Industrial Spy: Operation Espionage
                               Walkthrough - V 1.2
                     Spark Pristine -


1. Contents

1. Contents
2. Version History
3. Introduction
4. Characters
5. Walkthrough
6. Thanks and Helpers :?)
7. Copyright Information


2. Version History

V 1.0 5/11/02 - Initial walkthrough up.  Gives strategy to beat the entire
game with the characters I have given.  Bounty Hunter, bang!!!!

V 1.1 5/17/02 - Fixed a few errors and tried another roll at the formatting.

V 1.2 6/01/03 - Fixed an error of major proportions! Well, an annoying one,
at least.


3. Introduction

Hello!!!  This walkthrough was meant to be my first (might just be if Mr.
Veasey doesn’t get my other one up before this ^.^).  It is a complete
walkthrough on Industrial Spy: Operation Espionage, using only the initial
characters you are given.  I give what you should do, what you should
upgrade before each mission, and all of that good stuff so you can minimize
your time taken in the mission. :?) So, enjoy it!  Took a long time to
write on my own. :?P


4. Characters


Gabriel Earnest Archangel

Nickname: The Boy Wonder

Nationality: English

Special Skill: Hacking

Height: 4’6”

Weight: 76 lbs.

After an accident early on in his childhood, this young English boy was left
with a genius-level gift for understanding electronics and computers.  He is
miles above any other member when it comes to hacking and gadgets, and his
weak point is combat situations.

Writer’s opinion:  I agree with it.  He is the best person to send in if you
need something hacked or computed or something else down electrically.
However, he is a little kid, so if he runs into an enemy, he’ll run.  Hope
he runs fast, because he only has 15 HP and a low defense in the beginning.

Ling Ring-Hua

Nickname: The Acrobat

Nationality: Chinese

Special Skills: Acrobatics and Stealing

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 90 lbs.

This young Chinese woman left the Great Circus of China after sustaining
injuries while helping a friend.  She then traveled throughout Asia and
became a well known as a highly skilled thief.  As a result, she is a sought
after agent by many International organizations.  She is a very slender,
attractive woman who keeps a cool exterior, and treats Archangel like a
little brother.

Writer’s opinion: A good all around agent!  She’s one I probably should’ve
used more often.  She has hacking and unlocking, as well as a long distance
weapon attack.  I like her, though I didn’t use her as much as some in this

Sarah “Rocket” Luria

Nickname: The Female Bombshell

Nationality: American

Special Skill: Inline skating

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 114 lbs.

Luria is a former office worker at Blitzstrahl.  This energetic young lady
finagled a spot for herself on the team after she secretly followed them on
one of their missions and saved the lives of Archangel and Ling.  Aside
from her blazing speed with which she can move on her roller blades, she
doesn’t have any starting skills.  However, she can move faster than any
other character in the game.

Writer’s opinion: All ditziness put aside, she’s actually a pretty good
character if you upgrade her.  The main like about her I have though is
that she can blade, super speed agent!  I only used her twice, but doesn’t
mean she’s bad.  Just used others I trusted more :?)

Gursyn Vlagimir

Nickname: The Giant

Nationality: Russian

Special Skill: Explosives

Height: 6’9”

Weight: 325 lbs.

He used to be a member of the former Soviet Union Police Bomb Squad.  This
giant Russian lost both his wife and child and sustained life-threatening
injuries himself in a radiation leak accident that happened while a team
was dismantling nuclear weapons.  He is very knowledgeable with machines
and the only character with bomb diffusing skills.

Writer’s opinion: A pretty good guy.  Has some pretty good skills.  He only
gets to use Explosives to blow things up in one missions.  He has pretty
good hacking and fighting skills, but his SP is lacking a lot.


Nickname: The Hypnotist

Nationality: Unregistered

Special Skill: Hypnotism

Height: 4’5”

Weight: 68 lbs.

This cute young Egyptian girl is the direct descendant to Cleopatra the VII,
the last queen of the great Egyptian Dynasties.  She is able to control
people using a form of hypnotism based on sacred Egyptian practices and
symbols she learned from her mother.  Other than her combat ability, she has
little else to offer.

Writer’s opinion:  Fools! That’s untrue!  At least, when you upgrade.
However, she is the most fun to use with enemies.  Has two ways to attack,
have the enemy help her or just blast them with Psi power.  I like
hypnotizing myself.  Let the enemy shoot themselves.  Doesn’t really work
too well, however. :?(

Jeffrey K. Saunders

Nickname: Jack of All Trades

Nationality: American

Special Skills: All Skills

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 225 lbs.

This young man was once part of the elite of the US Army Intelligence.  An
accident at Army Intelligence forced him to question their methods, and so
he joined Blitzstrahl to make his own decisions about right and wrong.
Still holding doubts about his work in the Army Intelligence, Saunders
refuses to kill.  He still uses the same automatic pistol he trained on in
the Army, but now he shoots to wound and never aims to kill.  Just like his
nickname suggests, he is the ultimate agent, able to utilize any and all

Writer’s opinion:  He is the number one best!  He is the best agent of all.
That’s why I used him in every mission that I could.  His skills are just
fantastic.  A perfect agent if I ever did see one. :?D

Charles Falloux

Nickname: The Chemical Maniac

Nationality: French

Special Skills: Tear Gas and Sleeping Gas

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 150 lbs.

Once a researcher at a famous manufacturer, this young scientist is slender
and handsome.  When he learned that the secretary that had destroyed his
career was an industrial spy, he decided to become one too.  He is very
skilled in the use of chemical to attack, heal, and destroy, but he’s not
really skilled for anything else.

Writer’s opinion:  Again, fools!  He can hack and compute just like Saunders
and Archangel.  He is also very useful in destroying certain things with his
Dissolve skill.  Chemicals are his main form of skill though, not denying
that.  He’s a pretty good fellow that I used in many of my missions.

Ms. Remmy Evans

Nickname: The Team Leader

Nationality: American

Special Skills: Goal Analysis and Communications

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 98 lbs.

This energetic, young red-head is not a member of the Industrial Spy team,
but she can always be found right next to the Boss.  She handles
communications and information processing, monitors the agents’ movements
and progress through the missions, and is in charge of the spy cams.


Dr. Donald Yamaguchi
(Cyberlink Type V President)

President of Cyberlink Type V, the subsidiary of Cyberlink Group and
responsible for new development, Dr. Yamaguchi is a young Japanese-American.
He is extremely ambitious, but hates to get his own hands dirty, so he uses
Blitzstrahl frequently.

Count Helmut von Mondstein
(Curator of the AC&C Michel Fowler Art Museum)

Having set their eyes on a nobility title, the directors of AC&C selected
Helmut von Mondstein, a man of pure noble blood, as curator of the Michel
Fowler Commemorative Art Museum.  He manages the museum for his own
interests, and depends quite heavily on Blitzstrahl.

Colonel Alfred Miller
(AURA Representative)

Colonel Miller was once a member of the US Special Anti-Terrorist Unit
(Delta Force). On a mission to stop AURA, he killed his fellow team members
and forced his way to the top of AURA.  Using his extensive knowledge on
terrorism, Col. Miller has made AURA the largest terrorist organization
the world has ever seen.  The Colonel certainly looks like a violent, rough
person.  Under that exterior lies a cold, calculating man of superior

Helene Ritzman
(Herzlichware Chairman)

This young girl of 16 now serves as Chairman on the Board of the
Herzlichware corporation.  The grand-daughter of Johann’s wife, Helene, she
seems very calm and gentle.  Her management style though, is based on the
teachings of ancient Chinese emperors (a philosophy she picked up as a
young child).  Helene has impressed the other directors of the board.

                                     Rival Agents

(Freelance Agent)

Maelbranch is one of the most famous of all industrial spies.  His
reputation indicates that the danger involved in a mission is more important
to him than the compensation.  This means that he often finds himself
working on the same job as the Espion-Agents.  None of the Industrial Spies
have ever met Maelbranch directly while on a mission, but if the rumors out
there are true, their first meeting promises to be quite explosive.  Who
knows, they may meet him face to face, in the near future.

Sophie Blum
(Freelance Agent)

This beautiful and seductive young female agent specializes in tricking men
into divulging their secrets.  The more damage she can do to her target, the
better.  She s the woman responsible for ruining Falloux’s career.  She
seems to have some special feelings for him, the man she ruined and
inadvertently led into the world of industrial spies...


5. Walkthrough

(Note: I will tell you to wait for another agent if you need to.
If I don’t, you can send the agents where I say in the order. However, they
should arrive where I say before going to the next location. Also, I mean
for you to get to the spot by any means necessary.  Unlocking and anything
else should be used.)

                            Mission #1 Michel Fowler Art Museum
                                   Agents: Predetermined
                                  Upgrades: None available

1. Send Archangel to the West Tower Floor 2 Office.

2. Have Ling unlock Key2, then send her to the Floor 2 Offices Control room
and take out the guard, waiting.

3. When Archangel arrives, have him hack the computer, then make a back-up.

4. Send him to Floor 2 Offices Control room, hacking the right terminal when
he gets there, disabling the shutters.

5. Send Saunders to Guard room, spying on the controls and disabling them
when he arrives.

6. After Saunders and Archangel have done their jobs, send Saunders to North
Tower F2 Special exhibits, look at picture, then steal it.

                          Mission #2 Berlin Institute of Technology
                         Agents: 1. Saunders 2. Falloux 3. Archangel
                                       Upgrades: None.

1. Send Saunders to the Tier 1 South Social Hall, look around, then

2. Send Falloux to the Tier 2 North Office Warehouse, look around, search
thoroughly twice, then make a password.

3. Send Saunders to the Tier 2 East supercomputer room 1 and hack the

4. Send Falloux to Junction 3.

5. Send Archangel to Tier 3 Junction 1.

6. After Archangel arrives, have Falloux pull the switch to open the inner
passages, sending Archangel to Special Lab.

7. Send Saunders to Tier 1 North Research hall, then to Research room 3,
looking around, then investigating twice.

8. Have Archangel investigate twice, think, then use the CO2 laser.

9. Have Archangel approach the Main console, think, then go back to the
Special lab and use the YAG laser.

10. Send Archangel to Main console, hacking the terminal.

                        Mission #3 Michel Fowler Art Museum
          Agents: 1. Ling Ring-Hua 2. Archangel 3. Saunders 4. Falloux
           Upgrades: Archangel to 5 on Compute, Circuitry, and Hacking

1. Send Saunders to Offices 2 Control room, hacking the two terminals and
disarming the shutters.

2. Send Archangel and Ling to the New East bldg Guardroom, Ling taking out
the guard while Archangel uses his spy skills and deactivates the infrared

3. (Don’t move any other agents until he gets here and does this.) Send
Falloux to the South Tower F2 Special Exhibit and look at the painting.
It’s ‘Crude Sign’, not what should be there.  Remmy will ring up the
Count, he’ll tell you he doesn’t know where the painting is, but find it!
A few seconds later, he rings back up and offers a bonus, so steal ‘Crude

4. Send Falloux to North Tower F1 Gallery A, look around, then investigate.

5. Send Saunders to West Tower F2 Warehouse, look around, then investigate.

6. Send Ling to Offices F1 Storage Room and investigate.  Then, go to the
Entrance and investigate.

--If you accept the offer for ‘Woman’

7. Send Archangel to New East bldg Special exhibits, look at picture, then
steal it.

8. Send all agents to West Tower F1 Lobby.

                      Mission #4 Berlin Institute of Technology
                    Agents: 1. Saunders 2. Vlagimir 3. Archangel
                                    Upgrades: None.

1. Send Archangel to Tier 1 North Professor Holtzen’s Room, look around,
investigate, then investigate the mail.

2. Send Archangel to Professor Messer’s Room.

3. Send Archangel to Tier 1 West Office, look around, then work on the
Electric Box.

4. Send Saunders to Tier 2 East Supercomputer Room 1, look around,
investigate, then hack the computer.

5. Send Archangel to Tier 1 East General Library, look around, then send
him to Institution records.

6. Have Archangel look around, then investigate the data.

7. Send Vlagimir to Tier 3 Junction 1.

8. Send Archangel to Tier 2 North Junction 3, operating the switch to open
the inner passages.

9. Send Saunders to Supercomputer room 2, look around, investigate, then
hack the computer.

10. Send Vlagimir to Main Console, then to Laser Lab, looking around, then

11. Have Vlagimir hack the computer, then operate it.

12. Send Vlagimir to Main Console, look around, then Copy data.

                            Mission #5 Castle Mondstein
              Agents: 1. Saunders 2. Luria 3. Ling Ring-Hua 4. Falloux
                         Upgrades: Luria +2 to all skills.

1. Have Saunders Spin around, sending him to Lever 16 and operating it when
he stops.

2. Send Saunders to Scribbled Clue 4 and operate it.

3. Send Saunders to Hall, look around, investigate, then Use dials.
Stars - 9, Sun - 1, Moon - 6.  (Note: I could not find the Star one.  I
know the Sun is in the Basement Vacant Room and the Moon is in the
Courtyard North Tower F2.  I’m just glad that it was only ten choices.
Only took me about five minutes to guess the right one.  Anyone that knows
where the Star is, please write in.  Would love to know so I can smack
myself for being foolish :?)).

4. Send Saunders to Scribbled Clue 3 and operate it.

5. Send Falloux to East F2 Count’s Bedroom.

6. Send Ling to Courtyard North Tower F2, look around, then operate both

7. (Wait until Ling pulls the levers before doing this.) Send Falloux to
operate Scribbled Clue 1 and Scribbled Clue 2, then send him back to the
Count’s Bedroom, finally to East Tower F3.

8. Have Ling operate the lever to the left after Falloux arrives at the
Count’s Bedroom, then send her to South F2 Scribbled Clue 2 and operating

9. Send Saunders to West F1 Scribbled Clue 1 and operate, then to North F1
Scribbled Clue and operate it.  Finally, send Saunders to East F1 Scribbled
Clue 1, operating it twice, then to Scribbled Clue 2, operating it once.

10. Send Saunders to F3 Box Room.

11. Have Ling operate the lever again, then send her to Scribbled Clue 3
and operate it.

12. Send Luria to West F1 Scribbled Clue 2 and operate it.

13. Send Ling back to Scribbled Clue 2, operating it, then sending her to
North F2 Scribbled Clue and operating it.

14. When Saunders arrives at F3 Box room, have him turn on the PC.

15. Send Falloux to F3 Dueling Area.  When the Count runs away, just sit
back and relax.  Pick a chest if you want.

Note:  After this mission, you are asked whether to allow Mondstein join
your team or not.  I’d suggest you do, since his stats are quite impressive.
However, this guide is written with only the original seven agents used.

                                Mission #6 Kowloon II
             Agents: 1. Saunders 2. Falloux 3. Ling Ring-Hua 4. Vlagimir
                           Upgrades: Saunders +2 on Unlock

1. Send Ling to North small plaza.

2. Send Ling to Central Plaza.

3. Send Saunders to North small plaza, look around, then follow the

4. When Saunders finds the end of the footprints, look around, then send
him to Red F2 Central Plaza 2.  After seeing the Branch manager, have
Saunders Catch.

5. Send all agents but Falloux to South part of bridge Red area entrance.

6. When the other agents arrive, send Falloux to Under the grate and
Dissolve it twice.

7. On the door before the Red area entrance, have Saunders disarm the trap.

8. Have Ling disarm the trap on Passageway 1, then send her to Passageway 3
and operate the lever.

9. Send Saunders to Passageway 4, go into the room, then operate the lever.

10. Send Ling to Passageway 5 and wait.

11. Send Falloux to Center of bridge Passageway 1 and use his Spy skills on

12. Have Ling operate the lever.

13. Send Falloux to Passageway 3, then Blue Area F2 Blue area entrance and
wait, stopping right before the area where the bridge has fallen.

14. Send Vlagimir to East part of bridge Lever 10, operating it, quickly
resuming Falloux’s movement to the other side of the now restored bridge
before it falls again.

15. Have Falloux operate the lever he passes, this restoring the bridge,
then sending all agents to Blue Area F2 Blue area entrance.

16. Send Ling to South Plaza 1, look around, investigate floor, then Open.

17. Send other three agents to Central Plaza 2, look around, investigate
floor twice, opening twice too.

18. Send Falloux to Blue F1 Central Plaza and look around, then send
Saunders to Blue F1 Central Plaza to wait.

19. Send Ling to Blue F1 South Plaza 1, look around, then go to Electric
Box 5 and operate it.

-- If you answer yes to the Branch manager’s pleading

20. Send Saunders to Blue area basement, operating Electric box2,
Electric box3, and Electric box4.

21. Send Saunders to Off switch 1, Off switch 2, and Off switch 3,
operating each when you arrive at one.

22. Send Falloux to Blue area basement West plaza 1.

                              Mission #7 Microvave R&D
            Agents: 1. Saunders 2. Kleopatra 3. Ling Ring-Hua 4. Vlagimir
       Upgrades:  All agents +5 to Defense. Saunders +5 for Shooting.
                  Ling +5 for Knife use, Hacking, and Compute. Kleopatra +5
                  Mind Blast and Circuitry. Vlagimir +5 for Fighting.

1. Send Saunders and Kleopatra to LVL 3 Ward LVL 3 guardroom and hack the
computer, then register at the System terminal.

2. Send Vlagimir to LVL 4-B Ward, look around for a guard, then fight him.
(Walk in front of the cameras to get a guard.)

3. Have Kleopatra register at the system terminal.

4. Send Vlagimir to LVL 4-C ward Guardroom and hack Computer?.

5. Send Saunders to LVL 4-C ward Power room, look around, open the hatch,
then go to Duct 3 LVL 4 sub power room.

6. Send Saunders Farther in, then to Deep interior, finally to LVL 5 sub
power room.

7. Send Saunders to LVL 5-B LVL 5 guardroom, then have him shoot the nearby

8. Have Kleopatra register at the System terminal.

9. Send Saunders and Ling to LVL 5-A Interior Hall, then LVL 5 guardroom,
hacking both computers and disabling the shutters.

10. Send Saunders to Central control ward Central guardroom, repair the
Control terminal, turning off Shutter2.

11. Send Ling to Central control ward and find a guard to fight for his

12. Have Kleopatra register on the System terminal.

13. Send Ling to LVL 7 Special ward LVL 7 R & D room A and hack the 

--  If you want 30,000,000 more E$, then take this path below.  If not,
skip ahead to number 19. Be aware that you have to meet up with Maelbranch
some time before or during the 16th minute or he will have already stolen
the data if you take this path.

14. Send Saunders and Ling to Special project ward LVL 7 entrance, then
LVL 6 sub booth.

15. Send them to Interior hall, then Farther in, then Sub power room.

16. Send them to Special Project ward R& D room A, making sure Ling is in
front, them running into Maelbranch.

17. After Maelbranch shuts up, Ling should be throwing knives at him,
Saunders helping by Shooting.

18. Once he’s taken out, send Saunders to hack the computer in R & D room B
to acquire a little more data for the good doctor.


19. Send Cleopatra (Or Saunders if you don’t take the $30,000,000 path) to
LVL 7 LVL 7 R & D Room B, look around, then steal.

                                   Mission #8 Fort Knox II
                     Agents: 1. Saunders 2. Archangel 3. Ling Ring-Hua
                                        Upgrades: None.

1. Send Archangel to Control Room and hack the second terminal on the list.

2. Send Saunders to LVL 2-1 Drainage room, hack both computers, then drain
all the water pools.

3. Send Ling to LVL 2-2 Control room, hack the computer, then disable the
automatic doors.

4. Send Archangel to LVL 2-2 Power supply room and spy.

5. Send Saunders to LVL 4-2 Power supply and spy both electrical boxes.

6. Send Archangel and Saunders after they finish spying to LVL 4-2 Control
room, hack all the computers, disabling the automatic doors, shutters, and

7. Send Ling to LVL 1 Barrier room, then to LVL 3 Control room, hacking the
three computers, disabling the automatic doors and shutters.

8. Send Saunders to LVL 4-1 Drainage room, hacking both computers, draining
all the water pools.

9. Send Archangel to LVL 5-1 Drainage room, hack the computer, then drain
the water pools.

10. Send Saunders to LVL 5-2 Power supply room and spy the computer.

11. Send Saunders and Archangel to LVL 5-2 Control room, hack all the
computers, disabling the Pit and automatic doors.

12. Send Ling to LVL 6-1 Drainage room, hack the computer, then drain the

13. Send all agents to LVL 6-2 Storehouse A, then sending each one to a
different storehouse, Searching.

                               Mission #9 Fort Knox II
                    Agents: 1. Vlagimir 2. Luria 3. Falloux 4. Kleopatra
               Upgrades: All agents not having 5 +5 to Defense, Compute,
                         Hacking, and Circuitry. Vlagimir up to 25 SP.
                         Luria up to 40 HP, 30 SP. Falloux up to 35 SP.
                         Kleopatra up to 20 SP.
        (Note: You take a lot of hits from the traps in this mission.
               You should keep HPs up above 12.)

1. Send Vlagimir and Luria to Control room, hacking the two computers
(Not the Defense Terminal), disabling the shutters, one of them using
Movement detection after.

2. Send Kleopatra to Power Supply room and spy.

3. Send Luria and Falloux to LVL 2-2 Control room, hack the two computers,
then use Movement detection after.

4. Send Vlagimir to Barrier room, then to LVL 3 Control room, hack the
four computers, disabling the shutters, using Movement detection after.

5. Send Kleopatra to LVL 2-2 Power supply room and spy.

6. Send Luria to LVL 4-2 Control room and hack the computers, using
Movement detection after.

7. Send Kleopatra to LVL 4-2 Power supply room and spy.

8. Send Vlagimir and Falloux to LVL 5-2 Control room, hack all of the
computers, using Movement detection after.

9. Send Kleopatra to LVL 5-2 Power supply room and Spy.

10. Send Luria to LVL 5-1 Observation room, then send her to
LVL 6-1 Control room and hack the computers, using Movement detection

11. Send Luria to LVL 7 Defense control room and hack the computers,
using Movement detection after.

12. Send Vlagimir to Lithium bomb 4 and use Explosives to deactivate it.

13. Send Falloux to Lithium bomb 3 and Dissolve it.

14. Send Vlagimir to Lithium bomb 2 and use Explosives to deactivate it.

15. Send Falloux and Vlagimir to Lithium bomb 1, using Dissolve/Explosives
on it.  Depends on who gets there first :?)

                              Mission #10 Herzlichware HQ
                    Agents: 1. Archangel 2. Ling Ring-Hua 3. Vlagimir
           Upgrades: This is the big finale.  Use whatever you want on
                     Saunders, Archangel, Ling, and Vlagimir.  However,
                     make sure that all that can have +5 Unlock and

1. Send Vlagimir, Archangel, and Ling to Saunders.

2. Send Saunders and Archangel to LVL 2 Interior hall.

3. Send Vlagimir to LVL 3 Interior Hall, Ling to LVL 3 Slightly interior,
then Checkpoint A.

4. Send Saunders to Farther in 1, Archangel to Farther in 2.

5. Send Vlagimir to Very interior, then Checkpoint B.

6. Send Ling to Slightly interior, More interior, then Checkpoint D.

7. Send Saunders to Checkpoint B, sending Archangel to LVL 4 Hall End
after he arrives.

8. Send Vlagimir to Very interior, then Checkpoint F.

9. Try to send Ling to Checkpoint F, then send her to Checkpoint E.

10. Send Vlagimir to More interior, then Checkpoint C, solving this
level’s puzzle.

11. Send Saunders to LVL 5 Hall end to free Archangel, then send them
both to LVL 4 Hall end, Archangel to Checkpoint B, Saunders to Checkpoint A.

12. Send Ling to LVL 5 Interior hall, then to Checkpoint B, operating the
blue switch.

13. Have Archangel operate the blue switch in Checkpoint B, then Saunders
operating the blue switch in Checkpoint A.

14. Send Vlagimir to LVL 6 Checkpoint A.

15. Have Archangel operate the green switch, sending Vlagimir to
Interior hall and making sure he gets there, then Archangel operating the
blue switch.

16. Send Vlagimir to Checkpoint B, Ling operating the red switch beforehand.

17. Have Vlagimir operate the blue switch, Saunders operating the red
switch, then sending him to LVL 5 Hall end, finally to Checkpoint D,
hitting the green switch.

18. Send Archangel to Checkpoint C, hitting the blue switch.

19. Send Saunders back to LVL 4 Checkpoint A, hitting the blue switch,
sending Vlagimir to Checkpoint D, then Checkpoint E.

20. Have Vlagimir hit the red switch, sending Ling to Checkpoint A, then
Deep Interior.

21. Have Saunders hit the red switch, sending Archangel to Checkpoint B and
hitting the red switch, sending Ling to Checkpoint E.

22. Have Ling hit the blue switch, then send her to Checkpoint F.

23. Have Archangel hit the blue switch, Saunders hitting the blue switch,
sending Vlagimir to Checkpoint B, hitting the red switch.

24. Send Saunders to LVL 5 Checkpoint B, hitting the blue switch.

25. Send Archangel to Checkpoint F, sending Vlagimir to Checkpoint E
beforehand (Saunders hitting the red switch so he can get there when
standing at the door, then returning it to blue), hitting the blue switch
when he gets there.

26. When Archangel arrives, have Vlagimir hit the red switch, Saunders
hitting the green switch.

27. Send Saunders to Checkpoint G, Vlagimir to Checkpoint F.

28. Have all agents hit their switches, solving the puzzle.

29. Send all agents to LVL 7 Interior hall, then Checkpoint A.

30. Send Saunders or Ling to More Interior, Hall end, then Unlock

31. Send all agents to LVL 9 Checkpoint A.

32. Send Vlagimir to Checkpoint E, then Checkpoint I.

33. Send Saunders and Ling to Checkpoint F.

34. Send Ling to Checkpoint G.

35. Send Saunders to Checkpoint H, then Checkpoint D.

36. Send Ling to Checkpoint C, Vlagimir to Checkpoint J, then Checkpoint N,
then Checkpoint M.

37. Have Saunders operate the switch, then send him to LVL X Checkpoint A,
shooting the guard along his way.

38. Have Saunders turn on the power, then Enter the Password as

39. Send Saunders to Safe chamber, talking to Ms. Ritzman for a while,
then after they finish, send Archangel to Hack Self-destruct.


You just beat the game!  With a little help, but hey, we all need a little
help sometimes.  I really would’ve liked it when writing this walkthrough...
However, I used nothing, which added on a couple more hours to my work :?P
Anyways, after Remmy and a few agents have a conversation, you’ll be asked
to save.  This data will start you at the beginning with the seven original
agents, but will have their skills all upgraded like they were on the last
mission!  Groovy! :?D Hope you enjoyed this!


6. Thanks and Helpers :?)

UFO, NEC, Atypical Alchemists Associate, and SEGA for making and producing
the game!!!!

Sorrow for keeping me sane as I tried to figure out all of these insane


Copyright Information

Industrial Spy: Operation Espionage, Espion-Agents, Saunders, and all other
names in this walkthrough are copyrighted and trademarked to
NEC Home Electronics, LTD and UFO Interactive, Inc.  SEGA is trademarked
and copyrighted to SEGA. :?)  This walkthrough is solely my property,
trademarked and copyrighted to this user, Spark Pristine.  Please don’t
steal this walkthrough.  If you want to use it, E-mail me and I’ll probably
let you.  However, if you do, you must give me credit and alter nothing.
I mean it! >:?|  If you do, I‘m going to lock you in Fort Knox II and
activate the Defense system. :?P If anyone wants to talk about
Industrial Spy: Operation Espionage or games in general, or if you need
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