 5.2,Grys-Vok,Angelan,Bal-Series, and Raiden

Also,I'll constantly talk about ver.5.2 and ver. 5.4/5.45,which are different 
versions of the arcade machine.Notice also that 5.45 is the DC version and 
exactly the same to ver.5.4.Now,on with the show!!!!!

   Those Ice Dragons can be EXTREMELY pesky.Not only do they always track 
you,but they knock you down if you're hit.They do a descent amount of 
damage.Hang in there and keep dodging.Also,she has good V.Armor.Fight in at 
least mid range and stay near.Firing from far is a no-no.
Oh,and for that Ice Shield,simple:find a way around it.
   As for CC,she's slow and does good damage,while you're much more quick and 
agile and can dish off better damage, so use this to your advantage.

Vs.Apharmd B
   Allow me to say one thing:Not so scary up close as he seems.Yes.That's 
right:you stand a chance against him in CC!Though he causes EXCELLENT
Damage in CC,he is average in the other parts.You're faster than him,so use 
this to your advantage!Of course,beware that damage power..................
   As for Long Range,just dodge all that he tosses at you.His SMG's may have 
ultra-fast speed,but you can dodge them,right? They don't home-in,so it's no 
problem.Just beware his Punt Bomb.It does extraordinary damage,and may be his 
best bet against you.

Vs.Apharmd S
   Apharmd B's bro may have missles that have good tracking and do good 
damage,but don't let this fool you.You can do it, just keep moving.Do 
everything in your power to stop him,and don't stand still!
   As for CC,he's totally average in all aspects,so dazzle him with your 
speed and screw him over.
   Oh,and watch out for that Punt Bomb.

Vs. Bal-Series
   Keep moving.His weapons that home in well are pretty slow and if you can 
out run him or his attacks,you'll obliterate him.As a matter of fact,even his 
beam weapons are slow for their type.If you're constantly dodging due to 
Specie's agility,than you'll win without breaking a sweat.Just be careful of 
   As for CC,he's fast and does good damage,but not as fast as you.Keep this 
in mind and you'll win CC against him.

Vs. Bradtos
   Heh heh.........the bosses are really easier for Specie than the normal 
characters.In fact,Dordray and Cypher(Specie's worst enemies) pose a much 
bigger threat than this Crystal fiend.
   Keep dodging his attacks carefully.When Bradtos shows his Crystals,carpet 
them with RWs and CWs.When his life is low,start hitting him with 
RTCWs.You'll stop him in no time.

Vs. Cypher
   Ah,yes.Specie's second worst enemy is here.Since chicken butt is more 
agile than Specineff,you may have a marathon fight on your hands.He happens 
to have extreme armor problems though,so every hit does count.Anyway,keep 
trying your best to hit him,and dodge his attacks in return.
   And as for CC,he's history due to his weak armor,but since he always runs 
away,where's your chance to execute him fair and square,huh?
   As for his Specials,Sonic Wave or "Sparkling Darkness" him during them.

   Well,this dude is a 2-sided a-hole.He sucks against you in 5.2,where he's 
too slow for you even though he did great damage.However,he became your worst 
nightmare in 5.4/5.45,where he was speeded up a bit and his weapons started 
to do much more damage.Also,his JsdCW had two more Flame Saws added to it 
making it take 1/2 of your life if all 3 saws hit. 
    First things first.To deal with his 5.4/5.45 variant(5.2 is too easy to 
DO NOT use your slow yet powerful attacks.It's better to use faster ones that 
don't get reflected by V.Armor.Also,beware of his Drill and Claw.They latch 
onto you like leeches, slowing you down, and draining your energy.  
Hang on and keep dodging,but just remember that YOU WILL ALMOST ALWAYS GET 
HIT by his D&C combo.
BY TEMJIN, so be extremely careful and use only hit and run tactics.Sure he's 
a little slow,but his range and damage make 
up for it.
    Just remember that every win you get was a lucky break.
UPDATE----Now I know how to beat him in CC!!Use JCW when: 
                    A.He attacks and you could counterattack with something.
                    B.He 's about to do his CD Rush.
                    C.He wakes up from a knock down and his blinking 
                        wears off.And finally...........
                    D.When he jumps to get away from CC.   

Vs. Fei-Yen Knight
     Surprise,surprise.Look who's just as fast and as agile as you.Of 
course,you can beat her.Fei's Long Range attacks do very little damage,and 
she takes damage like a baby.However,when her Hyper Mode is enabled,she's 
faster and more agile than you,and is extremely powerful in damage power.She 
still takes baby damage though,so if you can get a few hits off of her,you're 
     As for CC,she's as fast as you and does just as good damage.In Hyper 
Mode,she'll probably fricassee you if your not careful,so do be.Just remember 
her weakness,her low armor.

      Easy.He may have the ability to do crazy damage with his missles,and 
can fill the entire screen with them, but you're much faster than those 
walking timebombs,so walk circles around him and hit him hard.
       As for CC,he doesn't stand a chance.Sure,his range is good,but his 
damage and speed don't make up for it.

      Easy.He stays slightly or fully immobile during most of his attacks,so 
run around his fat butt and pressure him to death.If he does his armor-shed 
special,all it takes is one hit to kill him,so you've got this wrapped up.
      As for CC,he does good damage and as good range,but is a little slow on 
the draw.Again,literally run circles around him and pressure him to death.

Vs. Specineff
      Exactly a fair battle.It literally brings up the phrase "Know yourself 
and you'll know your enemy".This one is up to you. Do what you want,and get 
through your enemy by knowing your own weaknessess and strengths and 
exploiting your/his weaknesses.

Vs. Tangram
      Like I said,Specie's the best character against the bosses and this 
battle sure proves it.So,to falter Tangram's plans to destroy the 
Universe,dodge his attacks and when his eye pops up,constantly RTRW and RTCW 
it.In no time,he'll be finished off.Just remember that if you didn't kill him 
on the second pass,you've failed.

Vs. Temjin
      So,your best friend(I say this because Temjin is like Gundam Wing 0 and 
Specie is like Gundam DeathScythe Hell,whose pilots are best buds) happens to 
be the all-rounder and the second place cheapo,next to Ajim.No problem.Since 
his weapons always fire in a straightforward manner,dodge like crazy and hit 
him with your best.
     As for CC,he has the best range but he's a little slow and has only OK 
attack power.Pop his cap with your superior speed and finish him off.
     Now,for avoiding his cheapo specials,use the "Sparkling Darkness" on the 
Surfing Ram,and do either the Sonic Wave or the previously mentioned attack 
for his Tornado Swing.



    Ajim is another 2 sided A-hole just like Dordray.He is either on par with 
Specie,or a menace to him.Either way,I'm dealing about our favorite 
transluscent cheapo with paper-thin armor,high Power,and high speed when 
played as unlocked or our favorite transluscent cheapo with heavy armor,high 
power,and high speed when played by the CPU in a secret code.
     To get him to fight you,play chicken and win by time out until he comes 
down in a glorius UP arrow and takes away your new opponent's life like
the Angel of Death.
     However,this dude is a cheese.He only takes half the damage you could 
deliver to Temjin,does more damage than Dordray,and is faster than Cypher.
To beat him:
         Do:Get hit by his Darkest colored ball.It'll restore all your life 
to 100%!
         Do:Hit him with your strongest.Small attacks do too little harm.
         Do:Dodge like mad.Standing still will get you an early grave.
         Do:Engage CC.Since though he does SUPERIOR damage,he's slow 
               on the draw in this field,and you can screw him over in this 
               position.Of course,he acts like Cypher and avoids CC mostly.
         Do:Run like hell when he does his self-nuke,for obvious reasons.
         Do Not:Get hit by any of his other balls or specials.They do weird   
               things and crazy damage.
         Do Not:Hit him when he's starting up his self-nuke.Believe me,you'll 
               more damage letting him self-nuke and running away from 
               him.After all,it does take off 50% of his current health. 
       # Do Not:Flirt with Mako-Chan/Lita/Sailor Jupiter while I'm gone.If 
               do,I'll screw with the game's source code,put DeathScythe Hell 
               Custom in it,and kill you in one hit.*

      Sorry guys,but she's my girlfriend.Duo Maxwell's girlfriend.Me and her 
were meant for each 

      Anyways,if you do beat him,and NOT by time-out win,you can play him by 
winning/losing the game,going to the character select screen,and pressing
LT&RT on the Random sign.Ajim will appear and you can pick him. 
     However,Juro Watari and co.,to keep the game balanced,made the playable 
Ajim extremely weak in armor(the worst in the game).Oh well,at least he plays 
quick and strong still.
     And one more thing.Set the timers on your Dreamcast and VMU to the 2nd 
half of the month your on(besides January) or else you won't see the 
"Transluscent,Cheap,Paper Armor Crystal Freak" 
*-Sailor Jupiter is my favorite Sailor Senshi,hence my jealousy.
**-I believe that Duo Maxwell From Gundam W deserves Kino   
     Makoto from Sailor Moon.Sorry Hilde fans.Heck,Duo is my favorite GW 
     character and I want my 2 favorite anime characters to end up together.
***-Shinei--Japanese for die.
#-Parody of Forman's VOOT faq Ajim section joke.



Not much here,just some stuff you've never expected.

Version 5.2
  Beat the 1P mode with all 11 characters.
You get to play the first released version of VOOT in the arcades,which has 
minor differences.

 Look in the Ajim section.

CG ending
  Beat the 1P mode with all 11 characters w/o dying.(impossible,eh?)


I.Types of Players.

In this section,I've compiled the type of people who play VOOT.I got 
inspiration for this from JChristoper's faq for MvC2 Crowd Pleasers.

The average player-Knows a thing or 2 about the game.Isn't really that good 
at the game,but can play alright.Comes in differing shapes,sizes, and attire.

The girl-A rarity really.Constantly picks the female characters.Are usually 
beginners just hanging around with their boyfriends,but at chances can be an 
expert.Take Fei-Yuki Knight of SiVoc fame for example.

The VOC Member-Member of a Virtual On Club.Can be a beginner to an expert,but 
you might accidentally fight the club leader.Stay away from these leaders 
unless you're really good.You won't stand a chance. 

The Scrub-An Above-Average player.However,plays characters extremely cheap in 
a certain manner, like Temjin always doing Specials or Ajim/Cypher playing 

The Nerd-Extremely intelligent and has mastered the Bal-Series' complex 
attacks.Is an obvious expert,and is actually not a stereotypical nerd.Still 
has the glasses or so.

The Universal Century Fan-A fan of the original Gundam dimension.Hates
Specineff and Temjin,since they resemble 2 famous A.C Gundams.Picks 
Cypher,but doesn't play chicken.Usually an expert.

The Specie Freak a.k.a Duo Fan(ME!)-Expert player.Dresses up like Duo Maxwell 
from Gundam W and usually picks Specineff.Can be talkative and friendly,but 
fights like the Angel of Death during "battle".Also prone to flirting with 
the girls.

Heero copycat-Expert Player who dresses like Heero Yuy from GW.Usually picks 
Temjin,but plays without being cheap.A little quiet and has a temper if he 
loses,but is actually friendly once you know him.

The Best Friend-If you're an expert,is an expert too.Plays cheap against you 
to play around and always insults you.Of course,it's all just for fun.

If you have any suggestions, I'll put them up.Just e-mail me at 


Thanks to-------

All those who created VOOT-It's such a great game.
All those who like and play VOOT-Duh why!
Gundam Wing-It helped me to like the VO series after I stopped liking 
My friends-They noticed that "that old game called Virtual On looks like 
                  Gundam Wing!" therefore getting me(and them) to like VO 
Forman-This VO player inspired some of my jokes through his faq.
JChristopher-For creating that Crowd Pleasers MvC2 Faq.It inspired me to 
                  create the "Types of Players" part.
                      Everyone Else who deserves thanks.